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Steffy returned home but headed out the door when Liam asked her to move out. Dayzee admitted to Marcus that she might be in trouble. During a heated argument, Hope shoved Steffy into a desk.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, February 4, 2013

At the Cliff House, Liam hugged Steffy and said he was glad she'd returned. She asked if he meant it. Without replying, he kissed her cheek and hugged her again. The two discussed how Ridge was doing, and Steffy reported that it wasn't easy for Ridge to have to get over "a Logan" again, and Steffy wasn't sure that he'd return to Los Angeles any time soon.

Liam apologized for not telling Steffy that Hope had been at the house during that video call. He noted that he and Steffy had barely been in communication, and she'd seemed distant in the times that they had been. Steffy reminded him that he'd needed that time with Hope.

Steffy was ready to move on with their lives, and she asked if he were ready to let go of the past. Liam couldn't believe how their lives had been shaken up, and Steffy asked if she'd been crazy to leave town at such a critical time. Liam called her action brave, and he said she'd been a good daughter. Steffy decided that she needed to be honest with Liam about something.

Steffy explained that she'd stopped back by the house before taking her flight to Paris. Liam wondered why he hadn't seen her, and she gave him a knowing gaze. Liam flashed a guilty look, and Steffy stated that she'd seen him and Hope in the bed. He claimed that he and Hope hadn't had sex. Steffy responded that she'd seen enough, and that was why she'd been distant.

Liam couldn't believe Steffy wasn't throwing things at him. Steffy didn't see a reason to do that. Steffy had hated knowing that Hope and Liam had been spending time together, "especially now," but Steffy had convinced herself that he'd work through his feelings and put Hope behind him forever. Steffy claimed that she wasn't pressuring Liam, but she could feel their future deep within her.

Holding her stomach, Steffy said Liam should be with Hope if it made more sense to him. Steffy didn't want him to waste her time when he could be having the life that he and Hope had been robbed of. Steffy declared that she wouldn't make the mistake her mother had made by clinging to a relationship "when clearly my dad wanted to be with Brooke instead," Steffy said.

"Not that it worked out," Liam murmured. Steffy quipped that it might not work with Liam and Hope, either; however, Steffy didn't want to be along for the ride. She didn't want to give him any ultimatums, but she also didn't want to hang in limbo for months. Doubting that Hope wanted it, either, Steffy asked him to give her and Hope some respect. "Give yourself some respect," Steffy added.

Steffy advised Liam to figure it out soon. She found it funny that of all the women in the world, he'd fallen for the daughters of Brooke and Taylor. Steffy decided that she'd been locked in the pattern long enough. She was sorry that Hope and Liam had been lied to, but things were different. Steffy told him to acknowledge that and move on with Steffy, or he could return to the same cycle with Hope.

Steffy stated that the choice would be final, because she wouldn't take it to another generation. She refused to invest everything in a relationship, knowing that she'd lose to a Logan. Claiming she'd learned from the past, Steffy contended that she knew what was best for all of them.

Steffy figured that since one girl had gone to Paris, Liam had invited the other girl over -- even though he'd pledged his loyalty to the former one. She asked how often he'd entertained Hope, and he admitted that Hope had been there a lot, reminding him of what they'd had. He said Hope wanted her life back. Steffy claimed to understand Hope's feelings, and Steffy asked what the decision was.

Liam said he'd been reevaluating his life a lot since he and Hope had found out the truth. He knew that a lot had happened, but the lies and manipulations had enabled him to be with Steffy and get to know her on a different level, a level deeper than before they'd been married.

Liam didn't doubt the kind of life that he could have with Steffy. Steffy, however, quipped that he could say the same about Hope. Touching her stomach, Steffy declared, "We need to know." Liam replied that there was only one decision he could make.

In Steffy's office, Eric encountered Taylor. He wondered if Steffy had returned and if she had a glow about her. Taylor beamed that her daughter had a glow and maturity, and the baby had changed everything for Steffy.

