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January 7 to 11, 2013
While Bill tried to fast-talk his way out of the intervention at his house, Dayzee revealed to Hope that Bill had done something to sabotage the Italy wedding. Bill ignored Hope's attempts to confront him about it, so Hope bashed in his terrace door with a golf club and confronted him in the middle of the intervention. Hope went straight to Liam with the news, and when Liam confronted Bill about the manipulations, Bill stabbed himself in the chest with Liam's discarded sword necklace. Bill implored Liam not to ruin their relationship, and Liam took his sword necklace back. Later, Bill bought Katie a necklace with cash he kept strapped to his chest in the exact spot in which he'd supposedly stabbed himself. As Rick and Thomas prepared to begin the fashion showdown at Forrester, Steffy headed to the airport for a flight to Paris to see Ridge. Hope seized the chance to warn Liam that she was taking him back. On the way to the airport, Steffy took a side trip to her office, where she scored positive on a home pregnancy test.
January 14 to 18, 2013
Steffy rushed home to tell Liam that she'd gotten a positive reading on a pregnancy test, but she left the house in tears after she looked through a window and observed Liam and Hope making out. Liam told Hope that if they were to have a future, she needed to give him time. Taylor found the pregnancy test, but Steffy swore her mother to secrecy. Taylor called Liam to tell him but reluctantly clicked off the line without saying a word. During a chat from Paris, Steffy permitted Liam to sort things out with Hope -- as long as he didn't cross any lines -- but Steffy insisted that she and Liam shared something more significant. Rick and Thomas competed in the fashion showdown. Eric chose Rick to be the next president and Thomas to be the design protégé. Rick threw Hope a press conference, where she announced her new ideas for her clothing line, and a confident Hope told Liam that it was their time to explore what could have been. Eric figured out that he and Pam were using each other to bypass grieving for Stephanie, and together, they began the grieving process in earnest. Bill complained to Brooke about Katie taking his booze away, and Brooke suggested that Katie lighten up. Brooke was shocked to learn that Katie and Bill hadn't been having sex, and Brooke immediately scheduled them an adult play date at her cabin.
January 21 to 25, 2013
Maya, a wrongfully convicted ex-con showed up at the café, desperate for Dayzee's help in getting Maya's daughter back. Dayzee was in a quandary because she wanted to forget the past and embrace her new life as a Forrester. Unhappy with the outcome of the Forrester fashion contest, Thomas decided that he'd go to Paris instead of being unappreciated at home. Taylor blasted Eric and a portrait of Stephanie over how Eric and Stephanie's choices had affected Taylor's children. Taylor accused Stephanie of being more like Brooke than they knew, and Stephanie's painting popped off the wall as if it were possessed. Taylor also ordered Brooke to do something about Hope, and Taylor refused to lose to the Logans anymore. Brooke said that was a cop-out, and everyone needed to get along, as Stephanie had wanted. Taylor revealed her bitterness over Stephanie's choice to die with Brooke at her side. Brooke's romantic evening for Katie and Bill went bust when Bill tried to sneak a shot of scotch. Katie walked out on Bill. The couple made up at home, but Bill seemed preoccupied as Katie made love to him.
January 28 to February 1, 2013
Taylor turned to Eric for support, and the two commiserated about Stephanie's death. Taylor swore Eric to secrecy about Steffy's pregnancy. Eric decided to name Thomas the vice president of Forrester in hopes of stopping him from going to Paris. The grateful Taylor kissed Eric. Hope and Liam spent more time together, and Hope advised Liam to ask Steffy to move out because the women deserved to be on equal footing. On the plane ride home, Steffy confided her woes in a passenger named Monica. Steffy returned to town and told her mother that she didn't want Liam to choose her just because of the baby. Brooke advised Liam to stop stringing Steffy along. Outside the cliff house, Brooke surprised Liam with a kite show reminiscent of the one they'd seen during the Italy wedding.
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February 4 to 8, 2013
Steffy arrived home, but Liam asked her to move out of the cliff house to give him time to think. Steffy retreated to her loft, where her mother implored her to tell Liam about the baby. Steffy, however, insisted that she wouldn't use the baby to trap Liam. Bill and Taylor tried to convince Liam that he was making a big mistake with Steffy. While in a heated discussion with Hope, Steffy went on a tirade about the Logans. Hope warned Steffy to stop, but when Steffy continued to yell in Hope's face, Hope shoved Steffy into a desk. Marcus questioned Dayzee about some adoption papers that he and his brother had found, and Dayzee admitted that she might be in trouble.
