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While commiserating with Eric, Taylor revealed Steffy's pregnancy. Eric named Thomas the new vice president, and Taylor kissed Eric. Hope became leery of Brooke's relationship with Bill. Hope and Steffy were each confident of a future with Liam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 28, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, January 28, 2013

In Paris, Steffy took folic acid from a bottle that had been sitting next to a doctor's prescription, and then she made breakfast plans with Ridge.

At the cliff house, Liam was impressed by sketches that Hope showed him. He said she seemed inspired. Hope kept expecting Steffy to walk in at any moment, and Hope found it odd that Steffy knew Hope and Liam were spending time together. Liam responded that Steffy had said they needed it.

Crossing her legs, Hope remarked that she and Liam wouldn't have that kind of time once Steffy returned. "We need to take advantage of it," she told him. Liam's eyes lit up as he watched her legs move. Hope wondered what his look was all about. Chuckling nervously, Liam replied that it was him wanting to make love to her all night long. "Or try, anyway," he concluded.

Liam stated that he couldn't do that until he'd sorted things out. Hope joked that they could drop Steffy's stuff off at the loft. Becoming serious, Hope said Liam should ask Steffy to move out. Hope felt that she deserved to be on equal footing with Steffy after the lies they'd put up with.

Hope conveyed that Steffy hadn't been involved with the Italy manipulation, but she'd moved in with Liam without even revealing her suspicions. Hope thought it was fair for Liam to level the playing field, because with Steffy living in the house, he couldn't make a fair decision on whom to be with. Hope added that Steffy being gone would make it much easier for Hope to move back in.

Hope stated that she was obviously who Liam was supposed to be with. "Obviously," Liam echoed. She insisted that they'd make it to the altar whether her father showed up or if there was an earthquake. Hope predicted that "vows will be exchanged," and she'd be Hope Spencer.

Liam joked that Bill would give Hope a sword necklace, and Liam stated that she was brave to want to be Bill's daughter-in-law. Hope wondered if he'd heard the stories about any man who'd become Brooke's son-in-law. He looked quizzically, and Hope made a gesture. "You're gross! That's gross!" Liam exclaimed. Hope laughed, saying she was at least at a point where she could joke about it.

Liam insisted that it wouldn't happen with him. Hope said she knew there were a lot of people -- like Steffy and Taylor -- who liked to bash the Logans, but Hope insisted it was a great family to be a part of.

Liam received a video call from Steffy. He hesitated, but Hope said he should take it. He asked if she were sure, and she responded she had to leave to pick up her mother, anyway. Hope sat on the arm of a nearby chair, and Liam answered the call.

Liam asked Steffy how things were with her and Ridge. Steffy said it was a difficult time, but she was glad to be with her father. Steffy stated that she loved Liam. She said she'd just wanted to say that, and she added that they had a lot to discuss when she returned. Liam rocked nervously, and Steffy asked if he were alone. He told her that he wasn't, and upset, Steffy abruptly said she had to go. He told her to wait, but she'd already shut down her laptop.

Liam stared sadly at his tablet, but Hope walked over, lifted his face to hers, and kissed him on the lips. Hope uttered that if he told Steffy to move out, then he and Hope could have more nights like that. Liam watched Hope as she strode out the door.

At Katie's house, Brooke was glad that Katie had called her over there. Katie expressed her gratefulness to Brooke for calming Bill down and sending him home the other night.

Bill rounded the corner from the stairs, but he stopped walking when he heard Brooke and Katie talking on the sofa. Katie was saying she hated to get Brooke involved, but Brooke said it was her job. Katie stated that she was taking Brooke's advice -- especially about the intimacy thing.

Bill chose that time to enter, and he acted surprised that Brooke was there. Brooke said Katie had wanted to let her know that everything was okay with Bill and Katie.

