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Rick hired Carter and helped Maya move into her new apartment. At Hope's prompting, Liam proposed to Steffy. Katie continued to push Bill aside, and Bill saw Brooke in her lingerie. Taylor moved in with Eric, and Pam and Donna were upset to learn about Eric's new relationship with Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, March 4, 2013

In an office at Forrester, Rick stared at a picture he'd taken of Maya at the café. Marcus and Carter arrived, and Carter guessed Rick was the cousin that Marcus had been talking about. Rick mentioned that he'd heard Carter was a patent attorney. Marcus said he wanted to find a way to keep Carter in town and had figured that the party-scene Rick could help.

Rick claimed he didn't party that much anymore, and Carter asked what had happened to Marcus' partying days. The siblings ribbed each other about Marcus always getting grounded as a kid while Carter had always been a goody-goody. Rick asked who had the law degree, and Marcus frowned. Carter added that he had an MBA, and Rick was impressed.

Marcus suggested that he and Rick keep Carter's brilliant legal mind around, and Carter mentioned that he'd heard that Forrester had experienced trouble with knock-offs. Affirming it, Rick added that counterfeiting was their new issue. Carter advised that Forrester fight the global problem by first reviewing and renewing all their patents. Carter volunteered to tackle the task, and Rick gave Carter a week to complete the project. Carter took off, and Rick told Marcus that it was nice of Carter to help.

Rick wondered if Carter had any entertainment contacts, because Rick had met a remarkably beautiful and talented lady at the café. Marcus claimed he knew where Rick's story was headed. Rick said it wasn't like that, but the woman had been special.

Rick explained that, without knowing who he'd been, she'd given him a tip she hadn't been able to afford just because she'd thought he'd needed it. Rick recalled how the woman's smile and spirit had shined through despite her apparently tough life. Marcus asked what the woman's name was.

Before Rick could answer, he got a call from Caroline. Marcus slipped out of the office as Caroline gabbed on the phone about Rick taking her to a Thai fusion restaurant to make up for the café thing the other day. She said she was all about community service, but Rick had to give a girl some warning. "How about this for warning? I'm on the schedule tonight," Rick responded.

Caroline growled in frustration, but Rick said the café was short-handed. Pouting about wanting to spend time with him, Caroline asked if he was taking the volunteerism too seriously. Rick gazed at Maya's picture and replied that he wasn't. Caroline noticed that he was distracted, and he said he had to let her go. Murmuring that he'd talk to her later, Rick clicked off the line.

At Eric's house, Taylor awakened beside Eric and realized that it hadn't been a dream. Eric hoped that was a good thing. She kissed him, and he said he'd decided to send some of his Forrester shipping staff to her house to help her move in with him. Eric figured Taylor would say it was too soon; however, he insisted that he knew what he felt, and he wanted her there beside him every morning.

"Eric..." Taylor uttered. Eric asked if that was an affirmative answer. "Yes!" she exclaimed, and Eric proclaimed that she was the new Forrester matriarch. He said that after the previous night, he'd make her the Queen of England if he could.

At Taylor's beach house, Thomas arrived as Steffy searched the house for Taylor. Taylor's phone had been off, and her car wasn't there. Thomas and Steffy were worried, and Steffy suspected that their mother hadn't been home at all the previous night. The two were sure Taylor hadn't spent the night with Eric because it would take Taylor three weeks just to weigh the pros and cons of doing it.

The Forrester shipping men arrived and said they were there to help Taylor move some stuff. Eric and Taylor entered, and Steffy and Thomas bombarded them with questions about where Taylor had been and what the shipping guys were doing there. Taylor apologized for worrying them, and Eric thought it was as good a time as any to announce that he and Taylor were moving in together.

Thomas and Steffy guessed that it had to be a joke because Eric and Taylor had just started dating. Eric claimed he'd admired Taylor for many years, and they'd grown very close while dating. Eric wanted to be with Taylor full-time, and Taylor added that she wanted to be with Eric.

Taylor asked if it were okay with her children. She said that though she didn't know where it was headed, she and Eric needed each other. Steffy joked that a hidden camera was in the room, but Taylor asserted that they weren't being "punked." Thomas and Steffy decided that they were okay with it, and they congratulated Taylor and Eric.

Eric congratulated Steffy on the baby, and Taylor noted that things were looking up for their family. Taylor decided that she'd meet Eric at the house, but Eric asked if she'd meant "our house." Smiling, Taylor repeated the words, and she and Eric hugged.

