The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 26, 2012 on B&B

Katie experienced a depression breakthrough, and loved ones mourned the passing of Stephanie Forrester. Brooke and Bill shared a kiss and seemed less than thrilled when Katie returned to reclaim her family. Caroline became determined to tell Hope and Liam about Bill's attempt to sabotage the Italy wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 26, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, November 26, 2012

At the hospital, Katie saw Will through her room's viewing window, but she still felt as if her heart were giving out. Taylor said it was just a symptom of the depression. Sobbing, Katie asked Taylor to help her overcome it.

Katie deeply feared that she'd abandon Will in an untimely death. Recalling Phoebe's death, Taylor said Katie was worried about Will losing her; however, it could be the other way around. In Taylor's view, the future wasn't promised to anyone, and she doubted Katie wanted Will to grow up without the memory of his mother's love. Katie cried that she'd been selfish, and she didn't want to die.

Katie sobbed that she wanted her son. Donna entered with Will, but Katie suddenly feared that he might not want her. Taylor tried to calm Katie, but Katie recalled that he'd rejected her breast milk. Taylor explained that sometimes babies reacted to medication that the mother might have ingested, but it had nothing to do with Katie or the heart.

Donna presented Will to Katie, and Katie took him into her arms. She told him that everything was okay because his mother was there.

In the CEO's office, Hope arrived late for the meeting. Eric, Pam, and Rick were determining whether to show Stephanie a tribute video that the family had made. Pam suggested that Eric watch it for himself first, and Eric put the disk into the video player.

Tony and Kristen were first on the black and white video. Tony thanked Stephanie for not treating him like a walking disease because of the HIV, and Kristen said she'd never forget that Stephanie had been a good mother. Next, Thorne revealed that he'd always believed Stephanie hadn't had enough love for two sons, but he finally understood that she'd given him the space he'd needed. Felicia appeared and said she'd become her mother, something she'd always sworn she wouldn't do.

Bill took to the screen to say that he and Stephanie were kindred spirits. Dayzee then said that Stephanie would leave a gap that could never be filled. Donna also spoke, saying she'd wanted to win, but not like that. Rick was next, thanking Stephanie for her guidance. Marcus revealed how awesome it had been to be accepted by the family with the most "badass lady on the planet."

Steffy appeared on-screen to say her name had become a compass that pointed to whom and to what she always wanted to be. Taylor tearfully stated that she'd miss Stephanie, Taylor's hero. Pam was next, explaining that she'd learned to find her own way; however, Stephanie would always be near in spirit if Pam needed guidance. Lastly, Eric spoke of his passionate and explosive relationship with Stephanie. He said he'd never forget one hour of it.

On a bench before the lake and the mountains at Big Bear, Brooke asked if Stephanie could hold on until Eric returned. Coughing, Stephanie struggled to remove one of her rings. She kept her wedding band because it symbolized Eric, but she asked Brooke to take the diamond ring that had been on the same finger as it. Brooke was humbled because she'd wanted something of Stephanie's.

Stephanie joked that Brooke had taken all Stephanie's men, too. Straining to breathe, Stephanie revealed that Brooke had hurt her very badly, but in doing so, Brooke had saved Stephanie's life. "Because of you, I lived it for something," Stephanie weakly uttered.

Covering Stephanie with a blanket, Brooke asked if she could call anyone. Stephanie didn't' want that, and Brooke suggested reading the rest of their book. Stephanie asked Brooke to just make up the ending. Brooke then told the story of Mrs. Transom hiring a peasant girl and her mother to help prepare for the engagement of Mrs. Transom's son. Brooke explained that the son and the peasant girl had fallen in love at first sight, which had displeased Mrs. Transom. "Needless to say..." Stephanie stated.

Brooke went on to say that the peasant girl loved not only the son, but also the family and what it stood for. The girl had wanted to be in the family, but Mrs. Transom had seen the girl as a threat. Brooke explained that the women had fought for years, and Stephanie said the tale sounded familiar.

"I don't think I knew what love was until I knew I loved you," Brooke sadly said. Brooke felt ashamed of the pain she'd put Stephanie through over the years. Brooke apologized, but Stephanie said that it was okay because it all added up to that moment.

Stephanie nodded off, but she awakened and asked for Eric. Brooke said he hadn't arrived, and Stephanie joked that he was never there when she needed him. Stephanie had grown very tired, and Brooke said Stephanie could sleep until Eric arrived. Stephanie murmured that she'd miss Brooke. "Sing me to sleep, baby girl..." Stephanie requested.

