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Hope shared her suspicion with Wyatt that he could be Liam's brother, but when Quinn heard about it, she said that was crazy. Katie and Karen took over Spencer Publications, and Brooke and Katie argued over Katie's decisions. The steamy on-set scenes began to affect Carter. Liam proposed to Hope.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, July 15, 2013

In his office, Bill laughed at Katie and contended that her one percent didn't make her powerful enough to be CEO. Katie reasoned that it was very powerful when paired with Karen's percentage. Bill said the takeover was a joke, and the women were too reasonable to think they could get away with it.

Karen stated that it was already done, and Bill demanded to know what her angle was. "Do you want me to cut you another check you haven't earned?" he roared. Karen quipped that Bill was lucky Katie hadn't asked for half of everything he'd amassed during the marriage.

Bill asked to talk to his wife alone, but Katie said they were no longer married. Bill stated that the papers hadn't been filed, and they could fix it. Katie said it didn't need fixing, and he threatened to rip up the papers. Karen scoffed, and Bill screamed at her to get out. Katie replied that the only person who would be leaving was Bill.

Bill insisted that Katie wasn't handling it the right way, and he accused Karen, who'd always had it in for him, of brainwashing Katie. Katie asserted that she could have thought of it all by herself, but he said using those tactics wasn't who she was. He insisted that he'd apologized; however, Katie said he words meant nothing to her, and there was nothing more he could say.

Bill couldn't believe Katie wanted that life for Will. He warned that if she fired him, the company would sink faster than the Titanic. "I am Spencer Publications!" he yelled. He warned that Katie couldn't punish him without punishing Liam, herself, and Will, and she was on the path to destroying their family.

Katie assured Bill that she'd considered all the ramifications, and she was looking forward to her new role as CEO. Bill asked what the board would think, but Karen replied that they'd already approved it. Bill guessed that was why he never listened to "those morons."

Bill reasoned that running a dressmaking company for five minutes wasn't the same as running a multi-national conglomerate. Katie figured she had a wonderful team and Karen at her disposal. Scoffing, Bill indicated that Karen hadn't contributed one thing of value to the company, and she'd been a partner in name only. He predicted a financial disaster and that the business would be underwater six months after the investors ran for the hills.

Katie guessed Bill had no confidence in her, but she said his opinion no longer mattered. Bill claimed that his confidence in her to run Forrester was not the same thing. Spencer was the big leagues, and he'd been taking that company forward for a long time. Karen quipped that it was his chance to start a hobby like jumping off a building without a parachute.

Bill figured it wasn't about business. In his view, Katie and Karen were pulling out their "she-woman man-eater cards." Katie decided that the more he talked, the more convinced she was that she and Karen had done the right thing. Bill urged Katie not to break up their family, but she insisted that he'd broken it up, not her.

Karen noted that for the first time in his life, Bill wasn't getting his way and had lost money and power, which had meant everything to him and their father. Bill ordered Karen not to compare him to their father. He yelled that it was his building, and everyone in it answered to him. Karen said it wasn't that way anymore, and they wouldn't be bullied.

Karen ushered in security and told them that they needed to get Bill out. Bill asked Katie if she'd really force him out of his own building. Katie advised him to make it easy and walk away. Flanked by guards, Bill strode into the corridor and boarded the elevator. Katie eased down into Bill's former seat.

At Quinn's warehouse, Hope was still pondering Wyatt's necklace. She asked again if Quinn was sure she'd never sold any to Bill Spencer. Quinn, who was working at a nearby table, replied that she'd know if she had. Wyatt asked if Hope were intrigued by the necklace or the guy wearing it. Hope replied that she was more intrigued in him than he realized, and Quinn seemed to become troubled.

Wyatt said that he and Liam had the same taste in jewelry and women, but the similarities ended there. Wyatt claimed to be way smarter than Liam because Wyatt would never let Hope go. Wyatt invited Hope to lunch, but she said she needed to get going.

After Hope left, Quinn talked jewelry, but Wyatt wanted to hear her opinion of Hope. He noted that Quinn hadn't been enthusiastic about meeting Hope, and he guessed his mother wasn't happy about Hope being a member of the gossip-plagued Forrester family. Quinn claimed not to care about that, but she said she didn't think Hope was the right girl for Wyatt.

