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Monday, October 22, 2012

At Forrester, Eric hugged Brooke, and they discussed Stephanie's news. Eric said that the worst part would be telling the children, and Stephanie was headed to see Thorne. Eric felt that the children had been Stephanie's proudest achievement, even though Thorne had always felt second to Ridge.

Eric guessed it had been a lot for Brooke to handle after the honeymoon, but he thought that the fallout with Ridge would be temporary. Eric was sure that Ridge would need Brooke more than ever. Brooke wondered if Ridge would be there for the party. Eric replied that Ridge had always been there for his mother, as had all the children, especially Thorne.

Thomas breezed into the office and interrupted to run by "the old guy" the changes he wanted to implement while he was CEO. "Interim CEO," Brooke corrected. To Eric, Thomas proposed moving the company into a younger, edgier urban demographic at an affordable price point. Eric stammered, but Thomas was sure Eric would head in the same direction if he were Thomas' age.

Just then, Thomas got a call. "Talk to me," he said into his cell phone as he whisked out the door. Amused, Eric asked what Brooke had thought of that. Brooke guessed that Thomas might be overcompensating for troubles in his personal life. Eric remembered acting the same way at times. Chuckling, he recalled that Stephanie would drag him home from the office, "and that was that."

In Thorne's office, Stephanie tucked an invitation beneath a keepsake box that had Thorne's name carved into it. She smiled as she went through the childhood memorabilia in the wooden box. Thorne entered, and after seeing his old merit badges, he noticed the envelope on the desk. He grinned as he opened it and read, "My sweet son." His eyes roved over the page, and his face stiffened.

Thorne cried, and Stephanie said she was at peace with it. He replied that he wasn't, and there had to be something they could do. Stephanie advised him that there was something, but she wouldn't do it because she'd had a great life. Her only regret was that Thorne had never felt that she loved him just as much as she loved Ridge. She hoped that Thorne could accept that it was true. He nodded and placed his head on his mother's shoulder. Stephanie closed her eyes and comforted him.

Thorne went through the keepsake box with his mother, and they laughed about the suit he'd worn to a school dance. Stephanie said she'd almost had a stroke over his choice of suits and his choice of women. The pair flashed back to Stephanie storming in on Brooke and Thorne together and Stephanie seething about it until she collapsed in his arms. Stephanie said that she'd lived to fight another day, but it had gone to show her how wrong one could be about a person.

Stephanie and Thorne found an old doorplate and recalled the day that Eric had made Thorne the president of the company. Thorne said it had been nice while it had lasted, and she asked if he still hurt over it. Thorne replied that it didn't hurt, because, "it's not how it is now, or probably ever was." He joked that he'd melt the doorplate into a paperweight for Ridge's Christmas present.

Stephanie said she was sorry that it had taken so long for her and Thorne to become close. The mother and son flashed back to Stephanie pleading with Thorne to see how much he meant to his parents. Thorne said that it had been a turning point for them. Stephanie's eyes filled with tears, and she told him that she was proud of the man he'd become.

Thorne didn't know how he'd carry on without his mother, whom he'd always relied on for guidance and strength. Tapping his chest, Stephanie uttered that she wouldn't be far away. He tried to seem brave, but when Stephanie pulled him into her arms, he started crying. They said they loved each other and sobbed as they held onto each other.

In Rick's office, Caroline was on the phone, telling a staff member to add a flower delivery to the rest of the bouquets in her office. After the call, she told Rick that Thomas had promised to stop, and she really hoped she'd received the last delivery. Rick figured that Thomas couldn't stand that she'd chosen the second-stringer over him. Caroline wrapped her arms around Rick's neck and said he was no second-stringer.

As the two kissed, Thomas peeked in and grimaced. He wordlessly dropped a package on the floor and strode out. Rick retrieved the manila envelope off the floor and guessed it was more grunt work from Thomas. Caroline mentioned that Thomas had asked Eric for guidance, but Rick replied that Thomas was too arrogant and foolish to take direction -- even from a man highly revered in the industry. "His son is pretty great, too," Caroline added, and they kissed again.

