The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on B&B

As Eric and Taylor continued to gravitate toward each other romantically, Brooke and Taylor pressed their daughters to solidify their places in Liam's heart. Bill fantasized about Brooke on Valentine's Day. Maya learned the fate of her daughter. Brooke planned a surprise elopement for Liam and Hope.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, February 11, 2013

At Dayzee's café, Carter perused the adoption contract, and Dayzee explained that she'd been helping women on the streets who hadn't had anywhere to raise their children. Dayzee had thought that she could handle it on her own, but ever since Maya had been exonerated and released from prison, Maya had been expecting to get the adopted child back.

Marcus advised Dayzee to tell Maya it couldn't happen, because what Maya wanted didn't matter if the adoption had been legal. Dayzee said she'd let Maya know that the child had been fine when Dayzee had looked in on her a few months back. Maya, however, refused to let it go.

Carter said he couldn't find in the contract whether money had been exchanged, and he hadn't seen the homestead study of the adoptive parents in the contract, either. Dayzee relayed that most of the adoption's profit had gone to the mission, and the adoptions had been licensed. Dayzee didn't know anything about the homestead study, but Carter said it was required by law.

Dayzee anxiously replied that the attorney must have handled all that. Carter asked if it had been a licensed attorney. The shrugging Dayzee assumed that he had been, and she defended herself, saying she'd been trying to help the women. Carter appreciated Dayzee's efforts, but he said the Attorney General might not.

Carter explained that the state regulated adoptions, and if the contracts weren't done according to regulations, one could face charges. "Human trafficking, for one," Carter explained. Dayzee conveyed that she'd had a license at the time, and the attorney had assured her that it had been legal.

Carter asserted that a natural mother had a legal right to ask to whom she was giving her baby. Dayzee said everything had happened quickly, and Maya hadn't asked for that information. Dayzee didn't want to call the adoptive parents, but Carter said that she had to. Marcus urged his wife to make the call, and Dayzee stepped away from the table.

When Dayzee attempted to call the adoptive parents, she discovered that their number had been disconnected. While searching the Internet for any information on the family, Dayzee gasped upon locating an article about a tragic car accident. "They're dead!" she exclaimed. The child had also died, and Dayzee read that the accident had happened en route to a theme park on the child's birthday.

Just then, Maya marched into the café and demanded to know where her daughter was.

In Steffy's office, Steffy couldn't believe Hope had pushed her. Calling herself a proud Logan, Hope ordered Steffy not to talk about Brooke. Hope offered to help Steffy to her feet, but Steffy stood by herself and claimed Hope was being presumptuous about reuniting with Liam. Steffy ranted that, just because her name was Logan, Hope felt entitled to "our jobs, our men, our company."

Hope claimed that Steffy had interfered with Hope and Liam first. Steffy asserted that she'd been his friend when he'd needed one. "His friend, wow," Hope quipped. Hope asserted that Steffy had already had her chance with Liam, and Hope and Liam belonged together.

Steffy claimed that Liam would be with Hope if he'd wanted to be, but after some self-assessment, he'd chosen to be with Steffy, who could give him something Hope couldn't. "You still can't," Steffy spitefully added.

Brooke charged in the room and ordered Steffy to stop it. "How dare you talk to my daughter like that!" Brooke raged. Hope said she could handle herself, but her mom continued to say that Liam had asked Steffy to move out so he could explore a relationship with Hope.

Hope thought that she and Steffy should stay away and give Liam space, but Steffy snarled that Hope would be there every chance she could get. Steffy murmured that she couldn't afford to wait because she shared something with Liam that Hope didn't. Hope insisted that it wasn't that way anymore; Liam and Hope were the ones who'd start over and have children.

Steffy said the only thing that had changed was that Liam was living alone. She asserted that he would have committed to Hope already if it had been his desire. Hope, however, said she hadn't expected Liam to do that; all she wanted was the time that had been taken from them.

