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Steffy and Liam got married and honeymooned in Aspen. Katie returned from the hospital and was determined to make her marriage work. Lieutenant Baker rattled Brooke's cage to find out if Bill had been drinking and driving. Taylor confronted Brooke about sleeping with Katie's husband.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 22, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, April 22, 2013

On the Forrester rooftop, Brooke arrived as Rick pleaded with his sister not to crash the wedding at the Forrester mansion. Hope raged that her appearance at the wedding wouldn't be any more embarrassing than Steffy showing up at the last wedding Brooke had planned for Liam and Hope.

Brooke didn't know what attending the wedding would accomplish, and Hope replied that maybe she just wanted to look Liam in the eyes as he exchanged vows with Steffy. Brooke doubted Hope really wanted to do that, but Hope raged at the idea that, after all "they've done to us," she was supposed to just sit back and take it. "It's a battle! It's a battle! It's them versus us!" Hope cried.

Gripping Hope's shoulders, Brooke asserted that she didn't want more pain for Hope. Brooke insisted that Hope not do it to herself because Liam would get married, and Steffy would have his child.

Rick left Hope and Brooke alone to talk. Hope hated giving up, and she couldn't believe Liam was going through with it. Brooke believed that it had been Hope's finest moment when Hope had selflessly instructed Liam to marry Steffy for the baby. Hope felt cheated because she and Liam should be together.

Hope sobbed that Steffy had stolen Liam. "Once in Italy, once in Los Angeles, once in Malibu, and today, I lose him to her forever," Hope concluded.

Hope guessed Taylor should be grateful that Brooke had stopped Hope from making a scene. Brooke believed it would have been painful for Hope in the end, and Brooke wished she could spare her daughter pain. Hope quipped that Taylor and Brooke had set the grounds rules years earlier. Brooke said she and Taylor hadn't wanted to pass the feud to their kids, but Hope felt that it had already happened.

Hope grew distressed because she could feel it in her heart that Steffy and Liam were exchanging vows. Hope admitted that Brooke had been right about Hope not going to the wedding. Hope figured she would have hurt everyone, including herself. Brooke was proud that Hope had handled things with grace, and Brooke was sure Hope would meet someone and move on. Hope wanted to believe it, but at that moment, she felt as if her hope for the future had ended that day.

In the mansion courtyard, the catsuit-clad bride arrived at the altar on a motorcycle. Carter commenced the unique ceremony. He stated that they'd gathered in Eric's home, where love lived and thrived and where another generation of love would prosper in Steffy and Liam's child.

Some guests had asked to speak at the wedding, and Thomas went first. Thomas joked that Liam and Steffy had been on again and off again; however, Steffy was one-of-a-kind, and Liam was lucky. Thomas said Liam had made Steffy happier than ever, and Steffy was a great sister who'd be a knockout wife and an amazing mother. Thomas expressed his love for Steffy, and Steffy hugged him.

Next, Bill spoke. He deemed Steffy to be the complete package with her own style. Bill added that he was proud of Liam, who was a man of principles and integrity. Bill said he'd admire Liam even if Liam weren't his son. Bill thought that Steffy and Liam were a power couple, and he felt comfortable with them carrying forth the Spencer legacy.

Taylor stepped up and said she'd imagined that day since Steffy had been tiny. Taylor claimed she'd seen Steffy at ten years old in cut-off jeans and a backward baseball cap, putting her brother in a headlock. Taylor laughed at how unique Steffy was, even down to the black wedding ensemble.

Taylor believed that Steffy had found a unique man who respected and adored Steffy. Taylor thanked Liam for making giving Steffy away easier. Taylor trusted Liam to take care of her daughter. Taylor hugged Steffy and Liam, and Carter asked the couple to repeat after him.

Liam and Steffy repeated the traditional vows to each other, and then Carter announced that the bride and groom wanted to say their own words to each other. Liam went first. He claimed he hadn't known anyone like Steffy, and no one ever knew what to expect from her. He said she'd pulled something out of him that no one else ever had, and he admired her drive to seize every moment.