Caroline thought that Thomas was brooding beneath his bravado. Rick joked that his swan dive -- courtesy of "his royal majesty" -- had helped put him and Caroline together. The two made out more, and Rick called to see if Eric were free or if Thomas had run Eric off. After the call, Rick said Brooke was with Eric, and something must be afoot. Caroline wondered what that could be.

Rick told Caroline that he hadn't been honest with her. He admitted that he'd created a lie that he hadn't been proud of, and it had changed everything for Liam and Hope. Hoping that Caroline would understand his need to protect Hope from Liam, Rick explained that he'd told Hope that Steffy and Liam had made out the night before the wedding.

Caroline was shocked that Rick had done that. Rick asked if what he'd revealed would cause issues for him and Caroline. Caroline guessed she shouldn't be surprised, because she'd been told that he was a manipulative man. She understood Rick's motives, but she didn't condone his actions. Rick asked if she'd tell Liam and Hope, but Caroline replied that she'd leave it to Rick. She was sure he'd make it right, because that was the kind of man she believed he was. They kissed and hugged.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

by pam

At Forrester, Stephanie handed Donna an invitation to her party. Donna read the invitation, and Donna was shaken. Donna wondered if Stephanie was having a party for real and if the whole celebration of life was real.

Stephanie said that it had all been Eric's idea. Stephanie even suggested that Donna might be able to comfort Eric once Stephanie had passed away. Donna tearfully wondered how Stephanie could be so cruel.

Donna said that mortality had not made Stephanie a nicer person. Stephanie asked again for Donna to attend. Donna said that the party would be awkward, and Donna said that Stephanie and Donna had never gotten along. Donna reminded Stephanie that Stephanie had tried to drown Donna in a bubble bath. Stephanie flashed back to the incident and laughed.

Stephanie told Donna that their lives had been intertwined. Donna didn't trust Stephanie. Donna worried that Stephanie and Pam were probably plotting something.

Stephanie claimed that it was her dying wish to have Donna at the party. Donna disagreed. "We tolerate each other barely," Donna said. Donna said that she was sorry that Stephanie was dying, but she could not attend the party.

Stephanie begged Donna to attend the party, and Donna grew teary eyed. Donna said that it wasn't a good idea. Donna left. Pam entered and discovered the party invitation. Stephanie showed up, and Pam wondered why Stephanie would invite Donna. Stephanie said that Donna and her family had always been a part of Stephanie's life.

At Doctor Meade's office, Katie freaked out on the doctor and said that she was dying. Doctor Meade said that her problems were not related to her heart. Katie said that she knew transplant patients didn't live long lives or have very full lives. Doctor Meade started to disagree, and Taylor showed up. Katie asked Taylor to stay. Katie said that statistics were against her.

Taylor said that Katie had a full life ahead of her. Taylor was convinced that Katie had postpartum depression. Taylor promised that they could get Katie's hormones under control with medication, but Katie refused to believe that it was postpartum depression. Katie insisted that what she had was a bad heart that would one day fail her -- and that it would be soon.

Taylor tried to help Katie, but Katie suggested that it might be best if Will didn't know Katie at all, because eventually, no matter what, Katie would die and leave Will behind.

At Bill's house, Bill fed Will a bottle, and Brooke entered. Brooke and Bill discussed taking care of Will. Bill worried that Katie had something else wrong -- other than postpartum depression. Brooke worried that it was Katie's heart.

Bill and Brooke discussed that Ridge had left Brooke. Bill wondered what had happened, and Brooke explained that it had all had to do with Deacon. Brooke admitted that she had lied to Ridge about the fact that she had contacted Deacon. Brooke said that Ridge had discovered that Brooke had lied. Bill apologized for getting Deacon out of jail. Bill and Brooke agreed to set the past aside.

