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Caroline sprang a sexy fashion show on Forrester's male executives, and the men strutted their stuff for a good cause. As Katie and Bill grew closer, Donna figured out that Brooke had slept with Bill. Brooke thought she was going into menopause, but Dr. Caspary said that Brooke was actually pregnant.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 29, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, April 29, 2013

In Aspen, Liam and Steffy fought over a bowl of ice cream, and he kissed her neck to distract her from it. Later, they had sex again, and Liam thought they should get out and enjoy the weather. Steffy said she and the baby wanted to stay in bed, and Liam asked if he'd always be out-voted.

Steffy tickled Liam and warned him not to get out of bed. Liam said he wasn't going anywhere. She replied that she had the ring to prove it. They flashed back on their wedding, and she told him that he'd been wrong about the part of his vows in which he'd said he was the lucky one. She felt that she, not Liam, was the lucky one. He told her that they'd agree to disagree, and he kissed her cheek.

Steffy straddled Liam on the bed and asked if he wanted to take a hike. He said they'd do it later, but she assured him that he'd be too tired for hiking later. They began making love again.

On the Forrester rooftop, Oliver joined Hope at a table, and they observed the Forrester employees, including Maya and Rick, working out. Caroline walked in and asked why Hope's brother was talking to Maya. As Caroline complained about it, she got distracted by all the hard male bodies around her.

Caroline scampered over to Rick and said she needed help in planning her cancer foundation's next fundraiser. She wanted to combine the two things she cared most about, Rick and her foundation. Rick said he'd love to help, but he was in the middle of something. "Working out?" Caroline asked. He claimed he was doing campaign business, too, but he'd swing by her office later.

The pouting Caroline stomped back over to Hope's table and wondered what Rick saw in Maya. Hope didn't think she was the person to dole out romantic advice, and Caroline guessed Hope was smarting over Liam and Steffy's Aspen honeymoon. "Aspen? Wow. Figures," Hope bitterly replied.

Caroline tried to commiserate with Hope about their relationships, but Hope noted that it was different because Liam had gotten married. Caroline ranted about Rick and Maya, and as she pondered how to keep Maya away from the fundraiser, Caroline again got distracted by the men working out.

Caroline didn't know how Hope got any work done with the men around. Staring at Rick's bare chest, Caroline murmured that she wanted to get Rick alone with her. Caroline decided that the key was rich, successful, hot men. To her, there was nothing more "Los Angeles" than that.

Caroline scampered off to another table to work on an idea. She decided that she'd throw a fashion show full of men in silk shorts and pajama bottoms. To her, it would be the sexiest charity event ever. "Ladies, break out your checkbooks, and leave your man at home!" she exclaimed to herself.

Caroline interrupted Rick's meeting with Maya to tell him about her new charity event, which he and his hot friends had inspired. She proposed that they do a charity fundraiser in the showroom, featuring the men's collection from Brooke's Bedroom. Rick told her to make her plans, and they'd see what they could do. Caroline kissed him and flounced off. Rick looked at Maya, who shrugged.

Back at Hope's table, Hope and Oliver discussed Steffy and Liam's Aspen honeymoon. Hope relayed that Aspen had been where it had all begun. Hope felt that if Steffy hadn't trapped her in the gondola, then Steffy wouldn't have gotten pregnant and wouldn't be married to Liam. Hope figured it all went back to Aspen, where Steffy had trapped Hope. "And now she's trapped Liam," Hope concluded.

In Eric's office, Brooke declared that her conversation with Taylor was over; however, Taylor insisted that Brooke wasn't telling everything. Eric entered and asked what was happening. Taylor answered that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for Brooke. Taylor added that, though Brooke wouldn't admit it, Eric could probably guess what had happened between Bill and Brooke.

Brooke claimed that Taylor didn't know what she was talking about, but Taylor asked Eric to guess where Bill had been the night preceding Katie's setback. Brooke claimed she'd explained everything, but Taylor insisted that there was more. "Do you want there to be more?" Brooke asked.

