The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 25, 2013 on B&B

Liam decided to be with the baby and Steffy, and Oliver showed Hope his hope-filled tattoo. To help Brooke get her life on track, Bill suggested that she make a power-grab at Forrester Creations. Brooke ordered Taylor out of Eric's house, but Eric declared that he loved Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 25, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, February 25, 2013

At the café, Rick fumbled while trying to take Maya's food order. He admitted that he didn't have any training, and he didn't even know why they'd hired him. Maya remarked that she'd waited tables before, and he guessed that it had been in a classy setting. She lamented never making it that far, but she said she'd had a lot of dreams.

Rick stated that dreams could become true. "Not always," Maya bit out. She couldn't believe she was saying all that to Rick, and she wondered if he'd drugged her coffee. Rick replied that he had even less training in stuff like that. Maya ordered some food, and she gazed at Rick as he walked off.

Later, Maya was peeling the shell off an egg, and Rick wondered if there was a right way to do that. He'd never had to do it before, and she guessed he'd been raised by a single mother, who'd done everything for him. Rick, who was about to take his afternoon break, produced an egg from his apron and asked if Maya would teach him how to take the shell off.

Rick failed the egg-peeling session, and he wished he'd felt a greater sense of accomplishment. Maya felt that same way about the career she thought she'd have singing, acting, and dancing in Los Angeles. She offered to do a monologue for Rick; she had over a dozen memorized for just the right audition. Rick uttered that she'd be wasting it on him because he was already sold.

A waiter walked by as Rick sat with Maya and joked that Rick was "working" on his first day. Maya suggested that Rick busy himself with tabulating her bill. She was taken aback when he mentioned the price of the coffee, so Rick reiterated the café's policy to her. She snipped that she could pay.

Maya guessed that Rick was an actor by trade. He responded that he wasn't an actor, but he thoroughly enjoyed his life. "Especially the past 15 minutes," he added, and she smiled. Entranced, Rick uttered that Maya's smile could light up Broadway.

Rick went back to work, but when he saw Maya preparing to leave, he slipped over to her table and said she couldn't leave without bidding him goodbye. He noticed that she'd left a tip bigger than the bill. Shrugging, Maya responded that he had to eat, too. She suggested that he buy some eggs because he needed more training. She suggested that he thank her, and he did.

Rick wondered if Maya would return to sing, but Maya wasn't sure. "Are you going to come back for anything?" he asked in a suggestive tone. Maya seemed taken aback, but smiling, she said it was possible. Rick grinned to himself as she left.

In the living room at the cliff house, Liam said Steffy's reasons for keeping the baby secret made sense to him, but Hope replied that Steffy had done it that way until he'd made a decision Steffy hadn't agreed with. Liam claimed that the instant wedding hadn't been his decision.

Sighing, Hope admitted that her impetuous mother just did things like that. She hadn't liked it herself until she'd gotten the feeling that Liam had wanted it. "Was I wrong?" Hope asked.

Liam stated that marriage seemed to be a curse for them. Agreeing, Hope said it should have been their safe place, but it never had been. Hope advised Liam to forget about fairness or whatever he thought he owed anyone. She asked him to just decide what he wanted -- not what others wanted. "What do you want? It's a simple question. It has a simple answer," she said.

Liam stated that he wanted too much, but Hope thought he was just overwhelmed with the choices before him. She advised him to forget all that and think of the life that he wanted. He wondered if it would be childish to think of a life that was all him, him, him. Hope replied that it was his life and no one else's. He told Hope that as one got older, it seemed to be less about the life one wanted and more about the life one could live with.

Hope said that was really sad. To her, life wasn't about settling or giving up. He contended that it was about compromise, making peace, and gaining acceptance. Hope asked what he was accepting -- a life he didn't want or a life did want, but with complications. Hope believed that everything she and Liam had wished and dreamed for could still be theirs, and she asked him to believe it, too.

