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Liam confessed to Bill that Hope was still in Liam's heart. As Taylor spread the news about Brooke's new love interest, Donna helped Brooke set up a romantic rendezvous with Eric. When Rick professed his love for Maya, she broke off their relationship.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 27, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Through the front door at Maya's house, Maya told Rick to wait downstairs for a little while. The perplexed Rick left, and Alison said Maya should have told him to go home. Alison reminded Maya about the violation of her release, and Maya snapped that she'd heard enough.

Maya assumed Caroline had sent her uncle to break up Maya and Rick, no matter how Maya and Rick felt for each other. Alison said Rick had put his faith in Maya, and he'd look like a fool if she returned to prison. Before leaving, Alison advised Maya to do herself and Rick a favor by ending it.

Later, Rick returned to Maya's and greeted her with a kiss. He asked what she'd been doing earlier, and she claimed she'd needed to hop in the shower. She noted that it was pretty late. She had a fitting the next morning, and she didn't feel like going out. Rick suggested that they stay in.

Maya decided that, when she arrived in Rick's office the next morning, she and Rick could make plans for lunch. Rick replied that they'd talk about the next day's plans when they awakened together in the morning. While talking to his sister about Maya earlier that night, he'd realized that Maya might not know how he felt about her. He wanted to show her that what they had was real, and not just an infatuation.

Rick asked if Maya felt it, too, and Maya replied that she did. He expressed that she'd changed everything for him. "Maya...Maya, I love you," Rick professed, and she looked surprised. He guessed she might think it was too new or that they were from different worlds. None of that mattered to Rick, who felt that things were new, fresh, and full of possibilities with Maya.

Rick kissed Maya, and she smiled delightfully as his lips trailed down her neck. Suddenly, she tensed, recalling Alison's threat. Maya imagined herself back behind bars, and she recalled Alison saying Maya would make a fool of Rick by returning to prison. "I can't," Maya asserted, pulling back from him.

Rick wondered what the problem was. Maya said she wasn't the right woman for him. She didn't want to hurt him, and it was best that he go. He didn't understand what was going on, but she insisted that the situation wasn't good for either of them. Figuring he'd been too forward in suggesting he spend the night, he asked her to talk through things with him instead of kicking him out.

Maya conveyed that Rick needed someone like Caroline, not someone with a past like Maya. Rick replied that the past didn't matter, and they needed to look forward to a fun, free future. She asked if they could just work together, but he said it was nuts because he knew how she felt about him.

Maya insisted that it wouldn't work. Showing Rick the door, she told him to just go. Maya closed the door on Rick, and he yelled through it that he knew her real feelings. He asserted that his feelings hadn't changed, either. Maya sobbed as Rick finally walked away.

At Brooke's house, Brooke kissed Eric. Eric murmured that he and Brooke couldn't do that, and they couldn't go back. Brooke didn't see why not. She said they'd both liked the kiss, and it had proved that they still had a connection. She assured him that they could do it, and she'd make him happy.

Eric didn't deny that he and Brooke had chemistry. He figured that it would never go away; however, he was in a relationship with Taylor. Brooke claimed that he could have a life, a family, and another child. She asserted that no one would have to know that it was Bill's child, but Eric was sure Taylor would put it all together the moment she heard that Brooke was pregnant.

Brooke said Eric could just tell Taylor that a test had proved that the child was his. Eric, however, wondered how many other lies they'd have to tell. Brooke claimed that she didn't want to lie, either, but the shocking truth would be too much for Katie. Brooke reasoned that they'd be saving Katie's life.

Eric asked if the shock to Taylor and the rest of the family mattered. Brooke said everyone but Katie was strong enough to handle it. Brooke had already lost her mother, her brother, and her best friend. She refused to lose her sister, too. Brooke acknowledged that she'd made a mistake, but she felt her family shouldn't have to pay for it.

Eric asked why Taylor had to pay for it, and he asked if he was supposed to throw away what he'd built with Taylor. Brooke said they'd tell Taylor that they'd gotten caught up in their history and their grief over Stephanie. Brooke didn't want absolution. She'd made a mess, but she didn't want her child to be born into a scandal as Hope had been. Brooke wanted a loving family for the child, not for the child to be torn apart by its existence.

Eric insisted that he couldn't do it, and he never wanted to talk about it again. Brooke shed tears and called after him as he walked out.

