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Katie continued to be despondent. Taylor explained that Katie's hormones were also at work, and it was not unusual for Katie to feel distant from the baby. Steffy and Liam passionately professed their love for one another, and they told Taylor how happy they were. Rick realized that he should never have lied to Hope about Steffy and Liam being together because Hope was miserable without Liam, but it was too late. Eric and Stephanie discussed the news that her cancer had returned, and Eric wanted to have a party to honor her life. Stephanie added that she wanted to break the news to loved ones in her own way. Stephanie added that she wanted to die as their mother had -- not in a hospital, but rather, surrounded by loved ones.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, October 15, 2012

In Dr. Lewis' office, Eric and Stephanie hugged. Stephanie resigned herself to her fate, but Eric ordered her not to dare to give up. She said that she was sorry, but he refused to be consoled. She replied that she didn't want any weepy looks from him. Eric said they'd talk to Dr. Lewis about the treatment options. "If it makes you feel better," Stephanie uttered and hugged him.

Dr. Lewis returned and stated that the cancer had spread through Stephanie's liver and to her bones. The doctor couldn't rule out the possibility that it had spread to other places, like the brain. Stephanie gripped her chair and stood up to pace. Eric asked how much time his wife had, and Dr. Lewis figured that, without treatment, it'd be just a few months. Coldness washed over Stephanie.

Eric asserted that they could slow it down and start fighting it that day. Stephanie asked Eric not to grill the doctor, but he said they needed to know the options. Stephanie felt there were no options due to the chances of reoccurrence. She cringed when Eric asked Dr. Lewis about doing surgery. The doctor said there was no treatment prescription because the malignancy had spread to the bone.

Eric insisted that there must be something they could do, and Dr. Lewis explained that they would assess treatments based upon the benefits versus the quality of life. Stephanie asked Eric to calm down, but he demanded that his wife have treatment. Stephanie said it wouldn't keep her alive; it would only buy her a few weeks or months. "Possibly," Dr. Lewis grimly agreed.

Eric urged Stephanie not to give up, and Stephanie said she hadn't. She felt that she'd fought an extraordinary battle, but she didn't want to end it in a hospital with radiation pumping through her. He asserted that she'd fought before. She replied that Brooke had forced that to happen, and though it had yielded two more years, things wouldn't play out that way again.

Eric asked the doctor to talk some sense into his wife, but Dr. Lewis said that during her career, she'd learned that, sometimes, the most healing thing she could do was to let the patient be. Dr. Lewis left upon asking Stephanie to be in touch with a decision.

Once alone, the couple faced each other. Stephanie only wanted happiness for the next few weeks. Eric said happiest was with her, and he wanted the treatment if it could give them more time together. She stated that he'd be in a hospital room with an unconscious body. "I'd finally get to do all the talking," he reasoned, and she chuckled until she coughed and cried.

Stephanie's mind was made up. Eric offered to call Brooke, but Stephanie didn't want to tell anyone yet. The couple discussed dealing with their children, and Stephanie suggested a trip to Big Bear one last time before they told the kids.

"We could do this together," a tearful Eric offered. Crying, Stephanie said that she knew it was what Eric wanted, but she couldn't be in the hospital again. She wanted to be in the home where they'd raised their children, had parties, and gotten married again and again.

"I just want to walk out in the garden, okay? And when I can't do that, I want to sit under the big oak tree with you...I want to feel the grass under my feet," she uttered, and Eric wiped away her tears. She whispered, "I want to cherish every moment I have until the very last second. Will you help me do that?" Grinning through his tears, Eric replied, "Sure."

At the Spencer home, the new parents discussed putting Will's needs first. Katie was worried that Bill thought that she wasn't, but he expressed confidence in her. He mentioned the doctor's visits that they had lined up, and she said it wasn't how she'd envisioned their first weeks as parents. He reminded Katie to follow Brooke's advice and let nothing get in the way of nurturing their son.

Katie was full of anxiety and doubt about parenting. Bill said it was okay; they were learning on the job. She wanted Will's world to be perfect, and she was concerned because everything they did impacted the little boy. Bill assured his wife that they were doing the best that they could do to provide for Will and give him parents that would always be there for him. Katie worriedly looked away.

Dr. Caspary arrived and checked out Will and Katie. While discussing Katie's emotional wellbeing, the doctor said it wasn't unusual to feel letdown after the things Katie had been through with the birth. Bill noted that Katie hadn't been eating or sleeping much, and the doctor asked if Katie was depressed, having mood swings, or crying for no reason. "I wouldn't say it's for no reason," Katie replied, stared at Bill, and then looked away.