The shippers, Taylor, and Eric left, and Steffy and Thomas reeled about what had just happened. Thomas was happy for his mother and grandfather, but Steffy thought it was out of character for their mother. Thomas said Taylor was in good hands, at least. The siblings figured that Taylor had been right about their family being in a good place, but Thomas wondered what Brooke would think about it.

In the CEO's office, Brooke was glad to see Bill when he arrived. Bill asked how the previous evening had gone, and she explained that she hadn't gotten very far because Taylor had been in Eric's bedroom, wearing lingerie. Bill frowned and cringed. "I gotta get my hearing checked because what I heard was 'Taylor, lingerie, and Eric's bedroom,'" Bill dubiously replied.

The upset Brooke told Bill that he'd heard it right. "Get outta here! Eric? Well, you go, boy! He must be hitting that blue pill really hard!" the amused Bill responded. Brooke saw nothing amusing about it, but Bill said Eric and Taylor were just two lonely people. Brooke asserted that Taylor didn't care about Eric. Brooke believed Taylor was trying to take advantage of a grieving man.

Brooke was adamant that Taylor, who'd always admonished Brooke for using sexuality, was going after Brooke's family and the business by seducing Eric. Bill thought Taylor and Eric had just needed to get a little freaky, and Bill remarked that it wasn't as if the two were moving in together.

Brooke stated that Taylor and Eric were claiming to love each other. Bill dubbed it classic rebound behavior, but Brooke was sure Taylor had manipulated Eric. Brooke cited that Taylor had gotten Eric to appoint Thomas vice president, and Bill admitted that the choice had been out of left field.

Brooke explained that Thomas was breathing down Rick's throat, Steffy had lassoed Liam with the baby, and Taylor had dug her claws into Eric. Brooke exclaimed that it had blindsided her, but Taylor had warned Brooke that there would be payback for causing Taylor's family pain. "Payback is a bitch. So is Taylor," Bill remarked. Brooke relayed that she had no idea what Taylor would do next.

Brooke said she'd thought Bill would want to know what had been happening because he was an owner of the business. Bill responded that they'd keep an eye on it. Brooke seethed that Taylor was bitter about Brooke ruining Taylor's marriage to Ridge, but Taylor had done that on her own. Bill asked if Taylor could be getting revenge by going after another of Brooke's ex-husbands.

Brooke stated that it seemed to her as if Taylor were using Eric to go after Brooke and her children. Brooke felt it also had to do with Stephanie, who Taylor resented for dying in Brooke's arms. "She's sleeping with Stephanie's husband in Stephanie's bed, and it's just so disrespectful," Brooke said.

Brooke asserted that it wasn't right to her, her family, or Stephanie, and Brooke wouldn't let it happen. Bill asked what Brooke planned to do about it. Grabbing her purse, she said she'd talk to Eric, and he'd listen that time. She vowed not to let Eric make a huge mistake.

Later, Brooke arrived at Eric's house and found the shippers bustling about. Upon spotting Taylor opening one of the boxes stacked around the room, Brooke asked what "the hell" was going on there. Taylor gleefully replied that she was moving in. "You've got to be kidding me!" Brooke exclaimed.

Taylor explained that she and Eric cared for each other, they'd made a commitment, her children were happy about it, and the house had become her and Eric's home. Brooke insisted that it wasn't Taylor's home, and Taylor was just trying to get back at Brooke for their history. Brooke declared that Taylor wasn't in love with Eric, and it was about revenge, not romance.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

by Pam

At Eric's home, Brooke chastised Taylor for moving in with Eric. Brooke tried to stop Taylor from unpacking. Brooke shouted that Taylor had no business moving into Eric's house. Brooke and Taylor argued. The movers returned and offered to help unpack, but they noted that "Miss Logan" was there to help.

Taylor said that Brooke was on her way out, but Brooke stayed. Brooke insisted that Taylor was out for revenge against Brooke and Stephanie. Taylor said that Brooke couldn't stand it that Taylor's family was finally happy and that it resulted in unhappiness for Brooke's family. Taylor reiterated that Steffy was happy with Liam at Hope's expense, and Thomas was happy at Forrester, and that angered Rick. Taylor claimed that she was "happier than she'd ever been in her life."

Brooke ranted that Taylor had taken advantage of a grieving man. Brooke reminded Taylor that Eric had been mourning his wife's death. Taylor countered that Brooke had spent so much time planning an ambush wedding for Liam that Brooke hadn't noticed how sad Eric had been. Taylor had noticed because Taylor and Eric had spent a lot of time together as friends. They had discussed Eric's feelings.

