The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 21, 2013 on B&B

Dayzee's past haunted her when ex-con Maya showed up, demanding her child. After interrupting Liam and Hope's quality time, Taylor warned Brooke to contain Hope -- or else Taylor would. Brooke set up Katie and Bill to have a romantic evening in the cabin, but an irresistible bottle of aged scotch got between Katie and Bill.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 21, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States, today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Tuesday, January 22, picking up where the Friday, January 18 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's cabin, Brooke prepared the place for Bill and Katie's romantic evening. After Bill and Katie had arrived, Brooke suggested that they focus on each other and enjoy their time alone. Brooke promised to check in with the baby's nurse, and that eased Katie's fears. Brooke added that dinner was ready and in the kitchen.

Brooke left, and Katie told Bill they could have had a romantic evening at home. Bill said it wouldn't have been the same. Bill and Katie snuggled, and Bill said that they needed a night away from Will. Katie agreed that Will was in capable hands, and they needed the time alone. Katie went to the kitchen to grab their dinner.

While Katie was gone, Bill slugged down a glass of booze from the bar. Katie returned with dinner, and she promised that Bill would love it. Bill teased that Katie had called the nurse at home while she had been in the kitchen, and Katie admitted it. They hugged.

Katie kissed Bill and discovered that he had been drinking. Bill angrily said that he'd had only one drink of scotch, and it had been very good. Katie said it had been important to her that Bill make a commitment not to drink. Bill scoffed, and Katie angrily exited.

Brooke returned to the cabin. She quizzed Bill, who had nearly finished another glass of booze, about what had happened. Brooke said that she had seen Katie's car speed away from her home. Brooke wondered if something had happened to Will.

Bill complained that Katie had left because Bill had had one drink. Brooke warned that if he didn't have a drinking problem, he shouldn't have had such a difficult time swearing off booze for one night to keep his marriage healthy. Bill mocked that his sister, Karen, and Katie were controlling him and his drinking. Bill refused to start a 12-step program because Katie and Karen believed he needed to swear off booze.

Bill wondered if Katie would soon be telling him that he had been driving too fast, and he needed to give up his Ferrari. Brooke advised that Katie had wanted Bill to be the best he could be. Bill said that Katie had a history of walking out on him. Brooke reminded Bill that marriage was about compromises, and Bill had often been remote and harsh when he had been drinking. Brooke warned that Katie had wanted Will to grow up in the best home possible. Bill complained again that Katie had walked out on Bill and Will.

Bill wondered why they couldn't relax and be a family. He slipped and said he wanted things to be as they had been with Brooke. Bill snuggled close to Brooke and caressed her hair. Brooke looked disturbed.

At Liam's place, Liam and Hope shared a pizza, and Liam said that Hope had been right about the new pizza shop. Hope teased that she was always right. She said that she had been grateful for the private, quiet evening alone with Liam -- an example of the many evenings they should have had to themselves. Hope said they finally had no stress and no interference from other people.

Liam confessed that he'd spoken to Steffy about the amount of time he had spent with Hope. Hope wondered if Steffy had been angry, but Liam said that Steffy had agreed that he and Hope deserved to spend some time together, since the truth had come out. Hope advised Liam that nothing had bonded him to Steffy. Hope added that Liam was not married to Steffy, and he didn't need to rush into any decisions. Liam tenderly caressed Hope's cheek, and he kissed her.

At Brooke's home, Taylor entered and quizzed Brooke about why Bill's car had been parked at Brooke's house. Brooke explained that Bill and Katie had arranged to spend the night at the cabin on Brooke's property. Taylor accused Brooke of being attracted to Bill, and they argued about Bill. Taylor changed the subject to Hope, and Taylor struggled to keep her composure as she warned that Hope needed to stay away from Liam while Steffy was away.

Taylor warned Brooke that Steffy and Liam had been very committed to one another. Brooke pointed out that there was no ring on Steffy's finger. Taylor added that there would be, and Taylor angrily refused to permit Hope to destroy Steffy's happiness. Taylor left, and Brooke was surprised at Taylor's anger.