Bill thanked Brooke for helping him and Katie with Will. Bill worried that the baby needed his mother. Brooke said that she and Bill could take care of Will until Katie had healed. Katie returned and saw Bill and Brooke caring for the baby.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At the outdoor café, Liam and Bill waited for Steffy. Liam wasn't sure Steffy would make it for lunch because she'd gotten a strange call from Stephanie. Liam sensed that something was up, but he didn't know what. Bill asked if it were about Ridge, but Liam didn't know. Bill got irritated with Liam's lack of knowledge about Steffy's family. Liam replied that Bill ought to know that some things about families were private. Bill somberly agreed.

Liam asked how Katie and the baby were doing. Bill advised Liam to see for himself, because they could use some visitors. Liam was astounded when Bill revealed that Katie was depressed and not bonding with the baby. Bill said Katie was distant and frightened, and he didn't know how to help her.

At Katie's house, the reticent Katie sat on the couch, muttering answers to Brooke's questions about the doctor's appointment. Brooke encouraged Katie to join her on the floor palette with the baby, and Katie reluctantly complied. Brooke stated that Katie wasn't the only mother to ever feel the way Katie did, but anyone who held and loved a child was a superhero to that child.

Brooke retrieved a bottle for Will, and Katie wondered if she should try breastfeeding. Brooke advised Katie to bond with the baby in whatever way she felt comfortable. Brooke handed Will to Katie, but Katie seemed anxious as she tried to feed him. "He doesn't want it," Katie decided.

Brooke urged Katie to keep trying and to relax, because Will was picking up on bad energy. Katie asked why he was crying, and Brooke advised Katie to let Will feel her heartbeat. Katie cradled Will in her arms but panicked as she recalled her fears that she'd die and leave him motherless. Gasping, Katie ordered Brooke to take the baby, and Brooke immediately complied.

Brooke took Will to the nursery, and she returned to the living room to say that he'd calmed down. Katie sobbed that she'd made her son cry, because he knew he couldn't depend upon her. Brooke wished Katie wouldn't torture herself, because Will could pick up on the negativity. Brooke urged Katie to put her anxiety aside to be there for Will, who was the number one priority.

Brooke received an alert on her phone. Upon checking it, she said Ridge had emailed her an interview and a photo of him without his wedding ring. In the interview, he said he'd figured out that it was best for him to not be in Los Angeles or married to Brooke, so he'd gone to Paris to get some perspective on life. He concluded that he and Brooke weren't married, and it hadn't been meant to be.

Brooke began crying, and Bill entered. He was on a phone call, and Katie stared at him. Katie told Brooke that she'd find a new man that appreciated her just as much as Katie did. Hugging Brooke and still staring at Bill, Katie said she trusted Brooke with her life and everything she had.

At the mansion, Steffy arrived, and Stephanie gave her an envelope. Steffy wondered what was going on, and Stephanie explained that the cancer had returned. Steffy exclaimed that Stephanie wasn't dying. Sadly nodding, Stephanie hugged her granddaughter.

Steffy asked what she could do. Stephanie said she and her granddaughter had fought many battles, but Stephanie wouldn't win the final one. Stephanie believed Steffy was a tough cookie who'd hold the family together. With a surprised gasp, Steffy replied, "I'm not the rock of this family, grandma. You are." Stephanie wiped Steffy's tears and uttered, "You're gonna be."

The two flashed back to the day Stephanie had given Steffy her new office and an heirloom brooch. Stephanie felt that she could count on Steffy because they were a lot alike. Stephanie recalled that Steffy had gotten the company back, and Stephanie felt confident that Steffy would watch over the family. Steffy replied that she'd do it -- as long as Stephanie promised to watch over Steffy.

Stephanie and Steffy joked about why Taylor had named Steffy after her grandmother. Steffy claimed they had a lot in common, but her grandmother was the original. The two flashed back to Steffy and Stephanie wearing identical blue suits and saying heaven had to help whoever got in their way.