At the mansion, Taylor and Thomas discussed Taylor's happiness with Eric. She said it was good to be able to depend upon someone. She remarked that she and Ridge had shared their time, and they'd loved each other. Thomas added that Ridge had also loved Brooke. Taylor was glad Eric had wised up to Brooke because Taylor had wasted too much time on a man so easily charmed by that woman.

Taylor wondered what Stephanie would think of it all. For Thomas, it was hard to tell because Stephanie had given her shares to Eric after promising them to Thomas. Thomas also recalled that Stephanie had been close to Brooke at the end. "As if she'd want Brooke to take her place as the family matriarch..." Taylor incredulously quipped.

Taylor called Eric, who said he'd been delayed by a surprise dinner with Bridget at Brooke's house. He planned to tell Taylor about it when he arrived home. After the call, Thomas seemed uneasy about Eric being at Brooke's. Taylor said Eric's daughter had been there, and Taylor wasn't worried about Brooke.

Thomas left, and when Eric arrived, he told Taylor that he should have called her about the dinner at Brooke's earlier. He was still happy about seeing Bridget, even though the visit had been brief. Taylor wished she could have seen Bridget, but he said it had been a family dinner. She remarked that she'd been with Thomas, having a nice talk about her relationship with Eric.

Taylor asked if Eric had found out what Brooke was up to. Though Taylor knew he'd asked her to drop it, she still sensed that Brooke was keeping a secret. Taylor was sure that if Brooke were still pining for Bill, she'd want to talk to someone about it.

Eric replied that Bill was low on Brooke's priority list at the time. Taylor asked if there was another man, and Eric wondered why she'd ask that. Taylor figured that Brooke couldn't be without a man, and if Bill weren't the man, there had to be someone else. Eric replied that Brooke supported Katie's marriage more than anyone.

Relieved, Taylor guessed that Katie could relax and enjoy her family. Taylor said that Brooke could prowl for another man, and Taylor was glad the man wouldn't be Eric. She kissed him, and as he hugged Taylor, he seemed tense.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Bill's office, Bill watched Liam edit a reporter's story. The reporter left, and Bill noted that Liam had grown into his editing job. Bill felt that Liam had found his groove at work and at home. "Don't change a thing," Bill advised. Liam guessed that was his father's way of reminding him that he was married.

Bill didn't think his son needed a reminder, but he was sure that Hope was sniffing around, whispering what Liam wanted to hear. "Probably tried to kiss you," Bill added. Bill said that women throwing themselves at Spencer men really wasn't an issue -- "unless you care about the woman."

Bill advised Liam to remember the reasons other than the baby that he'd married Steffy. Bill noted that when "that bitch Amber" had lied about her baby, Liam hadn't wanted to marry her. Bill said Liam had chosen differently with Steffy because their relationship had been based on more than a baby.

Bill hoped Liam and Steffy would have a bus full of children someday, because the world was a better place with more Spencers in it. Liam relayed that it was important to Steffy to try again right away. Bill replied that meant it was important to Liam, and trying again would help the couple recover and move in the right direction.

Liam said he wanted to be sure before trying for another child. Bill thought it was a little late to question that, but Liam asserted that he was questioning it. Liam had begun to think about the values and morals a mother would teach a child. Sensing that Liam was pondering about Hope, Bill said he was about to be sick. Liam insisted that Hope wouldn't get on a motorcycle while pregnant.

Rocking himself in his chair, Bill said Hope would be "rocking and knitting, rocking and knitting." Bill insisted that Liam had married Steffy partly for her adventurism, and from that point on, Liam would not blame Steffy for enjoying life. "Don't blame Steffy for who she is -- a Spencer," Bill asserted.

Bill said that Steffy needed Liam more than ever. Liam felt that he needed her, too, because they'd lost a baby; however, he couldn't understand how he could think about leaving someone as wonderful and perfect as Steffy. "Exactly," Bill knowingly quipped.

"No, it's not 'exactly,' Dad. It's because of Hope. This girl was my first love, and guess what? She's still here," Liam declared, pointing to his chest.

In the CEO's office, coworkers gathered to welcome Steffy back to work. Pam had iced, "Welcome Back" lemon bars. Taylor wasn't sure Steffy was ready to return to work, but Steffy reasoned that she couldn't stay at home forever. Steffy thanked everyone for their support and said it made her feel as if she could be normal again.