Taylor told Eric that Steffy had seen Liam and Hope making out on the bed before the Paris trip. Taylor explained that it had been difficult, but Steffy had decided to give Liam time to get Hope out of his system. Taylor said Liam had taken the time, and Steffy was ready to move forward.

Eric figured he'd have to remember to seem surprised when Steffy finally made her announcement. He said he was sorry for what being a member of his family had put Taylor and her children through, and he was glad that they felt like winners again. Taylor and Eric hugged.

In the CEO's office, Brooke thanked her friend for helping with the kites. He exited as Hope entered and asked Brooke to guess who was back in town. Brooke stated that she'd just been with Liam, and she believed that she'd set him straight. Hope asked what Brooke was talking about.

Brooke said she'd reminded Liam of Italy and the beautiful wedding. Brooke felt that nothing was tying Liam to Steffy, so if Liam were going to honor a commitment, it should be the one he'd made to Hope. Hope felt she should be prepared for any conclusion. Brooke was hopeful because, to her, Steffy was just a friend -- somebody to grab a beer with.

Taylor entered just as Brooke said there wasn't a real bond between Liam and Steffy. Taylor cautioned that Brooke couldn't be more wrong. "That is my cue to exit," Hope decided.

Hope hustled toward the door, but Taylor stopped Hope and asked if Hope were serious about thinking she'd get back with Liam. Hope indicated that she was, but Taylor insisted that after Steffy told Liam a few things, he wouldn't want to let Steffy go. Hope left, and Brooke smiled at Taylor.

Taylor told Brooke that she'd better make Hope see reality. Brooke replied that Taylor acted as if there was just one possible outcome. Taylor insisted that Liam would stay with Steffy -- "especially now." Brooke believed that if Taylor had seen Liam on the happiest day of his life in Puglia, then Taylor would understand what Brooke was saying.

Brooke acknowledged that Liam cared for Steffy but said it wasn't the same. Taylor raged that Brooke had said the same thing about Ridge, even when Ridge had been married with children. Brooke noted that Liam was neither of those things, and if he wanted to be with Hope, "now" was the time. Taylor insisted that Brooke prepare Hope, who'd need strength when she had to leave Liam behind.

In Steffy's office, Hope left Steffy some files and a note welcoming her back to town.

At the Spencer house, Bill arrived home in the middle of the day and was happy to see Katie greeting him in a nightie. The two made love, and as they cuddled in bed, Bill said he needed to tell Katie something. He wasn't sure she'd want to hear it, and Katie groaned, suspecting it had to do with Steffy. Bill had an inkling that Katie would probably want to call her niece because Steffy had returned.

Katie went to check on Will. She returned, and Bill hoped she'd realized that Steffy was better for Liam. Sighing, Katie decided that they should have that talk again a few months from then -- after Liam and Hope had worked through things. "Besides, as I so clearly told you, the decision is up to him," Katie mindfully added, and Bill innocently grinned.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's house, Liam said that he had to make one choice, and Steffy informed Liam that he had more than one choice. She reminded him that she had been his biggest advocate for freedom. She promised that she would allow no one to corner him. "Not even me," she said.

Steffy admitted that she had at one time tricked Liam, but she was different. Liam agreed that Steffy had grown. Steffy recognized that Liam was under a lot of pressure. Liam said he was sick of people who had protected him from the truth, and he encouraged Steffy to say what she had to say.

Steffy said she wanted more from Liam and more time together. Steffy confessed that she had been a good-time party girl, but she wanted to think about their future. She insisted she was ready for a commitment. Liam promised that he would never walk out of Steffy's life.

"Nobody gets me the way you do," Liam said. Steffy interrupted and said that she was relieved to hear him say that, but Liam insisted that he had to finish. He said he loved her and always would. "But I don't think we can live together anymore, " he said.

Steffy was shocked. She asked if Hope was moving back in. Liam said he had been hurting both Steffy and Hope for years. He wanted to get back in touch with himself and stop rebounding between them. He didn't know what he wanted, but he knew that he wanted to stop hurting Steffy and Hope.