Liam and Hope sat down, and he put his hand on her knee. He said that Hope had given him a lot of joy from the day they'd met. He thought that she was good, beautiful, and honest. He'd expected that love would make him want to be with somebody all the time, but he'd never imagined it would make him want "to be somebody," too.

Liam wanted to be somebody better, stronger, wiser, more substantial, and worthy. He said that Hope was right, and the answer was simple. Liam wanted to be the man Hope saw when she looked at him, and he knew that man wouldn't walk away from a child conceived from love. Hope's lip quivered, and she fought back her tears.

In the bedroom at the cliff house, the aggravated Taylor wanted to go into the living room, but Steffy said that Liam needed to talk to Hope. Steffy wondered why Brooke and Taylor couldn't be patient, and Brooke quipped that patience hadn't sent Steffy running over there that day. Steffy claimed she'd done that to save Liam from Brooke's trap.

Brooke defended her actions by saying she'd been helping Liam and Hope get back what they'd been robbed of. Sick of hearing that excuse, Taylor argued that people made decisions off bad information all the time, and Hope needed to learn to live with it instead of letting her dignity get in the way. In Taylor's view, Hope needed to learn that some shut doors could not be reopened.

Taylor wondered where Brooke's infallible faith in marriage had sprung from, and she cited that Brooke had been in more marriages than she had fingers for rings. Brooke explained that she and Ridge had been together for a long time; they'd even been together when they'd been separated.

Taylor snipped that Brooke needed to stop seeing Taylor's marriage to Ridge as an obstacle that Brooke and Ridge had needed to surmount. Steffy claimed that Hope saw Steffy in that same way, but Steffy figured that Hope was just doing what she'd seen Brooke do.

Steffy called Brooke's tactics obsessive, and Taylor added that it had been high pressure to recreate Italy and fly in a priest. Brooke didn't think it was any worse than springing the baby news on Liam that day. Agreeing that the timing had been bad, Taylor said Steffy should have told Liam at the beginning. Taylor reasoned that it would have been worse for Liam to learn about the baby after a pressured marriage, and Brooke had overplayed her hand.

Brooke exclaimed that she hadn't even known about the pregnancy. Taylor claimed that was her point, and Steffy wondered what was taking Hope and Liam so long. Taylor exclaimed that she'd been right when she'd told Eric that Liam had to know right away. Shocked that Taylor had made Eric a confidant, Brooke stated that Taylor was as transparent as could be.

Taylor wondered what that meant, and Brooke accused Taylor of trying to get Eric's shares. Brooke said that it wouldn't happen because Eric knew that, next to him, no one had contributed more at Forrester Creations than Brooke had. Taylor claimed she had no interest in Brooke's job, and Brooke warned that Taylor had better not have any.

Steffy got tired of listening to the mothers and headed for the living room. Taylor and Brooke followed Steffy, and the three were surprised to find no one in there.

Outside, Hope ran from the house, and Liam chased her. He caught up to her by a deck overlooking the beach and asked her if she remembered her seventh birthday. He said he remembered all his birthdays, and he remembered wondering why his father hadn't been there.

Liam said he and Hope should be married, and they would have had their happiness. He imagined that there wouldn't have been anyone else for them. They would have grown old together, and they would have taken their grandkids to Puglia to show them where they'd been married and to show them the lock they'd placed on the railing. "But some things can't be undone," he uttered.

Hope said she knew that Steffy loved Liam, but no one would ever love him the way that Hope did. The song "What's Left to Say" by Jourdon Rystrom played, and Liam drew Hope in for a deep and final kiss. Hope slipped away from him, and Liam sighed as she ran away.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's, Taylor, Steffy, and Brooke waited for Liam to return after he had followed Hope outside. Liam entered and told them that Hope had left. Brooke wondered how Liam could let Hope leave. Liam looked surprised. Brooke left.

