The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 11, 2013 on B&B

Maya discovered Rick's true identity, and Rick and Maya sadly parted ways. Rick got the blame when Forrester had a bad first quarter sales report, and Eric allowed Thomas to present his ideas again. Bill and Brooke counteracted Thomas' plan with a surprise -- the flashy revamp of Brooke's Bedroom.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 11, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, March 11, 2013

At Dayzee's café, Anthony guessed that Rick was pulling a double shift. Anthony instructed Rick to roll silverware, and Maya arrived from her upstairs apartment. Rick offered her a cup of coffee on him, and she took his bucket of silverware to her table.

Aside, Anthony asked Rick when he planned to tell Maya that he was a Forrester and the president of Forrester Creations. Rick said he'd never had anyone treat him like a regular person the way Maya did, and he liked it. Anthony insisted that Rick had to tell Maya the full story. Rick said he would eventually, but he hoped Anthony wouldn't rat him out just yet.

Anthony strode to Maya's table, and Maya remarked that she felt bad about Rick being down on his luck. Maya didn't know why Rick's "fancy pants girlfriend" couldn't be more supportive.

Rick received a call from Caroline, who was at his office. She'd felt bad about their tiff, and she'd decided to surprise him with takeout from the sushi place. She asked if he were working that evening, and Rick replied that he was working -- at Dayzee's. "Again?" Caroline asked.

Rick figured that Caroline should understand volunteerism because she ran her own charitable foundation. Caroline said that was completely different because her exhausting job there was throwing parties and getting the rich to open their wallets. Rick tried to explain how things worked at Dayzee's, but Caroline was tired of talking about that place. She asked if he'd meet her at Forrester. He replied that he was sorry, and she said she was, too.

The phone called ended, and Maya guessed he was in trouble with his girlfriend again. Maya wished that Rick had let her pay him for helping her move in, but Rick claimed that he liked how they'd settled it up. Rick kissed her cheek, and Anthony announced that it was closing time.

Rick agreed to lock up for Anthony, and Maya asked where Rick was headed. He shivered as if he were cold and said he was headed to the same place he always went. Maya offered to get him a jacket from upstairs, but he said he was okay.

By the dumpsters behind Dayzee's later, Rick called a car service for a ride because he'd locked his keys in his car. The service indicated that it would take a while, and Rick asked them to send someone as soon as possible. The shivering Rick sat down on a crate and tried to keep warm.

From her apartment window, Maya noticed Rick sitting alone by the dumpster. She took a jacket that the previous tenant had left in her apartment outside to Rick. Rick put it on but said he should explain things to her. Maya replied that they didn't have to talk in the alley, and she invited him to her place. He hesitated, but she said it was what friends did.

Maya took Rick back to her apartment to warm up, and she offered him chicken noodle soup. She joked about not having vichyssoise, and Rick wondered why she was being so nice to him. She replied that he had kind eyes. "So do you," he uttered and stroked her face.

Rick had his soup and decided that he needed to get going. In Maya's opinion, what Rick really needed to do was to try out her couch. She sat down and pulled him down beside her. It was her first night in her new place, and she was sure she'd feel safer knowing that a man was there.

Maya asked Rick to think about it, and she left the room. Rick quickly called his car service to cancel his ride. He said he'd deal with his locked keys in the morning, and he ended the call. Maya returned with some blankets, and Rick admitted that he was tired. He thanked her for everything.

"Good night, Maya Avant," Rick said. Maya realized that she didn't know his last name. Rick said his name didn't matter, and Maya kissed his forehead. She went to her bedroom, and Rick grinned as he settled down on her sofa.

At Forrester, Donna yanked the letter opener out of Taylor's picture and left Eric a voicemail requesting that he call back as soon as he could. Donna went into the CEO's office, where Caroline was pouting because Rick had gone to "that place" again. Caroline ranted that he'd gone to Dayzee's twice in one day. She didn't get it because the place was a dump.

Donna figured that Rick had a big heart, and he wanted to give back. Caroline felt that he could do that by writing a check, but Donna responded that he obviously wanted to do more. Caroline insisted that Rick should be living the high life, but Donna said that kind of thing might have lost its appeal for Rick, who'd lived it up in Paris years before.

