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Katie wanted Bill back, but Bill decided that he was done with Katie and her manipulations. Liam threw Wyatt out, but Bill forced the brothers to make peace and cohabitate. Thorne and Thomas set out to take Rick's job, but thanks to Caroline, Eric continued to give Rick a chance.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 5, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, August 5, 2013

At the cliff house, Wyatt decided to forgive his new brother for the punch, but Liam raged that after kissing Liam's fiancé in Liam's house, Wyatt was lucky that he'd only gotten a punch. Hope stepped between the men. She didn't know whether to be appalled or flattered that two men were fighting over her. "I think I'm gonna go with flattered," she decided.

Hope felt that seeing Liam get angry and jealous was a nice change. Liam wanted to know what "the hell" was going on, and Hope admitted that it hadn't been Wyatt and Hope's first kiss. Wyatt added that it hadn't been the second or third, either, and Hope had seen him naked. Liam was about to become unglued, but Hope explained that it had happened accidentally after Liam had left Big Bear.

Hope and Wyatt told Liam what had transpired at Big Bear with the showering photo, the fall, and the awakening kiss. Liam was mortified, but Hope laughed it off as nothing in comparison to what she'd been through. "He's my damn brother!" Liam raged. Hope laughed, saying, "Who knew?"

Liam asked if there were others he needed to know about, but Hope said it had just been Wyatt. Liam scoffed, and Hope decided that he was cute when he was jealous. Liam found nothing funny about the engaged Hope kissing his brother, but she said Wyatt hadn't done it since the engagement.

Liam asked what he'd just walked in on, and Wyatt stated that Hope had been backing away, which Liam would have known if he'd asked questions instead of punching. "No, I still would have punched you," Liam assured his brother.

Wyatt said he appreciated Hope, unlike Liam, and Liam needed to listen to Hope, who had made it very clear that she felt like Liam's second choice. Wyatt explained that Hope felt like she was Liam's fallback for when things went wrong with Steffy, and Liam was arrogant and disrespectful to expect Hope to wait six months to get married, just for Steffy's benefit.

Wyatt asserted that Hope deserved better, and Hope thanked him. Liam scoffed, but Wyatt advised Liam to wise up before someone better took Hope away from Liam. Liam supposed Wyatt meant himself, and Wyatt knowingly shrugged.

Liam was enraged at Wyatt's gall to stand in Liam's house and lecture Liam about a relationship Wyatt knew nothing about. Wyatt claimed to know more than Liam realized because the history of Liam and Hope was all over the Internet and because Wyatt actually listened when Hope spoke.

Liam refused to look over his shoulder in his own house for the next time Wyatt made moves on Hope. "I want you out," Liam ordered. Hope said Liam couldn't do that, but Liam quipped that he'd already done it. Wyatt remarked that it was "Dad's" house. Liam cited that Wyatt had gotten used to saying that fast, and Wyatt had only met Bill "like five minutes ago."

Wyatt talked about how alike he and Bill were and cited that they preferred red meat, scotch, and cigars to Liam's tofu burgers and bottled water. Liam said Wyatt wouldn't have to deal with Liam's life any longer because Wyatt wouldn't be there. Hope couldn't believe Liam was serious.

Liam held his front door open and said he wouldn't have someone he couldn't trust around -- even if the person was his brother. "Especially if he's my brother," Liam added. Hope told Wyatt she was sorry, and Liam would change his mind after he cooled off.

"Don't count on it!" Liam shouted from the doorway. Wyatt said he'd see Hope soon. "That either!" Liam responded and slammed the door once Wyatt had left. Liam asked what was going on with Hope, and she said Wyatt was fun and interesting. "I was tired of waiting for you. I still am," Hope admitted. Hope said that, even so, he was asking for six more months for Steffy's sake.

Liam said he was frustrated, and he didn't want to wait, either. He knew he'd put Hope through a lot, but he said if she'd hang in there a little longer, they'd have the life they'd always wanted. He added that he couldn't lose her at that point. She said he hadn't, and she didn't want to lose him, either.

Liam suggested that he and Hope spend the time planning the perfect wedding. He assured her that it would happen, and he'd be her husband. Hope replied that, when he put it that way, six months didn't seem to be so long, and the couple kissed.

At Spencer, Katie continued to spy on the babysitting Brooke. Donna expressed her leeriness about Katie setting Brooke and Bill up again but promised not to say anything. Katie replied that she was merely seeing what the pair would do. Bill arrived, Katie closed her laptop, and Donna took off.

