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Monday, September 17, 2012

In Bill's office, Liam called a meeting with staff reporters, but hated their article ideas. When a reporter asked for some direction, Liam barked that he paid them to have ideas. Liam demanded that they get back to him with something usable. They exited, and Liam poured himself a stiff drink.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about," Bill cooed as he entered. Bill had just watched the meeting from the doorway, and he'd loved the way Liam had handled the troops. Liam questioned making the employees feel as if their work was crap. Bill asserted that they weren't colleagues or friends, but paid minions, and in Bill's opinion, "Nice guys really do finish last."

Liam felt that he hadn't gotten far by being nice to Hope. Bill dismissed Hope as a learning experience and said Liam could thank her later, when he was running the empire and living like a true Spencer. Bill asked if his son was feeling him, and with an arrogant grin, Liam replied that he was.

Asserting that it was never too late to reap the benefits of a father's guidance, Bill lectured that women liked to soften up men by getting them in touch with their feelings, but a man could never let feelings get the best of him. Instead, men had to put the mind over matter. Liam wondered if Bill could do that if he ever lost Katie. "Eventually," Bill replied.

Liam asked what he should do until "eventually" happened for him. Bill advised Liam to throw himself into his work or another woman. Bill admitted that he'd be devastated if Katie left him; however, he'd go on, because a man could not retreat from the world, wallow in pity, or lose his pride.

In Bill's view, a man could not lose respect because no one would trust him with business or money. Bill said a woman couldn't love a man that she couldn't respect. Bill felt that respect couldn't be given or earned; it had to be demanded by a man's actions and expectations. Bill asserted that Hope had gotten Liam off track, but from that point forward, Bill would see to it that Liam commanded respect.

Katie entered, and Bill said he was teaching his son the facts of life. Katie wondered how Liam was doing. Bill claimed that Liam was fine, but she asked if Liam could speak for himself. Liam replied that he was fine, but then murmured that he didn't have a choice, since Hope no longer loved him. Katie couldn't believe that Hope had meant it if she'd said that.

Bill called the point moot because Hope was moving on with Thomas and because Liam was moving on with "any other woman." Katie assumed that Bill meant Steffy, and Bill confidently replied, "If she's the right one." Katie quipped that Steffy wasn't the right one, but Bill said it wasn't for Katie to decide. "It's not for you to decide, either," Katie retorted with a thin smile.

Liam concluded that whatever happened was up to him, and he said he'd appreciate it if Katie and Bill would respect that. Liam exited, and Bill took pleasure in having seen Liam assert himself. Katie told Bill not to be so smug, because she'd bet anything that Liam was headed straight for Hope.

Bill stated that Liam was a work in progress, and Hope had made Liam weak. Katie guessed Bill thought it was his job to toughen Liam up; however, she felt that Liam was perfect the way he was. Bill said Liam could be himself without allowing Hope -- or any woman -- to treat him like a doormat.

In Ridge's office, Rick set his picture on the desk and tried out Ridge's chair. "No!" he exclaimed, laughing at himself. He tucked the photo away in a drawer as Hope arrived. She told her brother not to get too comfortable, because Ridge was merely on his honeymoon, not in retirement. Rick noted that it was the perfect time to show his corporate experience and make his mark.

Rick cited that Thomas seemed to be lifting Hope's spirits. Hope replied that Thomas was just her friend. Rick felt that Liam and Steffy had been connected from the start. Hope disagreed, but Rick stated that Liam hadn't been very considerate by hanging out with Steffy during the wedding.

Hope figured that Liam was changing, and she'd seen that the light had left his eyes. Rick thought it made sense because Liam had lost the most wonderful woman in the world. Sensing that it was more than the breakup, Hope perceived that something fundamental about Liam was missing.

Caroline and Thomas entered to inquire about the photo shoot that Rick had scheduled. Rick said they had to act fast on the buzz from the press conference. Caroline asked if Hope for the Future even had any lines to promote, and Rick said that would be where Hope and Thomas stepped in. Rick was sure that the campaign would be a success by the time Ridge and Brooke returned.