Pam tried to rope Teresa into a baking party. As Teresa squirmed to get out of it, Thomas reminded her that they had a strategy meeting. Pam left to answer her phone. Thomas told Teresa that Pam always wanted a new member for her baking group, but Teresa should never mention crocheting.

Teresa said she was sorry for Steffy's loss and glad to see her at work. Teresa sneaked off before Pam could return, and Steffy teased Thomas about Teresa liking him. Steffy had recalled seeing the model at Thomas' surfing party, but Steffy wished that Steffy had stayed at home that day. She hated that she'd put Liam in pain over her choice to get on that bike instead of staying put and handling Hope.

Dayzee and Marcus approached Steffy, who continued to lament her decision to get on the motorcycle and zip through traffic to make it home in time for dinner. Marcus and Dayzee offered some encouragement and said they'd be there if Steffy needed them. Steffy smiled and thanked them. Once Dayzee and Marcus left, Steffy's smile faded into sadness.

Alone with Thomas and Taylor, Steffy remarked that everyone was welcoming her as if she were some kind of hero. Steffy said she was actually selfish, and that sentiment lurked behind all the well wishes. Taylor was adamant that no one thought that of Steffy. Steffy murmured that she didn't know what they thought of her, and she didn't even know what she thought of herself.

In another office, Hope tried to sketch, but flashbacks of herself and Liam ran through her mind. Brooke arrived and remarked that Steffy was in the building. Hope was glad to hear that Steffy was trying to move forward. Though Hope hadn't wished the tragedy on Steffy, Hope couldn't help but think that it had changed things. Hope guessed that it was possible that Liam would have married Steffy without the baby, but Hope believed that the baby had been the only reason for the marriage.

Hope said the desire to be with the parent of one's child had to be powerful. Brooke agreed, and Hope said Will had strengthened the bond between Katie and Bill. Will had made Hope dream of having a Spencer-Logan baby; however, Steffy had wound up pregnant. Because Liam's reason for marrying Steffy was gone, Hope thought there might be another chance for a Spencer-Logan baby.

Hope guessed she was being insensitive, but Brooke said it wasn't insensitive to wonder if the life Hope had been robbed of could still happen. Hope revealed that Steffy would put a stop to the wondering if she got pregnant again, as Taylor had told Hope that Steffy intended to do. Brooke couldn't believe Taylor would go along with another pregnancy so soon after the miscarriage.

Hope questioned whether Liam really wanted that to happen. Hope understood that he needed to be with his wife in that trying time, but Hope reasoned that without a pregnancy, Liam could choose the future that he'd always wanted.

Later, Brooke was alone when Taylor entered to ask Brooke to keep Hope at bay while Liam and Steffy healed. Brooke revealed that she knew Taylor was pushing Steffy to get pregnant. Taylor claimed she was supporting, not pushing. Brooke asked how Taylor thought that could possibly be a good idea.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope entered. Upon seeing Steffy, Hope expressed her sympathies for what had happened. Steffy asked if Hope were sorry enough about it to stay away from Steffy's husband. Steffy knew that Hope thought Liam had only gotten married for the baby, and Steffy asked how long a Logan would let a woman grieve before making a move.

Hope claimed not to want to get into it, but Steffy asserted that it was the time for Hope to prove what kind of woman she was. "If Liam chooses someone..." Hope said. Steffy replied that Liam had chosen her. Steffy stated that she and Liam had united because of love, and her and Liam's child death was not some kind of opening for Hope. Steffy asserted that Liam was her husband, and Hope needed to respect Steffy's marriage.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the CEO's office, Steffy assumed Hope thought that Steffy's marriage had died with the baby. Hope didn't want to go there and said Steffy didn't have to worry about her. Claiming that she wasn't worried, Steffy stated that she and Liam would heal, and they'd have another baby right away.

Hope asked if Steffy thought about giving her body and mind time to heal. Steffy saw no reason to wait. Hope reasoned that Steffy was young, and her biological clock wasn't ticking. Hope figured that if Steffy were secure in her marriage, then she'd spend time with Liam before adding kids to the mix.

Steffy insisted that she and Liam were a family whether they had ten children or no children. She wanted Hope to understand that and move on. Hope asserted that she'd respected the marriage, and she'd given Liam space; however, the loss of the baby had changed things.

