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The grief-stricken Steffy contemplated getting pregnant again, and Hope told Liam that he could still have the life he'd wanted before his marriage to Steffy. Alison warned Maya to leave Rick and Caroline alone or face prison. Brooke used a family dinner and a passionate kiss to help her convince Eric to pretend to be her baby's father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, May 20, 2013

In the CEO's office, Eric was dumbfounded by Brooke's suggestion that he be her baby's father. Brooke claimed that they'd been happy once, and they could be again. She said they could give Rick and Bridget another sibling, and Eric's house would be full of kids and grandkids again.

Eric had fond remembered his younger years, but he had no desire to repeat them. Though there had been love and laughter back then, there had also been rejection in the end. Brooke replied that it wouldn't happen "this time," but Eric replied that there would be no "this time."

Brooke said that Eric was the only thing standing between her and disaster. Eric stated that if she'd thought it through, she wouldn't even be suggesting such an impossible thing. He asked when the affair had supposedly happened and cited that he and Taylor had been together for months.

Brooke cited that Taylor usually traveled to seminars, and Taylor had been away five weeks earlier. Brooke suggested that Eric tell Taylor that Brooke had been at the house to discuss business, and they'd had martinis to commemorate Stephanie. Brooke told him to say that she'd been sobbing, and he'd sought to console her. Eric grimaced, and Brooke asked if it really seemed that impossible.

Brooke urged Eric to have the life with her that they'd planned in the past. Eric wondered if he should tell Taylor that it had happened in the heat of the moment or that he'd given in to a life-long passion. He recalled that Brooke thought Taylor was using him, but he asked how Brooke's proposal would be any different.

Brooke said that she and Eric had shared a lot, and they'd raised children together. She claimed that she'd shared some of the most rewarding and intimate moments of her life with Eric, and he knew her better than anyone in the world. "Except for Bill, of course," Eric quipped.

Brooke said she'd explained what had happened with Bill, and even though she wasn't sure if the misunderstanding that had led to the sex had been her fault or Katie's, Brooke wanted Katie to live her life with her husband, her son, her two loving sisters, and Eric. Brooke suggested that Eric could be a part of their loving family and have a woman who loved, supported, and appreciated him.

Brooke hated to rush Eric, but she said that the clock was ticking. Eric suggested that she tell Bill about it, but Brooke insisted that Bill could never know -- even if he were to agree to the plan. She said she needed Eric's compassion more than ever. Eric replied that she had it. He said that, though he wouldn't sit in judgment of her, he wondered if she'd be professing love for him if she weren't pregnant.

Brooke said Eric knew how she felt about him. Eric gave her a look, and she guessed she wouldn't be doing it without the pregnancy. He said she had a way of convincing herself of things, but she insisted that she really did think they could be happy. "There you go...just like that," Eric responded.

Eric admitted that he'd always loved Brooke. He remembered the good times, but he also recalled that some of the most painful moments in his life had been with her. He wanted to be loved for himself, and he hoped that Taylor loved him that way. "But we'll see, won't we?" he asked.

Brooke said to do it for Katie because Eric knew what was at stake if he turned Brooke down. Eric asserted that Brooke would have all the help he could give. "Just not this lie," he decided.

In another office, Katie and Hope discussed Steffy's situation. Katie decided to send back all the gifts that she and Bill had gotten; however, Hope asked if that would seem like rescinding the marriage. Hope hoped she hadn't sounded harsh, but Katie said the baby had been a catalyst for the marriage.

Katie didn't understand why Steffy hadn't waited out the traffic, and Katie wondered if Liam would forgive Steffy. Hope thought he would, and Katie asked if the couple would go on as if it hadn't happened. Hope replied that the question was whether Steffy and Liam's marriage would survive.

Katie assumed Hope was predicting something about Liam and Steffy, but Hope felt uncomfortable predicting anything more than that the couple had a lot of healing to do. Katie asked if Liam had said anything to lead Hope to think that he and Steffy wouldn't heal together. Hope said he hadn't, and he'd be focused on Steffy's full recovery. "And then..." Hope started to say.