Dr. Caspary sensed that Katie was depressed and urged her to talk about it. Katie grew tearful as she explained that she didn't think she could do it, and she couldn't make herself do things for herself and the baby. She was stressed out because she hadn't started lactating, and Will wouldn't latch on.

Dr. Caspary said breastfeeding took time, and Will was still getting the nutrients he needed from the bottle. Katie replied that she couldn't give Will what he needed. She cried that she couldn't give him stability, nurture him, or be there for him. "I can't do it!" Katie sobbed.

Dr. Caspary was confident that Katie was going through a normal stage that some mothers went through; however, the doctor said if it persisted, they'd have to look into treatments for postpartum depression. Depression wasn't the doctor's expertise, but she explained that a drastic change in hormone levels could trigger a deep depression, accompanied by feelings of worthlessness and anxiety.

The doctor asked Bill and Katie to keep it in mind and look out for it. She was pleased with Katie's physical recovery and support system and said that there was nothing wrong with asking for help. Dr. Caspary offered to schedule a lactation therapist, and she urged Katie to call if she needed to.

The doctor left, and Bill asked to know what he could do. Katie wished she could stop feeling so angry with herself. She felt ashamed that she wasn't bonding with Will. Bill reminded her that she'd carried the boy for months, and there was no one closer to him in the world. Katie sobbed that she didn't feel it. She didn't know what was wrong with her, because she should be happy.

Holding her, Bill said it wasn't her fault. He figured it was the depression, and he promised they'd get her the help she needed. He assured his wife that they'd get through it together.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Taylor and Steffy watched online videos about how Steffy and Liam had reunited. Steffy beamed, and she told Taylor that she and Liam were happy. Steffy gushed about how in love she and Liam were. Taylor was thrilled for Steffy. Liam showed up, and he thanked Taylor for an earlier conversation about his love life. Liam asked how Taylor had settled back into the beach house.

Steffy pushed Taylor out of the office, and Liam and Steffy recalled their time in the cabin. Liam teased that he had splinters all over his body. He told Steffy that she had changed. Steffy agreed. She said that Liam had held her accountable and forced her to stop playing games. Liam said that Steffy had become a lady. Steffy sat in Liam's lap, and they discussed how funny love was.

Steffy and Liam passionately made out. They discussed commitment for the long haul -- kids, a dog, and aging together. Steffy said that she would be a great soccer mom. Liam added that someday she would also be the sexiest bike-riding granny. They made out.

At home, Brooke told Hope and Rick that Ridge had left her and visited R.J. at boarding school. Brooke admitted that she didn't know when Ridge would return. Brooke added that she shouldn't have lied about texting Deacon. Rick wondered why Brooke hadn't told Ridge the truth. Brooke said she had been stupid, and Ridge had warned her that if she had ever lied again, it would be the end.

Later, Hope and Rick discussed that they couldn't fathom that Brooke and Ridge would not be together. Talk turned to Liam and how someone or something always got in the way of their relationship. Hope said that Liam and Steffy's time together the night before Hope's wedding day had been unacceptable. However, Hope added that she should have fought harder to stay with Liam.

Rick argued that Liam was not good for Hope. Rick flashed back to his conversation with Othello. Rick had persuaded Othello to lie to Hope. Rick looked guilty.

At the Spencer home, Katie appeared distraught and exhausted. Bill and Katie discussed that Katie needed to move back into their bed. Katie refused. Bill worried about Katie. Katie said that Will still wouldn't nurse, and she felt that Will didn't want her.

Katie suggested that Bill should take care of Will. Katie worried that she had made a mistake and shouldn't have had Will. Brooke arrived and discovered that Katie hadn't been caring for Will. Katie said that she didn't want to hold him. Katie said that she feared that she would drop Will and she wasn't a good mother.

Bill explained that the doctor had said Katie might have postpartum depression. Katie said she wasn't fit to be a mother. Bill and Brooke reassured Katie that she would be a wonderful mother. Katie said that since her milk hadn't come in, it was a sign that she was not meant to be a mom.

Brooke and Bill disagreed with Katie. They told Katie that Katie's body had been through trauma with the heart attack. Brooke sent Katie to the nursery, but Katie said she didn't feel comfortable when she held Will. Brooke told her to go sit with Will, watch him, and listen to him breathe. Katie went to the nursery.

Bill told Brooke he didn't know what to do. Bill worried that he had no idea how to help Katie. Brooke suggested Bill call Taylor. Bill called Taylor and asked for help. Later, Bill asked Brooke if she had told Hope what he had done in Italy.

