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Brooke had lied about contacting Deacon to Ridge, and Ridge had said it was the last straw. He had left Brooke and visited R.J. at boarding school. Deacon visited Bill and demanded a job, but Bill warned that Deacon had better disappear or he would be dead. Stephanie had a coughing attack, and she and Eric went to her doctor. They received bad news that the cancer had spread. Hope said that she and Liam loved each other but couldn't be together.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 8, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, October 8, 2012

At Katie's house, Brooke fought off a panic attack. Once Brooke had calmed down, Katie implored her to reveal what had happened between her and Ridge. Brooke cried because Katie should be taking care of herself and Will, not Brooke. Katie wanted to help her sister, but Brooke said that no one could; Ridge was gone, and Brooke still couldn't understand where it had gone wrong.

Brooke said it had been a very romantic honeymoon, and she and Ridge had been more in love than ever. Wishing that Deacon had stayed out of their lives, Brooke explained that Deacon had been text-messaging her with the misguided notion that Hope needed him. Brooke had been responding to implore him to stay away from Hope. Ridge had asked if Brooke had been in contact with Deacon. She'd denied it; however, Ridge had accused her of lying because he'd already seen the messages.

Katie asked why Brooke would lie, and Brooke said she hadn't wanted a Deacon discussion to interfere with her and Ridge's wonderful time. Ridge had freaked out about her lying, and it had led to the end of Brooke and Ridge. Katie thought that was drastic to say, but Brooke said it was accurate.

Brooke explained that Ridge had been angry that she'd lied to him after her promise not to, and he'd taken off to see R.J. at boarding school. Katie was sure Ridge would be reasonable and remain married. Brooke said that she and Ridge weren't married, because they hadn't filed the paperwork yet. Brooke sobbed that Ridge was gone, and she didn't know when or if she'd see him again.

Later, Brooke arrived at home. Memories of her and Ridge flooded back to her, and she cried. She pulled out her phone and called Ridge to say that she'd returned home. Brooke said she was still hurt and disillusioned by what had happened. She explained that she'd lied because Deacon was a hot button issue for them, and she hadn't wanted to disrupt their honeymoon. She expressed her love for Ridge and her confidence that they'd get through it.

"Ridge? Are you there? Are you listening?" Brooke asked. Her heart sank in the silence, and cursing, she threw her phone across the room.

At Forrester, Thomas and Caroline bolted out of Ridge's office. Donna and Pam rushed into the office to investigate the crash they'd heard.

Caroline and Thomas arrived outside and fished the disheveled Rick out of the hedges next to the building. The bushes had broken Rick's fall, and Rick claimed that only his pride had been hurt. Caroline fussed over him, and he said he loved the attention. "Are you seriously hitting on me right now?" Caroline asked with a smile. Thomas scowled as she helped Rick onto his feet.

In Stephanie's office, Eric expressed his displeasure about Ridge's choice for interim CEO. Eric felt that Thomas wasn't ready, but Stephanie said people could have said that about her and Eric at the beginning. Eric thought Rick would have been the proper choice, and Eric wondered if he'd been mistaken to let Ridge make the decision.

Eric considered overriding Ridge, but Stephanie said Thomas might surprise them. Eric foresaw that Thomas would require a lot of training; however, Eric felt that Rick was experienced enough to take the helm right away.

Just then, the hysterical Donna and Pam rushed in, announcing that Thomas had thrown Rick out a window. As everyone hurried out of the office, Eric advised Donna and Pam to find Marcus.

Stephanie, Eric, and Marcus located Rick, Thomas, and Caroline below the CEO's window outside. Stephanie started to cough as she expressed her amazement that Thomas had thrown Rick out a window. Thomas claimed things had gotten a little heated, and Rick said he hated to see how it got when Thomas became really mad. Stephanie kept coughing as Rick explained that Thomas had been throwing around his new power. Eric asked if that were the way Thomas planned to run Forrester.

Thomas admitted that he'd lost his temper, but he insisted that he hadn't thrown Rick out the window. Eric stated that shoving employees around wasn't the way to manage them. Rick asked if Stephanie were okay. Still coughing, she said she was winded from rushing down there, but she thanked God that she hadn't fallen out of a window. "I was pushed," Rick replied.