Taylor claimed that she needed to know what her patient would be facing, and she wasn't sure how much worse it would be once Katie discovered that Brooke had slept with Bill. Eric reasoned that Taylor didn't know if anything had happened, but Taylor insisted that Brooke hadn't denied it. "You really crossed the line. You betrayed Katie. You slept with her husband," Taylor asserted.

Eric intervened and told Taylor to leave Brooke alone. He reminded Taylor that she'd promised not to go overboard on the thing with Brooke. Taylor said she'd made that promise before she'd found out that Bill had spent the night at Brooke's place. Eric said Brooke had told them that nothing had happened, and Taylor was going after Brooke with no reason to suspect anything.

Taylor felt that Brooke hadn't denied anything, and Brooke's history was evidence enough to believe that something had happened. "Her history with you, you mean?" Eric responded. Taylor said it wasn't about her. Eric, however, expressed concern about Taylor's insistence that Brooke would do something with Katie's husband. Taylor claimed that family ties had never stopped Brooke.

Eric ordered Taylor to stop it, and Taylor wondered whose side he was on. Eric responded that he had to be on Brooke's side in that case, and he felt that Taylor was treating Brooke unfairly. Taylor claimed that she had an obligation to her patient, Katie.

Brooke interjected that Katie shouldn't be Taylor's patient, and Eric agreed, citing that Taylor's past with Brooke might be causing a conflict. Taylor exclaimed that her past wasn't the problem. Eric received a text message that Thorne needed him. Eric instructed Taylor and Brooke to put an end to the conflict right away because it wasn't doing anyone any good.

Eric left, and Brooke's eyes narrowed on Taylor. "You heard Eric. Not one more word about this," Brooke declared. Taylor said Brooke wasn't fooling anyone. Brooke warned Taylor to think twice before saying anything else.

Brooke decided that Katie would be finding a new therapist. Taylor replied that it wasn't Brooke's decision to make. Brooke felt that Eric would agree with Brooke, but Taylor replied that it wasn't Eric's decision, either. Brooke asserted that Eric didn't want Taylor bothering Brooke or Katie.

Brooke guessed that Taylor was just jealous, but Taylor wondered what she had to be jealous of. Taylor claimed that her life was happy, she was in love, and her children were thriving. Brooke stated that Taylor had Eric to thank for just about everything, and Brooke hinted that things would change if Taylor didn't have Eric.

Brooke decided that it wasn't jealousy at all; it was really insecurity on Taylor's part. Brooke figured that Taylor was lashing out because she was afraid. "Of you?" Taylor scoffed. Brooke concluded that Taylor was insecure because she knew that if Brooke wanted Eric, Brooke could have him -- just like that. "So watch what you say to me. Is that understood?" Brooke pointedly asked.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

by Pam

In Aspen, Liam and Steffy discussed more names for the baby. Steffy suggested female names, and Liam added male names. Liam suggested they call Dr. Caspary and find out if it was a boy or a girl, but they paused and, in unison, said, "Nah."

Later, Steffy and Liam went shopping and bought male and female versions of everything.

They professed how happy they were and eyed up pink and blue booties, a dress, and a baseball shirt they had purchased. Liam leaned down to speak to Steffy's belly. "Kick twice if you're a dude," Liam teased. Liam and Steffy laughed about names like Cal, Callie, Eva, Aspen, and others. Steffy maintained that they had plenty of time to find the perfect name.

Liam disagreed. He said the time would fly by, and she would be in the delivery room before they knew it. He said that her pregnancy became more real to him every day. He added that he was very excited to become a dad.

Liam and Steffy embraced, and Steffy tearfully shared how happy she was. They both declared their love for each other. Liam presented her with a triple picture frame. One photo was of Steffy on a motorcycle. Another was of Liam waiting to marry her. A third slot on the frame was for the baby. They laughed about their wedding and flashed back to the events.