Brooke welled up with tears, and she sang "When Irish Eyes are Smiling." Stephanie's lifeless head fell against Brooke's comforting arm. With overwhelming sorrow, Brooke sobbed, and her chest heaved up and down. Brooke stroked Stephanie's hair, kissed her forehead, and on the bench, she cuddled with Stephanie's body.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

by Pam

At the cabin, Pam, Eric, and Brooke met with representatives from the funeral home, who removed Stephanie's body and offered their condolences. They said that Stephanie's wishes were to be cremated. Eric agreed. He told them to go ahead with Stephanie's plans. Pam burst into tears. Pam and Eric went to the kitchen.

Brooke clutched the brooch that Stephanie had worn when she died. Bill entered the cabin and said that he had taken off to see her as soon as he received her text message. Brooke said that she hadn't expected Bill to join her at the cabin. Bill said he had known that she needed him. Brooke thanked him. She said that Stephanie Forrester was gone, and she wondered what the world would be like without Stephanie. Bill hugged Brooke.

Brooke said that she believed Stephanie had planned to be alone with her at the end. Bill agreed. He said that Brooke and Stephanie had had nothing to hide from one another. Bill said that Stephanie had known Brooke better than Brooke knew herself. Bill told Brooke to share her feelings.

Brooke agreed. She said that when Brooke had been a teenager, Stephanie had been her idol, but Stephanie had soon become her nemesis, which had lasted for years. Over time, Brooke related that they had begun to understand each other and accept each other for who they really were. They had grown to respect and finally love one another.

Brooke suddenly panicked as she searched for something. Brooke ran outside, and Bill followed. Brooke returned to the spot under a tree where she had held Stephanie when Stephanie died. Brooke was frantically looking for something. Bill asked what Brooke had to find. Brooke said it was Stephanie's engagement ring, and Stephanie had given it to Brooke.

Brooke worried that she had lost the ring. Brooke tearfully said that Stephanie had wanted Brooke to have it, and Brooke had lost it. They searched the ground, and Bill found it. Bill said that Stephanie would always be there for her. Bill put the ring on Brooke's finger and gave her a hug. They kissed, and then they kissed again, far more passionately.

At the cabin, Eric and Pam discussed that Stephanie had loved everything about the cabin. Eric explained that Stephanie had wanted to die there, and she had planned it all. Eric was convinced she had died the way she had wanted to die. Eric emotionally lamented that he had wanted to be by Stephanie's side when she died. Eric acknowledged that Stephanie had had unfinished business with Brooke, and had wanted to spend her last minutes with Brooke.

Pam wondered what they should do with Stephanie's ashes. Eric said that Stephanie had left instructions for what to do with her ashes. They both laughed that Stephanie had always had total control of everything. Eric added that Stephanie had left a key to a safety vault and instructions for every member of the family. Pam questioned why Stephanie had wanted no funeral or memorial service.

Eric explained that Stephanie had only wanted the celebration she'd had at the house -- the party to celebrate life. Pam felt she should return to Chicago. Pam said that she felt alone. Eric refused. Eric told Pam that she was a member of his family, and his family was not going to lose her. Pam and Eric embraced.

Pam asked if Eric wanted some time alone. Eric agreed. Pam left the room, and Eric flashed back to good times with Stephanie. He recalled their pillow fight in an upstairs bedroom. He flashed back to how they had swatted one another with pillows, laughed, and kissed. Feathers had flown all around them.

Eric sat alone by the fireplace with a martini in his hand. He gazed at another full glass for Stephanie. Eric sipped the martini, and Pam watched tearfully from around the corner.

At the apartment in the city, Taylor accompanied Katie to pick up her things. Taylor held Will, and Katie entered the apartment and saw that what had been dreary and gloomy was suddenly sunny. Katie said the apartment seemed to be much cheerier. Katie admitted that the pictures had formerly haunted her, and she had thought it was raining in the apartment. Katie marveled that it had all been due to depression.

Taylor handed Will over to Katie, and Katie said that it felt good to hold him. "Mommy's here, and she's never ever going to leave you again," Katie said. Katie said she didn't want to believe Taylor had been right, but Taylor had been right. "I'll do whatever you say," Katie said. Katie started to clean up the apartment, but Katie said that she could do it later. She wanted to return home "to see Will's daddy."

Taylor and Katie returned to the home that had once been Taylor's home. Katie called out for Bill, but there was no answer. Katie admitted that she didn't appreciate what Bill had done when he had first bought Taylor's home because she had been so depressed. Katie wondered aloud where Bill had gone. Taylor suggested that Katie should call him, but Katie said she wanted to surprise him.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

by Pam

At Bill's place, Bill and Brooke had returned from Big Bear and stood outside the front door. Brooke thanked Bill for joining her at Big Bear. Bill said he was looking forward to a long hot shower. Brooke reminded him to lock the door when he showered. They laughed, and Brooke said that she couldn't wait to see Will. Bill agreed.