Brooke said that she agreed that Hope and Liam were too young to be married, and Liam was clearly too connected to Steffy for Hope and Liam's relationship to work. Bill thanked her. Brooke and Bill agreed they didn't need any other distractions while they cared for Katie and Will. Bill begged for help with Katie. Brooke assured Bill she'd be there for him and Katie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

by Pam

At Katie's, Taylor discussed with Bill and Brooke that Katie had been through a traumatic experience. Katie had almost died. Taylor turned her attention to Katie. Katie said that she didn't think Taylor could help her. Katie admitted that she didn't think she could be a good mom to Will. When Katie talked, she clutched at her scar and one of Will's rattles.

Bill tried to comfort Katie, but Katie said she was not going to be a good mother. Bill told Taylor that Katie had been suffering from postpartum depression. Katie admitted that she felt like a failure, and she felt like she was losing her mind. Katie said that she couldn't nourish her child because her milk wouldn't come in, and she repeated that she felt like a failure. Bill hugged and kissed Katie and left her alone with Taylor.

Taylor acknowledged that Bill seemed to be very concerned. Katie said that she was ashamed of herself that she couldn't connect with the baby. Katie said that she barely wanted to touch the baby. Taylor told Katie that Katie had been through trauma, but Katie said there was more to it.

Taylor told Katie that Katie was doing nothing wrong. Taylor reasoned that Katie was afraid that she was going to die, so Katie was not allowing herself to attach to the baby. Taylor said that Katie was concerned that she would die and leave her baby. Taylor noted that Katie's body had let her down before, and Katie was subconsciously afraid that it would happen again.

Taylor told Katie that it was okay to be scared, but Taylor reminded Katie that Katie had fought to stay alive to give birth to Will. Taylor said Katie had been very brave. Katie started to realize what Taylor was saying.

At Forrester, Eric and Stephanie met with Donna and Pam. Eric had returned to his old office, and Pam and Donna welcomed him. After Pam and Donna left, Eric told Stephanie that he wanted to spend every spare minute with her, but Stephanie said they would have plenty of time together.

Eric said that Stephanie needed to tell the family that the cancer had returned. Stephanie agreed but said that she wanted to do it in her own way. Eric agreed. He said that he wanted to throw a party to celebrate her life while she was still alive.

Stephanie and Eric laughed as they planned the party with a guest list. They embraced. Eric made martinis, and they discussed that the party was a trip down memory lane. Stephanie said that she was facing death with such certainty that the world had started to look a little different to her.

Stephanie said that she had snapshots of her life of memorable stories that her children had told and having martinis with Eric. She said that somehow the current martini was special because it could be among the last martinis that Eric might ever make for her. Stephanie apologized for taking Eric for granted at any time. Eric said that he wouldn't change a thing about their relationship. He told her that she had always been his best friend for his entire life. They had shared many tender moments.

In another office at Forrester, Rick handled fittings with two models, who said they had heard that Rick was dating Caroline. Rick smiled and said that he was dating Caroline. The models left, and Brooke entered. Rick told Brooke that Thomas was never going to succeed as CEO, and Rick was glad that Eric had returned. Brooke agreed.

Brooke said that she felt Ridge was upset with her and might have punished Rick for it. Rick reminded Brooke that Ridge loved her and would never want to spend the rest of his life without her. Rick hugged Brooke.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the Forrester living room, Stephanie wrote out an invitation. With a bittersweet smile, she scribbled Pam's name across an envelope. When Pam arrived, Stephanie presented the envelope, and Pam found a handwritten invitation to celebrate Stephanie's life inside of it. "Pam, my cancer's come back," Stephanie uttered, and Pam welled up with tears.

Pam figured that Stephanie would just beat the cancer again. Stephanie sat Pam down to explain it wouldn't happen that way. Pam was sure they could somehow buy Stephanie some time. Stephanie said they could do treatments, but they might only buy her a month more.

Pam choked back tears, and Stephanie guessed that Pam feared being alone. Pam insisted that she wasn't thinking of herself. Stephanie reasoned that, as sisters, they'd been together their entire lives, and she couldn't imagine being in a world without Pam. Stephanie assured Pam that her feelings were valid and said that Pam needed to express herself before it was too late.

Pam admitted that she didn't know what she had without Stephanie. "Just a bunch of strangers that are forced to call me family! But nobody knows me. Not the way that you do, Steph," Pam cried, and Stephanie hugged her. A montage of scenes of Pam and Stephanie played, and Stephanie tearfully flashed back to telling Pam that her big sister would be there to take care of her for a long, long time.

