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Eric threw Stephanie a poignant bash with guest performances by Celtic Woman, and he and Stephanie slipped off to Big Bear to await her death. Brooke slapped the mess out of Taylor and then got a glimpse of Bill naked. Liam offered Steffy a key, and Taylor tracked Katie to her hideaway.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, November 12, 2012

At the Spencer house, Bill was anxious about leaving Will alone with the nurse. Brooke said Bill didn't have to go with her to the party. Bill, however, was insistent upon giving Ridge a piece of his mind. She hoped Bill wouldn't scare Ridge off, and she wished everything would become fine once she and Ridge looked each other in the eyes.

Brooke appreciated Bill's support but said he didn't have to stay at the party long. Bill replied that he'd be there as long as she needed him -- and as long as it took to make sure Ridge was treating her right. Bill pledged to be there for her, but he also remarked that he wanted to bid farewell to Stephanie, who he felt was a kindred spirit.

At the Forrester mansion, framed pictures of Stephanie from adolescence into adulthood lined the living room. Stephanie gazed at them and became disoriented. Her tired eyes focused on her chatting children, and she smiled. Eric sat with her and said that when Ridge arrived, the children would be together in one room again. She wondered why she and Eric had waited until she was dying to do it.

Tony, Kristen's husband, arrived, and Stephanie was delighted to see him. Next, Taylor arrived, followed by Liam, Steffy, Rick, and Caroline. Rick took Eric aside and said that he'd taken care of what Eric had asked him to do. Stephanie wondered what kind of party Eric had planned, and Eric told her to trust him. She replied that she had no choice, and he hugged her tightly.

Dayzee and Marcus arrived, and to Stephanie's surprise, Donna strode in behind her son. Donna said that her daughter-in-law had talked her into being there, but she'd leave if Stephanie wanted it to be family only. Stephanie hugged her and called her a knucklehead. "When are you going to figure out that you're family?" Stephanie asked.

The words meant a lot to the tearful Donna. She apologized for the past and stated that she really respected Stephanie. Donna and Stephanie then thanked Dayzee for talking Donna into being there. Stephanie told Dayzee that her giving heart meant the world to Stephanie.

Across the room, Pam ushered Eric outside, where she giddily announced that Celtic Woman had arrived. Eric graciously greeted the four women who had donned satiny dresses in varying shades of green. He instructed Pam to take them into the guesthouse, where they'd wait until their surprise performance.

Back inside, Taylor asked Hope if Brooke would be there. Hope said Brooke was anxious to see Ridge, but Taylor replied that he might not show up. Thorne and Kristen doubted their brother would miss the event, and Thorne said reuniting with Brooke -- as his mother wanted Ridge to do -- would be a romantic gesture that Ridge wouldn't be able to pass up. Stephanie approached and stated that it was out of her hands; she had to trust Ridge to do what was best for him.

Kristen was shocked to hear that from her mother. Stephanie replied that she'd grown up along with her children, and she apologized to Kristen and Felicia for interfering in their lives in the past. Kristen claimed that, being mothers themselves, she and her sister understood it. Felicia even admitted that Stephanie had been right -- sometimes. "Music to my ears," Stephanie replied.

Bill and Brooke quietly entered the house. Brooke anxiously scanned the room.

Later, Liam greeted Hope as she walked by. He said it was good to see her, and she asked how Steffy was. "What?" Liam asked. Hope explained that Steffy's grandmother was dying, and he said Steffy was hanging in there. He remarked that it was good that Brooke was helping Bill. Hope said that it was good for Brooke to keep busy after losing Ridge and suffering a new loss with Stephanie. Hope remarked that it wasn't easy. "No, it's not," Liam knowingly replied.

Steffy watched Liam and Hope. Thomas approached, and Steffy asked if he'd heard from Ridge. Thomas had last heard from Ridge via email a few days earlier. Steffy said it was weird that Ridge wasn't there. "Is it?" Thomas asked, looking at Brooke.

While talking to Bill and Brooke about Will, Stephanie guessed that Katie had remained home with the baby because she didn't trust a babysitter yet. Bill agreed that it was so, and Stephanie remembered how hard it had been to leave Ridge with a sitter. Brooke looked away, and Stephanie reminded Brooke that she'd promised to be happy with or without Ridge's presence.

