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Katie awakened with a renewed commitment to her marriage, and Brooke bade Bill a poignant goodbye. Hope demanded that Rick take her to Liam's wedding, and Steffy rode down the aisle on a motorcycle.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 15, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, April 15, 2013

At Bill's house in the morning, the tired and worried Brooke and Bill met to discuss Katie. Bill had just been at the hospital and was certain Katie would show progress that day. Brooke, however, said that Katie might not want to show any progress because they'd broken Katie's heart.

Bill insisted that Katie had failed to take her medication, just as the doctor had said. Brooke replied that Dr. Meade didn't know that Katie had ended her marriage right before the heart failure. Bill flashed back to Katie taking off her rings and demanding a divorce.

Brooke said Katie had been too upset to make that choice, but Bill replied that Katie had been determined. He felt that there had been nothing he and Brooke could do. Brooke said they'd taken Katie at her word; however, Brooke started to wonder if they'd been wrong to do so.

Bill assured Brooke that they'd be there for Katie when she awakened, but Brooke wondered if Katie would even want that. He was sure Katie wouldn't turn her back on her sister, but he doubted Katie wanted him there. Brooke asserted that Katie believed Brooke had taken Bill from her. Bill insisted that it wasn't the case, and his and Katie's problems hadn't had anything to do with Brooke.

Bill recalled that Katie had insisted that he and Brooke be together no matter what he'd said. Brooke wasn't really sure that Katie had meant it. He insisted that Katie was a fighter, but she'd walked out, even though she'd known his feelings about such actions. Brooke didn't understand any of it because Katie loved him. Bill replied that Katie loved the idea of him -- not him or the man he was.

Brooke wondered how Katie couldn't love the man Bill was. Bill responded that Katie couldn't see him the way that Brooke did; however, Katie wanted what was best for him, and she'd decided that it was Brooke. "And she's right," Bill concluded. He insisted that nothing had changed, but Brooke said everything had changed because Katie was in the hospital and could be dying.

Bill didn't think he and Brooke should blame themselves because Katie had meant what she'd said when she'd taken off her rings. He claimed he'd meant what he'd said to Brooke, too. A flashback of Bill and Brooke in the bed played, and Brooke recalled that they'd made love. Brooke said it had felt right; Katie hadn't wanted him, but Brooke had. Brooke hadn't loved anyone like that for a long time.

Brooke flashed back to having sex with Bill, and she wondered if Katie had really meant for them to be together. Bill asked what more they could have done. He refused to apologize for what had happened, and he figured that they wouldn't be having that conversation if Katie weren't sick. Brooke said that Katie was sick, and it could be because of them.

Bill responded that Dr. Meade didn't think so, but Brooke asserted that Taylor did. Bill didn't give a "damn" what Taylor thought because she was always looking for a way to destroy Brooke. Bill insisted that Taylor wanted to ruin what he and Brooke had found in each other, but they couldn't let Taylor do that. Bill wouldn't allow himself to feel guilty, but Brooke exclaimed that she felt guilty and responsible. Huffing, Brooke decided they needed to get to the hospital.

At the hospital, a nurse informed Dr. Meade that Katie had remained unresponsive the previous night. Dr. Meade ordered more tests and said that the patient had to show them something really soon. As time passed, Katie remained unresponsive. Dr. Meade wondered what had caused Katie's condition.

Bill and Brooke arrived to see Katie, and Dr. Meade said that Katie's condition concerned him. He was worried that she would get muscle atrophy in her heart and start deteriorating. Upon leaving, Dr. Meade suggested that they discuss treatment options after Brooke and Bill's visit.

Brooke begged Katie to wake up. Bill said the doctors were doing all they could, but Brooke insisted that she wasn't going to let her sister die. She was sure that the doctors planned to open Katie up, and she'd die on the operating table. Bill hugged Brooke and insisted that Katie wasn't going to die. Brooke saw Katie's left hand flinch and rushed to Katie's side.

Katie's eyes flickered, and she moved her left hand again. She began murmuring something that sounded like "ring." Bill asked what Katie was saying, and Brooke replied, "Ring. She wants you to put her ring back on her finger." The disillusioned Bill and Brooke looked at each other.

In Eric's office, Taylor and Eric canoodled, and Taylor remarked that Katie had showed no change overnight. Eric guessed that Taylor still suspected something with Brooke and Bill, and Taylor replied that she had a sense when things weren't right. Kissing her, Eric said she was good at that.