February 11 to 15, 2013
Eric comforted Taylor, who felt vulnerable without Ridge or Stephanie to hold Brooke at bay, and on Valentine's Day, Eric surprised Taylor with flowers. Marcus, Carter, and Dayzee learned that Maya's daughter and the adoptive parents had died in a car accident. Maya took the news with great difficulty, but after visiting the extended family of the adoptive parents, Maya made peace with her daughter's death and realized that Dayzee had given the child to a loving family. On Valentine's Day, Will's cold symptoms caused Katie to sleep in the nursery, and Bill wound up sexually frustrated and fantasizing about Brooke. Hope asked Rick to apologize to Liam, and the two men reconciled their differences. Liam told Steffy that he'd make his choice in one more day. Unbeknownst to Liam and Hope, Brooke and Father Fontana were recreating the Italy wedding at the cliff house for what Brooke hoped would be Hope and Liam's elopement.
February 18 to 22, 2013
Brooke called Hope over to Liam's house, where Brooke had planned a surprise elopement for her daughter and Liam. Taylor accompanied Steffy to a sonogram appointment, and afterward, Steffy learned about the elopement from Madison. Steffy and her mother raced to the cliff house and interrupted the ceremony to reveal Steffy's pregnancy. Steffy claimed that they'd find a way to raise the baby if Liam chose to marry Hope, and Hope implored him to consider that he didn't have to be married to Steffy to raise the baby. Eric unwittingly ruined an afternoon date for Rick and Caroline by signing Rick up for community service at Dayzee's. Caroline left Rick to do the community service alone, and while busing tables at the café, Rick became enamored by Maya's singing.
February 25 to March 1, 2013
Hope asked Liam to make a decision based upon what he wanted, no matter what others thought. Liam wanted to be the man he saw in Hope's eyes, and that meant standing by his child. Liam and Hope kissed each other goodbye, and Liam returned to the pregnant Steffy. To cheer up Hope, Oliver showed her the hope symbol tattoo he'd gotten on his ankle. Bill consoled Brooke about Liam and Hope and advised Brooke to get herself back into the game at Forrester. Taylor joined Eric for a romantic dinner, and he gave her a nightgown he'd designed. Brooke found Taylor and Eric in Stephanie's bedroom and accused Taylor of seducing and using Eric. Eric declared that he loved Taylor, ordered Brooke out of the house, then pronounced Taylor the new Forrester matriarch.
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MARCH 2013
March 4 to 8, 2013
Rick hired Carter to look into Forrester Creations' patents. Rick helped Maya move into her new apartment and took a kiss from her cheek as payment. Hope called a meeting with Liam to get him to promise to marry Steffy before the baby arrived. Liam proposed to Steffy, and she accepted. Bill advised Brooke to revamp Brooke's Bedroom with herself as the lead model. At Bill's prompting, Brooke showed off her lingerie, and Bill assured her that she still had what it took. Bill tried to reason with Katie about spending quality time with her husband, but Katie didn't want to let Will out of her sight. Eric sent company shippers to Taylor's house to help her pack her things and move into the mansion. Pam overheard Brooke telling Donna that Taylor had moved in with Eric, and Pam charged into Eric's bedroom while he and Taylor were making out.
March 11 to 15, 2013
As Maya and Rick drew closer, Caroline began to suspect that something was going on with Rick, who blew her off again to work at Dayzee's. His keys got locked in his car, and Maya took him in for the night. Rick took Maya to a Forrester boutique to try on clothes, but when a sales person recognized Rick, Maya became disenchanted with Rick's farce. Rick tried to explain, but Maya sadly showed him the door. Sales figures were down at Forrester, and Taylor urged Eric to take another look at Thomas' ideas. Brooke and Bill decided that it was time to make their move, and in the middle of Thomas' presentation, they staged an impromptu glimpse at the new Brooke's Bedroom. Impressed, Eric immediately decided to implement Brooke's plan over Thomas'.