Wyatt asked what made his mother say that, and Quinn explained that Hope's famous life could have drawbacks. Wyatt guessed that Quinn felt he lived a quiet life there at the warehouse. It had always been himself and his mother, and he claimed he'd never regretted that. He figured Quinn felt that he'd get hurt by trying to compete with a billionaire for Hope's affections.

Wyatt knew it would be hard, but he wouldn't back down because he felt that Liam was totally arrogant. Wyatt recalled that he'd read that Liam's father was the same way; however, Wyatt guessed that one didn't get that powerful without being greedy and hurting many people along the way.

Quinn seemed to be deep in thought. As she worked, she slipped while using some pliers. Wyatt asked if she were okay. She shrugged it off, and he got her some new pliers.

At Forrester later, Hope located Rick in the CEO's office. Noting that she looking upset, he asked what Liam had done that time. Hope told Rick about Liam's trip to Paris to gain closure. Rick said that if Liam didn't return and beg Hope to be with him, then Hope needed to move on.

Hope admitted that she'd been distracted by the guy who'd kissed her up at Big Bear. "Well...I like him..." Hope said. She told Rick that there was a lot she didn't know about Wyatt and a lot Wyatt might not know about himself. She explained to Rick about the coincidence she'd discovered with the sword necklaces, and she'd sensed a weird reaction from Wyatt's mother upon asking about it.

Hope relayed that Quinn had insisted that it was a one-of-a-kind piece, and she'd never made one for Bill; however, Quinn had been unsettled by Hope's connection to the Spencers. Hope wondered if Quinn could be hiding something. Rick thought Hope could be seeing something that wasn't there.

Hope agreed that it was possible, but she noted that Wyatt had described his deceased father as a materialistic, self-centered, arrogant jerk. Rick asked if she were seriously implying that Wyatt and Liam were half-brothers. Hope reasoned that Liam hadn't known about Bill, and Liam and Wyatt reminded her of each other -- though Wyatt at least went after what he wanted. Hope decided that it was crazy, and she had to stop thinking about it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Katie rearranged Bill's office. She replaced the booze and photos then added flowers -- to make it her own office. Karen told Katie that she had done the right thing when she had fired Bill. Katie agreed it was time to get to work and make both Katie and Karen proud.

Liam interrupted and incredulously asked, "You fired my dad?" Justin, Alison, and another employee followed Liam into the office. Liam angrily accused Katie of tearing Will's family apart. Liam promised that Katie would regret her decision. Liam defended his father as historically the best leader of Spencer Publications because he had built the company.

Liam acknowledged that Bill had done a terrible thing in hooking up with Brooke, but Liam warned Katie not to punish Bill by kicking him out of his own company. Liam wondered how it had even been possible. Karen explained that Katie had received one percent of the company from Bill's 50 percent, which left Karen with 50 percent ownership and the majority role. Justin clarified that Bill had had no idea his company had been pulled out from under him. Katie advised everyone that she had made her decision, and it was final. Everyone but Katie and Karen left. Katie worried that Will was with a nanny, but she promised Karen that she had no second thoughts.

Danielle arrived. Karen and Katie updated Danielle about the company ownership. The three women celebrated that Spencer would be ushered into the 21st century. Karen said she had to return to New York but promised not to abandon Katie. Karen wished Katie luck, and Katie responded that she felt stronger than she had in a long time.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Maya made out with Rick and confessed that she was late for work again on the web show because she had been making out with him. Hope interrupted. Maya left for work on the show, and Hope and Rick discussed that Maya and Carter's love scenes had bothered Rick. Hope reminded her brother that the scenes were between actors and not Maya and Carter.

Rick agreed he would try not to let him bother him. He agreed that acting was Maya's dream, and he couldn't ask her to give it up any more than Maya could ask him to give up working at Forrester because there were beautiful models coming on to him all the time.

Rick told Hope that he felt that he and Maya had a future together -- with a family and much more. Hope was touched that Rick felt so strong about Maya. Rick agreed he wanted a future with Maya.

Later, Liam showed up at Forrester to see Hope. Hope wondered if Liam had received answers from Steffy in Paris, and Liam responded that the doctor had been correct to send him to see Steffy. Hope wondered what was next. "I'm home. With you," Liam said.