Liam and Steffy entered and caught Eric and Taylor kissing. Steffy said she and Liam wouldn't tell; they'd just go back to her office and lock the door.

The topic turned to Katie's condition, and Steffy admitted that she'd be worried about Bill if something happened to Katie. Steffy figured that it might affect the wedding plans, but Eric suggested that they forge ahead with the hope that Katie would have a complete recovery.

Liam tried to call Bill, but it seemed that Bill's phone was off. Liam guessed his father was at the hospital, and he hoped that Brooke was there, too. Taylor wondered why, and Liam replied that Bill needed all the support he could get. Taylor quipped that Bill had plenty of support already. Liam hoped Katie would get better soon because Steffy was "so stoked" about the wedding.

Taylor sauntered over to Steffy and Eric, who were conferring about something on a tablet. Assuming it was the wedding dress, Taylor asked for a peek, but Steffy and Eric were really hush-hush about it. Taylor asked if she should be worried, but Eric assured her that she'd love it.

Steffy thanked Eric again for opening his home for her wedding. Hugging Taylor, Eric said that it was "our home," and Steffy would be the most beautiful bride ever married there -- until Taylor took her vows. Liam continued to worry about Katie because he wanted her and his father at his wedding.

Taylor began to feel left out because everyone else had wedding duties, but she didn't. Liam and Steffy said they had an important job for Taylor. Taylor assumed it was folding napkins, but Steffy asked her mother to be her "matron of honor." Taylor quipped that it was such a hipster wedding that she might not fit in. Steffy replied that she wanted her best friend who'd been there at the beginning.

Hugging Steffy, Taylor cooed that it was going to be the happiest day of Taylor's life. Steffy exclaimed that it would be the happiest day of both of their lives, and she again thanked Eric. Eric thanked Steffy for returning the spark to his tired, old eyes, and he guessed that the only thing left was to decide the date. Liam responded that it would be as soon as Katie got out of the hospital.

Alone with Eric later, Taylor became misty-eyed. Eric guessed it was because of Steffy's wedding, but Taylor claimed it was more than that. She said Eric gave "so much" to their lives, and he replied that it was a fraction of what she gave to him. Taylor expressed her love for him, and they kissed.

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Liam made plans for the afternoon. Steffy kissed him and said she'd wanted to do that all morning. He advised her that holding desires like that in was bad for the baby. Steffy was embarrassed to admit that she had gotten into wedding planning, and Liam guessed it was different that time because it was the three of them.

Steffy suggested putting "Liam, Steffy, and their baby request the honor of your presence...." on their wedding invitations. Though they knew that Katie wasn't thrilled to have Steffy in the family, they were optimistic that Katie would "come around." Steffy was sure Katie would be standing with them when Steffy became Liam's wife. Steffy was "tripped out" by becoming Liam's wife. He said it was a trip he was anxious to take, and they kissed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Katie awakened and moaned. She motioned with her left hand for her wedding and engagement rings. Katie still had the ventilator in, so Brooke translated to Bill that Katie had asked for her rings. Bill took Dr. Meade to the room, and Dr. Meade welcomed Katie back to consciousness. Dr. Meade asked Bill and Brooke to step out so that he and the nurse could remove the ventilator.

Outside in the hall, Brooke told Bill they'd made a terrible mistake in making love. She said it was clear that Katie wanted her husband back. Brooke tearfully flashed back to making love with Bill. Bill justified their actions because Katie had pushed them together for months. He added that Katie had made it clear that she and Bill were done.

Brooke countered that Katie had been hurt because of Bill and Brooke's actions. Katie never would have ended her marriage if they hadn't pushed her to it. Bill didn't think that he and Katie would make it together. He wondered about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke pressured Bill to get back to Katie and place Katie's ring back on her finger. Brooke pulled the rings from her bag and insisted that Bill put his wedding ring on, as well.

Bill and Brooke entered Katie's room. Katie tearfully apologized to Bill. Dr. Meade warned that Katie could not handle any stress. Katie begged Bill to return her rings. Brooke told Katie that they had been very worried about her and wanted her to regain her health.

Katie stared at Bill, not Brooke. Bill pulled Katie's rings from his pocket. Brooke tearfully watched Bill place Katie's rings on her finger. Katie vowed she would never again remove them. Katie never took her eyes off Bill.

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Liam rejoiced about the plan for a wedding at Eric's home, which Steffy called the Forrester estate. Steffy and Liam agreed that Taylor and Eric made a good couple. Steffy and Liam discussed waiting for Katie to regain her health before they set a date.