Steffy suggested they make Aspen a family tradition for anniversaries and holidays. Steffy asked about paragliding, but Liam refused. He said she was carrying special cargo. She acknowledged that she didn't need to go paragliding because she had been flying ever since their wedding. Steffy recalled their first flight over Aspen.

Liam also demanded that Steffy no longer ride her motorcycle. Steffy reluctantly agreed. They embraced and prepared to return to Los Angeles. They discussed how their baby would have both parents in its life -- unlike Liam or Steffy.

At Forrester, Taylor entered Eric's office. Taylor shared that she had not slept well, and she worried that she had missed Eric before he left for work. Eric coolly said that he had had an early meeting. Taylor fretted about their discussion the previous day. Eric understood that he had upset Taylor when he had defended Brooke.

Taylor admitted that she had been hurt. Eric demanded that the accusations against Brooke had to stop. Taylor argued that she was convinced Brooke and Bill had something going on. Eric interrupted her and asked if Taylor would be so vengeful if it had been anyone but Brooke.

Taylor skirted the question, but Eric insisted that she answer. Taylor agreed that she had been more suspicious because it was Brooke. Eric demanded to know what Taylor had said to Brooke after he had left. Taylor noted that it was what Brooke had said that had hurt. Taylor related that Brooke had said that if Brooke wanted Eric, Brooke could have him "just like that" -- with a snap of her fingers.

Eric was surprised. He shook his head. Taylor worried that Eric still had feelings for Brooke. Eric said that he and Brooke had been married and had children together, but Brooke would not want anything to do with Eric. Taylor asked if Eric wanted to rekindle a romance with Brooke. Eric hugged Taylor and said that Brooke was in his past, and Taylor was his future.

At the hospital, Brooke met with Dr. Caspary, who wished all of her patients were as healthy as Brooke.

Brooke said she did not feel well. Dr. Caspary questioned if Brooke had something bothering her -- something she wanted to discuss. Brooke looked guilty.

Brooke complained of depression, dry skin, and poor sleeping patterns. She removed her sweater and wondered if it was too hot in the room. Dr. Caspary suggested that it was menopause.

Brooke immediately went into denial. Dr. Caspary scheduled some tests and told Brooke not to worry.

Brooke returned to Forrester, and Eric met with her. Eric apologized for Taylor's behavior the previous day. He added that it had been foolish of Taylor to accuse Brooke of doing anything with Katie's husband.

Brooke turned away. Eric added that Brooke was also at fault. Eric said that Brooke had been disrespectful to Taylor. Brooke squinted at Eric. He ordered Brooke to treat Taylor with more respect. Eric said it was not true that Brooke could get Eric back " just like that."

Brooke appeared amused and embarrassed. Brooke noted that Eric was protective of Taylor. He agreed. He wanted peace in the family. He demanded that there would be a change in the way Brooke and Taylor treated each other.

Brooke looked at photos of herself in lingerie, and she was saddened. Eric asked if something had happened. Brooke said she had had a meeting with her doctor and was facing menopause. She admitted she thought they needed a younger model for lingerie. Eric smiled and told Brooke that she was always sexy and alluring, no matter what age she was.

Brooke tearfully thanked and hugged Eric.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Katie and Bill kissed, and Bill asked Katie to accompany him to Forrester for a meeting with Caroline. Katie declined, but she but asked Bill to set up a dinner with Caroline and her mothers soon. Bill told her not to rush it, and he insisted that she not overdo it on her first day back in the office.

Liam and Steffy entered and interrupted. Bill happily greeted the newlyweds. Katie also welcomed them. Steffy and Liam told Katie they were happy to see her out of the hospital.

Katie asked about the honeymoon, and Steffy and Liam smiled. Liam teased that he wanted to move to Aspen full-time. Bill laughed, and he asked Steffy if she was eating a lot and taking care of his grandson. Steffy said the baby was growing strong. Bill picked Liam up and hugged him. Bill left for his meeting.