Caroline reasoned that Los Angeles might be the problem. She was from New York and missed its energy, vitality, and sophistication. Caroline claimed she just wanted to spend time with Rick, and she couldn't understand what his affinity for Dayzee's was. "Something's going on with him," she decided.

On the threshold of Eric's bedroom, Pam brandished what appeared to be a butcher knife, and Taylor screamed. Eric flipped on the lights and demanded to know what Pam was doing there. Pam chuckled, waving what was actually a spatula, and she said she'd been glad to learn that Eric was dating someone other than Donna.

Pam pulled a container of lemon bars from her purse and offered them to Eric and Taylor to celebrate their new relationship. Eric was sorry he hadn't told Pam sooner, but Pam said she knew Eric would have eventually told her that he was dating. Pam claimed to be fine with him seeing Taylor instead of Pam.

Pam admitted that she'd overreacted a tad bit when she'd first heard the news; however, she'd decided that Taylor was worthy of Eric, and Stephanie had trusted Taylor. "So, congratulations, you crazy lovebirds!" Pam exclaimed, climbing in bed between them. With each of her arms, Pam hugged them around their necks. "Pam, you're choking me," Taylor murmured.

Pam let Eric and Taylor go and joked about how they thought she'd been after them with the spatula. Pam wondered if they were about to watch a movie. "Pam..." Eric responded. Hopping off the bed, Pam said she got it; three was a crowd. Before leaving, Pam gave Taylor the spatula as a keepsake.

Eric went downstairs and returned with some hot tea. He and Taylor discussed Pam's unorthodox actions, and Taylor joked that Pam was trying to kill her. Handing Taylor a rose, Eric said he loved her too much to let that happen. He asked if Taylor were uncomfortable being in the room he'd shared with Stephanie for such a long time. Taylor claimed she wasn't. "Except for one thing," Taylor said and pulled off his wedding band. Eric stated that it was her home with him for as long as she wanted, and they kissed.

Later, Pam arrived back at Forrester and regaled Donna with a tale of what had happened with the spatula earlier at Eric's house. Pam was chuckling about Taylor's reaction, but holding up Taylor's defiled photo, Donna assumed that Taylor had thought Pam would do that to Taylor for real.

Pam admitted that she'd gotten a tiny bit upset when she'd first heard the news, but she'd calmed down and taken Eric and Taylor some celebratory lemon bars. Donna stated that Pam had been hoping that she'd wind up with Eric, and Pam quipped that she'd been hoping that Donna wouldn't.

Pam was sure that Donna was just as happy to learn that Pam hadn't gotten Eric, either. Pam figured that she and Donna each wanted Eric to be happy. Donna reluctantly agreed, but she couldn't help wondering about Taylor's motives. Pam seemed skeptical, too, but she said that if Eric thought Stephanie would be okay with it, then Pam and Donna should be, too.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

by Pam

At Maya's apartment, Rick woke up on Maya's sofa. He noticed that Maya had been fixing her hair and putting on her makeup. Rick complimented Maya and said he smelled coffee. Maya said it was the heavenly aroma from Dayzee's downstairs. Maya promised to make coffee in her grandmother's drip coffeemaker.

Maya returned with coffee, rice cakes, and tahini for breakfast. Rick said he needed to leave, but Maya asked him to stay. Rick asked about a photo of a baby girl on one of the tables. Maya shared that the photo was of her daughter.

Maya gave Rick her entire story. She said that she had learned that "most bad things are done by good people." Maya confessed that she and her baby's father had been in love, but she added that he had gotten lost and was not a true criminal. She said that she had never committed a crime, but no one had believed her and she had landed in prison. She had gotten out because someone had finally believed her.

Maya lamented that she was one of countless young women who showed up in Los Angeles, hoping for singing careers. She said they wound up selling hamburgers, videos, and companionship. Maya admitted that she had lost her little girl because she had been sent to prison. Maya emotionally shared that her daughter had been adopted, and the entire family had been killed in an auto accident. Rick sympathized with Maya.