Steffy quipped that no time had been taken from Hope and Liam, and no one had robbed Hope of her Italy wedding. Steffy claimed that complications and interferences always happened -- just like Hope was interfering at that moment. Hope exclaimed that she was reclaiming what was hers, not interfering. "It was yours until you gave it away," Steffy quipped.

Steffy claimed that Liam had stopped belonging to Hope the day she'd moved out; however, Hope corrected that she'd never said he belonged to anyone. "I said he and I belong together," Hope continued. Steffy said her relationship with Liam had been defined by loving, caring, laughing, and sharing, not by who belonged to whom. Hope responded that she could also say that and more.

Steffy insisted that she and Liam had something that Hope and Liam never would. Hope said that Liam was in charge, and it was his decision. Steffy proposed that both women step back and give Liam his time -- without pressure from either of them.

At the reception desk in the corridor, Donna seemed preoccupied with Eric's closed door. Pam asked if Donna was worried about Eric. Donna said Eric didn't need any pressure. Pam figured Taylor understood that. Donna said Taylor had better, because Donna didn't want Taylor upsetting Eric.

In the CEO's office, Taylor and Eric hugged, and Eric claimed that he was there for Taylor. He felt that the Forrester family wouldn't be what it was without Taylor. Noting that she and Brooke hadn't been born Forresters, Taylor complained that Brooke walked around as if she were a Forrester, and Brooke behaved as if her children were entitled to things.

Taylor sobbed that she'd raised her children to be respectful, but Brooke had raised her children to be takers. Eric asked questions about Steffy, Liam, and the baby. Taylor said Steffy wanted to be the only woman for Liam, but just like Brooke had done to Taylor and Ridge, Hope was getting in the middle. "I hate it. I hate it, Eric! I hate seeing Steffy go through this!" Taylor exclaimed, and Eric hugged her.

Taylor decided that she was being inappropriate because Eric had children with Brooke, and he was Brooke's biggest supporter. Eric replied that he supported Taylor, too. Deciding that she needed to leave, Taylor thanked him for letting her vent.

Eric said it hadn't been combat duty, and he cared about Taylor and her kids. Taylor murmured that Hope felt entitled, but Eric reminded Taylor that Liam and Hope had been manipulated. Taylor whined that it wasn't Steffy's fault, and it wasn't fair that Steffy and the baby should pay the price.

Taylor wished Brooke would tell Hope that Hope wasn't ready for a serious commitment. Taylor said Steffy and Liam were the ones that needed the commitment because of the baby. Eric decided to speak to Liam, but Taylor claimed not to want to cause problems between Eric and Brooke, who'd surely think Taylor had put Eric up to it.

Eric thought it was amazing that Taylor cared about his relationship with Brooke. Taylor claimed to respect that Eric and Brooke had children together but wished Brooke would do the same thing regarding Steffy. Eric cited that Brooke didn't know about the baby.

Taylor exclaimed that she didn't want Brooke to know, and it was none of Brooke's business. Taylor said a Logan was involved in every tragedy her family had ever suffered. Stroking her check, Eric said he understood that she was worried about her daughter, and Eric and Taylor hugged again.

Taylor complained that Ridge had kept Brooke in check; however, with him gone, Brooke had free reign, and Rick would shut down Thomas at every instance. Eric said he wouldn't allow that, but Taylor yelled that the pregnant Steffy had already been asked to move out of her house. Eric replied that Liam didn't know about the baby.

Taylor anxiously yelled that Steffy refused to use the baby that way, and their hands were tied. "Our values are used against us, Eric!" Taylor exclaimed. She claimed to finally understand what Stephanie had been saying all those years, but she'd never understand why Stephanie had wanted to die in Brooke's arms. Bitterly, Taylor stated that Brooke always interfered in Taylor's special moments.

Taylor then ranted about Brooke showing up at Taylor's wedding on a horse. Taylor figured Ridge had gotten as far away from Brooke as he had been able to, and Taylor claimed her kids wanted to flee the country because of Brooke. Taylor was sick of Brooke doing what she wanted and taking what she wanted. Taylor never would have believed things would end like that.

