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Hope became fixated on the story behind Wyatt's sword necklace, but Wyatt's mother, Quinn, chalked the similar Spencer necklaces up to coincidence. Liam flew to Paris and pressed Steffy until she revealed her medical issues. Bill handed Katie an apology tiara, but Katie took his position at Spencer instead.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, July 8, 2013

At home, Brooke prepared to go to work, and Hope asked what would happen if Taylor berated Brooke while at Forrester. Brooke and Rick assumed they would get through things as a family. Citing that Katie was family, Hope struggled to understand how her mother could do what she'd done.

Brooke understood why Hope would be upset by her mother being with a man who disliked Hope. Brooke explained that Katie had pushed Bill and Brooke together, but Hope didn't think that meant the two had needed to give in to Katie's pressure. Hope wanted to know if it had occurred to her mother that Katie had overacted and hadn't really wanted a divorce.

Hope noted that Katie had left and returned to Bill and asked why Bill and Brooke had thought the last time had been any different. Hope questioned why Bill and Brooke had given in to their passions mere moments after Katie had removed her ring.

Brooke said she'd always regret things, but Hope wondered whether Brooke regretted the damage it had caused or regretted loving Bill Spencer. Rick reasoned that Katie had created the love affair, and their mother had accidentally fallen into the trap. Hope insisted that Brooke had known Katie was going through something, but Brooke had still let herself go.

Rick tried to defend Brooke, but Hope quipped that she was talking to Brooke, not him. Hope demanded to know why Bill and Brooke had just let it happen instead of questioning it -- especially after Katie had returned to Bill after the depression. Hope asked if Brooke had really tried to fight it, or if Brooke were not being honest with herself and others about her feelings.

Hope didn't understand how Brooke always wound up in situations that led to inevitable heartbreak, but Hope guessed Brooke thought being in love made it okay. Brooke asserted that it wasn't okay, and Katie had been in pain ever since Taylor had opened her big mouth. Hope asked when it would stop -- before or after Brooke lost everyone that mattered to her.

Hope didn't know if Katie would forgive Brooke the way Bridget had, and Hope was unhappy that Brooke had fallen for someone who'd been deplorable to Brooke's daughter. Brooke wondered if divorce was the best thing for the marriage in question. Hope hinted that Brooke felt that way because she and Bill were still involved.

Brooke insisted that it was over, but a marriage could only stand so much. Brooke said that if Bill wanted to save the marriage, it would take two to work it out. Brooke apologized for shaming her children again and promised to keep it out of the press if she could. Rick said that Brooke didn't have to worry about them. Hope glared at her mother and said part of her wanted to be furious with Brooke.

Hope wanted to scream at Brooke, but because Hope loved her mother, she'd forgive Brooke no matter what. Hope was sorry about the miscarriage but insisted that Brooke had to stop because Katie was in too much pain. Brooke said she'd heal her relationship with Katie no matter how long it took.

At Spencer, Liam asked if Bill had told Katie that Liam had convinced Bill to stay at Liam's house instead of a hotel. Bill grumbled that Katie wasn't responding to him. Liam wondered what his father had been thinking, and Bill asked if he'd get a lecture from Liam, too. Liam said the well-being of his family concerned him, and he wasn't sure Katie could get past what had happened.

Bill thought Katie just needed to blow off steam, but Liam felt that the wound was too raw. Liam suggested that Bill wait a few weeks before approaching Katie. "Are you done cuddling with me yet?" Bill quipped. Bill insisted that his boy needed his father, and Katie needed her husband. Bill hated being the cause of Katie's pain, but he refused to let it be the end of things.

Just then, Bill's jeweler arrived with an item that Bill wanted to add to the diamond collection he'd been building for his wife. Liam gulped in shock upon seeing a sparkling tiara in a small chest. The jeweler left the crown with Bill, and Liam was dumbfounded that his father had bought Katie a tiara.

"She's my queen," Bill responded. Liam called it a little over the top, but Bill said he'd do whatever it took to show Katie how sorry he was. Liam asked why Bill hadn't just sent flowers, and Bill asked Liam if he had any idea how much the tiara had cost. Bill asserted that he and Katie were going to deal with things face-to-face, and he'd return home with his family where he belonged.

