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Eric turned Brooke down for the final time, and Brooke visited Katie and Bill to confess about the pregnancy. Maya confronted Bill about the blackmail, and Caroline ordered Maya to quit Forrester. Steffy learned that she'd never be able to have children.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 3, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, June 3, 2013

In Bill's office, Maya sashayed in to tell Bill that he thought he had her on the run, but his blackmail wouldn't work. Bill considered "blackmail" to be an ugly word, but Maya said that the blonde working for him had photographed her in the club, having an innocent conversation.

Bill figured that was the price of Maya being a Forrester model. It sounded to him as if the photos weren't innocent, and Maya had obviously spoken to someone she shouldn't have. Bill guessed that it could land her back in prison -- unless she left Rick and Caroline alone as Bill had directed.

Maya couldn't believe Bill would put her in jail over the issue. Bill warned her not to test him, and he hinted that the scandal for Rick would sell a lot of magazines for Spencer. Maya asked if Bill really wanted a loveless relationship for his niece. She asserted that it was all about control for Bill, but she wouldn't be bullied, not even by someone as powerful as Bill thought he was.

Bill said he wasn't bullying Maya, and all she had to do was choose between a career or scandal and prison time. Maya declared that he couldn't keep her and Rick apart. Bill replied that he wouldn't do that -- she would. He told her to stay away from Rick or suffer the consequences.

In Rick's office, Rick couldn't concentrate on his meeting with Carter. Carter asked what was wrong. Rick asked if Carter knew why Maya had left Rick. Carter stammered, and Rick said he knew Carter liked Maya. Rick asked Carter not to make any moves on her because she and Rick weren't done.

Carter asked Rick what Maya had said about the separation. Rick replied that she'd said she wasn't the right woman for him. Rick asserted that he'd felt their bond, and he wouldn't stop until he figured out the real reason Maya had broken things off.

At the Forrester sky lounge later, the shirtless Carter was working out when he spotted Maya at a table. Carter relayed that Rick had warned him not to make any moves on her. Carter guessed he should put his shirt on, but Maya said he didn't have to get dressed on her account. Carter said Rick was confused and didn't believe that Maya really thought he was better off with Caroline.

Back in Rick's office, Caroline entered, kissed Rick, and thanked him for finding his senses. The buzz around town was that Rick had broken things off with Maya. Rick bit out that it wasn't true; Maya had left him. Caroline was shocked, and he conveyed that Maya had thought he'd be better off. "She thought you'd be better off with me," Caroline concluded with an astonished grin.

Caroline decided that Maya was smarter than Caroline had thought. Rick balked at the idea that it wouldn't work between him and Maya because they were from different worlds. Caroline figured that Maya was overwhelmed because it was a lot to deal with, going from "street urchin" to runway model.

Rick remarked that Caroline made a lot of sense at times. Caroline assured him that he'd get over it, and she knew how to make him feel "so much better." She kissed him and tossed him up against his desk. Rick pulled away, and Caroline sardonically guessed he had a meeting. "Actually, I do," he said and left the smoldering Caroline alone in the room.

Later, Maya arrived, and Caroline invited Maya to celebrate the joyous news about Maya and Rick's breakup. Caroline asked what had made Maya realize that she was obviously not "cut from the same cloth" as Rick. Maya coolly responded that she'd felt like a fish out of water.

Caroline called Maya perceptive -- for a person from Maya's "environment." Caroline was surprised that, on her own, Maya had arrived at the epiphany that Rick was better off with Caroline. Maya replied that she'd had help, and Caroline advised Maya to stick close to the wise advisor. "Trust me. I'm not done with him," Maya quipped.

Caroline asked what was next for Maya, who wouldn't possibly remain at Forrester. Maya asked why that was, and Caroline retorted, "Because I don't want you to." Caroline warned Maya not to force Caroline to have Rick fire Maya. Caroline thought Maya's advisor would agree that Maya should go back where she belonged. Maya said it wasn't happening, and Caroline shouldn't push because Maya wouldn't let anyone run her life.

At the cliff house, Katie and Will visited Liam and Steffy. Liam played with his brother, but Katie wondered to Steffy if it had been a good idea to have Will there so soon after the miscarriage. Steffy thought it was great. Even though it reminded her and Liam of what they'd lost, it also gave them hope for what they would have one day.