"Who says this is the end?" Eric asked and kissed Taylor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

by Pam

At Dayzee's café, Maya shouted at Dayzee that she wanted her baby returned immediately. Carter and Marcus stepped in and told Maya that it took time to contact the family. Maya backed down. She insisted that she was grateful for what Dayzee had done, but Maya reminded everyone that she had done time for a crime she had not committed, and she wanted her life returned. That included her daughter.

Maya warned Dayzee that she would not leave Los Angeles and not leave Dayzee alone until she had her daughter. Dayzee nervously vowed to locate Maya's daughter. Maya left. Marcus, Carter, and Dayzee agreed they had to check with the coroner to clarify that the family that had adopted Maya's baby had indeed been killed in an accident.

Carter warned that they had to be careful. As a lawyer, he had seen desperate people go to desperate measures. He worried that Maya might blame Dayzee for the loss of her daughter. Maya could become a threat to Dayzee. Carter excused himself to make calls to confirm that the adoptive parents had been killed.

Alone with Marcus, Dayzee admitted that she was frightened of what could happen. Carter returned and confirmed that the family had been killed on the baby's birthday while on their way to an amusement park. Marcus, Dayzee, and Carter looked worried.

At Spencer, Liam, dressed in a suit, met with employees and discussed ideas for the company to move forward. He ended the meeting, and Hope entered. Hope teased that she liked his corporate look. Liam smiled and noted that Hope looked more beautiful every time he saw her. Hope worried that she should have stayed away, but she had to see him.

Liam acknowledged that he had a lot to sort out, but he was happy she'd decided to visit. Hope admitted that Katie had told Hope that Steffy had moved out. Liam warned that he did not wish to give anyone false hope. Liam said that the move had been necessary. Hope wondered how Steffy had taken the news. Liam said that Steffy had been understanding.

Hope encouraged Liam to take whatever time he needed to assess what he wanted for the rest of his life. "If it's Steffy, I'll deal," Hope said. She added that at least Liam would not feel any obligation to a roommate.

Liam flirted with Hope, and said that looking at her perfect face and killer eyes, it was hard to imagine not spending time together with her. Hope added that she was the person he should be with, and they should have a family together. Hope slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Liam pulled her closer and made out with her.

At Forrester, Taylor had just finished planting a kiss on Eric. Taylor and Eric discussed that they couldn't decide who had kissed whom, but Eric smiled and said that he had not been kissed like that for a very long time.

Taylor was speechless, and Eric teased that she should tell him how devastatingly attractive he was. Taylor agreed. She assumed that Eric and Stephanie had been romantic and intimate, but Eric set her straight. Eric explained that he and Stephanie had loved each other, but romance had been very slim in Stephanie's last few months.

Taylor promised to be a good listener if he wanted to share his feelings. Eric did. He said that Stephanie had shut down a long time before when she had no longer felt confident in her body. Eric said that he adored Stephanie, but her last rejection of him had been so painful that he had never broached the subject again.

Eric flashed back to a time when Stephanie's cancer had been in remission. He had made a romantic dinner as a celebration. They had drunk martinis, and he'd given Stephanie some beautiful lingerie he had designed for her. Eric admitted that the minute she had opened the box, he'd realized that he'd made a mistake. He said their discussion had turned unpleasant.

He recalled that Stephanie had said she felt she was at war with her body, and being touched was not comforting to her. Eric had pointed out that affection and comfort were basic human needs. He'd argued that touching and cuddling were why people bought pets -- they were warm, alive, and giving. Stephanie had rudely promised to get him a puppy. She had accused him of never wanting to only hug because he'd always wanted more.

Eric had been insulted, and he'd said that Stephanie had made sex sound dirty. Stephanie had realized how much her comments had hurt him. She'd told him that she loved him, but she'd advised that the passionate chapter of their lives had ended.