The trio went to the studio, where Oliver and his assistant, Grace, had set up for a photo session with Hope and Thomas. Rick requested breezy and sexy photos, which would convey that Hope had moved on from Liam. Caroline tried to hide her discontent, but midway through the shoot, she grew frustrated and rushed out. Thomas ran after her. Rick feigned surprise, but secretly grinned to himself.

Oliver showed a few pictures to Rick and Hope and then took off for processing. Hope wondered if Rick was moving too fast without Ridge's okay. Rick said that Ridge had demanded to have no interruptions on his honeymoon. Hope stated that she knew the feeling, because when she'd been with Liam in Italy, she hadn't cared if the world had ended.

Rick said it was over, and Hope needed to keep her options open. Hope reminded Rick that Thomas was with Caroline, and Thomas wasn't Liam, either. Rick insisted that it was time to accept that it was over with Liam, and Hope nodded. Touting that a CEO's work was never done, Rick exited.

Grace entered with a petite bouquet of flowers and a card that read, "I love you." Grace exited, and Hope wondered who'd sent them. "They're from me," Deacon Sharpe replied from the doorway.

Later, Caroline stomped into Ridge's office with Thomas on her heels. The flustered Caroline sarcastically claimed that it was no big deal, because they'd already determined that it was fine for their relationship to suffer while Thomas pulled double duty to be there for Hope. Caroline complained that they'd hardly spent any time together. Thomas knew that it was a lot to ask Caroline to accept, but he wished that she would, because he didn't want to lose her over an allegiance to an old friend.

Caroline reasoned that it didn't help matters that Hope was so perfect and beautiful, and Thomas had once been in love with her. "Are you still?" Caroline accusingly asked. Thomas insisted that Hope had been through a lot, and everyone was rallying around her to support her. Caroline sadly stated that she was being selfish and unfair; however, she missed him. Thomas figured they could do something it about that, and the two kissed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Deacon visited Hope. Deacon apologized that he had disappeared in Italy. He said that he had needed to get away. He knew that Brooke and Ridge would not want to see him. Hope said that they were away on their honeymoon.

Deacon laughed and said that those "crazy kids [were] getting married for the umpteenth time." He knew that Brooke and Ridge were gone. He wanted to know how Hope was. He said that he had read everything he could get his hands on about Hope and Liam and their wedding.

Hope explained that everything had changed since Italy, and Deacon said that he knew all about it because he had seen her press conference on the Internet. Deacon said that he knew Hope needed him.

"I'm your father," Deacon said, and he encouraged Hope to tell him what had happened. Hope recounted the entire previous few months starting wit,h Liam finding the note left by Deacon that had said goodbye. Hope said that Liam had thought it had been left by Hope. Then Liam and Steffy had gotten together. Hope lamented that Liam had turned right to Steffy because he had thought that Hope had left him.

Hope said there was much more, and she promised that once she explained it all, Deacon would understand why Hope and Liam had never married and never would. Hope explained that Liam had married Hope in Italy with the entire town in attendance, but it hadn't been legal. Hope added that the night before she and Liam were to have been legally married in the United States, Liam had spent the night partying with Steffy.

Hope said that she hated Liam, but she also still loved him. Hope said that Steffy's feelings for Liam and Liam's feelings for Steffy were just too strong for Hope to counteract. Hope tearfully said that she couldn't handle it anymore. Deacon said that it was all his fault, but Hope dismissed it. Deacon said that Hope would have been married and happy in Italy if he hadn't shown up.

Deacon blurted out that the whole misunderstanding in Italy had occurred because of a letter that he had never written. Hope was shocked. Deacon backpedaled and said that he shouldn't have written the note. Hope was grateful that Deacon had shown up for both the wedding and his current visit.

Deacon wondered if Hope really wanted a fresh start as she had said in her press conference. Deacon told Hope that she clearly had it bad for Liam, but Liam did not deserve her. Deacon wanted to blame Steffy, but Hope said that she had invited Steffy to the wedding to unite the families. Deacon said that he wanted to punch Liam.

Hope thanked Deacon for showing up. Deacon said that he didn't deserve such a sweet young woman as a daughter. Deacon reiterated that he was responsible for things not working out between Hope and Liam because he had made Hope late for the wedding. Hope said that she was fine. She made Deacon promise that there would be no more goodbye letters. She and Deacon embraced.

