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Monday, October 1, 2012

At Katie and Bill's new house, Bill was ready to get forgiveness and move on, but Katie wished she could believe in his realization that his playing God with people's lives was wrong. Katie didn't know how to get past it, and she said Hope and Liam had lost each other because of Bill. Katie was still amazed that Bill had blackmailed a warden to get Deacon out of jail to ruin Hope's wedding.

Just then, Donna arrived with an armful of gifts. As she wobbled and spilled her bundle onto the floor, she admitted that she'd returned to check up on her sister. She thanked God that Katie and the baby were okay, and as Bill helped pick up the gifts, he said he thanked God, too.

Katie opened some gifts, and Bill hoped Donna hadn't gotten Will anything girlish. Donna joked that she'd gotten trucks, brandy, and cigars. The baby monitor sounded with Will's cries, and Donna voluntarily took off to check on him. Katie looked as if she wanted to resume her and Bill's conversation, but Bill avoided it by following Donna upstairs.

The nurse entered to check Katie's pulse, and Bill returned to see if he could get Katie anything. "How about the truth?" Katie responded. She said that even worse than hiding his actions and the truth from her, he'd flagrantly ignored her wishes. She asserted that he'd ignored his wife and hurt Hope.

Donna rounded the corner, but upon hearing the couple talking, she stopped abruptly behind a bouquet of helium balloons. Katie wanted to call Hope, but Bill stopped her and warned that it would tear their family apart. Katie feared how controlling Bill could be, and she didn't want that for Will. She said she couldn't even be a happy new mother because she was holding in the secret.

Katie's face blanched as Donna showed herself in the room. Donna asked what Bill had done. Katie admitted that he hadn't wanted Hope and Liam to get married in Italy, so he'd gone to extraordinary lengths to stop it. Bill snarled, and Katie prodded him to tell Donna how he'd broken Deacon out of jail and been behind all the things that had led to Steffy and Liam getting together.

Donna decided that Hope and Liam needed to know it, and she'd tell them. Bill grabbed Donna's arm, but she snatched herself away and told him to get his hands off her. She said Hope and Liam had been victims of Bill's lies for too long. Donna hoped she wouldn't be too late in giving them the truth.

In Ridge's office, Hope questioned herself for letting her principles get in the way of her and Liam. She admitted that she and Liam still loved each other. Rick, however, reminded her of the trust issues the couple had faced, and he guessed that Liam was probably with Steffy at that moment.

Hope beat herself up about the way she'd reacted to Liam when he'd bared his heart to her. Rick insisted that Steffy would always be between them, but Hope countered that she didn't have to let Steffy do it. Hope reasoned that there had been other forces at work against her and Liam besides Steffy. Rick named Bill as one of them, but Hope said she was puzzled by why Liam kept denying that anything had happened at the club. She wondered if Othello could have lied, and if so, why.

Just then, Othello entered and asserted that there was something that Hope needed to know. Rick received a call from Thorne, who needed Hope in the press room. Rick shuffled the confused Hope out and asked Othello "what the hell" he thought he was doing. Othello insisted that Hope needed to know the truth.

In Brooke's garden, Steffy and Liam strolled through an olive grove and tossed pennies into a wishing well. Each asked what the other's wish was, and Steffy said hers was already becoming true. They reached an orange grove, and as she tossed him an orange, she said that one had to pick a few sour ones to find a ripe, delicious one. She added that once one found it, he should enjoy every drop.

They reached a sprawling lawn, and Liam wondered why the Forresters didn't let their jet land there. He said that each time he went there, he felt like he'd arrived at the White House. Steffy was startled by a rumbling noise. Suddenly, the jets of the sprinkler system went off, showering the two. They danced around and played in the water, and Liam swung Steffy around in his arms.

As the wet pair continued along the estate, Liam asked what secret place Steffy was taking him to. "Come on, Hansel. Follow Gretel," she teased and scampered along. So that he and "Gretel" didn't get lost in the garden, Liam placed his shoes down as landmarks. Along the trail, he dropped orange peels, as in the children's story. Eventually, they reached a cabin that was tucked away in the foliage.

Steffy and Liam entered the dark cabin, and Liam expressed amazement that it existed. Steffy said that sometimes, it was good to get away from everything. "From everyone," Liam added. Steffy, however, replied, "Not everyone. Not you." The two undressed each other to their underwear. Liam wrapped Steffy in a fur blanket, and they sat by the fireplace to dry their clothes.