Brooke received a text message and noted how sweet it was that Rodrigo, the Forrester driver, was checking to see if she needed a ride home. Katie offered Bill's services to take Brooke home, but Brooke said Hope would pick her up. Brooke hadn't driven herself because she'd had a couple of glasses of wine, and she thought it was better to be safe than sorry about driving herself.

Will began crying, and Katie bade her sister farewell before going to check on the baby. Alone with Bill, Brooke reprimanded herself for talking about drinking. Bill said it was okay, but Brooke replied that she didn't want to cause more trouble between Katie and Bill. "Than I already have," Brooke added.

Bill said Brooke couldn't worry all the time about mentioning alcohol. He claimed that he and Katie would overcome their issues. He felt that as long as he and Katie had the same goals of a solid marriage and home for Will, then they'd be okay. "You're an amazing person, and I wish nothing but the best for you," Brooke uttered, touching Bill's neck.

Hope opened the front door at that moment, and she was surprised to see Brooke and Bill standing close by the fireplace. Hope shook it off and alerted them that she was there to pick up her mother. Brooke bade Bill a good night, and Hope coldly said Bill's name before following Brooke outside.

"What was that?" Hope asked Brooke as they stood outside on the stoop. Brooke didn't know what Hope was talking about. Hope dismissively said that Brooke wouldn't; however, one look at Brooke's face, and Hope uttered, "No..."

At Eric's house, Eric checked out the portrait, and Taylor guessed that Stephanie refused to be challenged from the grave. Talking to the picture, Taylor expressed that she'd been hurt by Thomas losing his stock and Stephanie dying in Brooke's arms. Taylor uttered that after she'd been a dutiful daughter-in-law, Stephanie had given Brooke the engagement ring.

Taylor claimed that she hadn't wanted the ring for herself, but she thought the ring should have gone to Stephanie's daughters or to Steffy, who'd been Stephanie's namesake. Taylor sobbed that she'd lost Phoebe, her other kids had grown up, and she'd sold the house because it had been so empty. "And my best friend dies. I'm alone," she cried.

Touching her hand, Eric told Taylor that she wasn't alone. He recalled trying to prepare himself for Stephanie's death, but it hadn't been what he'd expected. He wondered what he was supposed to do with his big, old house, which was empty without Stephanie. He didn't want to live by himself or cook meals for himself. He couldn't even play the piano without Stephanie.

Taylor and Eric commiserated over not being there with Stephanie when she'd died. Eric was angry at himself for not being there, but Taylor claimed that "we" weren't part of "her" plan. Taylor offered to help Eric rehang the portrait, but he said he'd get help doing that in the morning. He wondered, though, if there was anything that he could say to help with Thomas.

Taylor said Thomas was headed for Paris, and she didn't know if he'd return. Taylor didn't even know what was going on with Steffy. Eric wanted to know what the problem was, and Taylor asked if she could trust Eric. He said she could, and Taylor revealed that Steffy was pregnant. Taylor thought that Steffy should be happy, but something wasn't right. Taylor added that Liam didn't know about it, and Steffy had forbidden Taylor from speaking it about it.

Taylor cried that she didn't know what to do because anything could happen. Eric assumed Taylor was referring to Hope, and Taylor sobbed that another Logan was going after her family.

Eric did his martini ritual, and Taylor guessed he did that every night. She hoped Stephanie appreciated it. Eric murmured that Stephanie hadn't liked the way he'd made the martinis. Taylor was sure Stephanie had, but it had also given Stephanie something to complain about.

Eric told Taylor that he'd keep the secret. Taylor trusted Eric, but she was worried that Steffy was leaving the door open for Hope. Taylor was upset that Steffy's family was just starting, but Hope was doing the same thing as her mother had done. Taylor told Stephanie's picture that Brooke was teaching her daughter to ruin another generation.