Taylor listened intently and played with her hair. She sweetly said that missing time with Eric had been Stephanie's loss. "You give me that piece of lingerie, and I'll put it on for you," Taylor flirted.

Eric promised that they would have dinner soon at his home, but Taylor was uninterested in visiting the house. She said she'd been uncomfortable the last time she'd visited because Stephanie's portrait had jumped off the wall.

Taylor said they could meet at her house, and she would model some of her own lingerie for Eric. They laughed, and Eric accused her of flirting. "What if I am?" Taylor teased.

Outside Eric's office at the reception desk, Donna and Pam wondered why Taylor had spent so much time visiting Eric recently. Donna and Pam agreed they didn't want Taylor to upset him, but they also worried that Eric had asked to see Taylor professionally for grief counseling. Donna leaned against the door to see if she could hear anything.

Pam decided to investigate more closely. Pam entered the office with the mail and asked if Eric needed help going through the mail. Eric told Pam he needed no help and dismissed her. Pam exited. She returned to Donna and conveyed that Eric and Taylor clearly wanted no interruptions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

by Pam

At Dayzee's café, Carter confirmed for Dayzee and Marcus that everyone in the family that had adopted Maya's baby had died. Dayzee announced that she had to tell Maya that Maya's daughter was dead.

Dayzee telephoned Maya to ask her to meet, and Maya was hopeful that she would soon see her baby. Dayzee hung up and worried about how she would tell Maya the bad news. Carter reminded Dayzee that the child's death had been no one's fault, and no one was guilty or responsible. It had been a tragic accident.

Maya entered Dayzee's and met with Marcus, Carter, and Dayzee. Maya wondered if Dayzee had an address for her. Maya grew angry when Dayzee tried to explain what had happened. Dayzee gently explained that she had called every number she had for the family and other contacts, without any luck. Dayzee finally said she had found a police report that the entire family had been killed.

Dayzee tearfully showed Maya the report about the accident on the freeway. "We are so sorry," Marcus said. Maya tearfully said that her baby was supposed to have had a better life. Maya and Dayzee embraced -- both in tears.

At Spencer, Liam recalled his passionate kiss with Hope the previous day. He called Steffy, who was at her condo. Steffy wondered if Liam wanted her back. Liam stuttered that he didn't want them to avoid each other or for her to think it was over. He reiterated that he knew he had hurt her.

Liam reported that Hope had been to see him. Steffy said that it had been a bad idea for him to see Hope. Liam blubbered again that he loved Steffy, but she interrupted and told him to stop. "You asked for the space, and I gave it," she said. She advised him to figure everything out, and she said goodbye.

Liam flashed back to when he had told Steffy that she had to move out. He recalled that he had promised it was not the end, but Steffy had replied that it could be.

At Steffy's condo, Taylor showed up with dinner for Steffy, and Steffy claimed she wasn't hungry. Taylor badgered Steffy about why she hadn't told Liam that she was pregnant. Taylor warned that Steffy was allowing Hope to get closer Liam.

Taylor ranted on about how Brooke and Hope had probably crafted a plan to convince Liam that Hope was the one he should choose. Taylor warned that Liam was vulnerable. Steffy tired of Taylor's badgering. Taylor did not let up. She wanted Steffy to tell Liam the truth.

Steffy said that she'd been honest in Italy. She flashed back to how she and Liam had made out in his room after he had told Steffy how disillusioned he'd been with Hope. Steffy lamented that Liam had wanted Steffy to run away with him, but he clearly hadn't meant it. Steffy reminded Taylor that Liam had chosen and married Hope in Italy.

Taylor pressured Steffy to tell Liam about her pregnancy because the feelings between a parent and child represented a special bond. Steffy didn't want to hear it. Steffy said that Liam knew what Steffy wanted to hear. Steffy rubbed her stomach.

At Forrester, Rick had a meeting with a man named Malcolm, who congratulated him on his presidency. Hope interrupted, and Malcolm left. Hope told Rick that his day of reckoning had arrived. She needed Rick to apologize to Liam.

