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Monday, September 10, 2012

In Ridge's office, Brooke chattered away on the phone to Stephanie about the Forrester bridal gown Ridge that was designing. Ridge took the phone and told Stephanie that Brooke had to go. He tossed Brooke's phone aside and kissed his bride-to-be.

Brooke claimed to be perfectly content with her and Ridge's marital status, and she said everyone seemed to have forgotten that they weren't married. Ridge guessed she was trying to say she didn't really want to get married. Brooke, however, affirmed that it was quite the opposite. She was ecstatic about being his wife again, and she exclaimed that it would be their best wedding yet.

Ridge wondered how the wedding would compete with their Malibu or Puerto Vista weddings. Brooke didn't know, but something felt very right about it. "Like everything is finally coming to an end, a culmination," she mused. Ridge stated that it would be their "happily ever after." He guessed he needed to work on his vows. With a kiss, Brooke instructed Ridge not to forget the "to honor and obey" part.

At the cliff house, Katie and Bill lugged in groceries. Bill asked Katie to put away her animosity for Steffy for one evening, and then he called to invite Steffy to dinner. Steffy wasn't thrilled about it, but agreed to attend once he'd convinced her that Liam needed the people who cared about him most.

In Thomas' office, Steffy and Thomas discussed Liam and Hope's issues. Thomas said that, a few months earlier, he might have been happy about Hope and Liam's demise. Steffy figured that Thomas was still pining for Hope, but he clarified that he'd moved on with Caroline. Thomas doubted that their conjecture mattered because, for all they knew, Hope and Liam could be reuniting at that moment.

Rick arrived, and Steffy left for dinner at Liam's. To Thomas, Rick noted that Liam and Steffy were making their way back to each other. Rick assumed Thomas and Hope wouldn't be far behind.

In Rick's office, Liam claimed not to know where Hope had gotten the idea that he'd cheated on her. Hope dismissively said he shouldn't have been with Steffy in the first place. Hope didn't want to dwell on the details, but Liam insisted that he hadn't been untrue to her.

Frustrated, Liam asserted that he knew he had growing up to do, but he wanted to do it by Hope's side. "Tough," Hope replied. He said he didn't understand how the one night could destroy him and Hope. He claimed he loved Hope, but she ordered him to stop saying that. Liam hugged her and insisted that it was how he really felt. He added that he was sorry for screwing up.

Pulling away, Hope said Liam's sorrow didn't change what had happened. She instructed him to be with Steffy, which was what his father wanted. Hope noted that he was becoming more and more like Bill all the time. Liam asked what that meant, and Hope replied that Liam had changed. She claimed that she'd fallen in love with Liam Cooper; however, he'd become William Spencer III.

Liam denied that he'd changed, but Hope said the innocence and trust that they'd had were gone. She instructed him to go and be happy with Steffy. Liam replied that he didn't know who Hope thought he'd become, but he'd prove to her that he was the same guy he'd always been. Hope cut Liam off and blurted out that she didn't love him anymore.

Shocked, Liam uttered that Hope didn't mean it. Hope told him that he'd hurt her too much, and she didn't have any love left to give. Liam looked devastated, and he quietly slinked out of the office. Once Liam had gone, Hope's stone-faced façade erupted with sobs and tears.

Hope calmed down, and Rick entered. Hope said Liam had left, and Rick figured Liam was on his way home, because Steffy had been headed to dinner there. Hope looked upset, but Rick said there were better guys out there. Hope replied that she wasn't ready for that, but Rick insisted that Thomas could be a good alternative once she was ready.

Hope didn't recall Rick championing Thomas before, but Rick claimed that they'd all grown up over the years. She gave Rick a knowing look, and he admitted that she'd also be helping him out. He said he wanted someone good in his life -- someone who was the opposite of Amber. He felt that he and Hope had wasted too much time on the wrong people; however, that was about to change.

Thomas arrived to check on Hope, and Hope said Liam had left, probably for dinner with Steffy. Thomas noted that one minute, Liam was begging Hope, and the next minute, he was with Steffy. Hope asserted that it was over, because she couldn't be with a man who'd behaved as Liam had behaved the night before their wedding. Thomas hugged her.