At the studio that taped the web show, Caroline teased Carter about a relationship with Maya. Carter warned that it was a closed set for their love scene. Caroline shared that she thought Maya had feelings for Carter. Caroline added that she knew Carter had feelings for Maya.

In private, Caroline and Rafael discussed that the love scene between Maya and Carter was hot, and Caroline guessed that Rick would soon be hers once he had seen the love scenes. The fantasy scene brought Maya and Carter together in some steamy makeout sessions, and Rafael re-taped the scenes several times to keep the heat. During the scenes, Maya and Carter had some intense moments, and Carter admitted he didn't want to stop kissing Maya, and Maya agreed she didn't want him to stop.

Later, at Forrester, Caroline announced to Rick that Maya and Carter were scorching up the screen at the set.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

by Pam

After the shoot for the web show, Carter and Maya discussed the sexy fantasy scenes they had been doing. Carter noted that he had trouble turning off his feelings when the cameras stopped rolling. Maya admitted there was a lot of energy, and she felt that she had a connection with Carter, but it wasn't real.

Maya reminded him that Scarlett, her character in the show, was kissing Carter and not Maya. Carter was disappointed, but Maya praised Carter's looks and everything about him. "Look at you," she cooed. Carter was pleased, but Maya insisted that she was committed to Rick. Carter replied that the scenes were getting hotter every day. Maya responded that Carter needed to keep cold water running in his dressing room shower.

At Forrester, in Rick's office, Caroline tattled to Rick that the sexy scenes between Maya and Carter were incredibly hot. She added that Rafael had told her he had been lucky to find two unknowns with such great chemistry.

Caroline put on a fur and suggested that she and Rick put on their own show, since Maya was making out with another guy for her job. Caroline tried to kiss Rick, but Rick turned away. He reminded Caroline that he was committed to Maya. Caroline commented that a match between a Spencer and a Forrester was a perfect match. Caroline recalled that she and Rick had made a great team at one time.

Rick agreed that he and Caroline had been good together. He complimented Caroline and said that she was wacky and very special to him. Caroline teased that she knew she was a head case at times. Rick smiled, but he warned that he didn't want to have another breakup discussion. Rick said he planned a future with Maya. Caroline tearfully acknowledged that she understood.

Caroline checked her phone, and Rafael had sent her clip of the sexy scenes between Maya and Carter. Caroline showed the clip to Rick. Maya arrived. Caroline said they had watched her fantasy scenes. Caroline left, and Rick admitted to Maya that he found the scenes upsetting.

Maya admitted that she was upset too because it was not what she had signed up for. Rick understood that she had to take acting roles, no matter what they were, because every role could lead to a better role. Rick teased that Maya was very good at acting from what he had seen with Carter. Rick promised to support Maya's career.

At Quinn's jewelry facility, Wyatt checked out pictures of Hope on the Internet. He chatted about Hope to his mom, but Quinn remarked that Wyatt and Hope did not travel in the same social circles. Wyatt wondered why Quinn had been so negative about Hope. Quinn replied that she did not think Hope was the right girl for him.

Wyatt looked at a photo of Hope and Liam, and he told Quinn that Liam's sword necklace looked exactly like the one that Wyatt had. Quinn responded that it was a strange coincidence. Wyatt remarked that he had no idea why Hope had been hung up on Liam. Wyatt hoped that Liam had stayed in Paris. Wyatt flashed back to his first meeting with Hope, and he smiled.

In Hope's office at Forrester, Liam confided to Hope that he was home, and he was never leaving her again. Liam shared that Steffy had abruptly ended their marriage because Steffy could no longer have children. Liam said, "She sacrificed her happiness for ours."

Hope looked despondent. Hope sympathized with Steffy's inability to conceive and felt horrible for her, but she felt that Steffy had passed Liam off to second best. Liam said it wasn't like that. Hope noted that Liam loved Steffy even more for letting him go because Steffy didn't want to hold Liam back from having a family.

Liam appeared confused. Hope knew what would happen next. Hope told Liam that Steffy would eventually heal, return to Los Angeles, and try to renew her relationship with Liam. "We'll be right back in the same place we've always been," Hope said.

Hope insisted that she needed more. Liam looked confused. Hope said she didn't want to start their lives together if he still loved Steffy. Hope pointedly announced that she didn't want Liam to choose Hope just because Steffy had let him go.