Liam wondered if Ridge would attend the wedding and walk Steffy down the aisle. Steffy said Ridge would not return. Steffy said that all she needed was Liam. They discussed a minister, and Carter walked in.

Steffy introduced Carter to Liam. Carter shared that he was a lawyer and an ordained marriage officiate. Carter said that he would love to marry them. Steffy and Liam accepted.

Steffy and Liam wondered how Carter had become an ordained minister. Carter gushed that he loved weddings and all the happiness that surrounded them. Liam teased that Carter must have met many bridesmaids. Carter laughed and said that he also had collected a lot of free meals and cocktails. He added that he would meet with Steffy and Liam a few times in order to personalize their wedding ceremony.

Before Carter left, he asked Liam for an invitation to Spencer Publications because Carter wanted to meet Marcus' biological father. Liam mentioned that Justin was a great guy, and Liam promised an invitation.

After Carter left, Steffy and Liam celebrated that everything had been "meant to be." Liam gushed that Steffy was amazing, beautiful, vulnerable, and complicated. He said he couldn't wait to raise a baby with her. Liam marveled that Steffy had never given up on him or them. Steffy said she never would.

In another part of Forrester, Taylor coerced Donna into a meeting. Taylor insisted that Donna had to share what had happened to Katie that had led to her ending up in the hospital. Taylor maintained that Brooke and Bill had hurt Katie. Donna said that she knew Taylor wanted to create a twisted story that Brooke was trying to steal Bill. Taylor insisted she was not on a witch-hunt.

Donna disagreed. Donna wondered how Taylor had so much time to devote to Katie when she was so busy with Eric. Taylor defended herself and said that Katie had been her patient. Taylor reminded Donna that Taylor had gotten Katie through a lot of health and mental issues. Taylor was worried about Katie.

Donna doubted Taylor's sincerity. Donna guessed that Taylor wanted to extend her grudge match against Brooke. Taylor insisted she had Katie's interests at heart.

Donna didn't believe Taylor. Donna advised Taylor to mind her own business. Donna promised that when Katie was well enough, Donna would convince her to fire Taylor as her psychiatrist. Taylor shook her head. Taylor warned that Brooke would steal Bill and ruin Katie's life. Donna countered that Brooke would do what was right for their family.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Katie tearfully said that she should have trusted Bill and Brooke. Katie explained that she realized she had made a mistake in her accusations of Bill and Brooke after she drove away from Brooke's house. Katie said she had turned around to return to Brooke's after she realized how foolish she had been, but she never made it to Brooke's house. She had collapsed.

Bill and Brooke looked shocked when they realized that if Katie had returned to Brooke's house, Katie would have caught Brooke and Bill in the act of lovemaking. Katie begged for forgiveness. She continued to apologize. Brooke and Bill looked guilty.

Katie said that Brooke and Bill had always been loyal to her and helped her through her depression. She lamented that she should have trusted them. Katie said she loved Bill, and Bill responded that he loved Katie. "I want you for the rest of my life if you still want me," Katie said.

Bill looked at Brooke, and Dr. Meade interrupted with Steffy and Liam -- they carried Will into the room. Bill and Brooke stared at one another. Katie was elated to see her baby boy.

Katie and Brooke thanked Steffy and Liam for the visit with Will. Steffy admitted that they could not take credit for the idea. Liam said that Dr. Meade had called him to suggest that seeing Will would help Katie.

Dr. Meade said there was only so much that medicine could do for patients. He added that babies worked wonders. Dr. Meade added Katie already looked better with her husband and child by her side, and it might be all the medicine she needed. Katie kissed Will.

Liam and Steffy sat with Katie while Brooke and Bill amused Will across the room. Brooke told Bill that he had to reunite his family. They looked longingly at each other, and Bill agreed. He sat down with Katie and Will, and Brooke tearfully watched.

At Forrester, Maya met with Rick, and Rick teased Maya about her audition for the porn movie. Rick suggested that after Maya had collected a few Oscars, she would look back and laugh at the experience. Rick announced that he had decided Maya would be one of the spokesmodels for Hope for the Future.

Outside in the hall, Caroline pestered Pam to update her photo on the Forrester website because the photo was three weeks old. Caroline insisted that Pam had to add the info that Caroline was dating Rick into Caroline's information. Pam disagreed and said that kind of news belonged on Caroline's personal pages, not her work pages.

Pam started to laugh after she found a picture of Caroling grabbing Hercules' butt. Caroline gasped and ordered Pam to get rid of the picture. Pam said she had no way of deleting something on the Internet.