At Forrester, Donna and Pam shared their desk, and Donna absentmindedly took the stapler from Pam's side of the desk. Pam sniped at Donna, and Caroline entered. Caroline had been looking for Rick. Caroline asked if Rick was in a meeting in Eric's office, and Pam said that Rick wasn't in there. Caroline accused Pam and Donna of lying.

Inside Eric's office, Carter showed Eric how someone had made a career of creating Forrester knockoff dresses that included Forrester labeling. Eric was surprised. Eric said that even Sally Spectra hadn't been that bold. Eric said that he and Carter needed to develop a strategy.

Caroline interrupted Eric and Carter's meeting, and Pam followed Caroline into the office. Caroline wanted to know where Rick had gone. Eric tried to subdue Caroline. Eric introduced Caroline to Carter. Carter left.

Caroline complained that Rick had not returned any of her phone calls. She angrily recalled that Rick couldn't do enough for the homeless but couldn't spend any time with her. Eric was surprised. He argued that Forrester encouraged its staff to volunteer. Rick was very dedicated to helping out at Dayzee's. Caroline complained that Eric and Stephanie had made Rick feel indebted to Dayzee's where people were unclean and unemployed.

Caroline recommended that Rick should start a foundation like she had and then hire someone to run it. Eric was shocked at her attitude. Eric defended Dayzee's and Rick. Caroline whined that she was fighting for a relationship. She lamented that she had tried to start a relationship with Thomas that had not worked out, and Rick seemed to be dedicated to kindness to strangers but not to her.

Caroline exclaimed that she might be a brat, but the last time that Rick had taken her out, she had done her hair, put on a designer dress and heels and hadn't expected to have a date at a homeless shelter. Eric reminded her that Dayzee's was not a homeless shelter.

Eric defended Rick. Eric explained that he and his son were single-task people who could only concentrate on one thing at a time -- it was a flaw they shared. Eric admitted that the people they loved often felt forgotten. Caroline said it sounded like an excuse. She thanked Eric for listening, and she stalked out.

On the Forrester rooftop, Carter and Marcus worked out. They boxed with the heavy bag. Carter teased that Marcus had three fathers. Carter said that he had met Caroline Spencer. Marcus explained that Caroline was from New York, so Carter might like her.

Marcus added that Caroline Spencer's uncle had pushed her off a balcony. Marcus corrected himself that she had slipped and fallen, according to her uncle. Marcus and Carter also discussed Maya. Marcus suggested that Carter could contact Maya at any time because Maya lived above the coffee shop.

Marcus pointed out that Maya had been in prison. Carter understood that Maya had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Marcus wondered if Carter had been naïve in his assumption about Maya, but Carter said that people were wrongfully accused all the time.

At Pam and Donna's desk, they discussed that Caroline had seemed like a sweet girl. They both noted that she had been very angry at Rick. Pam didn't trust Caroline because she was from New York City. Donna said that Caroline looked like a model. Pam and Donna argued about Caroline's intentions at Forrester.

At Maya's, Rick saw a call from Caroline on his phone, but he ignored it. Rick offered to take Maya out on the town. They hopped on a bus and got off on Rodeo Drive. Maya said they had no business on Rodeo Drive, and storeowners would kick them out of the stores. Rick reminded her that celebrities often shopped in sweatsuits. Rick suggested they stop in at Forrester Creations first because Maya might find a nice surprise. They laughed and kissed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric and Thorne talked, and Eric wondered if Thorne was all right with Eric's relationship with Taylor. Thorne said that he wanted his dad to be happy, and Thorne left. Donna entered and inferred that she was the last to hear about Eric and Taylor. Eric apologized and admitted that he should have been the one to tell Donna about Taylor.

Donna offered that if Eric's relationship with Taylor ever changed, Donna would be available because she knew her honey bear had needs. Pam overheard Donna, and Pam warned that Eric didn't want Donna. Pam said Donna sounded desperate.

Taylor, Steffy and Thomas joined Eric, Pam and Donna in the office, and Brooke and Hope followed. Eric made a quick announcement that he and Taylor were in a relationship, and Taylor had moved in with him. Eric refused to tolerate any gossip. He demanded respect from everyone. Marcus and Thorne joined the meeting, and Marcus inquired about the announcement. Donna piped up that Eric and Taylor were living together, and Marcus said he had known about it, much to Donna's surprise.