At Dayzee's coffee shop, Dayzee and Marcus snuggled. Marcus admitted that he hated letting Rosie go to spend the time with Amber. Dayzee agreed that it had always been difficult for Marcus to let go of Rosie. One of the workers teased that Marcus and Dayzee need to take Rosie there more often.

Dayzee waited on customers, and Marcus and one of the workers marveled at how much everyone appreciated Dayzee. Marcus later told Dayzee that he appreciated that she had been a wonderful stepmother. He noted that she always had concern for other people. Dayzee recalled how Stephanie had made the entire coffee shop possible. Marcus said that Dayzee had kept Stephanie's legacy alive, and he left. Later, a young woman entered the coffee shop and asked Dayzee, "Where's my baby?'

In Paris, Steffy searched on the Internet for how much tea was safe to drink while pregnant. Taylor called via video and wondered if Steffy had told Ridge or Liam about the pregnancy. Steffy said she had talked to Liam, but she didn't want to discuss the pregnancy. Steffy added that she had not wanted to trap Liam with a pregnancy.

Steffy told Taylor that Hope and Liam needed to spend time together. Taylor disagreed. Steffy asked Taylor if Taylor had ever wondered if Ridge would have left Taylor sooner and married Brooke if the twins and Thomas hadn't been born. Taylor looked hurt.

Steffy apologized, but Steffy insisted that a Logan had sucked Ridge in for life, and Steffy worried that the same thing could happen with Liam. Steffy insisted that she didn't want Liam to stay with her out of obligation. Steffy refused to turn out like Taylor. Taylor disagreed, but Steffy had hung up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's cabin, Bill snuggled close to Brooke, and they stared into each other's eyes. Brooke stopped Bill from moving closer to her.

Bill stepped away and complained about Katie. Bill said that Katie had left because Bill had had one drink. Brooke warned that it had been important to Katie that Bill stop drinking.

Brooke advised Bill to be a good parent and partner. Bill complained again that Katie had walked out on Bill and Will. Bill said he wanted Katie to stop trying to fix him. Brooke reminded Bill that she had a sacred bond with her sister. Bill realized he had been wrong. Brooke recommended that Bill return home to his wife because she was probably waiting for him to kiss and make up.

Bill agreed he did not want to jeopardize his relationship with Katie. Bill begged for help to make things right with Katie. Bill thanked Brooke and left.

At Liam's place, Liam and Hope snuggled on the couch, and she got up to get popcorn from the kitchen. After she left, Taylor entered. Liam asked if Steffy was all right. Taylor demanded to know if Liam was alone. Liam reminded Taylor that it was none of her business. Taylor continued that Liam felt he could do anything he wanted because Steffy was out of town, and he was not married to her.

Liam suggested that Taylor slow down. Hope entered. Taylor warned Hope and Liam about their behavior. Taylor recommended that Hope move on because it was really best for everyone.

Taylor acknowledged that Hope and Liam had been victims of Bill and Rick's schemes and had been robbed of their time together. Taylor suggested that Hope bow out gracefully because Liam had a future with Steffy. Hope and Liam tried to silence Taylor, but she continued to bark orders. Taylor said that Steffy, Liam, and Hope needed to sit down and discuss their next moves.

"Don't be like your mother destroying relationships." Taylor ordered Hope. Taylor added that Hope was going to get hurt if she stayed with Liam and that it was best for everyone if Hope left Liam and Steffy alone.

Taylor left. Hope returned to the kitchen, and Liam remembered his conversation with Steffy about how he planned to remain loyal to her. Hope entered and wished that everyone would leave them alone. Liam said they couldn't blame Taylor. Hope scoffed that Taylor was probably already ordering Brooke around. Hope said she felt that Taylor was holding something back. However, Hope didn't care because she didn't want anyone to interfere with Liam and Hope.

