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Brooke learned that she wasn't menopausal; she was pregnant. Rick told Maya that he wanted to be with her, but Bill warned Maya to stay away from his niece's man. Thomas and Oliver moved in together, and after Steffy visited their beach house, her motorcycle ride home turned treacherous.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 6, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, May 6, 2013

In Rick's office, Rick and Caroline expressed excitement about how well the fundraiser had gone. Caroline felt that the guys had been amazing, and she beamed that they'd raised a hundred thousand dollars. Rick called that remarkable, and with a kiss, Caroline told him that he was remarkable.

Maya arrived outside the door in time to see the kiss, and she paused to listen in on Rick and Caroline's conversation. Rick said that Caroline blew his mind at times, and Caroline suggested that they celebrate at a French restaurant. Rick wanted to, but he claimed he had work to do.

Caroline figured that she and Rick could work after they basked in their success. She asked if Rick were proud of her, and he said that he was. They kissed, and Maya walked away from the door.

Caroline thought Rick had done wonderfully that day, and she felt that she owed him big time. Rick replied that she didn't owe him anything, but she said she'd already dreamed up ways to repay him. She remarked that the day had reminded her of why she'd moved to Los Angeles; she'd wanted to be a part of something special, and she'd fallen in love with his company and family.

Caroline recalled that in the beginning, Rick had wanted her badly, and he'd fought hard to have her. She hoped days like that weren't gone. She remembered that she'd had two men interested in her, but she'd fallen for Rick. Caroline already knew that she could be demanding and snobbish, but she hoped Rick had seen a different side of her that day.

Rick replied that he had. Caroline reminded him that they were a design team; they were friends, partners, and lovers. She wanted him to need her and want her again. She felt that she'd done something wrong, and she asked what she could do to fix it.

Rick replied that she was gorgeous, smart, outrageous, and crazy, and he loved that about her. Caroline admitted that she was scared because Maya had shown up, and Caroline felt that she was losing Rick. Rick tried to disagree, but Caroline softly insisted that Maya was taking him away. Caroline didn't even know if he found Caroline attractive anymore.

Rick claimed that Caroline was a beautiful and remarkable woman. Caroline tearfully asked him to show her that she still meant something to him. She said that she wouldn't fight so hard for him if she didn't love him, and she just wanted him to love her in return. She didn't want to pressure him, but she needed him to know how much their relationship meant to her.

Rick was glad that he and Caroline were discussing things, and he admitted that there was something between him and Maya. Caroline figured she was being dramatic, and it was embarrassing. She claimed that she'd just wanted to thank him for being supportive and letting her be herself. Crying, she said that she and Rick had shared great times together, and she couldn't wait to have more. She pulled him to her and hugged him tightly.

Maya went into the CEO's office, and moments later, Carter entered in an unbuttoned shirt. He was looking for Rick, and Maya suggested text-messaging Rick. She complimented Carter on his guts to model onstage but wondered if he'd forgotten to get dressed. He asked if she wanted to help him, but Maya figured he could button his shirt on his own. "Or don't, either way," she added.

Maya admitted to Carter that she'd seen Caroline and Rick kissing. Carter didn't think it was anything for Maya to worry about, and Maya reminded him that Rick and Caroline were dating. Carter figured that Caroline liked to "come on strong," but that wasn't Maya's style. He uttered that Maya liked to be pursued. "I do?" Maya breathlessly asked as he neared her.

Carter said that he wasn't waiting on Maya because she seemed to have something going on with Rick. Carter didn't know where that was headed, and Maya replied that it depended on what was going on with Rick and Caroline.

In Bill's office, Bill and Katie canoodled and thanked each other for their afternoon together. Katie wondered how Caroline's event had gone and guessed Caroline had been trying to impress Rick. Rick wasn't Bill's first choice for Caroline, but Bill figured the couple was doing all right.

Katie called the nurse to check on Will, and after the call, Katie said she was glad that she and Bill would do things alone together more often. Adjusting to motherhood had been difficult for Katie, but she was glad to be on track. She felt that it was a gift to be Bill's wife and the mother of his child.

Bill tried to stop Katie from apologizing again, and Katie reasoned that the problems might have been meant to help them along their path to their "destiny," as Brooke would term it. Katie felt lucky that she and Bill had made it through and were still friends, spouses, and parents. Bill said that all three of them were a family, and nothing would take that away from them.

Katie left, and Bill thought about Brooke telling him that she loved him and bidding him farewell.