Pam wished she'd done more for Stephanie. Stephanie, however, said that Pam had saved Stephanie from a murder sentence by taking care of their overbearing mother. The sisters chuckled, and a montage of Stephanie, Pam, and their mother played. Stephanie wondered if Anne would be surprised to see her. "Any message you want me to give her?" Stephanie asked, and Pam sobbed.

Pam wondered if one really could give messages to people in heaven. Stephanie asked why Pam assumed their mother was in heaven. Pam wondered if Stephanie had inherited the cancer, but Stephanie doubted it and assured Pam that Pam would live a long time.

Stephanie remembered when Anne had refused to be hospitalized at the end of her life, and then Stephanie and Pam remembered saying goodbye to their mother at the beach. Stephanie said she had the same request about hospitalization, but Pam replied that she wasn't good carrying out that kind of wish. Stephanie stated that Pam had to, because Eric wouldn't be any good.

Stephanie promised to take care of Pam in return. Pam didn't know how Stephanie could do that, and Pam didn't want any money. Stephanie said Pam would see. Pam sobbed, and Stephanie promised she'd be there to look over Pam's shoulder, like a bluebird appearing just for Pam.

In the Forrester corridor, Caroline was talking to Donna. Thomas approached, and as Donna gave him some messages, she said his mother was waiting for him in the office. "And whose office is that?" Thomas knowingly asked. Donna glanced at the door and explained that his nameplate should be ready the next day. "Should be?" Thomas quipped and asked if the engravers feared commitment. Offended, Donna retorted that they didn't have an in-house engraver staff under her control.

Also offended, Caroline decided to take off, but Thomas asked her to wait. He told Donna to draft a memo about organizational changes and to leave him and Caroline in privacy at Donna's desk. Donna gladly took off, and Caroline told Thomas that she'd gotten his flowers. She'd thought it had been a sweet gesture when she'd gotten the first delivery; however, she told him to stop embarrassing himself because sending her flowers every day was overkill.

Guessing she was still upset about Rick, Thomas insisted that Rick had tripped himself out the window, and Rick had also hemmed Thomas up with Hope's line to give Rick a chance at Caroline. Caroline asserted that Thomas had kissed Hope of his own accord. Thomas claimed it had been just for promotional reasons, and his feelings for Hope were in the past. He said that losing Caroline had been a wake-up call, and if she'd give him another chance, she'd see.

In Ridge's old office with Brooke, Taylor awaited Thomas, who Taylor thought was taking his new position very seriously. "Especially if he threw his predecessor out the window," Brooke quipped. Taylor stated that everyone had called it an accident; however, Brooke said not Rick or Caroline, who'd actually witnessed it. Brooke further thought that Ridge had made Thomas CEO over Rick to teach her a lesson. Doubtful of that, Taylor asked if Brooke was turning to bitterness to cope with losing Ridge.

Thomas entered with Donna and a couple of other staff members. He asked where Pam was, because she needed to hear what he had to say, too. "Out to lunch is all I know," Donna responded. Thomas replied that Donna and Pam at the receptionist's desk was like a comedy routine, and if they didn't get their acts together, he'd let one -- or both -- of them go. Donna replied that they'd do better.

Thomas asserted that a lot would go on at Forrester, and he needed everyone to do their parts. Donna looked to Brooke, who looked to Taylor. Taylor gave her son a troubling gaze. Donna and the staff left, and Thomas told his mother that he was loving every bit of his job. "And I thought your father ran a tight ship," Taylor said.

Brooke asked if he'd had to be that hard on Donna. Thomas replied that his father had done a lot of things to appease Brooke, but she and Donna were no longer family. Though Brooke was a valued employee, he felt that Donna had to do more work to prove the same of herself. "Careful, Thomas. You're wading into dangerous waters," Brooke replied in a deliberate tone.

Taylor looked antsy, and Thomas quipped that he had a lot of work to do in the position his father had entrusted him with. He claimed that he'd prove his father's faith had been warranted.

Thomas left, and Taylor guessed that he was under more stress than he cared to admit. "You're the psychiatrist," Brooke murmured. Taylor asked what that meant, and Brooke bitterly asked what he'd been trying to prove by telling Brooke she was no longer in the family. Brooke felt that kind of attitude wouldn't help him last very long. Taylor asked Brooke to cut Thomas some slack.

As Taylor left, Brooke asked if Taylor would speak to Ridge soon. Taylor guessed she would. Brooke advised Taylor not to trick herself into thinking history would repeat itself, because it would never be over between Brooke and Ridge. "Oh, okay," Taylor sarcastically quipped, and she exited.