Eric called for everyone's attention. He said that they were there to celebrate Stephanie's life, and he wanted to begin by talking about when he'd first fallen in love with her. He claimed he'd been barely 19, and he hadn't known what to make of her. Eric said he'd never met anyone like her; she'd always been strong, passionate, and determined to have her own way. Stephanie said he'd always attributed the traits to her Celtic blood.

Eric called her his "willful Irish lass." He insisted that there would be no crying faces as they celebrated the core of who Stephanie was. For him, nothing was more beautiful than Stephanie's eyes when they were happy. Sitting down at the piano, Eric serenaded Stephanie with the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." The family smiled through their tears and applauded at the end.

Stephanie cooed at the idea of an Irish-themed party. Pam entered the room and announced that "they" were ready. Eric told everyone that there was about to be another performance, and after it, they'd dance the night away. He introduced Celtic Woman, and the ladies dressed in green entered. The family enthusiastically applauded, and then they performed the bittersweet farewell song, "The Parting Glass."

Everyone in the room fought back tears, including Stephanie. At the song's end, she graciously thanked the performers and smiled into the camera and at the audience.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

by Pam

At Stephanie's party, an emotional musical interlude featured entertainment by Celtic Woman. The group sang "Danny Boy," and the video blended a lifetime of photos of Stephanie as a child, a young woman, and a mature woman with scenes of the singing group and the reactions of the family at the party. All the family members were tearful throughout the song, and Eric kissed Stephanie. They embraced.

The mood changed when a group of girls performed an Irish dance. The party guests clapped to the music, and the girls pulled different party guests onto the dance floor. Liam had everyone laughing with his dance skills. Rick also humorously joined the dancers. Steffy showed off her skills after she kept up with the dancers' kicks on the dance floor. Everyone laughed.

Eric hugged Stephanie and walked her to the dance floor. They danced slowly and stopped for a very long embrace. Stephanie sat down, coughed, and laughed. Pam and Brooke danced with the Irish dancers. Bill interrupted and told Brooke that she was a very talented dancer. Brooke thanked him. Brooke walked out to the foyer. She looked toward the closed entrance door, and stopped with the realization that Ridge had not traveled to join the party.

Brooke returned to the party and said that she had a speech to make. She thanked Eric and Stephanie for a wonderful party. Brooke said that she had attended many parties over the years at the Forrester mansion. Brooke even referred to her days as a caterer at a few parties, and the guests laughed. Brooke said the current party would be the most memorable because Stephanie looked so radiant and was surrounded by the people who loved her.

Brooke thanked Stephanie because she had taught them all many things. Brooke said that Stephanie had taught them all about strength, determination, and protecting the family -- all things that Brooke admitted she had not liked much about Stephanie in her early years. Brooke had learned over the years how important those traits were. They had become very important in her own life.

Brooke added that Stephanie had lifted everyone in the family up and inspired them. And yelled at them. "Some of us more than others," Brooke said as she laughed. Brooke said that everyone would celebrate Stephanie's life every single day by doing the things that Stephanie had taught them to do.

Brooke thanked Stephanie for giving them love and teaching them to love each other for many years. Brooke promised that the family would hear the lilt of her Irish laughter every day for years to come. Brooke hugged Stephanie, and Brooke cried.

Later, Felicia pulled Brooke aside and said that Brooke had clearly not heard that Stephanie and Eric were leaving for a trip. Felicia shared that the party was the last time any of them would see Stephanie. Brooke was shocked. Brooke interrupted Stephanie's conversation with guests. Brooke insisted that Stephanie could not leave.

Brooke and Stephanie went outside to talk. Stephanie said that it was what she wanted. Brooke cried. Stephanie didn't want to disappoint Brooke, but Stephanie said she wanted to drive away with Eric and spend some quiet time alone.

Stephanie said that she wanted peace between their families. Stephanie wanted Brooke to take care of that. Brooke promised there would be peace after Stephanie had gone. They both suddenly started to laugh at the thought. Stephanie's laughter triggered a coughing fit, but Stephanie was glad to laugh. She grew serious.