Bill opened the door, and he and Brooke were surprised. Inside, Katie walked toward Bill and hugged him. Katie said that she knew she had shocked them. Bill wondered what had happened and how it had happened. Katie smiled and said that she felt reborn because Taylor had helped her.

Brooke and Bill were speechless. Katie wondered what had happened between Bill and Brooke. Bill reminded Katie that she had asked for a divorce and run away. He recalled that Katie had sent the entire family on a wild goose chase to Aspen. Taylor said that it had been postpartum depression, and Katie tried to explain that she had been unable to bond with Will because she had been afraid that she would die.

Katie added that she hadn't been able to make things work. Katie had thought that what she had done was best for Bill and Will. Taylor explained that until Katie had been admitted to the hospital, so that Taylor could run every possible test, Katie had remained unconvinced that she would live more than a few months.

Katie admitted that she hadn't wanted to bond with Will because she had thought she was going to die. Katie and Taylor added that the depression had lifted as soon as Katie held Will. Bill noted that they were a family gain. He embraced Katie, who said they were about to start a new life. Bill agreed. "We wanted you," Bill said to Katie.

Katie asked about her wedding rings, and Bill reminded her that she had sent them to Aspen. Katie apologized and said they would have to return to Aspen to pick them up. Bill smiled and walked to the fireplace mantel, where he found the rings. He placed them on Katie's finger. They kissed. Bill looked at Brooke.

Katie said that something was wrong. She wanted to know what was going on between Brooke and Bill. Brooke and Bill explained that Stephanie had died hours ago in Brooke's arms. Taylor burst into tears. Taylor noticed that Brooke was wearing Stephanie's engagement ring. Brooke said that Stephanie had wanted Brooke to have the ring.

Taylor asked if the end had been peaceful for Stephanie. Brooke said that Stephanie was at rest, and Katie was back with her family. Katie called Brooke a loyal sister, and Brooke and Bill looked at one another. Taylor looked suspicious. Brooke said that she had to leave. Outside, Bill said goodbye to Brooke.

At Forrester, Thomas, Marcus, Dayzee, Steffy, Thorne, Felicia, and Hope waited for Pam and Eric to join the family. Eric and Pam entered. Felicia burst into tears and ran into Eric's arms. Thorne, Steffy and Felicia asked what the family could do for Eric. Eric hugged Steffy and told Steffy that Stephanie had always been very proud that Steffy had been her namesake.

Pam hugged Hope, and Pam told Hope how much Stephanie had loved her. "You are a lot more like her than you know," Hope said. Pam said that everything was different. Hope and Pam embraced.

In the reception area at Forrester, Donna took calls of condolences from many people. Liam entered, and Donna shared with Liam that Stephanie had passed away. Donna added that Katie had returned and was bonding with Will. It had been a miracle, Donna said.

Inside the office at Forrester, Eric told everyone that they had to respect each other, including Pam and the people who were not present. Eric added that Stephanie's legacy was her family -- her greatest legacy was forever changing and forever strong. Eric grabbed Steffy's hand, and he hugged Felicia.

Eric reminded Thorne how much Stephanie had loved him. Liam entered, and everyone filed out of the office. Thomas told Steffy that he was glad Liam and Steffy were living together. Hope sadly looked on.

Steffy asked Liam for a moment alone with Hope. Liam left. Steffy apologized for Thomas blurting out her new living arrangements. Hope said that it was fine. Hope said she had known that it would happen, and Hope acknowledged that she had made the decision to break off the relationship. Steffy excused herself to answer her phone.

Liam returned, and he and Hope discussed Stephanie. Liam said that he should have told Hope that he and Steffy were living together, but Hope said that she had expected it. They were all moving on, and it was fine. Liam left the office, and Hope burst into tears.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

At Forrester, Hope sullenly worked. Dayzee entered and noted how eerily quiet the building seemed. It had been the same at the coffeehouse, and Dayzee guessed people didn't know what to say after Stephanie's death. Dayzee thanked God that she had Marcus to help her cope, and then she realized that she was being insensitive to Hope. Frowning, Hope shrugged, saying that it was okay.

Hope fielded some condolence calls for Eric, and Dayzee remarked that a death in the family should be private from the press. Hope said that anything was fair game with the press, and Dayzee thought of Hope and Liam's breakup. Hope added Steffy moving in with Liam to the list, and Dayzee hoped Hope had learned that from Liam himself.