At Katie's house, Katie tended to Will and wondered if he missed his father. Donna entered and said it didn't have to be that way and asked if Katie could just give it time. Katie didn't want to discuss it, and Donna figured her sister was upset with her for keeping quiet about the affair. Katie replied that Bill and Brooke had put Donna in a terrible position.

Katie felt that her marriage was over, and she couldn't stay with a man she didn't trust. Donna hoped that Katie wouldn't do anything rash. Donna felt that it didn't have to be the end, and Katie could still have her family. Donna urged her sister to take some time to think and to keep the matter private.

Later, Katie was alone. She grimaced when Bill arrived and asked why he was there. Bill said he was tired of bunking with his son, and Will was counting on his parents. Bill presented her with a small wooden chest. He asked her to open it and see how serious he was about fixing their marriage.

Katie said she didn't want it, and Bill could give it to Brooke. Katie wouldn't look as he opened the box. She asked him not to treat her like a child, and he retorted that she shouldn't act like one. Katie looked at the tiara, and a fiery anger filled her eyes. Bill tried to put it on Katie, but she jerked back, unable to believe he seriously thought a tiara would solve their problems.

Bill tried to tell Katie to whom the tiara had belonged, but Katie didn't care whose it had been. She was outraged that he thought throwing money at the problem would work; however, she realized that it had always worked before -- she'd get upset, he'd buy jewelry, and she'd look the other way.

Bill impressed upon Katie that they had a son who was counting on them, but she wondered if he'd even want her if they didn't have Will. Bill didn't know how Katie could wonder about that, but Katie replied that he'd advised her to take responsibility for what had happened. He corrected that he'd asked her to share responsibility for it with him and Brooke.

Katie was fine with sharing responsibility for the marital problems, but she cited that Bill's actions were on him. "You did this," she bit out. Katie exclaimed that Bill had ruined their marriage and their love. She could never look at him the same way or trust him.

Katie wiped away tears and asserted that she wasn't changing her mind about a divorce. She wanted the hurt and humiliation to end. Bill doubted she wanted to do that to their family or to make him an absentee father. Bill said he loved her, their son, and their family, and he asked her to let him return home.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

by Pam

At Katie and Bill's place, Bill begged Katie to reconsider her decision to kick him out. Katie refused. She said she didn't know how much time she had left on earth, but "I won't spend a single second being your doormat," she said. Bill warned that she was breaking up their family and taking away his son.

Katie apologized and said their son would have to learn that actions have consequences. She hoped that when Will grew up, he would be a better man than Bill. She suggested that Bill could teach Will whatever he wanted every other weekend. "That will be your time with him," she said. "I want a divorce."

Bill argued that Katie had pushed him into Brooke's arms. Bill reasoned that he had slept with Brooke because of circumstances that Katie had created. It never would have happened if Katie hadn't left him, Bill said. Katie shook her head.

Katie asked how long it had taken Bill to get Brooke's clothes off. Katie wondered if she had even gotten out of Brooke's house before Bill and Brooke had hit the sheets. Katie wondered if Bill had any idea how much that had hurt Katie.

Bill insisted that he deserved to be forgiven. He reminded Katie that he had forgiven her numerous times for walking out on him. He added that Katie had abandoned Bill and Will. Katie defended herself and reminded Bill that she had been sick. Katie added that she'd already forgiven a lot. "But not this; not my sister and a pregnancy," she shouted.

Katie said she had sworn that she would never end up like her mother -- her father had always left them. Bill noted that Katie had turned into her father instead. Katie argued, but Bill pointed out that he had not been a horrible cheater. He added that his tryst with Brooke never would have happened if Katie hadn't put the wheels in motion and walked out on him numerous times.

Bill said he knew Katie didn't want a divorce. He knew she wouldn't give up on them and their marriage. Later, Katie's lawyer showed up with the divorce paperwork. Katie flashed back to all the good times with Bill: her engagement, wedding, sonogram of Will, and his birth.

The attorney suggested that Katie sign the papers and move forward. Katie signed, and the attorney left. Katie tearfully recalled good times in her marriage.

At Liam's office, Carter offered his condolences to Liam about the loss of the baby. Carter said he had been surprised that Steffy had left Liam. Liam said that he didn't understand Steffy's attitude. Carter agreed that the miscarriage had messed up Steffy's emotions. Liam said it was more than that.

Steffy, Liam said, had been focused on having another baby and then had decided to leave Liam and told him to have a life with Hope. Carter asked if being with Hope was what Liam wanted. Liam said he didn't know what to do. Liam added that he had to understand why Steffy had walked away from the marriage so that he could do the same.