Outside Liam's house, Brooke discovered Hope crying in Brooke's car. Brooke hugged her daughter. Brooke announced that Liam had chosen to stay with Steffy. Hope lamented that a baby had clearly been the deciding factor for Liam. She knew it was a hot button for him because he had grown up without a father. Brooke advised that Liam could still be a dad without being with Steffy, but Hope said Liam would never leave his own child or Steffy.

Hope suggested that she should have been the one to have Liam's children. Brooke said a lot had gotten between Hope and Liam. Hope acknowledged that it didn't matter. Brooke reiterated that Hope and Liam had nearly recommitted to each other. Hope agreed she had seen love in Liam's eyes when they were with Father Fontana, but it didn't matter because Steffy was pregnant with Liam's baby.

Brooke understood the pain that Hope felt because Brooke had been in the same situation. Hope thanked Brooke for her support. Hope regretted that she had given up her opportunity to live with Liam on many occasions. She said Liam's house had become Steffy's house, and Steffy and Liam would raise their child there.

Inside Liam's house, Liam and Steffy embraced. Taylor advised Liam that he'd made the right choice. Taylor added that Liam and Steffy had a lot of plans to make. Taylor left. Liam acknowledged that he had a lot to process, but he was working on it. Steffy agreed, and she added that she'd had a longer time to get accustomed to the idea. Liam wanted assurance that she was happy, and she said she was.

Liam asked to touch Steffy's tummy. Steffy said he never had to ask. He teased that it seemed pretty quiet in her stomach, but Steffy said it would only be that way for a while. "We're going to have a baby," Liam said, and he repeated it. Steffy knew that the pregnancy was unexpected. Steffy assured Liam that he would be a wonderful father, but he didn't have to stay with her. She advised that if he wanted Hope, he should live with Hope.

Liam vowed to stay with Steffy. He said that he belonged with Steffy and the baby. Steffy needed assurance that it was what Liam wanted. Liam promised that it was, and he hugged her, but he looked unsure.

Steffy and Liam marveled at how insane and unreal the news of a baby had become. Steffy said that it was all meant to be, and their lives had been leading to that precise moment all along. "It's gonna be so good, you can't even imagine," Steffy said. They hugged, but Liam looked pensive.

Steffy tearfully placed Liam's hands on her belly. She entwined her fingers in his and smiled. Liam smiled suddenly.

At Spencer in Bill's office, Bill fantasized about kissing Brooke at Big Bear until Taylor interrupted. Taylor advised Bill that he was about to become a grandfather. Bill excitedly said it was the best news he'd had since Katie had returned. Taylor tattled that there had been a lot of drama at Liam's because Brooke had flown Father Fontana in from Italy to reunite Liam and Hope. Taylor prattled on about how Brooke had planned a wedding that even Hope hadn't known about.

"Blindsided twice in one day," Bill said about Hope. Taylor wondered if Bill had changed in his feelings toward Hope. Bill stated that he'd never disliked Hope. Bill had just never believed that Hope was the right woman for his son. Bill said he could feel for Hope, since she was permanently out of the picture.

Bill said he would be Grandpa Dollar Bill. Bill recalled that his life had changed quickly -- he had been the most eligible bachelor in the world and had become a husband, dad, and grandfather, all in a few years. Taylor was surprised by his outlook, and Bill talked about what a miracle Will had become.

Taylor worried that Liam often changed his mind, but Bill promised it wouldn't happen again. Bill worried aloud that Brooke had to have been shocked by the news. Bill called Taylor "Grandma," and thanked her for the news. Taylor left.

Bill later met Brooke at her cabin. Brooke had a glass of wine. Bill shared that Taylor had told him the news. Brooke told Bill that she didn't want to hear him gloat. Bill admitted that he felt Liam had made the right decision, but he understood how much it had hurt Hope. Bill said he knew Brooke would need a friend. Bill and Brooke embraced.

At home, Hope applied makeup in her room, but she quickly started to cry and collapsed onto her bed in tears.