In the showroom after the fashion show, Brooke denied that she could be pregnant, but Dr. Caspary insisted that the test had confirmed it. Brooke said that it was impossible because she was supposed to be in menopause. Dr. Caspary explained that Brooke was perimenopausal, which meant the change wasn't finished yet. The lab had run Brooke's test twice, and Dr. Caspary asserted that Brooke was indeed pregnant.

Brooke couldn't understand how it could have happened, but Dr. Caspary said pregnancies later in life weren't uncommon during that unstable, hormonal time in a woman's life. The doctor added that a late pregnancy could be joyful. After advising Brooke to make another appointment, Dr. Caspary left.

Brooke's mind became muddled with thoughts of her time with Bill, the pregnancy diagnosis, and images of herself crying beside Katie's hospital bed. Brooke remembered Katie saying that she trusted Brooke, and Brooke flashed to telling Bill it had been a mistake.

"No!" Brooke screamed and ran out of the showroom. Her thoughts haunted her as she rushed out of the building. Brooke ran through a park and finally stopped by a bench. Breathless, she sat down. Katie, who'd seen Brooke running, caught up to her sister and asked what was wrong.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke had panicked upon hearing that she was pregnant. She ran outside. Katie followed her. Katie worried that Brooke was sick. Brooke said it was nothing, but Katie was unconvinced.

Katie demanded to know why Brooke was so upset. Brooke tearfully told Katie that she was fine. "It doesn't happen just to you. Sometimes I feel like my life is over too," Brooke said.

Katie wondered if Brooke had a medical problem. Katie shared that Donna had mentioned Brooke's diagnosis of menopause. Brooke looked fearful. Katie encouraged Brooke to take the rest of the day off and join Katie, Will, and Bill for dinner. Donna entered, and Brooke declined the invitation.

Brooke insisted that she felt sick and had to get some air. Brooke ran out of the office. Donna and Katie looked at each other, suspicious that something more was wrong. Katie left.

Donna later found Brooke on the roof, and Donna tried to encourage that Brooke was starting a new chapter of her life. Brooke tearfully warned that Katie and Donna would hate Brooke. Donna looked surprised. Donna said Brooke was feeling guilty, but no one ever had to know about the one-night stand that Brooke and Bill had.

Brooke blurted out that she was pregnant as tears streamed down her cheeks. Donna was speechless.

Inside Forrester, Rick and Caroline discussed their relationship in Rick's office. Caroline apologized for her behavior. She knew that it was hardly the time to get needy when Rick had a company to run and a meeting with a financial advisor.

Bill entered. Rick exited and told Caroline that Bill must have been there to see her because he had no business with Rick. Bill said that he was looking for Brooke, but Caroline thanked him for showing up at just the right time. Caroline said she was sure that Rick had been ready to break up with her. She said that Bill had bought her some time.

Bill congratulated Caroline on the successful fundraiser for her foundation. He expected nothing less. Caroline dished that she was going to lose Rick to Maya. Bill offered his help with Maya.

Caroline gave Bill specifics on Maya's life in jail. Bill promised to check into it. Caroline thanked him. Bill said that Rick was not going to treat his niece like a friend with benefits.

In another part of Forrester, Rick met with a financial representative who reviewed three different projections based on figures that Thomas, Eric, and Rick had given him. Rick asked for the honest evaluation and the accountant said he would review the numbers. The financial rep left.

Maya entered, and Rick was happy to see her. He wondered where she had gone after the show, and she admitted that she had seen him with Caroline after the show.

Rick and Maya discussed that Maya had no real role in Rick's life because Caroline was still his girlfriend. Rick apologized and promised to break it off with Caroline. Maya reminded Rick that she had never intended to hurt anyone. Rick replied that he wanted to be with Maya. Rick related that he intended to break up with Caroline.

Maya noted that she would complicate Rick's life. He laughed and told her about the extensive files, pictures, and unnamed sources who had embarrassed his family members whenever they got caught doing anything wrong. Rick kissed Maya passionately, and they smiled at each other.

Bill called Allison, and she dug up all the dirt she could on Maya. Bill noted that Maya had been in jail, had a baby, and lost the baby after adoption. Maya walked in on Bill, who teased that he was the company psychic. Maya played along as Bill pretended to predict her future, but he quickly turned serious.

Bill advised Maya to close the door and listen very carefully. "Stay the hell away from my niece's boyfriend," Bill warned. He advised that Rick and Caroline needed to work out their problems without Maya's interference. He added that he knew all about Maya and her problems -- much more than Rick probably knew.

Maya looked thoughtful.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Maya commented that it sounded like Bill had threatened her. Bill countered that he had offered her an opportunity to keep her job at Forrester and a new life in Los Angeles as long as she stayed away from Rick. Maya mocked his opportunity.

