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Rick was disillusioned upon seeing the fantasy scenes Maya and Carter had filmed. Liam showed up late to the party, and Hope decided to hang out with Wyatt. Taylor exposed Brooke's miscarriage of Bill's baby, and Katie threw Bill out of their house.
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Rick was disillusioned upon seeing the fantasy scenes Maya and Carter had filmed
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Monday, July 1, 2013

In the CEO's office, Rafael showed Carter and Caroline a quirky opening for the Room Eight series, which depicted hammed scenes of Carter and Maya set to a comical instrumental. Caroline frowned, listening to the cartoonish bells and whistles accompaniment. The show seemed like a comedy in which Carter's character irritated Maya's.

Caroline said she'd thought the show was supposed to be sexy, and she wanted to see more skin. Rafael reasoned that it was only the opening credits, and Carter stated that she'd see him shirtless in a scene from the first episode. "Just one?" Caroline asked about the number of shirtless scenes. Carter and Rafael explained that it was supposed to be a sweet romance of a couple who'd just met.

Carter left to deal with an issue for Thorne, and Caroline asked Rafael if he wanted viewers. He said he did, and she urged him to get the actors' clothes off and get them kissing. "Please? For an old friend?" Caroline asked, and she implored him to help her get Carter and Maya together.

Later, Caroline pitched her ideas for Rafael's show. Bored by his character development, she suggested that he play on the subconscious attraction the two characters had for each other. Caroline dreamed up a scene for "Scarlett," whose sexual fantasies would run wild while Carter's character, Lance, cooked in the kitchen.

Rafael became enthralled with Caroline's sexual overtones as she acted out the scene, and Caroline asked him why he wasn't writing anything down. Rafael returned to himself and began scribbling. They decided to call the episode "Chow Time," and Caroline dreamily stated that she loved writing for his show. "I'm so good at it," she added with a grin.

Caroline decided that Scarlett should have a boyfriend. Rafael guessed the boyfriend would be called Rick, but Caroline said they'd call him "Rock." Caroline pretended to swoon and be torn between Lance and Rock, and Rafael decided that Caroline's scene would turn out to be Lance's fantasy.

Carter returned to the room, anxious to get back to the script. Rafael explained that the next episode would be about the two characters' fantasies. Rafael envisioned that the roommates would try to keep it platonic, but it would be a struggle against their true desires. Carter thought it was great. Rafael said to avoid garlic because there would be a hot kiss in the first fantasy.

At Katie's house, Brooke claimed not to know what Taylor was talking about. Katie started to ask Taylor to leave, but Taylor blurted out that Brooke, Katie's trusted sister, had slept with Bill. Bill told Taylor that she didn't know what she was talking about, and she needed to shut her mouth.

The upset Katie told Taylor to get over her obsession with Brooke, who was no longer hurting Taylor. Taylor replied that Brooke had moved on to hurting Katie. Katie called Taylor delusional and said Taylor's obsession was mind-boggling.

Katie asserted that Brooke would never do a thing like that, but Taylor responded that she had proof. Katie yelled that Taylor had nothing. Katie felt that Taylor was trying to ruin Katie's marriage the way that Taylor's had been ruined, but Katie wasn't going to let Taylor do it. Katie relayed that it was a party to celebrate Brooke, not to tear her down.

"Eric, for God's sake, get her out of here!" Katie yelled. Eric decided that he and Taylor were leaving. Refusing to go anywhere, Taylor claimed that Brooke and Bill had been in an affair, and Brooke had been pregnant. Taylor demanded that Katie ask Brooke if she'd miscarried Bill's baby.

Springing from her seat, Donna expressed outrage about Taylor making the accusations. The frazzled Katie stated that Brooke had cared for Katie all of her life, and Taylor's suggestions were impossible and disgusting. Katie again told Taylor to leave, but Taylor asked if Katie were afraid to ask Brooke. Bill seethed that Eric could drag Taylor if he had to, but, "get that bitch out of my house!"