Though Steffy figured that she was pushing her luck, she admitted that she'd never stopped loving Liam. She claimed she wasn't trying to pressure him. Steffy knew he couldn't turn off his feelings for Hope; however, Steffy could see a change in him. Liam said that Steffy had supported him and put his feelings above her own. He felt that she was incredible. Steffy replied that she'd always support him and be there for him. She sat up on her knees and hands, leaned in, and kissed him.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

by Pam

At Katie and Bill's new house, Bill asked Katie to convince Donna not to tell anyone about what he had done in Italy to ruin Hope's wedding. Bill maintained that he had done Hope a favor. He said that Liam loved another woman, and everyone knew it.

Katie worried that Bill didn't see that his desire to manipulate his son's life had put them in danger. Katie feared that if the authorities discovered that Bill had bribed prison officials, he would go to jail. Katie worried that she would end up alone to raise their son. Katie added that Donna wouldn't tell the police, but she would tell Hope. Bill added that Donna would also tell Liam.

Bill said that Liam might not speak to him for a while, but they would find a way to work things out. Bill insisted that he wanted to take care of Katie and not argue. Katie wondered again how her husband could be the same man who could be so loving, but couldn't stop himself from controlling others.

Liam and Steffy were wrapped in blankets in the cabin. Steffy explained that the cabin had been on the grounds of Brooke's house for more than 80 years. She said that the woods at one time had had horse paths before all the roads had been built. Steffy recalled that she had loved the cabin when her family lived with Brooke after her mother had disappeared. Steffy said that she and her dad had often visited the cabin.

Steffy said that Ridge had told her that Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Hope were among the legends who had visited the cabin and enjoyed booze and cigars. Liam said that his all-time favorite movie was To Kill a Mockingbird. Steffy said that her favorite was Roman Holiday.

Steffy said that her dad had taught her how to play poker. She and Liam joked about poker faces and cards, and the conversation became more serious. Steffy said that she loved the sights and smells of the cabin and Liam's company. Liam agreed, and he said there was nowhere else he'd rather be.

Steffy said they were cut off from the rest of the world. Liam said that it was nice to not worry. He wondered why he hadn't chosen to stop stressing a lot sooner. Liam thanked Steffy for always being in his corner. Liam kissed Steffy. "I love you, Steffy," he said. "I know," she said, and replied, "I love you, too."

Donna pulled her car up to Brooke's house. Donna entered Brooke's home and called out for Hope. Donna looked everywhere and then searched the grounds. She found a trail of shoes on the way to the cabin. Donna wondered if Hope was in the cabin. Donna looked in the window and saw that Liam was in there with Steffy in what appeared to be a passionate and naked embrace.

At Forrester, Othello told Rick that he no longer wanted any part of lying to Hope. Rick insisted that keeping Liam away from Hope was the best thing he could do. Othello said that Rick was no different from Bill Spencer. Othello accused Rick of trying to do the same thing that Spencer had done to Liam. Othello said that Rick was trying to control his sister's life. Othello added that Rick clearly wanted to pair up Thomas and Hope so that Rick could romance Caroline. Rick begged Othello not to say anything.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

by Pam

At Katie and Bill's new house, Katie warned that Donna would tell Liam and Hope about Bill's interference and that he had led Deacon into their lives. Katie added that Donna wouldn't tell the police what Bill had done, but Donna would definitely tell Hope and Liam. Bill maintained that it wasn't his fault that Liam and Hope weren't together. Katie guessed that if Bill hadn't ambushed Hope more than once, Hope and Liam would be married and happy.

Later, Katie remembered her out-of-body experience where she had seen Storm. Bill interrupted, and he told Katie that the baby was sleeping. Bill said that Katie needed to sleep too. Bill felt that Donna might have changed her mind about telling Liam and Hope about Bill's interference because they had not heard from Donna, Liam, or Hope. Katie said there would still be consequences for everything that he had done. Bill said that he fully expected that Liam would be flying through the door to yell at Bill, but Bill promised he would handle it.

Katie reminded Bill that he had committed a crime by getting Deacon out of jail. Bill had put the family at risk. Bill apologized to Katie. Bill promised he would make everything right, and he begged Katie to get some rest. Bill caressed Katie and told her that he loved her, but Katie coolly walked away.

At the cabin, Donna stood at a window where she had seen Liam and Steffy make love. She was sickened by what she had seen and headed back to the house, unnoticed by Steffy and Liam.

Inside the cabin, Steffy and Liam cuddled. Steffy said that she had missed Liam and "us." Steffy said that it already seemed different between them. Steffy thought Liam had finally realized how much Steffy loved him. She acknowledged that they had waited a long time to get back together. Steffy said she had never stopped wishing to be with Liam. Steffy noted that Liam was finally free.