Back at the cliff house, Liam arrived home, and Bill greeted him. Liam sighed, not feeling up to company. Bill said the steaks were done, and Katie asked Liam about Hope. Looking at the table, Liam guessed that they'd set a place for Hope in case she'd returned home with him. Bill replied that it wasn't for Hope, and Liam grimaced at Bill as Steffy breezed into the house. Bill said Steffy was right on time.

Katie complained that the steaks were nowhere near done. Bill replied that she could cook hers more if she wanted, but Spencer men liked red meat and red wine. Liam tried to disagree, but Bill insisted that it was the Spencer men's way. Aside with Katie, Bill revealed his plan to transform his son into a man and put Hope in the past. "Tonight, Liam learns how to be a Spencer," Bill declared.

At the dinner table, Liam noted that his steak was still "mooing." Bill, however, ordered Liam to eat it. Frowning, Katie said Liam didn't have to drink all the wine that Bill kept pouring. Bill claimed they were celebrating, but Steffy doubted that "celebrating" was the right term.

Liam wordlessly stared at Bill as Bill insisted that they were celebrating the shedding of childhood fantasies. Bill added that they were also celebrating the two new additions to the family -- the baby and Steffy. Katie cited that Steffy was not a new addition. Agreeing, Bill corrected that Steffy was actually a well-established family member. Liam started to voice an opinion, but Bill cut him off.

Bill said it was no secret that he wanted Liam and Steffy together. In Bill's view, Liam had regressed with Hope, and that wasn't what being a Spencer was about. Bill called Katie and Steffy the strongest women that he knew. Bill claimed that Liam had experienced love, strength, and guidance with Steffy, and he could have all that again. "Hope turned you into a boy. But you're not a boy. You're man, Liam. You're a Spencer. Start acting like it," Bill said.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's, Bill, Katie, Liam, and Steffy had finished dinner. Bill surprised Liam with a glass of 40-year-old tawny port wine and offered Liam a cigar. Liam balked and said that he did not drink port and hated smoke.

Bill asked Liam for an ashtray, and Liam said he didn't have any. Bill prepared to light the cigar, and Katie warned him not to smoke in front of her and her unborn child. Bill told Liam that women would always try to control men. Bill told Liam that he couldn't let women control him.

Bill suggested that he and Liam get some air and leave the women to their own devices. Liam and Bill exited to the patio to smoke their cigars. Outside, Bill showed Liam how to cut the tip off his cigar and prepare to smoke it.

Liam lamented that he had screwed things up in his life, and he wondered how he had done so badly. He said he felt like a loser. Bill said that Liam had put his trust in the wrong people, who felt he didn't measure up. Bill told Liam not to spend his life trying to be someone else. Bill added that Liam needed to be a man on his own terms, not one who constantly worried about how others judged him.

Inside, Steffy and Katie chatted, and Steffy speculated that Bill was trying to brainwash Liam to be just like Bill. Katie agreed. Katie reminded Steffy that Liam was still in love with Hope. Katie said that Bill was using Steffy to help Liam mend, and it was unfair to Steffy and Liam.

Steffy admitted that she had learned some things the hard way. Steffy said that she was not in competition with Hope. Steffy said that she knew what she wanted, but Liam had to know what he wanted. He had already chosen Hope more than once.

Later at Bill and Katie's, Katie was in bed. Bill joined her after a shower, and Katie thanked him for washing off the stench of the cigar smoke. Bill teased Katie about her cankles. Katie wondered why Bill insisted on pushing Liam and Steffy together.

Bill insisted that Hope and Liam would never work together. Katie argued that Liam always chose Hope over Steffy. Bill said that he wanted Liam to start respecting himself because Bill was disappointed in what Hope had done to him. Katie said that Bill should not teach Liam that indifference was the answer. Katie chastised Bill for wanting to be a rough and tough "badass." She warned that if he awakened and she and the baby had disappeared, he would be lost.

Bill warned her not to say such a thing or whisper it. Bill said that he would eventually train himself to live without her. Katie said that she trusted him, and he trusted her, but he would move on. Bill said that he wanted Liam to learn to live his life and protect himself. Bill admitted that he did want Liam to be like him. Bill knew that wouldn't happen, but Bill wanted Liam to stop allowing others to direct his life.

At Forrester, Hope told Thomas that she hated press conferences. Thomas told her to stop holding them. Thomas left to get dinner for them. Rick entered, and Hope said that Thomas had been wonderful to her.