In another office at Forrester, Thomas and Caroline made out on a couch. They discussed the photo shoot with Hope, and Thomas said that Caroline needed to understand that it was all publicity. Thomas reminded Caroline that he was part of Hope's line. Caroline wondered if Thomas would reunite with Hope if Caroline weren't in the picture.

Rick entered and showed Caroline and Thomas photos from the shoot. Rick gushed that Hope and Thomas looked great together. Caroline sneered at the photos. Oliver entered, and Thomas took a call that required his attention at a meeting. Thomas kissed Caroline and left for the meeting. Rick told Oliver to send the photos to Spencer immediately. Oliver left.

Rick reminded Caroline that the photos were just publicity shots. Rick flirted with Caroline. He told her that he wanted to be in charge at Forrester one day, with Caroline by his side. Caroline was impressed. Rick passionately kissed her, and she responded.

At Spencer, Katie said that the baby was kicking up a storm, and Bill said that it was his little football player. Katie teased that it could be ballet kicks. Bill noted that he had been busy teaching Liam to man up and take care of himself. Bill told Katie that Liam and Hope no longer had a relationship.

Liam entered and complained about company expenses. Liam said that he was taking it up with employees. Katie cautioned him, but Bill said that it was a good sign that he was taking more of an interest in the company.

Photos of Hope and Thomas arrived, and Bill was wowed. Liam agreed that the chapter of his life with Hope had ended. Bill encouraged Liam to move on. After Liam and Katie left, Deacon walked into the office, and Bill asked what Deacon was doing there.

At Forrester, Hope checked her phone, and she saw the wedding pictures. She flashed back to all the good times that she and Liam had been through in Italy, from their visits to the village to their wedding. Hope smiled, but tears streamed down her cheeks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

by Pam

At Spencer, in Bill's office, Deacon confronted Bill about the way that Bill had treated Hope. Bill insisted that Deacon had almost prevented Hope from making a big mistake in marrying Liam. Deacon said that Hope and Liam were not legally married, but Deacon said it was the result of a clerical error, not anything that Deacon had done.

Bill ordered Deacon to get off the premises through the loading dock, but Deacon threatened to leave after visiting Liam across the hall. Bill offered Deacon money, but Deacon said it wasn't about the money this time. Deacon said that Bill had hurt Hope, and Deacon was going to make it stop. Bill laughed at Deacon's attempt to become a good father to Hope.

Bill demanded that Deacon stay away from Liam. Deacon said that he thought Liam deserved to know the truth. Bill threatened to send Deacon back to prison, but Deacon laughed and said that Bill would end up in the cell next door if news got out about what Bill had done to get Deacon out of prison. Deacon reminded Bill that Liam would never forgive Bill if Liam learned what Bill had done to prevent Liam's marriage to Hope.

Bill said that Deacon had more to lose if the truth was revealed. Bill advised Deacon that Hope would also hate Deacon. Bill and Deacon argued, and Bill insisted that Liam belonged with Steffy and not Hope. Deacon wondered what would happen if Hope and Liam had a face-to-face meeting to hash things out. Deacon guessed that it would be interesting.

In Liam's office, Liam chastised employees in true Bill Spencer fashion. Liam dismissed the employees, and Caroline overheard him. Caroline wondered if Liam was upset because of what his employees had done or because of Thomas and Hope. Caroline made fun of Liam's dark side having surfaced.

Liam said that Hope no longer loved him. Caroline laughed at Liam because he was dense enough to believe that Hope didn't love him anymore. Caroline said that Hope had said that to hurt Liam after he had hurt Hope so much. Caroline laid into Liam for his foolishness with Steffy. She reminded him that he had shown up for his wedding in his underpants with funky-colored hair and a neck tattoo.

She reminded him that he had looked ridiculous in front of family and guests, but she softened and said that she knew none of it mattered because he wanted to marry Hope. Caroline insisted that Hope was the woman he loved and had almost lost because of Steffy.