March 18 to 22, 2013
Brooke and Bill celebrated their victory, but Taylor blasted Brooke for thinking she could revamp Brooke's Bedroom and work so closely with Katie's husband. Taylor relayed Bill and Brooke's actions to Katie, who went to Forrester and found Brooke and Bill after they'd accidentally fallen onto the stage bed together. Katie lashed out at Brooke for the inappropriate relationship, and Brooke advised Katie to pay more attention to her husband. Rick was unenthused when Caroline stripped down to her lingerie in his office, and Caroline left upset. Maya opened up to Dayzee about the relationship that had developed between Maya and Rick. To Maya's surprise, Dayzee advised Maya to respect Caroline and Rick's relationship. Hope talked to Liam about how hard it was to see Steffy at the office.
March 25 to 29, 2013
Dayzee relayed to Caroline that Rick had been seeing another woman. Donning lingerie, Caroline set out to prove to Rick why he was with her. Rick confessed that he had feelings for Maya, and as Caroline attempted to seduce him, Maya peeped into his guesthouse window. When none of Caroline's seduction tactics worked, she went straight to Maya and demanded that Maya stay away from Rick. Maya, however, went straight to Rick and kissed him. Katie and Bill continued to butt heads, with Brooke stuck in the middle. Katie was livid when Brooke text-messaged Bill about attending a press conference, and she ordered Brooke to cease all contact with Bill. Determined to prove that he only told himself what to do, Bill played a drinking game in which he took a shot each time Katie told him "no." He got so drunk that he wound up plowing his car into Brooke's.
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APRIL 2013
April 1 to 5, 2013
Caroline was miffed when she spotted Maya and Rick out to lunch together, and Caroline bribed a porn producer to give Maya a starring role in one of his movies. Maya was excited about a new acting opportunity but had no idea what type of movies the producer needed her for. After the car accident, Brooke worried that the police and Katie would find out that Bill had been driving drunk. Brooke called Katie to say that Bill was spending the night at Brooke's house. Katie flipped out, and the next morning, she stormed over to Brooke's house and demanded a divorce from Bill. Katie walked out on Bill again, and he and Brooke gave in to their attraction to each other. As they lay in bed, amazed by their new feelings for each other, Dr. Meade called Brooke to say that Katie was in the hospital.
April 8 to 12, 2013
Maya turned down Mark's offer of five thousand dollars for two barely scripted scenes with Herc, and Caroline marched into the studio to get a refund. The muscular Herc made Caroline forget about the money, and Mark secretly filmed her sizing up Herc. Hope was ready to go in a new direction with her clothing line, so Rick asked Maya to be a spokesmodel. Hope and Liam babysat Will, and Liam supported Hope when she learned of Katie's heart failure. Eric and Taylor decided to throw Liam and Steffy a wedding, and as Liam and Steffy gleefully planned the ceremony, Taylor advised Hope to move on with her life. Donna and Taylor each suspected that Bill and Brooke were somehow the reason for Katie's heart failure, and the guilty Brooke urged Bill to keep their indiscretions under wraps for the sake of Katie and their businesses.
April 15 to 19, 2013
As Steffy and Liam planned their nuptials, Hope became painfully aware that her advice to Liam about marrying Steffy quickly would mean that Hope would lose him forever. Liam told Hope that he'd always wonder what would have been. On the wedding day, Steffy rode up the aisle on her motorcycle, and Hope demanded that Rick take her to the ceremony. Katie awakened at the hospital and asked for her wedding rings. Katie had realized that she'd been wrong about Bill and Brooke, and Katie wanted to continue with her marriage. Bill told Brooke that he loved Katie, but he couldn't forget what he and Brooke had shared. Brooke loved Bill; however, she loved her sister, too, and Brooke insisted that what she and Bill had shared was just a memory.
April 22 to 26, 2013
Brooke talked Hope out of crashing Liam and Steffy's wedding, and after the special ceremony, Liam whisked Steffy to Aspen for their honeymoon. Katie returned from the hospital with a new attitude toward Bill and her marriage. Bill seemed to feel guilty as Katie praised him for being a loyal husband. He bought her a pair of diamond earrings and vowed that his family was his priority. Lieutenant Baker told Brooke that he suspected she was covering up for Bill, who'd been drinking and driving. Taylor eavesdropped on the conversation and confronted Brooke. Brooke told Taylor about the accident and Katie's misunderstanding of the night Brooke had spent with Bill, and Taylor quickly deduced that Brooke had slept with Katie's husband.