Caroline overheard laughter in Eric's office, and she asked Pam who was in the office. Pam answered that Rick and Maya were in the office. Caroline entered and called Maya by the wrong name. Rick announced that Caroline needed to learn Maya's name because Maya would be working at Forrester.

Caroline suggested that the sewing room would not be a good starting point for Maya if she had no skills. Caroline brought up Maya's criminal background and called her a liability and a public relations nightmare.

Rick told Caroline that Maya would be working with Hope. Caroline continued her insults. Pam called Rick away for a conference call, and he was nervous about leaving Caroline with Maya, but Maya claimed she could handle it. Before Rick left, Caroline grabbed him and kissed him.

Once Rick was gone, Caroline warned that Maya was in way over her head. Caroline called Maya a scam artist. Jake interrupted with a rack of clothes for Caroline to review designs. Caroline dismissed him and dished that Maya would fail in every way. Caroline turned around and fell into the rack of clothes. Maya tried to hide her amusement.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

At Bill's house, Brooke arrived as Bill ended a call with the hospital. He apprised Brooke that Katie had slept well the previous night. Brooke said that all Katie had needed was Will and her rings, and Bill had done the right thing by putting the rings back on Katie's finger.

Brooke thought it was evident that Katie still had deep feelings for Bill and wanted her family. Brooke figured that Bill had felt it, too, and he still had deep feelings for Katie. He asserted that he did, but "then there's us." Brooke declared that there was no "us" and never could be. Bill didn't think it was that easy. Brooke said the marriage was all Katie was living for, and he had to forget Brooke.

"I can't forget. I never will," Bill responded. Brooke felt that when Katie returned home, everything would fall into place. Brooke urged him to focus on Katie and Will and everything they meant to him. Brooke believed that he could have everything back, and she and Katie were counting on him. Bill wondered about him and Brooke.

Though Brooke wouldn't forget what she and Bill had shared, she insisted that it had to be their secret. Bill asked what would happen the next time Katie walked out on him. Brooke didn't think it would happen again because Katie had meant what she'd said in the hospital. He wondered how he could trust that and what would happen if the marriage fell apart.

Brooke responded that none of them would let that happen. She was sad that love had entered her life and left so quickly. She loved Bill, but she loved her sister, too. She was resigned to let what they'd shared be just memories because he and Katie would have a wonderful life together. "I will never forget, Stallion...Goodbye," she uttered, touching his face. Bill drew close to Brooke and kissed her, and she left the house in tears.

As Carter worked out on the rooftop, Caroline giddily approached to touch his "eight-pack." Carter asked what she wanted, and Caroline asked how his wooing of "Morgan" was going.

Rick arrived at that moment and became curious about what Carter and Caroline were discussing. Caroline pretended to be ensuring that everything was ready for Liam's wedding. She remarked that Carter would officiate, and Liam's rough road to love would be behind him after the wedding the next day. "Unless my sister has other plans," Rick replied.

With a sneaky grin, Caroline guessed that the jilted Hope was planning a little wedding bashing. Rick's phone rang, and he walked off to take the call. Caroline turned her attention to Carter and his relationship with "Marietta."

Carter insisted that he wouldn't be party to a scheme to get Maya out of Forrester, and he didn't want to interfere with Maya and Rick. Caroline insisted that Carter take Maya out and wow her after the wedding, which Caroline didn't think would be difficult to do with his law degree and abs. "If there even is a wedding. You never know with his group," she quipped to herself.

Carter left, and after Rick's call, Caroline kissed Rick. She said she was still upset about his hiring choices. Rick figured there must be something else on Caroline's radar, and she excitedly replied that they couldn't miss Liam's wedding. Grimacing, Rick said she couldn't expect him to attend that. She insisted that he couldn't leave her un-escorted; she needed someone to hold her pashmina and help her keep her heels from getting stuck in the outside bricks.

Rick reminded Caroline that he couldn't attend because of Hope, but Caroline replied, "Oh, poo!" Caroline figured that Hope was a big girl, who'd been jilted for the tenth or twelfth time. Caroline figured that Hope just had to accept it. "I mean, what else can she do?" Caroline wondered.

In Steffy's office, Liam and Steffy made out, and Liam wished that Katie could make it to the wedding. Steffy replied that Katie hadn't wanted them to put things on hold because nothing was more important than family. Surprised by herself, Steffy said that, for once, she agreed with Katie.