At home, Brooke thanked Hope and Rick for their forgiveness. Brooke admitted that Katie would probably never forgive her. Hope said she might never understand what had driven Brooke to make such poor decisions, but Hope promised to support her mother. In exchange, Brooke promised to stay out of Hope and Liam's relationship.

Rick asked about Hope's date at Rick's Fourth of July party. Brooke teased that it was the naked guy from the woods. Rick was surprised, and Hope caught Rick up on her meeting in the woods with Wyatt. Brooke hoped that Liam would pull through for hope, but Hope said she didn't want to wait. Hope refused to wait forever for Liam to make up his mind.

Hope told Rick and Brooke that Wyatt had the same sword necklace as Liam. Brooke teased that perhaps Bill was a trendsetter and someone had created knock-offs. Rick left, and Bill called Brooke to meet with him at his office. Brooke opened the door to leave, and Liam entered.

Liam told Hope that he needed to get answers about his marriage before he could move on with Hope. Hope noticed that Liam was still wearing his wedding ring. Hope added that she was ready to be his wife, but she understood he wasn't ready. "What do we do?" she asked.

Brooke showed up at Bill's office. He announced that Katie wanted a divorce. Bill claimed that Katie would not give up on them. Katie's lawyer showed up with the signed divorce papers. Bill was shocked and announced to Brooke that Katie had filed for divorce.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Brooke discussed Katie. Bill lamented that Katie had ended their marriage. Brooke told him not to give up on his marriage. Bill said he didn't want to visit his wife or his son. He wanted to live with them.

Brooke encouraged Bill to give Katie some space. Brooke promised that Katie would change her mind, but Brooke noted that Katie had acted out of anger. Bill claimed that Katie had been partially responsible for the one time that Bill and Brooke had made love. Bill claimed they hadn't had a torrid affair -- just one tryst.

Bill justified that what happened between Bill and Brooke had taken place because Katie had pushed them together many times. Bill and Brooke agreed they had taken care of Will for months but never participated in romance. Brooke announced that she planned to visit Katie, but Bill advised against it. Brooke promised it would be fine.

At Katie's house, Karen talked to Katie about what Bill had done. Katie thanked Karen for traveling from New York to Los Angeles to see Katie. Karen said that Bill didn't know what he had lost, but Karen did. Karen vowed to support Katie. Karen announced that Bill had to pay for what he had done. Katie said she was too numb to be bitter.

Karen was in disbelief that Bill had turned to Katie's sister. Karen added that Katie deserved 50 percent of Bill's share of the company, but Katie said she had only asked for one percent. Karen warned Katie not to allow Bill back into the house. Karen said that Katie deserved better.

Brooke showed up and interrupted. Katie was angry that Brooke had arrived. Brooke warned Katie not to divorce Bill. Karen and Katie realized that Brooke had been with Bill when he received the divorce papers. Brooke reminded Katie that Katie loved Bill and would regret a divorce for the rest of her life.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Liam discussed their future. Hope asked if she and Liam had a future together. Liam said he was worried about Steffy and frustrated that Steffy had displayed such drastic changes in attitude and had made such life-altering decisions without any warning. Liam worried that something was physically or mentally wrong with Steffy.

Hope worried about her relationship with Liam. Liam apologized for making Hope put her life on hold for him. He insisted that he had to find out the real reason Steffy had left the country. Liam begged Hope to be patient. Hope wondered what Liam wanted. Hope knew that Steffy was always in Liam's head, and Hope didn't want to continue to postpone her future.

Liam said he wanted to find the truth, and he planned to talk to Steffy's doctor. Hope agreed it was a good idea. Hope kissed Liam and wanted to believe that Liam would let Steffy go after he found out what was wrong. Hope added that she couldn't wait forever. Liam agreed. He admitted that it had hurt him when he had seen Hope with another guy. Liam left.

In a jewelry store, Wyatt smiled as he recalled spending time with Hope. He tugged on his sword necklace. He flashed back to meeting Hope at Big Bear, chasing her, and kissing her in the woods. He recalled all of his subsequent meetings and kisses with Hope.