Liam proclaimed that every second in life mattered to Steffy. He'd become convinced that it was the only way to live, and he was a lucky man to be spending his life with her and the baby. He was sure she'd be a great, unconventional mother, and the baby would have what they hadn't had -- two parents. Liam said that Bill had taught him that the best thing a man could ever do was commit, and that day, Liam gave Steffy his whole life and his whole future until death would they part.

Steffy said that Liam had helped her see life as a huge event to enjoy and savor without trying to control it. She proclaimed that Liam had saved her life in many ways, and they'd taught each other how to love. She said that he'd given her patience and forgiveness, and they'd pass those gifts to their child. Steffy wanted to give back to Liam everything he'd given to her, and she envisioned an incredible future for them. Steffy vowed that she was Liam's that day and always.

Carter asked for the rings, and Liam slipped a black diamond halo ring onto Steffy's finger. Steffy slid a wedding band onto Liam's finger, and Carter pronounced them husband and wife. The couple anxiously kissed each other as everyone applauded.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

by Pam

Liam and Steffy kissed after the wedding, and Steffy said, "Baby wants cake." The couple howled together in happiness.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Justin and Bill toasted that Liam and Steffy were finally back together. Justin noted that this union had required no interference from Bill.

Taylor and Eric kissed, and Taylor thanked Eric for a lovely wedding at the Forrester mansion. She cooed that it was dream come true for her that Steffy had been married in the Forrester home.

Eric reminded Taylor that it was Taylor's home, as well. Taylor called for a toast. She thanked everyone for attending the wedding, and she welcomed Liam into her family. She reiterated her dream come true sentiments with the crowd.

Taylor hugged Steffy, and they shared how happy they both were. Everyone celebrated a toast to the bride and groom.

Liam and Steffy kissed. Bill toasted the happy couple and welcomed Steffy into his family ... again. Bill paid tribute to his own wife, who was in the hospital. Bill gushed that he knew the importance of sharing a life with your wife.

Eric made one final toast to Steffy and reminded her that she needed to be true to her heritage and her namesake -- Stephanie. Eric added that Steffy had always risen to her grandmother's high standards. He was sure that Stephanie had been smiling on Steffy on her wedding day.

Steffy and Liam thanked everyone. Liam announced that he had a surprise for his bride. He thanked Eric for hosting the wedding in his home. Liam added that Eric had given him an idea for a gift to Steffy.

Liam said he had gotten the idea when Eric had arranged for Stephanie's favorite musical group to the party Eric had hosted for Stephanie. Liam had arranged a similar event for his wife -- the biker mama. Julia Michaels entered and promised to sing "Next To You." Liam added that it was one of Steffy's favorite songs. Steffy shed tears of joy and smiled throughout the song.

After Julia finished, Steffy thanked her, and Julia said she enjoyed hanging out with famous designers.

The bride and groom prepared to leave, and the family showered them with black confetti. Outside, Steffy and Liam exclaimed, "We're married!" Steffy jumped into Liam's waiting arms, and they danced down a flower-petal covered white carpet that exited the house.

At the hospital, Dr. Meade reviewed Katie's chart and asked how she felt. Katie said she wanted to go home. Dr. Meade said he needed to perform a few more tests, and he would send her home -- if the results were good.

Brooke and Donna entered, and they asked when Katie would be released. Katie insisted it would be later that day. Dr. Meade smiled and asked if all the Logan woman were as pushy as Katie was. He left.

Donna and Brooke exited to the hallway. Donna quizzed Brooke about what had happened the night that Bill had stayed at Brooke's house, and Brooke said that it had been innocent, but Brooke looked guilty because the next morning they had made love.

Donna wondered if Brooke would have told Donna if something had happened. Brooke lied that she would have. Donna said that she understood that Katie had pushed Bill and Brooke together for months. Donna understood that Bill and Brooke had developed feelings for each other. Brooke dismissed it, but Donna looked suspicious.