Steffy began looking at her secret lists of wedding to-dos and said that she had to be prepared for the unexpected. Liam decided that surprises were overrated. He asked if she still wanted to marry him, and she replied that he and the baby were all she'd ever wanted. The two kissed, and Steffy realized they hadn't planned the honeymoon. Liam said she had her secrets, and he had his.

Steffy begged to know where she and Liam were going, and Liam joked, asking if she'd just give him a pouty, adorable face and think she'd get what she wanted. She asked how else he was supposed to keep his wife happy. "Wife, wife, wife!" Liam repeated and said he couldn't believe they were doing it again. Steffy asked if he could handle her. He didn't know, but with a kiss, she said he'd be just fine.

Later, Carter arrived in Steffy's office, and Steffy briefed him on wedding details. She asked if he could keep a secret, and she whispered something into his ear. "Well, that's a first," Carter responded. Steffy made him promise not to tell the groom, and with a grateful hug, she said she couldn't do the wedding without Carter.

Carter left, and Steffy told her belly that the next day, it would be official, and the three of them would be a family.

In the CEO's office, Hope seemed to be elsewhere as Oliver asked her how she felt about Maya joining Hope's campaign. Hope pretended that she was fine with it and fine in general; however, Oliver wondered how Hope could be fine when Liam was marrying Steffy the next day.

Hope felt that she'd been noble but stupid to push Liam to get married so soon. She figured that Liam was happy, which should be all that mattered; however, she wished she had a way to stop the wedding without messing up the baby's future. "But there's not," she concluded.

Oliver thought they should stop working, but Hope needed the distraction. Oliver was sorry it hadn't worked out for her and Liam. Hope said Liam had been an enormous part of her life, and even when they'd been apart, they'd been together. Hope remarked she was really trying to accept that Liam was making a lifelong commitment to his child and the mother. Oliver hugged Hope and left.

Liam entered and said that Pam had told him that he could find Hope there. Hope quickly responded that she already knew about the wedding date. He said he'd wanted to tell her himself. Hope replied that she'd been the one to instruct him to get married right away. She didn't want to interfere with his commitment to his child, and she felt he'd be a great father.

Liam mentioned that he and Steffy had almost postponed the wedding because of Katie, but Katie wouldn't hear of it. Hope said family meant everything to Katie, and it would to Liam, too. Hope felt that he'd break the Spencer cycle of the men not knowing their children. Liam hoped so, and he remarked that he hadn't expected to be a father so soon. "Well, Steffy had other plans," Hope said.

Liam stated that Steffy really wanted the child, but Hope responded that Steffy wanted Liam more. Hope theorized that it had been the reason Steffy had done all the things she'd done from the moment Hope and Liam had met. "I will never feel about anyone the way that I feel about you, and I will spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been," Liam told Hope.

Hope believed that she and Liam would have had a beautiful life and beautiful children. She sadly said she had to stop wishing for something that would never be. A song played and the lyrics stated, "It's hard to imagine letting this go, letting you go..." Liam hugged Hope, and tears fell from her eyes.

Friday, April 19, 2013

On the rooftop, Rick discovered Hope staring off into space. Hope couldn't believe that after all she and Liam had been through, it would end with Steffy and Liam being together. Hope had asked Liam to get married quickly; however, she'd begun to realize that she'd lose him to Steffy forever.

Rick began discussing his revamp of Hope's line with Maya as a spokesmodel. Hope thought that everything sounded great, and she couldn't wait to meet Maya. Hope said she was done with the passive approach to life. She figured one needed to take control and fight for what she wanted. "If I had done that, Liam probably wouldn't be marrying Steffy today," Hope bitterly concluded.

Later, Rick was in the middle of discussing a launch party when Hope hopped up from her chair and exclaimed that if Rick wanted to her help her, he'd take her to the mansion at that instant.

At Bill's house, Bill helped Liam with his tie and said Liam reminded Bill of himself. Bill was sure that Liam was marrying the right woman. As Bill waved a lint roller over Liam, Liam decided to ask Bill something. Before Liam could continue, Bill said he'd be happy to stand up for Liam. The men hugged.

At the mansion, Steffy and Taylor got ready for the wedding in the bedroom. Steffy wanted to take a peek at the setup, but Taylor urged Steffy to get gorgeous for her groom. Taylor said it would be the happiest day of Steffy's life -- so far. The two hugged, and Taylor exited.

Downstairs, Taylor checked on preparations, and the décor Eric had set up in the courtyard took her breath away. Eric greeted her, and she expressed how wondrous it was that Steffy was about to begin her life as a wife and mother. Taylor didn't know how she could ever thank Eric, and he replied that the light in her eyes was enough for him.