Bill said Katie looked good and thought that running the company was good for her. Katie had expected him to tell her to enjoy it while it lasted, but he said his hiatus from the business had arrived at a good time. Bill stated that he had news, but Katie replied that she already knew about his new son.

Bill asked how Katie had found out, and Katie revealed that Brooke had told her. Guessing that Hope had told Brooke, Bill said that Katie should have learned it from him. Katie joked that he was incapable of producing female offspring. "But, then again, you never know," she added.

Katie asked to know about the new son, and Bill explained that Wyatt was a little older than Liam and had been conceived during a careless fling. Bill admitted that it hadn't been his finest hour, and he'd given the mother money for an abortion; however, the mother hadn't gone through with it.

Katie was surprised when Bill cited that Hope had helped him find that son, as well.

Katie said Hope should open a business reuniting parents and children. Bill conveyed that he was grateful, and Wyatt was a lot like his father. Katie asked how Liam felt, and Bill replied that they were all getting along and bonding while staying at the cliff house. "It's all good," the grinning Bill said.

Katie asked Bill if he could relieve Brooke from babysitting again, and Bill guessed that Katie was making him squirm in the penalty box to earn her trust. She said he deserved that and more. Bill cited that she'd already taken herself and the company away from him, and even worse, she'd removed his pictures from around the office. Katie asked who would have pictures of oneself all over one's office.

"Me," Bill confidently replied, and Katie tried to hide a smile. Bill noticed the smile and said he would be back home. He knew the trust was broken, and it would take time to fix. She replied that she was willing to let him in to see his son, and he guessed that it was a start.

Bill wanted to be honest and revealed that he and Brooke had spoken at length the other night about how much they appreciated Katie extending some trust and Katie's willingness to give out second chances. Bill missed his family and their life. Bill left, and Katie uttered, "We'll see..."

At Katie's house, Brooke looked at a picture of Katie, Bill, and Will. Brooke then flashed back to her balloon ride with Bill, and she smiled. Brooke played with Will, and Bill arrived. Unbeknownst to them, Katie was in her office, watching them with her nanny cams.

Donna arrived in Katie's office and couldn't resist the offer to watch, too. On camera, Bill discussed his talk with Katie earlier and asserted that he'd do what it took to get Katie back. Donna told Katie that Bill seemed genuine, and at some point, Katie had to start over with a clean slate. Katie, however, couldn't do that without making sure it was completely over between Bill and Brooke.

Back at the house, the topic changed to Bill's new son. Brooke said she'd met Quinn, who'd been yelling at Hope about outing the secret. Brooke asked how the romance had been, and Bill replied that it had been quick, hot, and then over. He didn't want to be at odds with Wyatt's mother, but she wouldn't stop Bill from being in Wyatt's life.

Brooke remarked that she'd been talking to Will earlier about the child she'd almost had, and Bill thought she'd been incredibly brave to keep the secret. Brooke said she hadn't been about to drop a bomb on his marriage, but she had loved the baby. She stated that it had been nice to think of having a baby of her own. "Our child," she uttered. Bill said he was sorry, and Brooke said she was, too.

At the office, Katie zoomed her camera in on Brooke and Bill, and as she intently watched the screen, Donna murmured, "Don't...Don't do it...."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's place, Hope and Liam made out on the couch. Hope said she didn't want to wait six months because it was a long time, but she loved Liam. Liam thanked Hope for her patience for so many years. He wondered how they had made it through everything they had been through. He said he didn't deserve her and apologized for all he had put her through.

Hope and Liam discussed sneaking off to Vegas for a wedding, but Liam wondered if they wanted family to attend. Hope agreed. She good-naturedly chastised Liam for getting in a fight with his brother. Liam reminded Hope that Wyatt was only his half-brother, and Liam said Wyatt was not going to be living in the house after he had revealed his apparent fondness for Hope. Liam was angry that Wyatt had made moves on Hope, but Hope teased that Liam had gone caveman on Wyatt.

Liam replied that Hope had liked the caveman routine. Hope laughed and agreed that it had been flattering. Hope encouraged Liam to make friends with Wyatt. Liam disagreed. Hope inquired how they were going to spend time alone together if Bill moved in. Liam said that he would put his dad up in a posh hotel to keep him out of the house. Liam made a "Do not disturb" sign to keep Bill away from the bedroom.

Hope and Liam made out and discussed how much they had been through. Liam said that Hope had done far more than she should have ever had to in order to spend her life with him. Hope said Liam was the only one she had ever wanted for the rest of her life. Liam thanked Hope for never giving up on them. He said they were close to achieving the dream they had both wanted for such a long time.