Steffy asked if it was the end, and Liam didn't guarantee an end or a beginning. Steffy became emotional. She acknowledged that everyone had jerked Liam around, but she didn't want Liam to send her away.

Liam insisted he needed time alone. Steffy angrily reminded Liam that she had kept her apartment to ensure that Liam never felt trapped. Liam agreed she had always had his interests at heart. He told her that he loved her, and he kissed her on the forehead. He promised to call her.

"Do you what you have to, and so will I," Steffy said. She left and stopped outside Liam's door to clutch her stomach.

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor argued over Hope and Steffy's chances at a future with Liam. Taylor informed Brooke that Steffy had seen Liam and Hope in her bedroom but hadn't interrupted them. Brooke agreed it had to have been very painful for Steffy. Taylor insisted that Steffy had faith in Liam, and Steffy understood that Liam and Hope needed time together.

Brooke wondered why Taylor felt she had to create a contest between Hope and Steffy -- and always between Brooke and Taylor. Brooke questioned why Taylor felt the need to attack Brooke and Hope in order to protect Steffy and Thomas. Brooke accused Taylor of waiting in the Forrester hallways to pounce on anyone who might disagree with Steffy or Thomas.

Taylor claimed she was a Forrester by marriage and had a right to be at Forrester. Brooke insisted that Taylor did not work at Forrester. Taylor accused Brooke of creating her own reality, and Taylor vowed "to pipe a little reality" into Brooke's world.

Brooke challenged Taylor's version of family history in which Brooke and her family had always stolen everything from Taylor and her family. Brooke reminded Taylor of many instances of deceit where Ridge had married Taylor because of pressure from Stephanie. Brooke added that Brooke and Ridge had raised Taylor's kids when Taylor had gone away for many years. In addition, Brooke remembered being thrown out after Taylor had returned.

Brooke sniped that Taylor had broken her "no Logan rule" for one night when Taylor had slept with Brooke's father. Taylor tried to defend herself. Taylor accused Brooke of coveting Stephanie's role as the family matriarch. Taylor recalled when Brooke and her sisters were the three queens who had run Forrester as models and business owners, with Marcus and Rick in positions of power, while Thomas worked in the basement and Steffy worked backstage. "That's not going to happen again," Taylor said.

Brooke softened and said that in all the years they had argued, Brooke had never considered Taylor an enemy. "Well maybe you should start," Taylor seethed.

Thomas and Eric met in an office at Forrester, and Thomas insisted that he wanted the power to hire and fire as a vice president. Thomas promised to be a team player, but he wanted more power. Eric vowed to revisit the company charter and make Thomas' power clear for everyone.

Hope entered and congratulated Thomas. She hugged him, but he was cool to her. Eric left, and Thomas and Hope argued about their relationships in the past and the present. Thomas accused Hope of sneaking around behind Steffy's back and chasing Liam, but Hope fired back that Hope and Liam had a history.

Hope added that everyone had lied to her and Liam. Thomas offered no sympathy. He reminded Hope that Brooke, his father, and his grandmother had promised him things, and he had nothing.

Hope reminded Thomas that he had become a vice president. She advised that they not inherit the battles of their parents. She added that Ridge and Stephanie were gone, and things were different. Brooke entered and asked what was wrong.

Thomas whined that Hope had had a clothing line in high school and Rick was the president. He sniped that he wanted nothing from any of them. Brooke and Hope were surprised at his hatred.

Brooke asked about Liam, and Hope said she had not heard from him, but she trusted him.

Taylor waited in Eric's office. Eric entered, and Taylor admitted that she had argued with Brooke and Hope. Eric acknowledged that things would change quickly once Liam knew the truth. Eric said that Hope's heart would be broken, and Brooke would be crushed as well.

Taylor looked back on her life and said Stephanie had manipulated her, but she had learned good life lessons. Taylor said she had learned she had to fight for what she wanted and would do the same for her children. Eric said that Thomas was in a position of power, and he believed Liam would never turn his back on his own child.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

by Pam

At Steffy's darkened condo, she looked at pictures on her phone of her and Liam when they had been very happy. She caressed her stomach with tears in her eyes. Taylor entered and said she had received Steffy's text and was surprised that Steffy wanted to meet at her condo rather than at Liam's home.