April 29 to May 3, 2013
Liam and Steffy returned from their honeymoon, and Steffy tried to make peace with Hope, who wasn't ready to forgive Steffy for stealing Liam. Caroline ambushed the Forrester male executives with bedroom wear modeling gigs at her cancer fundraiser. The men agreed to do it and set the runway on fire with their hot bodies. Eric walked in on Taylor accusing Brooke of sleeping with Bill. Eric sided with Brooke and insisted that Taylor stop the accusations. Donna confronted Brooke about Bill, and Brooke confessed her indiscretion with him. As Katie promised that Bill would never lose his family, Brooke was devastated to learn from her doctor that her condition wasn't menopause -- it was pregnancy.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Brooke couldn't believe it when Dr. Caspary confirmed that Brooke was pregnant. Brooke confided in Donna about it and toiled over whether to tell Bill. Caroline poured her heart out to Rick about her feelings for him and her fear that she was losing him to Maya. Rick told Maya that he wanted to be with her, but Bill threatened to expose Maya's past if she didn't stay away from his niece's boyfriend. Steffy and Hope made an uneasy peace with each other at Thomas' beach house. Steffy decided to take her motorcycle home to skirt around a traffic jam, and she swerved and slammed on her brakes when a car jutted out in front of her.
May 13 to 17, 2013
To solve Caroline's relationship woes, Bill arranged for Maya to violate the terms of her release by encountering her ex-boyfriend, Jesse, at a club. As Alison covertly snapped pictures of the pair, Jesse learned that his child was dead and that Maya wanted to move on. Rick tried to break up with Caroline, but she suggested that he think hard about discarding her for a woman he barely knew. Steffy lost the baby after a motorcycle crash, and Bill advised Liam to express his anger about it to Bill, but not to the fragile Steffy. Brooke confided in Eric about her pregnancy and suggested that Eric claim the child as his own.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Emptiness consumed Steffy, but she held out hope that a new baby might help her and Liam move on. Per Taylor's advice, Steffy made a memorial box for the miscarried baby. Hope urged Liam not to have another baby with Steffy and to consider having the life he'd wanted before the pregnancy. Brooke threw a family dinner for Eric, Rick, and Bridget to convince Eric that they could be a family again and that he could be a father to Bill's baby. When Eric doubted Brooke's passion for him could ever compare to hers for Bill, Brooke kissed Eric. Flashing a photo of Jesse and Maya's encounter in a club, Alison ordered Maya to stay away from Rick or go to jail for violating the terms of her release.
May 27 to 31, 2013
Upon returning to work at Forrester, Steffy's first order of business was ensuring that Hope didn't think the miscarriage was her opportunity to reunite with Liam. Liam, however, questioned having another child with Steffy. Hope was still in Liam's heart, and he struggled with thoughts of leaving Steffy. As Taylor spread the news of Brooke's new man to Katie and Bill, Donna helped Brooke set up a romantic interlude for Brooke and Eric. Though Eric was drawn to Brooke, he refused to endure the heartbreak of raising another man's child. Rick professed his love for Maya. He wanted to spend the night with her; however, Bill's threat of prison caused Maya to break Rick's heart.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Katie rushed Steffy to the hospital after Steffy fainted, and the doctors concluded that Steffy could never get pregnant again. Instead of telling Liam, Steffy retreated to her loft to be alone. Eric sided with Brooke when she refused to model lingerie at a press conference, but the move left the press and Forrester executives baffled. Persisting in her mission to make a family with Eric, Brooke recreated her and Eric's honeymoon tent, but Eric urged her to confess her pregnancy to Bill. At Katie and Bill's house, Brooke announced that she had something say. Overjoyed by Maya and Rick's breakup, Caroline ordered Maya to leave Forrester. Maya, however, said Caroline shouldn't press her luck. To Bill, Maya asserted that she wouldn't be blackmailed.