"Willy Boy" and "Leemster" went to the kitchen, and Katie expressed delight at how close the brothers were. With a dreamy grin, Steffy said Liam was ready to be a father. Liam decided to take Will to visit Bill at work, and after the brothers left, Steffy said "that" was what she had to look forward to.

Katie advised Steffy not to get ahead of herself or rush to have a baby. Steffy claimed that she was doing it for Liam as much as herself. Steffy said she and Liam had been happy when she'd been pregnant, and nothing had changed. Katie disagreed, saying that everything had changed.

Katie explained that Liam hadn't had much of a choice the first time he'd learned that Steffy had been pregnant. Steffy insisted that Liam's choice had been her, and her relationship with Liam was based on love. Steffy asserted that he wasn't staying with her out of obligation. Katie asked if Liam had told Steffy that. "No, but I know it," Steffy replied.

Katie asked if Liam and Steffy had talked about Hope. Offended, Steffy said it was enough that they had to cope with "this." Katie reasoned that planning for another baby was avoiding, not coping. Steffy insisted that she wasn't avoiding anything. Instead, she was paying for what she'd done. Katie replied that Liam and Steffy both were paying for it.

Steffy knew that Liam was suffering, but she insisted that they were ready for another baby. "Now," Steffy asserted. Katie doubted that Liam wanted another child, and she wasn't sure that he'd want one with Steffy. Steffy resented the comment, but Katie said Liam had been about to marry Hope before Steffy had dropped the pregnancy bomb. Steffy insisted that she and Liam had talked about that. "Since the miscarriage?" Katie asked.

Steffy ordered Katie to leave, but Katie sat down and said that Steffy had to face it. Though Katie didn't know whether Steffy had forced Liam's hand intentionally, Katie insisted that Steffy had to face the fact that Liam had been about to marry Hope before learning about the baby.

As Katie spoke, Steffy became disoriented, and she collapsed on the floor in front of the sofa.

Back at Bill's office, Bill was thrilled when Liam and Will arrived. As Bill took over feeding Will, Liam said that Katie was visiting with Steffy, who seemed to be better after seeing Will. Bill replied that Steffy wanted a baby. "Tell me about it," Liam flatly replied.

Bill urged Liam to try again. Liam remarked that he and Steffy hadn't planned for the first one; it had just happened. Bill replied that when it had happened, Liam had been there, and Liam should be there again. Bill hoped that Liam wasn't still blaming Steffy.

Liam said it wasn't about blame, and he couldn't believe how much he'd wanted the last baby. Bill told his son to start making another one and be there for Steffy, Liam's wife.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's house, Katie encouraged Steffy to regain consciousness. Steffy roused and felt lightheaded, and Katie called Dr. Caspary. Katie prepared to take Steffy to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Caspary asked if Steffy had fainted before. Steffy said that she had been weak and lightheaded, but Steffy added that Dr. Caspary had told Steffy to expect fatigue and weakness. Dr. Caspary insisted on running tests. Katie wanted to call Liam, Taylor, or Thomas, but Steffy refused to worry them. Katie encouraged Steffy to rest, and Katie left to get water for Steffy while they waited for the doctor.

Steffy worried to Katie that something might be seriously wrong. Steffy wondered how Katie dealt with all the dangers of a fragile heart on an everyday basis. Katie said that she had to learn to live with it. Dr. Caspary returned with a wheelchair to take Steffy for a series of tests. Steffy told Katie to leave, but Katie promised that family didn't bail. Steffy thanked Katie.

After the tests, Steffy returned, and Katie greeted her. Steffy noted that a hospital was probably the last place on earth that Katie would want to hang out after all she had been through. Steffy thanked Katie for staying. "I'm really not that bad," Katie said. Steffy agreed with a smile. "Maybe I'm not either," Steffy said.

Doctor Caspary returned with bad news that Steffy had internal bleeding. Steffy argued that the doctor had told her to expect spotting. Dr. Caspary said it was much more than that. The doctor prescribed an iron supplement for two weeks and an antibiotic. Steffy said that wasn't so bad, and she asked if she and Liam could work at having another baby after that.

Dr. Caspary looked disappointed. She shared news that Steffy had experienced an abnormal reaction to a D&C, and the hospital obstetrics team believed that Steffy would be unable to conceive again. Steffy cried, and Katie stayed close to Steffy.