Steffy shared that Liam had asked her to move out. Taylor was shocked. Steffy said she would be all right. She planned to return to her condo. Taylor wondered if Hope had been at Liam's, but Steffy said Hope had not been there. Steffy figured that Hope would be on her way to Liam's place unless she stopped by Steffy's to do a "Logan victory dance."

Steffy admitted that she'd had a picture in her head that Liam would be overjoyed when Steffy returned and she told him about the baby. Steffy said she never thought he would ask her to move out before she ever got the words out about the baby. Steffy added that she hadn't told Ridge that she was pregnant because a part of her feared what the future held.

Taylor tried to persuade Steffy that Liam would be committed to her and fall in love with the baby the same way that Steffy had. Taylor became obsessed with Steffy hanging on to Liam. "You need to go over there and tell him tonight. He deserves to know," Taylor insisted.

Steffy argued that Liam had told her he was not ready for a commitment to anyone. Taylor ranted about Hope heading to Liam's the minute that Steffy left town, but Steffy tried to stop Taylor's rant. Steffy refused to trap Liam with a child when he still had feelings for Hope.

Steffy warned Taylor that she had already watched Taylor have three kids and lose Ridge to Brooke. Steffy refused to let history repeat itself. Taylor wouldn't give up on pressuring Steffy to tell Liam the truth about the baby. Steffy said he would resent her, but Taylor said it wouldn't happen. Taylor blamed Brooke for her failed marriage to Ridge. Taylor insisted that Steffy tell Liam the truth immediately. She and Steffy hugged.

At Liam's house, Liam looked at photos of him and Steffy. Bill and Katie interrupted. Bill said that Steffy had to have been back for hours. Liam said that Steffy was not there, and Bill quizzed Liam about where she had gone because Bill wanted to welcome her back. Bill started in on Liam, and Liam said, "I asked her to move out." Bill seethed at Liam, and they all argued about whom Liam should choose.

Liam explained that he could no longer bounce back and forth between Hope and Steffy. Katie said that she understood, but Bill ranted that Liam belonged with Steffy. Katie claimed Liam needed to remain with Hope, and she left. Bill warned that Katie would be on her way to Hope and Brooke to tell them that Steffy had moved out.

Liam insisted he needed time alone, but Bill pressured Liam to get Steffy to return. Liam looked confused.

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed that Hope was the one Liam should choose. Hope insisted that Steffy had given Liam space, and she admired Steffy for it. They both agreed that if Liam wanted to settle down, Steffy was certainly not the motherly type.

Brooke lamented that Taylor had blamed Brooke her entire life for breaking up Taylor's family. Brooke felt that Taylor was pushing Steffy toward Liam to make up for her loss to Brooke. Katie entered and shared the news that Liam had asked Steffy to move out. Brooke and Hope giggled.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

In the CEO's office, Katie informed Brooke and Hope that Steffy had gone back to her loft because Liam needed time alone to think. Brooke reasoned that if Liam wanted Steffy, then Steffy would still be there. Hope, however, felt that it was a big decision, and Liam deserved time to think. Brooke concluded that he needed time and space away from Steffy, not Hope, and Hope should go to Liam's house right away.

Katie conveyed that Liam hadn't exactly called it off with Steffy. Hope asked how Liam had seemed, and she shuddered when Katie revealed that Bill was pleading Steffy's case to Liam. Katie figured Bill wasn't too pleased that Liam was thinking instead of acting upon Spencer instincts.

Brooke stated that Liam had acted upon the instincts by asking Steffy to leave. Katie replied that Bill thought Liam had been mistaken in doing that. Hope was sure Bill couldn't do anything to break Hope's connection with Liam. Katie noted that Hope was confident, and Brooke nudged her daughter to seal the deal. Hope, however, said Liam would call when he was ready to see her.