Steffy and Liam made out, and Liam smiled. He said that Steffy had never given up on them. Steffy said that the women in her family were strong women. Liam agreed. Steffy said that Liam had called her "relentless" before. Liam agreed and said that strong women were popular in his family as well. Liam wondered if it meant that they were doomed to become their parents. They laughed. Steffy said that they were a perfect pair.

Liam passionately kissed Steffy, and they made love again. Later, they hugged and kissed in the cabin and cuddled.

Inside Brooke's house, Donna found Hope. Donna nervously wondered what to tell Hope, and Hope asked what was wrong. Hope worried that something was wrong with Katie and the baby. Hope wanted to visit Katie and the baby, but Donna calmed Hope's concerns. Donna said that Katie needed fewer visitors and more rest.

Hope said that she had worried that she made the wrong decision about Liam. Hope said she had made a mistake because she had turned Liam down when he had practically begged her to get back together. Hope said that Liam had said it was their last chance, but Hope admitted that she had been so hurt that she couldn't trust Liam. Hope worried that she had lost Liam forever because she had pushed him away again.

Donna said that she was not the best person to give advice. Hope said she needed someone to be objective and tell her the truth. Donna agreed to give her advice. Donna said that in all her failed relationships, she had learned there was more to life than men. Donna pointedly said that there was more to Hope's life than one guy. Donna said she believed in Hope. Donna encouraged Hope to forget about Liam because he didn't know what he wanted. Donna said that Steffy had always been the problem since the beginning, and that had never changed.

Hope wondered if she should have been more understanding. Donna disagreed. Donna said that Hope was young, smart, and beautiful. Donna encouraged her to do more in life and to have adventures and meet people because someday she would meet the right guy. Donna alluded to the fact that Hope might have already met the right guy -- but not Liam.

Hope guessed that Donna meant Thomas. Hope said that she was not in love with Thomas, and Hope knew Thomas was not the one. Hope said that Liam was the one. Donna disagreed. Donna advised that breakups were horrible, but that soon Hope would feel like herself again. Donna finally suggested Hope move on without Liam. Donna recommended that Hope should let Liam go. Hope asked Donna if she thought it was over, and Donna said that it was. Hope cried, and Donna hugged her.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

At Bill and Katie's house, Bill fussed over Katie and insisted that she let him do something for her. She told him that he could respect his wife by not meddling and interfering in her niece's happiness. She guessed that it didn't matter anymore because Donna would tell Liam the truth.

Just then, Donna arrived and announced that she hadn't told Liam the truth because she'd stumbled upon Liam and Steffy. "You wanna guess what they were doing?" Donna asked. She then revealed that Liam and Steffy had been going at it in the cabin.

Bill asserted that Liam loved Hope, but Liam was in love with Steffy. The Logan sisters said it was due to Bill's interference, and Bill hadn't given Liam and Hope a fair shot. In his defense, Bill said he'd supported the Italy marriage, but it had still ended in disaster. Katie accused Bill of unleashing Deacon upon the family, which could have caused unimaginable problems for Brooke and Hope.

Katie quipped that he'd had no right to do what he'd done, because Liam was a grown man. Bill claimed that he'd had every right to do what was best for his son. Katie countered that Will was Bill's son, too, but she'd never let Bill manipulate him. She abhorred the idea of having to protect Will from Bill, but she warned she would if she had to.

Bill wasn't proud of what he'd done, and he said he might take it back because of what it had done to Katie. Katie said Bill only thought about the endgame, not who got hurt. Donna wondered what he had against Hope. Bill claimed that he didn't have anything against Hope; she just wasn't for his son. He didn't understand why Donna or Katie would want Hope with a man who was into someone else.

Donna said Bill had a point, but it didn't dismiss his actions. In Donna's eyes, Hope was too young to be married, especially to a man who couldn't fully commit. Donna revealed that she'd been tempted to tell Hope what had transpired at the cabin but had kept quiet because the relationship was over. Donna said Liam was with Steffy, and it could be meant to be that way. Bill added that nothing he'd done could have stopped Hope and Liam if they'd been meant for each other.

Donna stated that Brooke would be back the next day, and it would be a bad idea to tell her that Bill had gotten Deacon involved with Hope. Katie didn't want to keep things from Brooke, but Donna saw no reason to upset Brooke with it.