Steffy told Liam she had to leave for Forrester. Katie stopped her. Katie admitted that she had hoped Liam would end up with Hope, but she was happy for Liam and Steffy. They had all become family. Katie offered sincere good wishes for the baby, Steffy, and Liam. Katie added that Spencer men were loyal. Steffy thanked Katie and left.

Katie told Liam she had learned a lot after her health problems. She encouraged Liam to enjoy everything about marriage and family. She knew that a part of Liam would always love Hope. Liam said he was excited about his marriage and impending fatherhood.

At Forrester, Donna, Taylor, Hope, and Brooke met about the upcoming fashion show that would benefit Caroline's charity. Taylor directed everyone to help in the showroom. Taylor added that Thomas and Steffy would help. Taylor added that Thomas had moved into the beach house because Taylor no longer needed it.

Brooke wondered how Steffy would feel about helping out if she had just returned from her honeymoon, and she was pregnant. Taylor said that Steffy and Liam had returned early that morning and had visited Spencer first to check on Katie. Hope looked despondent. Taylor said that the newlyweds had been worried about Katie and her health -- Taylor stared at Brooke, and Brooke sneered at Taylor. "Katie is better," Brooke said.

Taylor and Brooke argued that Brooke had not been concerned about Katie, and Hope left. Brooke got up to leave and suggested that Taylor go to her own office for a change instead of hanging around Forrester. Brooke left, and Donna ordered Taylor to stop harassing Brooke and Katie. Taylor defended herself because she was looking out for Katie.

Donna argued that Taylor needed to keep her relationship with Katie professional and stop bashing Brooke. Taylor said she knew Brooke and Bill had crossed the line. Donna denied that anything had happened. Donna stated that Brooke would never do that to Katie. Taylor shook her head

Taylor said that Brooke had a habit of taking innocent things and turning them into scandals. Taylor said she had heard all about the car accident and how Bill had spent the night at Brooke's. It had all started with excuses that Bill was hurt and too drunk to drive.

Taylor warned that soon Brooke would be unable to stop herself from going too far. Donna disagreed. Taylor advised Donna to stop worrying about Brooke and start worrying about Katie. Taylor left, and Donna looked worried.

Brooke was alone in her own office, and she flashed back to making love with Bill. Suddenly Bill interrupted her daydream when he entered her office and asked where Caroline was. Brooke answered that Caroline was in the showroom. Bill turned to leave, but Brooke begged him to stay.

Brooke asked him how things were with Katie. Bill said that Katie had joined him in the office, and things had improved between them. Bill explained that he had visited Forrester because Caroline had wanted help with her fundraiser, but Bill couldn't help her. He planned to spend the day with his wife. Brooke stared at him and said that she couldn't stop thinking about "us" and what they had shared.

Bill admitted that he also fantasized about Brooke, but he stated that they could never be together. "How can I get you out of my mind?" Brooke asked. Brooke and Bill embraced, and tears rolled down Brooke's cheeks.

Donna interrupted. Bill made a quick exit. Donna brought up Taylor's accusations, and Brooke called them crazy. Donna explained that she had defended Brooke to Taylor. Donna reiterated that Taylor had made ridiculous accusations. Brooke agreed.

Donna stated that Brooke would never hurt or betray her sister. Brooke looked away. Donna said she would be able to tell if Brooke had lied about Bill. Donna questioned Brooke. Brooke tearfully turned toward Donna. "You didn't," Donna said in disbelief.

In Steffy's office, Hope delivered some papers and received a group text of pictures of Liam and Steffy's honeymoon. Steffy entered. Hope and Steffy made awkward conversation. Steffy said she understood how difficult it was to see Steffy and Liam married. Steffy remembered how much it hurt when Liam and Hope had been married.