Dr. Caspary was in her office, and she pulled out Steffy's file. Dr. Caspary flashed back to the moment she had broken the news to Steffy that Steffy would never be able to conceive again. Liam interrupted. Liam asked about Steffy, but Dr. Caspary said she could not say anything to Liam without Steffy's permission. Liam dished that Steffy planned to divorce him, and she had left the country.

Liam was worried about Steffy's emotional and physical well-being. Dr. Caspary expressed surprise at Steffy's actions. Dr. Caspary acknowledged that she had seen Steffy, but it had been weeks, and Caspary recommended that Liam talk to Steffy. Liam acknowledged that he suspected something had been wrong with Steffy.

At home, Hope alternated between sweet memories of kissing Liam and others of kissing Wyatt. Liam interrupted her daydreaming when he called. Hope asked if Liam had found his answers about Steffy. Liam shared that he had met with Dr. Caspary, and he believed that something was drastically wrong with Steffy.

Liam added that he was on his way to visit Steffy in Paris. He asked Hope to wait for him, and he said that he loved her. Hope was shocked.

Hope hung up and cried. She flashed back to dates with Liam, their wedding, and their near-wedding at Liam's house. Wyatt arrived and noticed that Hope had been crying. He asked what was wrong. Hope said nothing was wrong, and then cried that Liam had gone to Paris to see Steffy. Wyatt hugged her. She noticed the sword necklace around his neck again.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

At home, Hope explained that Liam needed to figure out why his wife had left before he could move on with Hope. Wyatt said he didn't understand anyone who'd bail on someone like Hope.

Hope asked to know more about Wyatt and his necklace. He said it was a family thing. She relayed that Liam and his father wore sword necklaces. Wyatt explained that his mother, a jewelry designer, had made it. He'd found it in her vault, and it had been one of the first pieces she'd made.

Wyatt asked if Hope had heard of Quinn Jewelry, but Hope hadn't. He said he helped his mother run the business. Hope suggested that he hit Bill Spencer up for ad space, because Bill wore the design all the time. Wyatt was surprised to hear that because the sword was the only one his mother had said she'd ever made. Hope was amazed by how identical the swords seemed.

Wyatt called it impossible, but she wondered if Bill had somehow gotten a copy of the design. Wyatt doubted it and said it had to be a coincidence. She suggested that he ask his mother about it.

Wyatt and Hope exchanged smiles, and she asked how he'd known she'd be home. He said he'd taken a chance while on a delivery in the neighborhood. They fondly remembered what had happened at Big Bear. He felt bad about her fall and hoped she didn't think he'd taken advantage of her with the kiss. Hope didn't think that, and Wyatt was glad, because whenever he saw her, he didn't know how he could do anything but kiss her.

On the flight to Paris, Liam flashed back to his wedding day. He then recalled assuring Hope that once he found out the truth, the marriage would be over. Thoughts of his last, cryptic discussion with Steffy ran through his mind, and he sighed.

In Paris, Steffy flashed back to the anguishing moment she'd learned that she couldn't have children. Steffy received a call from Liam, and upon answering it, she said she'd told him not to call her. Liam conveyed that he was on his way to Paris because things didn't add up. He asked her to be there when he arrived because she owed him at least a conversation.

Liam revealed that he'd talked to Dr. Caspary, and he knew that something was wrong. Steffy told him not to worry; however, he said the doctor had advised him have a talk with Steffy, and that was exactly what he and Steffy were going to do.

At Bill's house, Brooke arrived to plead Bill's case, and Katie readily figured out that Brooke had been with Bill when he'd received the divorce papers. Karen decided to leave, but as she exited, she told Katie to be strong because Katie deserved a life free of men like Karen's brother.

In Bill's office, Justin reviewed Katie's settlement offer and said it was more than fair. Bill stated that Katie wouldn't get any of it because they weren't getting a divorce. Bill felt that Katie didn't really want a divorce, but to Justin, the settlement indicated that she wanted to get out as fast as she could.

Bill declared that there would be no divorce, and he said Brooke had gone to talk to Katie on his behalf. As Bill's attorney and friend, Justin warned that Bill talking to Brooke was a bad idea. Karen entered and said that Katie felt the same way.

Karen informed Bill that things had been tense at his house when Brooke had arrived. Bill let his sister know that she was interrupting his meeting with his counsel. Karen claimed to know what the meeting was all about, and she urged Bill to sign the divorce papers.