Steffy knew that she'd been reckless and had tempted fate on the bike. She figured Hope was probably judging her for it. Steffy acknowledged that Liam was upset with her but not as upset as she was with herself. She said not to bank on Liam leaving his marriage because they'd work through it together, and having another child would be part of the healing process.

Steffy didn't think she should have to say things like that to Hope, but she didn't want Hope getting ideas about going to Liam. Steffy then realized that Hope had already spoken to him. Hope didn't see a problem with talking to him. "His child is dead. Give him space," Steffy demanded. Steffy reasoned that if Hope were right about Liam, he'd run back to Hope without any encouragement.

Just then, Liam entered, and he sensed he was interrupting something. Hope said that she had been just about to leave. She welcomed Steffy back and stated that Liam and Steffy were in her prayers.

Hope left, and Steffy tried to get up. She couldn't lift herself, and Liam steadied her. She murmured that it was probably just too soon. Liam said he was sorry, and he hugged her. Steffy told him not to let go. He asked if everything was okay, and Steffy said it would be once Hope stopped hovering.

Steffy conveyed that Hope believed that Liam had only married Steffy for the baby. Steffy said it wasn't true because he'd told her about their future together -- whether or not they had a child. She said she hadn't told him about the baby because she'd wanted to make sure he'd wanted her for herself, but Hope didn't get that like Liam did.

Steffy sensed that Liam was angry about the motorcycle. Liam said they didn't have to discuss it. She insisted that she knew he was angry, and it was okay to feel that way. She believed honesty would help them through it, and they'd be a stronger couple and better parents for their children.

Steffy said she didn't want to hurt Hope, but Hope was just waiting around. Steffy figured Hope would see that Steffy and Liam would be together for good. Steffy thanked Liam for letting her know how much he cared about her. Liam said he loved her, but he had a lonesome look on his face as he hugged her.

In another office, Brooke said that Taylor's advice to Steffy about getting pregnant again was foolish and irresponsible. Taylor relayed that Steffy's doctor hadn't seen a reason to wait, and it would help the couple heal. Brooke doubted Taylor would advise any of her patients to take a step like that.

Brooke figured Taylor had advised it to Steffy because there was no longer a baby to bind Liam to Steffy. Brooke further guessed that Taylor didn't want her daughter to be left behind the same way that Taylor had been. Taylor claimed that Steffy wanting a baby had nothing to do with insecurity, but Brooke replied that Steffy hoped it would make Hope back off.

In Taylor's view, Hope would back off because she was a decent person who respected marriage vows. Taylor had supported the idea of Steffy having a baby because it would help Steffy heal, and there was a great joy in expecting a baby with the man one loved.

Taylor recalled how happy Eric had been to see pictures of Logan. Brooke said it would happen for Taylor one day, but it wasn't the right time for Steffy to give Taylor a grandchild. Deciding to stay out of it, Brooke changed the subject and asked if Eric had enjoyed his time at her house.

Taylor said he'd enjoyed himself, and Brooke had convinced him that she wasn't interested in Bill. Taylor added that Eric had hinted that there could be a new man in Brooke's life. Brooke said that she was working on it. Taylor was all for it, as long as the guy wasn't married, and she hoped Brooke would find the same happiness that Taylor had with Eric. Brooke said that was exactly what she wanted.

On the rooftop, Eric concluded a meeting, and his assistant noted that working on Brooke's campaign had energized Eric. He agreed, and the assistant left. Eric thumbed through pictures of Brooke, and his mind drifted to the kiss they'd shared the other night.

Donna arrived with a message from Brooke. Brooke planned to be at the cabin on her grounds, and she wanted Eric to join her there later. Eric assumed Donna knew what Brooke wanted him to do. Donna nodded. He said he'd meet Brooke, but he wouldn't hurt Taylor.

Later, Donna met with Brooke in an office. Donna relayed that Eric would take the meeting, but what Brooke wanted from Eric was unfair. Since he refused to hurt Taylor, Donna suggested that Brooke find another guy. Brooke didn't want to hurt Taylor, either; however, Brooke believed Eric was the best choice, and with her reputation, no one would bat an eye about her going after Taylor's man.