Steffy tried to make peace and said she wanted to work together with Hope because they were the next generation of Forresters. Hope was surprised that Steffy had included Hope after having excluded Hope from family for so long. Steffy said she knew they could do better than their mothers had done. Steffy extended her hand in friendship, but Hope was bitter.

Hope said she didn't blame the baby, but she did blame Steffy for Liam's situation. Hope accused Steffy of stealing the life that Hope should have had. "You took it from me, and you don't deserve my forgiveness," Hope said.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

At Forrester, Brooke shed tears as Donna realized that Brooke and Bill had betrayed Katie. Donna urged her sister to be honest with her, and Brooke finally admitted that she'd done it. Donna didn't know how Brooke had let it happen. Upset with herself, Brooke replied that she and Bill hadn't just let it happen; it had happened because Katie had ended the marriage.

Donna was worried that Katie had walked in on Bill and Brooke, but Brooke explained that nothing had been going on when Katie had arrived at the house that morning. Brooke said Katie had insisted that Brooke could have Bill, and Katie had asked for a divorce. In Brooke's eyes, Katie's mind had been made up before she'd stormed out.

Brooke said she and Bill had concluded that the marriage was over, and they'd begun to see things differently. Donna noted that Katie had walked out on Bill again, and he hated that sort of thing. Brooke explained that Katie had been adamant, but Donna replied that Katie had just been angry. Brooke insisted that Katie had been done with the marriage.

Brooke second-guessed believing Katie, but back then, it had seemed clear. Donna stated that Brooke had been vulnerable to Bill for quite some time. Brooke didn't deny that, but she said she'd never intended to cross the line. Brooke remarked that Ridge had just left her, and she'd been vulnerable when Katie had thrown Bill at her and walked out on him.

Brooke stated that she and Bill had agreed that it would never happen again, but Donna asked how Bill could possibly be a husband to their sister after "all of this." Brooke insisted that only she, Bill, and Donna knew about it, and Brooke and Bill were prepared to take it to their graves.

Donna mentioned Taylor, and Brooke asked Donna to stay away from the obsessed Taylor. Donna swore she wouldn't say anything because she didn't think Katie would survive learning about it. Agreeing, Brooke said she didn't want to hurt Katie or take Katie's love away.

Donna noticed that Brooke was perspiring. Brooke said it was the onset of menopause, and she was a little emotional. Brooke saying that made Donna wonder about something. Brooke said she needed Donna's support, not doubts. Brooke claimed that she respected Katie's marriage, and Bill would stay with Katie. "That's the way it's going to be," Brooke insisted.

In the corridor, Bill saw a lingerie photo of Brooke on Donna and Pam's desk, and he thought about Brooke. He snapped out of it when Caroline pulled him into the CEO's office to talk about her event. He said he was proud of his niece, but he couldn't attend the fundraiser because he had to be with his wife. He promised Caroline a generous donation from his company, though.

Caroline asked Bill if he'd been taking care of Katie after her episode. The look on Bill's face concerned Caroline, and he said that he and his wife had been through quite an ordeal. Carter, Thomas, Rick, Oliver, and Marcus entered, and Bill decided to head out.

Bill exited, and the others in the room complimented Caroline on having her event on track. Looking at Rick, Caroline hoped one man in particular was impressed. Caroline cooed that the biggest names in Los Angeles would be there. Marcus remarked that it had been put together rather quickly, and Thomas grunted that it would have been nice to be in the loop about it.

Caroline assured Thomas and all the men that they were an important part of the event. The men looked skeptical, and she announced that they'd be in the fashion show, modeling the bedroom wear from the men's line. Each of the men beamed an ornery glare at Caroline.

Rick told Caroline that she couldn't spring stuff like that on people, and Carter added that they should have been informed. "I didn't CC you guys on the email blast? Well, that's my bad," she replied.