Hope wanted to be patient and give Liam time, but Brooke was worried that Bill would change Liam's mind. Hope reasoned that she and Steffy hadn't changed their minds in all that time. Brooke conveyed that it wasn't what she or Taylor wanted for either of the girls, but Hope expressed confidence that Liam wouldn't drag things out. Katie hoped that Liam wouldn't, but because of all the time Hope had lost with Liam, Katie felt that Hope should go to him and not waste a second.

Katie left, and Brooke encouraged Hope to at least call Liam. Hope noted that Liam hadn't called her, and if he were still with his father, she didn't want to interrupt them. Hope appreciated how difficult Liam's choice had been for him, but Brooke reminded Hope that Steffy wasn't living with Liam anymore. Brooke saw nothing standing in the way of Hope recapturing what she'd had with Liam.

At the cliff house, Bill stated that it wasn't too late for Liam to undo what he'd done. Liam, however, felt that he needed to be alone. Bill quipped that alone was just how Liam would wind up by kicking out a woman like Steffy. Liam asserted that he'd taken action out of respect for both women, and he couldn't be with either of them until he'd sorted things out.

Beating his fist into his free hand, Bill wondered how he could get through to his son. He couldn't imagine what Steffy had done to deserve what she'd gotten. Liam reiterated that he'd needed some space, but Bill stated that Liam was lucky Steffy hadn't slapped him in the face.

Liam exclaimed that he couldn't keep doing that dance back and forth between the women. He refused to put them through what Ridge had put their mothers through. Bill conveyed that Liam might not have a choice because Steffy might have decided "to hell with this guy."

Liam rasped that if Bill hadn't gone and messed things up, Liam wouldn't be in the situation he was in. In response, Bill figured that he should be punished for his mistakes, not Steffy. Liam said it wasn't about punishing anyone. Bill didn't see how his or Rick's actions had changed what Steffy and Liam had been building together. "You don't see that?" Liam incredulously asked.

To Liam, the truth mattered, especially when the stakes were so high. Bill informed Liam that people made choices all the time without full disclosure, and Bill advised Liam to get it out of his head that he could tie things up nice and neatly.

In Bill's view, the only thing Liam needed to concentrate on was how great Steffy was. Liam uttered that it was true, and Bill stated that Liam needed to get Steffy back there before it was too late. Bill wondered what there was to think about if being without Steffy made Liam feel sick inside. Liam seemed affected by Bill's words, and after Bill left, Liam paced and stared at the phone.

At the loft, Taylor reasoned that it wasn't the end of the world for her daughter. Steffy muttered that she was pregnant, and the baby's father had thrown her out of their home. Taylor was sure Liam would take Steffy back in a heartbeat if he knew about the baby. Steffy added that he'd even ask her to marry him. "Isn't that what you want?" Taylor urgently asked, kneeling before Steffy.

Steffy said Liam would take her back because he wanted to spend his life with her -- not because he wanted to do the right thing. Taylor wondered if it was Steffy's stubbornness or pride. Steffy claimed it was experience from their parents. Taylor claimed it didn't have to be that way for Steffy and Liam, but Taylor didn't know how Liam could make a wise decision if he didn't know Steffy was pregnant.

Steffy insisted that she wouldn't use the baby as a trump card. Taylor stated that history didn't have to repeat itself; however, Steffy didn't want what had happened to Taylor to happen to Steffy, and preventing it meant keeping the baby a secret from everyone.

Taylor asked if Steffy had told anyone about the pregnancy. Steffy said she hadn't, but when her mother squirmed, she asked if Taylor had told anyone. Taylor admitted telling Eric, and the upset Steffy rolled her eyes. Taylor insisted that Eric wouldn't say anything, and she and Eric had been comforting each other by being honest with each other. Taylor implored Steffy to be honest with Liam.

Taylor assured her daughter that it wasn't over. Steffy said she wanted to be with Liam and have his baby; however, she didn't want to manipulate him, and Hope had become a part of the equation. Taylor yelled that Steffy needed to forget Hope and concentrate on the future with Liam and the baby. Taylor said her children had been great blessings, and Steffy's baby would be a blessing, too.