Liam said that was Steffy was a factor. Caroline called Steffy a distraction. Liam sternly said that Steffy was much more than that. Caroline shouted at Liam to go marry Steffy again, but Caroline added that Liam clearly would be settling if he married Steffy. Caroline urged Liam to go after Hope with one last shot before he settled for his second choice.

Caroline left, and Liam flashed back to some very romantic moments with Hope, including his proposal to her on the Forrester rooftop.

At Forrester, Hope told Katie and Donna that Deacon had visited her because he had known that she needed him. Katie and Donna were clearly skeptical. Hope said that it was a great feeling to have someone look at her with the same concern that only Brooke had ever shown. Hope said that she knew everyone loved her, but Deacon had had the look of a parent when he had spoken to her.

Katie and Donna advised that Deacon couldn't solve her problems with Liam. Hope agreed. Hope admitted that she loved Liam. Donna wondered if Hope had a future with Thomas. Hope said that she knew Thomas cared for Caroline, and Hope knew that she would be fighting with Caroline over Thomas.

Katie forced Hope to admit that her heart was with Liam. Hope agreed, and Donna hugged her. Hope said she didn't know what to do. Later, when Hope was alone, Liam showed up. Hope made fun of his dark clothes that were much like Bill's. Hope wondered if all the color had escaped from Liam's life. Liam joked that he still had a red tie somewhere.

Hope smiled, and Liam said that it had been a long time since he had been able to make her smile. Hope agreed, and she added that there hadn't been much for them to smile about. Liam moved closer to Hope, but she turned her back and suggested that he leave. Liam slammed the door, but he remained in the room. When Hope turned around, Liam asked if Hope truly no longer loved him. Hope tearfully acknowledged that she loved Liam.

In Bill's office, Deacon warned Bill that he was going to fight for Liam and Hope's romance, but Bill insisted that Steffy and Liam had history. They had been married and belonged together. Deacon wondered why Bill thought he was some kind of god. Deacon questioned why Bill was so intent on preventing his son from marrying Hope. Deacon wondered why Bill couldn't leave Liam alone to make his own decisions on who Liam wanted to spend his life with.

Bill shouted at Deacon that it was best that Hope stayed away from Liam. They yelled at each other, and suddenly Katie interrupted. She accused Bill of ruining the wedding in Italy and in Los Angeles. Bill looked guilty, and Deacon looked satisfied.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

At Steffy's loft, Taylor commended Steffy for being there for her father on his wedding day, and Taylor asked if Liam had gone to the wedding -- as Steffy's date. Steffy said not to worry about Liam and Steffy, but Taylor replied that she'd do "more than worry" if Liam was using Steffy.

Steffy claimed that Liam wasn't using her, but Taylor countered that Steffy was there for him, day or night. Steffy was sure Liam would do the same for her, and she intended to give her love and support to him. Steffy predicted that she'd be fine with whatever happened next.

Taylor wished Liam would realize that his life would be better with Steffy in it, but guessed that it'd be hard for Liam to change after being divided for such a long time. Steffy said Liam had changed; he'd become colder and businesslike. Taylor thought that sounded more like Bill. Calling it a temporary coping mechanism, Steffy hoped he'd return to the old Liam. "And to his old wife," Taylor added.

Taylor was curious about Liam's behavior change. Steffy claimed it wasn't a big deal, but Taylor thought Liam might be emulating Bill. Recalling the dinner the other night, Steffy said Liam seemed to have been listening to Bill's rhetoric. Taylor wondered if Steffy had told Liam that Bill had been behind the fiasco in Italy. Taylor thought the news might make Liam think twice about being like his father.

In Ridge's office, Liam asked why Hope had told him that she didn't love him. Hope replied that she'd needed him stop trying to make it work, and he'd never be able to give his whole heart to her. Liam claimed he could do that, and he'd actually done it. Hope murmured that he couldn't be honest with her. Liam claimed that each time that he hadn't been, it had been because he hadn't wanted to hurt her. Hope quipped that he hadn't been honest because he hadn't wanted to be caught.

Hope asserted that half-truths were just as bad as lies, but then she reckoned that they might not be to a Spencer. Liam asked what that was supposed to mean. "You are just so much more like your father now," Hope bitterly responded. Liam relayed that Bill had been advising him. She stated that it wasn't a bad thing to be like Bill, and girls like Steffy really went for that sort of thing.