Steffy cried that it was too soon. Stephanie said it wasn't the amount of time one had, but what one did with it. They said they loved each other, and they hugged. Stephanie asked Steffy to make her proud.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

At home, Stephanie wrote Taylor's name on an envelope. Taylor arrived and warned Stephanie that she didn't want to talk about Ridge and Brooke. Claiming that Ridge's love life was none of her business, Stephanie handed her friend the party invitation and explained that the cancer had returned.

Tears sprang to Taylor's eyes, and Taylor guessed Stephanie's answer was to throw herself a party. Stephanie replied that Eric had suggested it, and he looked for any reason to give a speech. Stephanie said she'd decided to talk to everyone personally to ensure that there would be few tears at the party, and she'd wanted to use the private time with Taylor to thank Taylor for all she'd been to Stephanie.

Stephanie remarked that there was some jewelry she wanted Taylor to have. Taylor said she didn't need anything more than the precious necklace Stephanie had given Taylor one Christmas. The women recalled the holiday, and Stephanie remembered a time when, on her deathbed, Taylor had asked Stephanie to give the necklace to one of the twins.

Stephanie was glad that Taylor had survived, and she asked Taylor to give the necklace to Steffy at the right time, so that Steffy could then give it to her daughter one day. During flashbacks, Stephanie and Taylor recalled that their relationship hadn't always been easy, and it had taken Stephanie a while to accept Taylor into the family. Taylor admitted that she hadn't been keen on making friends with Stephanie, either, but Taylor had become unable to imagine life without her best friend.

A montage of scenes depicting their friendship played across the screen. Stephanie said that she'd seen the better part of herself in Taylor, who'd always been the family's moral compass. Taylor doubted she'd been that, but she said she'd rather have Stephanie alive and interfering than gone forever. Taylor sobbed, and the two hugged each other.

At Katie's house, Brooke felt grateful for Katie's support and offered to support Katie in return. Bill entered with Will, and Katie watched Bill and Brooke coax smiles out of Will. Brooke asked for Katie's opinion, but Katie replied that Will was too young to smile. Brooke decided that she was hogging her nephew, and she handed him to his mother. As Katie held Will, she heard her heart beating, and she looked frightened. Brooke and Bill became concerned, but Katie said everything was fine.

Bill was confident that a mother's touch had calmed Will down. Katie mindlessly agreed and decided to take Will to the nursery to have time alone with him. Katie went upstairs, and Brooke and Bill became excited because Katie seemed to be turning a corner. They expressed their pride in Katie and hoped that she'd see what a great mother she'd be.

Upstairs, Katie told Will that he'd been a good boy for his father and his Aunt Brooke, who loved him and wanted to care for him. Katie didn't know how Ridge could have left such a wonderful wife and mother. Katie repeated that Brooke loved Will very much. "I'm so sorry. I can't do it. I can't let you fall in love with me," Katie sobbed to Will.

Katie said she had to leave, but she didn't want Will to think she didn't love him. She explained that she was doing it so that Will could have the life he deserved. She felt that once he was grown, he'd understand that she'd done it for him. She said she'd make sure he never felt abandoned.

Katie imagined Bill and the toddler Will playing in a field. Bill told the boy to hug his mother, and Will ran to a smiling Brooke. Katie imagined Brooke and Bill cuddling on a picnic blanket and playing with Will. Then the three visited Katie's gravesite. "It's the only way," Katie whispered through her tears.

Friday, October 26, 2012

At Stephanie's house, Eric saw an envelope that Stephanie had addressed to Sally Spectra and joked that he needed to fire up the jet to deliver that one. They grinned, remembering Sally and her crew. Eric urged Stephanie to call their dear Sally and get her to return to town for the party.

Stephanie joked that Sally was probably too busy with some cabana boy by a pool. Eric, however, insisted that Sally would want to hear from Stephanie. Stephanie called Sally, who was doing exactly what Stephanie had guessed. To Stephanie's delight, Sally's cabana boy, Fabio, answered the phone, and Sally greeted, "Hey, Queenie," when Fabio said Stephanie's name.