"Divorce?" Katie asked. Katie didn't want Hope to get her hopes up because Liam's sense of loyalty wouldn't allow him to walk away. Hope stated that giving up faith had caused her to lose Liam, and she didn't think it was crazy to believe he could return to her. "And I can wait for him," Hope said.

At the hospital, Dr. Meade prepared to release Steffy. He asked if Taylor had any concerns about Steffy's emotional state. Taylor's heart was breaking for her daughter, but she was relieved to see Steffy grieving. Taylor thought that being home with Liam was the best place for Steffy.

In Steffy's hospital room, Liam hugged Steffy, and she flashed back to him asserting that she couldn't ride the motorcycle until after the baby had been born. She remembered the accident and sobbed. Liam said it was okay, but Steffy cried that it would never be okay.

Steffy blamed herself for getting on the bike after Liam had told her not to. Liam said he knew she loved him, and she'd loved the baby. He figured she'd been trying to get home the best way she'd known how. Steffy murmured that she'd been selfish, just like always. Liam denied that, but Steffy replied that if he knew anything about her, it should be that.

Liam didn't think Steffy knew what she was saying, but Steffy asked why he couldn't get angry. He said she'd be disappointed if she waited around for that. He doubted that she could have predicted what had happened. Stifling a sob, Steffy said it was okay to love her without making excuses for her.

Dr. Meade arrived with Thomas and Taylor. The doctor told Steffy and Liam to return for a checkup in a week. Dr. Meade left, and Taylor said that Steffy needed tender love and care at home. Thomas asked if he could visit Steffy at home, and the morose Steffy said he could.

Thomas and Taylor left, and Steffy asked Liam why people felt sorry for her. Liam said it was because she was hurt. "And whose fault is that?" Steffy bit out. Liam said everyone loved her. He started to help her get dressed, but she froze upon seeing that he'd packed her a pair of maternity pants.

Later, Thomas and Taylor dropped Steffy's car off at the cliff house. A tow truck driver arrived with the wrecked motorcycle. Taylor saw it in the driveway and exclaimed that they didn't want it. Thomas signed for the bike and asked the tow truck driver to store it out of sight in the garage.

Thomas said the bike didn't look bad, and Taylor told him not to encourage Steffy to get it repaired or buy a new one. He said Steffy was stubborn. "Not about this. Not anymore," Taylor replied.

Later, Liam pulled into the garage with Steffy. He told her that there was a big delivery of baby gifts inside from his father, and he didn't know what to do with them. Steffy didn't care what Liam did with them, but she didn't want to see them.

Liam went inside to move the gifts while Steffy remained in the car. She looked over and saw the wrecked bike in the other garage space. Crying, Steffy got out of the car. She grabbed a bat and wailed as she smashed the bike over and over. She sank to her knees and sobbed that she was sorry. "I loved you so baby...." Steffy cried, holding her belly.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick, Hope, Thomas, Brooke, and Eric watched the models strut their stuff in new Brooke's Bedroom designs.

Brooke and Eric congratulated Rick on a job well done, but Rick credited Thomas and Caroline for the designs. Rick added that he hated to admit it, but Brooke and Bill had made a good team with the idea. Rick added that Brooke needed to start a promotional tour in Europe that would last nine months. "We're expecting you to deliver," Rick said.

Brooke looked sick and said it was too much. Eric said Rick had planned a demanding schedule. Rick and Hope said they thought that Brooke would have been stoked to be in front of buyers' faces. Rick and Hope were surprised that Brooke was backing off the tour.

Hope and Rick left. Katie entered and noted that Eric and Brooke looked unhappy. Brooke lamented that Rick had wanted her to go on a nine-month tour of Europe.

Katie supported the idea, but Brooke said she couldn't be gone that long. Katie said that Brooke deserved to be happy. Katie asked Brooke for some Brooke's Bedroom designs. Katie added that Bill had been disappointed about Steffy's loss of the baby. Brooke and Eric agreed they would get Katie the lingerie. Brooke hugged Katie and said that Katie's happiness was more important than Brooke's happiness.

After Katie had left, Brooke reiterated how important it was for Brooke and Eric to get together and raise Brooke's baby as their own. Brooke said that Katie needed Brooke because Brooke was Katie's emotional rock.