Hope said that Taylor's feud with Brooke had nothing to do with them. Liam and Hope embraced.

At Dayzee's coffee shop, Dayzee took the woman named Maya into a private office. Maya reminded Dayzee that Dayzee had helped Maya at the mission. Maya admitted she had been in prison and had made mistakes. Maya said that she had taken voice and dance lessons to make a career, but nothing had worked out, and she had been wrongfully accused of a crime that had landed her in jail.

Maya wanted her little girl returned. "Where's my baby," she asked again. Maya insisted that she wanted her child returned.

Dayzee reminded Maya that Maya had given her baby up to good parents and a good home -- Maya had signed papers with an attorney and lost her rights.

Maya insisted she wanted her baby returned. "It does not work that way," Dayzee said. Maya threatened that she would return if Dayzee did not get information to Maya about her baby. Maya left.

Hope showed up at Dayzee's, and Dayzee was clearly upset.

At Brooke's, Brooke returned from talking to Bill, and Taylor was standing in her living room. Brooke wondered how Taylor had entered the house. Taylor accused Brooke of spying on Bill and Katie. Brooke scoffed at Taylor's interference.

Taylor overanalyzed Brooke and refused to stop her accusations. Taylor continued to rip on Brooke and said that Brooke was helping Bill and Katie out of guilt because Brooke had been attracted to Bill. Brooke told Taylor to lay off.

Taylor switched gears and ripped on Hope and Liam, who were sharing a cozy evening by the fireplace. Taylor insisted that Hope was disillusioned about a relationship with Liam. Taylor warned Brooke to get Hope under control, and Brooke reminded Taylor that she couldn't control what Hope did any more than Taylor could control what Steffy did.

Taylor twisted Brooke's words and suggested guidance and motherly advice would save Hope from a huge disappointment as long as Hope backed away from Liam and Steffy.

Brooke asked if there was something Taylor wasn't telling her. Taylor ranted that Brooke had probably given Hope her blessing to interfere in Liam and Steffy's relationship. Brooke reiterated that Hope was a grown woman.

Taylor continued to berate Brooke and warned that Brooke's daughter was not going to do to Steffy what Brooke had done to Taylor and Taylor's family. Brooke was flabbergasted at Taylor's attitude.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

At Brooke's house, Taylor decided that she'd say one more time that Hope had no business over at Liam's house. Brooke responded that it had once been Hope's house, and Hope would still be living there if it hadn't been for all the manipulations. Exasperated, Brooke concluded that Hope was going do what she wanted, and Taylor shouldn't ask Brooke to change Hope's mind.

Taylor declared that Brooke had better find a way to stop Hope -- or Taylor would. Brooke exclaimed that their children were grown, and as parents, they'd agreed to stay out of it. Taylor admitted that what Bill had done to Hope had been wrong, but "sometimes you just can't go back." Taylor insisted that Liam and Steffy shared a bond, and Taylor wanted Brooke to tell Hope to stay away.

Brooke sighed. She'd thought that she and Taylor had gotten past all that, and she reminded Taylor that Stephanie had asked them to get along. Taylor insisted that Hope was wrong to chase after Liam when he was clearly committed, and Taylor was tired of Brooke's family disrespecting her.

Taylor ranted about how Stephanie had reneged on the stock deal with Thomas, and a position that had been rightfully his "was ripped away from him." Taylor claimed that Thomas was so upset that he wanted to move to Paris. Brooke said that wasn't her family's fault. Taylor claimed that Brooke's family had an air of entitlement, and they couldn't see when someone else had been treated unfairly.

Taylor claimed that Stephanie had even wronged Taylor by denying Taylor the right to be at her best friend's deathbed. "And that you would even allow it!" Taylor added. Brooke explained that her relationship with Stephanie had changed over the years. "She was my best friend, too," Brooke stated. Brooke was sure that was difficult for Taylor to hear.