Today's episode featured the song "Beautiful Together" by Emily Jaye and Eric Berdon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's, Steffy noted there had been nothing much to eat in Liam's refrigerator. She tossed a few things at him, and then said he had only two eggs. She prepared to toss them to Liam, but Liam warned her not to do it. Steffy said he would have to play catch with a son. Liam added that he would do the same with a daughter. They hugged and broke the eggs that Steffy held in her hand.

Liam complimented Steffy as a super sexy mother-to-be. Steffy changed into one of Liam's shirts and hoped it was available in a maternity version. Liam noted that she was glowing. Steffy vowed to crave ice cream, pickles -- and anchovies that she had ordered on the pizza that was on its way.

As Steffy and Liam ate the pizza, Steffy promised to eat healthy for the balance of her pregnancy. She insisted that Liam do the same. She wondered if Liam had second thoughts about inviting her to move back in. Liam promised no second thoughts and vowed to remain with her, the baby, and everything that went with it.

After they ate pizza, Steffy promised tofu would be on the menu, and she added that Liam needed to give up burgers and fries. Liam agreed. He promised to be a good dad. They discussed names for the baby, and Steffy suggested they could have another Bill, but they both grimaced at the thought.

When discussion turned to a girl's name, Steffy knew that Liam was thinking about Hope -- a name that would not be on the list. Steffy hoped that one day they would all get along. She said their relationship had always had three people in it -- Liam, Steffy, and Hope. She said they had their own family of three that did not include Hope.

Steffy teased that a girl could be named Isis -- it meant fearless, and nobody would mess with a girl named Isis. Liam said she would be fearless just like her mom. Liam researched pregnancies on his tablet and discovered that fathers could experience sympathetic pregnancy with similar pains, weight gain, and ailments as the mother. He teased that it would be a fun nine months, and Steffy noted it was less than that. Liam apologized that Steffy had gone through so much of her pregnancy alone.

Steffy told Liam not to worry, because their future as a family would be filled with love. Steffy professed her love for Liam, and he smiled. They cuddled on the couch, and Liam caressed her belly. They both smiled, but Liam looked pensive.

At Brooke's cabin, Bill hugged Brooke and told her he wanted to make her feel better. Brooke lamented that Liam had committed to Hope. Brooke was convinced that Liam would have remarried Hope if Steffy hadn't shown up. Bill gently reminded Brooke that it was over. Bill stated that Liam loved both Hope and Steffy, but a baby trumped all.

Brooke begged Bill to ask Liam if he would have committed to Hope, because it was important for Brooke to know. Bill refused because it wouldn't help anyone move forward. He added that Brooke, Hope, Steffy, and Liam all needed to move on. Bill wiped away Brooke's tears. He teased about becoming a young grandpa.

Bill encouraged Brooke to find fulfillment in what she had always loved: Forrester Creations. Bill insisted that Brooke should visit Eric immediately and ask to become a co-CEO. Brooke argued that Eric had already appointed Rick as president and Thomas as vice president, but Bill pressured Brooke to get back in the game at Forrester. He reminded her that she was the same strong, sexy bombshell who had created BeLieF and the Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke looked thoughtful.

At Forrester, Taylor visited Thomas and teased him about his beard and working too late. Thomas countered that Taylor needed to date. Taylor said that she had just visited with Bill, and Thomas pointed out that Bill was married and not dating material.

Taylor said she had been talking to Bill because Bill and Taylor would be grandparents. Taylor revealed to Thomas that Steffy was pregnant and moving in with Liam. Taylor paused to take a call from Eric, who admitted that Madison had told him about the surprise wedding at Liam's.

Taylor told Eric that Steffy had arrived in time to stop the wedding and tell Liam about the baby. Taylor added that Liam and Steffy were planning a life together. Eric wanted to hear all about it and asked Taylor to join him for dinner.

Taylor agreed and hung up. Thomas, unaware of who had been on the phone with Taylor, recognized that Taylor had someone special in her life. Taylor admitted that it was Eric. Thomas said that he was happy for Eric and Taylor. Thomas said he had the perfect Forrester design for Taylor's date. He left to get a dress for her.