Thomas claimed it had been an accident but insisted that he was serious about Rick respecting him as CEO. Eric decided that he'd let Ridge's decision stand, but Eric said he'd take over himself if he saw any more examples of that kind of leadership. "Don't think I won't," Eric warned.

Caroline helped Rick up to his office. Following them inside, Thomas guessed he should apologize. Rick said not to bother, and he second-guessed pushing Hope toward Thomas, who let power go straight to his head. Caroline was incensed that Thomas had attacked Rick out of nowhere, and she asserted that Thomas could have killed Rick. Thomas claimed that he hadn't meant for Rick to fly out the window, but Caroline raged that he shouldn't have pushed Rick that hard.

Thomas griped that Rick had been trying to drive a wedge between Caroline and Thomas. Caroline retorted that Thomas had done that himself. She wondered if she'd gotten caught up in the fantasy of recreating her Aunt Caroline and Ridge's love story with herself and Thomas. Thomas claimed they were more than a rehash of someone else's love story, but Caroline retorted that he should have thought of that before he started spending all of his time with Hope.

Caroline complained that Thomas had let his title go to his head. He'd gotten violent, and she didn't want to be with a man like that. Thomas apologized for losing control but said he'd made a mistake. "So did I. This isn't going to work between us, Thomas," Caroline decided. She told him to go, but he asked if he could try to change her mind. She said not to bother. As she turned away, Rick told Thomas to go to his CEO office and "be important."

Thomas left, and Caroline asked Rick if he was okay. Rick was fine, but he felt that Ridge had lost his mind to appoint the inexperienced Thomas as CEO. Rick guessed he needed to just move on, but Caroline replied that Forrester was Rick's legacy. "Tell that to Ridge," Rick quipped. Rick couldn't believe that his father had founded the company but Ridge, a Marone, had succeeded Eric. "Now he's gonna pass the torch to his idiot son?" Rick asked.

Rick grumbled that he'd done everything he could to learn the business abroad. He'd opened their retail shops and had made the company money. Thomas, however, "draws a couple pictures, and he gets the crown," Rick quipped. Caroline hoped Rick really wouldn't leave. Rick said leaving would make it too easy for Thomas, and besides, it was Rick's legacy, too.

Rick decided that his timetable had been changed -- but not the plan. "Me as CEO, and you by my side," Rick proposed. Caroline liked the sound of it. "Then I've got this," he uttered and kissed her.

In Ridge's office, Eric was disgusted by the mess in the room. He figured they needed to fix the window before the press heard what had happened. Stephanie guessed that Thomas wasn't off to a resounding start. Eric wondered why Ridge had to make the appointment and why he hadn't returned with Brooke. Stephanie's face darkened, and she uttered that Ridge wouldn't be back for a while.

Stephanie said she'd talked to Ridge, and he and Brooke had fallen out over Deacon Sharpe. Stephanie explained the issue between Ridge and Brooke, and Eric wondered what Brooke had been doing talking to Deacon. Stephanie was sure it had been harmless but said Brooke had lied, which she'd promised to never do again.

Eric thought it was drastic, but he said Ridge would get past it. Stephanie reasoned that one could never count Brooke out, but Ridge had sounded as if he were really finished that time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

by Pam

At Katie's house, Donna and Katie said they couldn't believe that Ridge was so upset with Brooke about text messages from Deacon. Donna blamed Bill for getting Deacon out of prison, which enabled Deacon to interfere in Hope's life. Donna said that there would have been no drama for Brooke if Deacon had stayed in prison. Donna and Katie worried about Brooke.

Donna also worried that something was wrong with Katie. Donna wondered if Katie had the baby blues. Katie sobbed, and Katie said she was overwhelmed. Donna said that it was understandable because Katie was a transplant patient who'd had a baby and a heart attack all in one day. Katie had also discovered Bill's interference in Hope and Liam's lives. Will started to cry, and Donna got the baby. Katie kept crying.

Donna returned, and Donna and Katie agreed that they would not tell Brooke about Bill getting Deacon out of jail because it wouldn't help anyone. Donna continued to worry about Katie. Donna encouraged Katie to remember what a gift Will was and how lucky Katie was.