Hope explained that she'd overheard Thomas mention it to Steffy at the family meeting about Stephanie, and Hope wished it would get easier seeing the man that she loved walking down the hallway, looking for someone else. Hope still didn't know how it had all gone so wrong.

Hope discussed the two botched weddings, and Dayzee cited that there had been an obvious pattern of Liam turning to Steffy. Hope felt that Steffy hadn't stolen Liam because he'd made the choice to spend time with Steffy before the wedding. Hope felt she'd never understand why he'd done it.

Marcus entered and figured he'd interrupted some girl talk, but Hope decided it was okay because she needed to get out of there and make herself feel better. Hope left, and the couple kissed.

Later, Hope returned to retrieve something. She accidentally knocked some files to the floor. In one of them was an old campaign photo of her and Liam. She knelt down to retrieve it, and she recalled Liam's marriage proposal to her and their time in Italy. With a sob, she sank to the floor.

At the cliff house, Steffy had trouble pulling Liam away from sex to get ready for the family party at Bill's house. Liam wondered if she was up for a party, and she replied that her grandmother would want her to go because Stephanie had always been about family. Steffy also intended to be on time because Liam's parents had been gracious to invite her. Liam, however, explained that Bill had done the inviting, and Katie might not know who he'd selected.

At the Spencer house, Katie was happily awestruck by her connection with Will. Bill said he was glad that she was home, and he had invited over some people who'd also be happy to see her. Katie hoped Brooke would be there. Bill looked distant. Katie called Brooke but was disappointed when Brooke declined the invitation. After the call, Katie noted that Brooke hadn't sounded like herself.

Caroline arrived on Rick's arm, and Katie guessed she'd missed a lot while she'd been away. Steffy and Liam arrived next, and Katie gave Steffy her condolences about Stephanie. Katie thanked everyone for pretending that she'd just been on a trip or in a hospital instead of out of her mind. Bill told her that she'd been sick, and she had nothing to apologize for.

Rick, Caroline, Steffy, and Liam began debating over who got to have babysitting duties, and Katie pulled Bill aside to remark on the changes in Liam and Caroline's personal relationships that had occurred while Katie had been gone. Bill replied that he'd turned over a new leaf, and he was no longer concerned about any other relationship than his own.

Bill toasted to the family, and Katie thanked everyone for what they'd done. Katie said that Taylor would help her, and nothing would separate Katie from her family again.

Aside, Liam thanked Steffy for getting along with Katie. Nearby, Caroline noted that Liam and Steffy seemed happy, and everyone seemed to have moved on. Liam approached Caroline and Rick to thank them for being there. Rick said he had to leave soon to do some work for Eric, and Liam gave his condolences to Rick about Stephanie.

Rick stepped away, and Liam expressed surprised that Caroline and Rick had hooked up. Caroline wondered if Liam were really happy with Steffy. Liam said that life was a series of changes; he and Steffy got each other, and they were happy.

Rick approached Steffy to see how well she was holding up. Steffy said it helped to be around people. Rick guessed it helped for her to be with Liam, and Rick hoped it lasted that time. Liam joined the talk, and Caroline went to say farewell to her uncle and aunt.

Bill and Katie were outside on the balcony, enjoying the view and discussing the problems they'd faced when they'd first moved in. Unbeknownst to them, Caroline stood behind them. Katie described how controlling Bill had been by deciding where they'd live and that Liam would be with Steffy. Bill said Liam and Steffy were fine, and there was no need to dredge it up again.

Bill reasoned that Liam and Steffy weren't together because Bill had flown Deacon to Italy. Katie agreed, but she said it was the reason Liam had turned to Steffy in the first place after Bill had sent Deacon to delay Hope. Bill insisted his antics hadn't been the problem. It had been what had happened before the second wedding that had been the problem. Caroline silently ducked back into the house.

Bill and Katie went back into the house, and the others wondered if they'd seen Caroline, who'd been looking for them. Caroline popped out of nowhere and said she hadn't wanted to interrupt Katie and Bill out on the balcony.

As everyone was saying their goodbyes, Caroline pulled Rick onto the balcony to say she knew why Deacon had shown up in Italy. Caroline explained that she'd just overheard Bill and Katie talking about Bill's plan to sabotage the Italy wedding. Caroline felt that Hope and Liam had never had a chance. Rick was surprised, but he replied that the couple had actually had too many chances. Caroline insisted that Hope and Liam had been manipulated from the start, and they needed to know it.