Eric stated that it wouldn't happen. He told Taylor that she and her family would all be safe as long as he was around. As Eric and Taylor hugged, Taylor stared at the portrait.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope grilled Brooke about how far Brooke had gone with Bill. Brooke reiterated everything that had happened while Bill and Brooke had searched for Katie after Katie had left Bill. Brooke explained to Hope that Katie had asked Bill for a divorce.

Brooke said that Katie had wanted Brooke and Bill to be together so they could bond and raise Will as parents. Brooke flashed back to her conversation with Katie in which a distraught and crazed-looking Katie had begged Brooke and Bill to raise Will together.

Brooke told Hope that they had not known that Katie was deep in depression. Katie had gone to great lengths to put Bill and Brooke together. Hope warned Brooke that Brooke had crossed the line before. Hope noted that Bill was a man full of desire. Brooke argued that neither Brooke nor Bill wanted an extramarital relationship.

Brooke promised not to make excuses, but she recalled that Katie had worked hard to get Bill and Brooke to bond and raise Will because Katie had been convinced that she was dying. Hope acknowledged that Katie had experienced postpartum depression, but Brooke had been playing a very dangerous game. Brooke said that she would never hurt Katie, and neither would Bill. Brooke added that Katie and Bill were fine, and the past would fade away. Brooke begged Hope to believe her.

Hope asked how close Brooke and Bill had become. Brooke launched into a long explanation of how she and Bill had conducted a search for Katie in Aspen and taken a balloon ride. Brooke continued that she had needed to make a quick return to Los Angeles to be with Stephanie when Stephanie had passed away. Brooke said her heart had been heavy, and Bill had arrived to comfort her.

Brooke flashed back to her search for the ring that Stephanie had given her. Brooke recalled that Bill had found the missing ring and placed it on Brooke's finger. Brooke said they had kissed. Hope was aghast.

At the same time, Brooke shared the story with Hope, Bill was meeting with Justin at Spencer, and Bill was distracted. Justin asked what was wrong, and Bill said that Brooke was on his mind. Justin encouraged Bill to dish, and Bill recalled his history with Brooke. Bill flashed back to how devastated he had been when he read Katie's note recommending that Bill find Will a good mother. She had asked for a divorce.

Bill said he had a wonderful son and a wife who made him a better man. He added that Brooke accepted him for who he was, and she seemed to know him. Justin wondered if Bill had married the wrong Logan sister. Bill looked pensive.

At Forrester, Pam and Donna argued about interrupting Eric's meeting with a French designer. They decided against intruding, but Taylor walked into Forrester and barged into Eric's meeting. Eric introduced Taylor to the designer, who was very happy to meet her. The designer left.

Eric noted that the designer had been taken with Taylor. Taylor handed Eric a cappuccino, and he thanked her. Taylor thanked Eric for listening to her the previous evening. Taylor said that she didn't want Eric to feel sorry for her, but she'd had a hard time dealing with everything that had happened with Steffy and Thomas. She added that emptiness and loss had been hard on her family.

Eric said that he'd always admired Taylor's strength, style, grace, and ability to deal with challenges. Taylor noted that they had all dealt with challenges, pain, and disappointment. Taylor worried that Thomas needed someone in his corner because his father had been in Paris, and Thomas felt somewhat abandoned at Forrester. Taylor said Thomas needed a man to support him. Eric understood and promised he would never turn his back on Taylor or her family.

Taylor shared her concerns that Thomas wanted to move to Paris because he felt he had been pushed aside in the company. Eric disagreed, but Taylor complained that Brooke's family and all the Logans had always gained favor at Forrester, while her children had not. Taylor worried that Rick was president, and Hope had a new line. Eric said that Brooke and her family had been very loyal to Forrester and made numerous contributions to the company. Taylor argued that Brooke didn't know the meaning of loyalty and had set a terrible example for Hope. Eric again disagreed.