Hope believed that she would never have all of Liam's love, and it wasn't enough. "I deserve all of you, nothing less," Hope said. She calmly remembered that she had been selfless in waiting for him for so long while he had divided his feelings between Steffy and Hope.

Hope felt that Liam was obviously still connected to Steffy, and Hope refused to continue that relationship. Hope deserved a relationship that didn't include Steffy or feelings of indebtedness to Steffy for sacrificing her happiness for Liam and Hope. Liam asked what he could do to prove that he wanted a life with Hope, and Hope said he needed to consider what he wanted, not make a decision because Steffy thought it was best for Liam. Liam tried to interrupt.

Hope remarked that none of Liam's words were convincing. She warned that he needed to remove his wedding ring to end one relationship before he could start another. Liam agreed. He turned away and looked at his ring for a long time. He slowly removed it and clutched it in his hand. Liam turned back to Hope, but she had already left. Liam went out into the hall to find her, but Hope was nowhere in sight.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

At Brooke's house, Liam rang the doorbell again and again. Brooke answered the door, and he relayed that he needed to talk to Hope. Hope hadn't been answering her phone for Liam, and Brooke responded that she had no idea where Hope was. Liam offered to wait and hang out with Brooke.

Liam and Brooke discussed the fallout from the Spencer divorce. Brooke was waiting for Katie to call back, and Liam expressed his outrage about Karen and Katie's move at Spencer. He said Karen had never cared about the company before, and Brooke asked what Karen had to gain by installing Katie as CEO. Brooke hoped to talk sense into Katie because taking Bill's family should have been enough.

The topic turned to Liam and Hope. Brooke was concerned that Steffy was still insinuating herself into things. Brooke believed Steffy had orchestrated the pregnancy, and Liam was na´ve to Steffy's manipulations. Liam remarked that Brooke didn't know the real reasons behind Steffy's choices.

Liam insisted Steffy had made a sacrifice for him, but he wouldn't elaborate on what the sacrifice had been. Brooke relayed that Hope had scarified for Liam, too. Brooke said that Hope had been patiently waiting, but Liam needed to make his intentions clear to Hope before it was too late.

Liam claimed to have already realized that Hope had been more patient and understanding than he deserved. Brooke theorized that the marriage and pregnancy had deepened Liam's commitment to Steffy, and if that were true, Hope deserved to know it.

Liam relayed that he'd removed his wedding band finally, but when he'd turned to show Hope, she'd disappeared. The incident had led him to Brooke's house that day. He was at a loss about how to get Hope to listen to him. Brooke advised him to be honest and have no more back-and-forth. Brooke warned that other guys were out there, and Hope wouldn't wait forever.

Realizing that Katie still hadn't called back, Brooke decided to leave the house. She permitted Liam to continue waiting for Hope but warned him to do right by Hope before he lost her.

At the Quinn warehouse, Hope popped in to visit Wyatt. He wondered why she looked disappointed and then assumed Liam had done something. Wyatt offered to let her cry on his friendly shoulder, but Hope didn't really want to talk about it. Wyatt wished she'd leave her boyfriend and walk his way. He claimed to be a one-woman man, which he believed was a vast improvement over Liam.

Wyatt showed Hope that he'd done some research on her past achievements at Forrester. She shrugged it off and guessed she wasn't much of a role model anymore. He replied that she was incredible, and he couldn't figure out why his mother had been so weird and distant with her. Usually, Quinn would be more outgoing with his girlfriends.

Wyatt claimed that he'd used the word "girlfriend" because he could see into the future. Hope asked if he saw any new family members in his future. Wyatt was puzzled by the statement, and Hope revealed her "crazy" theory that Liam and Wyatt could be half-brothers. Wyatt thought the idea was ludicrous, and he wasn't ready to accuse his mother of lying to him all his life.

Hope knew that she sounded insensitive, but because of the necklaces, she had a feeling that it was possible. Hope believed that Quinn's description of Wyatt's father fit Bill, but Wyatt replied that Hope was off base. Hope said that if she were right, he could have family across town.

Wyatt didn't know about all that, but he was happy that Hope was spending "so much" time thinking about him. Hope asked Wyatt to humor her. She figured all they had to do was get Quinn and Bill into the same room. "One look is all it would take," Hope reasoned.