Stephanie told Brooke that it was Brooke's turn to be in charge of the Forrester family because it was Brooke's family. Stephanie needed Brooke to be in charge. Stephanie urged Brooke to get on with life, whether it was with Ridge or not. "I need you to be a better woman than I was," Stephanie said. "Can you do that? You can. I know you can. I love you, honey." They hugged, and Brooke promised to do what Stephanie had asked. They told one another how much they loved each other.

Stephanie returned to the party. Eric and Stephanie said their farewells to the dancers and the singers. Stephanie and Eric rejoined the guests. Stephanie thanked Eric for a wonderful party. She said that the party would continue, but she and Eric were going to leave. Stephanie told the family that it was the last she would see them. She told them that when Eric returned, he would be alone, and she wanted them to take good care of him.

Everyone in the family objected. Pam panicked and said that she couldn't let Stephanie leave. Everyone wanted to take care of Stephanie, but Stephanie refused. Stephanie said it was what she wanted, and she wanted them to respect her wishes.

Stephanie told Pam that she would be fine. They hugged. Every person at the party took a turn at hugging and kissing Stephanie in a final farewell and profession of love. In long embraces, Kristen, Felicia, Thorne, Steffy, Taylor, and Brooke lovingly and tearfully embraced Stephanie.

The family cried softly, and they encircled Stephanie, who emotionally recited the Irish blessing: "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand."

Stephanie choked back tears. She blew a kiss to everyone, told them she loved them, and she coughed. Eric helped her out the front door as everyone inside wept. Outside, Stephanie tearfully looked around the doorway of the Forrester mansion for the last time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

by Pam

Brooke and Bill returned to Bill's house to take care of the baby. Brooke lamented to Bill that she would never see Stephanie again. Bill and Brooke discussed that Ridge had not shown up for the party. Bill said Ridge had let down the two most important women in his life.

Brooke wondered if Ridge had met and fallen in love with someone else. Bill said that Ridge would never love another woman the way he loved Brooke. Brooke looked at her phone, and Bill wondered if Brooke planned to call Ridge.

Brooke said she had thought that she and Ridge would be together forever -- like Eric and Stephanie. Brooke thought back on her relationship with Stephanie. Brooke flashed back to a time when Brooke and Stephanie were much younger. They had been by the Forrester pool. Stephanie had warned that Brooke would never marry Ridge. Brooke had argued that Stephanie couldn't always get what she wanted. Stephanie had professed to be a good judge of character and had said that Brooke had never demonstrated that she'd deserved Ridge.

Brooke then flashed back to a more recent time when Stephanie had said that she loved Brooke. Brooke was exhausted, and Bill noted that Brooke should not drive home. Brooke curled up on the couch and fell asleep. Bill later put a blanket over Brooke. Bill turned out the light and left the room.

Taylor entered her home and was shocked to find Katie had been hiding in the dark, waiting for her. Katie said that Taylor had never changed the lock, so Katie's key still worked. Katie asked what had happened at the party. Katie wondered if Ridge and Brooke were back together. Taylor tried to encourage Katie to commit to therapy, but Katie was stuck on whether Ridge had shown up.

Katie realized Ridge hadn't returned. Katie said that Ridge didn't deserve Brooke. Taylor warned that Katie had to treat her postpartum depression. Katie angrily told Taylor to stop labeling her with depression. Katie insisted that she was fine. Taylor argued, but Katie left.

In the car on the way to Big Bear, Eric and Stephanie discussed the party. Stephanie thanked Eric for agreeing to take her away from Los Angeles to the cabin at Big Bear to die. Stephanie admitted that she knew Eric had wanted her to stay in Los Angeles. She coughed and put on an oxygen mask. She asked for a martini when they arrived at the cabin, but Eric said that he was going to make her some hot apple cider. Stephanie was not impressed.

Stephanie teased that Eric had gone against her wishes for the party. Eric groaned. Stephanie laughed and said that the party had been wonderful. Eric said Stephanie was still the lovely Irish lass he had fallen in love with many years before. Eric said that they had made mistakes, but he should never have forgotten that she was the one he had always loved.