Inside the hospital room, Katie recalled her encounter with Bill and Brooke. She flashed back to a half-naked Bill in Brooke's bedroom and his explanation that he and Brooke had been involved in an auto collision. Katie sadly looked up, and Brooke had returned.

Katie said she wanted to return home to her husband and child. Katie looked at Brooke and asked if anything had happened at Brooke's the night that Bill had spent there.

Brooke promised that nothing had happened. Brooke begged Katie to appreciate her family when Katie arrived home. Katie asked what Brooke meant. Brooke answered that Katie could not change Bill.

Brooke added that Katie could no longer walk out on Bill, remove her rings, and try to change him. "Just love him," Brooke advised. Brooke added that Bill would be a wonderful father and would surely teach Will the Spencer swagger. Brooke and Katie laughed.

Brooke reminded Katie that Bill would want adventures with Will, and Katie had to be willing to accept that. Brooke flashed back to making love to Bill. Katie promised that she would change when she returned home.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope looked at an Internet announcement of Steffy and Liam's marriage. Oliver showed up with a box of cupcakes from Hope's favorite bakery. Oliver said that he knew it would take Hope a long time to get over Liam. "I'm here ... anything you need," Oliver offered.

Hope and Oliver discussed that Hope would never hate Liam. Oliver complimented Hope's compassion and kindness. Oliver promised that the next day would be better. Hope and Oliver hugged. Oliver left, and Hope tearfully sent a text message to Liam.

Onboard the Spencer jet, Liam and Steffy kissed on the way to their honeymoon. They called each other husband and wife and promised to continue addressing each other as husband and wife instead of using their names. They discussed how wonderful their wedding had been.

Liam told Steffy that they were going to her favorite place on earth, and Steffy said she knew that was Aspen, Colorado. Liam admitted that Aspen was their destination. Liam teased that they would arrive late, and he wondered what they would do. Steffy kissed him passionately and promised more than kisses when they arrived. They laughed and kissed and Steffy vowed they would make love over and over and over again.

At the Aspen house, Steffy opened the door to a bedroom full of flowers, and Liam teased that he was out of breath after he had carried her over the threshold. Liam said he'd had the refrigerator stocked with all Steffy's favorite ice creams and anchovies so they didn't have to leave the cabin for days.

Liam called Aspen a little slice of magic. Steffy added that it was the baby's first trip to the mountains. Liam joked that not a lot of kids traveled with their parents on their honeymoons. They shared what a great day it had been, and they wanted to get married again the next day. Liam teased that they would have to divorce again.

Steffy and Liam toasted one another with sparkling water. Steffy asked if Liam knew how much she adored him. They made out and undressed.

After they had made love, Steffy remarked that life would only get better. Liam agreed. Steffy got up from the bed and left Liam alone. Liam's phone signaled a text message, and he read a message of congratulations from Hope.

At Katie's house, Bill and Katie sat down on the couch. Brooke entered and offered her help. Katie apologized to Bill and Brooke for her lack of trust.

Brooke was relieved that Katie felt better. Katie was glad to have her life back, and she thanked Bill for giving her another chance. Bill took Katie upstairs to rest.

Katie relaxed on the bed, and Bill held Will like an airplane and called him a flying baby. Will and Katie laughed, and Bill put Will in Katie's arms. Bill noted that Will had missed his mommy.

Katie shared that she realized how close she had been to death. Bill encouraged her not to think about it. Katie promised to relax. She agreed with Bill and Brooke's opinion that Katie had been overreacting with her mistrust of Bill and Brooke.

Katie promised to never remover her rings or leave Bill again. Bill and Katie promised to be together always. They kissed. Bill smiled and looked content. He told Katie he was glad to have her home.

Katie vowed not to worry about silly small things. Bill promised she would never have any worries. Katie agreed to trust Bill.

Downstairs, Brooke looked at wedding photos of Bill and Katie. Bill entered and thanked Brooke for all her help with Katie and the accident. Bill asked if Brooke had had more visits from Lieutenant Baker.