Bill reiterated that if she didn't stay away from Rick, bad things would happen. Bill warned that he could reveal things that Maya had wanted to remain hidden from Rick Forrester. Maya said her relationship with Rick was none of Bill's business.

Carter entered, and Bill said that he was getting acquainted with Maya. Bill and Carter discussed the wedding that Carter had officiated for Liam and Steffy. Carter flirted with Maya and left.

After Carter had gone, Bill encouraged Maya to consider a relationship with Carter. Bill brought up Maya's past -- criminal charges, gun violations, and more. Maya explained that she had gotten into a relationship with a man she had trusted, and she had gotten pregnant. She said that she had paid for all her sins and done jail time for crimes she had not committed.

Bill expressed his sincere sorrow for the loss of her daughter, but he warned that her past would become a problem for Rick. Bill demanded that she stay away from Rick. Bill threatened that she would lose her job at Forrester, possibly return to jail, and create a lot of problems for Rick and the Forrester family. Maya cried, and Bill left.

Outside at Forrester, Rick walked with Caroline, and he received a congratulatory phone call on the fashion show and fundraiser. He congratulated Caroline, and Caroline kissed him. He pulled away. Caroline noted that he had pulled away continuously in recent weeks. She told him that he needed someone like her. She complimented him on how sexy he had been when he modeled for the fundraiser.

Caroline reminded Rick that they had been good together as a team. She said that they had experienced a speed bump because of Maya. Caroline said that Maya was not right for Rick. Caroline reminded Rick that he was the president of Forrester, and Caroline had been groomed for the role of the woman to be by his side. They argued over reasons to choose a lover and partner. Caroline begged Rick not to give up on them. She left.

Rick returned to his office, and Maya was waiting. Rick promised that he was done with Caroline, and he wanted to be with Maya. They hugged, and Maya started to cry. Rick asked Maya to trust him.

In Brooke's office, Donna reprimanded Brooke, who said she didn't know how she had lost control and slept with Bill. Donna accused Brooke of being in love with Katie's husband. "And now you're carrying his child," Donna said.

Brooke cried that Katie couldn't find out. Brooke tried to defend herself, revisiting that Katie had removed her rings and had told Brooke to take Bill. "I thought she meant it," Brooke said. Donna remembered the same thing had happened when Hope had been conceived. Brooke warned Donna not to rehash Brooke's past.

Donna wondered if Brooke would tell Bill about her pregnancy. Brooke said she didn't know. Donna reminded Brooke that Katie and Bill were happy again, and Brooke promised not to destroy their happiness. Donna and Brooke tearfully hugged.

Bill interrupted Donna and Brooke, and he noticed that they had both been crying. He quizzed them about what was wrong, but they changed the subject and asked about Katie and Will. Bill vowed not to miss any time with Will because it hurt him that he had missed so much time with Liam. Bill promised to be a good husband to Katie. He also promised to be everything his own father had not been. "A real man is there for his child," Bill said.

After Bill left, Donna exclaimed that a child meant a lot to Bill. She wondered how Brooke could hide the truth from him.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

At Spencer, Bill absently dismissed his staff in the middle of a meeting. Alison stayed behind and wondered about Bill's strange mood. Bill quietly remarked that Brooke hadn't been herself the previous evening when he'd happened upon her talking to Donna. He suspected that Brooke had been trying to hide it from him, and he didn't know why she'd do that to him of all people.

Alison questioned Bill's mood being about his sister-in-law, but Bill asked what was wrong with that. Acknowledging that Brooke and Bill had grown close, Alison wearily asked if it had become more. He confided in Alison about sleeping off his inebriation at Brooke's house when his marriage hadn't been in a good place, but he insisted that nothing had happened that night.

Alison hoped that Katie and Bill were back on track, and Bill indicated that they were. Alison wondered about Brooke. Bill insisted that his marriage was in a good place, and he said he expected the conversation to remain between him and Alison. Grabbing his keys, he said he'd be back.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam canoodled, and Liam asked if that were the way to pick out paint for the nursery. Steffy remarked that not a lot of fathers were that involved in pregnancies. He claimed he wanted to be involved in every moment, and she said she was trying to make it fun for him "Guess what? It's working," he replied, and they kissed.

Liam joked that he and Steffy were furthering the Spencer dynasty. He said that, with Katie's heart condition, his father wouldn't have any more children anytime soon. Liam felt that ever since Katie's last scare, Bill had become all about family. "Like me," Liam added, and Steffy kissed him.

Steffy found Liam's grilling apron, and Liam exclaimed, "Me man -- make fire!" Steffy remarked that Thomas had moved into the beach house, and she wanted to stop by there to see him.