Stephanie said that she should have reminded him more often rather than interfering in other people's lives. Stephanie coughed frequently, and Eric offered to pull over. Stephanie said she wanted to get to the cabin.

Eric wondered why Ridge hadn't made it to the party, but Stephanie said she hadn't expected to see him. Stephanie said that she and Ridge had had a nice talk before he had left for his honeymoon. She emotionally said that she wanted him to remember her that way.

They arrived at Big Bear, and Eric made Stephanie comfortable on the couch. Eric went to get firewood. Stephanie reached for a framed photo of her and Eric. She coughed.

Eric got the fire going in the fireplace and then went to the kitchen. When Eric returned with hot cider, Stephanie was wearing his pajamas. She asked for her martini, and Eric reiterated that she couldn't have one. She called his attention to her wearing his pajamas. They laughed.

Eric wanted to make Stephanie something to eat, but she didn't want anything. Eric told Stephanie how brave she had been, and she thanked him for being so strong for her and doing everything exactly the way she had wanted it. They shared "I love yous." They discussed how many times they had said that in their lives and how many times they had meant it. They both laughed.

Eric called Stephanie his sweet Irish lass. Eric hugged Stephanie, and she asked him to sing to her. Eric sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." Tears welled in his eyes and hers.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the sofa at the Spencer house, Brooke awakened to the aroma of coffee as Bill held a coffee cup near her nose. She'd fallen asleep in her party gown the night before, and Bill said he hadn't been able to wake her and let her go home "under the circumstances."

Later, only Bill was in the living room when Taylor arrived to say that Katie had contacted her. Taylor didn't know where Katie was staying, so Bill got on the phone with Justin and instructed him to get their private detective on Katie's trail. Taylor implored Bill not to do that. Taylor feared that Katie would disappear if she sensed that Bill was tracking her with Taylor's help.

Taylor started talking about the depression, but Bill didn't want to hear about it. In his view, things had gotten tough, and Katie had gone. Bill understood that his wife was scared, but he said she needed to be there. "The longer she stays away..." Bill said. Bill loved Katie and wanted to forgive her, but it became harder for him to do with each day she was gone.

Taylor became frustrated because being Katie's doctor made it hard to discuss things. Bill stared at Taylor expectantly, and she huffed, deciding to just be honest. She claimed to be worried about the time Bill was spending with Brooke. "Brooke is helping me with Will. She's his aunt," Bill asserted.

Taylor cited that Brooke and Bill were in vulnerable positions, and because of Brooke's history, Taylor felt that it was unwise of Bill to spend too much time with Brooke. "Taylor...what on earth are you saying to Bill?" Brooke asked as she entered with Will in her arms.

Taylor expressed surprised that Brooke was there. Brooke and Bill explained that he'd escorted Brooke to the party and let her sleep on the sofa the previous night. Taylor asked if something like that had happened before, and Brooke asked if Taylor were insinuating something.

Taylor explained that Katie had been anxious to know if Ridge had been at the party. Brooke assumed it was because Katie knew how Brooke felt about Ridge, but Taylor responded that Katie had a different agenda. Taylor said Katie didn't feel like she could be a mother and needed someone to take her place. Clueless, Brooke responded that she'd be there for Will, and Bill called Brooke a godsend.

Bill took the baby from Brooke and instructed Taylor to tell Katie to return home. Bill exited, and Brooke agreed that Taylor should urge Katie to return. "But don't you dare tell her to race home to save her husband from me!" Brooke seethed.

Taylor said she'd give Brooke the same advice she'd given Bill, because the two had begun to relate to each other like a couple. Brooke advised Taylor to help Katie instead of suggesting that Brooke was being inappropriate with her sister's husband. Taylor stated that if Brooke cared about that family, she'd stay away from Bill.

Incensed, Brooke wondered how many times she'd heard Taylor say that. Brooke decided that it wasn't even about Katie for Taylor. "I didn't steal Ridge from you, Taylor, and I'm not about to steal my sister's husband!" Brooke exclaimed. Taylor tried to get Brooke to see that Brooke and Bill were in vulnerable positions after their spouses had left them. Brooke, however, saw nothing wrong with helping Bill. Taylor couldn't believe that Brooke couldn't see what might happen.