At Brooke's, Stephanie showed up. Brooke wanted to know what Ridge had said to Stephanie, and if Stephanie had persuaded him to return home. Stephanie said that Ridge would return, but he might not return to their marriage. Brooke tried to justify her actions in hiding the text messages from Deacon. She had wanted to spare Ridge the news that Deacon was back in Hope's life. Brooke added that she had been trying to protect Hope.

Stephanie said that Ridge had never faulted Brooke for her parenting, but Brooke had lied to him repeatedly. Stephanie said that Ridge was fed up with Brooke's lies, but Stephanie assured Brooke that it was not the end. Stephanie said that Brooke would not be alone. Ridge would return, and they would have to figure out their relationship after that.

Brooke cried. In an emotional speech, Stephanie told Brooke that she would never leave Brooke alone. Stephanie said that over the years, they had defined each other and wasted too much time hating each other. They hugged. Stephanie started to cough.

Stephanie promised Brooke that she would be fine. Stephanie told Brooke never to give up on Ridge. Stephanie told Brooke that someday Brooke would have to be the one to take care of the family because someday Stephanie would be gone. They embraced, and Brooke wept.

At Spencer, in Bill's office, Bill explained to Alison that Katie had learned everything about what had happened in Italy and all about Bill's involvement. Deacon entered and interrupted the discussion. Deacon handed flowers to Alison and a box of cigars to Bill.

Alison said she would put the flowers in water, but Bill told her to throw them out along with the cigars. Deacon told Bill that he was on his way to Human Resources. Bill was confused, and Deacon said he had to get his application in for the job that Bill was going to give him. Bill laughed.

Deacon said that Bill should watch his back. Deacon insisted that Bill owed him a job. Deacon and Bill sparred and threatened one another. Bill warned Deacon that if Deacon did anything to threaten his family, Bill would make Deacon's fellow prisoners look like altar boys.

Deacon was unfazed. Deacon offered to work under Alison as her assistant. Bill warned that if Deacon ever set foot in the building again, he would force Bill's hand. Bill said that Deacon would wake up without a tongue, and he threatened to kill Deacon. Deacon mocked Bill's threats.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

by Pam

At Katie's, Bill entered. Katie seemed out of it. She asked where Bill had gone, and Bill replied that he had gone to work. She wondered why he was home so early. Bill said that he had been worried about Katie.

Bill asked about the baby. Katie said the baby was sleeping, and she didn't want Bill to awaken him. Katie said that she was exhausted because of having the baby and a heart attack. Bill was concerned about Katie.

Katie admitted that she was moody and upset. Bill said that he knew it was because of him. Katie asked why everything was always about Bill. Katie wondered what Bill expected. Katie said that Bill always risked everything, but he expected her to be the forgiving and perfect wife.

Bill reminded Katie that he had all but begged for forgiveness. Bill said that he was worried about Katie and the baby -- they were a family. Bill said he would check on the baby. "Don't wake him up," Katie coldly ordered, adding, "Don't make him cry. I hate it when he cries."

At Brooke's, Stephanie invited Brooke to spend time at the mansion with Eric and Stephanie. Brooke refused. Brooke wanted to be home in case Ridge returned. Bill called and said that something was wrong with Katie. Bill begged Brooke to visit because Katie needed her. Brooke promised she would be there.

When Brooke arrived at Bill and Katie's, Brooke asked Bill what was wrong. Bill said that Katie was upset with him. He admitted that they had fought before, but she was not fighting back or throwing him out. He was concerned about Katie's lack of emotion toward both Bill and the baby.

Brooke felt that Bill had overreacted. Bill continued to express his worry. Brooke pointedly asked what Bill had done, but Bill skirted the issue of what had happened. Bill said that Katie was completely distant from Bill and the baby.

Brooke wondered if it was a medical condition. Brooke encouraged Bill to talk to Katie again, and Brooke said that they had been through worse. Brooke pointedly asked Bill if there was another woman. Bill said that Katie was everything he could ever want. Bill said he felt like was losing his wife.

Bill said that Katie seemed detached from the baby. Brooke justified Katie's behavior because of Katie's near-death experience. Bill insisted that Katie was slipping away, and Brooke said that Katie was clearly going through something very painful.