Hope figured it could change Wyatt's life, but Wyatt said he liked his life just fine -- especially since he was so close to making the girl from the woods into his future girlfriend. Hope called him relentless. He kissed her cheek, and she decided to take off.

When Hope arrived home, Liam met her in the driveway and announced that she was late. Hope said she didn't know what else there was to say, but Liam replied that she'd walked out before he could say it. Liam lifted up his left hand and showed her that there was no more wedding band. He kissed her, and Hope was surprised to by the developments. Liam assured her that there would be a lot more.

In Bill's old office, Bill arrived, and Katie guessed he was there to get his things. She offered to have someone pack them up for him, but he was hoping it wouldn't be necessary. It felt strange to him to be on the opposite side of the desk, but he said that majority ruled, according to his talk with Justin.

Bill was resigned to accept the business situation but not the dissolution of his marriage. He was prepared to do anything he could to get Katie back, even undergo marriage counseling, but she said all she could see when she looked at him was him and Brooke in bed. Katie had decided to reboot her life, and she suggested that Bill do the same because their past life was no longer an option.

Bill asserted that he wasn't a beggar, but he implored Katie not to give up on their family. Katie quipped that it wasn't like he'd forgotten her birthday; he'd slept with her sister. Katie couldn't begin to know how to deal with that.

Bill guessed ousting him was Katie's idea of revenge, but he said it wasn't like her to be vengeful and spiteful. He added that he hadn't even "seen it coming." He figured she'd had a good teacher. "The best," she replied, and Bill walked out of the office.

Later, Bill met with Brooke at the cliff house. Glad that he'd called, Brooke expressed her frustration over what had happened. Bill explained that Karen and Katie had been clever to have Katie only ask him for the one percent. He figured they'd counted on him being relieved to not have to give up even more and that he'd be eager to sign to prevent Katie from deciding she wanted more.

Brooke was surprised that Katie had set Bill up. "Like a master," Bill responded, sipping scotch. Bill said Karen had been whispering in Katie's ear that someone should take him to his knees. Bill declared that he wasn't on his knees, and Brooke assured him that he'd bounce back better than ever.

Bill said that Brooke was always there, being supportive. Grabbing her purse, Brooke decided that she'd talk to Katie about the insanity that had prevailed. Bill warned that Katie wouldn't listen, but Brooke insisted that she'd make her sister listen.

At Spencer later, Brooke entered the CEO's office, and Katie murmured that a visit from Bill's reinforcement was a stupid idea. Brooke applauded Katie for pulling off her coup. Brooke hoped that the payback felt good but declared that it was over. Brooke ordered Katie to step down as CEO, give Bill the business back, and stop the madness at that instant.

Friday, July 19, 2013

At Hope's house, Liam asked if Hope was ready for an adventure. Hope wondered what he was up to, and he said she'd find out as soon as she invited him inside. Once inside the house, Liam said Hope would be spending a lot of time with him, and she replied that she had the day available.

Liam reminded Hope that he'd removed his ring. Hope anxiously asked what it meant. He said he'd moved on, he was starting over, and he wanted to be with Hope -- if she'd have him. She wanted to believe what she was hearing, but she didn't know if he'd change his mind once Steffy returned.

Liam claimed that what he and Steffy had been together was broken and couldn't be fixed. He said it had been done for a while, and Hope was a big part of the reason for that. "It's always been you. I'm yours," he said. Hope, however, asked, "For how long?" Liam replied that she'd see.

Later, Hope and Liam strolled through the gardens on the estate. He said his favorite thing about the place was the fountain. Hope approached the fountain, and hesitantly asked, "What is that?" She became nervous as Liam retrieved a sparkling ring from beneath the water's surface.

Liam said Hope had expressed that she needed to see that was he committed to her, so he was showing her. To him, the garden felt like Italy, where their life should have begun. Liam asked Father Fontana to join them. Hope panicked, and Liam claimed that he was kidding.

Liam adored many things about Hope. He was tired of talking about a future and ready to start living it. He asked if she'd let him spend his life showing her what she meant to him. "Because the truth is, I just don't want to live without you. So, Hope Logan, will you be my wife?" Liam asked.

At the Quinn warehouse, Wyatt informed his mother that Hope was still intrigued by the necklace. Quinn responded unenthusiastically and said she didn't know why Wyatt insisted upon wearing her outdated sword design.