Eric refused. "You're desperate," he said. Brooke reasoned that they could be very happy. Eric said that he would support Brooke in every way, but he would not sacrifice his life with Taylor to help Brooke. Brooke tearfully looked surprised.

In Rick's office, Hope and Rick shared their surprise that Brooke had been so negative about the promotional tour. Hope said Brooke was dealing with something.

Hope added that she believed she had another chance with Liam. She recalled that Liam had been a breath away from marrying Hope until Steffy had interrupted with the news of her pregnancy. Hope flashed back to the moment Liam had put the ring on her finger, but Steffy's shouting had stopped them. Hope said she felt horrible for Steffy, but Hope knew that Liam had a choice.

Rick warned Hope not to set herself up for disappointment. He reminded Hope that Liam was still married. Later, Hope called Liam.

At Dr. Caspary's office, Taylor, Liam, and Steffy waited for the doctor to see them. Taylor shared that Dr. Meade had already given Steffy good news about her health, and Taylor was sure that Dr. Caspary would also give Steffy a good report.

Steffy lamented that no one could change what had happened to her baby. Taylor warned that some of Steffy's depression was due to hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Caspary entered and said that Steffy seemed much better. Taylor told Dr. Caspary that Steffy had destroyed her motorcycle with a baseball bat.

Dr. Caspary told Steffy that she was young and healthy and would quickly bounce back. A nurse interrupted that she needed Liam to sign some papers. Liam left. Taylor and Steffy asked when Steffy and Liam could try again for another baby. Dr. Caspary said they did not have to wait long. Steffy's mood picked up.

Outside the office, Liam's phone rang, and it was Hope. Hope said she wanted to get together and talk. Liam agreed, but he had to hang up because Steffy, Dr. Caspary, and Taylor were waiting for him.

Steffy told Liam that she wanted his forgiveness. She added that they didn't have to wait long to try again. Steffy wanted to get pregnant again soon. Liam looked confused.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

by Pam

Liam and Steffy returned to their home, and Steffy cried that the house was empty just like she was empty. She wondered aloud how a tiny unborn baby could fill up so much space in a house. She said she felt hollow. She and Liam cried, and Liam admitted that he didn't know what to say.

Steffy encouraged Liam to vent. "I deserve all the anger," she said. Liam disagreed because getting angry wouldn't help either of them. Steffy cried that she wished she had died instead of the baby. "Don't say that," Liam begged. He embraced Steffy.

Liam went upstairs to change his clothes. Steffy drank tea on the couch. She stood up and had a dizzy spell. The room started spinning, and her vision blurred. She stumbled and quickly sat down.

Later Liam joined her and asked what he could do for her. He said he had to leave for a while. Steffy said she wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. She felt it would help them both heal.

Liam was surprised, but he warned Steffy that her body needed to heal first. He said he wanted her to heal, and then they could deal with everything else. Liam settled Steffy in for a nap on the couch. Steffy asked Liam to hold her, and he hugged her as tears rolled down her cheeks.

At Forrester, Hope sent a text message to Liam. Taylor entered and interrupted. Hope said that she was sorry for everything that Liam and Steffy had experienced. Taylor was encouraged and suggested that Hope needed to give Liam and Steffy space to grieve and heal.

Hope said she understood, and she promised not to take offense to Taylor's suggestion. Taylor warned that Hope would set herself up for failure again if Hope pursued Liam. Taylor maintained that Liam and Steffy would move on with their future and have a baby as soon as possible. Taylor pointedly announced that Liam and Steffy would be trying to have another baby right away.

Hope marveled that Steffy had become "laser focused on having another child" so quickly. Taylor defended Steffy as in love, married, and planning a future with her husband. Hope reminded Taylor that Liam would never have married Steffy if Steffy hadn't been pregnant. Taylor argued that Liam would support his wife, and they would move forward with their life. Hope said she saw things very clearly. Taylor left.

In another office at Forrester, Brooke met with Donna. Brooke shared her plan to have a future with Eric. Brooke insisted it was the only solution to her situation. Donna doubted that Eric would agree, and Donna knew Taylor would see through the whole thing because she had been so suspicious of Brooke all along.