June 10 to 14, 2013
After spending a night alone at her loft, Steffy decided that Hope could give Liam what Steffy couldn't. Steffy planned to go to Paris for good and asked Hope to take care of Liam. Liam was confused when Steffy cryptically ended their marriage, and as Steffy boarded a plane, Hope told Liam that things were working out as they'd been intended to. Brooke fainted before she could tell Katie and Bill about the baby. Upon learning that she'd had a miscarriage, Brooke decided to keep silent about the baby and affair with Bill. Refusing to be Bill's pawn, Maya told Rick the truth about why she'd broken things off. The couple reunited, and Rick finally ended things with Caroline.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Brooke arranged a getaway for Liam and Hope at Big Bear. While at the cabin, Hope figured that Liam needed more time to heal before they could be together. During a walk alone in the woods, Hope spotted a naked man. He caught her photographing him, and she fell and hit her head as she ran from him. Rick broke up with Caroline and locked Bill in a jail prop to show how serious Rick was about protecting Maya. A producer offered Carter a starring role on a web series. When Caroline discovered that the producer was her friend, Rafael, she convinced Rafael to cast Maya as the leading lady.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Hope's encounter with the stranger at Big Bear left a lasting impression upon her, and she was even more fascinated by him when he arrived in her backyard with her lost cell phone. Maya and Carter impressed Rafael with their on-stage chemistry, and to Caroline's delight, they became the costars of his web series. Taylor incidentally learned about Brooke's attempted tent seduction involving Eric. Eric implored Taylor to let it go, but Taylor snooped through Dr. Caspary's files and discovered evidence of Brooke's former pregnancy. Taylor concluded that the baby had been Bill's, and in the middle of Brooke's birthday party, Taylor insisted upon everyone learning about Brooke's ugly secret.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Taylor exposed Brooke and Bill's one-night stand. Bill and Brooke tried to explain themselves, but the enraged Katie told Bill to pack his bags. Eric was outraged to learn that Taylor had rifled through Dr. Caspary's files to find the pregnancy bombshell. Steffy finally answered Liam's call, but she insisted upon divorcing him. Liam was late for the holiday party, but when he finally arrived, Hope, who was tired of being taken for granted, chose to remain with Wyatt instead of leaving with Liam. Wyatt kissed Hope, and she caught of glimpse of his sword necklace. Caroline's plan worked, and Rick got jealous upon seeing the erotic fantasy scene Caroline had ghost-written for the web series.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Liam visited Dr. Caspary to get answers about Steffy, but the doctor urged him to talk to his wife. Liam flew to Paris, where Steffy revealed that she couldn't have children. Though Liam didn't want to lose her, she refused to back down from the divorce. Bill called upon his jeweler to procure a crown for Katie, but she insisted upon a divorce and one percent of the company. After Bill gave Katie what she wanted, he learned that giving up one percent of the company had made Karen the company's majority shareholder. Karen let Katie deliver the news that Katie would replace Bill as CEO of Spencer Publications.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Caroline interjected more steamy fantasy scenes into the Room Eight series. Carter admitted to Maya that working closely with her was having an effect upon him, and she advised him to try cold showers. Hope revealed her suspicion to Wyatt that he could be Liam's half-brother. Quinn said Hope was crazy and advised Wyatt to stop seeing Hope. Determined to prove that he wanted a life with Hope, Liam asked Hope to marry him. Karen and Katie took over Spencer Publications. Bill tried to talk some sense into Katie, and when it didn't work, Brooke made her own appeal. During a bitter argument, Katie called Brooke a slut from the valley, and Brooke slapped Katie.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Maya caught Rafael and Caroline arguing about a steamy waterbed scene and figured out Caroline had been using the web series to make Rick jealous of Carter. Rafael fired Caroline, and the set exploded with water when Caroline's heels pierced the waterbed. After Hope accepted Liam's proposal, the two made love in Brooke's cabin. Hope and Wyatt created a chance encounter for Bill and Quinn, and Bill recognized Quinn from his past. Wyatt forced Quinn to admit that his father was Bill Spencer. Bill and Liam chased Wyatt down to convince Wyatt to accept his Spencer destiny. Eric told Brooke that Taylor had walked out on him.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Brooke thought Katie was beginning to trust again when she asked Brooke to babysit Will. Katie, however, had hidden nanny cams around the house and invited Bill over with the hope of discovering how Bill and Brooke behaved while alone. Eric warned Rick that he'd lose his position if sales didn't improve, and Caroline, who'd turned over a new leaf, offered to help Rick in exchange for a weekend getaway. Wyatt agreed to stay at the cliff house with Bill and Liam. Steffy again decided that she'd only accept a divorce, but Hope insisted that Liam force Steffy into an annulment. Liam caught Wyatt kissing Hope and punched Wyatt in the face.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Bill passed Katie's spying tests, and Katie decided she wanted him back. Bill, however, discovered that Katie had wired the house with cameras to spy on him and Brooke, and he washed his hands of the marriage. Bill flew to Monte Carlo, where Brooke had just arrived. Liam threw Wyatt out of the house for kissing Hope, but Bill insisted that his sons get along and continue to live together. Thomas and Thorne were anxious to get their chance to run Forrester, but Caroline convinced Eric that Rick's innovations would make them hit their profit goals by the year's end.