At Spencer, Hope showed up at Liam's office with Rick, who offered his sincere apology for his role in breaking up Hope and Liam. Liam said that he had heard it all before. Rick agreed, but Rick wanted Liam to know that Rick supported Liam and Hope's relationship. Rick explained his actions as those of a big brother defending his family.

Rick admitted that he had thought he was fixing things. Rick congratulated Liam for asking Steffy to leave. Rick said that he understood Liam wanted to make things right. Liam and Rick shook hands.

Rick quickly changed his tone, however. He badgered Liam about why Liam hadn't made a decision to ask Hope to move hack in with him. Hope tried to interrupt, but Rick kept talking, and Liam looked confused. Rick said that Liam and Hope should not have had to pay the price for everyone's interference. Rick reminded Liam that Rick wasn't the only one to interfere. Hope asked Rick to leave her alone with Liam.

Hope apologized for showing up again. Liam said he hadn't anticipated that he would see her twice in one day. Hope replied that if it was too much, she could go, but Liam stopped her. Hope said that what they felt for each other was a simple primal feeling. She wanted to get back to what they knew. They kissed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Brooke's bedroom on Valentine's Day evening, Brooke and Hope chatted about how things had gone with Rick and Liam. Brooke asked if Liam was ready for Hope to move back in, and Hope responded that they were "getting there."

Hope wanted to know about Brooke's life, but Brooke claimed she was fine taking care of her children. Hope remarked that the whole thing with Bill had taught them that Brooke wasn't fine; she was lonely. Brooke found it odd that her daughter was trying to take care of her love life. Hope felt that someone had to because Brooke wasn't.

Brooke wasn't holding out hope for Ridge's return, but she thought it was too soon to even think of someone new. With a distant look in her eyes, Brooke reasoned that there wasn't a man in her life at that moment, so it didn't really matter.

The topic changed to Thomas' new position, which Brooke complained would cause problems for Rick. She couldn't believe Eric hadn't even consulted her on it, and sneering, she said she hated the way "she hangs all over him, making demands." Hope remarked that "she" was all about her kids, just like Brooke was. Brooke scoffed and said at least she didn't blame Taylor for everything wrong in life. Brooke figured that Eric cringed every time he saw Taylor approaching.

Hope took note of all the stacks of romance novels around the bedroom and said Brooke had never read those when Ridge had been around. "Have fun with your novels," Hope uttered in a sultry voice and took off for bed. Brooke frowned at the books before getting into bed to finish one. She giggled when she saw that it was entitled Stallion.

At the Spencer house, Katie seemed exhausted as she carried Will into her bedroom to see Bill. Katie thought the baby was catching a cold. Taking the baby from her, Bill noted that she'd been running herself ragged, and she wouldn't let him hire any help. Claiming to be fine, Katie insisted upon taking care of her own child. Bill wondered if she'd tell him if she weren't fine, and she claimed that she would.

The three sat in bed, and Bill said he missed Katie. Bill hoped Will would sleep soundly because Bill wanted time with his wife. Katie decided to take Will to his room. "I'll be waiting," Bill said.

Bill hopped into the shower, and when Katie returned, she read a card from him and chuckled. He emerged from the bathroom, and she said she was sorry that they'd had to cancel their dinner plans due to Will's coughing. Bill assured his wife that their son would be fine.

The pair climbed back into bed, and Bill said Katie was an amazing wife and mother. "You're the glue, Katie. You hold us together," he said. Bill had been thinking about the "little drinking issue," and though it wasn't a problem for him, he didn't want it upsetting her. "So how about we try it your way for a while?" he asked.

Grinning, Katie hugged and kissed Bill. They made out for a brief moment, and then Katie murmured that she needed to get some sleep. Bill looked disappointed as Katie rolled over and curled herself around her pillow.

After a while, Will started to cry. Bill edged himself out of bed, but Katie said she'd check on Will. She decided that she should sleep in the nursery to comfort the sick baby and apologized because she knew Bill was in "the mood." She offered him a rain check and left the room.