Sally couldn't take the phone because Fabio had just painted her nails, but he offered to give her a message. Stephanie revealed that she was having a party, but then she dismissively said she'd just called to see how Sally was. Stephanie was happy that Fabio was with Sally and that things had turned out well for the redhead. "Ciao Bella," Sally said loudly enough for Stephanie to hear.

Stephanie chuckled sadly as she ended the call, and she told Eric that she hadn't had the heart to break the news to Sally via Fabio on the phone. Stephanie and Eric thought about the early years when Sally and Stephanie had been at each other's throats. They flashed back to Sally falling in the pool and Stephanie tossing Sally off a pier in Italy.

Eric recalled Sally and Stephanie's drunken hairdo session, and a flashback of Sally cutting away at Stephanie's blonde locks played on screen. "That might have been the bonding moment," Stephanie joked. She grew sullen, and a montage of Stephanie and Sally scenes played to the song Smile.

Stephanie concluded that it would have been nice to see Sally, but the memories were enough. Eric wondered what he'd do with Sally's invitation, and as he picked it up, he found his own name written on an envelope. Stephanie said that he was the only cabana boy that needed to be at her party. "I know just what to wear," Eric replied, and they hugged each other tightly.

In the Spencer nursery, Katie recalled telling Taylor that it was better if Will never knew his mother. Katie said Will would never have to miss or mourn her. "I won't do that to you," she swore.

Downstairs, Brooke and Bill expressed optimism about Katie's situation. Bill was sure that Katie would soon be tackling the job of motherhood with ease.

Katie entered and grabbed her purse. Bill and Brooke became curious about where Katie was headed and offered to help if she needed one of them to run an errand for her. With nervous determination, Katie clutched her bag and asserted that she was leaving.

Shocked, Bill asked what in the world Katie was talking about. Katie exclaimed that getting pregnant had been a mistake, and she was a horrible mother. Bill corrected that she was a confused mother, not a horrible one. Brooke felt that Katie didn't know what she was saying; however, Katie insisted that she did know, and she refused to stay and hurt Will or Bill.

Bill told Katie to calm down because she wasn't going anywhere. Katie said it wasn't up for discussion. She'd made her choice, and Bill would give Will the childhood she wanted him to have. Bill insisted that the childhood he wanted for his son included two parents, and he clarified that he wasn't talking about shared custody. Katie said she didn't want joint custody, because Will belonged to Bill.

"I'm walking out!" Katie shouted and turned on her heel to leave. Bill snatched her arm, and roping her to him, he declared that she wasn't going anywhere. Brooke urged her sister to stop and think, but Katie claimed to know exactly what she was doing. Katie insisted that she was doing it for Will, and Will would get all the love he needed from other family members.

Katie implored Brooke to get Donna and Hope to help, and Katie promised Bill that Will would not miss her. Katie pleaded with Brooke to step in for Katie and to look after Bill, too. Bill decided that he needed to call Taylor. Katie sobbed that she was incapable of being Will's mother, but Bill said she had no choice. "I know I have no choice! That's why I have to do this. I have to go!" Katie screamed.

Katie dashed for the door, but Bill blocked her path. She pivoted and ran upstairs. As Brooke pursued her sister, she ordered Bill to call Taylor. Katie rushed into the nursery and locked the door. Brooke shook the door handle and tried to persuade Katie to let her in. Crying, Katie held the baby and said that she loved him.

On the phone, Bill reached Taylor, who was in Dr. Meade's office, conferring on Katie's condition. Bill frantically explained that Katie had lost it, and Taylor needed to get there right away. He then ran up the stairs and kicked in the nursery door. Will wailed from his crib, and Bill and Brooke saw that the balcony doors were open. Bill stepped onto the balcony and screamed Katie's name.

On the grounds, the frantically fleeing Katie halted and stared back at the house.

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