August 12 to 16, 2013
Wyatt set out to forge peace with Liam. Liam was willing to give it a try but warned Wyatt against making another move on Hope. Wyatt, however, had secret designs on taking Liam's place in the family business. In Monte Carlo, Bill told Brooke that he was ready to commit his life to her. Brooke, however, insisted that they hear Katie out before making any decisions. They flew back home, and Katie implored Bill to give the marriage another chance. Carter became smitten after a kiss and platonic night with Maya. Maya and Rick made up about Rick missing the premiere, but Carter's kiss lingered in her mind.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Bill heard Katie out but insisted upon a divorce. He showed up in Brooke's house in nothing but a towel and proclaimed that they were starting their new life together. Wyatt told his mother that he'd decided to go after everything he thought he deserved as a Spencer, including Hope. Hope accepted Liam's invitation to move in with him and Wyatt. Rick and Caroline's risky rebranding show received an unusually quiet reception from the buyers and the press. Thomas and Thorne salivated at their chance to take over Forrester, and they pressured Eric to render his decision about Rick's job.
August 26 to 30, 2013
The orders for HFTF poured in, and Rick retained the presidency. Caroline revealed Maya's secret, and Rick sought comfort in Caroline's arms. Upon seeing Caroline in a towel at Rick's house, Maya resigned as Forrester's spokesmodel and Rick's girlfriend. Rick again turned to Caroline. Brooke and Bill held a family meeting with Hope and Liam to announce their relationship. Wyatt became livid upon hearing from Katie that Bill had left her and Will for her sister. When Wyatt blasted Bill for abandoning Will, Bill banished Wyatt from the family, and Liam kicked Wyatt out of the cliff house.
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September 2 to 6, 2013
Wyatt kissed Hope in Liam's house again and asked her to move out with him. Hope, however, declined, and to no avail, she talked to Liam on Wyatt's behalf. Bill spoke to Brooke about Wyatt, and she persuaded him to eventually rethink his position about his son. Wyatt returned to the warehouse loft and became worried that his breakup with his family meant that he wouldn't see Hope again. The Forresters worked on a new jewelry line for HFTF, and Hope asked Quinn and Wyatt to be the signature designers for the line. While Rick and Caroline reunited, Carter comforted Maya.
September 9 to 13, 2013
Carter set up a romantic evening for Maya. As they ran lines that he'd written for their show, Carter expressed his true feelings for Maya and asked her to marry him. Brooke mediated Bill and Wyatt's dispute, and the men put their differences behind them. Brooke and Bill wanted to resolve things with Katie, but Katie decided to leave indefinitely with Will on a trip to New York. Liam was livid that Hope had hired Wyatt's company for the jewelry line, and as Wyatt made clear his intentions to win Hope, Liam asked Steffy to reconsider an annulment.
September 16 to 20, 2013
Quinn overheard Liam asking Hope to cancel the jewelry contract and cozied up to Eric in hopes of shoring up the deal. Eric declined Hope's request to cancel the contract, and the happy Quinn kissed Eric. Quinn later apologized for the kiss, but Eric kissed her again. Though Wyatt volunteered to walk away from the deal for Hope's sake, Hope kept the deal intact. Liam received news that Steffy had signed the annulment papers, and Hope and Liam confirmed their desire to get married. Wyatt, however, asked Hope to cancel the wedding and give him a chance. Maya accepted Carter's marriage proposal, and after a poignant goodbye talk with Rick, Maya made love to Carter.