At Forrester, everyone prepared for the Brooke's Bedroom fashion show, but Brooke was quick to point out that she had no intention of modeling. Rick, Thomas, and Bill wanted to know why Brooke had refused to wear the lingerie. Brooke claimed it was not businesslike. Thomas and Rick argued that Brooke needed to be on the runway. Bill agreed.

Rick and Thomas wondered why Brooke had changed her mind at the last minute about modeling. Eric ordered everyone to adjust to Brooke's decision. After everyone left, Brooke thanked Eric for his support, and she begged Eric to claim that he was the father of her unborn child.

In the showroom, Carter and Maya appeared to hit it off. Later, Marcus and Carter discussed Maya. Rick asked Maya to meet with him, but Maya, who noticed Bill glaring at her, warned Rick that nothing had changed between them. Bill later reiterated his warnings to Maya to avoid Rick.

Rick announced that the fashion show had begun, and models strutted their stuff in the Brooke's Bedroom line. At the end of the fashion show, Brooke appeared in a dress, much to the chagrin of the audience.

Jarrett and another reporter wondered why Brooke had refused to model lingerie. One reporter asked if there was a new man in Brooke's life. The reporters begged for a name. Reporters asked if Brooke had something to hide. Brooke broke into a sweat and panicked. Rick joined her on stage and helped her to an exit. Eric interrupted and closed the show.

In the back room behind the showroom, Brooke admitted to Eric that she was desperate. "Help me, please," Brooke said to Eric, and Eric hugged her.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Katie and Steffy tried to process Dr. Caspary's bad news that Steffy could not conceive again. Steffy insisted that she had promised her husband a child, and she couldn't accept the diagnosis. "I'm not hearing that," she shouted. Katie wondered what had happened.

Dr. Caspary explained that the surgeon, Dr. Gable, should have explained that some women can create too much scar tissue. Katie offered to contact Liam or Taylor, but Steffy refused to upset her family. "I'm not leaving here until someone takes responsibility and offers a plan for making me whole again," she said.

Dr. Gable entered, and Steffy asked about her D and C. He explained that some women had poor reactions to D and C's. Steffy shouted that she didn't want to sue the hospital, but she wanted to know why she had a problem.

Dr. Gable gently explained that he'd had no choice but to do a D and C after her motorcycle accident. He would not have done anything differently. He added that a hospital board would review every detail. In retrospect, he said he would have done it all the same way.

Steffy shouted that it had all been her fault. She wanted a way to reverse the situation. Dr. Gable said there were a few specialists. Dr. Caspary interrupted to say that results had been disappointing. Katie said they wanted a list of specialists. The doctors left.

Steffy cried that she had never been one of those women who had wanted kids so badly. She admitted that she had thought she would be much older when she had kids. She wondered what she would do and how she would cope with the rest of her life. Katie embraced Steffy, and Steffy cried.

At Bill's office, Liam played with Will on the floor with a golf ball. Bill entered and teased that Will should not have been on the floor. Liam countered that the carpets had just been cleaned, and Will was on his blanket.

Bill held Will, and Liam asked about Brooke's fashion show. Bill said Brooke hadn't worn lingerie, and she had panicked for some reason during the press conference.

Bill guessed that Liam was using his little brother for "dad practice." Liam laughed but grew serious when discussion turned to Steffy. Liam wished he and Steffy could grieve together, but he acknowledged that it made Steffy feel that everything had been her fault.

Liam said that Steffy wanted another baby right away. Bill asked why that was a problem. Bill added that her body chemistry and Liam's were probably all in turmoil.

Liam reminded his dad that Steffy had become pregnant by accident. Liam added that he had been looking forward to becoming a parent as much as Steffy had been. Liam worried that he couldn't deal with the disappointment of another loss.

At Forrester, Brooke tried to recover from panicking at the fashion show. Eric tried to calm her. Brooke worried aloud about not having a father for her baby. Eric said she'd been through worse. Brooke worried that if the truth came out, Katie would have a heart attack and die or leave Bill. Brooke added that after all the news broke in the media, everyone she loved would shun her.