Brooke accused Taylor of causing a scandal with a move into Eric's home so soon after Stephanie's death. Taylor scoffed that Brooke should be the last person warning of scandal after all the scandals she had caused. Taylor suspected that Brooke was involved in a new scandal of her own -- with Bill.

Brooke defended her relationship with Bill as a friendship. Taylor wondered if Katie had known about Bill and Brooke's clandestine meetings. Brooke contended that Taylor had seduced Eric. Taylor explained that she and Eric had developed very strong feelings for each other. Brooke claimed that Taylor had appointed herself the new Forrester matriarch with plans to affect the business and the family. Brooke refused to allow it.

Brooke left, and Eric returned. Taylor told him that Brooke had accused Taylor of using seductive powers to lure Eric into a diabolical web. Eric assured Taylor that they had real feelings for one another. "Don't let her give you second thoughts," Eric said about Brooke.

Eric and Taylor kissed and hugged, and his wedding ring was still visible on his left hand. Taylor cooed that she was exactly where she wanted to be. "It's good to be home," Taylor murmured.

At Bill's house, Katie fed the baby, and Bill entered. Bill happily stated that his client had cancelled meetings, and he would be spending more time at home for the day. Bill asked Katie to take a break and spend time with him. He suggested lunch for the two of them or with Will -- he wanted to go out, but Katie nixed the idea.

Katie claimed she didn't want Will to get off his schedule. Bill inquired about the schedule, and Katie said that it was naptime for Will. Bill encouraged her to put Will down for his nap and return to Bill. Katie fidgeted and said she normally stayed with Will so that he didn't fuss.

Bill begged Katie to take a break -- even if it was just for 15 minutes. Katie took Will upstairs and returned. Bill passionately kissed her and asked for a few minutes in the bedroom. Katie argued, and Bill became frustrated.

Bill wanted to know why Katie hadn't pursued more babysitters or a nanny so they could spend time as a couple. Katie resented his suggestions. She insisted that she wanted to raise Will. Bill agreed, but he added that they were a couple and needed time alone together.

Brooke showed up and interrupted. Will started to cry, and Katie jumped up. Bill and Brooke advised Katie to let Will cry for a few minutes because he could comfort himself and return to sleep. Katie refused and went upstairs.

Brooke complained to Bill that Taylor had moved in with Eric. Brooke insisted that Taylor was using Eric to go after Brooke and her children in the business. Brooke worried that Taylor would turn Eric against her family. Brooke refused to allow it to happen.

Brooke confessed that Taylor had always believed that Brooke's family had come before Taylor's family when Brooke had been with Ridge. Brooke added that Taylor had resented Brooke for Brooke's time with Ridge and Stephanie. Bill wondered if Eric and Taylor had developed a spontaneous bond, but Brooke scoffed that there wasn't a spontaneous bone in Taylor's body. Brooke assured Bill that Taylor had a plan -- Taylor had planned to move in before Eric had even asked her.

At Dayzee's, Rick waited on tables and looked for Maya. Anthony noticed, and in walked Maya. Rick waited on her and admitted he had stolen the table from another server. Rick flirted with Maya, and Caroline entered.

Rick left Maya's table and asked Caroline what she was doing there. Caroline teased that she would be kidnapping Rick. She said she had gotten reservations for a new place they had wanted to try. Rick wondered why she would make reservations when he had told her he had to work.

Disappointed, Caroline told Rick that the restaurant had called with a cancellation -- a real coup because they would have to wait months to get another reservation. Caroline encouraged Rick to talk to Dayzee because Dayzee's was not crowded. Caroline pouted and cooed that she had really wanted to go out with Rick, but Rick refused. Caroline hissed that it was not a real job. Rick insisted that it mattered to him. Caroline shook her head and left.

Maya overheard the argument. Maya said that Rick's girlfriend was rude and disrespectful. Rick acknowledged that Dayzee's was not busy, and Anthony would have let him leave, but Rick said that working there made him feel good because he was making a difference in other people's lives. Rick and Maya smiled at one another. Rick encouraged Maya to make a difference in other people's lives as a singer.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

by Pam

At Bill's home, Bill and Brooke discussed that Katie spent most of their time in the nursery rather than with Bill or getting out of the house. Brooke changed the conversation to why she felt Taylor had been using Eric. Brooke reiterated that Taylor had pushed her way into Eric's life and the company. Bill agreed that they had to prevent Taylor from gaining power at Forrester. Bill insisted that he wanted Brooke to run the company.