In a brooding tone, Taylor asked what it had been like for Stephanie at the end. Brooke said it had been beautiful. Brooke explained that everything had melted away except for the forgiveness and the love. Brooke guessed that Taylor didn't understand why Stephanie had chosen Brooke to be there.

Taylor shook her head and exclaimed that she didn't understand it -- not for Brooke to be there over Eric or the children. Brooke explained that Stephanie had been making a point about letting go of hate and grudges. Brooke stated that Stephanie had wanted everyone to love each other and build each other up, not tear each other down.

Taylor gave a patronizing nod, but Brooke insisted that it was what Stephanie had wanted for them. Brooke claimed that Stephanie's biggest regret was all the time wasted, and Stephanie wanted Brooke and Taylor to get past that, just as Stephanie and Brooke had. Taylor claimed that she'd like the families to get along, but she and her children had been burned too many times.

Brooke wasn't sure what Taylor wanted to hear, because it was Taylor's problem if she felt that her family was "coming in second" to the Logans. Brooke thought it was a cop-out, and Taylor needed to stop being a victim. Brooke stated that Taylor couldn't control Brooke's family or Forrester Creations. Brooke suggested that Taylor get used to it -- since their lives would be intertwined.

Taylor declared that she wouldn't allow Brooke to sabotage Taylor's children. Brooke gasped, having no idea what Taylor was talking about. Taylor demanded respect for Steffy and Liam. Taylor demanded that Rick respect Thomas and that Brooke respect Katie's marriage.

Brooke rolled her eyes and shook her head, but Taylor claimed that Stephanie wasn't there for Brooke anymore. "And things are going to be very, very different around here right now," Taylor declared. Taylor claimed that Brooke's children wouldn't trample Taylor's the way Brooke had done to Taylor, and Taylor would find a way to stop Brooke.

At the coffeehouse, Hope tried to figure out what was going on with Dayzee. Dayzee said that it was a long story, and it felt as if it had happened in another lifetime.

Dayzee explained that she'd worked at the shelter with Maya, a singer/dancer/actress who'd hoped to make it big but had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. Maya had been wrongly convicted of a crime, and she'd been sentenced to ten years in prison. Maya's family had refused to take care of Maya's little girl, so Dayzee had stepped in to help.

Hope stated that she knew Dayzee had done work with the homeless and children at risk. Dayzee added that she had sometimes helped children find homes. "Like adoption?" Hope asked. Nodding, Dayzee added that she'd even had a lawyer to take care of the legal stuff.

Dayzee said she'd only been trying to help mothers and their children. "I know there were costs involved. Money exchanged hands, but really, beyond that, I have no idea," Dayzee hastily added. Hope guessed Dayzee had been like an adoption agency. "Kind of like that," Dayzee hesitantly agreed.

Marcus sneaked in and hugged Dayzee from behind. Marcus was to there to surprise his wife, and he jokingly asked if Dayzee and Hope were hiding anything. Hope asked her cousin if he had somewhere better to be, but Marcus insisted that he was there to get his "sugar" from his wife.

Dayzee and Marcus kissed, but he said he couldn't stay. Marcus took off, and Hope readily guessed that he didn't know anything about Dayzee's problem. Dayzee said she'd wanted to keep her past in the past, but Maya expected Dayzee to get Maya's daughter back. Hope wondered if that could happen if the girl had been legally adopted.

Dayzee fretted upon seeing four missed calls from Maya on her phone. Sighing, Dayzee said Maya had knowingly signed the papers. Dayzee called Maya back, and on the call, Maya demanded to know if Dayzee was going to help Maya get her daughter back. Dayzee suggested that they meet at the Farmer's Market the next afternoon, and Maya agreed to see Dayzee there.

After the call, Hope asked if Dayzee would help Maya get her daughter back. Dayzee felt for Maya, but Dayzee was sure that the child was with loving parents. Dayzee felt that Maya had known what she'd been doing, and it was unfair to take the child's life away at that point. Though Maya's choice had been hard, Dayzee felt Maya had been fully aware that it was the best thing that Maya could do.