Taylor said to look at how guilty Bill and Brooke seemed. Katie rasped that she'd let Taylor counsel her, but Taylor had been biding her time to take the Logans down and attack Brooke. Katie decided that she'd made a colossal error in having Taylor as a psychiatrist. "You're fired, and I never want to see you again -- not personally, not professionally! Get out of my house!" Katie screamed.

Eric urged Taylor to leave, but she insisted upon helping Katie understand. Katie called it a new low for Taylor. Taylor replied that the all-time low was Brooke betraying the hospitalized Katie. Looking at Brooke, Katie insisted that her sister would never do that to her. Taylor replied that Brooke had done it, and if Brooke cared about Katie, Brooke would tell the truth.

Tears fell from Brooke's eyes, and Katie shed tears, too. Katie uttered that Brooke didn't have to admit to anything because what Taylor was saying was unthinkable and repulsive. "Just tell me she's lying, and I'll believe you. Just tell me she's lying," Katie implored Brooke.

Brooke sobbed and walked over to the fireplace. Katie looked around helplessly then smacked Bill in the face. Everyone stood in awkward silence, and Hope asked if Brooke had done it. Katie screamed that Taylor had gotten what she'd wanted, and Katie ordered Taylor to get out of the house. Katie ordered everyone else to leave, too, and everyone but Bill and Brooke left out the front door.

Bill tried to speak to Katie; however, Katie warned him not to say it was her fault, "or -- I swear to God -- I'll scream!" Recalling the marital advice Brooke had given her, Katie uttered that Brooke was "so sick." Shaking her head, Katie realized that Bill and Brooke were both sick, and for Katie's entire life, she'd never known who Brooke was. Katie asked how they could have done it to her.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

by Pam

At Katie's, Katie had thrown everyone out of the house, and she confronted Bill and Brooke about their affair. Katie asked Bill about all his lies. Brooke tried to defend herself and Bill. Brooke confessed that Bill had not known that Brooke had been pregnant until after she had miscarried.

Katie scoffed that Brooke was too old to get pregnant. Brooke mumbled about menopause. Bill cautioned Katie not to lay blame on the unborn life that had been miscarried. Katie glared at Brooke and Bill. "I think it was lucky it never had to love the two of you," Katie spat at Brooke and Bill, who looked shocked.

Bill tried to defend himself and apologize, but Katie mocked him. She said that he should be proud because he had bedded both sisters. "Not as long as you were wearing that ring," Bill said. Katie reminded Bill that he was married to Katie, not her ring.

Bill announced that all three of them were to blame, including Katie. He brought up that Katie had set up an elaborate ruse to put Brooke and Bill together to raise Will when she had sent them all to Aspen when she had been suffering from postpartum depression. Katie angrily stated that Bill was placing blame on Katie, who had been sick at the time. Bill said that Katie had convenient amnesia.

Bill argued that Katie had tried to frame the events as something that had happened to her, but she had a part in it, as well. Katie reminded Bill that she had repeatedly asked Bill and Brooke to their faces if they had slept together the night of the car accident, but they had lied.

Bill and Brooke confessed that they had not slept together the night that Bill had stayed at Brooke's house. It had happened the next morning after Katie had accused them of sleeping together when Katie had walked out and left her rings with Bill. Bill reminded Katie that Katie had often told Bill that he would have been better off with Brooke -- including the morning that Bill and Brooke had slept together.

Katie warned Bill not to try to blame her for Bill and Brooke's affair and Brooke getting pregnant. Katie asked Bill if he was in love with Brooke, and Bill responded that he was in love with his wife. Katie asked if Brooke wanted Bill. Brooke tearfully said that she wanted her sister back, and she wanted things back the way they had been.

Katie figured that Brooke wanted Bill because she had been alone for almost a year, and that was long time for Brooke to go without a man. Katie was unimpressed with Brooke's tears and ordered Brooke to leave.