Ridge entered and asked Rick to be his best man. Rick was shocked. Ridge told Hope that Brooke would soon ask her to be in the wedding as well. Ridge told Hope to act surprised when Brooke asked her.

Rick said that he didn't think his involvement in the wedding was a good idea because of their history. Ridge said that it was important to Brooke, and there was nothing sinister about it. Rick suggested that Ridge should ask Thomas. Brooke entered and asked Hope to be in the wedding, and Hope agreed. Brooke asked about Rick, and Rick declined. Rick said that Thomas should be involved.

Thomas entered, and Ridge asked him to be in the wedding. Thomas quickly said that he was honored to be a part of the wedding. Thomas added that it might help to make up for all the bad things Thomas had done to Brooke and Ridge over the years.

Alone at Liam's, Steffy and Liam discussed Bill's lessons. Liam laughed and said that he knew his father loved him. Liam said the cigars weren't nearly as toxic as he had expected. Steffy said that Liam didn't need to duplicate his father's antisocial personality or have a disorder as the secret to success. Steffy and Liam agreed that Bill's management style included hundreds of employees too scared to say anything but what Bill wanted. It was no way to live.

Steffy knew that Liam didn't want the same life that Bill had. Liam agreed, but Liam said that Bill was correct in saying that Liam had worried too much about what other people thought of him. Steffy said she didn't want to see Liam so unhappy. Liam said that Hope had said she no longer loved him. Steffy said that Hope had only said that to hurt him.

Liam said that he needed to take Bill's advice to man-up, and stop letting others control his life. Liam caressed Steffy's hair, and he told her she was beautiful and could have had anyone in the world, but she had waited around for him. Liam apologized for hurting her. They kissed.

Steffy said they had good memories and moments in their time together, but Liam had decided that he needed something else. Steffy said that she and Liam had to share the blame for Liam's failed relationships. Steffy said that they had both messed up.

Steffy flirtatiously moved closer to Liam. She said that she knew Liam was still stuck on Hope, and he wasn't ready to fall into bed with her. She said that Liam had to choose Steffy or Hope. Steffy promised that when Liam was ready, they'd have the greatest love affair known to mankind. She said that Liam was starting to show signs of healing, and their love affair was about to begin. They smiled and kissed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

by Pam

At Eric and Stephanie's, Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie discussed all the weddings Brooke and Ridge had shared. Stephanie had lined up all of the photos from Brooke and Ridge's weddings on the mantel. Eric entered with an empty photo frame for the current day's wedding photo.

Stephanie said that there would no mushy tears until after the wedding. Brooke and Ridge thanked Stephanie for planning the wedding. Brooke went upstairs to prepare. Rick entered and looked at the many photos on the mantel. Rick asked Ridge what Brooke was wearing in one of them -- the jungle wedding photo. Ridge said it was a Mayan headdress. Rick said that it would have been his second guess.

Hope entered the house along with Thorne and Pam, who argued about how many times Brooke and Ridge had been married. Pam said it had to be an even dozen, while Thorne said it was six times. Steffy walked down the stairs, and Liam entered the front door. Hope, Liam, and Steffy looked at one another uncomfortably.

Bill entered and commented on all the wedding photos. Bill congratulated Ridge, who said he and Brooke had many memorable wedding moments. Ridge motioned to Liam, who was talking to Steffy. Ridge noted that Liam looked different. Bill said that Liam had done a lot of growing up in the past few days. Ridge said that he hoped Liam had learned something about commitment.

Hope was upstairs on the balcony and looked down over the wedding guests. She noticed Liam and Steffy chatting. Downstairs, Liam thanked Steffy for looking out for him. Steffy said she hadn't gotten to fulfill her dreams the previous night, but she wanted Liam to be happy. They held hands.

Ridge talked to Stephanie and thanked her for planning the wedding. Ridge wondered why she had done it. Stephanie confessed that she had spent so many years fighting with Brooke that she wanted to apologize.

Stephanie said that she had finally learned when she got sick that Brooke was the one person who wouldn't allow Stephanie to give up. Stephanie admitted that Brooke was a lovely, wonderful, and weepy girl. They laughed. Stephanie told Ridge that she was proud of him for so many reasons and that he had raised a wonderful family.