Friday, October 19, 2012

In the Forrester corridor, Thomas asked Donna for his messages. She said that Caroline hadn't called. He started to enter the CEO's office, but Donna asked him not to, because Pam and Eric were in there talking about something important. Thomas quipped that the two had to be discussing office supplies or lemon bar recipes. With a pleading look, Donna asked him not to interrupt.

Thomas sat on a nearby settee. Donna remarked that he seemed troubled by things with Caroline. Thomas conveyed that it hadn't ended with Caroline, and he'd made sure Caroline knew of his plans for her and the company. Donna applauded his confidence. He asked why he shouldn't be confident -- his father had trusted him with the company, and there was no way he'd let Ridge down.

In the CEO's office, Eric took some papers from Pam. Pam tried to be stoic, but in her weakness, she sobbed, "Eric!" Eric hopped from his seat to console her. Pam cried that she couldn't believe it. Eric stated that it was hard to believe that his Stephanie was dying.

Pam felt that Stephanie was vulnerable, and they needed to protect her. Eric relayed that Brooke, who Stephanie was with at that moment, was very protective of Stephanie. Pam recalled that it hadn't always been that way, but she wished that Brooke could save Stephanie again.

Pam wished she and Eric could do something. Eric said they couldn't save Stephanie's life, but they could make the rest of it joyous. Pam doubted that she was strong, but he said Stephanie needed them to be. Pam wondered if Brooke could do it, and Eric replied, "Maybe better than any of us."

At home, Stephanie scrawled Brooke's name on an envelope. Thoughtfully, she stared at the family photos on her mantel. Brooke arrived and guessed that Stephanie had heard from Ridge. Stephanie said he'd be back when he was ready, but Brooke had to remain strong for the family. "And now for me," she added, handing Brooke an envelope.

Brooke read the invitation that had been tucked inside the envelope and asked what the party was all about. With one look into Stephanie's eyes, Brooke sighed, "Oh, Stephanie..." Brooke figured that something could be done, but Stephanie explained that the cancer had returned, it was more aggressive, and she couldn't spend the last of her days in denial.

Brooke uttered that she didn't want to lose Stephanie. Stephanie promised she'd be in the back of Brooke's mind, pecking away at her. Brooke said that Stephanie had no idea of what Stephanie meant to her. Stephanie said that she did, because she felt the same way about Brooke. Brooke wasn't good at letting go, and she asked why everything had to change. Stroking Brooke's hair, Stephanie replied that change was the only constant thing in the world.

Sucking in her tears, Brooke decided that she wasn't going to accept it. Brooke would be there for Stephanie; however, Brooke wasn't about to pretend that it was a positive thing. Stephanie said she was counting on Brooke to be her strength. Brooke tearfully asked what would happen if she couldn't do it. Stephanie expressed her confidence that Brooke could do it for Stephanie. Brooke crumbled into tears as they held each other.

Brooke supposed that the party would be at the house, where it had all started. Brooke and Stephanie recalled meeting in that very room, and Brooke added that she'd found love at first sight with Ridge. "I don't think you can say the same thing about you and me," Stephanie added.

The two flashed back to Beth introducing them to each other and other moments they'd shared. Brooke repeated that she didn't want to lose Stephanie. The women sat on the terrace and discussed the good times and bad times they'd had. Stephanie recalled that they'd had a few laughs, too.

A flashback of Stephanie dousing Brooke with champagne played on the screen. It was followed by Stephanie daring Brooke to shoot her and then making fun of Brooke for being a lousy shot. Stephanie said she didn't regret a thing, but Brooke replied that it was because Stephanie had always wound up on top. The women laughed, Stephanie coughed, and the joy faded away.

Stephanie figured the timing was bad for Brooke, but Brooke said there was never going to be a good time for something like that. Stephanie figured it was still hard, because Brooke was coping with things regarding Ridge, Hope, and Katie. Brooke promised to be there for Stephanie, but Brooke felt that she was losing her best friend. Stephanie replied that Brooke had fought to give Stephanie more years; only a best friend could do that, and Stephanie would always love Brooke for it.

The two flashed back over their first journey through the cancer and their experience on Skid Row that had led Stephanie to fight the disease. Stephanie and Brooke recalled meeting Dayzee and working side by side in the Skid Row cafeteria.

Brooke said that Stephanie was the best part of her. Brooke felt that Stephanie was the part that made Brooke never want to stop giving. Brooke stated that she'd never lose Stephanie. "You will be right there with me no matter what. I will always love you," Brooke said. Stephanie expressed her love for Brooke, and the women hugged.

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