Just then, Maya entered, chattering about something to Rick. "Urgh! We are having a meeting, Marigold!" Caroline exclaimed. Maya saw a photo of Caroline's event on the tablet Caroline had in her hand. Maya complimented it, and Caroline replied that it was her little way of giving back. "Well, not little, but we all do what we can," Caroline added.

Carter told Maya that Caroline expected them to model. Marcus added that Caroline expected them to model the bedroom line. Gripping Rick's arm, Caroline beamed that they'd raise a fortune. "It's called making a real difference," Caroline quipped, and Maya frowned.

Thomas and Rick stated that they weren't models. Oliver thought he'd trip over himself, and Marcus said he wanted his clothes to be on. Caroline remarked that they were all studs, which was why the tickets had sold out within an hour. "At a thousand dollars a pop, I might add," Caroline said. Maya was impressed, and Caroline replied, "That's how we roll."

Caroline insisted that she knew how to get people to open their wallets for a good cause, but she needed the men's gorgeous bodies to fill the coffers. Caroline pleaded with Rick, but he said she should have cleared it before the tickets had gone on sale. Rick asked the men what they thought.

The others seemed to warm up to the idea. Caroline said that Maya could help Carter with modeling. "Gee, you remembered my name," Maya quipped. Caroline asked Rick if it was a go, and he said they didn't seem to have a choice. Caroline squealed her thanks, and she hugged Rick.

Caroline got on the phone with someone from the press and promised washboard abs and wall-to-wall muscles, and the caller promised to give her full coverage. "And that's how it's done," Caroline cooed after the call. Maya quietly replied that it would be quite an event.

Caroline asked if Rick was proud of her. She thought "Forrester Execs Revealed" with her man as a lead model was quite a concept. Caroline hugged Rick and stared at the uncomfortable Maya.

At Spencer, Katie was hard at work with Alison when Bill arrived. Katie offered to handle business for the day if Bill wanted to hit the gym. Taking her into his arms, Bill said she'd learned well. Katie claimed she'd had a good teacher who'd taught her about commitment by never giving up on her.

Katie ordered her husband go to get a massage while she and Alison ran the place. Bill, however, called Alison in and instructed her to clear his and his wife's schedules. He asked that Alison make a reservation at Il Gardino because he wanted to spend the day with his wife.

Alison exited, and Katie was flattered that Bill had cleared his schedule for her. Bill said they needed to do it more often. Katie felt guilty for getting good treatment after she'd been "a handful to say the least." Bill told her not to treat him like a saint, but Katie called him the patron saint of the bad boys. She said appreciated his loyalty, and she'd never doubt him again.

Friday, May 3, 2013

At Il Gardino, Katie expressed her gratefulness that Bill had made time for them. Bill tried to order tea for her and water for himself, but Katie insisted that he could have what he wanted. She ordered wine. He chose scotch, and smiling, she affirmed that she was done trying to change Bill.

Katie didn't want to control him or be a nagging wife. She knew whom she'd married, and she felt that Bill was perfect the way he was. Bill said that was a stretch, but he appreciated the sentiment. Katie apologized for being judgmental because that wasn't who Bill had married. Bill said she'd been going through a lot, but Katie insisted that she'd have "so much fun" making things up to him.

The conversation turned to what a flirt Will was. "That's my boy," Bill said. Parenthood blew Bill's mind, and he'd never thought he'd experience it. Katie asked if he missed the old days, but he said he didn't for even a second. Bill thought that Katie had done enough apologizing, and it was his turn.

Bill said he didn't deserve a halo because he'd been frustrated and insensitive to what Katie had gone through. She claimed she'd never felt that, but he insisted that he'd do better. He wanted to be the best father and husband he could be because nothing was more important than the family they'd created. He said he didn't want to lose it. "You never will," Katie replied, and they kissed.

In the showroom, Caroline's event was decked out with tables and flowers. Donna and Brooke admired the decor. Donna asked if Brooke could stay away from Bill. Brooke insisted that she didn't want to get between Bill and Katie, and things between Brooke and Bill were over.