Taylor left, and Steffy touched her tub and flashed back to Liam saving her from drowning. Liam called, and when she answered, she guessed he missed her already. He said he did, but he'd called because she'd left her briefcase at the house. He also wanted to know if she were okay. She guessed Liam was taking his time alone.

Liam explained that he loved Steffy, and he didn't want to lose her. He claimed it wasn't necessarily the end for them, but he had to figure out how to do right by everyone. Steffy said she loved Liam, too. Grasping her stomach, she hoped he'd make the right decision. "Don't let us down," she said and ended the call.

Friday, February 8, 2013

At Dayzee's, Dayzee sat at a table and perused an adoption contract. She flashed back to her intense meeting with Maya at the farmer's market. Marcus arrived to show off his entrepreneurial wife to Carter. Marcus called himself lucky for winning the hand of Mrs. Dayzee Leigh Forrester.

Everyone sat at Dayzee's table, and Carter remarked that he'd been sorry to miss Marcus' wedding. Dayzee said she was sorry that they hadn't given Carter much notice. They discussed Dayzee losing Stephanie, who'd help build the café, and Dayzee hoped she'd always be worthy of Stephanie.

Dayzee stepped away to get Carter a refill, and Marcus began bragging about how organized his wife was. Leafing through her paperwork, he explained to his brother that she color-coded things. Marcus picked up the adoption contract and looked puzzled. Carter took a look at the document.

Dayzee returned and gasped upon seeing Carter and Marcus with the document. Marcus asked what the adoption was all about, and Dayzee readily confessed that in her past, she'd been trying to help women from the streets. "I think I might be in trouble," Dayzee revealed.

In the CEO's office, Rick, Hope, and Brooke chatted. Rick was glad he hadn't completely ruined things for Hope. Brooke concluded that things were finally going well for their family. Eric arrived, hoping that everyone was ready to work. Brooke gave him a slanted glance.

Rick opened up a discussion about Thomas' new position. Brooke thought the move had been sudden, and Rick wondered why he, as president, hadn't been given a heads-up. Eric reminded them that he was CEO, but Rick asserted that the brooding and destructive Thomas didn't deserve the job.

Hope got called to the studio. She left, and Rick questioned why Eric had made Thomas the V.P. out of nowhere. Eric flashed back to Taylor kissing him the other day. Eric relayed that Taylor and her children were very important to him, and he didn't want to see them marginalized.

Rick questioned Thomas' experience, and Eric reasoned that Thomas was young, but he had a designer's eye and knew the youth market. Eric had also found merit in Thomas' creativity. Eric expected everyone to put in effort, and he refused to give up on everyone getting along. Brooke remarked that it would be a lot harder because Liam had just asked Steffy to move out.

Eric was aghast upon hearing the news, but Brooke thought it was a good thing. She said it would give Hope and Liam the chance they deserved.

At the cliff house, Taylor arrived to pick up Steffy's things. Taylor said Liam was making a big mistake, but Liam asserted that the situation wasn't fair for any of them. "For Hope, you mean," Taylor bitterly corrected. Marching into his living room, Liam asserted that he hadn't created the mess.

Liam said Hope wasn't moving in, either, because he needed to be alone. He said he and Hope would be married had it not been for outside interference. Taylor stated that he and Hope weren't married, and Taylor warned him not to lose Steffy, who could give him what no other woman could.

Taylor said she knew about Steffy witnessing Liam being with Hope on the bed. Liam was sorry about that. He didn't know what to do anymore. He just knew how he felt, and he was mad at everyone -- his father, the secretary, Rick, Deacon, and anyone else who'd been involved in deceiving Hope and him. Liam was livid that people had messed with his future and with Hope's future.

Though Taylor understood Liam's resentment, her concern was for her daughter, and Taylor refused to allow Steffy to be hurt again. Liam claimed that he wanted to stop hurting Hope and Steffy. He wanted Steffy in his life. "I can't even describe to you how she makes me feel, but I need time," He said. Taylor said he didn't have that luxury; he needed to make up his mind before it was too late.