Katie left to check on the baby. Bill murmured that Katie was upset with him, and he'd gone too far with Deacon. Bill felt that they should be celebrating, but he didn't know if Katie would forgive him. According to Donna, it had been beneath Bill to be sneaky and underhanded, and Katie might be right if she decided to take the baby and get away from Bill.

Bill said he didn't deserve Katie, and Donna agreed; however, she said Katie had chosen him. Donna told him to get to the nursery and apologize. Bill claimed that he'd apologized already, but Donna ordered him to do it again and again until Katie could hear him.

Bill went upstairs and found Katie resting on a bed after having put the baby down. He asked if she could forgive him. Bill claimed that while guiding Liam, Bill had lost sight of what was most important. Nothing meant anything to Bill without Katie, and he knew that protecting Liam was no excuse for the schemes. Bill agreed with Katie that he was a "controlling SOB who needed to let go" and focus on Katie and their son.

Katie sadly looked away, but Bill turned her face back toward him. He promised that he could be a better man if she'd forgive him. He pulled her into his arms, and she shed tears on his shoulder.

At Forrester, Rick called Caroline into Ridge's office for a meeting. He told her to prepare to be dazzled, and in walked two models. Caroline was giddy to see that the models were wearing her designs. She wondered how it could have happened with Ridge out of town. Rick announced that he'd green-lighted them because Caroline's designs were too good to wait for Ridge to get around to them.

Caroline thanked Rick for believing in her, but Rick assured her that he hadn't been selfless. He hoped to be seen as the visionary who'd capitalized upon what others had missed. She asked if Rick should be going over Ridge's head.

Rick said that Ridge would be announcing an interim CEO the next day. Eric had already declined the position, so Rick assumed that he was the logical choice. Caroline thought it would be wonderful for him. "For both of us," Rick replied, taking her hand.

Caroline wasn't sure of how she fit in. Rick explained that Stephanie had stood beside Eric, and Brooke had stood beside Ridge. Rick wanted Caroline to stand by him when it was his time to run the company. Rick knew that it was a certainty; all they had to do was be ready for it.

Rick called and ordered Caroline's line into production. Afterward, Caroline noted how comfortable he was with himself. She said he'd even been that way in high heels. They joked that it had taken a unique mind to dream up Amber's cross-dressing scam. Caroline cited that most men wouldn't have known how to walk in heels, but Rick explained that he'd been around models all his life.

Caroline bubbled with coquettish energy as she imagined Rick's name on the office door. She noted that he'd be too busy to play, though. Rick disagreed and imagined that they'd use the jet for some fun. Caroline got excited about the idea of flying off to New York, and she prattled on about all the things they could see and do together. Rick called her a New Yorker at heart, but with smoldering eyes, she replied that she loved Los Angeles, too.

Rick was excited that Caroline wanted to show him New York, but he remembered that he hadn't even gotten to tour Los Angeles with her. Rick uttered that Caroline could trust him, but she said it was complicated. Rick remarked that Thomas had it bad for Hope, but Caroline had another choice. She reminded Rick that she had a boyfriend. "What? Are you guys going steady?" Rick quipped.

Rick wondered what kind of relationship Caroline was having when she was just waiting around while Thomas spent hours with Hope. Caroline mumbled that she and Thomas had things to work out, but Rick dismissed the relationship as having no juice. He asserted that Caroline was everything he'd ever wanted but had never had. "I just can't help myself," he uttered and deeply kissed her.

Friday, October 5, 2012

At Katie's house, Katie put Will in a bassinet in the living room. She grimly flashed back to the argument with Bill that had led to Will's birth and her heart failure. Brooke arrived, anxious to hold the baby. He was asleep, so Katie caught Brooke up on the house swapping Bill had done with Taylor.

Katie asked if Ridge were upset that Brooke had cut the trip short, and Brooke replied that if she'd been there earlier, things might have been different. Katie joked that she'd save her emergencies for when Brooke and Ridge were in town. Brooke looked sadly away, but shaking off her thoughts, she asked about Katie's labor. Katie answered that she and Bill had been discussing something when it had started. Brooke guessed Bill had been shaken up, and Katie replied that Brooke had no idea.

Brooke took Will upstairs. When Brooke returned, Katie revealed that she'd seen Storm while the doctors had been reviving her. Katie explained that she'd had a peaceful out-of-body experience with no thought of death or urgency to live. However, she'd sensed that she couldn't leave her son alone with Bill, and she'd returned to her body. Brooke said Katie had a lot to live for, and she couldn't leave Bill alone with Will any time soon. "Definitely not," Katie murmured.