Bill showed Brooke that Brooke's Bedrooms was still a hit. He did an Internet search on Forrester Creations, and a Brooke's Bedroom video came up. Bill said it still got millions of hits. Bill reminded Brooke that the fashion line sent profits through the roof. Brooke giggled that it had driven Stephanie and Taylor nuts.

Bill suggested that Brooke revamp the bedroom line and model it. Brooke scoffed that she was too old. Brooke added that she did continue to wear lingerie. Bill suggested she show him her lingerie, and Brooke untied her dress to reveal her lingerie. Bill admired her appearance. "You look amazing," he said. Bill added that Brooke knew she looked amazing.

Brooke thanked Bill and said that it was good to hear compliments from a man because it had been a long time. Bill confirmed that Brooke's line would be on top again.

They discussed Katie's lack of availability to Bill, and Bill worried that Katie seemed to find him unattractive. Brooke teased that there was plenty to love about him. Bill recalled the feelings he had developed for Brooke in Aspen -- he couldn't get the balloon ride and kiss at Big Bear with Brooke out of his mind. They embraced. A tear streaked down Brooke's cheek.

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy visited Taylor. Steffy said that she was happy for Taylor and Eric. Taylor guessed that Steffy and Liam had likely been reveling in their first night back together. Steffy said her first night with Liam hadn't been what she'd expected. Taylor said that had been Brooke's fault.

Taylor and Steffy discussed that everything was working out for their family. Steffy agreed and said that she hoped Hope would find someone new. Taylor and Steffy hugged.

At Forrester, Liam entered Hope's office, and he searched for Rick. Liam worried that Rick would show up in anger. Hope said that Rick was gone.

Hope quizzed Liam about Steffy's pregnancy. Liam said he was adapting, and Hope looked despondent. Hope joked she would join a convent. Hope said she worried about Liam.

Hope told Liam she wanted him to marry Steffy before the baby was born. Liam was surprised. He wondered how Hope was doing, but Hope said it didn't matter. His marriage to Steffy was the right thing to do.

Hope confessed that her parents had never been together to raise her, and it bothered her. Hope said that as heartbroken as she was that she and Liam would be apart, she had been in the situation that the baby was in. Hope never wanted anything she did to hurt the baby. Hope said that Liam, Steffy, and Hope -- none of them had parents who had raised their kids together.

Hope said it wasn't easy for her to suggest marriage to Steffy because part of her wanted to claw Steffy's eyes out. Liam asked what Hope would do. Hope said she would make a life for herself. Liam grabbed Hope and promised to do what she had asked. He hugged Hope.

Rick and Maya flirted at Dayzee's while Rick sat at a table instead of working. Rick wanted to discuss Maya's music, but Maya said she needed some help with a job that required stamina. She promised to pay Rick.

Rick and Maya went to her apartment, and Maya needed help moving boxes. They discussed that Maya dreamed she would one day live in a mansion. Maya asked where Rick lived, and Rick said he was a bus ride away. Rick admired Maya's talent, beauty, and spirit. He complimented her and said she had all the right qualities for success.

Rick assumed that Maya had had a tough life, but Maya said she was not a complainer. They joked, and Rick hung pictures for Maya. She offered ten dollars to Rick for his help, but Rick turned her down. Maya insisted he could get a good meal. Rick said it was all a housewarming present. He kissed her on the cheek, and Maya smiled.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

At Bill's house, Bill tried to tell Brooke about his feelings, but Brooke asked him not to get into it. He wondered if she'd deny having any feelings, and she acknowledged that he was important to her. Bill was glad to know that, and Brooke added that he had no idea.

Katie entered, and Brooke announced that she was off to talk to Hope. Bill suggested that Hope babysit Will sometime to give Bill and Katie some time alone. Katie said not to go making promises because she didn't like to have Will out of her sight for a moment. Brooke and Bill exchanged glances.

Brooke took off, and Bill asked Katie why she couldn't be parted from the baby for even one afternoon. Bill asked if he were wrong to want to spend time with her. Katie didn't think he was wrong, but she wanted to make it up to Will for missing his formative weeks. "At our expense?" Bill asked.