At Eric's place, Eric prepared for Taylor's arrival. Eric had a caterer prepare dinner. He looked at a picture of himself with Taylor on his phone. He gazed at the portrait of Stephanie above the mantel, and he lit some candles. Then he noticed he had never removed his wedding ring.

Taylor arrived in a beautiful blue dress -- a Thomas Forrester original. Eric complimented her. He wondered if Thomas supported their relationship. Taylor explained that Thomas had been supportive, and Eric and Taylor agreed that neither had anticipated the relationship. Taylor kissed Eric, and they embraced.

Eric said he had been out of practice at preparing romantic evenings. Taylor thanked him and added that it was a lovely way to end the day. They embraced.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Brooke's cabin in the evening, Bill expressed that Brooke was just what Eric needed because Eric was surrounded by a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears kids. Brooke, however, didn't think of Rick and Thomas as kids. Bill also said that Brooke needed a distraction, and Brooke replied that Hope did, too. He suggested that Brooke could get Hope involved and have Eric amp up Hope's line.

Brooke seemed sad. Bill told her that he'd respected the good fight she'd put up, but she had to accept that Liam and Steffy were a couple that was having a baby. Cringing, Brooke wondered if the pair would be together if Steffy weren't pregnant.

Brooke admitted that her self-confidence had taken a hit. Bill reminded her of her successes with BeLieF, the Men's Line, and Brooke's Bedroom. "Ka-ching!" Bill exclaimed. He thought Eric would welcome Brooke's input -- and her eye-candy. Brooke called Bill silly because Eric was mourning his wife's death. Bill figured Eric would get over that the moment Brooke strode in the door.

Confused, Brooke asked if Bill wanted Brooke to get more involved with Eric. Bill corrected that he wanted her more involved in the business that he owned a piece of. Brooke reasoned that she and Eric had always worked well together, and she didn't think Stephanie would object.

Brooke figured Bill was anxious to get back to his son, but Bill continued to urge her to see Eric that night. She was uncertain, but Bill was confident that Eric would enjoy a visit from his superstar ex-wife. Brooke reasoned that Eric had always been fair to her, and Bill said Brooke's indecision was driving him crazy. She laughed and gave in to Bill's request that she visit Eric.

At the cliff house, Liam seemed to be in deep thought as Steffy ended a call about listing her loft for sale. He snapped out of it as she announced that she was listing her old place. "This is our home now, Liam. Our home," Steffy proclaimed.

Steffy exclaimed that she'd had quite a day, and she'd been glad to finally share the news of the pregnancy with Liam. She hadn't wanted to trap him. Liam asked if he looked trapped, and he reminded her that he wanted to be there with her and the baby. Hugging him, she said that she'd wanted to know that he wanted her for her, and as of that night, she did know. Liam looked weary again, but he snapped out of it and hugged her back.

Astounded by the day, Liam remarked that Steffy, the baby, and Brooke's elopement had all been incredible. Steffy complimented Brooke for knowing what she wanted and going after it; however, it made Steffy wonder what Brooke would do next.

Steffy sat down with a bowl of strawberries, and she and Liam discussed things to eat for the baby and for pregnancy cravings. She asked if Liam was scared, and he asked if she was. She said she'd been scared before, but that day, she felt safe and protected. Liam assured her that she was, and she decided that she was getting another craving. She kissed him, and as he nestled her on his shoulder, he got that reticent look in his eyes again.

While Steffy and Liam relaxed on the couch, the front door burst open. On a dirt bike, with helium balloons clenched in his teeth and a huge bag on his back, Bill rode into the front room and asked if there were a new mommy- and daddy-to-be in the house.

Liam and Steffy hopped off the couch as Bill explained that he'd introduce his new grandchild to the wonderful world of dirt-bike racing. Bill figured it was something that the "Motorcycle Mama" would approve of. Bill shoved blue and pink cigars in Liam's mouth and told Steffy that she looked beautiful with a new Spencer growing inside of her.