Dayzee didn't like that Maya was making it seem as if Dayzee had forced Maya to give the child up for adoption. Dayzee's life had changed over the years, and she didn't want to get involved with the past. Hope wondered if Maya knew that Dayzee was a Forrester. Dayzee said Maya knew Dayzee's maiden name, Leigh, and Dayzee wanted to keep it that way.

Hope thought that Dayzee should tell Marcus about what was doing on, but Dayzee didn't want to do that. She claimed that she'd become a Forrester. That was her life, and she wasn't looking back.

At the Spencer mansion, the lingerie-clad Katie lit candles and hopped on the bed when she heard Bill calling for her through the house. He entered the bedroom, and she announced they were having a do-over. Bill wished she hadn't left him at the cabin, and Katie wished he hadn't had the drink. She apologized for leaving, but she held fast to her beliefs about the drinking.

Bill wondered why it bothered Katie so much. Katie stated that it seemed as if Bill weren't present in the moment when he was drinking. With a kiss, Katie said she didn't want to be a drag, but the family meant a lot to her. Bill didn't mind her challenging him and raising the bar as parents, partners, and Spencers; however, he didn't appreciate her walking out again.

Katie wished she hadn't done that. Bill stated that it had been an epic night that Brooke had planned, but Katie had just walked out. Katie wished that Bill could have just done the one thing she'd asked of him. Admitting that he had a challenging personality, Bill stated that Katie had vowed to be with him for who he was, and he didn't like people telling him what to do.

Bill didn't mind owning up to his stubbornness, but he said he loved Katie; she made him a better man. Katie expressed her feelings for Bill and said that they'd done well together in business and in marriage. She said they'd become parents, and she wanted what was best for Will. She claimed that she was challenging Bill and herself to be the best parents. To her, they were in a good and solid place, and she valued everything that had gotten them to that point.

Katie claimed that she was excited about the future and excited about the next day. "Most of all, I'm excited about tonight," she uttered, and she kissed Bill. As Katie trailed kisses down Bill's neck, he stared at the ceiling with a distant look in his eyes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

In bed, Dayzee and Marcus had champagne and caviar. Dayzee still couldn't believe she was married to a Forrester. Dayzee loved everything about being a Forrester from the sense of family to the power that it gave her to help people in need. She even loved the endless supply of caviar, but she wondered if it made her shallow. Marcus didn't think it was possible.

Dayzee couldn't believe she'd gained so much over a lost scarf. Sometimes, she was afraid she'd turn into a pillar of salt if she looked back. Dayzee flashed back to Maya demanding to have her little girl back. Dayzee uttered that she didn't want things to change.

Marcus said things would only get better. He felt he'd hit the jackpot with Dayzee. Dayzee stated that she'd miss Stephanie, and Dayzee would always be grateful for what Stephanie had added to her life. Marcus understood the sentiment because he was grateful to the people who'd adopted him after his mother had been unable to raise him. "That's what I thought," Dayzee murmured.

Dayzee flashed back to the day she'd convinced Maya to sign papers giving up her rights to her daughter. Maya hadn't wanted to give her child up like a doll she'd outgrown, but Dayzee insisted that the child would wind up in the system if Maya didn't sign the papers. Dazyee had said she could vouch for the new family, and she'd urged Maya to trust her. Maya signed the papers and sobbed.

Marcus entered the bedroom with more champagne. Dayzee snapped out of her muse and surprised him when she began passionately kissing him.

In the CEO's office, Taylor visited Thomas, who was frustrated because all his work had to be approved by Rick. Thomas lamented that he'd been so close. Taylor responded that everything always somehow wound up in Logan hands. Thomas didn't want to spend his career begging Rick to take his ideas, so Thomas decided that he'd go to Paris -- and he might not ever return.

Taylor hated the thought of that, but Thomas felt there was nothing for him in Los Angeles. Rick had stolen Caroline, his grandmother had revoked his "ownership" of Forrester, and his grandfather had devalued Thomas' work and anointed Rick.