Rick and Thomas talked, and Rick noted that Steffy and Liam were together. Rick insisted that Steffy and Liam belonged together. Rick thanked Thomas for taking care of Hope, and Rick said that he knew Thomas still loved Hope. Thomas disagreed. He said that he was dating Caroline. Thomas acknowledged that Rick wanted to date Caroline. Rick ignored the comment and told Thomas that he knew Thomas still loved Hope.

Caroline and Steffy chatted, and Caroline said that she was concerned about Thomas' interest in Hope. Caroline planned to talk to Hope. Steffy said that Hope was upstairs with Brooke.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Brooke, Donna, and Katie chatted. Brooke said that their dad had called from Dallas. Brooke added that R.J. couldn't make it the wedding because he was busy with advance placement tests. Katie noted that R.J. had been through a few weddings.

Brooke thanked her sisters for indulging her in one last wedding. Katie and Donna said that Ridge and Brooke's relationship was proof that things worked out no matter what. Hope entered, and Donna and Katie said that things would work out for Hope also. Donna said that the Logan women were unforgettable.

Brooke told Donna and Katie that she was an incurable romantic. Katie and Donna exited. Hope apologized for being in a dismal mood, but she said it was hard to see Liam with Steffy. Hope wanted to help Brooke into her dress. Steffy entered and asked if she was interrupting. Brooke asked what Steffy wanted, and Hope left Steffy and Brooke alone.

Steffy said that she had arrived by herself and not with Liam, who had arrived with his family. Steffy said that she would leave the wedding if Brooke wanted her to leave. Brooke said that Ridge would want Steffy to attend. Steffy said that she knew Brooke and Ridge were very much in love and what they meant to each other. Steffy said she hadn't seen it before, but she did understand. Steffy congratulated Brooke.

Steffy left, and Stephanie entered. Stephanie offered to help Brooke get into her wedding dress. Brooke thanked Stephanie for everything she had done. Stephanie said that they had shared a lot of love and many bad times. "Let's forget most of it," Stephanie said with a laugh. Brooke said that everything they had endured had drawn them closer together. Stephanie left.

Downstairs, Marcus and Dayzee showed up and talked to Stephanie. Dayzee remarked that the last time Marcus and Dayzee had been at the house, they had been the ones getting married. Stephanie teased that she was an expert at planning weddings.

Caroline asked to speak to Hope, and Caroline told Hope that Thomas and Caroline were dating, and he was not available. Hope said that she understood. Hope said that Thomas was just a friend. Hope promised that she was not trying to steal Caroline's boyfriend.

Hope encouraged Caroline to ask Thomas what the kiss had been all about at the press conference. Later, Hope asked Thomas if he had planned to kiss her before the press conference. Thomas teased that she had loved it when he kissed her.

Rick talked to Caroline, and he teased that it was good to have choices in life. Caroline said that she knew Rick was trying to steal her away from Thomas.

Thorne hugged Ridge and congratulated him. Thorne said that he was leaving to spend time with Taylor, and Ridge understood.

Liam saw Hope and told her that she looked great. Hope told Liam that he looked wonderful in his new wardrobe. Liam told Hope that she would always be beautiful. Hope said that the wedding was about to start.

Brooke walked down the staircase in her wedding dress while the crowed looked on. Ridge remembered all his weddings with Brooke. One had been on horseback. Another had been with Brooke wearing pink with the jungle attire and headdress. Another wedding had been formal, and the last wedding had been at the beach with the heart in the sand. Brooke joined Ridge in front of the minister.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In her office, Taylor leafed through an old photo album of herself and Ridge. Thorne arrived and said he'd guessed she'd be there. Taylor told Thorne that he hadn't needed to miss his brother's wedding for her. Taylor then considered that Thorne probably had been to plenty of Brooke and Ridge's weddings in the past. "That's an understatement," Thorne said with a chuckle.

Taylor noted that Stephanie had planned the wedding, and Thorne remarked that it was over the top. Taylor reasoned that Stephanie was the groom's mother, but Thorne countered that she was also Taylor's closest friend -- besides him. Taylor replied that Stephanie had changed, as they all had.