Brooke dismissed Donna's concerns about Taylor. Brooke insisted she would make it work in order to protect Katie from the truth. Brooke worried that Katie would have another heart attack and die at any time. Brooke vowed she would not allow that to happen. Donna maintained that Brooke would never be able to continue to lie to Katie and Bill.

Bridget called and said she was in town and wanted to meet. Brooke was elated and said she would get Eric and Rick together, and all of them could have a family dinner. Brooke hung up and told Donna she had a plan for the evening with Eric and their children.

In Hope's office, Liam entered. They embraced. Liam admitted that he was exhausted and in shock. He lamented that he had finally wrapped his head around becoming a father, and it was over. He shared that he and Steffy had shopped for baby clothes and decorated the nursery.

Hope asked about Steffy, and Liam said she had beaten herself up for getting on her motorcycle. Hope noted that Steffy was being Steffy -- she was always a risktaker. Hope apologized for saying anything. Liam noted that Steffy had regrets.

Hope wondered if Liam had expressed his anger or frustration. Liam said Steffy felt guilty enough. Hope understood, but she wondered how Liam could cope with his feelings.

Liam cried and shared his feelings of loss with Hope. Hope said that she knew Steffy wanted to get pregnant again right away. Liam laughed and wondered who had shared that information. Hope replied that Taylor had already visited her with orders to stay away from Liam.

Liam acknowledged that Hope had accused Steffy of trapping Liam months before. Hope interrupted that Liam had placed a ring on Hope's finger when Steffy stopped the ceremony with the announcement of her pregnancy. Hope advised that they would recover from their loss. "I am here for you. I will always, always be here for you," Hope said. She kissed Liam on the lips. Liam looked thoughtful.

At Steffy's, Taylor delivered soup to Steffy and encouraged her to eat. Taylor asked where Liam had gone. Steffy said she didn't know. Taylor admitted that she had already warned Hope to avoid Liam. Steffy said that Hope was "small in the context of things."

Steffy beat herself up for losing her baby. She wished she had never gotten on her motorcycle. Taylor insisted that Steffy had to find a way to forgive herself.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

At Brooke's house, Brooke lit candles in the living room and hired an Emilio's chef to cook Eric's favorite meal. She pulled out photo albums and told Donna that the clock was ticking on the plan to protect Katie. Bridget arrived, and the beaming Brooke said that Bridget's timing was perfect.

Donna, Bridget, and Brooke hugged, and Bridget wondered why Donna wasn't staying for dinner. Brooke claimed to want her daughter to herself, but Bridget remarked that Rick and Eric would be there that evening, too.

Just then, Rick entered, and everyone greeted him. Rick and Bridget became curious about the reason for their impromptu family gathering, and Donna took that as her cue to leave.

Later, Eric arrived. He was elated to see Bridget but wondered why she hadn't told everyone that she'd be there. Rick bragged about his sister being a busy, bicoastal doctor. Eric was curious about her new bicoastal practice. Bridget conveyed that her traveling practice was working for her for the time being, but she didn't see it being permanent.

Brooke was excited to have her family together after all the time apart, and Rick guessed that was why the dinner contained all of Eric's favorites. Brooke replied that Emilio's had been a nightly ritual for her and Eric during their first marriage. Rick guessed Brooke hadn't slaved over a stove during the marriages, and Eric quipped that Brooke hadn't known what a stove was.

Bridget asked Eric about Taylor, but Brooke quickly said she wanted to focus on their own family that night. Eric said Taylor had become important to him, and though some people didn't accept that, he'd never want to do anything to hurt Taylor or make her lose faith in him. Rick said no one had asked Eric to do that, and Bridget asked what was happening that she and Rick weren't aware of.

Later, Rick handed out champagne, and Brooke remarked that she'd broken out the bubbly because it was rare for the four of them to be together. She declined having any champagne herself, though, and claimed that their presence had made her bubbly enough.

Eric asked Bridget to catch everyone up on her life, and Bridget explained that Logan was thriving. Having Jackie and Owen living in an adjoining apartment had been working out well. Brooke thought it was great that while Bridget was working, Logan could be with his father and stepmother. Bridget believed in putting Logan's needs first, just as her parents had done for her and Rick.

Brooke laid her hand on Eric's shoulder, and leaning against him, she stated that he'd been a loving father and husband. "There's an idea. You're both single. Tie the knot again," Rick exclaimed with a laugh. Brooke giggled with delight, but Eric offered only a meek chuckle.