Hope relayed that earlier, her father had shown up out of nowhere, just like he'd done in Italy, and he'd blamed himself for her and Liam's problems. Liam said they'd be happily married if Deacon hadn't been in Italy. Hope doubted that, because Liam had been unsure of which woman he'd wanted. Claiming it wasn't true, Liam corrected that, in Italy, he'd known exactly whom he'd wanted -- but couldn't have. "You," he uttered. Hope was sad that her desire to know her father had cost her Liam.

Liam stroked Hope's hair and uttered that he wouldn't hurt her again. Hope was sure that he would, even though he wouldn't mean to. Aware of how badly he'd screwed up, Liam said that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and she'd helped him find his father. He felt that she'd given him the will, the determination, and the patience to get to know Bill.

Liam recalled that Hope had always been there, loving him, inspiring him, and telling him to never give up. He said she'd seen something in him that he hadn't seen in himself, but then he'd hurt her again and again. It had seemed as if she'd been about to forgive him for that crazy night before the last wedding, but something had changed. Hope guessed that she'd changed. She said she just couldn't do it anymore, and being together shouldn't be so hard. Liam touched her face, but she pulled back.

At Spencer, Katie charged into Bill's office, stunned that "this sorry excuse for a man" was in there. Bill pretended that Deacon had arrived to shake Bill down for money because their children had exchanged vows. Katie told Deacon not to bother playing along with Bill. She'd already heard Deacon say that Bill had sent him to Italy, and she demanded to know what Bill had paid Deacon to do.

"First of all, you're glowing. You look great," Deacon beamed with his arms wide open for a hug. Katie ordered him to "cut the crap." Deacon eagerly revealed that he wasn't sure if it had been bribery or blackmail; however, Bill had gotten him out of prison and flown him to Italy to postpone Hope's wedding. Deacon claimed that he hadn't figured it would have been a big deal, and he hadn't even known about "the letter" until that very day.

Katie asked what kind of man would do that to his daughter. She raged that Brooke had been right to shield Hope from Deacon. Deacon didn't defend himself or pretend to be a good father. For him, there had been no contest between seeing his daughter or remaining in prison. After he'd seen Hope's press conference, he'd arrived in Los Angeles, hoping to somehow be a good father to Hope.

Katie quipped that the only good thing Deacon had done for Hope was to walk away years earlier, and that was exactly what he needed to do again. Katie ordered Deacon to walk away and "be the kind of father you were meant to be." The seething Bill told the "snitch" that he'd better get out, like Katie had instructed. Deacon exited, and Bill asked if Katie planned to listen or walk out, too.

Katie lit into her husband for putting a man like Deacon in their lives. She raged that Bill had made them beholden to a criminal. "And for what? For what, Bill? So Hope wouldn't marry Liam?" Katie incredulously asked. She wondered what would happen when Deacon decided to take them all down one day, but Bill claimed he wouldn't let that happen. She retorted that it was out of his control, because he'd given Deacon all the power.

Katie blasted Bill for being too obsessed with making his grown son into a man and for jeopardizing their unborn child's future. Katie asked who'd teach the baby to be a man when his mother was dead and his father was in jail. She vowed that she wouldn't let Bill turn the baby into an angry carbon copy of him, and as long as she had breath in her body, she'd protect the baby from Bill.

Katie raged that, once Liam found out, he'd hate Bill. Bill claimed it was a risk that he'd been willing to take, and he'd protect the baby in the same way. Katie vowed not to let him control and manipulate the new son. Bill said Katie would change once the baby was born and her protective instinct kicked in. Katie roared that she'd been protecting the baby since day one, and she'd continue to protect him -- even from his own father.

Flustered and red-faced, Kate claimed that she didn't even know Bill anymore. Bill declared that he was still the same man, and she needed to calm down. Katie told him to wait until Liam found out. Bill asked if Katie wanted him locked up. She said it didn't matter what she wanted, because he'd opened the door to all that. She gasped, declaring that everyone would see what kind of man Bill was and what kind of father he was.