Steffy beamed about her life and said she was happier than she'd ever thought she could be. She and Liam touched her burgeoning belly, and she said she was the luckiest girl in the world. Liam kissed her, and she asked him to not miss her too much while she was gone.

Later, Bill arrived at the beach house to ensure that Liam wasn't wasting the day off that Bill had given him. Smiling, Bill watched Liam whip up his homemade barbeque sauce and remarked that Liam seemed totally into Steffy and the unborn child. Bill figured that was the way it was meant to be for Liam. "You and Hope -- " Bill started to say.

Liam shoved a spoonful of sauce into Bill's mouth, and Bill said it tasted really good. Bill expressed pride in his son and gave him a bear hug. Bill advised his son that real men wore white aprons, so everyone could see the mess. Smearing sauce on Liam's face, Bill said, "See? Mess."

At the beach house, Oliver had moved in with Thomas. Hope moped around their living room, and she wasn't dressed to go surfing, which was the men's plan. Oliver told Thomas that he wanted to do something to get Hope's mind off Liam. Thomas wished Oliver luck with that.

The men greeted Hope, and she asked when Thomas had gotten a motorcycle. He said he was holding it for Steffy. Hope's expression flattened, and the guys asked how they could make her smile.

Teresa, Maya, and a surf instructor named Donovan arrived. Hope claimed the ocean was way too cold for her. Oliver asked if she were sure. Hope admitted that things were hard for her, but she said Oliver didn't need to babysit her because she was fine.

Teresa helped Oliver set up their buffet, and she thanked Oliver for inviting her. Teresa was enamored by Hope, and Teresa felt lucky to be on the campaign with Hope and Maya. Thomas instructed Maya, Oliver, and Teresa to go ahead with Donovan, and they all left.

Thomas tried to persuade Hope to join the others, but Hope thought she should leave before she said something insulting about his sister. He remarked that she hadn't done that -- yet. Hope wasn't in the mood to pretend that everything was fine, and she said she'd have to work through things in her own time. She thanked Thomas for the invitation but decided to slip out the back way.

Hope was in the back, collecting her bag, when Steffy arrived. Steffy told Thomas that she really liked what he and Oliver had done with the place. She sarcastically thanked her brother for the surfing invitation, but Thomas quipped that she should be buying booties or hanging with her "baby daddy." Steffy replied that Liam was setting up to grill.

Steffy said that on Liam's day off, she and Liam were nesting and planning the nursery. Steffy felt like the luckiest, most pampered expectant mother in the world. She gushed that she had everything she'd ever wanted, and it was the best time in her life.

Hope grimaced from other side of the wall. Steffy decided to take off to see Liam, and Thomas followed her out the door. Hope entered the living room, sat on the sofa, and sobbed. Steffy breezed back through the door, and Hope tried in vain to hide her tears.

In Brooke's office, Donna resumed the conversation she'd had with Brooke the previous day. Donna was worried about their family, and she pressed Brooke to say what Brooke would do about the pregnancy. Brooke looked up and saw Eric in the doorway.

Eric was looking for Rick, and Donna indicated that Rick was in a meeting with a new supplier. Donna left Brooke with Eric. He said that he hadn't meant to interrupt, but he was glad that he had. To him, Brooke seemed upset, and he thought he knew why.

Eric figured that Brooke was dealing with a lot of physical and emotional changes, and he assured her that she could talk to him about the menopause. Brooke admitted that it wasn't menopause. From her tone, Eric guessed it was something serious.

Brooke claimed she'd be fine physically. Eric asked what the matter was, but she cried that she couldn't tell him yet. He told her that whatever it was, he'd be there for her, and she should never forget that. She smiled through her tears, and he hugged her.

Friday, May 10, 2013

At the beach house, Steffy was shocked to see Hope and quickly surmised that Hope had been there long enough to hear Thomas and Steffy talking. Hope apologized for not letting anyone know she'd still been there, but she hadn't wanted to interrupt Thomas and Steffy's conversation.

Steffy noted that she hadn't seen much of Hope. Wiping away tears, Hope replied that she'd been avoiding the office. Steffy reasoned that she'd probably do the same thing. Hope added that she didn't feel the need to see Steffy daily after what Steffy had taken from Hope.

Steffy stated that Oliver was sharing a house with Thomas, so she and Hope were bound to see each other. Hope relayed that she wasn't dating Oliver. Steffy conveyed that he cared about Hope, and Hope figured that was supposed to make it easier for her to move on. Steffy replied that it might.