Thorne interrupted that the first quarter numbers were in, and they needed to discuss them. Thorne asked why Rick did not attend the meeting. Eric asked Brooke where Rick was. Brooke and Hope tried to message and call Rick, but they received no answers.

Thorne noted Rick needed to get into the office because the numbers were disappointing. Thorne reviewed a graph that clearly illustrated the company needed some change. Brooke insisted they had to wait for Rick to make decisions, but the group wanted to move forward.

Steffy and Thomas complained that Rick had not allowed them to make changes and take the company in a new direction. Brooke defended Rick and Eric's vision that the company had always focused on tradition and quality. Eric acknowledged that it wasn't working.

Taylor advised Eric that it might be time to try something new. Thomas said that in his original business proposal he had suggested that Forrester broaden its appeal and reduce costs and staff. Thomas reminded Eric that the company had been built on celebrities wearing the Forrester label, but the company had to do much more than that.

Thomas added that consumer demand had changed, and it had changed many times in the past. Eric agreed. Thomas pointed out that Eric and Ridge had always done something to change along with consumer needs. Brooke objected that Rick needed to be involved in decisions about company direction, but Taylor noted that Rick had taken himself out of the loop, and Steffy and Thomas were prepared to step up.

Thomas suggested that the company drop under-performing lines and repurpose the boutiques. Eric asked Thomas to review his business plan later in the day. Brooke said that Eric had already rejected that plan earlier, but Eric countered that it was time to take another look at it. Brooke demanded that Rick should have a similar opportunity to make a proposal, and Eric insisted it had to be within hours. Eric reminded Brooke that he would like to hear what Rick had to say, but Rick was not answering his phone. The meeting ended.

After nearly everyone had left the office, Brooke watched while Taylor rubbed Eric's shoulders and encouraged him not to worry about the sales figures. Eric left. Brooke seethed that Taylor had spent one night with Eric, moved in the next day, and made herself very comfortable in Eric's office.

Taylor reminded Brooke that Eric would not tolerate any disrespect, and he didn't have to tolerate it because he was the leader of the company and the family. Brooke insisted that she would not allow Taylor to push Brooke's children out of the business.

Taylor said the sales figures proved the company needed new direction, but Brooke defended Rick, who had only been in charge for a few months. Taylor noted Rick hadn't had a very good start. Brooke accused Taylor of taking advantage of Eric and acting like a queen.

Taylor acknowledged that she felt like a queen, and she said Brooke knew how that felt because Brooke had divided and conquered her way through the entire family. Stephanie accused Brooke of driving Stephanie nuts.

"It's a new day here, Brooke. "Get used to it," Taylor said.

In Steffy's office, Hope asked to talk to Steffy, and Steffy said she had been busy worrying about healthy mom, healthy baby stuff. Hope acknowledged that Steffy would be a lot busier at work and with the baby.

Hope recommended that Steffy should avoid as much stress as possible. Steffy said she didn't consider work as stress. Hope said that it was torture to see Steffy at work everyday. Hope complained that Steffy had Liam and was pregnant with his baby. Hope asked Steffy to leave Forrester Creations.

On Rodeo Drive, Rick and Maya walked along Rodeo Drive toward the Forrester Creations boutique where Rick advised they should act "like they owned the place." They held hands and kissed before they walked into the boutique.

Once inside, Rick suggested that Maya try on some of the Forrester Originals. Maya looked at gowns and left Rick alone by the door. A clerk called Rick "Mr. Forrester," and he asked her to treat him like any other customer because he wanted to be incognito.

Maya admired a red gown, and Rick encouraged Maya to try on the red one and a couple of other dresses. Maya modeled the dresses with drama. She and Rick laughed, and Rick was wowed. Maya marveled that the gowns were all Forrester originals, and she knew they were all works of art. She said that she felt like she was wearing a masterpiece because the Forrester name was synonymous with quality.

After Maya changed into her own clothes, she and Rick chatted by the door of the boutique. Another clerk asked "Mr. Forrester" if he wanted the gowns put on his account. Maya was surprised. Rick asked the clerk to give them a few moments alone.