Scoffing, Donna couldn't believe Brooke would be okay with that. Brooke didn't care about herself; her main focus was to protect Katie before the baby started showing. Brooke said she couldn't model the lingerie because everyone would know, and she had to make it obvious that Eric was the baby's father. Donna stated that the cabin was set up, and with a hug, she wished Brooke luck.

Brooke left, and Taylor returned, looking for Brooke. Donna said that Brooke had some place to be. "Like a date?" Taylor knowingly asked, and Donna became leery. Taylor said she knew all about the new man, and it was a good thing because Brooke wouldn't threaten Katie's marriage. Taylor admitted she didn't know much about the man, just that he wasn't married.

Donna murmured that he wasn't any longer, and Taylor guessed Donna knew who the man was. Nodding, Donna said that he was great. Taylor claimed not to want to pry, but she wanted Brooke to be happy. Taylor thought it would be ironic if, after fighting over Ridge, she and Brooke wound up happy without him. Taylor beamed that she'd be happy with Eric, and Brooke would be with whomever the lucky man was. Donna half chuckled.

At Brooke's candlelit cabin, Eric arrived. He noticed a bottle of chilling champagne and heard jazz music was playing. He called Brooke's name and said he'd arrived to tell her that he just wouldn't do it. Brooke walked in, wearing a sexy red dress, and Eric asked what she was doing. Slipping her arms around his neck, she uttered, "Tonight, I make you mine."

Thursday, May 30, 2013

At Brooke's cabin, Eric tried to tell Brooke why he was there, but in a playful tone, Brooke claimed it didn't matter why. He asserted that he wouldn't be seduced, and she replied that she would have worn something more revealing if that had been her goal.

Eric insisted that he couldn't be the unborn baby's father, but Brooke countered that Bill couldn't be it, either, without ruining Katie's life. Brooke offered to commit her life to Eric. "If I honestly thought you felt that way..."Eric started to say, but then he remarked that she was just using him.

Brooke offered Eric a new life, a family, and a future with a woman she thought he'd always loved. Eric responded that he'd always love her, but they couldn't go back. A flashback played of the younger Brooke and Eric planning their lives together.

Brooke recalled that it had been because Eric had found her at the hospital that they'd had Rick, who'd bonded them for life. Eric stated that they were only bonded as parents to their own children, not another man's child. Eric remembered being in love and the pain of their separation.

Brooke said that no one could interfere at that point, but Eric quipped that Taylor could say Brooke was interfering with Taylor's life. In Brooke's view, Taylor had nothing to do with it; however, Eric asserted that Taylor loved him, and he loved having her in his life. Brooke insisted that she could give him much more than Taylor could.

Brooke had never forgotten the words Eric had spoken to her when he'd been unable to end his marriage to Stephanie. Back then, he'd told Brooke that they'd be together forever as a family. She believed that he'd saved her back then, and he could save her again. She was certain that it wasn't too late for them. A flashback of Brooke and Eric's first wedding played.

Eric reasoned that he and Brooke could be happy for a time, but Brooke would eventually long for the baby's father. He hoped that Katie lived for a long time, but he wondered what would happen if she died sooner than expected, leaving Bill alone. Eric was sure that Brooke would gravitate to Bill if that happened. Eric had been in that situation before, and he wouldn't put himself there again.

Flashbacks of Eric and Brooke's honeymoon played, and Brooke grinned in remembrance. She said they had a new chance to rediscover their love for each other. She claimed that her feelings of love never died, and Eric's hadn't, either. He acknowledged his love for her, but he said it hadn't been destined to last. Brooke felt that things had changed, and it could be destined "now."

The experience with Rick had taught Brooke that she didn't want to abort her child. She'd considered disappearing, but she thought it was silly to leave her loved ones and her home. Instead, she wanted to live her life with Eric and reunite as a family.

Eric declared that it wasn't his child, but Brooke countered that Ridge hadn't been his child. Eric said Brooke was oversimplifying things. Refusing to give up, she implored him to let her love him the way he deserved. She pulled him in for a kiss, and when she backed away, he leaned in for more.

At Forrester, Donna encountered Bill on her way out. Bill conveyed that he was there about her sister. She assumed he meant Brooke, but he replied that he meant his wife. He needed someone to take Katie to a doctor's appointment, so he could keep one of his meetings. Donna agreed to do it, and Bill asked why she had assumed he'd wanted to talk about Brooke.