September 23 to 27, 2013
Wyatt implored Hope not to get married, and Liam learned that he had one more document for Steffy to sign before the annulment went through. To get Wyatt some time with Hope, Quinn proposed that Wyatt and Hope go to Mexico to talk the owner of the second Hope Diamond into letting Forrester display it at their fashion show. Wyatt vowed to give Hope the magical diamond and make her his wife someday. Katie returned home and saw that Bill and Brooke were still carrying on together. Katie told Brooke that they could never repair their relationship as long as Brooke was with Bill. Brooke was overridden with guilt, but to prove that he only wanted Brooke, Bill proposed to her.
September 30 to October 4, 2013
Donna asked Bill to think hard about his decisions regarding her sisters. Brooke explained to Donna that Brooke and Bill were in love, and Brooke had accepted Bill's ring and marriage proposal. Rick decided to move up the fashion show to keep the momentum of the diamond going, and the decision forced Hope and Liam to move back the wedding. Quinn urged Wyatt not to give up on Hope. Liam accidentally emailed Hope's tribute video to Steffy, and Steffy asked for one of herself and Liam. Liam obliged her, and at the fashion show, Quinn discovered the video for Steffy on Liam's laptop.
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October 7 to 11, 2013
After basking in the success of her showing, Hope went to Big Bear with Liam to plan their wedding. Quinn anonymously emailed Hope the Steffy tribute video, and seeing the video made Hope question her relationship with Liam. Wyatt implored Hope to give him a chance. He removed her engagement ring, and she let him kiss her. Katie was excited for her first board meeting, but the snarky Bill griped through the whole thing. Katie advised him to accept her leadership, but he claimed not to care if she ran the business into the ground.
October 14 to 18, 2013
Maya admitted to Dayzee that Maya still had feelings for Rick. Dayzee suggested that Maya put everything on the table, but Wyatt revealed to Maya that Rick had commissioned a ring. Rick stole away with Caroline during the diamond exhibition at the boutique and proposed to her on the spot where they'd first met. They returned to his house and saw Maya, who was awaiting Rick. Liam asked Hope to give them another chance, but Hope was losing faith in the relationship. Liam said that all they wanted was before them; they just had to take it.
October 21 to 25, 2013
Rick and Caroline got engaged, and when Maya learned about it, she wished them well instead of telling Rick her true feelings. Hope felt that she couldn't trust her relationship with Liam, and she returned his ring. Liam became determined to prove that Wyatt had sent Hope the video, but his undercover investigation revealed that it had really been Quinn. Katie refused to allow Will to spend the night in the same house where his father slept with his aunt, and as she and Bill bickered about it, she discovered that Brooke and Bill were going mountain climbing. Katie had a bad feeling about it and implored Bill not to go.
October 28 to November 1, 2013
Katie continued to be disconcerted about Bill and Brooke's relationship. Katie urged the pair not to go mountain climbing, but Bill insisted upon it. Brooke became worried before the climb because Bill was too distracted, and the weather was windy. Bill refused to back away from the climb, and their crew ascended the mountain. Liam informed Hope of Quinn and Wyatt's roles in the video email, but Hope forgave Wyatt for not telling her about it. Wyatt hatched a plan to garner more attention for HFTF and the jewelry line, and the blue diamond disappeared from its pillar.
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November 4 to 8, 2013
Maya longed to return to work at Forrester, and after she assured Carter that she was over Rick, Carter convinced Rick to rehire her. Just as Wyatt stole the diamond from the unwitting Charlie, jewel thieves arrived with the same plan. Wyatt foiled the attempted heist and planted the diamond in a thief's bag for the police to find. Wyatt basked in the media frenzy that the crime had attracted. After Bill had a near-death experience on the mountain, he left Brooke to return to Katie. Katie, however, wouldn't entertain reuniting with her sister's lover.
November 11 to 15, 2013
While with Liam, Wyatt gloated about his heroism and called Hope his future wife. Liam whisked Hope to the cliff house to show her the changes he'd made to his house in anticipation of their marriage. Bill convinced Katie to take him back, and he got her to sign over equal custody of Will and the CEO chair at Spencer. Bill took the envelope with the papers straight to Brooke and confessed that his epiphany had been a ruse to regain control of his life. Bill wanted Brooke to resume a relationship with him; however, Katie arrived, and she and Brooke berated Bill for his actions. When Bill took the envelope to Justin, they discovered that it contained Brooke's Aspen leaves, not the documents with Katie's signature.