Bill sat up in bed, and as time ticked by, he stared at Katie's empty spot in bed and then at the ceiling. He drifted off to sleep but awakened at two in the morning and saw Brooke standing in his bedroom in a negligee. "Happy Valentine's Day," Brooke said, climbing into bed and kissing him.

Katie's voice as she comforted Will blared through the baby monitor, and Bill snapped out of it. At Brooke's house, Brooke awakened with a start, and the screen showed Bill and Brooke both reeling from apparently the same dream.

At Taylor's house, Eric stood outside of a door with flowers in hand. His eyebrows rose when he heard moaning and groaning from inside the room. He seemed to feel as if he were interrupting something, but as he turned to leave, Taylor opened the door, wearing gym clothes. Shocked to see Eric, she huffed that she'd just been working out. Eric remarked that it had sounded like something else had been going on. He handed Taylor the flowers, wished her a Happy Valentine's Day, and kissed her.

The pair sat on the bed, and Eric massaged a tough knot out of Taylor's back. Taylor complimented Eric on his skills, and he said he'd had a lot practice. Massages had been the only thing to give Stephanie relief toward the end. Taylor stated that Stephanie had been lucky to have him. Eric, however, said he'd been lucky to have Stephanie, and he felt lucky to be with Taylor that night.

Taylor thanked Eric for being there and said there was no one else she'd rather be with that night. The two laughed as Eric regaled her with a story of how he'd missed Valentine's Day with Stephanie. Taylor remarked that the Forresters had created quite a legacy with family and business.

Taylor felt comfortable around Eric. Even though they'd known each other a long time, she felt that she was just beginning to know him. Eric joked that it was past his bedtime, and Taylor was shocked to see that it was after two in the morning. Eric said he'd leave her to her lunges and her dreams. He kissed her and left her swooning.

In Marcus and Dayzee's bedroom, Dayzee carried a toddler-sized Rosey to bed. Dayzee returned and curled up in bed with Marcus. She thanked him for the roses he'd given her and remarked that she'd never even dreamed she could be that happy. When she'd been trying to survive on the streets, she hadn't had time to dream about happiness.

Dayzee couldn't stop thinking about Maya, who'd had such a tough road. Dayzee thought it was heartbreaking that Maya had been convicted of a crime she hadn't committed, which had caused her to lose her daughter, and then Maya had learned that her daughter had died. Though Dayzee ached for Maya, Dayzee hoped things didn't get ugly.

Marcus was sure Carter would handle things. The couple expressed their love for each other, and Marcus assured his wife it would be okay. She agreed that it would, because they had each other. The couple made love, and then Marcus awakened Dayzee again at two in the morning for more.

Friday, February 15, 2013

In Steffy's office in the afternoon, Liam arrived to see how Steffy was doing. Steffy said she was okay. She understood why he needed space, and she felt he was lucky to have her. "Maybe you'll remember that when you're ready to decide who you want to be with," she added.

Steffy admitted that she had her faults, but she wanted to be with a man who was committed to her. She wanted that man to be Liam, and she was trusting that he'd realize their connection before he made his decision. Liam said he'd been leery of things being awkward between them, but Steffy replied that no matter what he chose, she couldn't see the way they related to each other changing.

Liam was amazed that Steffy always knew exactly what he needed to hear. Steffy wondered if he'd forgotten everything that had gotten them to that point. He touched her face and said that he hadn't forgotten a thing. Steffy claimed to have known what he wanted and what they needed ever since their first kiss, and with what she knew, she didn't see how he could be with anyone else.

Liam didn't want to string Steffy along, and he said he'd have a decision the next day. Steffy advised him not to rush, because she and Hope wanted what was best for him. He claimed that ending the back-and-forth was best. He believed that there were no more secrets. He was grateful that the two women had given him the time; however, he didn't want to watch one of them waiting for something that would never happen.