Taylor raged that she couldn't believe that Stephanie had been so underhanded in robbing Thomas of his twenty-five percent. She didn't understand why Stephanie would blindside them like that, but Thomas guessed Stephanie had wanted Rick in charge all along. Taylor ranted that Stephanie had lost her mind and fallen in love with Brooke, too.

Taylor wished Thomas wouldn't leave, but Thomas didn't think he could stay if everything he did -- no matter how innovative or groundbreaking -- would be thrown back in his face like it was nothing. Thomas believed he couldn't realize his potential with "all these Logans" in his way.

Taylor said she'd miss Thomas, but she asked him to return home once he'd done what he'd needed to do. She asked him to talk to his sister while he was in Paris, and she let him know that she believed in him and supported him completely. The two hugged.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric hung a new portrait of Stephanie above the fireplace. "Talk about timing. I'm here to catch you if you fall," he heard Donna say as she entered the house. Eric said it was nice to have friends stop by to check on him. Donna had carried in some takeout pot roast she'd gotten for him. She hadn't cooked it, but she teased that she was good at heating things up.

Donna took the food to the kitchen, and Eric glanced back at Stephanie's portrait. Pam arrived at the house with a bag of food, too. Looking at the portrait, Pam said it was as if she could reach out and touch Stephanie. "Don't I wish," Eric murmured. Pam responded that she wasn't Stephanie; however, Pam was there for anything Eric needed, and he wasn't alone.

"Speaking of that," Eric replied. Pam continued talking about making him a proper pot roast dinner. Just then, Donna emerged from the kitchen, calling Eric "Honey Bear" and waving a honey bottle and some nuts she'd found in the kitchen. "What are you doing here?" Pam and Donna asked each other in unison.

Eric decided that Pam and Donna were exactly what he needed, and he thanked them for being there. Pam thought Eric really needed a dog, but Donna stated that dogs were too labor-intensive. She suggested a cat instead. Pam smelled something burning, and Donna exclaimed about her takeout. "You burned takeout? You are so lucky I am here," Pam replied, taking off for the kitchen.

Donna cozied up to Eric and said she knew what it felt like to be alone. Pam returned with a sour look on her face and said it was too bad Donna couldn't stay for dinner. Donna announced that she was free that evening, and Pam rolled her eyes.

Just then, Taylor stormed into the house and tearfully said she needed to talk to Eric alone. As Eric let Pam and Donna out of the house, Taylor scowled at Stephanie's portrait on the wall. Eric asked what had Taylor so upset. "Her," Taylor bit out, pointing to the picture.

Taylor explained that Thomas was taking off for Paris, and Eric wondered if his decision had something to do with it. Taylor asked if Eric had thought of what the decision would do to Thomas, who'd lost the interim CEO position and twenty-five percent ownership, "Because of her!" Taylor declared, pointing at the picture.

Eric was sorry about Thomas' disillusionment, but Eric said Thomas should have talked to Eric. "We're family," Eric stated. Taylor didn't want to hear that. She said it was what Stephanie would say. To Taylor, being family meant "we bow to Brooke" no matter what Taylor's children wanted or deserved.

Taylor asked if Eric found it odd that Stephanie had sent him away to work while she'd been on her deathbed. Eric frowned, and Taylor sobbed, raging about Stephanie asking for Brooke, even over Stephanie's children. Eric explained that Brooke and Stephanie had repaired their relationship, and they'd become close.

"No. No! I think it's a lot more than that. I've been thinking about this. I think she wanted to die with her because she was a lot more like Brooke than we ever realized," Taylor declared, and Eric looked doubtful and grim. "It was a narcissist's dream. She got to die in her own arms," Taylor insisted.

At the portrait, Taylor raged that the family couldn't get along like Stephanie had requested. "You made it impossible!" Taylor raged. To Taylor's surprise, the portrait slid off the wall and landed upright in front of the fireplace.

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