Brooke told Bill that he had made a new woman of Katie. Brooke complimented Bill because he had instilled self-esteem and self-confidence in Katie. Bill said that he couldn't lose Katie. He looked scared. Brooke promised that he would not lose Katie. They embraced.

At Forrester, staff members asked Thomas numerous questions, and Thomas seemed flustered and overwhelmed. One of the older staffers told Thomas that it was an honor to work under another generation of Forresters. Thomas thanked them, and the staffers left.

Hope entered and pointed to the broken window. She teased that Thomas had apparently redecorated. She questioned that Thomas' first act as CEO had been to throw her brother out a window. Thomas said it was all an accident. Hope told Thomas to rein in his actions. Steffy showed up and congratulated Thomas on becoming CEO. Steffy and Hope snarked at each other. Thomas left.

Steffy and Hope were alone, and Steffy said that Hope had done an amazing job with Hope for the Future line. Hope complimented Steffy on the Intimates line. Hope brought up her chat with Liam at the hospital. Steffy said she knew all about it. Liam had told her about it.

Steffy and Hope argued about how it had never been easy to be a couple with Liam because it had always been a trio. Steffy noted that it was all irrelevant because she and Liam were together. Steffy reminded Hope that Hope had ended it with Liam. Hope agreed she had needed to end it because she refused to share Liam.

Hope acknowledged that Steffy saw Hope as an unreasonable and intolerant person. Steffy said she was not the one to judge. Hope asked if Liam and Steffy were back together, and Steffy avoided the question. Steffy claimed she did not want to hurt Hope.

Hope pointedly asked if Steffy had slept with Liam, and Steffy responded that they had slept together and were back together. Steffy softened and said that the last thing Steffy and Liam wanted to do was cause Hope more pain. Hope said that she was fine, and Hope asked Steffy to tell Liam that she was fine. Hope told Steffy to leave. Steffy exited, and Hope burst into tears.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

At Forrester, Donna's stapler got jammed, and Pam refused to loan out her coveted engraved stapler that Eric had given her on her first day at work. "They got a special promotional deal," Donna replied, showing off the same engraved message on her jammed stapler.

Eric and Stephanie arrived. Pam sniped at Eric, and he wondered why she'd given him the cold shoulder. Pam escorted Stephanie into Ridge's former office and scowled upon seeing another engraved stapler on Thomas' desk. Stephanie began coughing uncontrollably, and Donna and Eric rushed in. Pam got Stephanie some water, but Eric exclaimed that they needed to call the paramedics.

"" Stephanie choked out. She drank the water and claimed to feel better. Eric insisted upon heading to Dr. Lewis' office, so Stephanie called to alert the doctor. Afterward, Stephanie burst into another coughing fit, and Eric escorted her out.

Donna called Brooke but only got voicemail. Donna didn't leave a message because Pam had entered and insisted that they keep the lines free for Eric's call. Taking Pam's hand, Donna said Stephanie would be okay. As Pam confidently agreed, her voice cracked, and she strode out.

Donna called Katie, but to Donna's surprise, Bill answered. Bill said he'd asked Brooke to visit out of concern for his wife. Donna assumed Katie was still upset about the Italy mess. Bill admitted that he'd messed up, but he felt that things would work out if he could get Katie on track.

In Dr. Lewis' office, Stephanie was sure that the doctor had more needy patients to see, and Eric explained that his wife thought he was overreacting. Eric told the doctor that Stephanie had been coughing, wheezing, and unable to catch her breath. Stephanie insisted that Eric was exaggerating, and she explained that she'd been feeling fine since her appointment three weeks earlier.

Eric and the doctor stared at Stephanie until she admitted that she'd had less energy than normal. Stephanie figured that she just needed a vitamin B-12 shot to return to her old self again. Dr. Lewis, however, decided to draw some blood, and Stephanie groaned.

An orderly took some blood from Stephanie, who guessed that the doctor wanted to see if the tumor markers had changed. While awaiting the results, Eric poured him and Stephanie some coffee. She said she hated the wait, but Eric replied that nothing about cancer was easy. He said she'd faced it before, and he was confident that she could do it again.

At Bill's house, Bill thought that Brooke might be the only person who could get through to his wife. He wondered if Katie thought he'd hired a nurse because he didn't trust Katie with Will. Brooke asked why Katie would think that. "Because maybe she doesn't trust me," he replied. He feared that Katie was pulling away, and he needed Brooke to help him figure out how to fix it.