Brooke begged Eric to simply say he had fathered the child. Eric promised he would help. Brooke said he could stay with Taylor. His acceptance of the baby as his own would save her from embarrassment. Eric said he would not lie to Taylor to protect Brooke. Eric added that he would not pretend to be the father to another man's child.

Brooke reminded him that he had raised Ridge as his own son, but Eric interrupted that Ridge had been an adult by the time Eric had discovered that Massimo was Ridge's father. Eric refused to be a father in name only -- or otherwise -- to Brooke and Bill's baby.

Brooke tearfully lamented that she had blown her chance with Eric many years earlier. She said she had hoped that if everything went to hell for her, she could always count on his support. Eric agreed he would support her in anything but not by pretending to be a father.

Taylor entered. Brooke was teary-eyed and exited. Taylor gave Eric dinner because she was meeting Thomas and would miss dinner at home with Eric. Taylor asked about Brooke, but Eric said it was complicated. He explained that Brooke felt very alone. Eric refused to allow Brooke to impact his happiness with Taylor.

At Brooke's place, Brooke had paid a tent company to recreate the tent in the desert atmosphere from her honeymoon with Eric. She flashed back to riding on horseback through the desert to the tent. She recalled kissing Eric on their honeymoon in the tent.

Eric arrived and smiled. "Look familiar," she asked. Brooke passionately kissed Eric with hope in her eyes. She said it could be the beginning of their life together again.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In the tent on Brooke's estate, Eric felt as if he'd stepped back in time, and he remarked that Brooke had remembered every detail. She said that he seemed to have forgotten. Eric assured her that he hadn't forgotten; however, he was with Taylor, something else he couldn't forget.

Brooke quipped that she hadn't set all that up just to talk about Taylor. Eric replied that Brooke wasn't being subtle. Brooke said they'd never been subtle with each other. They'd been impulsive and passionate, and he'd said she'd been his inspiration. He was surprised she remembered him saying that. Brooke stated that feelings were put away, not forgotten, and after a time, they were rediscovered.

Eric guessed that Brooke had recreated the event to jog his memory. Brooke asserted that she'd done it because she wanted him, a husband and a father for her child. She wondered what else she had to do to convince him. She said they could still have everything they'd wanted back then. "We can have it all," she told him, placing her arms around his neck.

Eric called it a fantasy, but Brooke asked if he'd said that about their honeymoon. A flashback played of Eric promising to make her fantasies become true. Brooke then reminded Eric that they'd planned to renew their love each year in the desert. They'd never done it, but she felt they should have. Brooke promised they could do all they'd planned if he'd just agree to it.

Eric tried to speak, but nearing him, Brooke asked him just to think about how special their honeymoon week had been. He replied that it had been a long time since then. She asked if he merely saw it as a distant memory, but he said he didn't. Brooke figured that everything hinged upon him -- her sister's happiness and the future of her baby and family.

Brooke recalled all the times Eric had been there for her family. Eric said those times had been different. She disagreed. She said she'd asked for his help back then, but she was begging that day. She promised that if he'd help her, she'd commit herself to him for life, and she swore it would last.

Brooke kissed Eric, but he pulled away and insisted that he couldn't be a part of the lie. Standing at the tent doorway, Eric urged her to tell Bill that she was pregnant with his child.

In Eric's office, Thomas found his mother smiling at a picture of herself and Eric. Taylor remarked that she'd wanted Steffy to join them, but Steffy had decided to be alone with Liam that evening. Taylor was sure Steffy and Liam were on the path to healing.

As Thomas and Taylor sat down to eat, Thomas wondered how his mother was doing without worrying about Steffy or Brooke. Taylor admitted that she was worried about Brooke after the strange behavior during the showing. Taylor figured it had to do with the new man in Brooke's life.

Thomas asked if Eric had spoken about the new man, but Taylor said Eric hadn't because he probably wasn't interested in Brooke's love life. Taylor wasn't bothered by Eric being there for Brooke because he was a gentleman who helped people in trouble.

At the hospital, Steffy was devastated because she couldn't get pregnant or have a baby on her own. Liam called her to check on dinner plans, and she perked up long enough to tell him that he didn't need to wait for her because she'd be home late. After the call, Steffy said she couldn't go home or face Liam. Sobbing, Steffy asked Katie to take her to the loft.