Pulling things out of his big bag, Bill explained there was much more on the way. Steffy and Liam exclaimed that it was too much and a little early. Bill explained that he was going to be a grandfather, and a while back, he hadn't ever thought he'd even be a father.

Liam asked how Bill had found out, and he named Taylor. Steffy hugged Bill, who quizzed her about her eating and sleeping. Bill ordered Liam to take care of Steffy and the new Spencer. Bill was thrilled at how things had turned out. He mentioned that he'd talked to Brooke, and she was handling it well. Liam and Steffy were surprised, and Bill said Brooke and Hope would land on their feet. Bill remarked that Brooke was on the way to visit Eric, which was sure to lift her spirits.

Bill returned to quizzing Steffy about her diet, but when he offered to fly in the best doctors, Liam warned that micromanaging always got Bill in trouble. Bill said it was Liam's time to shine, and he'd do a good job. Bill then stated that, even more important than Liam becoming a father, Liam and Bill shared a new bond. Bill claimed that they'd be the first hands-on fathers in their family.

Bill said he had faith in Liam and Steffy, and they would be good parents. They smiled, and Bill hugged them.

At Eric's house, Eric observed that Taylor was glowing after a stressful day. Taylor beamed that she couldn't be happier. Taylor cooed about Liam and Steffy's reunion and becoming a grandmother. Eric called Taylor the most beautiful grandmother in the world, and the two hugged.

With Eric's arm around her waist, Taylor joked that Stephanie's portrait might crash down again in displeasure. Taylor said Stephanie had chosen Brooke over Taylor in the end, but Eric stated that Stephanie had simply had unfinished business with Brooke. He figured that Stephanie had wanted him to get on with his life, and he wondered who would be better to do it with than Taylor. Eric kissed Taylor's forehead, and the camera panned to Stephanie's portrait.

As Eric and Taylor sat down to dinner, Eric opted for sparkling water with Taylor because he'd finally let his martinis with Stephanie go. He reiterated that Taylor was glowing, and she said it could be due to the dress Thomas had designed for her or to being with Eric.

The two discussed Steffy and Liam, and Taylor beamed that she'd gotten to see the first ultrasound, and the baby was healthy. Taylor was very excited for Liam and Steffy, who were happily reunited. Taylor called it the perfect ending to the day. Taking her hand, Eric said it wasn't over yet.

To some slow jazz music, Taylor and Eric danced together before the fireplace. The two had dinner, and Taylor expressed how lucky she was to have Eric. She said she saw him as much more than a friend. Eric recalled that they'd been attracted to each other before, and Taylor indicted that she'd had a lot of respect for Stephanie at that time. Eric didn't want to pressure Taylor, but he'd felt things changing between them after he'd kissed her the other day. Taylor uttered that it had been a long time since she'd felt the way she was feeling.

Eric decided to go upstairs to prepare something, and Taylor remained downstairs, having coffee. After a while, he didn't return, so she went upstairs to look for him. He invited her into his candlelit bedroom. He took out a garment bag and unveiled a new nightgown he'd designed with Taylor in mind. Flattered, she asked how he knew it would fit her. Eric suggested that she try it on.

As Taylor was in the bathroom, Eric slipped into his robe. She returned and dramatically darted her leg through the slit in the gown. Eric took her hand, pulled her close, and they kissed.

Downstairs, Brooke let herself in with her key. She took a look at Stephanie's portrait in the dimly light living room and then headed upstairs. Outside Eric's bedroom door, she called Eric's name and turned the door handle.

Back inside the room, the startled Taylor and Eric looked the door.

Friday, March 1, 2013

In the CEO's office, Hope was sketching some designs, but her sad mood made her drop the pencil. Oliver entered, saying Madison had told him what had happened with Liam. Hope joked that Madison was mass-emailing people about it. Oliver said Madison had told him in confidence because she'd hoped that he could help Hope. He added that he was confident that he could.