Bill told Katie that they had all worried about Katie after her heart attack. Bill said he and Brooke had broken it off. Bill reminded Katie that when she had recovered in the hospital, she had asked for her rings and apologized for accusing Bill and Brooke of having an affair. Katie responded that she had not been wrong about the affair. She had only accused them a few hours too early.

Bill said that under all the circumstances, with Katie pushing Brooke and Bill together, it was not something he was proud of, but it was not impossible that an affair between Brooke and Bill would happen. Bill apologized, but he refused to play games with Katie again. He recalled that she had repeatedly left him to make a point. Bill demanded Katie's forgiveness. Katie tearfully looked away.

At Forrester, Rick and Maya discussed Maya's acting job, but Hope entered and brought up Taylor's accusations against Brooke. Rick defended their mother and said they needed more details before they passed judgment. Hope disagreed and scoffed that Brooke had to have forgotten that Katie was her sister. Maya left for her acting job with Carter.

Marcus and Dayzee entered, and Rick complained that Taylor had been a nutty shrink and had chosen horrible timing in bringing up Brooke's transgressions at Brooke's birthday party. Marcus and Dayzee wondered what Rick was thinking, but Rick pointed out that the Forresters defended family, no matter what. Marcus was silenced, and Hope looked surprised.

At Raphael's webcast set, Caroline complained that Maya was late. Caroline said the script was not hot enough, so she had reworked it. Carter arrived and read the new script, and Maya showed up. Carter and Raphael explained there were changes to the script.

Carter and Maya agreed that the script was completely different. Caroline watched from another room. Maya and Carter participated in a rehearsal, but they agreed the dialogue was not working. Raphael agreed and promised to work on it. For the rehearsal, Raphael suggested they get carried away in passion during a kiss. Maya and Carter obliged, and Caroline was elated.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

by Pam

In the living room at Katie's, Bill and Katie continued to argue about Bill's judgment in getting involved with Brooke. Bill demanded that Katie had to forgive him or risk punishing herself and their son as much as she punished Bill. Katie glared at Bill.

In another room at Katie's, Brooke received a call on her cell phone, and Rick asked if she was all right. Brooke said she would be fine, and she begged Rick to pray that Katie and Bill were all right.

Brooke entered the living room, and Katie announced that Bill expected Katie to forgive him. Brooke acknowledged that they had all had some heated words, and Brooke hoped that they could end the night on a hopeful note.

Katie sneered at Brooke and Bill. Katie thought about the kind of woman that Katie wanted to be for the rest of her life. She wondered if she should be someone who saw only the admirable qualities in her family members, whether they deserved it or not. She concluded that that would make her a pathetic, unlucky doormat of a woman dominated and bullied by liars and cheats. Brooke cried, and Bill looked pensive.

Katie shouted at Bill and Brooke that her postpartum depression had been ugly and brutal, but she had not been responsible for Brooke and Bill's actions. Katie removed her rings and mocked Bill and Brooke. "Look, I am doing it again," she said. She wondered why Bill and Brooke weren't in bed together yet because Bill was a free man. "Tell me again, Bill, how I pulled the strings and made you break my heart," Katie commanded. She dared Bill to tell her how she had been responsible for ruining her own life.

Katie smashed the picture of Brooke and Bill on her mantel and then she smashed the other photos on the mantel, including one of Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Katie seethed that Bill should pack a bag and leave. Bill refused and said that it was his home. Katie reminded him that he had given the house to Katie as a gift. She said that it was her home and the home where her son needed to stay to trust his surroundings because he would never be able to trust his father.

Brooke warned Katie to be careful what she said in the heat of the moment. Katie mocked Brooke and said that Katie needed to mean it when she said it was over. Katie said that she would previously have done anything not to be alone, but Brooke and Bill had cured her of that.

Bill warned that Katie had drawn a line in the sand so many times that it was inevitable that he would cross one of them. "Too bad it had to be the one about not sleeping with family members," Katie sneered.