Justin left, and Bill expressed his discontent that his sister had gone to his wife first. Karen guessed he'd wanted to coach her on what to say to Katie first. "Yes!" Bill asserted. He said he wasn't the only one to blame, and Karen assured him that Karen blamed Brooke, too. He asked if Katie had taken any of the blame, because the situation wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Karen asked if Katie had bought Bill an apology tiara. "What is wrong with you?" Karen asked. She couldn't believe he thought buying a shiny trinket would work. Frustrated, Bill started to say to whom the tiara had belonged, but cutting himself off, he murmured that his marriage was his business. Karen asked if their business and the opinions of the board mattered.

Bill asserted that the board could kiss his butt. He raged that Katie was the one making a spectacle by lashing out and hiring lawyers to end their marriage. He declared that it wouldn't happen, and he was putting an end to the foolishness. Karen shook her head as Bill stormed out.

Back at Bill's house, Brooke said Bill wanted to fix the marriage. Katie asserted that he couldn't fix it, and neither could Brooke. Brooke said that divorce wouldn't make the pain go away, and acting too rashly was a mistake. Katie, however, had made up her mind, and while she wouldn't cut Bill out of their son's life, he had no place in hers. Katie hated to say it, but Brooke no longer had a place, either.

Brooke accepted Katie's feelings but implored Katie to lay the blame at Brooke's feet. Brooke urged Katie not to give up because Bill wanted to work it out. Katie said if that were true, he would have left it at an apology. Instead, he'd defended Brooke, just as Brooke was defending him.

Bill arrived at his house and saw Katie and Brooke together. He said he needed to be alone with his wife, and Brooke took off. Katie told Bill that she couldn't talk about it anymore, not if he wanted to discuss her supposed role in him sleeping with her sister. Bill declared that she and Will meant everything to him, and nothing in the world was more important.

Bill went upstairs and returned with Will. Bill said that Katie had risked her life for the family, and he believed she'd do anything to keep it together. Katie replied that she hadn't wanted it to happen, but she couldn't be married to Bill anymore. Bill pressed, but Katie didn't want to have the conversation in front of Will. Bill said they could avoid all of it if she'd find a way to forgive him.

Katie put Will back in the nursery, and when she returned downstairs, she instructed Bill to leave. Bill refused to let her leave him, and he tried to kiss her. She tore herself away and said it was his instinct not to give up or fail. She told him to ask himself if the marriage was really worth fighting for.

Bill believed it was, and he said he and Katie would get through things as they'd done before. He didn't expect her to forgive him right away, and he wondered what he had to do to convince her of his commitment. Katie said she believed him, but it wasn't what she wanted.

Bill didn't believe that Katie didn't want a stable family for their son. He felt that, despite their mistakes, being Will's parents was their foundation. He believed that if they built upon it, they'd get it all back. Bill swore he could be everything Katie needed, but she claimed that all she needed was a divorce.

Katie asked Bill to give her one percent of the company and move out. She said she was sorry; however, it was over. She asserted that she was done asking for his forgiveness, and she had none to give him. In disbelief, Bill wordlessly left, and Katie sobbed to herself.

Friday, July 12, 2013

In Paris, Steffy was anxious when Liam arrived. She wondered what he was even doing there, and Liam said he deserved to know what had happened that had been bad enough for her to leave him. Steffy asked what Dr. Caspary had told Liam. He responded that the doctor had advised him to talk to his wife, and he asked what he was missing.

Steffy wiped away tears, and Liam urged her to talk to him. She cried that she'd ruined everything with her recklessness, but that hadn't been all. She explained that a complication had arisen during her procedure, and she could never have children.

As Steffy cried, Liam held her in his arms and expressed sadness that she'd borne the heartache alone. She lamented her decision to ride the motorcycle and said it had ruined their chances of having a family. Liam explained that there were other ways to have children; however, she asserted that it wasn't for her, and that hadn't been how they'd planned it.

Liam disagreed. He felt that it didn't matter who carried the baby. For him, all that mattered was nurturing a child in a stable home. He said she should have told him, and they could have worked through it because that was what marriage meant.

Steffy claimed that she wasn't the same person Liam had signed up for, but Liam said it wasn't her decision to make. He asked if she thought he would stop loving her because she couldn't have children. "Liam, come on!" she sobbed. She said he'd gotten his answer, and he should be with Hope.