Grinning and touching Bill's chest, Katie replied that she hoped not. She loved that he was still hot for her, and Bill said she'd like it even if more once she let him do something about it. Katie insisted that she had to put Will first until he bonded with her. Bill asked how long that would take, and he admitted that he was frustrated and lonely. Katie promised to make it up to him if he bore with her.

Bill asked if he had a choice, and Katie changed the subject to Brooke, who Katie felt had been behaving oddly earlier. He asked if Katie had time to listen to him explain. Expectantly holding the baby monitor, Katie murmured that Bill had her undivided attention.

Later, Katie was telling Bill that she understood Brooke's concerns about Taylor and Eric; however, Katie wasn't sure what Bill and Brooke could do about it. Bill said it was about Brooke reasserting herself at Forrester. Recalling that he'd questioned Taylor's personal and professional judgment before, Bill said he wasn't sure if Taylor had real feelings for Eric or was making a power play.

Bill believed that Brooke had a proven track record, and in a business, more money meant a stronger bottom line. He asserted that Brooke was a sales generator, and he and Katie remarked about how well Brooke had done with Brooke's Bedroom. Bill believed that once Brooke was back in the game and regenerating sales, no one would be able to push her out.

Katie thought it would be wonderful if Brooke could throw herself back into something she was passionate about. Bill added that even thought it would squash any power play of Taylor's, Brooke had been reluctant to go forward. Katie offered to talk to her sister, but Bill said that he'd already talked Brooke into it. "Humn..." uttered Katie with a terse smile and nod of her head.

At work, Hope flashed back to asking Liam to promise to marry Steffy before the baby was born. Brooke arrived and asked what it was that Hope had talked to Liam about earlier. Hope replied that she'd told him to marry Steffy, and Brooke asked why in the world Hope would do that. Hope replied that she was ready to figure out who she was without Liam.

Brooke thought the answer to that was simple. To Brooke, Hope was a beautiful, talented, and principled young woman. Hope thanked her mother for making her sound perfect, but she said she wasn't. Brooke felt that lots of young men would line up for miles to date Hope. Hope figured that might happen, but for the time being, she needed to learn to stand on her own.

Instead of being concerned about how other people were living, Hope wanted to get her own life in check, get out into the world, and meet new friends. Brooke expressed that she'd heard that Hope had spent time with Oliver. Nodding, Hope acknowledged that Oliver was a nice guy. "He's just not Liam," Hope said, and Brooke hugged Hope.

At the cliff house, Steffy put away pictures of Liam and Hope and set her own things out. Liam entered, and Steffy hoped he didn't mind her putting things the way she liked them. He didn't, so she added that they'd turn the guest room into a nursery. Liam indicated that they needed to discuss their futures. He led her to sit on the bed, and she guessed something important was on his mind.

Liam said he'd been thinking a lot about the baby and their situation. He was excited for the future, but it was no longer some distant thing. Touching Steffy's belly, he stated that the future was there, and it was inside of her. He told Steffy that he wanted to marry her before the baby was born, and Steffy gasped and smiled.

Liam recalled rescuing Steffy from the tub, and he said she'd changed his life's direction. He remarked that she'd lightened him up, and she'd given him the incredible gift of a family. While he hadn't expected it or asked for it, he was grateful to have it.

Liam said he knew Steffy didn't like to hear that "it's the right thing to do" to marry her; however, he felt that it was. Liam believed it was the right thing because it was what he wanted. Liam got down on one knee and said he'd ask her once more to do him the honor of being his wife. Steffy replied that if he were absolutely sure he wanted to marry her, then he had himself a wife.

"Yes!" Liam exclaimed, and he and Steffy kissed. They quickly began talking about when and where to do the event and decided on a candlelight ceremony. Steffy said that everything she wanted was finally becoming true.

Steffy knew Liam was worried about being a father because he hadn't had his father growing up; however, she assured him that he was a good influence on her, and he'd be a good influence on the child. She said the baby was lucky to have him as a father, and they'd be a family. Liam and Steffy hugged and kissed again.

Friday, March 8, 2013

At the cliff house, Steffy climbed into bed with Liam, who was checking his phone for possible wedding dates. Liam suggested that they take Ridge a slice of cake during their honeymoon in Paris. Steffy said to forget her father because she'd rather honeymoon at the beach.

Steffy asked Liam if he were sure about marrying her. Liam flashed back to Hope asking him to marry Steffy before the baby was born. "We're doing this," he asserted and kissed Steffy. Steffy guessed it was the hormones that made her keep asking, but Liam joked that he might need reassurance that she wanted him as a "baby daddy." He promised that she wouldn't regret it. Touching her belly, he added that he wouldn't regret it, either.