Bill announced that Katie would not keep Bill from his son, and he would send someone for his things. "This place already feels like a house of matchsticks," he said. Bill opened the front door to exit. "Coming, Brooke?" he asked. Brooke refused to leave and told Katie she was not going anywhere. The door slammed behind Bill.

Katie told Brooke that getting caught and being hated by Katie had to have seemed unnatural for Brooke. Katie wondered what Brooke had planned when Brooke had discovered that she was pregnant. "Were you going to keep the baby, and did you envision this dramatic tug of war?" Katie asked. Katie assumed that Brooke expected Bill would be torn between staying with Katie and leaving to be with Brooke and her baby.

Brooke responded that she had been horrified. Brooke haughtily added that she knew she would never be ashamed enough to suit Katie. Katie ignored Brooke's selfish concerns. Katie held her rings out and said that she planned to keep her rings because she didn't want to see them end up on Brooke's finger.

Brooke dared to remind Katie that Katie had asked Brooke to take care of Will and Bill and make them happy. Brooke insisted that Katie had been relentless in her efforts to make Bill and Brooke end up together. Brooke said that she knew Katie despised Brooke and that Katie felt superior once again.

Katie said that she had almost softened, thinking that Brooke was her big sister and always knew best, but not this time. "Get out of my house and out of my life," Katie shouted at Brooke. Katie clutched her rings, and Brooke walked out the door.

At Eric's, Taylor sat waiting in the bedroom for Eric. After Eric entered the room, Taylor wanted to talk. Eric said that he figured that Taylor had acted out after a history of pain inflicted by Brooke, but Taylor had been wrong to inflict such pain on others. He hoped that she would not try to justify her actions.

Taylor defended herself and said that Katie had had a right to know. Eric disagreed. He said that Taylor's inappropriate announcement at a family gathering had been unnecessary and dramatic. Taylor responded that Brooke deserved what had happened, but Eric added that Katie had not deserved to be humiliated. Eric noted that an announcement like that could have physically harmed Katie. Eric added that Taylor, of all people, should have known not to upset Katie like that.

Taylor admitted her timing had been bad, but she was not sorry. Eric said that no one would have known about the one time that Brooke and Bill had been together. Taylor said Katie had a right to know. Eric countered that the affair had ended, and Taylor should have left it alone.

Taylor complained that Brooke would have done anything to get Eric away from Taylor, but Eric said that he had turned Brooke down. He knew how desperate Brooke had been to find a father for her baby so that Katie wouldn't find out. Eric had told Brooke to tell Bill and Katie the truth, and Brooke had tried to tell them before she'd lost the baby.

Eric asked how Taylor had learned about the baby because only Eric, Donna, and the doctor had known about Brooke's pregnancy. Eric commented that Dr. Caspary would not have shared that information with anyone. Taylor grew quiet. Eric suddenly realized that Taylor had checked Brooke's file.

Eric accused Taylor of performing a criminal act and risking her own medical license in order to ruin a marriage and humiliate Brooke, Bill, and Katie in a room full of people. Taylor got up and left, and Eric asked where she was going.

At Raphael's webcast set, Carter and Maya questioned the script again. Raphael promised it would be fine, and he asked them to begin taping. During the taping, Raphael wanted Maya's character to have a fantasy about Carter's character in which Carter's shirtless character was cooking and spilled sauce all over his chest and his cheek.

In the scripted scene, Maya's character scooped some of the sauce off Carter's character's chest and licked it. Then she licked some off his face, and they started to make out. From behind a curtain, Caroline watched and urged Raphael to push them to make it steamier. Raphael obliged and encouraged them to get hotter and more passionate to give the viewers more of what they wanted.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

At the studio, Rafael and Caroline reviewed Carter and Maya's sauce scene, and Caroline asked if Rafael could edit the scenes to make them look erotic. Typing on a keyboard, Rafael claimed he could make magic.

Caroline urged Rafael to hurry because they had to get to Rick's party. Rafael complained because he'd wanted to take Mario to the party, not Caroline. She insisted that she had to be there when Rafael showed Rick the footage. "Tonight?" Rafael incredulously asked.