Outside Eric's office, Donna and Pam chatted about how Taylor had gotten pretty close to Eric recently. Donna said Taylor would not being making moves on Eric if Donna could help it. Down the hall, Rick and Thomas argued about designs, and Rick told Thomas that it might best if Thomas lived in Paris. Rick shouted that Thomas had to get over the fact that he was not the Forrester president. Thomas whined that Rick had stolen everything -- his position at the company and even his girlfriend.

Donna and Pam overheard the argument, and they warned Eric and Taylor that Thomas and Rick had been arguing. Eric was confident that Rick and Thomas would work it out, but Pam and Donna were concerned. Eric and Taylor went to Rick's office.

Thomas complained about Rick, and Rick said that Thomas was angry because he had been relieved of being the company president. Eric admonished Rick and advised that Rick would respect all of Thomas' ideas and involve Thomas in all of Forrester's major projects. Rick promised that he would, but Eric didn't think Rick was sincere. Eric gave Rick another warning, and Rick sheepishly promised to make things work.

Later, Eric and Taylor returned to Eric's office, and Taylor thanked Eric. They discussed that their visit the previous evening had been helpful to both of them. They promised to support to one another.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Thomas flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Taylor. He recalled telling her that he had to leave Los Angeles because he had no allies at Forrester. Thomas wanted to spend time with Steffy and Ridge in Paris.

Taylor met with Thomas. Taylor noted that Eric had recently stuck up for Thomas. Taylor begged Thomas not to leave Los Angeles. Thomas didn't want someone to stick up for him. He wanted respect. Thomas claimed he was leaving after he completed a report for Rick. Brooke entered and said that she'd thought Thomas had already left. Thomas scoffed at Brooke and left.

Taylor and Brooke sniped at each other in Thomas' office. Taylor said that Thomas was moving to Paris to get away from Rick. Brooke stuck up for Rick and acknowledged that Thomas couldn't get along with Rick. Brooke felt it was a mature decision for Thomas to get away to Paris. A similar move had helped Rick grow up.

Taylor argued that Thomas wasn't going to Paris because he wanted to -- he was going because he was frustrated with being shunned at Forrester. "So am I," Taylor said. She added that Thomas wanted to join his sister and father in Paris. Taylor lamented that her entire family had been torn apart. Brooke tried to make the move seem positive, but Taylor spewed that nothing was good about it.

Taylor seethed that Thomas was uprooting his life. She brought up ancient history and said that she'd lost Phoebe, and Steffy might move away. Taylor blamed Brooke for everything.

Brooke warned that Taylor wanted to blame Brooke for Stephanie's choice to spend her dying moments with Brooke rather than Taylor. Brooke said Taylor clearly wanted to blame Brooke for everything, but it wasn't her fault. Brooke recommended that Taylor get over it and become an example for her children.

Taylor ranted that Brooke had never been concerned about Taylor or Taylor's family. Taylor said that Brooke had been trying to drive Taylor's family out of Forrester. "You are not going to drive them out the way you did to Ridge," Taylor said. Taylor left in a huff.

In Eric's office, Pam helped Eric find a file, and Eric noted that Pam always found everything for him. Pam didn't want anything in return, she said. She reminded Eric to be wary of women delivering casseroles at his home. She was referring to Donna, who had also taken honey to Eric's home.

Pam said it was tacky, but Eric said that it was funny, and he appreciated Donna's efforts to cheer him up. Pam said that he could do better and needed to fine a woman of substance and class -- someone to have a conversation with -- like Stephanie. Eric thanked Pam for her concern.

On the rooftop, Thomas complained to Marcus about Rick. Thomas shared his plans to move to Paris. Marcus recalled that he had spent a lot of time in Paris, but had not stayed there. Thomas ranted that he wasn't going there for experience, but rather to get away from Rick.

At the farmers' market in Los Angeles, Dayzee had scheduled a meeting with Maya, but Marcus showed up. Dayzee persuaded Marcus to meet her later, and she sent him on his way. Maya saw them. She asked about Marcus, and Dayzee confessed that Marcus was her husband.