Wyatt found a photo of Liam and Bill on the Internet and showed his mother that their necklaces resembled Wyatt's. Quinn said she'd already admitted that it wasn't a unique piece, and she actually didn't really care for it. Quinn decided that Hope had put the whole thing in his head, and he probably shouldn't see Hope, who was a bad influence on Wyatt.

Wyatt flashed back to Hope giving her theory about him being related to Liam, and Wyatt told his mother that she probably wouldn't like what Hope had said. He revealed that Hope thought his father might be Bill Spencer, and Quinn became outraged that Hope could conclude that based on some necklaces. Quinn called it ridiculous and said Hope was crazy for making such an accusation.

"There's no way that Bill Spencer can be my father, right?" Wyatt quizzically asked. Quinn Insisted that his father had died. Wyatt said he believed it because Quinn had never lied to him. Quinn figured Hope was filling his head with ideas because he wasn't good enough for Hope as he was.

Wyatt jumped up and began defending Hope. He felt that she was a cool person, and she was into him. He said Hope didn't need to apologize for having money, but Quinn felt that money could make people ugly. Wyatt didn't buy it. He called Hope a hardworking, good person. Quinn told her son not to bank on becoming Hope's boyfriend, and he could do much better than Hope.

Wyatt saw nothing wrong with the Forresters or their money, and he asserted that he and his mother had worked hard for years to get into the same position. Quinn said she was proud of Wyatt and his hard work. Wyatt conveyed that he also needed a good woman, and he'd found one in Hope. Wyatt refused to give up on Hope, even if she was with Liam at the moment.

At Spencer, Brooke said Katie should be ashamed of her manipulations. Katie thought that was a rich thing to hear from the woman who'd started it all by sleeping with Katie's husband. Brooke said they all had been at fault, and though she and Bill had apologized, Katie still wouldn't listen. Brooke thought that Katie was overreacting, but Katie roared that her sister had slept with her husband.

Brooke stated that Katie had reacted by taking what she thought meant the most to Bill. Brooke said the money, power, and influence weren't what Bill really cared about. "It's you. It's Will. It's his family. That's what he wants. What do I have to do to get that through to you?" Brooke insisted.

Brooke called Katie's coup just one in a line of thoughtless decisions. Katie countered that she'd thought it out, and she'd successfully executed it. She enjoyed being behind Bill's desk and understood why he loved power. "It's better than sex," Katie quipped.

Brooke contended that Katie had cheated her way into the position, but Katie replied that taking one percent had been fair. Brooke said Katie had been underhanded, which wasn't like Katie, and Brooke wondered what Katie knew about running a global enterprise. Katie replied that she had run Forrester, and when Will took over the business, he'd be nothing like his father.

Brooke thought the whole thing was just wrong, and she asserted that year after year, Katie would do things, regret them, and then try to take them back. Katie claimed she wouldn't regret it, and she was proud of herself. Brooke asked about all the times Katie had walked out on Bill only to go running back. Brooke cited that each time, Bill had taken Katie back.

Katie cynically called Bill magnanimous and said it was no wonder he and Brooke had hooked up; they each had a twisted sense of logic. Brooke said that Katie could still turn things around. "You're under the assumption that I care. I don't -- not anymore," Katie replied.

Brooke asserted that Katie had forgotten her role in pushing Bill and Brooke together, but Katie declared that she'd been depressed and hadn't been herself. Brooke asked what Katie had become "now," maniac or delusional. Katie raged that she was Brooke's blood, and Brooke should be supporting her sister, not Bill. Brooke, however, claimed not to be taking sides.

Katie said that Brooke could have Bill, but Brooke told Katie to feel lucky that Bill only wanted Katie, even after all Katie had done. Katie scoffed, but Brooke ordered Katie to wake up before Bill gave up on her for good. Katie seethed that only Brooke would blame Katie for something Brooke had done, but Brooke insisted that Katie had ended her marriage and pushed Bill into her sister's arms.

Brooke wondered what Bill had been supposed to do, and Katie ordered Brooke to stop defending him. With each word Brooke said, it became obvious to Katie how much Brooke loved him. Katie told Brooke not to insult Katie by denying it, and Katie decided that Stephanie had been right all along. "You are just a slut from the valley!" Katie yelled. Brooke gasped and smacked Katie in the face.

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