At the Bikini Bar, Rick prepared for his party. Hope was there and was disillusioned about what Brooke had done to Katie. Rick was, too, but he figured that it was Independence Day, and they should celebrate. He asked if Liam would be at the party, and Hope noncommittally guessed so. She said she was giving Liam time to sort things out, and Rick asked if she'd given him enough time already.

People began arriving at the party, and Carter entered in time to see Maya and Rick kissing. Entering behind Carter, Dayzee and Marcus teased that Carter should have gotten to town just a little bit sooner. Carter shrugged, figuring he had to deal with it because Maya was taken.

As Maya and Rick canoodled, Maya hoped Rick was okay with the fact that she'd invited Rafael to the party. Rick was fine with it, and she added that she'd allowed Rafael to invite a guest.

Oliver and Teresa arrived, and Dayzee chatted with Hope about Hope's decision to give Liam time and space to figure things out. Dayzee wondered where Liam was, and Hope decided to call him. Dayzee strode off as Liam was telling Hope that he was with his father, but he'd be there soon. After the call, Wyatt strode up to Hope, and a wide grin spread across her face.

As Hope mingled at the party, she asked Thomas if he thought Steffy would be back. Thomas guessed Hope wanted to know if her path was clear to go after Liam. Hope said she and Liam weren't rushing into anything, and Liam had a lot to sort out. Thomas figured that was a perspective for Hope.

Hope smiled as she walked by Wyatt and greeted Maya, who was excited about her new series. Maya promised it wouldn't interfere with the campaign, and Hope said they'd make it work. Across the room, Teresa introduced herself to Wyatt, who explained that Hope had invited him to the party. Hope and Wyatt exchanged glances and smiles from across the room.

Later, Teresa approached Hope to discuss how Hope had met the hunky guy, and the giggling Hope regaled Teresa with the tale of discovering Wyatt outside, showering naked. Teresa called it "crazy romantico" when she heard about the chase, the fall, and the kiss in the woods.

Later, Wyatt approached Hope to thank her for inviting him. Hope joked that he was actually dressed. Turning toward the partygoers, Wyatt asked who her boyfriend was, and Hope frowned.

Rafael and Caroline arrived at the party, and Caroline pouted upon seeing Rick and Maya kissing at a table. Rafael suggested that the couple was too into the relationship for Caroline's plan to work, but Caroline replied that it was exactly the reason Rick wouldn't like his girlfriend kissing someone else.

Carter called for everyone's attention, and he made a toast to the United States of America. He bade everyone a happy holiday, and everyone whooped and hollered.

After the toast, Maya complimented Carter's words. He noted that she seemed skittish. Maya admitted to still being worried that Rick would be upset about the make-out scene from the web series.

Maya saw Caroline and Rafael approach Rick at the bar. Caroline was explaining to Rick that she and Rafael went way back, and they had something Rick would be interested in seeing. Maya slipped up beside Rick, who said they were about to watch scenes from her new series.

Maya said they could see the scenes anytime, but fireworks were rare. She pulled Rick away, and Rafael complimented Caroline for showing restraint. Caroline was sure the scenes would make Rick go ballistic, and it was worth waiting for.

At the cliff house, Bill had just told Liam about what had happened after Brooke's party had ended, and Liam said Bill could stay at the cliff house. Bill claimed he didn't plan to be at the hotel he'd checked into for that long, and he wasn't about to let Katie keep him from his son, either. Bill said that he wouldn't lose his family because he and Brooke had done as Katie had told them to do.

Liam asked if Brooke and Bill had been in a full-blown affair, and Bill briefly explained how the one-time sexual encounter had occurred. Liam was floored that Bill had slept with his wife's sister. Insisting that he knew what he'd done, Bill claimed he didn't need to be told. Bill instructed Liam to focus on his own marriage and asked if there had been word from Steffy.