Brooke checked on the Emilio's chef in the kitchen and returned to see her children going through the photo albums. They hadn't seen the books in ages and asked why Brooke had pulled them out at that time. "Yeah, why now, Brooke?" Eric knowingly asked. Brooke claimed to feel nostalgic about having her kids and her husband there. "Your ex-husband -- ex-husband, Brooke," Eric corrected.

Rick remarked that his parents didn't look like exes in the photos. As the group browsed through the albums, Brooke said she and Eric had shared a lot of good memories. Eric contended that it hadn't been all champagne and hot air balloons. Brooke wondered what marriage was actually like that, and she remarked that Eric had been patient with her when she'd had a lot of growing up to do.

Brooke stated that she and Eric adored their children more than anything, and there they were -- all together again like a family. She said they had no idea what it meant to her.

At Forrester, Hope said Liam had married Steffy because he loved her, and losing the child hadn't changed that. Hope expressed that Steffy wanted to have new child right away, and a pregnancy had caused him to be with Steffy the last time. "It doesn't have to be that way again," Hope reasoned.

Liam conveyed that Steffy was going through a dark time. Hope was sure that Liam would help Steffy through it; however, Steffy would get pregnant within a day if she could. Hope asked if Liam really wanted that, or if he'd he prefer to turn back the clock.

Immediately, Hope retracted the question because she figured it was too soon to ask something like that. Liam murmured that it wasn't; however, there was a lot to sort out, and he'd been excited about fatherhood. Hope reasoned that Steffy wanted to give him another child, not because Steffy wanted a family, but because she feared losing him.

Hope figured she'd want to do the same thing; however, it wouldn't be to trap him. For her, it would be because she knew how much love he had to give to a baby. Liam remarked that there were many things that he couldn't say to Steffy, and it was really nice having Hope around.

Liam decided to go because he couldn't leave Steffy alone. Hope was sure that Taylor was there and telling Steffy about the talk with Hope. Liam figured Taylor was being protective. Hope said her mother would do the same, but her mother wouldn't have let her ride a motorcycle while pregnant.

Hope remarked that Steffy was spontaneous and impulsive. Liam reasoned that Hope could be impulsive. Though Hope agreed, she said it hadn't been what had drawn him to her. She recalled him saying that she made him a better person and that he admired her values. She felt that those were things to build a future on. Hope stated that Steffy and Liam were enduring the unthinkable, and though Liam loved Steffy, the reason he'd married her was gone.

Tears welled in Liam's eyes, and Hope said she was sorry. She reminded him that he'd said he'd always love her, and even though he'd help Steffy through the pain, he could still choose the life that he'd wanted. Hope stated that she loved him, and as his tears fell, she hugged him.

After Liam had left, Hope sat down to sketch, but memories of her and Liam crept into her mind.

At the cliff house, Steffy told her mother that she wanted to give Liam another child, but it wasn't to make up for the child she'd lost. Taylor advised Steffy to stop blaming herself, and Steffy wondered what would happen once Hope knew that Steffy wanted to try for another baby.

Taylor said Hope already knew, but Hope figured it was just a way to cling to Liam. In Taylor's view, trying for another baby was a way to heal, and she was sure that Liam wanted to try for one, too.

Looking at her wedding picture, Steffy lamented wearing black on her wedding day. Taylor, however, said that doing so hadn't been any more of an omen than arriving at the altar on the bike. Steffy didn't seem convinced, but Taylor insisted that Steffy had just been expressing herself that day. "You understand that, don't you?" Taylor asked the distant Steffy.

Taylor checked the kitchen and noted that there wasn't a lot to eat. She offered to get Liam to pick up something and wondered what time he'd said he'd be home. Steffy shed tears and asked why she'd gotten on the bike instead of listening to Liam. Steffy felt that he should be as mad at her as she was at herself. Taylor said that Liam knew Steffy had never meant for it to happen.

"But it did happen! It did!" Steffy screamed. Steffy berated herself for being impulsive and not even thinking before hopping on the bike. Taylor hugged her daughter, and Steffy cried that she'd wanted to have Liam's baby very much. She sobbed because she'd wanted the baby "so much."