Katie offered to call Taylor, but Steffy didn't want that. Katie reasoned that the abnormal reaction to the procedure hadn't been Steffy's fault. Katie was sure Liam would understand that, but she said Steffy had to talk to him about it. Steffy sobbed that she just wanted to go to her condo.

Later, Katie settled Steffy in at her loft, and Steffy said that she didn't need a babysitter. Katie didn't want to leave Steffy alone. Katie recalled pushing everyone away during her depression and said it had been a big mistake. Steffy seethed that Katie had given birth, but Steffy never would.

Katie said that Steffy needed to go home, but Steffy replied that, at home, parenting books and nursery catalogs awaited her. Steffy asserted that she and Liam had spent all that time planning for something that wouldn't happen. Katie didn't think she was the one Steffy should be talking to.

Steffy asked what Katie was even still doing there. Katie stated that family didn't bail, and Liam would tell Steffy the same thing. Steffy retorted that Liam wouldn't say anything because she and Katie wouldn't tell him anything. Steffy didn't want him feeling sorry for her, but Katie insisted that Steffy be honest with her husband. Katie was confident that Liam and Steffy could face it together. Steffy said she needed one more night, and a few hours wouldn't change anything.

Alone in the dark, Steffy cried by the fire and recalled memories of being pregnant and planning for the baby. She thought of Liam with Will and sobbed.

In Bill's office, Hope caught Liam as he was leaving. She had campaign promotions for him but said he could review them at home. She assumed Steffy was waiting for him, but he said Steffy was going to be out late that night. He figured he had nowhere to be, and grinning, Hope said she didn't, either.

Hope was sorry for the tough time Liam was experiencing, and she guessed it was even worse because he had to be strong for Steffy. Nodding, Liam agreed it was tough, but he said they'd get through it. Hope assured him that he would.

Liam explained that Katie had taken Will for a visit because Steffy had thought it would help. Liam said that, while the visit had been nice, he was Will's brother, not father. "I'm not anybody's father," Liam realized with a sad shrug. Hope assured him that he'd be a father one day, but he didn't have to rush into it. She asked if fatherhood was really what he wanted.

Hope said Liam could have a child after he'd taken time to grieve and think about it. Liam chuckled because thinking about it made it worse. He was saddened by seeing fathers pushing strollers. He'd once thought he'd be doing that someday. Hope assured him that he would be, but he asked if it would be the same after what had happened.

Hope said that it probably wouldn't be the same. Going through the miscarriage experience would make fatherhood mean much more to Liam, and he'd appreciate it more deeply. She was sure that no one would be luckier than his child, who'd have a father that saw the child as an incredible gift. With tears in her eyes, she said that was how she'd feel if she and Liam were having a baby.

Friday, June 7, 2013

In the tent, Brooke pleaded with Eric to give her a chance, but Eric insisted that what she wanted wasn't fair to anyone. Brooke urged Eric to spend the night with her, but he said she didn't really want to sleep with him. He knew that she wanted his help but said it was just too much.

Eric didn't want to raise someone else's child, but Brooke pressed his hand to her belly and said he'd change his mind. She was sure they could be a family, and he could love the child as his own.

Eric maintained his resolve, but Brooke persisted. He said he was sorry, but he couldn't fix it for her. Brooke became despondent, and Eric urged her to look at him. With tears in her eyes, she did so. He said he'd support her, but he wouldn't raise Bill's child. Brooke looked away, and Eric hugged her.

Eric figured that Katie would understand that Brooke's encounter with Bill had happened after Katie had left Bill, but Brooke doubted that would stop Katie from being hurt upon finding out that her sister was carrying her husband's child. Eric told Brooke to face it head-on or let a lie chase her for years. Brooke was willing to take her chances, but he insisted that her only choice was to tell the truth.

Brooke still fretted about Katie's feelings, and Eric asked if Brooke had considered her own feelings. He said the scenario she'd concocted wasn't going to make her happy, and Bill deserved to know the truth. Eric figured that if Katie's love for Bill was true, then she'd eventually forgive him.

Brooke thanked Eric for being the voice of reason. She didn't know why she'd pulled him into it, and she asked for forgiveness. Eric said he'd always forgive her. "The fact is, if things had been a little different, I might have considered it," he added. Realizing that she couldn't go on that way, Brooke decided that she had to tell Bill the truth -- that night.