Liam claimed that no matter what, Steffy knew who she was to him. Steffy said it sounded as if he'd decided, but he insisted that he needed another day to sort through his feelings and memories. He claimed that he was who he was because of her. "And however this turns out..." he said, and his voice trailed off. It seemed as if they were about to kiss, but Liam moved his head and only hugged her.

In the CEO's office, Hope was working when she stumbled upon a wedding promotional page. She flashed back to taking vows with Liam by the sea. Brooke entered, and Hope said she'd been reflecting on her wedding vows in Italy. Brooke presumed it was time to start planning a new wedding, not reflecting on the old one.

Hope said she and Liam would probably head in that direction, but first, he had to figure out whom he wanted. Brooke thought Steffy's moving out meant the path was clear for Hope, but Hope responded that she and Liam weren't ready for that. Brooke, on the other hand, thought it was the perfect time for the couple to pick up where they'd left off.

Hope corrected that it was the perfect time for her to give Liam space. Brooke insisted that Liam needed Hope -- and a little nudging -- not space. Hope asserted that she would not pressure Liam, but Brooke continued talking about nudging. Politely, Hope insisted that Brooke back off, and Hope exited.

Brooke grabbed her phone, but Father Fontana from Italy entered the office. Fontana asked if there was a problem, and she anxiously responded that she needed to change her strategy. Brooke explained that, though Hope believed in "that marriage," she wanted to give Liam space. Fontana thought that showed maturity, but Brooke was worried about Steffy hanging on to Liam.

Father Fontana fondly recalled the Italy wedding, and he said he'd felt as if it had been a union that would last. He claimed that he had a spotless record in marriages. He was glad that Brooke had called him because he wasn't about to let that record change.

Brooke said she was working on something romantic to get Liam and Hope back into the right mindset. Brooke was devising a "room service elopement." Father Fontana said it sounded mysterious. Brooke decided that she had the priest and the setting, so they were going to have the ceremony that very day. "Without telling Hope or Liam?" Fontana asked. Brooke exclaimed it would be a surprise.

Father Fontana found the idea fantastical, and he wondered how Brooke could even get into Liam's house, which was where she'd said the ceremony would be. Brooke claimed that she'd already gotten the preparations underway.

Brooke video-called Madison, who was supervising workers as they set up feather-shaped flags along the beach at Liam's house. Madison showed Brooke the work in progress, and after the call, Brooke and Fontana noted that they had a setting like Italy, a priest like Italy, and a bride and groom like Italy. Brooke beamed that by the end of the day, Hope and Liam would be together.

Elsewhere in the building, Hope flashed back to the last time she'd seen Liam and had told him that they needed to peel back the layers and get back to what they knew.

At Dayzee's house, Marcus and Carter returned sweaty from their basketball game together. As the brothers ragged on each other, Dayzee imagined that they'd been a handful as kids. Maya still weighed heavily on Dayzee's mind, and Maya hadn't been answering her phone for Dayzee. Marcus assured Dayzee that they'd be there when Maya needed them.

Dayzee felt bad because the child might be alive if Dayzee hadn't arranged the adoption. Marcus reasoned that she'd helped the girl find a loving home, but she couldn't predict accidents. Carter assured Dayzee that she had a lawyer in the family. Carter revealed that the way the adoption lawyer had handled things could be a potential cause for trouble.

Maya arrived at the house, and Dayzee said she'd been worried about Maya. Maya explained that she'd gone to visit the extended members of her daughter's adoptive family. Maya had seen the adoptive grandmother and aunt, and the women had laughed and cried with her while telling her stories about her daughter. Maya claimed she'd never had so much pain and joy at once.

Maya had seen pictures of her child, and the family had confirmed that there had been a terrible car accident. She'd learned that her daughter had loved to sing and had been learning the alphabet and numbers. Maya imagined that her daughter would have done great things.

Maya had realized that Dayzee had put the girl in a good home with a family like the one Maya had wanted for the child. Maya thanked Dayzee, and the women cried together. Maya was sad that the child's life had been short, but she was happy that the child had been loved. Dayzee and Maya hugged.

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