Rick admitted that he had not been honest with Maya. Rick introduced himself as Rick Forrester, the company president. Maya was confused and said he had worked at Dayzee's. Rick corrected her and said that he had volunteered at Dayzee's. Maya looked hurt, and she walked out of the boutique. She ran away from Rick and disappeared across a street. Rick chased after her, but he lost her in the crowd.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Rodeo Drive, Rick called to Maya as she retreated down the street. He pursued her to her apartment to beg her to let him explain. His phone rang, and she quipped that "Rick Forrester" needed to answer his important call. Muting the phone, Rick said nothing was more important than she was.

Maya was upset and claimed not to know who Rick was anymore. She was mortified that she'd let him sleep on her couch, and she'd tipped him more than she could afford. She demanded to know why he'd been in the alley in the cold, and why he hadn't told her that he was a Forrester.

Rick relayed that he should have told Maya the truth, but he'd liked the way she'd treated him without names or labels. Maya guessed she was a joke to him, and he'd been out to take advantage of her. The emotional Rick explained that he'd wanted her to like him for himself, and he'd wanted to be a regular guy for once. Though he knew he shouldn't have pretended to be something he wasn't, he asserted that their connection was very real.

Rick confessed that he'd been volunteering at Dayzee's, and on his first day, Maya's singing had blown him away. He hadn't been able to get her out of his mind, and the things she'd endured had made him admire her. He said that after all she'd been through, she was still strong and compassionate.

Rick tearfully said that all his life, people had liked him because he was a Forrester, and she was the first person to run away because of it. Maya replied that she'd liked the waiter. Rick had, too, and he guessed he'd really messed up. He'd felt that something had been happening between them, and he was sorry because he'd really enjoyed spending time with her.

Maya tearfully said she was sorry, too. She headed for her door, but Rick had one more thing to tell her. He said that he knew she'd make it big one day, and he'd hear that magnificent voice and see her gorgeous face. She opened the door, and Rick left. Leaning on her door, Maya fought back tears.

In Steffy's office, Steffy asked if Hope were actually asking Steffy to just pick up and leave the company. Hope replied that Steffy owed it to her. Hope wondered if Steffy knew what it was doing to Hope to be reminded every day that Steffy was living with Liam and having his baby. Hope suggested that Steffy work at Spencer, but Steffy said she and Forrester would be intertwined for the rest of her life. Steffy offered to stay away from Hope, but Steffy asserted that she wasn't leaving the company.

Frustrated, Hope said she'd tried to be understanding, but Steffy had been cunning and manipulative. Steffy scoffed at the notion, but Hope declared that Steffy had sealed the deal with her pregnancy. Steffy insisted that she hadn't done that on purpose. Hope, however, was sure Steffy had subconsciously wanted the pregnancy because it was the only way to take Liam from Hope.

Hope recalled that Liam had committed to Steffy only after he'd learned about the baby. Hope said that Steffy could cling to her fantasy that she hadn't used the baby to trap Liam; however, deep inside, Steffy had to know that she really had. "And if Liam doesn't feel it today, he will," Hope added.

Steffy declared that she hadn't trapped Liam, and the baby had been a surprise to everyone, including herself. Happy about the baby and being a mother, Steffy refused to apologize for the pregnancy or feel guilty about it. In her view, things had happened the way they'd been meant to. Hope disagreed but wished Steffy luck, because a part of Liam would always be with Hope.

Hope argued that Steffy hadn't changed as she'd claimed, and she'd used an innocent baby to get what she wanted. Hope declared that Steffy had won, and she had everything. Steffy figured that Hope should know that Liam and Steffy wanted to get married before the baby was born. Hope replied that she knew because she'd advised Liam to set a date.

Hope told Steffy to go be a Spencer because Hope couldn't stand to be near her. Hope didn't want to watch Steffy plan a wedding or to see the baby grow. "It's too hard," Hope declared, and she left.

In Eric's office, Taylor proclaimed that it was a new day, and Brooke answered to Taylor from then on. "Like hell I do," Brooke seethed. Unfazed, Taylor said she was there to stay, and Brooke had better find a way to deal with it.