Taylor cited that Bill had taken Brooke to Aspen. "To look for Katie," Brooke responded. Taylor noted that he'd also escorted Brooke to the party. "Where I was hoping to see Ridge!" Brooke clarified. Taylor exclaimed that Brooke always had the perfect answers. Taylor believed Brooke actually bought her own innocence; however, Taylor urged Brooke not to do to Katie what Brooke had done to Taylor.

Brooke said Taylor was out of line because Katie was Brooke's sister. "And Thorne was Ridge's brother, and Eric was Ridge's father, and Deacon was your son-in-law!" Taylor yelled. Brooke smacked Taylor in the face.

In the CEO's office, Caroline smiled goofily and zoned out as she and Thomas reviewed mockup designs on two models. She snapped out of it, approved the designs, and sat at a drafting table. The models left, and Thomas slipped up behind Caroline and put his hands on her shoulders. She shrank away from him and warned that he couldn't do that kind of thing anymore.

Caroline explained that dating the boss was never a good idea -- even if she were available. Confused, Thomas asked if she and Rick had become exclusive. Caroline hesitated to reply, and Thomas figured that something had changed for her and Rick. She admitted that Rick had said he loved her.

Thomas claimed to be okay with Caroline being with Rick, because restructuring Forrester had to be Thomas' only concern. Caroline seemed skeptical about the future of her line, but he explained that he hadn't contracted her line or posted part of the proceeds to her charity to cause her to date him. He felt that she was a big part of the company's future.

On the Forrester Creations rooftop, Hope couldn't believe Ridge hadn't returned for his mother and Brooke. Rick noted that Ridge hadn't been looking out for the company, and they couldn't expect him to do the right thing toward Brooke. Hope said it was different because Stephanie was dying.

The topic turned to Caroline and Rick. Rick announced that he and Caroline had expressed their love to each other the other night. Hope was happy for Rick but thought it would take time for her to be happy in her own life. She was down because Deacon and Katie had disappeared. Hope didn't think she could expect anything more of Deacon, but Ridge being gone was hard. Hope figured that Brooke was distracting herself from Ridge's absence by helping with Will.

Rick said that revamping Hope for the Future would be a distraction for Hope. He was sure that things would turn around for her, just as they had for him and Caroline. Hope mirthlessly smiled, saying that she was happy for him. Rick invited Hope to go out to the Bikini that evening to have fun, but Hope said he didn't have to feel responsible for her wounded heart.

Rick wanted Hope to get out and meet people, but Hope was worried that she'd just be going through the motions. Rick was sure it would be fun, and she'd call her brother a genius for advising her. Hope remarked that he'd been right about Steffy being a problem for Hope and Liam, but Hope still thought she and Liam would have survived had it not been for the making out at the club. Rick flashed back to Othello urging him to confess to Hope.

Caroline arrived on the rooftop. Hope congratulated Caroline and Rick and then took off. Caroline guessed he hadn't told Hope the truth. Rick said he didn't want Hope beating a path back to Liam's door. Caroline changed the topic to her talk with Thomas. She conveyed that Thomas had been an understanding gentleman about her and Rick's relationship. Rick replied that Thomas hadn't had a choice, because she'd made up her mind.

Caroline left, and Thomas strode onto the rooftop. Thomas asked Rick about the status of designs for Hope's line, and Rick said that, thanks to Thomas' new system, Thomas should already know that the designs were being cut. Rick guessed Thomas was really there about Caroline. Thomas claimed that he had no time for a relationship like Rick did, because Thomas had to focus on being the CEO.

Rick quipped that Thomas wouldn't let anyone forget his position. Thomas claimed that people needed to know that things were changing around there, and "Taylor Forrester's family" was in control. Rick sardonically replied that it was a whole new breed of Forresters. Thomas claimed that he and Steffy would take the company higher than it had ever been.