Thorne remarked that Taylor's kids were at the wedding, supporting their father. Taylor was proud of their maturity and ability to accept Brooke in their father's life. Thorne said the kids still worried about Taylor, but Taylor replied that they didn't need to. She claimed that she was happy, but Thorne wondered if she felt as if she were losing Ridge all over again.

Taylor didn't think that was the right way to describe her feelings. To her, the children would always bond her and Ridge. She hoped her history with Ridge didn't discourage Thorne, because she really cared for Thorne a lot. Looking down at her photo album, she acknowledged that there would be times when her memories would bubble up. Taylor experienced a montage of her time with Ridge in Saint Thomas, and she uttered that the memories would always be with her.

Thorne wondered if Taylor could move on. Taylor claimed that she already had. He said that he wanted to be there for her the way she'd been there for him. She replied that he had been there for her that way before, and she welcomed him to continue to do so. They kissed, and Thorne grinned.

At the Forrester mansion, the wedding of Brooke and Ridge commenced. The minister asked if anyone objected, and Ridge asked for permission to speak. Ridge figured that some people probably wondered if another wedding was even needed. From him and Brooke, the answer was "no," because they were more than aware of what they meant to each other.

Ridge explained that weddings were a public acknowledgment, and he invited the guests to convey what the wedding meant to them. Katie stood and relayed that Brooke had taught Katie not to settle for anything less than her heart's desire, and that was what the wedding meant to Katie. She felt that Ridge and Brooke were the example for following one's heart and never giving up.

Next, Stephanie stood and admitted that Brooke and Ridge's perseverance had been unnerving, and her campaign to separate them had been to no avail. Stephanie recalled that Brooke hadn't given up on Ridge in the same way she'd refused to give up on Stephanie during the cancer scare. For the love and forgiveness Brooke had given the family, Stephanie offered her blessing in return. She called the couple's love inspiring and never-ending.

Hope read a passage about love and forgiveness. Liam sadly watched and listened as she read about thoroughly forgiving and walking together in love. Thomas then read something that he'd personally written. He called it "the Book of Thomas." He thanked the couple for their guidance and bestowed upon them love, loyalty, and gratitude for the lessons they'd taught him over the years.

The minister led everyone in prayer. Liam stole glances at Hope, and Steffy glanced at Liam. When the minister asked everyone to look upon each other with love, the married couples in the room gazed at each other and kissed. Thomas and Caroline exchanged glances, and Rick saw Caroline gazing at Thomas. The minister asked for the rings. Thomas patted himself down and gasped in embarrassment.

Rick produced the rings and explained that Thomas had left them at the office. Placing a ring on Ridge's finger, Brooke said that they had weathered many storms together, and she looked forward to what might arise in the future. "No pun intended," she added, and the guests laughed. Brooke grew teary-eyed as she professed her love for her "Dear Ridge Forrester."

Ridge vowed that he would never be without his Logan, who filled him completely. He said that they were inseparable, and she'd always be in his heart and his soul. "In fact, you are my heart, Brooke Logan. And you always will be," he uttered.

Brooke began sobbing as Ridge professed his love. Ridge cried, too, and the minister pronounced them husband and wife. A montage of their many weddings played across the screen, and as Ridge and Brooke kissed, the guests applauded.

Friday, September 14, 2012

At the Forrester mansion, the newlyweds posed for their mantel photograph, and Thomas and Steffy made toasts. Steffy opened by saying that it had taken a while for her to appreciate Brooke and Ridge as a couple, but they'd overcome many challenges. "While others might walk away and give up, you don't," Steffy stated. Gazing at Liam, she added that Brooke and Ridge had taught her that love was reaching out and holding on tightly through good and bad times.

Thomas stated that the couple was a reminder of what everyone strived to be; however, he hoped they wouldn't make the family go through another wedding. Everyone toasted, and Rick told Thomas that he'd made a nice speech. Looking at the sullen Hope, Rick suggested that she needed a friend. Thomas escorted Hope to the buffet, and the crestfallen Liam watched them go.

Liam's stare lingered on Hope as she chatted with Thomas. Steffy slinked up to Liam and offered to leave with him on her bike at any time. Liam replied that it was her father's wedding, but she asserted that she'd leave her own wedding if he needed her.

From across the room, Bill grinned at Steffy and Liam. "Oh, you are so smug," Katie grumbled. She guessed that his dinner ploy the other night had worked -- for the time being.