Maya vented to Dayzee that she wanted her daughter returned. Maya was bitter that she had given up her baby for adoption. Maya reminded Dayzee that she had served time in prison for a crime she hadn't committed. Maya blamed Dayzee for taking her child away.

Dayzee and Maya discussed that Maya had been minutes away from being hauled off to prison when Maya gave up her daughter. Dayzee said there had been no other way, but Maya insisted there had to have been. Maya said she had eventually found a lawyer who had exonerated her.

Maya repeated that she wanted her daughter returned. Maya wanted to know if Dayzee had contacted the people who had adopted her. Dayzee warned that Maya was not going to get her daughter back. Dayzee showed Maya a photo of Maya's daughter happily in the arms of a couple.

Maya wondered why her daughter was so small, and Dayzee said that the photo was from the last time she had heard anything. "Tell them I want my child," Maya insisted.

Dayzee warned that it would never happen. Dayzee wondered if Maya had a job or a place to live. Maya grew impatient and insisted that she needed her baby. "You did this, and you need to make it right," Maya said. She added that she would not go away.

At Forrester, Taylor burst into Eric's office with Brooke hot on her heels. Taylor begged Eric not to approve Thomas' request for a transfer. Brooke said that it was valuable experience to work at Forrester International. Brooke encouraged Eric to approve the transfer. Taylor asked Brooke to leave so that Eric and Taylor could have a private conversation.

Taylor begged Eric to see that Thomas was miserable. She worried that Thomas, Steffy, and Ridge had all escaped to Paris because they had been slighted and defeated at Forrester. Taylor blamed Brooke for everything. Taylor said that the rug had been pulled out from under everyone in Taylor's family.

While she ranted, Eric was busy working on his computer. Eric stopped Taylor, and told her that he had just sent out a company-wide message. He handed it to Taylor.

Taylor read the message aloud -- it offered a glowing review of Thomas' accomplishments, abilities, and future as the vice president of Forrester Creations. Taylor was relieved. "I hope that's enough to keep him here, where he's wanted," Eric said. Taylor thanked Eric, and she grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the Forrester corridor, Marcus and Carter, Marcus' adoptive brother from Texas, hugged. As Marcus introduced Carter to Pam, Brooke arrived, and Marcus introduced his aunt to Carter.

In Eric's office, Taylor expressed that it made her feel safe to have a man like Eric defending her family. Eric smiled, and Taylor's phone rang. It was Steffy calling to say she'd boarded a plane for home, but Liam still didn't know about the pregnancy. After the call, Taylor conveyed excitement about Steffy's return, and Taylor thanked Eric for supporting her.

Brooke entered the office with a gift for Thomas. She'd wanted to give him one of Ridge's pens as a going away present. Taylor was sure Thomas would love the pen, but she said he wouldn't be using it in Paris. Eric added that he'd named Thomas vice president of the company. Brooke wondered if Taylor had talked Eric into that. Chuckling, Eric stated that it had been his own idea, and as CEO, he'd mentor Rick and Thomas at the same time.

Eric took off, and Taylor announced that Steffy was on the way back. Brooke assumed Taylor thought Liam and Steffy would pick up where they'd left off. To Brooke, it was as if Taylor knew something Brooke didn't. Taylor said Hope hadn't kept her distance; however, Steffy was on the way back. Figuring that Steffy would want to spend time with Liam, Taylor suggested Hope stay away.

Brooke explained that Hope had a right to try to get her life back, and Steffy was the outsider. "We'll see about that," Taylor murmured and left. Brooke pulled out her phone and called someone. She said she needed a favor that day, and it was really important.

Back in the corridor, Carter said he was on an open-ended trip. Eric exited his office, and Marcus introduced Eric and Carter. Carter commented that he'd never seen Marcus so happy. Just then, Dayzee arrived, and Eric stated that she was the reason for Marcus' happiness.