Suddenly, Katie clutched her belly and stiffened. She huffed in pain and leaned on Bill's desk, and Bill rushed to her side.

Friday, September 21, 2012

In Bill's office, Katie whimpered that she might be in labor. Bill promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her and the baby. Instructing her to breathe, Bill helped his wife out of the office.

By the time Bill and Katie arrived at the hospital, a contraction had hit, but her water hadn't broken. Dr. Meade, the attending physician, said Dr. Caspary was in surgery but would be available soon. Meade wanted to get Katie to delivery, but Bill asserted that it wasn't time. He explained that his wife had been a heart transplant patient, and she needed more help than Meade could give.

Dr. Meade settled Katie into a room and hooked her to a heart monitor. He asked Katie to keep her heart rate down. He explained that she couldn't take beta blockers because they'd harm the baby. He was hoping that, since her water hadn't broken, the contractions might subside.

Aside with Bill, Dr. Meade explained that the transplanted heart couldn't regulate itself like Katie's first heart could. Too much adrenaline might skyrocket her heart rate and force them to use the beta blockers. Meade thought they might have to do an emergency C-section, but warned that surgery on a patient with an unstable heart rate was dangerous.

Bill flashed back to when he'd cried to Katie about his fears that the pregnancy would kill her and he'd wind up hating his own child. Bill then told Dr. Meade that it wouldn't happen.

Bill sat at Katie's side to coach her. Katie calmed down, but the contractions kept going. Bill got anxious, but Dr. Meade urged Bill not to let Katie see him stressed. Another contraction hit Katie, and she struggled through it. Her heart rate shot up, and Bill urged her to relax and breathe.

In Liam's office, Taylor entered as Liam chewed out an employee. The worker left, and Liam guessed Taylor wanted to know what was going on with him and Steffy. Though Taylor agreed that she did, she said the scene she'd just witnessed had caused her to become concerned about him.

Liam stated that Steffy was important to him, and Taylor noted that he'd been throwing himself into his work. He replied that he had a lot of priorities, and Taylor asked if getting over Hope were one of them. He assured Taylor that he cared about Steffy, and Taylor responded that she was sure that Liam hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Liam thanked her for the sentiment but pretended it wasn't needed because he was moving forward, not looking back.

Liam got a phone call and ripped into another employee. He slammed down the phone, and Taylor guessed that if Hope wouldn't give him another chance, then he wouldn't give out any chances, either. Liam was taken aback by her candor but said he had to get tough so that the business lived up to Spencer standards. Taylor theorized that he was "getting tough" to armor himself against the grief over his loss. "I'm not grieving," Liam bit out.

Taylor continued to diagnose Liam as detached and angry. Liam defensively asserted that he might have a dark cloud over his head, but he was the same guy he'd always been. She claimed she wasn't telling him that he was wrong; she was just concerned. Again, Liam guessed Taylor was there about Steffy. He said he was trying to put Hope behind him and then murmured that he had no choice.

Taylor said that if Liam dealt with it that way, then his feelings wouldn't go anywhere. She gently told him to let it go, and Liam began to sob. Taylor assured him that when one door closed, another one opened. Liam stopped crying, and she whispered that it might be something even better.

At Steffy's loft, Thomas arrived and wondered why Steffy was living at the loft instead of with Liam. Steffy said that she and Liam hadn't even talked since the wedding. Thomas figured that Liam would return to her, but Steffy griped that Liam wasn't breaking any speed records. Though she'd thought taking their time would be healthy, Steffy said she'd believed that it would happen faster.

Thomas thought Steffy was doing the right thing by letting Liam take it slowly. Steffy seethed that Hope wasn't taking it slowly by giving press conferences and kissing Thomas. Steffy felt that Liam was beating himself up, trying to rise to impossible standards. She felt that Liam should be enjoying life, but he also had "a whole batch of other expectations on him." Steffy feared that it wasn't good for him -- or good for their relationship.

Thomas left, and as Steffy thought about her Aspen honeymoon, Liam arrived. He said he'd talked to her mother, who was a smart lady. "'When one door closes, another one opens,'" he gleefully stated. Steffy hit him and gave him noogies for listening to her mother, not her, and they laughed.

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