Steffy's phone rang. It was Liam, and she hesitated to answer it. Hope sighed, saying that Steffy should answer the phone for her husband. On the call, Liam wondered what was making Steffy late for "baby's first barbeque." Steffy said she'd be on the way soon, and Liam asked her to hurry back.

After the call, Steffy apologized, but Hope murmured that it wasn't necessary. Thomas and Oliver entered, and they were surprised to see the women together. Steffy said she was headed back home because Liam was awaiting her. Thomas relayed that he'd be waiting a while because there had been a major accident on Pacific Coast Highway. Thomas figured they were all stuck there until the traffic jam cleared.

Steffy insisted upon braving the two-mile highway backup. Thomas and Oliver tried to persuade Hope to go with them back to the beach, but Hope opted to remain in the house. The guys left, and Hope told Steffy that she should stay and wait it out. Steffy replied that she'd feel better if she were on the way home. Hope didn't blame Steffy for feeling that way because Steffy was going home to Liam.

Steffy asked if Hope would be okay, and Hope responded that she was the one who'd told Liam to marry Steffy for the baby. Steffy replied that the marriage was about more than the baby. Hope said she knew Liam wouldn't have gotten married unless he loved Steffy. Hope congratulated Steffy because Hope wanted what was best for Liam and Steffy.

Hope stated that she was angry and a little lost, but she wouldn't let her negativity hold her captive forever. Hope claimed she had hope for her life, and she had hope for herself and Steffy. Hope understood that they were family and coworkers, and Hope wouldn't run each time she saw Steffy.

Hope figured she might even be happy for Steffy one day because Hope really only wanted the best for Liam, Steffy, and the child. Steffy sat beside Hope, and Hope gasped as Steffy hugged her. Steffy stroked Hope's hair, and after Steffy silently left, Hope sobbed.

Steffy went outside, and there, she received a traffic alert on her phone. She glanced at her motorcycle and then grabbed her leather jacket and helmet to suit up.

At the cliff house, Bill expressed pride in Liam for taking care of his woman. Chopping vegetables, Liam claimed that he was proud of his father, too. Liam proclaimed that they were a couple of married men, who were settling down and breaking the cycles that their fathers had started.

Liam stated that he'd be going to Bill for advice because of Bill's experience with Will. Bill thought Katie was the better person to ask for that kind of advice, but Bill had some marriage advice to offer instead. Bill told Liam to pay attention to Liam's wife, and Liam replied that Steffy would never question how he felt about her.

Liam was anxious for Bill to go before Steffy got home because Liam had a feeling that his alone time with her would meet an abrupt end once the baby was born. Bill affirmed that it would, and Liam expressed excitement about having something that was half him and half Steffy. Bill said that Liam had turned out to be a great blessing, and being a father would open up Liam in ways he'd never imagined.

Bill left, and while cooking, Liam danced around to the song, "Born to be Wild." Liam found a stuffed animal. Grinning, he placed it on the mantel and sat down to relax before Steffy's arrival.

Meanwhile, "Born to be Wild" continued playing as Steffy zigzagged through traffic on her bike. A car jutted out into the road in front of her, and she braced herself for impact. Tires squealed, and back inside the cliff house, Liam jerked his head anxiously in the direction of the front door.

At Forrester, Eric didn't want to pressure Brooke to reveal anything, but he advised her to talk to someone about her troubles. Brooke replied that if there were anyone that she could discuss it with, it would be Eric. He said that she could count on him for whatever she needed. He'd listen, and he'd sit up all night with her if need be.

Brooke felt that Eric was too good to her -- even when she didn't deserve it. Eric asserted that she deserved anything and everything he had to give after all they'd been through together over the years. He said that nothing could ever change the way he felt about her, and he reminded her that she was Brooke Logan, who would persevere through anything.

Brooke said that Eric was always there for her, and he was always caring. Eric was confident that she'd be the same way toward him. Eric and Brooke figured that they'd been good for each other over the years, and each had always seemed in tune with what the other needed.

Eric gave her a long, soothing hug and told her that she couldn't just keep the problem bottled up inside her. Brooke knew that he was right, and she promised that she'd tell him what was going on. "I just have to talk to someone else first," she uttered as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Eric left, and Brooke sat down to call Bill at his office. Bill wasn't there, and Brooke struggled to decide if she wanted to leave a message with one of his assistants. She murmured that it was Brooke Logan calling, but she'd just try back another time.

Later, a sad song played as Bill entered his office. He sat down, and his thoughts once again consumed him. He saw a picture of his family, and he thought of his time with Brooke. He found the message that Brooke had called, and he immediately dialed her number.

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