"Why? Because she can make a baby, and you can't?" Liam asked. Steffy claimed that everything had changed, but he didn't believe she'd just stopped loving him. Steffy said that being with him would constantly remind her of what she'd lost, and she'd rather take the memories and run. She asserted that she'd made her decision, but Liam asked if he got a vote.

Liam said that it was about him, too, and he didn't want to lose Steffy. Steffy said he'd been her first real love, but first loves weren't always meant to last. She asked him to move on, but he countered that going home with him was a better idea. Steffy refused and urged him to go to Hope, who'd give him everything Steffy couldn't.

Liam felt that Steffy wasn't thinking straight, but Steffy said it was her decision. Liam said he'd never regretted a moment he'd spent with her. He swept her in for a kiss, and as they held each other, Steffy said she just wanted him to be happy. Liam tore himself away and rushed out of the hotel room.

"Liam," Steffy uttered, making her way to the door. She swung it open, but she was too late. Liam had gone already. She closed the door and sank to the floor in a muddle of tears.

At the Quinn warehouse, Hope and Wyatt arrived in a truck, and Hope was impressed by the setup. She asked if he lived there, too, and affirming it, he said his mother wanted everyone to be workaholics like she was. He expected his mother to be there that day, and Hope indicated that it was her chance to inquire about the necklace.

Wyatt and Hope toured the warehouse, and touching his necklace, Hope was amazed by what it had taken to make it. Wyatt stared at her, and lost in her eyes, he noted how expressive they were.

Hope asked to know more about Wyatt and his family. Wyatt relayed that his father had died when he'd been young. His mother had said he was better off not knowing the extreme, self-centered, materialistic man that his father had been. Hope replied that Wyatt hadn't taken after his father.

Wyatt put a pearl necklace around Hope's neck, and from behind them, they heard Wyatt's mother, Quinn, ask to see how it looked. Wyatt introduced Quinn to Hope Logan of Forrester Creations. "Also known as the girl in the woods," Quinn added, and Hope expressed embarrassment.

Hope remarked that Wyatt was charming, and he was working on charming her away from Liam Spencer of Spencer Publications. Hope asked about the necklace, citing that Bill and Liam wore similar sword necklaces. Quinn said she'd only made the one, and it was possible that another designer had made similar pieces. Quinn took off, and Wyatt said Hope would see Quinn again if Wyatt had his way.

In Bill's office, Justin was advising Bill to sign the divorce papers when Katie and her lawyer arrived. Bill relayed that he hadn't read the papers, and Katie asked if he had a problem. He answered that he didn't want the divorce. He asked to speak to Katie alone, and the lawyers left the room.

Bill indicated that it wasn't too late to stop the divorce. He said he wanted to give their son a stable family with parents who worked out conflicts together. Katie asked if he'd been "working out conflicts" with Brooke. He expressed his determination to try and asked if she could try, too.

Katie stated that staying in a bad marriage wouldn't do their son any good, and she and Bill couldn't find their way back from his betrayal. He believed they could if she'd let them. Katie tearfully said she wanted Bill to be a big part of Will's life, but Bill couldn't be in her life anymore. She indicated that she'd signed the settlement papers, and she asked Bill to do the same.

Bill called the lawyers back into the room and asked if the papers were in order. Justin replied that they only needed Bill's signature. Bill signed and mumbled that he hoped Katie was happy. Justin handed the papers to Katie, and the lawyers quietly left. Katie told Bill that she was sorry.

Upon hearing footsteps, Bill turned and saw his sister in the room. He asked "what the hell" she was doing there, and she said Katie had requested her presence. Katie added that while he'd been spending time with her sister, she'd been spending time with his. Katie felt that she and Karen had grown closer, and Karen respected her.

Karen said Bill had lost a great woman, and he was a disgrace. Karen recalled that Katie had run Forrester, but Bill retorted that he'd appointed Katie to that position. He asked what the point was, and Karen stated that the divorce had taken his shares from fifty percent to forty-nine percent. Karen had become the majority shareholder in Spencer, and she'd made her first official decision.

Karen asked Katie to explain it to Bill. Katie conveyed that Karen had reminded Katie that she was more than Bill's shattered wife, and she didn't have to be a victim. Katie wanted to get back to herself as a savvy businesswoman, and she couldn't do that with Bill around.

Bill again asked what the point was. Katie revealed that Karen had appointed Katie as the new CEO of Spencer Publications, and Bill had officially been fired.

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