Glad that Bill had called her, Brooke said they were family, and she'd help him find the answer. Bill admitted that he hadn't always treated her and Hope like family. Brooke replied that she didn't hold grudges, and neither did her daughter. As Brooke went upstairs, Bill recalled getting Deacon out of jail.

In Will's room, Katie touched her chest and stared blankly at the baby. Brooke entered, snapping Katie out of her trance. Katie guessed Bill had called Brooke, and Brooke said that Bill was worried about Katie. "He's worried that I'll..." Katie started saying, but then she cut herself off.

Brooke asked what was wrong. Katie meekly replied that Will needed to be fed, but her milk hadn't started flowing yet. Katie said she'd imagined a normal, healthy delivery, but it hadn't been like that. Brooke reminded Katie that she'd made it through, and things would happen in time. Katie stated that she'd never expected to go into premature labor the way she had -- because of Bill.

Brooke asked what Katie was talking about. Katie admitted that Bill had done something; however, she was sure that Brooke didn't want to know what it had been. Brooke urged Katie to open up, but Katie wished Bill hadn't gotten Brooke involved. Brooke said Bill had thought he'd been helping. "He always thinks he's helping. Even if it's at the expense of his own family," Katie uttered.

Brooke asked what that meant, and Katie muttered that Bill had to control everything and everyone, even it if meant breaking the law. Brooke questioned the statement, and Katie revealed that Bill had done something that could land him in jail for a long time and rip their family apart. She didn't understand what kind of father would do that -- especially knowing the fragile state of Will's mother. Katie seemed to reel from the idea that Bill's love for Will hadn't been enough to stop him.

Katie stated that Bill always justified things by saying he was protecting the son that he loves. Brooke asked what Bill had done. Wordlessly, Katie stared down at Will. Brooke sighed and suggested they go out for some fresh air. Katie said she didn't need that; she didn't know what she needed.

Brooke said she didn't know what Bill had done; however, he was worried about his wife, and he wanted it to be a special time for Katie. Katie replied that she wanted it, too, and Will deserved it. Katie rambled that they might not get to do things as a family, but Will needed his father, who Liam hadn't had as a child. Brooke asked again what Bill had done. "I want to know now," Brooke insisted.

Later, Brooke entered the living room as Bill was blasting Alison for calling him as he'd ordered her not to do. After the call ended, Brooke questioned Bill about the true story behind Katie's morose mood. Bill claimed he didn't know, but Brooke insisted that he tell her why Katie had withdrawn and why Katie seemed to be questioning if she should have even had a baby.

Bill admitted that he'd done something, and it was something that he regretted. "It was unfair, and it was hurtful to your daughter," he revealed. Brooke demanded to know what he'd done.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hope headed out of her house, but stopped upon discovering Liam stacking boxes on her doorstep. He hadn't thought she was home, but he was delivering a few things she'd left at his house. He guessed she was headed out. She said she had been, but she decided that they should have a talk first. Liam entered the house, and Hope told him that she knew he was back with Steffy.

Liam stammered that he'd planned to tell Hope. Hope asked when the wedding was, and he gasped, responding that it wasn't like that. He said they were taking things slowly. Hope thought that was a good idea, because he needed time to be single. Liam said that he'd been ready to marry Hope, and he'd really wanted to be her husband. "Just not able," Hope added.

Hope said the bright side was that he could party with Steffy and have no consequences. Liam stammered again, but Hope cut in, saying she'd meant for it to be a positive statement. She claimed to just want him to be happy, and it seemed to her as if he were with Steffy.

Liam, however, couldn't believe that after all he and Hope had been through, they hadn't ended up together. Hope said that was the problem with being in love with two women. Liam still believed that it would have worked out with him and Hope if only he hadn't gone to that club. Hope said that "if" had always been a defining word in their relationship.

Hope believed that she'd always love Liam; it was just clear to her that they couldn't be together. Liam and Hope hugged. She pulled away and said that it was time for him to go. At the door, he started to say something, but Hope cut him off, saying, "I know." Liam left, and Hope cried.