At Bill and Katie's house, Will gnawed on some cash in a money clip, and Bill said the best part of being a parent was molding his son into a mini version of himself. Bill noted that Will had grabbed the money above all the toys on the floor.

Katie put Will in his playpen to nap, and Bill said that Will was resting up for his future acquisitions. She replied that it could be for a life of romance. Bill decided that Will could have both, just like Will's father had. Bill and Katie kissed, and they remarked upon how they'd battled to make their home happy again. Bill said that they'd be a family forever, and it would only get better.

Bill realized he'd forgotten that he had something for Katie. He made her swear to keep it to herself because it could ruin his reputation. He handed her an envelope and said it might be the biggest mistake of his life.

Katie became ecstatic to see tickets to dance classes in the envelope. She exclaimed that she'd asked him to do that with her several times, but he'd always said he didn't dance. Bill figured that they could use a few date nights. Will awakened, and taking him from his playpen, Katie danced him around and told him about the dance lessons.

Brooke quietly entered and observed the family laughing and pretending to do the tango. Bill and Katie were delighted when they saw Brooke, and Katie invited her sister to join in. Instead of joining in, Brooke took Will upstairs to put him to bed. When Brooke returned, Katie guessed Brooke had needed her baby fix. Brooke quietly admitted missing her time with Will.

Katie blurted out that someone had a secret. Brooke tensed, and Bill told his wife not to say anything. Unable to contain herself, Katie revealed that Bill had decided to take tango lessons with her. Brooke absently replied that it was great, and Bill asked Brooke to keep the news to herself.

Katie noted that her sister didn't look well. Bill got Brooke some water, and Katie asked what was wrong. "I have to...I have to..." Brooke started to say. Bill began to look concerned about what Brooke might say, and he urged her not to speak. Huffing through her words, Brooke said there was something she had to tell them. Bill gave Brooke a warning look, and Katie asked what was wrong.

In the CEO's office, Taylor told her son that she wouldn't change a thing about her relationship with Eric. She felt very happy with Eric, who was all hers. Thomas replied that the best part was that Taylor didn't have to worry about Brooke stealing Eric.

Thomas was convinced that something was going on with Brooke, based on how she'd acted at the press conference. He said she'd cost the company a ton of money. As Rick breezed in, he heard Thomas' comment and decided that Thomas was just bitter because Eric had chosen Brooke's idea over Thomas' ideas. Rick suggested that Thomas deal with it because Eric would always side with Brooke.

Rick felt that his parents were closer than ever. Taylor didn't deny the closeness, but she said it was because Brooke had relegated Eric to the role of her protector. Rick called Brooke the most independent woman he knew, but Taylor said Brooke couldn't stand on her own two feet without a man. "Your opinion is not exactly objective, so please don't offer one," Rick quipped.

Thomas jumped to his mother's defense, but Taylor said it wasn't necessary. She admitted that she'd felt vulnerable when Eric had sided with Brooke about the bedroom line, but since Brooke wouldn't even model her own lingerie, Taylor doubted Eric would do Brooke another favor.

"You talk about my dad like he's some kind of weak moron," Rick replied. Thomas and Taylor tried to say they weren't implying that, but Rick asserted that Eric had chosen the bedroom line because it had been a solid decision. Thomas retorted that they'd see if the next quarter's sales figures would bear that out. Taylor persisted in saying Brooke had strong-armed Eric into a rash decision.

Rick acknowledged his parents' close relationship but said Eric had chosen the bedroom line because he was a smart man, not one that could be manipulated -- not even by Rick's mother. Thomas challenged Rick to tell Thomas and Taylor why Brooke had started out strong with the campaign only to back off in the middle of it. Rick sighed, and Thomas figured Rick wouldn't be able to explain it.

Later, Taylor was alone, packing up her and Thomas' meal, when Eric entered. She kissed him and asked how his evening had gone. Eric said it had been productive, and he'd made some good decisions. Eric was glad to see Taylor, and he asked her to stay with him forever. Taylor wondered what the look in his eyes meant. He said it was gratitude, and Taylor remarked that they were lucky.

Eric said he wouldn't trade what he and Taylor had for anything. He felt that it was effortless with her, and she gave him lots of comfort, joy, passion, and energy. Taylor said that she loved him, and he replied that he loved her. The couple kissed.

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