By the hearth, Eric caught up with Donna. She claimed to love her job, and she said she and Pam were finding their groove at work. Eric expressed his hope that Justin and Donna would reconcile, but she replied that some things weren't meant to be. Eric took her hand to console her, but Pam approached and conspicuously uncoupled their hands.

Pam announced that it was almost time to cut the cake. She promised to save Donna a piece, because she'd perceived that Donna had been working out. "She was getting so...." Pam said and puffed her cheeks as if she were inflating herself. Pam yelled that it was cake time and warned Brooke and Ridge that she hadn't slaved over the cake just so that they could smear it all over each other.

Pam asked Donna to help her wrap up the top cake layer, but Donna was insulted at being called fat. "You are fat," Pam quipped, heading for the kitchen. Following Pam, Donna retorted, "You're old!"

Bill congratulated Brooke on her wedding, but wondered if he'd have to sit through more of them in the future. Brooke figured that the next wedding belonged to their children; however, he pointed out that Hope was talking to Thomas, and Liam was standing with Steffy. "Where he should be," Bill decreed. He added that he'd appreciate it if Brooke kept Hope away from his son. Brooke said she and Bill didn't have to agree, as long as he took care of her sister.

Interrupting Hope and Thomas' conversation, Caroline complained that she'd hardly spent time with her date. Hope claimed it was her fault, but Caroline said it was okay, because she and Thomas were both there for Hope. Hope took off to get more champagne, and Rick stopped her along the way to note that Thomas had been taking care of her. Hope replied that Caroline wasn't thrilled about it.

Rick figured Caroline was in denial and jealousy mode. Hope felt bad because she thought Caroline was just pretending to be friendly. Rick said not to worry about Caroline, because she'd soon realize that she was better off with him. Hope rolled her eyes and walked off.

Ridge and Brooke sneaked off to the corner to smooch. He gave her a special look and said it was time. He then announced to everyone that he and Brooke were taking off for a "kick-ass" honeymoon. Their destination was a secret, and Ridge insisted that he didn't want a single phone call, even if the world were ending. Though he was sure the kids were capable of running Forrester, he asked his parents to make sure no one burned the place down.

After Ridge's speech, Rick told Caroline that Ridge's "long honeymoon" was just a start, because Ridge wouldn't want to run the company forever. Caroline looked puzzled, and Rick told her that she knew his aspirations for the future. He felt that it was his chance. "This is our chance," he uttered.

Hope called for everyone's attention. She said she couldn't let Brooke and Ridge leave without acknowledging what they meant to her. Hope recalled always looking upon the names "Brooke and Ridge" with reverence, and for her, the phrase "Brooke and Ridge" would always signify true love and destiny. She thanked them for showing her what love could be. Ridge and Brooke hugged her, and Liam watched them, appearing even more sad and lonely.

Later, Hope accidently bumped into Steffy. Each said she was sorry, but Steffy decided that she was done apologizing and defending Hope. Hope had no idea what Steffy was talking about, but Steffy berated Hope for pushing Liam away. Hope cynically replied that it was more complicated with that.

Waving around her champagne glass, Steffy told Hope to stop trying to lure Liam in with sad, long looks. Steffy guessed Thomas would pick up Hope's pieces. Hope rolled her eyes, and Liam approached to see if everything was okay. Steffy claimed it was "hunky-dory" and strode off.

Eric unveiled Brooke and Ridge's "very last wedding photo" and placed it on the mantel. As Stephanie and Brooke admired the various photos, Stephanie regretted taking so long to accept Brooke into her family. Brooke hugged Stephanie, and on the screen played a montage of the good and bad times that Stephanie and Brooke had shared.

Brooke called Stephanie her nemeses and her inspiration. Stephanie replied that she felt the same way about Brooke, and Stephanie uttered that she'd cared for Brooke more than she'd ever been able to admit. With an endearing gaze, Stephanie said that Brooke had transformed her.

Brooke cooed that she'd become Stephanie's daughter-in-law once again. "Why don't we drop the word 'law' and just say 'daughter?'" Stephanie asked. Stunned, Brooke beamed that she'd waited years for Stephanie's approval. Stephanie replied that Brooke had that, as well as Stephanie's respect and love. Brooke grew teary-eyed, and they hugged again.

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