Recognizing Carter from the pictures that Marcus had shown her, Dayzee hugged Carter. As the four chatted, Carter teasingly threatened to tell stories about when Marcus was younger. Carter offered to take everyone to dinner that evening, but Eric decided that it would be his treat. Marcus insisted that his lawyer brother could foot the bill. Eric and Carter continued to talk, but Marcus took Dayzee aside and asked why she seemed preoccupied.

At the cliff house, Liam received a call from Steffy, who said that she was on a plane back home. "Oh, wow," Liam responded. She said she was excited about their future, and they had a lot to talk about. Agreeing, Liam told her to be safe, then he clicked off the line.

Hope entered, and she saw that Liam was alone, just the way she liked it. Liam said to enjoy it while it lasted because Steffy was headed back. Hope offered to help him pack Steffy's things up, but he said he couldn't do that. Hope insisted that he could do anything; he just had to decide what he wanted.

Hope and Liam cuddled on the couch, and he stroked her hair. Hope wasn't thrilled about Steffy's return, but Hope was surprised that Steffy had let him out of her sight for that long. Liam reasoned that Steffy had known that he and Hope had things to sort out. Hope said she was glad for their time together. She figured there was nothing in their way, and she asked him to never let her go.

Hope expressed that Steffy would probably try to convince Liam that he couldn't live without Steffy and that Steffy understood him better than Hope could. Hope figured that if it were true, Steffy wouldn't have kept things from him.

Hope asked Liam to remember that and to remember how he felt at that very moment. Hope said they could still have the life that they'd dreamed of sharing. "It's right in front of us," she uttered, and they tenderly kissed each other. Hope collected her things and walked out the door.

Hope went to Forrester, where she looked at pictures of Liam and flashed back to the passion they'd shared after Steffy had left for Paris. Hope recalled Liam saying he wanted to make love to her. At home, Liam smiled as he thought about the same thing.

At that same time, Brooke was on the phone, outside of Liam's house. She was asking if the caller could make it work. She said the timing had to be exactly right, and she was counting on it.

After the call, Brooke knocked on the door, and Liam answered it. Brooke said she'd heard Steffy was on her way back, and Liam jokingly assumed Brooke was there to put up barricades. Brooke figured he had a decision to make. She revealed that she knew he'd kissed Hope, and the pair had wound up on his bed together. Liam looked surprised, and Brooke said Hope confided everything in Brooke.

Brooke explained that Hope wanted to be with Liam for the rest of her life. Brooke figured that Liam felt the same way, so Brooke told him that he was going to have to tell Steffy that he was starting a life with Hope. Brooke called Steffy a lovely girl, but as Liam's second choice, Steffy couldn't stay. "Hope is counting on you. I am counting on you. Tonight you say goodbye to Steffy," Brooke declared.

On the first class plane ride by to Los Angeles, Monica, the passenger in the seat next to Steffy, noted that Steffy seemed preoccupied. Monica guessed a lot awaited Steffy in L.A. Steffy stated that her life, her boyfriend, and the woman who was after her boyfriend were all there. Steffy guessed that the woman was making a play for Liam at that very moment.

Steffy explained that Hope Logan, a fashion designer, had set her sights on Steffy's ex-husband. Calling it complicated, Steffy concluded that she and Liam hadn't let each other go after the divorce. Steffy claimed she didn't want to push Liam into anything; she just wanted him to be happy.

Steffy said Liam and Hope had feelings for each other, but there had been many manipulations and lies. Steffy had decided to give Liam his space, but Monica asked if that had been a wise idea. Steffy replied that, while Liam didn't know it, she'd witnessed him and Hope kissing before Steffy had left L.A.

Monica reasoned that Liam and Hope might not be over each other. Steffy said that Hope was fighting for what she'd lost, but it amounted to nothing compared to what Steffy and Liam shared. Steffy said she was pregnant, and she planned to tell Liam once she was home. She was sure he'd be thrilled.