Donna explained that she had two sisters, but Bill quipped that he was married to only one of them. He sensed that something was going on with Brooke, and he wanted Donna to tell him what it was. Donna accused Bill of being defensive, but he countered that she was the defensive one.

Bill claimed that his senses were telling him that Donna was hiding something about Brooke, and he refused to leave until she opened up. Donna decided that she'd leave, and he threatened to ask Brooke himself. Sighing, Donna relented that she knew about Brooke and Bill. He tried to play na´ve, but Donna seethed at him to stop it because she knew he'd slept with Brooke.

Bill hoped that Donna knew why it had happened. Donna conveyed that she knew about the incidents that had led up to the infidelity, but Brooke and Bill had already had feelings for each other before Katie had taken off her rings and left Brooke's house. He explained that Katie had set Brooke and him up to be together, but Donna insisted that Katie had been depressed.

Donna claimed to understand what a lot of time alone with Brooke could do to a man. Bill declared that it was over, and he and Katie had put the marriage back together. Donna asked about Brooke, and he said Brooke deserved more than he could give her.

Donna warned Bill not to betray Katie, and he vowed not to because he was a father who'd never walk out on his child. He insisted that his marriage was solid, and he and Brooke would never do it again. "I will never leave Katie," he declared and instructed Donna to take her knowledge of Brooke and him to the grave. Donna said Brooke had moved on with her life, and the secret was safe with Donna.

In the CEO's office, Katie entered, looking for Brooke. Taylor said Brooke had gone, but Taylor asked how Katie was doing. Katie explained that she was much better. Waking up at the hospital with Brooke and Bill beside Katie had been a turning point for her. Katie said she knew Taylor had suspicions about Brooke and Bill. To Katie's surprise, Taylor replied that she no longer did.

Taylor believed she'd had good reason to be suspicious in the past, and Katie replied that she'd been upset over the prior incident, too. Taylor reminded Katie that it had affected her heart, and Katie said that she needed to learn not to jump to conclusions because Bill and Brooke had been nothing but supportive.

Katie admitted that Brooke and Bill had kissed when she'd thrown them at each other, but Taylor replied that they'd known Katie had been depressed. To Katie, it sounded as if Taylor still had suspicions. Taylor reasoned that she'd never completely trust Brooke, but thanks to Eric, Taylor no longer believed Brooke would threaten Katie's marriage.

Katie guessed that Taylor had grilled Eric, and he'd told Taylor the truth -- that nothing was going on between Brooke and Bill. Taylor revealed that Eric had conveyed that there might be a new man in Brooke's life, and Brooke hadn't denied it.

Katie touted that it was good for Brooke. Though neither Katie nor Taylor knew who Brooke's new man was, they hoped Brooke would find the perfect match, just like they had. Katie and Taylor each expressed how happy they were with their relationships, and Katie took off to find her husband. Alone, Taylor flashed back on her relationship with Eric and grinned to herself.

Friday, May 31, 2013

In Rick's office, Maya toiled over her predicament with Bill Spencer. She called Pam to get Bill's phone number, and after giving out his cell number, Pam relayed that Bill was actually in the building.

Carter entered and instantly sensed that something was wrong with Maya. He guessed the problem was Bill Spencer, but Maya asked Carter to forget what she'd said about Bill. Carter offered to don a cape and go "super lawyer on Spencer." Maya expressed that her past was haunting her.

Maya explained that seeing her ex-boyfriend violated the conditions of her release, but she'd encountered him at the club the other night. Though she should have walked away, she'd spoken to him because he hadn't known about the death of their child. Carter asked if old feelings had surfaced, but Maya said seeing the man had made her appreciate Rick even more.

Maya became frantic that she'd blow everything she had at Forrester and with Rick if evidence of the encounter surfaced. She explained that she'd broken it off with Rick because she refused to let him and his reputation go down with her. Carter guessed Rick didn't know why Maya had left him, and Maya said it was safer that way.

Carter didn't plan to enlighten Rick because, in his opinion, Rick and Maya made a horrible couple. Turning serious, Carter said Rick wasn't the only guy who appreciated Maya. Carter figured it was a sign that the issue was big enough to push her and Rick apart. Carter added that if he were with Maya, no threat of jail time, or tarnished reputation would keep them apart. Cupping her face, Carter advised her to pay attention to the signs, and he gently kissed her.