Brooke had heard nothing from Baker, and she congratulated Bill on Liam's marriage. Bill asked about Hope, and Brooke admitted it had been a rough day for Hope.

Bill said he had a lot to say, but he couldn't. Bill wanted good things for Brooke. He wiped away a tear from Brooke's face. Bill added that Brooke deserved a good man. Brooke smiled and hoped it would happen someday.

Bill and Brooke discussed that Bill and Katie were good together and loved each other. Brooke cried and advised Bill to hold on to what Katie and Bill shared together.

Brooke left. On her way out the door, Brooke flashed back to all her romantic moments with Bill -- in Aspen, at the cabin at Big Bear, and making love in her bed. She tearfully stood outside Bill's house.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Forrester rooftop, Hope stared at an Internet announcement of Steffy and Liam's wedding. Brooke arrived and announced that it was moving day. "Time for you to move on," she told Hope. Figuring that Hope needed more than work, Brooke asked how things were with Oliver.

Hope didn't want to rush into another relationship, but Brooke felt that Hope was a strong woman who'd learned from her past. Brooke asserted that Hope was a Logan, after all. Hope thanked her mother for always knowing what to say. Hope hugged Brooke and took off for a meeting.

In her bedroom, Katie rested on the bed with Will in her arms. Bill gave her some medication, and she began crying. She thanked Bill and said she couldn't begin to tell him how much she appreciated him. Katie was sorry that she'd put him and Brooke through "hell," and Katie didn't know how she could have done it. Bill smiled and kissed Katie.

Donna arrived to check on her sister. Katie told her sister that she was anxious to get better because she was more than a mother. Katie stated that she was a wife, too, and Bill needed her. Agreeing that he did need her, Bill scooped up Will and headed for the nursery.

Donna noted that her sister looked good. Katie said she felt good, and she wanted to be a better wife because Bill deserved it. Katie felt she hadn't shown Bill any gratitude for all he'd done for her. Scenes of Katie's postpartum depression period flashed through Katie's mind, and Katie remembered hounding Bill about his drinking and ending the marriage. Katie felt that Bill hadn't deserved all that because he'd been nothing but loyal.

Downstairs, Bill met with his jeweler and purchased some diamond earrings for Katie. The jeweler said Katie was a lucky lady, and after the jeweler left, Bill hoped Katie would agree.

Bill received a video call from Brooke, who was wondering how Katie was doing. Brooke hadn't wanted to call Katie in case Katie was resting. Bill said that Katie and Donna were together, and he was making sure Katie took her medication. Brooke remarked that Katie was lucky to have him, and she thanked him for being there for Katie and Will. Brooke attempted to end the call, but Bill stopped her. He was about to say something but wound up uttering, "Goodbye."

After the call, flashbacks of Brooke and Bill's time together played on the screen. The screen split, showing Bill and Brooke with sullen and resigned looks on their faces.

In the CEO's office, Caroline locked the door and propped herself on Rick's lap to flirt. Rick gestured to all the work he had to do, and Caroline uttered that she missed him a lot. She stood and dropped her dress to the floor, revealing her red lingerie. "Had breakfast yet?" she asked.

Rick seemed slightly tempted, but he had a meeting to attend. Caroline promised to send him to it with a smile on his face, but he handed her the dress. Caroline put her clothes back on and said Maya was getting into his head. There was a knock at the door, and Caroline answered it. "You," Caroline huffed, and Maya grinned.

Caroline asked what the meeting was about, and when Rick said they were interviewing new models, she was glad that Forrester had decided to hire someone more professional than Maya. He corrected that the new model would work with Hope and Maya. Caroline made a show of kissing Rick, and as she left, she quipped, "Later, Myrna!"

Later, Rick showed Oliver pictures of Maya, and Oliver could tell that Rick was intrigued by her. Hope entered with a few model candidates, and Oliver took off. Rick began the meeting by telling the models about the line and Hope's history behind it. He explained that one of the candidates would be selected to work with Maya and Hope on spreading the line's message and creating a fashion buzz.