November 18 to 22, 2013
Bill tried to appeal to Brooke for forgiveness, but Brooke returned her ring to Bill and began trying to heal her relationship with Katie. After Wyatt invaded Liam's private picnic for Hope, Liam and Bill decided that Bill needed to have a fatherly talk with Wyatt. Quinn jumped to her son's defense when she overheard Bill trying to convince Wyatt to stay away from Hope. While meshing her past pain with her protectiveness of Wyatt, Quinn jabbed Bill with his sword charm and licked his blood from her fingers. Eric hired Aly to shadow Hope at Forrester and asked Aly and Thorne to move into the mansion.
November 25 to 29, 2013
Brooke and Donna implored Katie to repair their damaged relationships. Katie needed more time but made Brooke vow to never return to Bill. Though Wyatt cited that Bill's situation with Brooke paralleled Wyatt's with Hope, Bill still refused to support Wyatt over Liam. Quinn and Wyatt were excited about being invited to the Forresters' holiday dinner and engagement party for Caroline and Rick, but Bill bristled when he found himself seated at the table between Katie and Quinn. Rick asked Caroline to surprise the family and marry him Thanksgiving night.
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December 2 to 6, 2013
On Thanksgiving, the Forrester family and their friends pulled together to make Rick and Caroline's surprise wedding an intimate and memorable occasion. Wyatt kissed Hope during a photo shoot, and Aly sent the resulting photo to Liam. Katie relayed to Hope that exploring things with Wyatt could cause Hope to lose Liam, and Aly advised Liam that Hope was treating him unfairly. Liam urged Hope to end the games with Wyatt and marry Liam. Disgusted by Donna's flirting with Eric, Quinn called Donna a slut, and Donna told Eric that something was off about Quinn.
December 9 to 13, 2013
Hope agreed to move forward with a marriage to Liam and to cut ties with Wyatt. Wyatt took the news hard, but promising to respect Liam's marriage, Wyatt implored Liam to at least let the business relationship remain. When Steffy popped in to see Eric, Quinn hustled herself a trip to Paris on Steffy's return flight, under the guise of presenting jewelry to Forrester International. Quinn used the time to try to convince Steffy to fight for Liam, but Steffy refused to interfere. Quinn overheard Steffy receive news from Dr. Caspary that Steffy could conceive again. After a long hiatus, Ridge strode into the Forrester mansion.
December 16 to 20, 2013
When Ridge revealed himself to Brooke, he had rose petals and a kiss for her, but she slapped him in the face for ending things between them the way that he had. Quinn convinced Steffy to tell Liam that she could conceive again and to let Liam decide about marrying Hope. On his wedding day, Steffy went to Liam with the news. Liam was happy for her but said he was committed to Hope. Hope saw Steffy and Liam talking and ran away from the wedding. She boarded the Forrester jet, where Wyatt was waiting to go to Hawaii, and she announced that she was going with him.
December 23 to 27, 2013
Liam figured out that Quinn had been behind Steffy's visit, and he flew to Hawaii to explain things to Hope. Wyatt advised Hope to stop holding out for Liam, but Liam urged her to marry him right then. Bill found out that Ridge was back in town but told Katie that Ridge would be gone again once he realized that Brooke wasn't holding a torch for him. Brooke confessed to Ridge that she'd been the other woman in Katie's marriage, but she'd never imagined that Ridge would return to give their relationship another chance. During a meeting at Forrester, Rick made sure that Ridge understood that Rick was at the helm of Forrester Creations.
December 30 to January 3, 2014
Despite Quinn's manipulations, Hope chose to stay in Hawaii with Wyatt, who took the opportunity to plan a romantic day for her. Liam squared off against Quinn and let her know that her manipulations wouldn't keep him and Hope apart. Brooke revealed to Ridge that she'd been involved in an affair with Bill, and the devastated Ridge visited Katie to lend her some emotional support. Bill urged Brooke not to let Ridge cause her to succumb to the resurgence of guilt about the affair, and Bill asked her to see that punishing herself wouldn't make their feelings go away.
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