Liam asked if there was something he should know. Taylor flashed to Steffy ordering Taylor to tell no one. Taylor murmured that she didn't want Liam to miss out on what he could share with Steffy. Taylor found it admirable that Liam wanted to think and be fair, but she advised him not to overthink it.

Taylor was worried that asking Steffy to leave had opened the door for Hope. Liam gave her a knowing stare, and she guessed he didn't know what her family had been through. In Taylor's mind, Brooke and her family had made Taylor's relatives' lives a "living hell." Taylor called Brooke's family manipulative, and Taylor hated to see Liam tangled up with Hope. Taylor claimed she'd love to have Liam in her family. She asked him not to blow it, because Steffy could make his life beautiful.

Taylor left. Outside, she received a call from Eric, who asked her to meet him at the office.

Later, Taylor arrived in Eric's office, and Eric revealed that Brooke had told him about Steffy and Liam. Eric was amazed Steffy hadn't told Liam about the baby, and Taylor said Steffy didn't want to trap Liam. Eric doubted Liam would feel that way, and Taylor admitted that she'd almost told Liam herself. Though she'd been sworn to secrecy, Taylor was sure that things would be very different if Liam knew.

In Steffy's office, Thomas and Steffy caught up about their father, and Steffy informed her brother that Liam had asked her to move out. A miffed Thomas assumed that Liam had broken up with her, but she said Liam just needed breathing room to sort things out. Thomas was outraged that Steffy would sit around and wait for Liam to choose. "You deserve better than that. End it," Thomas insisted.

Steffy explained that she'd been playing it cool by keeping the relationship light and easy with no commitment. "Wow, was I cocky," Steffy realized. Thomas didn't know who would have thought Hope would have gone full force in making moves on Liam.

Steffy marveled about how suddenly everything could change, and she announced that she wanted to get married. She wanted to settle down and live for something more than just herself. She hoped that Liam would want that, too.

Steffy refused to lose out to another Logan and continue the cycle for the rest of her life. Thomas said it wouldn't happen, and they were already making headway. Though Thomas wasn't interim CEO and didn't have the stock, his new position had made him feel valued and respected. Steffy guessed Eric was seeing some of them in a whole new light.

Hope entered, Thomas left. With one look at Hope, Steffy said, "You know." Hope revealed that Katie had told her about the move. Hope thought it was good because Liam had a lot to process.

Steffy quipped that Hope had taken advantage of the Paris trip, and Hope responded that she'd had every right to try to get her life back. Hope was sorry that Steffy felt as if the rug had been pulled from beneath her. Hope claimed to know how that felt, but she said she and Liam had been forced apart by lies. Hope asserted that Steffy had only been with Liam by default and should be grateful for any time she'd gotten with him.

Steffy stated that she was thankful, and she and Liam had created something very special. Hope, who felt great about herself, predicted that she'd wind up having a family with Liam. Hope stated that Steffy and Liam should have never happened in the first place. "But it did," Steffy retorted.

Steffy thought that everything happened for a reason. Hope didn't believe that, and she was confident Liam would make the right choice. Quickly losing her composure, Steffy said she had to fight for more than herself. She began raving about how dysfunctional Hope's family was. Hope warned Steffy not to put Hope's family in it, but Steffy raged that she'd be "damned" if she'd let Liam go through it.

Steffy got in Hope's space, and the women continued to talk over each other. Steffy was ranting about Brooke destroying Taylor's happiness, but Hope kept warning Steffy not to go there. Steffy continued yelling at Hope that she'd blown her chance, but she felt entitled. Hope balled her hands into fists as Steffy kept yelling, hands flailing in Hope's face.

Steffy wouldn't relent in her tirade about Brooke and the Logans. "Don't talk about my mother!" Hope screamed and shoved Steffy. Steffy sailed stomach-first into the desk behind her. She fell on the floor and crossed her arms over her stomach.

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