The plane landed, and Monica said that from the pictures she'd seen of Liam, his and Steffy's child would be beautiful. Thanking Monica, Steffy said she couldn't wait to tell Liam about the baby.

Later, Steffy arrived in her office at Forrester. Taylor rushed in and almost knocked Steffy over as Taylor hugged her. Steffy said she hadn't been gone that long, but Taylor insisted that it was a very important time in Steffy's life.

Taylor asked why Steffy hadn't told Liam about the baby yet, and Steffy explained that she'd seen something between Hope and Liam before the trip. Steffy claimed that being away had given her perspective. She planned to go home and tell Liam about the baby. Steffy was sure he'd be stunned but also excited, and then they'd begin their future together.

Friday, February 1, 2013

In Eric's office, Rick and Hope searched for some budget projections. Hope asked about the rumor that Thomas had gotten promoted. Shrugging, Rick said he'd live with it. Hope guessed it meant they still had "brother and sister" to deal with. "And mother," Rick added and quipped that the way Taylor had been there, fighting for "little Tommy," had probably been why Thomas had become "V.P."

Rick changed the subject to how Hope was doing. "It's moving day," Hope said and laughed. Rick asked what that meant. Hope proclaimed that Steffy was back from Paris, but hopefully, Liam would be asking her to move out. Rick wondered if Liam would actually do that. Hope explained that she'd been spending a lot of time with Liam, and things were getting back to the way they'd once been.

Rick noticed that Hope seemed calm. Hope said she and Liam knew what they had, and it had been strong enough to get to them to the altar once. Rick called it a slam dunk, but Hope said Steffy was a worthy adversary. Hope had tried to make Liam see that nothing was tying him and Steffy together. Hope felt there was no reason that she and Liam couldn't have a fresh start.

Rick still regretted his hand in causing Liam and Steffy to get together. Hope said Bill had done his share, as well. She reflected on the Italy wedding and said it had been a high school fantasy. It didn't normally happen in real life, but she'd been lucky that it had happened for her. Rick asserted that it should have stuck, and he felt that he hadn't treated his sister well.

Hope said she'd become a stronger person for it. Though she wasn't ready to totally let Rick off the hook, she understood why he'd done it, and she knew that he hadn't been trying to hurt her. Hope warned Rick not to interfere in her life again. He claimed that he'd learned his lesson, and he wanted things to work out for Hope and Liam.

Hope was feeling pretty good about things, and she felt that Liam looked at her differently. Rick didn't see how Liam couldn't want Hope. Hope said Steffy still figured into it, but what Steffy had to offer didn't compare to what Hope and Liam shared.

Rick wondered if they had another "killer wedding" to look forward to. Hope said she could never outdo Puglia. She'd blocked out the bad memories, and she'd never trade a moment of her time in Italy. Liam had made Hope feel cherished and adored, and Steffy could never take that from Hope.

Hope recalled how Liam had looked at her on their wedding day. She said it was the same way he looked at her "now," and she believed he'd always look at her that way.

In Steffy's office, Taylor exclaimed that she'd felt something in Steffy's tummy. Steffy chuckled, "I've only been pregnant for like a minute." Steffy asked how Rick felt about Thomas' new position. Taylor replied that Rick had to accept Eric's decision. Steffy noted that her mother was feisty.

Taylor quipped that it had been good times while Steffy had been gone, and "they" were messing with Taylor's children. Taylor asserted that Hope was still chasing Liam, and Rick wouldn't be happy about Thomas' new position. Taylor hoped their mother wasn't spurring all the "ill will."

Taylor said that Thomas had his work cut out for him, but it'd be much easier for Steffy. Shaking her head, Steffy exclaimed that she didn't want Liam staying with her because she was pregnant. Taylor didn't get what the issue was, and Steffy stated that things had changed for Hope and Liam when the lies had surfaced. Taylor asked if Liam had been pulling away. Steffy claimed he hadn't, and she was counting on him to love her more than he ever had.