At Bill's house, Brooke supposed that Bill had gotten himself in deep with something. Bill admitted that he'd exercised poor judgment with his misguided notions about Liam needing his help. Brooke roared at Bill to stop rationalizing and tell her what he'd done. "Deacon," Bill murmured.

Brooke gasped, and Bill confessed that he could go to jail because he'd gotten Deacon out of jail. Bill said he'd flown Deacon to Italy because he'd known what seeing Deacon would do to Hope. Brooke became enraged that, just because Bill hadn't wanted Hope with his son, he'd returned Deacon to their lives. "You don't even know what you've done, Bill!" Brooke yelled.

Katie entered and said that Bill had bribed the warden. Brooke asked if Hope or Liam knew about it. Bill stated that they didn't know, and though he wouldn't stop anyone from telling the pair, he thought that their last failed attempt at marriage was enough of a reason to just let it be. Brooke seethed that Hope and Liam might have a chance if Bill were behind bars.

Katie got upset at the thought of raising Will while Bill was in jail, but Bill insisted that no one was going anywhere. Bill told Brooke that her anger was justified, but sending him to prison would only hurt Katie and Will. Bill revealed that Donna had found out about it, but when she'd torn out of there to tell Hope and Liam the truth, she'd found Liam and Steffy getting it on in a cabin on Brooke's property.

Brooke was appalled, but Bill felt that it was a good thing, because it had made Donna see that there was no need to tell anyone. Bill said Donna had seen that Liam had moved on, and Brooke was the only one who still believed in Hope and Liam. Bill urged Brooke to let it go, because it was over.

Brooke wasn't sure how she'd forgive Bill, but her family was too important for her to risk it by turning him in. Brooke decided to check on Will. Katie didn't seem to want to be alone with Bill, but Brooke said that Katie didn't have the same luxury of being upset with Bill that Brooke had, because Will could feel the negative emotions. Brooke advised Katie to make peace with Bill.

Katie cried that she didn't know how to do it, and Bill made it impossible at times. Brooke suggested that Katie focus on being a mother. Brooke said that when she returned with Will, he should feel love and harmony in the air. Brooke said not to worry about Bill, because she'd take care of him. Brooke stated that neither Bill nor Katie was the most important person in the house, so they needed to dig deep and be loving parents. "Find forgiveness," Brooke uttered.

Brooke left, and Bill said that she'd been right. Katie agreed, but she didn't know how to do it. Through the baby monitor, they heard Brooke comforting Will, and Katie stated that Will was the most important thing. Katie reached for Bill, and he hugged her. Brooke entered and placed the child into Katie's arms. Bill looked gratefully at Brooke and kissed Katie's forehead.

At the hospital, Stephanie entered Dr. Lewis' office after getting a scan. She told Eric that it couldn't be a good sign that the doctor had requested it. She was certain that Dr. Lewis had seen something in the blood work. Eric ordered his wife not to jump to conclusions. She knowingly stared at him, but uttered, "Okay."

Dr. Lewis popped in on her way to pick up the tests results. Stephanie noted that Dr. Lewis had ordered the scan for a reason. The doctor claimed to be covering all the bases, and she asked Stephanie to stay positive. Dr. Lewis left, and Eric and Stephanie exchanged worried gazes.

Stephanie advised Eric to be prepared in case things didn't turn out well, but he wouldn't hear of it. Stephanie groaned and coughed, and she realized that Brooke would be chasing her all over town again. Stephanie felt sorry for Brooke, because she'd just lost Ridge. Eric did, too, but he didn't want to focus on Brooke. "You're not listening to me. You're not getting what I'm saying," Stephanie said.

A grave Dr. Lewis entered the room again. She explained that the test results indicated that the tumors had returned, and the cancer had metastasized. The resigned Stephanie murmured that it had spread. She'd figured that it would happen someday. "Doesn't look good, does it?" Stephanie asked. Dr. Lewis said she was sorry, and Stephanie asked for time alone with Eric.

The doctor left, and Stephanie said she wanted to hold off on telling people. Eric told her that she'd tried that before. "It's different this time. It's different," she uttered with a sigh. She wasn't ready for people to urge her to be a fighter but look at her as if she were dying. She said she needed some time, and Eric agreed to give it to her. He promised he'd be with her every step of the way, and they'd do it together. "I know..." Stephanie whispered, and they held each other.

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