Guests began arriving for the event, and as Caroline showed the place off to Dani, Dayzee told the nervous Carter and Marcus that they'd been shirtless in the sky lounge all the time. The brothers, however, quipped that it was while working out, not modeling. Caroline approached to ask if they were ready. The men said they were, and Caroline wondered where Rick could be.

Backstage, Rick and Maya discussed the good the event would do. Rick explained that the cause was close to Caroline's heart because she'd lost her aunt to cancer. Maya said it was good that he could help. He expressed relief that Caroline hadn't asked him to wear heels. When Maya didn't get the significance, Rick offered to tell her the story over dinner later, and Maya accepted the invitation.

Caroline arrived backstage, pulled Rick to her, and beamed that she was happy to see him. "It's going to be a great evening -- and night," Caroline hinted. Maya scowled but complimented Caroline's event. Caroline expressed that she couldn't wait to see her man shirtless. Caroline added that Carter was in the show, too, as eye candy for Maya. "See how I got your back?" Caroline asked.

Rick muttered that it was generous of Caroline. Caroline said petty differences didn't matter against the disease, and she and "Mona" could go back to being enemies later. Caroline told Rick that she saw a reward for his sweetness in his near future. She left, and Rick and Maya exchanged glances.

Later, the guests took their seats at the tables, and Caroline welcomed everyone to the first Los Angeles fundraiser for the Caroline Spencer Cancer Research Foundation. As Rick watched her on a backstage monitor, he grinned to himself.

Caroline thanked everyone for donating their time and money to the cause. She spoke of Stephanie Forrester and Caroline's aunt, who'd lost their battles with cancer. The tearful Caroline said her aunt's time and future with Ridge had been cut short. Caroline proclaimed that she carried her aunt's name with pride, and in her aunt's name, she fought the battle against "this killer."

A short video about Caroline's aunt played, and Caroline urged the audience to bid on the facials, European trips, and other goodies at the auction tables in the corridor because every penny counted. Everyone applauded, and backstage, Rick continued to grin with pride.

Caroline went backstage, where Maya commended the work Caroline was doing. Caroline thanked Maya but said Maya didn't have to hang around because Caroline and Rick had plans later. Maya, however, decided to stay, quipping that she wouldn't want to miss the fashion show.

Caroline returned to the stage to present the main event, her gift to the audience. She said that the audience could thank her later by opening their wallets. She announced that the men of Forrester Creations were there to offer a sneak peak at the men's line bedroom wear.

Rick strutted down the stage first in a robe and then whipped it off to reveal his chest and his boxer shorts. The crowd cheered, and Maya grinned. Carter was up next in glasses, an open shirt, and pinstriped pajama pants. He ripped off his glasses and winked at Maya, who seemed to blush. Carter removed his shirt, and the crowd went wild.

Oliver, in his white tee shirt and pajamas pants, made his way down the runway with his own special swagger. Marcus arrived in a muscle tee and boxer shorts, and Dayzee pointed to her ring finger as the women applauded. Caroline slipped onto the stage later to assist Thomas in removing his robe, and for the grand finale, the shirtless men returned in silky red pajama pants.

The crowd applauded, and as the men posed together, Caroline appeared again on stage to ask the crowd to give the men another hand. She made a special shout-out to her boyfriend, Rick, and Maya frowned. As Maya tensely looked on, Caroline kissed Rick, and he told her that she'd done it.

After the event, Dr. Caspary, who'd attended the fundraiser, ended a call on her phone. She approached Brooke, and Brooke asked if the doctor had enjoyed the show. Dr. Caspary asked to speak to Brooke privately because the doctor had just gotten the results of Brooke's blood tests.

As Dr. Caspary stammered to tell Brooke something, Brooke said the doctor was scaring her. Brooke asked if she was really starting menopause. Shaking her head, Dr. Caspary replied that Brooke was pregnant. "Oh, God..." Brooke uttered and sobbed.

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