The candidates underwent question and answer sessions and then modeled for their interviews. The interviews concluded, and Rick excused all the models, except Theresa, a Spanish woman who'd been passionate about Hope for the Future during her interview. Hope really appreciated what Theresa had said about Hope's message, and Hope and Rick asked Theresa to be the third spokesmodel.

Theresa was giddy with delight and decided that she and Hope should go celebrate. The ladies left, and Maya thanked Rick for allowing her into his life.

Back on the rooftop, Caroline was delighted to find the shirtless Carter working out. Carter asked if she were flirting, but she claimed she wasn't. Caroline figured that Maya might, and he said he'd been sure Caroline would get around to that topic. Caroline asserted that she wanted Maya out of the company and away from Rick. "And I have a feeling that you do, too," she added.

Caroline said she wasn't hiring Carter to chop off Maya's thumbs -- just to get Maya out of Rick's life. Caroline asked if he even liked Maya, the charity case. Suddenly, Caroline got an idea. Caroline stated that she was a socialite who threw fundraisers to help people, and she could definitely play the charity game. Caroline decided that Rick was going to see her in action.

Caroline insisted that Maya was a gold-digger, and Rick considered Maya to be a waif he wanted to save. Carter theorized that it was more than that, but Caroline believed that it would never work with Maya and Rick.

Carter hoped Caroline was right, and Caroline suggested that he "get on the stick" while she worked her charity angle. She planned to throw the biggest fundraiser Rick had ever seen, and she doubted Maya could compete with that.

Friday, April 26, 2013

In Aspen, Liam and Steffy cuddled in bed, and Steffy couldn't believe Liam wanted to name the baby Aspen. She figured Bill would insist upon some version of William for a boy, like Wilmer. Liam replied that they should pray for a girl.

Taylor called Steffy to find out where she and Liam had gone. Steffy could barely talk to Taylor because Liam kept kissing Steffy. Taylor guessed she was interrupting, but she said she'd just wanted to hear Steffy's voice. The call ended, Steffy play-slapped Liam, and at home, Taylor grinned to herself.

Still in bed, Steffy and Liam watched Bob Hope movies. Steffy thanked Liam for the ideal honeymoon. He said they'd had an ideal wedding. They flashed back on their weddings, and Liam asked if she'd plan parachuting for their vows renewal. She said he'd have to wait and see, and they kissed.

The two had sex, and Liam started talking about Steffy riding into the wedding on her motorcycle. "You have no idea how hot that was," he remarked. Steffy had been impressed by his gift of Julia Michaels, and Steffy and Liam reflected on how wonderful and different the second wedding had been. Steffy said she'd learned what it was supposed to be like when it was right for two people.

Steffy recalled when she'd first seen things changing for her and Liam. It had been when he'd ripped up the annulment papers. In that moment, she'd felt that they'd someday end up "like this." Liam remarked that they'd made it a long way and figured out how to be adults. Steffy couldn't wait to see where they'd be in a year as new parents on a lifelong adventure.

At the Spencer house, Bill made sure his wife was comfortable at a candlelit lunch setting in the living room. He told Katie to relax because he had a few surprises for her. Katie wondered if he had time for their catered lunch, and she was surprised that he didn't have his cell phone. Bill replied that there would be no interruptions because his family was his priority that day.

While the Spencers ate, Bill held Will and pretended that the baby had somehow gotten a hold of Katie's diamond necklace. Bill said Will knew that it looked beautiful on her, and Katie put it around her neck.

Bill put Will down for a nap and returned to the living room with a velvet box. He opened it for Katie and revealed the earrings. She exclaimed that they were beautiful, and Bill said it was no wonder that Will had wanted his mother to wear the necklace. As Katie took the jewelry from the box, Bill wistfully smiled. He offered to get a mirror, but she said she could see how beautiful she was in his eyes.