Katie assumed that Brooke wanted to get back to Ridge, but Brooke muttered that she'd returned home alone. Katie felt bad about interrupting the honeymoon and asked how it had been. Brooke seemed out of sorts as she recounted traveling through Paris and then getting on a yacht. Becoming unnerved, Brooke concluded, "And then we were...You know, it's really not important."

Katie asked when Brooke would return to the yacht, but Brooke said she wouldn't. Katie doubted Ridge would cruise the Mediterranean without his bride. "That would be up to him," Brooke tearfully replied. Confused, Katie asked if something had happened between Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke stammered, and Katie became worried that Ridge had been hurt. Brooke blurted out that he wasn't hurt in the way Katie meant. Brooke still couldn't believe what had happened, and she hadn't wanted to get Katie involved. Katie then figured that Ridge had hurt Brooke.

Brooke cried that she was too upset to talk about it. Brooke began to hyperventilate, and Katie eased Brooke into a seat. Katie became worried as Brooke heaved herself into a panic attack.

At Forrester, Caroline and Rick awaited Ridge's email. Rick said he knew how he wanted to celebrate once he became CEO. "I bet you do," Caroline replied. She thought Thomas had a shot at it because he was Ridge's son, but Rick figured that Ridge would respect that Rick was Eric's son.

In the corridor, Donna and Pam fussed over who'd take the minutes, and Pam relegated Donna to pouring the drinks. Stephanie arrived with Eric and told him that her test results had turned out well. Eric joked about naming himself CEO, but she said he'd leave it at mentoring the chosen person.

Eric and Stephanie went into Ridge's office, and Thomas and Marcus arrived for the meeting about Ridge's choice for CEO. Thomas was anxious to find out who it'd be, and Marcus guessed that Ridge had planned to stay away for quite some time with his bride.

Ridge sent an email to Eric, and Eric read it aloud. Ridge wrote that he was sorry that his trip had been elongated, but his honeymoon had opened his eyes to a lot of things. Ridge hoped to gain more clarity with his hiatus and return as a more focused CEO. Ridge knew Eric didn't want the CEO position; however, he asked Eric to mentor Thomas in it, because Thomas was the natural fit as the interim CEO.

As Eric continued to read, Thomas grinned, and Rick stewed in his seat. Stephanie congratulated Thomas, but Rick hopped up and called the appointment ridiculous. Rick raged that all Thomas could do was draw and make a clown of himself in front of the press. Rick claimed Thomas had no experience at running anything, and Eric had to do something, because it wasn't right.

Stephanie said that the choice had been made, but Rick insisted that it was the wrong one. Rick told Thomas that Thomas couldn't possibly run the company, but Thomas replied that he could -- with a little guidance at first. Thomas felt that it was his birthright, but Rick roared, "I'm Eric Forrester Jr. Not Ridge, and certainly not you. Dad, get him on the phone. We're overriding this."

Eric told his son that it was just temporary, but Rick said they didn't know how long Ridge would be gone. Rick didn't trust Thomas to run the place for even a day. Stephanie asked Rick to accept it gracefully, and as the room cleared out, Eric invited Rick to have a talk. Rick said they'd do it later, because Rick wanted to talk to Thomas. Everyone left, except Rick, Thomas, and Caroline.

Thomas asked what Rick's problem was, because in the previous few days, Rick had been all chummy. Thomas guessed that it had been a ruse so Rick could push Thomas off on Hope and snag Caroline. "Thomas!" Caroline exclaimed. Thomas, however, said she knew it was true. Rick claimed that he liked how Thomas treated Hope, but it had nothing to with Caroline. Rick admitted that he cared for Caroline, and he thought he'd be better for her and for Forrester.

Thomas quipped that Rick thought he deserved things because he was Eric Forrester Jr., but people would take Rick more seriously if he actually did something besides rely on his name. Rick called Thomas delusional and cited that he had run Forrester International while Thomas had been drawing and working on the loading dock. Thomas towered over Rick and seethed that Rick wasn't getting Caroline or running Forrester. "Understand, Shorty?" Thomas said, patting Rick's cheek.

Thomas chuckled to himself, but Rick asserted that he understood that Thomas' Daddy had handed Thomas a position he didn't deserve. Thomas swooped in close to Rick's face and yelled that he was CEO, and Rick needed to respect it.

Thomas jabbed his finger into Rick's chest, and Rick slapped Thomas' hand away. The two men shoved each other, and Thomas launched Rick through the office window. "Rick!" Caroline cried and stared out the shattered window at Rick. He was slumped in some hedges about one story below the window.

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