Bill and Liam discussed Liam's predicament with Steffy, and Bill said that Liam wouldn't get any answers while making party plans with Hope. Bill urged Liam to try a video chat. Liam claimed that he'd done that, but then he agreed with Bill that he needed to try harder. Before Bill left, he said that reaching out would be a good start.

In Paris, Steffy stared out of a window and flashed back to Dr. Caspary saying Steffy couldn't conceive. Liam called, and Steffy readily answered the phone. Liam questioned her about what had happened and said it didn't make sense that she was in Paris. Steffy insisted that it had to be that way, and Liam asked, "What are we right now?"

Steffy told Liam that she'd made herself clear, and they were getting a divorce. "No, you are," Liam retorted. He asked what had happened to make her walk away, but she said not to call her again. She told him that her attorneys would be in touch. "I'm out of your life, and you need to move on with Hope," Steffy tearfully insisted, and she clicked off the line.

Later, Liam called Hope. Fireworks were going off in the background on her side of the call. Liam apologized for not being there but said he'd gotten hung up. He said he'd be at the party, and he started to explain what had delayed him. Hope told Liam that the party would be over by the time he arrived, and he didn't have to explain anything. "I get it. Goodnight, Liam," she said and ended the call.

In the cabana at the beach, Hope threw her phone. Wyatt entered and noted that she was upset. She said Liam wouldn't be there, and she had to go. Wyatt said he didn't know what "that guy's" problem was, but he had to be the biggest fool. Wyatt stroked her cheek and kissed it. "I'm here. Stay," Wyatt suggested.

Caroline becomes jealous as she watches Maya and Rick in one another's arms

Caroline becomes jealous as she watches Maya and Rick in one another's arms

Friday, July 5, 2013

At home, Liam used his phone to text Hope that he was on his way to the party.

Outside at the party, everyone gathered to watch the fireworks. Thomas told Oliver that Teresa had been eyeing Oliver all night, and he'd better make a move before Thomas did. Oliver walked over and wrapped his arms around Teresa. Caroline glared at Rick and Maya, who were huddled together and laughing about the fireworks. "I feel eyes on us," Maya murmured, glancing at Caroline.

Caroline told Rafael to show Rick the scene as soon as the fireworks ended. Reflecting upon when she'd first met Rick, she explained that he'd been enamored with her back then, but somehow, she'd lost him. Caroline was still determined to get Rick back. She flashed back to when she and Rick had expressed their love for each other. She fought back tears and rested her head on Rafael's shoulder.

Marcus, Dayzee, Maya, Rick, Oliver, Teresa, and Carter went inside and chatted about the web series. At the bar, Caroline urged Rafael to show off the footage. Rafael took his laptop over to the group and said he'd heard they were anxious to see a scene.

Maya nervously asked which scene he'd show, and Rafael said it was the best scene so far. As Rafael queued up the scene, Oliver bet that Carter would be shirtless the whole time. As the sauce fantasy scene played, Maya flashed a nervous grin, and Rick shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

In the scene, Maya licked sauce off Carter's cheek. Rafael stopped the footage to get opinions. Dayzee called it steamy, and Carter explained that it seemed a lot sexier on-screen than he remembered it being during filming. Maya asked if Rick was okay, and he took her to the side to talk.

With an enthralled grin, Caroline watched from the bar as, outside, Rick explained to Maya that the scene had been a lot to take in. Maya admitted that she and Carter had kissed, but she claimed that she didn't remember it being so steamy. She said that she was an actress, and it was her job.

Though Rick wanted to support Maya's career, he wasn't comfortable watching Maya make out with Carter. Rick felt she could have warned him about the scene, but she claimed she'd thought it was innocent. Maya attributed the erotic scene to some crazy editing, but she agreed that she should have cautioned Rick about it. She said she wouldn't have wanted to see it, either, if she were in his shoes.

Rick loved that Maya had a great acting opportunity, but he didn't want her to have her hands or lips all over Carter. Rick thought it might be different if it were someone that Rick didn't know or work with every day. He didn't think he could get the idea of it out of his mind.