In Hope's room, Rick handed Hope a cup of tea. Hope wanted something stronger because she wasn't the pregnant one. Rick said he was sorry, but Hope replied that some things weren't meant to be. Rick and Hope discussed the surprise elopement, and Hope said that Liam had been putting the ring back on her finger. She murmured that it had been their last chance.

Hope revealed that she'd advised Liam to marry Steffy right away. Rick didn't understand why Hope would do that. Hope said she and Liam could have made a marriage work with joint custody of the baby, and the child would have had two wonderful homes; however, she'd had to let Liam go so he could be the kind of father he wished he'd had growing up.

Rick thought Hope was being noble, but he was sure she'd win if she chose to fight. Hope stated that she'd already fought, but "now" she needed to learn to let go. Hope seemed on the verge of tears, and a montage of scenes with her and Liam played on the screen.

The scenes morphed into scenes of Steffy and Liam having sex at the cliff house. Hope's face appeared between Liam and Steffy as they looked at each other. Liam and Steffy cuddled in bed, and Liam looked away with as if he were preoccupied. Steffy left the bedroom, and Liam walked to the window and stared at the moon.

Elisa Jordana's song, "Trust the World," played as Hope sat alone in her bedroom, reading a text message from Rick, who asked her to call if she needed anything while he was at Dayzee's. Hope thumbed through cell phone pictures of her and Liam. She strode to the window and gazed at the moon.

In the CEO's office, Donna was devastated and in tears when Brooke told her that Eric was dating Taylor. Donna figured she should have just gone in and swooped up the man when she'd had the chance. "Taylor?" Donna sobbed, and Brooke hugged her sister.

Donna thanked Brooke for keeping Donna from making a fool of herself. Brooke felt that Eric was making a fool of himself to move Taylor in so soon after Stephanie's death. Donna was astonished that Taylor had moved in, and Brooke added that Eric and Taylor were claiming to be in love.

Outside the door, Pam listened in, and she gasped as she overheard what Donna and Brooke were saying. Pam continued to listen, as inside the room, Brooke complained that Taylor was manipulating Eric to gain security for Steffy and Thomas.

Brooke added that it was about revenge, too, because Stephanie had chosen to spend time with Brooke before death. Brooke asserted that Stephanie had left Brooke in charge of the family, but Taylor had found a way to put herself in charge. Brooke wished Stephanie were there because Stephanie would know how to stop Taylor. Donna replied that someone had to stop Taylor before it was too late.

Outside the door, Pam got a determined look on her face. Brooke and Donna heard a noise, and they realized that someone was listening at the door. They nonchalantly went into the hallway, but no one was there.

Donna and Brooke were relieved that Pam hadn't overheard them, and Donna remarked that she didn't want to be Taylor when Pam found out about it. Sure that Pam would flip out, Brooke suggested that Donna tell Pam about it before it got into the press. Donna glanced at her and Pam's desk and saw a magazine picture of Taylor with a letter opener jabbed into Taylor's face.

Guessing that Pam had overheard them, Donna said they knew how Pam could be when she was upset. Donna flashed back to when Pam had sicced the bear on Donna at Big Bear. Brooke wondered what Pam was going to do to Taylor.

In Eric's bedroom, Taylor thought she was taking up too much of Eric's closet space, and she offered to put some things in a guest room. He asserted she'd never, ever do that, and they kissed.

Taylor asked if he was hungry, and Eric wondered if it were time to tell Pam that she didn't have to make him pot roast anymore. Taylor didn't mind Pam cooking because Taylor liked pot roast, but Eric warned Taylor to avoid eating Pam's cooking until Pam accepted the idea of Taylor living there.

Taylor believed that Pam would be happy for Eric, but it was Donna that worried Taylor. Eric figured that Donna might be upset, but he said he hadn't led her to believe that they'd rekindle things. Taylor hoped people didn't react the way Brooke had. Eric was sure some people would express concern, but he asked who'd object to two people finding love.

Outside the mansion, Pam stuck her key into the lock and opened the front door. She crept upstairs and stuck her hand into her bag.

Back in the bedroom, Taylor and Eric relaxed on the bed and began making out. Taylor heard a noise. "Who's there?" Eric shouted. Pam swung open the door, and a shadow appeared with what seemed to be a knife in its hand. Taylor let out a blood-curdling scream.

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