Steffy lay down on the couch for a while, and Taylor noted that Steffy hadn't touched her tea. Staring blankly, Steffy uttered that she and Liam would never forget the baby they'd lost, but they needed something wonderful to look forward to. Taylor asked Steffy to understand that getting pregnant wouldn't make the pain go away. Steffy said it would help.

Taylor grew sad, and kneeling beside Steffy, Taylor suggested that they get a memorial box and place the things they'd gotten for the baby in there as a ceremonial tribute. "Then you put the box away, and you keep all the memories," Taylor explained. Taylor cried that Steffy had to let go and stop blaming herself because clinging to the pain would paralyze Steffy.

Later, Liam entered the house but halted when he saw Steffy kneeling before a box of baby things on the coffee table. She silently cried and smelled a tiny teddy bear before adding it to the box. When she moved a blanket, she revealed her sonogram photo that was on the table. She sobbed, and Liam scooped her into his arms and rocked her as she cried.

Friday, May 24, 2013

At Spencer, Bill sat with his feet on the desk, thumbing through photos of Maya and Jesse. Alison said it was enough proof to violate the terms of Maya's release. Bill replied that Maya had better steer clear of Rick because, if the district attorney saw the pictures, it was back to prison for Maya.

Bill found it disheartening to have his niceness thrown in his face. "Now I have to be un-nice," he said. Bill and Alison chose the most incriminating photo, and he told her to scare "the hell" out of Maya. He claimed not to want to send Maya to prison, but if she didn't cooperate, it was exactly what he'd do.

Alison exited, and Bill's conflicting thoughts turned to Brooke and the times they'd shared.

At Maya's house, Carter stopped by to give her a cup of coffee from downstairs, and he asked how things were. Maya relayed that Rick was having trouble breaking things off with Caroline, and Carter said Spencers were stubborn. He wondered what had happened between Maya and Bill the other day, and Maya replied that Caroline's uncle had warned Maya to stay away from Rick.

Carter asserted that Bill hadn't had a right to do that, and Maya agreed, saying she was ignoring Bill. She conveyed that she and Rick had enjoyed themselves at a club the other night; however, she had run into someone she hadn't seen in a while. It had caught her off-guard, but with a bright future ahead, she didn't plan to let anything rattle her. Carter said he'd be there if she needed anything.

After Carter left, Maya received another visit -- that time from Alison. Maya asked who Alison was, and Alison strode in, indicating that she was friend of a friend. Maya said that Alison couldn't just barge in there, and Alison asked if the name Jesse Graves meant anything to Maya.

Maya guessed Alison was Jesse's girlfriend. Alison said that Jesse had been the reason Maya had given up her child and gone to jail. Maya demanded to know who'd sent Alison. "Someone you don't want to mess with," Alison replied. Maya told Alison to get out, or Maya would call the police. Pulling out a photo, Alison suggested that Maya look at it before making any phone calls.

Maya said that she'd run into Jesse by accident, and she asked how Alison had gotten the picture. Alison reminded Maya that it was a violation of Maya's release, which could land her back in jail if she continued to see Rick Forrester.

Maya gleaned that Alison worked for Bill Spencer, who had to be attempting to blackmail Maya. Alison replied that Bill was giving Maya options. Alison reasoned that Maya could leave Rick and Caroline alone, or the picture could go straight to the D.A.'s office.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. From the other side, Rick asked if Maya was home.

At Eric's house, Thomas and Taylor discussed Steffy, and Taylor hoped getting pregnant would help Steffy heal. Thomas asked if getting pregnant again was Steffy's idea or Taylor's, but Taylor claimed that Liam and Steffy had discussed it. Thomas doubted Liam really wanted a new pregnancy after the unexpected first one. Taylor reasoned that Steffy and Liam had become accustomed to making a family, and a new baby would help them look forward to the future.

Glancing at Stephanie's portrait, Thomas asked if it creeped his mother out at times. Taylor joked that the eyes seemed to be watching them. He remarked that Stephanie had a lasting presence in the home. Taylor added that she missed Stephanie, who'd made a wonderful family there with Eric.