Maya declared that she was an actress, and it had been her character kissing Carter's character. She thought that Rick -- of all people -- could understand that. Rick murmured that he was getting a drink. He left Maya standing outside alone, and she scoffed.

Back at the bar, Rafael figured that Caroline was right about Rick being the jealous type. Rafael became worried that Rick would pressure Maya to quit. Caroline was certain that being an actress and the star of the show was Maya's dream, and if it got down to it, she'd choose it over Rick.

In the cabana, Wyatt told Hope to forget about the other guy, and they'd have a good time together. Wyatt put his arm around Hope, she smiled, and they watched the fireworks. Liam slipped into the cabana, and surprised, Hope asked what he was doing there.

"What's going on? Who's this?" Liam defensively asked. "I'm Wyatt, and you must be the guy who stood her up," Wyatt quipped.

Liam asked Hope what was going on, and Hope responded that they were watching fireworks. She said Liam hadn't needed to drive all the way there. Liam remarked that, apparently, he'd had to, and he was sorry for not being there sooner. Liam stated that he'd lost track of time earlier.

Hope claimed it was fine but said the party was practically over. Liam apologized again, but he said he really wanted to spend time with Hope. Wyatt asked if Liam had heard Hope say it was too late. Liam asked Wyatt where he'd "come from," and Hope asked Wyatt to let her talk to Liam alone.

Wyatt went to another area of the cabana, and Liam asked if Wyatt was Hope's date. Hope dismally responded that she'd had a date. Liam tried to explain his lateness again, but Hope smarmily figured he'd had more important things to do. Hope assumed that Liam had been talking to Steffy, and Liam replied that Hope knew he'd been trying to get ahold of Steffy ever since Steffy had left.

Hope claimed to understand that, but she said she and Liam had made plans. Hope felt that he should have been with her -- not Steffy, not that night. Hope asserted that Steffy had left him, and Steffy was gone. Hope asked how long it would take for Liam to accept that.

Hope was frustrated that Steffy, who was a thousand miles away, could get between Hope and Liam. Hope wanted to be cool and patient, but there was only so much she could take. Hope said Steffy had chosen to leave him, and he couldn't spend the rest of his life trying to figure out why.

Hope exclaimed that she was right there in front of Liam, but he didn't seem to care. Liam insisted that she knew he cared about her "so much." Hope said she'd thought that what she'd had with Liam was stronger than Steffy's manipulations. Steffy was gone, and Hope needed to know if she and Liam had a chance for a future.

"Yes. Yes, we have a future," Liam assured Hope. Hope asked when it would start. "Now? In a week? What about when Steffy comes back to town -- which she will?" Hope asked. She felt as if she were being taken for granted, and Liam said he hated that he'd made her feel that way. He claimed to appreciate her very much, and he invited her to go somewhere so they could talk more.

Hope told Liam that he could go, but she was staying. "With him?" Liam asked, gesturing to Wyatt. Hope quietly said they'd talk about it another time. "Whoa..." the dazed Liam responded. As Liam left, Hope slung away tears of frustration.

Wyatt asked if Hope were okay. She said she was. He figured it had been weird for her that he could overhear everything. Hope guessed that what he'd heard had freaked him out enough to run away. Wyatt dismissed the idea of leaving, and Hope was glad to hear that.

Wyatt had figured out that things were pretty deep with Liam. Hope responded that they'd had a few engagements and weddings, and Liam's wife was in Paris. Wyatt guessed that the wife couldn't be that into it, and Hope said the problem was that Liam was still into it.

Wyatt thought Liam was an idiot for not knowing what to do with a beautiful girl like Hope. Wyatt said he didn't know Hope that well, but he knew a good person when he saw one. He was certain that there was something extraordinary about her, and if she'd give him time, he'd figure out what it was.

Hope liked that someone actually thought she was mysterious. "I like you," Wyatt said and kissed her. Her eyes fluttered downward, and she noticed a charm on his necklace. She recognized it as a sword, and shocked, her eyes flashed up to his.

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