Taylor returned upstairs with Thomas. As Thomas hugged Steffy, Taylor conveyed that "so much" was right for them. Thomas remarked that Taylor was happier than he'd seen her in years. Taylor grew tearful as she said that everything was wonderful, especially on the day of Steffy's wedding. The family gleefully hugged.

Thomas left, and Taylor brushed Steffy's hair. Proudly, Taylor recalled Steffy as a child and said she was very proud of how Steffy had matured. Steffy replied that she was still a tomboy. Taylor gently replied that her daughter was a tomboy at heart, but no one could tell by looking at Steffy.

Downstairs, Eric mingled with Caroline, Thomas, and Justin. Noting that Steffy had gotten everything she'd wanted, Caroline guessed she needed to get some tips from the bride. Justin asked what the lady Spencer could possibly be lacking, and Caroline asked if he saw Rick on her arm.

Caroline went upstairs to see the bride, and Eric remarked that she was a handful. Thomas guessed he was lucky to have escaped unscathed. Thomas wondered where Liam was. Thomas was worried that Liam might run into Hope, and Thomas didn't want his sister getting hurt on her wedding day. Bill and Liam entered the house, and Eric said Thomas could put his fears to rest.

Aside with Liam, Eric decided to speak for Ridge, who couldn't be there. Eric welcomed Liam to the family and entrusted him with Steffy, who was precious cargo. Aware of how lucky he was, Liam claimed he was thankful for her each day. Eric warned that the pregnant Steffy might be unreasonable and experience bizarre cravings. Liam replied that he was looking forward to it.

Next, Liam approached Taylor to make sure she knew that he wouldn't be there unless his commitment to Steffy was rock solid. Taylor replied that he didn't need to convince her; she'd always known he was right for Steffy. Taylor expressed that it was a wonderful time for her family, and he was one of the reasons for it. Taylor and Liam hugged.

Nearby, Carter introduced himself to Justin. Justin was pleased to meet Marcus' adoptive brother and readily offered his phone number in case Carter ever needed anything.

Caroline arrived in the bride's room, Steffy seemed taken aback as Caroline hugged her and announced that they'd be cousins-in-law. Caroline was happy to have a "girlfriend" in the family because women just didn't seem to like being friends with her. "Oh, I can't imagine why," Steffy replied.

Caroline left, and Bill entered to speak to the bride. He expressed that Steffy was as good as it got, and Steffy replied that she planned to make Liam very happy. "Just wait until he holds his baby for the first time, Gramps," Steffy quipped. Chuckling, Bill replied that he liked the sound of that.

Later, Steffy had put her hair up, and Taylor said Steffy was breathtaking. Taylor wondered if her daughter was upset that Ridge wasn't there. Steffy said it would be nice to have him, but others were missing, like Phoebe and Stephanie. Wistfully, Steffy said that she could feel them there in spirit.

Taylor sat Steffy on the bed to offer a gift. Steffy opened the velvet box and saw the diamond necklace that Stephanie had given to Taylor. Steffy began to cry, and Taylor said she wanted Steffy to have it on that special day.

Steffy cried, saying that many people were missing that day, but at her side was the woman she loved most in the world. Steffy said Taylor had always been there, and Steffy was grateful to have Taylor as a mother. The two hugged.

Downstairs, Liam wandered over to the balcony and stared into space. Bill sauntered up and guessed his son was thinking about Hope. Liam said his father had uncanny senses but promised that he wasn't planning to make a run for it. Bill figured it was natural to think about the past at a time like that, and he guessed Liam was also thinking of his mother.

Liam quietly agreed that he was. He felt that his mother would have loved Steffy. Bill was sorry that Liam's mother wasn't there. "But I'm here!" Bill exclaimed, and they chuckled. Bill hugged Liam and said Liam had made the right decision. Bill was sure Liam and Steffy would have a beautiful life together.

Later, guests were outside in the courtyard, waiting for the wedding to begin. Taylor looked for Steffy in the bedroom, but no one was there. In the courtyard, Taylor wondered where Steffy could be.

A motorcycle revved up, and a woman with black heels kicked it into drive. Steffy smiled as she rolled into her wedding to a rock 'n roll "Bridal Chorus." Everyone smiled knowingly as, donned in an all black catsuit and lacy shawl, Steffy parked her bike and made her way to meet Liam at the fountain.

"Welcome, everyone, to the wedding of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester," Carter said, and everyone applauded.

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