Taylor could tell something was bothering her daughter. She'd noticed it before Steffy had even left for Paris. Steffy claimed she'd never been pregnant before, but Taylor sensed there was more. Relenting, Steffy admitted seeing Hope and Liam making out on the bed before Steffy had left for Paris.

Steffy conveyed that she hadn't confronted Hope and Liam before leaving. Steffy felt that things had changed ever since the truth had surfaced about Italy. Taylor couldn't believe Steffy had gone to Paris, anyway, and she noted that Hope had been seeing more of Liam. Steffy figured Hope had seen it as an opportunity that Steffy had just handed to Hope.

Steffy said she didn't want to live in Hope's shadow, and Steffy had told Liam to get Hope out of his system. Taylor thought telling Liam about the baby would make it easier for Liam. Steffy didn't want to make it easier for him, and she didn't want him basing his choice on the baby.

Steffy figured that Liam knew what they had, and a child could only add to it; however, it shouldn't be the only reason they stayed together. She was certain that she, Liam, and the baby would be a family. Steffy rubbed her belly, and Taylor asked if Ridge knew about the baby. Steffy hadn't told him because he'd been dealing with a lot, and she'd been overwhelmed at the time.

Steffy felt as if having fun and enjoying their freedom had been building up to her and Liam taking the next step. Steffy cooed that Taylor would be a grandma. Taylor was proud that Steffy would be a mother, but Taylor asked Steffy not to elope again because Taylor wanted to be involved in the wedding. Steffy said she'd decided that she wanted to be married before the birth, and she was sure Liam would want it, too.

At the cliff house, Liam claimed to Brooke that he'd do something about his predicament. Brooke wondered when that would be, because Steffy would be back at any moment. Brooke asked if Liam loved Hope any less than he had on the day he'd married her in Italy. "No," Liam replied. Brooke reasoned that it should tell him something.

Brooke stated that Liam and Hope had experienced lies and manipulations; however, he wasn't tied to Steffy. Brooke urged him to let Steffy go. Liam asserted that Brooke had raised an extraordinary woman, but so had Taylor. He stated that it wasn't just one incredible woman -- there were two.

Brooke figured that Steffy would make some man happy one day. "But not me," Liam concluded. Brooke reminded him that Hope was always his first choice. "And she was because of who she is," Brooke stated and went on to name Hope's attributes. Brooke believed that Hope had matured and grown, and Hope and Liam could have a wonderful life together.

Smiling, Liam conveyed that Hope had changed after confronting his father. Liam was proud of Hope, and he said Brooke had an awesome daughter. Brooke didn't think Liam should string Steffy along. Instead, he should let her move on with her life.

Liam said Brooke should go before Steffy arrived. Stalling, Brooke reminded Liam of the magical time he'd shared with Hope in Italy. Liam grinned in remembrance of the town and the sites. He recalled holding hands with Hope and watching the kites. Brooke said he'd meant his vows to Hope that day; in God's eyes and in Liam's own eyes, Hope and Liam had become one.

Brooke got a phone call, and she suggested that Liam go outside and get some fresh air to think. Liam exited, and Brooke answered her phone. She told the person on the line that Liam had just gone outside. "Great," she said to the person and then left.

On the patio, Liam heard a whizzing sound, and he looked up in the air. Overhead, kites raced and looped around. He gasped and laughed, flashing back to the day he'd married Hope in Italy. He remembered the vows he and Hope had exchanged, and Liam's eyes danced around as he watched the kites.

"Liam! I'm home!" Liam heard Steffy say from inside. Liam returned inside the house and saw Steffy in the living room, smiling at him. He stared for a moment and then smiled back.

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Y&R TWO SCOOPS: Paris or bust
The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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