Carter left, and Maya flashed back on her and Rick's budding relationship. She summoned the courage to call Bill and demand that they talk. Bill rasped that he was busy. She said she knew what he'd done to her, but Bill clicked off the line.

In the corridor at Forrester, Pam asked if Taylor had received some links Pam had sent, containing gravy recipe tips. Pam relayed that gravy was very important because a man like Eric had needs. Bill happened along, and Taylor asked to speak to him in Eric's office. Bill, however, wasn't up for a lecture from Taylor. "From me? Never," she assured him, and they went into the office.

Taylor told Bill that she owed him an apology for her lectures about Brooke, but Taylor hoped he'd appreciated that her concern for her patient. "Not really," Bill responded. Taylor acknowledged that her past baggage might have played into it. Bill figured that Katie deserved the apology because Taylor had filled Katie's head with nonsense.

Bill decided to accept the apology, but he was curious about the catalyst for it. Taylor announced that Brooke had found someone new. Bill coolly asked who the new man was. Taylor had no idea; however, she said he wasn't her patient's -- or another woman's -- husband. Bill thanked her for the apology, and excusing himself, he said there was some place he needed to be.

At Brooke's cabin, Brooke sensed Eric's desire for her, and she uttered that she was all his. To her, it felt right for them to be together, and she promised to devote herself to him and their child. She thought it made sense that, in the end, they'd find their way back to each other.

Eric cupped Brooke in his arms. She said it hadn't made sense before, but she'd begun to understand why the two of them had lost their spouses at about the same time. Brooke asserted that it was her and Eric's second chance to make good on all the plans they'd had years earlier. Eric and Brooke nestled their faces against each other's, and Eric admitted that he wanted to do it very badly.

Pulling back, Eric reminded Brooke that he'd raised another man's child before, and he asked if she'd forgotten the pain it had caused when the truth had surfaced. He refused to put himself or her child through that. As he headed for the door, Eric urged her to go to Bill and tell him the truth.

Later, Brooke was alone when Bill entered the cabin. Surveying the romantic scene, Bill concluded that Taylor had been right about Brooke's new man. He guessed that her moving on so quickly meant that what they'd shared hadn't meant much to her.

Brooke stated that what she'd shared with Bill meant more to her than he'd ever know, but they couldn't go back. Neither of them wanted to hurt Katie, so Brooke had to move on. Bill quipped that she needed to stop giggling about their secret in the little girls' room, and she rendered a confused look.

Bill expressed that he was upset about Brooke confiding in Donna, who might tell Katie what had happened. Brooke asserted that Donna had sworn to take the information about the affair to her grave. Logic told Bill that he should want Brooke to have someone in her life, but he couldn't deny that he'd always feel something for Brooke.

Bill had heard the myth about men falling under Brooke's spell; however, he claimed that he wasn't just any man, and he wouldn't let that happen to him. He decided he was going home to his wife and son, and Brooke said all that mattered was doing what was right for his family. "Come here. Let me hold you one more time," Bill uttered. As he enclosed her in his arms, she thought of how desperately she wanted to tell him about the baby.

Back at Forrester, Eric arrived in his office, and Taylor greeted him with a warm hug. Taylor was ready to go home and cuddle up with Eric, but Pam entered, prattling that she'd been thinking about the Brooke problem. Pam complained that Brooke had gone totally "Diva" on them by ditching lingerie shoots and leaving a trail of excuses.

Pam reasoned that Brooke had cold feet because she wasn't as vibrant as she'd once been. Pam, however, had the solution. "Ta-da!" she exclaimed, stripping off her dress. Pam revealed the red baby doll nightie and black, thigh-high pantyhose she'd been wearing beneath it.

Pam had been practicing at home, and she thought she had the heels and the looks down. Prancing as if she were on a runway, Pam showed Eric and Taylor the pouting and sultry poses she'd learned. Taylor's eyes bulged, and she and Eric playfully laughed. Eric said that Pam had been terrific, but Pam sensed that they didn't think she was sexy enough.

Pam grabbed her dress, and Eric assured her that she'd been very sexy. He claimed that before he hired other bedroom line models, he needed to talk to Brooke. Taylor was ready to scrap Brooke's line and give Pam a line of her own. "Yeah?" Pam said, giggling. Taylor said she was all for women other than Brooke parading the halls in their lingerie.

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