Later, Taylor entered the showroom, where Thomas was preparing his presentation. Taylor lauded her son's amazing ideas. Thomas was excited for the chance to take over the company and get it back from Brooke and her family. Taylor sensed good things at Forrester Creations because her family was finally being recognized.

Taylor returned to Eric's office. Eric was on the phone, admonishing someone in the Dallas boutique for not telling him that sales had been dropping. After ending the call, he said he'd known that sales had been slow, but he hadn't realized how bad it was.

Taylor enthusiastically replied that Thomas had solid ideas, and he was almost ready for his presentation. Eric looked forward to seeing it, but he was sure Rick would be unhappy. Taylor claimed that they all had to learn to work together as a family; however, judging from the meeting earlier, she suspected that it would be a problem for Steffy and Hope.

Eric took a call, and afterward, he announced that Nikki and Victor were getting married again. Eric didn't know if it was a good time for him to go to the wedding in Genoa City, though, because of Hope and Steffy. He decided he'd have Brooke talk to Hope, but Taylor claimed that Brooke would just get defensive, as she'd done earlier. Eric said that he and Brooke both wanted their son to do well.

Taylor claimed that she wasn't blaming Rick entirely, but she'd been shocked to see the report. Eric reasoned that they'd all been distracted by Stephanie's illness and death, but Rick had dropped the ball a bit. Taylor wondered if Rick were taking his presidency seriously.

Eric said they'd see Thomas' presentation and go from there. Taylor thanked Eric for giving Thomas a chance to try to help. She said that Eric would be pleasantly surprised, and if anyone could pull the company out of the mess, it was Thomas.

In another office, Brooke whipped out her cell phone. Bill entered, and she said she'd been just about to call him. Bill already knew about the earnings report, so Brooke explained that Taylor and her family were blaming it all on Rick. Brooke feared that she and her family would be pushed out.

Bill asserted that it wasn't going to happen, and he and Brooke weren't going to let it happen. He declared that it was time to stop talking about firing up Brooke's Bedroom and to actually do it. Bill stated that her son was still president, but with a curious look, he asked where Rick was.

Brooke tried to call Rick, to no avail. Bill thought Rick might not want to face the music, and she remarked that she was the only one who didn't believe it was Rick's fault. Brooke explained that Eric was giving Thomas' ideas another look, and she feared that sleeping with Taylor would sway Eric. "Well, you never can underestimate the power of -- persuasion of that nature," Bill carefully replied.

Bill had gone through the company's old records to confirm his belief that Brooke's Bedroom had been highly profitable. Scoffing, Brooke insisted that she wouldn't be able to model lingerie on a stage at her age. Bill asserted that he wouldn't suggest it if he didn't think Brooke could do it. He was adamant that resurrecting Brooke's Bedroom would put the power back in her hands.

Bill figured there had to be some Brooke's Bedroom samples around there somewhere, and Brooke asked if he were trying to get her out of her clothes. "You bet I am. Because you in a lace teddy is worth about a hundred million bucks," he quipped. Brooke wondered how she could refuse that.

Brooke went behind a screen and returned in a nightie and a robe. Bill forgot the phone he was fiddling with and told her that she looked incredible. Brooke thought showing it to him and modeling it on a stage were very different things. Bill, however, didn't know why he should be the only one to see it. "Who says you're the only one? Remember, you can look, but you can't touch," she coquettishly said.

Bill wondered if he and Brooke were going forward with the plan. Brooke seemed undecided, but he declared that her body was perfect. He said a smile line or a wrinkle just made her who she was. He claimed that people adored her; it was her confidence and swagger that would make her line a hit once again. Bill was certain she could save the company and keep a place for her children.

Brooke wondered if Bill really thought it'd work, and Bill declared that there wasn't a doubt in his mind. He urged her to use her power, her body, and her brain. Brooke's eyes twinkled, and he said she could do it. Brooke replied that he made her feel as if she could do anything. Bill assured her that she could do anything. "And you will, and you've got to," he said with urgency.