Oliver had a secret to reveal to Hope. It was something that he'd wanted to tell and show her for a while. Hope asked if they could do it later because she just wanted to be alone. Oliver said he'd just tell her one quick story, and then she could be alone -- if that was what she still wanted. He promised that it would make her smile, laugh, or want to call the police.

Oliver told the story of him dating a blonde, who'd broken up with him. After the breakup, he'd been out late one night. He said he'd done something foolish, but something he thought she'd appreciate. He'd even thought it might help him get her back. At Hope's quizzical expression, he added, "Maybe not, but I thought it would help."

Oliver lifted his leg, pushed down the flap of his shoe, and just behind his ankle, a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for "Hope" became visible. Hope gasped and giggled at the sight of it. Oliver said he'd been meaning to get it removed or converted into a smiley face or a dog. "A bunch of dogs playing poker on my leg, I don't know," he joked, shrugging.

Still laughing, Hope exclaimed that Oliver couldn't do that. Oliver decided that he'd cancel the appointment to have it removed "for now." He said the tattoo had given him hope for a while, and he was glad it had made her smile. He claimed he wasn't there to pressure her, and though she still had to get over Liam, Oliver thought knowing he was still there for her would help. Hope hugged Oliver.

At the cliff house, Thomas congratulated his sister. He didn't know what had possessed Brooke to schedule a wedding, but Steffy felt it had been good because it had forced the truth out. Steffy said everyone could move on because of it -- including Hope. Liam glanced down and frowned a little.

Thomas decided to put away any grievances he had with Liam because of the baby and Steffy's happiness. Liam said he was committed to Steffy and the baby. Steffy wished she'd told Liam about the baby sooner, but she'd needed to know it'd be "more than that." Liam said it was more.

Liam got a text message and went into the bedroom to get some work done. Steffy asked if Thomas were ready to be an uncle and a role model. Thomas was fine with it as long as he didn't have to babysit. He figured that their mom would probably want to move in to babysit her first grandchild. The siblings realized Taylor might not do that because she'd started dating.

Steffy asked if the relationship was weird due to Eric's grieving. Thomas didn't think so. Steffy believed it was good for Taylor, and Eric was a man who could appreciate her. Thomas thought it'd be good for Eric. Thomas didn't think anyone could fill Stephanie's shoes, but Taylor was a good candidate.

Steffy relished the idea of what the relationship would do to Brooke. Steffy asked how many times Brooke had attacked Taylor and ruined her relationships. Steffy figured that Brooke could do nothing but watch Taylor become the Forrester matriarch. Thomas hoped Brooke's reaction wasn't the only reason Steffy supported that relationship, and she quipped that it was a bonus.

Thomas remarked that Taylor had tried to move on with other guys, but there hadn't been "that fire" in her eyes. Thomas mentioned that Taylor had gotten butterflies when Eric had asked her to dinner earlier. Steffy suggested they spy on Taylor and Eric, but Thomas thought the couple be deserved some together time with no interruptions.

In Eric's bedroom, Taylor and Eric were shocked to hear Brooke outside the door. Eric exited the bedroom, and pulled the door halfway closed. Thinking that it was too early for bed, Brooke wondered if he were okay. He assured her that he was, but she touched his head and suggested he see a doctor.

Eric insisted that he was fine, and he wondered what Brooke was doing there. Brooke guessed that someone else was in his bedroom. Brooke called Donna's name, but Eric asked if they could go downstairs. "Pam?" Brooke asked him in a hushed voice. Eric scoffed, and Brooke got a glimpse of Taylor through the crack in the door. "What? You have got to be kidding me!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke barged into the room and asked what Eric and Taylor were thinking to be there in Stephanie's bedroom. Taylor asked Brooke to leave. Brooke, however, incredulously said Taylor's best friend had just died, and Taylor was going after the husband. Brooke also couldn't believe that "this" was how Eric would mourn Stephanie.