"Need to know what?" Liam asked, joining them on the balcony.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Upstairs at Bill's house, Bill quietly closed the door to the nursery. In the hallway, he told Steffy that Katie was napping with Will. Steffy wondered if Bill were really happy that Katie had returned. Bill huffed at the idea that he wouldn't be, but Steffy considered that Bill might be torn after writing Katie off and spending time with Brooke. Bill replied that he was grateful Brooke had helped out. "That's what I'm saying," Steffy knowingly replied.

Bill told Steffy to just spit out whatever she had to say. Steffy claimed she wouldn't blame Brooke and Bill if things had gone further than intended. Bill snipped that he'd indulged Steffy long enough. "Touchy, touchy," Steffy replied. She walked off, and he reflected upon what she'd just said.

On the Spencer balcony, Liam was curious about what Caroline thought he needed to know. As Caroline stammered to explain, they heard the doorbell, and Liam went to answer the door. Rick told Caroline that before they revealed the truth, they needed to consider the repercussions.

Liam opened the front door for Hope, who had arrived with a gift in her hand. He said that Katie was taking a nap, but Hope was welcome to hang out for a while. Hope entered, and as she and Liam chatted, Caroline and Rick approached.

Liam asked what Caroline had wanted to tell him. Rick said it had been that he wanted to further his relationship with Caroline's family by having dinner with Liam and Steffy. Rick suggested that they figure it out another time, and he and Caroline departed. Liam uttered that the whole exchange had seemed weird.

Rick and Caroline went to the Forrester guesthouse, and Caroline insisted upon getting the truth out. Rick claimed he would've never told his lie if he'd known about what had happened in Italy; however, he wasn't keen on telling Hope and having her fall back into the same cycle with Liam.

Caroline figured that the truth could make a fresh start for Liam and Hope. Caroline respected Hope and felt that it was unfair that lies and deceptions had ruined the relationship. Caroline felt that the couple deserved to know the truth, so they could make their own decisions. Figuring it wouldn't be solved that day, Rick distracted Caroline with kisses.

Back at the Spencer house, Hope and Liam chatted about Will, and they laughed at how Bill had two sons named after himself. Liam grinned, remarking that he hadn't seen Hope smile that way in a long time. Liam guessed that Hope's gift for Will was the ornament they'd bought in Italy. The two flashed back to their Italy wedding, and they agreed that they had many memories.

Steffy entered, and Hope abruptly left. Steffy wondered if it had been due to something she'd said. Liam replied that it was still awkward. Steffy sighed, remarking upon the spell Hope had put on Liam. Deciding to work her own magic, Steffy threw him on the sofa and pounced on him to make out.

Hope slipped back inside to retrieve her phone. She looked ill upon seeing Steffy and Liam kissing on the sofa but managed to slip back out of the house, unnoticed.

At Brooke's house, Taylor stopped by unannounced. She said she wasn't there to smack Brooke back. Brooke guessed she ought to apologize for the slap, but she maintained that Taylor had deserved it. Upon accepting what she considered to be a half-hearted apology, Taylor said she was there to commend Brooke, not condemn her. "Is this some kind of setup?" Brooke asked.

Taylor conveyed that she was there to applaud Brooke for helping Bill with Will, and Brooke thanked Taylor for being there to help Katie. Taylor wondered how Brooke planned to move on in a future without Ridge. Brooke remarked that she and Taylor were in the same boat, except Taylor knew how to be alone. Taylor advised Brooke to learn to live with herself and learn from her mistakes.

Taylor turned the topic to Bill, and she revealed that during Katie's illness, Katie had developed a plan to pair Brooke with Bill permanently. Brooke didn't understand, so Taylor hinted to the hot air balloon ride. Taylor said Katie had been trying to make Bill and Brooke into a couple, but Brooke contended that it made no sense for Katie to throw her sister at her husband.

Taylor explained that Katie had thought it was best because she'd believed she was dying. Brooke asked if Bill knew about it. Taylor responded that she hadn't told him, but she'd expressed such concern the other day because she'd seen an apparent bond forming between Brooke and Bill. Taylor said when Katie had returned, it had seemed as if Bill and Brooke hadn't even wanted Katie there.

Brooke took exception to the statement, and Taylor asked if anything inappropriate had happened with Brooke and Bill. Brooke asked Taylor to leave, but Taylor recalled that Brooke had formed a bond with Ridge, too, when Taylor had returned from her "tragic ordeal." Taylor insisted that it would be a shame if the same thing happened to Katie.

Taylor left, and Brooke had a montage of her time with Bill. As she mused, Bill arrived at the house. He said he had to talk to her, because he hadn't been able to get through things without her. "Then at Big Bear. The thought of that kiss being our last..." he uttered and kissed her.

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