Bill reminded Brooke that Ridge was gone, and Taylor and her kids were taking over. Bill told Brooke to do it for the company, for her family, and for herself. Brooke exclaimed that she was in, but she told Bill that she'd better not regret it.

Bill and Brooke hugged, and Brooke thanked him for believing in her. Bill called Ridge a fool for letting her go. Bill pledged his support to Brooke and said he'd do anything for her. "Anything?" she asked. Confidently, Bill replied, "Anything."

Friday, March 15, 2013

At Katie's house, Donna cooed over her nephew, who was in his bassinet. Having heard about Eric and Taylor, Katie said she was sorry that Donna had lost her chance with Eric. Donna wasn't ready to give up, but she said Taylor was a pest. Further, Donna explained that Taylor was trying to get Rick's position for Thomas, and Taylor was behind Thomas' presentation that day.

Later, Katie entered from upstairs and was surprised that Donna was still there. Katie seemed edgy but said things were fine. Donna was sure that a baby had changed things. Cynically, Katie said Bill was complaining that she wasn't making time for him. Donna asked if he could be right.

Katie scoffed, and Donna struggled to find the words she wanted to say, but eventually she asked about Brooke and Bill. Katie incredulously asked if Donna were really worried about Brooke and Bill. Donna wasn't blaming Katie for her bout of depression, but Donna felt as if it had affected Brooke and Bill's relationship. "The question much?" Donna wondered.

Katie admitted that it had been a concern when she'd returned, but it no longer was. She expressed that she was okay with Bill becoming a big supporter of Brooke after all Brooke had been through. Katie noted that he'd even convinced her sister to become more involved at Forrester again. Katie thought it was the best thing for Brooke, who Katie assumed was probably slaving behind a desk as she and Donna spoke.

In Rick's office, Rick arrived as Bill and Brooke were briefing Oliver and Marcus on the unexpected return of Brooke's Bedroom. Brooke demanded to know where Rick had been, and Bill asked if Rick had seen the dismal sales figures. Rick looked surprised. Brooke said it wasn't solely Rick's fault, but Bill added that Thomas was taking full advantage of the downturn.

Bill explained that Thomas was launching into his presentation again but with an arsenal of nasty data. Bill announced that he and Brooke intended to counter it with Brooke's Bedroom, which could turn the company around. Rick asked who'd be the spokesmodel, and Brooke gingerly smiled.

Oliver and Marcus left to prepare, and Rick asked if Brooke were serious. Bill expressed confidence in Brooke, who said she was doing it for the company. Hope entered, and Bill asked her how she was doing. Barely able to look at Bill, Hope flatly announced that she was great.

Rick asked if Hope had heard about Thomas' ridiculous presentation. Hope thought everyone was taking it pretty seriously, and Rick stated that they had something else. "Mom to the rescue," he said, adding that Brooke would be re-launching her lingerie line. Hope seemed shocked.

Caroline arrived, and as Bill, Hope, and Brooke talked, Caroline asked Rick where he'd been. "Not now, Caroline," Rick responded, and Caroline sardonically mimicked him. He said Forrester was in the middle of a crisis, and Caroline suggested that he stop spending all of his time at Dayzee's.

Oliver and Marcus returned to say that everything was set. Brooke reminded everyone that there was a lot at stake. She vowed not to let Thomas and Taylor ruin the business. "So let's go out there and show them how it's done!" Brooke exclaimed. Marcus responded, "Logans baby," and everyone but Bill and Brooke left. "Isn't this better than sitting around, waiting for a phone call?" Bill asked.

Brooke thanked Bill for his help. Examining a red piece of lingerie, she stated that a lot was riding on it. She wished she had as much faith in herself as he did. Bill reasoned that she already had the Logan spirit, and she just needed to apply the words that he lived by. "You fight to the death. Take no prisoners," he explained. Brooke felt she couldn't be in better hands.

With a giggle, Brooke said she'd better suit up for battle. Bill smiled to himself as she walked behind a dressing screen. She seemed to be taking a while, so he asked if she needed help. Brooke called for her garter, the "pièce de résistance," and he tossed it over the screen. He peeked around it and said she looked stunning. "Turn your back if it's too much, Stallion," Brooke quipped.