Eric told Brooke not to judge him or what he was going through. Brooke asserted that Taylor was using Eric, and Brooke asked how Taylor could take advantage of Eric so soon after Stephanie had died. Taylor said she wouldn't do such thing, and Eric claimed that he and Taylor were finding happiness together. Brooke quipped that he was finding happiness, but Taylor was finding power.

Brooke figured that Taylor had found a way to fix her problems of the Logans being on top. Eric claimed that Brooke didn't know what she was talking about. "Really? Who did you appoint vice president of Forrester Creations? Her son!" Brooke exclaimed.

Eric claimed that Thomas had experience, but Brooke warned Eric that the CEO spot was next. Brooke was sure that Taylor had her eyes on the shares that Stephanie had left Eric, too. Taylor called Brooke narcissistic and said it wasn't about Brooke. Taylor thought Brooke should already know that Taylor wasn't manipulative or cruel, and she wouldn't take advantage of a grieving person.

Eric was sorry that Brooke didn't think he should be done grieving, but he felt he had to keep living. He claimed that Stephanie would want him to move on, and Taylor was helping him do that. Brooke called Taylor hypocritical for standing there in her underwear after all she'd accused Brooke of. Eric claimed that Brooke had it all wrong, and he'd been the one to give Taylor the lingerie.

Brooke said Taylor might not know what she was doing, but Taylor was taking Brooke's place. Brooke noted that Stephanie had asked her to guide the family. Taylor claimed she didn't want to take anything from Brooke. "Not your final moments with Stephanie, not the responsibilities you think she passed on to you," Taylor said. Brooke was convinced that Taylor, jealous over Brooke's relationship with Stephanie, sought to take revenge upon her and Stephanie.

Taylor claimed that she'd been alone and a single mother for a long time, and she'd given up a lot of things. Brooke stated that Taylor was a psychiatrist and should know what a grieving man asking her to wear lingerie meant. Brooke said that, as wonderful as Stephanie had been, she hadn't been able to fulfill Eric, and being with Taylor wasn't the first time he'd turned to someone else.

Eric told Brooke to stop, and he declared that he loved Taylor. Brooke exclaimed that he'd just lost his wife. Taylor theorized that Brooke hated her too much to let her be happy, and Taylor said Brooke thought she was the new Stephanie in charge of keeping Eric from moving forward. Taylor ordered Brooke to stop being selfish because it was happening whether Brooke liked it or not.

Eric led Brooke downstairs, and she raged that she wasn't leaving until he understood that Taylor was using him. Taylor arrived on the stairs, and Brooke accused Taylor of seducing Eric and taking Stephanie's place in the family. Taylor claimed that was Brooke's place, since Stephanie had decreed it. "Just not here, just not with us, away from this house," Taylor said.

Taylor claimed that Brooke knew nothing about Taylor and Eric. Taylor said that they were just following their hearts, and Brooke was the last person who should be calling it a seduction or power play. Taylor insisted it wasn't wrong or disrespectful; however, Brooke insisted that, after all Taylor's accusations of Brooke, Brooke wouldn't let Taylor get away with seducing Eric and using him.

Brooke declared that she'd be the voice of reason and the voice of Stephanie, who would not want Eric and Taylor together. Brooke ordered Taylor to get her things and leave with whatever bit of dignity she might have left. Eric said that Brooke was leaving, not Taylor.

Taylor quipped that Brooke was used to getting her way, but Brooke had worn out her welcome. Taylor told Brooke to respect the man of the house and leave. Eric looked expectantly, and welling up with tears, Brooke grabbed her purse and left.

Eric hugged Taylor, and she thanked him for standing up for her. Taylor was sure Brooke wouldn't be the only naysayer -- if Taylor and Eric continued. Eric stated that Brooke thought she had a mandate from Stephanie, but Brooke wasn't the one Eric wanted by his side and in his bed. He declared that it was the beginning of their future, and Taylor was the new Forrester matriarch.

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