Thomas said Stephanie's shoes were big ones for Taylor to fill. Taylor replied that Stephanie had taught Taylor everything she knew. Thomas recalled that Stephanie had dealt with Brooke for a lot longer than Taylor had. Taylor remembered those days and thanked God that Eric had outgrown Brooke.

After calling to check on Steffy, Thomas said he was glad to see his mother happy. Taylor expressed that moving in with Eric had been the best decision for her. Thomas relayed that he couldn't have picked a better man, and Eric would do anything for the people he cared about.

Taylor expressed that Eric had been worth the wait, and she hadn't felt that way in years. She said Brooke had used up her Forrester men coupons, and even though Brooke had two children with Eric, Brooke and Eric's relationship had been over for a long time.

At Brooke's house, the family concluded dinner and discussed how special the evening had been. Rick, Bridget, Brooke, and Eric had eaten Eric's favorite meal from his favorite restaurant on his and Brooke's wedding china, and they'd listened to Eric's favorite music. Rick joked that, if he hadn't known any better, he'd think his mother was trying to butter up his father.

Rick said that "Budge" needed to return home more often. Bridget relayed that it was hard because she juggled her time between her New York office and Logan, but she promised to try. Brooke urged Bridget to do that because Eric and Brooke wanted their family to be closer than ever.

Bridget asked if her mother would date again. Brooke gave a noncommittal response, and Bridget doubted Brooke had problems finding men when she was on billboards in her underwear, looking like a twenty-one-year-old. Looking at Eric, Brooke replied that she'd find the perfect man.

Moving on to Rick, Bridget relayed that she'd heard he was dating Caroline but had a crush on a new girl, Maya. Rick guessed Bridget had spies out, and he stood, saying he was headed off to see Maya. Bridget thought she should leave, too, and Eric stated that he was glad to have seen her.

Bridget said they were blessed to have a close family, and Rick called them "the core four." Rick and Bridget relayed that growing up in a broken home hadn't been easy, but their parents had set a good example for them. Bridget said that, no matter the circumstance, Eric and Brooke could count on each other, and the bond between parents was something a child should be able to rely upon.

Eric hugged Bridget, and Rick put his arm around Brooke, who said that family meant everything to her and Eric. Eric and Brooke gazed at each other and smiled.

Rick and Bridget left, and Eric told Brooke that, though he'd enjoyed the evening, they knew it hadn't been about family bonding. Brooke admitted that she'd wanted to remind him of what had been and to show him what could be again. Eric stated that they'd lived that life, and they couldn't go back.

Brooke reminded Eric that she was pregnant, but Eric said she wanted everyone to believe it was his child. Brooke yelled that it was exactly what she wanted because no one could find out that it was Bill's baby. Eric sensed that she was scared, and she implored him to help her.

Eric said it wasn't about him and Brooke -- it was about her desire to protect Katie and Katie's family. Brooke tried to remind Eric of how good it had felt that night with their children. "But it's not about me. It's about Bill and Katie -- not about me," he replied. Eric said Brooke wouldn't have slept with Bill if she hadn't been in love, and she should consider having a life with Bill.

"No! Eric, No!" Brooke exclaimed and added that it wasn't even an option. Eric couldn't believe she was willing to commit her life to him just to make things okay. Brooke replied that he was the only one who could make things okay. "Not this time," Eric declared. Brooke begged Eric, but he said that someday, Bill and the child would want to know the truth, and she was going to want to tell them.

Brooke urged Eric to understand that the pregnancy would destroy Katie, so Bill could never know. Eric, who was in a committed relationship, didn't know what Brooke wanted him to do. Brooke was sure that Taylor would inevitably hurt him, and Brooke didn't want to see that happen.

Brooke asked Eric to recall that Bridget had called him a remarkable father, and Brooke wanted him to be a father to her baby. Eric replied that he'd be a friend and mentor, but he couldn't be the father. He was desperate for her to understand that Taylor gave him the love he needed. Taylor had made him a new person, and she'd made him feel passionate and committed.

Nearing Eric, Brooke uttered that nothing compared to what they'd shared. Eric insisted that her passion was for Bill, and she'd never feel that way for Eric. "Oh, no, Eric. That's where you're wrong," Brooke uttered and pulled him in for a deep, fervent kiss.

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