Bill stood behind Brooke in the mirror and proudly said that she was nailing it. He thought she looked stunning, and Brooke grinned. She said that she'd never forget what Bill had done for her that day, even if it didn't turn out as they hoped. Bill assured her that it would, and they hugged.

In Eric's office, Eric explained to Taylor that Brooke had a lot going on. Taylor reasoned that they all did. Taylor, who claimed to have suffered too many losses to count, was grateful that she had Eric. She felt that all the business decisions really didn't matter because they had each other. He agreed, and he and Taylor hugged.

Pam arrived to announce that Thomas was ready in the showroom. She advised Eric that his flight to Genoa City would leave directly afterward, and he needed a big coat because it was cold in Wisconsin. After Pam left, Eric headed toward the door, but Taylor pulled him back for a long kiss.

In the showroom, people bustled about, and Pam asked if Thomas wanted refreshments for later. He asked her to put champagne on ice, and she figured that he'd want to celebrate. Eric and Taylor entered, and Taylor was talking about everything Eric needed for his trip. Pam asked if he had his earmuffs, and Taylor hurriedly said she'd packed them. Eric murmured that he didn't need earmuffs.

Eric asked where Brooke was, and Taylor said they'd better get started because Eric had a flight to catch. Everyone took seats, and Hope and Rick sat in the back. At the podium, Thomas said the profit loss was so serious that the company might not recover, but he had the solution.

Thomas dove into his presentation by explaining that they'd priced themselves out of the market. "Not the luxury market," Rick said. Rick questioned the choice to alienate the customers who'd given Forrester its reputation. Thomas felt that even the rich didn't get dressed up anymore. He said that the world was a casual place, and monograms and cufflinks weren't the future of the company. Thomas added that those items also wouldn't change the quarterly report that Rick had given them.

Thomas moved on to Forrester's expenses. Pam yawned and took out a lemon bar from beneath her shirt to eat. Rick continued to challenge Thomas, but Taylor proudly smiled and nudged Eric. Thomas declared that expenses were up, but sales were down because they were afraid of change. He insisted that they needed to tap into the 95% of the market that included young adults.

Thomas explained his ideas about changing the boutiques into hip fashion hangouts where people could socialize, have coffee, and order clothes with apps or online. Rick declared that Thomas' ideas hadn't worked the first time, and they weren't going to work "now."

Thomas challenged Rick to name one line produced during Rick's tenure that had shown a profit. Rick said he hadn't been president that long, but Thomas insisted that they needed to make a profit at that moment to turn the company around. Rick wryly grinned, and the lights dimmed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the most profitable line in the history of Forrester Creations! Feast your eyes..." Bill said over the loudspeaker as music played. Thomas glanced at Rick, who continued to grin in satisfaction. Eric sat up with curiosity, as Bill continued, "The new Brooke's Bedroom line!"

Techno music played as models in lingerie flooded the showroom. A woman pulled the shocked Thomas off the stage to make room for the army of sexily clad women to parade down the runway. Steffy looked befuddled, and Thomas seemed concerned as the women blew kisses at the audience. Eric seemed entertained as Bill announced it was the future, the new Brooke's Bedroom line.

The models formed two lines, and between them was a screen with Forrester's logo on it. Behind it appeared Brooke's silhouette, standing on a bed. "When I go Bom! Bom! Bom!" the singer sang to the music. The screen opened. Brooke stepped down from the bed. Eric shook his head, and Taylor's family looked displeased.

"This is how we make profits, Eric," Brooke said, standing confidently in front of the bed with her legion of models flanking her. "If it worked once, why not do it again?"

Eric walked up to Brooke. He sized her up, and as the lights twinkled on his face, he winked and uttered, "I like it." Brooke whispered back that she'd known he would. "Sorry, Taylor, Thomas. Brooke's Bedroom it is!" Eric proclaimed, and Hope, Rick, and Caroline jumped up and cheered.

Brooke was elated, and as Brooke's children walked up to hug her, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas remained in shock. Bill peeked from backstage, and Brooke slipped back there to join him. He announced that she'd done it, but she responded that they'd done it. Bill looked at Brooke as if he wanted to devour her.

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