Friday, November 16, 2012

At Bill's house, Taylor rubbed her cheek and accused Brooke of having anger issues. Brooke said the out-of-line Taylor deserved what she'd gotten, and finding Katie was more important than listening to Taylor's rhetoric. Brooke urged Taylor to talk Katie into returning, and Taylor again warned Brooke to stay away from Katie's husband.

Brooke refused to entertain Taylor's accusations, but Taylor continued saying that Brooke's best intentions always flew out the window in the face of destiny. Taylor couldn't believe that Brooke didn't see where things were headed with Bill. "Or do you not care?" Taylor asked, grabbing her purse. "Just don't do it to your sister," she added and left.

Bill entered sweaty from a run, and he guessed Taylor had gone. Brooke replied that it hadn't happened before she'd slapped Taylor. "I go for a run, and I miss all the action?" he asked. Brooke replied that Taylor was convinced that Brooke would seduce him. Bill dismissed the idea and expressed concern only about Taylor's knowledge of Katie's whereabouts. Brooke said Taylor didn't know anything, but they had to keep up the positivity and faith for Will's sake.

Brooke carried Will from the nursery to the living room, and Bill gave him a bottle. The pair then changed Will's diaper and joked around about Will becoming a ladies' man. Bill remarked that he'd been called "Stallion" back in high school. Brooke wondered how many times she'd heard that line before, but Bill claimed that, in his case, it was true.

Bill figured he needed a shower, and then Will spat up on Brooke. Everyone went upstairs to clean it up. In Bill's bedroom, Brooke took the baby so that Bill could take a shower. On the way out, she called Bill "Stallion," and he neighed like a horse.

Later, Brooke was wearing a robe as she put Will in his crib. Puzzled by where the boy's blanket was, Brooke strode into Bill's room in search of it. She heard Bill chatting on the phone as he emerged from the master bathroom in a black towel. Clicking off the phone, Bill grabbed at his falling towel and noticed Brooke in the room. He unflinchingly stared at her, and she heard neighing in her head.

Los Angeles was sunny, but Katie remained under her perpetual rain cloud at her hideout. She called Dayzee's café to order takeout and clicked off the line without giving a name for pickup.

At the café later, Dayzee and Marcus saw Taylor sitting alone at a table. They sat with her to discuss Stephanie's party, and Taylor noticed a woman in a floppy hat and sunglasses at the register. The woman paid for her takeout and ducked out of the café. Taylor hopped up and took off after her.

Taylor rushed out of the café in time to see the woman round a corner on the sunny street. Taylor pursued the woman to a gated door of a building, and it became clear that the woman was Katie. Taylor somehow bypassed the gated door and found her way inside the building to Katie's apartment.

It was storming outside Katie's window as Katie prepared to eat. A knock at the door startled her, and she heard Taylor speaking to her through the door. Katie opened the door and saw Taylor in the hallway. Taylor entered the apartment, and sunlight replaced the rain outside Katie's window.

Katie threatened to run if Taylor went to Katie's family with her whereabouts. Convinced that Katie was severely depressed, Taylor tried to talk Katie into leaving the dismal apartment. She wanted to take Katie home because Bill was there alone with Brooke. "Good," Katie replied. Taylor, however, persisted because it wasn't good, and she knew how it would turn out. Katie didn't want to discuss it, but Taylor warned that Brooke would soon look at Bill differently.

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy rushed in after a surfing session. She shoved Liam onto the couch and pounced on him to tickle him. They changed clothes, sat by the fire, and talked about Stephanie's party. Liam said he'd assumed Bill and Katie would be like Stephanie and Eric. Advising Liam not to give up, Steffy said her grandparents had been divorced more than once.

Steffy thanked Liam for taking care of her after the party. Liam said that her grandmother would live on in her. Recalling that Stephanie had always had her back, Steffy said she'd never be who she was without her grandmother. Liam told her that her grandmother had taught her to be amazing, and he held Steffy as she cried. Liam called Steffy the next Stephanie Forrester, but Steffy didn't want to think of it like that yet.

Liam said that his father had been right, and Steffy was everything that a man should want in a woman. Liam revealed that he had a surprise for her, and he figured he had to offer it to her, because she was too independent and prideful to ask. He handed her a set of keys and said he wanted her to move back in with him.

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