The tearful Katie thanked Bill for the lunch, the jewelry, and their life together. Bill told her that she didn't have to say anything, but Katie expressed that he was there after all she'd done. He'd shown his commitment to her, and he was a man of his word. She thought he was loyal and everything a woman could ask for. Katie said she'd been unappreciative, but there would be no more of that.

Katie asserted that Bill's fearless Katie had returned, and the bad stuff was behind them. She told Bill that she loved and appreciated him very much.

At Forrester, Pam complained about Donna taking too long for lunch then handed Brooke a message from a body shop for cars. Pam went back to her desk, where Lieutenant Baker was eating lemon bars and waiting to see Brooke about her car. Pam remarked that it was a good time to talk to Brooke because the mechanic had just called about the car.

Lt. Baker entered the CEO's office and asked Brooke how the car was. Brooke was startled to see the officer, who had arrived with pictures of her car at the body shop. He also had a blurred picture of another car on a tow truck. He asked if Brooke recognized the car or the location of the photo. The photo was a still shot taken from a video camera down the street from her house.

Back in the hallway, Taylor arrived to see Eric. Pam said that Eric wasn't in, but Brooke was in his office with a police officer about Brooke's car. Pam took off to the photo studio, and Taylor went to the door to eavesdrop. Taylor heard Baker explaining to Brooke that a vehicle check had revealed that the towed car belonged to Bill Spencer. Baker then asked what Brooke and Bill were hiding.

Brooke readily replied that she and Bill weren't hiding anything. Baker indicated that tire tracks in her gravel driveway led to her closed garage, the garage she'd refused to let him search. He asked if Bill's car had been in that garage. Brooke said nothing, and Baker wondered why Brooke and Bill would be so secretive about a fender bender. Baker's conclusion was that Bill had been driving drunk that night, and Brooke was covering for him.

Brooke thought that Baker was jumping to conclusions. Baker was prepared to match up the paint marks to prove that Bill and Brooke's cars had collided. Brooke said it wasn't against the law for her to have had Bill's car towed from her house, but Baker replied that driving drunk was illegal.

Baker suspected that Bill had been there when Baker had stopped by Brooke's house that night. Baker understood that Brooke didn't want her sister to get hurt; however, he stated that a lot of people could have been hurt, including Brooke.

Baker was surprised that Brooke wanted to lie to protect Bill, who was likely to do it again. "He won't," Brooke asserted, and Baker flashed a knowing stare. "I'll be in touch," Baker said. He exited, and Taylor promptly entered the room.

"Whatever you think you heard," Brooke started to say. Taylor cut in, saying she knew what she'd heard. Brooke ordered Taylor to stop with the obsession, and Taylor asked what Katie had likely thought when Brooke had taken Bill home drunk. "You did take Bill home?" Taylor asked. Brooke didn't reply, and Taylor scoffed, guessing Bill had spent the night drunk in Brooke's bed.

Brooke insisted that nothing had happened that night except that Bill had drunk too much, and he'd been driving. "I'm sure you can relate," Brooke quipped. Brooke explained how the accident had happened and said she'd taken Bill to her house because it wouldn't have been good for Katie to see Bill in a drunken state. Brooke claimed that she had been unable to let Bill leave her house in case the police had been watching.

Taylor didn't believe Brooke's motives. Brooke said she'd called Katie to explain it, and Taylor assumed Brooke had lied to Katie. Brooke claimed to have been protecting Katie and Bill. Brooke conveyed that Katie had found Bill in Brooke's bed. Brooke insisted that it had been innocent, but Katie had freaked out about it.

Taylor gleaned from the information that Katie's medical problem had been Brooke's fault, but Brooke said Katie hadn't taken her medication. Taylor couldn't believe that nothing had happened between Bill and Brooke on the night in question, but Brooke persisted in saying nothing had. Taylor thought Brooke looked guilty, and there was something Brooke wasn't saying.

Taylor demanded that Brooke look at her, and Brooke turned around with tears in her eyes. "Disgusting. You did it; you did it. You slept with your sister's husband," Taylor murmured.

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