At an outdoor café, Wyatt sat and reminisced about kissing Hope. Wyatt also recalled his fight with Liam over Hope. Wyatt rubbed his lip -- the lip that Liam had split open earlier. Wyatt sent a text message to Bill, stating that he and Liam had argued and that Liam had asked Wyatt to leave the house.

At Katie's house, Brooke and Bill talked in the living room while Katie and Donna watched on the surveillance camera feed on Katie's office computer. Bill received Wyatt's text and responded that Wyatt had to return to the house and patch things up with Liam because they were all family. Bill explained to Brooke that his sons had had a fight, but Wyatt and Liam were brothers and had to learn to get along. Bill professed how important family was to him. Bill said that he had learned all of that from Katie.

Bill added that he wanted to return to Katie and his baby. Bill wanted his family back, and he loved Katie. Brooke reassured Bill that he and Katie would be together soon. The conversation turned to how Bill and Brooke had almost become parents. Brooke regretted that she had lost their baby. Brooke and Bill embraced.

In Katie's office, Katie and Donna watched Bill and Brooke on the surveillance video feed, and Katie remarked that Bill and Brooke were fighting their feelings. Donna disagreed. She told Katie that Bill was showing compassion to Brooke. Donna advised Katie that Bill had just told Brooke how much he loved Katie. Donna wondered how much more proof Katie needed to get back together with Bill.

At Katie's Bill strongly urged Brooke to attend the media event in Monte Carlo. He suggested that Brooke should promote the Brooke's Bedroom line for Forrester. Bill suggested that Forrester needed some good press. He added that no one could do that like Brooke could, and he knew that Brooke was worried about Rick losing the presidency at Forrester.

Brooke prepared to leave, and she told Bill that she hoped he would return to his home soon. Bill again professed his love for Katie.

In Katie's office, Katie watched and wondered if Bill was planning to attend the Monte Carlo event. Donna begged Katie to see that Bill loved Katie and that his relationship with Brooke had been a mistake. Donna advised Katie to stop turning Bill away. Donna wondered what Bill would do if he discovered what Katie had done with the surveillance video. Donna warned that Katie needed to return Bill to the company and his family before something happened.

At Liam's, Liam received a text about the media event in Monte Carlo from someone at Spencer. Hope said that Brooke had discussed attending the event for Forrester because Bill had urged her to do it. Hope and Liam discussed that they hoped Bill got back together with Katie. Liam wondered if Brooke had talked to Hope about Brooke's affair with Bill. Hope said that Brooke only wanted to repair her relationship with Katie, but Hope added that if Brooke had slept with Bill, Brooke must have had real feelings for Bill. Liam agreed.

Liam added that Bill and Brooke were a lot alike and had a lot in common, but he hoped that Bill and Katie could patch things up for Will's sake. Hope wondered if Katie would be willing to accept a mere patch rather than having Bill all to herself. Liam agreed. Liam said he had to return to the office for a short time, and Hope offered to wait. They kissed, and Wyatt entered. Liam turned and sneered at Wyatt.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

by Pam

A Katie's house, Katie and Donna met, and Donna tried to persuade Katie to give up on the surveillance cameras. Donna reminded Katie that all she had seen on the videos was Bill telling Brooke that he wanted to make his marriage stronger.

Katie pulled out a bottle of scotch that she planned to leave for Bill that night. Donna wondered what was going on. Katie said that alcohol changed Bill. Donna argued, but Katie insisted she had to be sure that Bill truly wanted Katie back.

Donna left, and Brooke entered. Katie thanked Brooke for babysitting on short notice. Katie said that she would return shortly, but she needed to be at Spencer. Brooke commented that Katie had been working late a lot recently. Katie agreed but added that she had a lot of responsibility. Brooke thanked Katie for her trust. Katie left.

At Spencer, Bill talked to Justin in Katie's office and said he wanted to surprise Katie for dinner, but Justin said that Katie had gone home for dinner. Justin and Bill discussed that Bill had discovered another son in Wyatt. Bill shared that Wyatt was a lot like Bill.

Liam interrupted Bill and Justin to speak to Bill, and Justin left. Liam told his dad that he had asked Wyatt to leave the Malibu house. Bill ordered Liam to patch things up with Wyatt so that Wyatt would return to the house. Liam angrily detailed the course of events at the house with emphasis on Wyatt's kissing of Hope.

Liam admitted that he had punched Wyatt. Bill approved of Liam fighting for his woman, but he reminded Liam that it was Bill's house he was living in. Bill advised Liam to set ground rules. Bill believed Wyatt would agree to them.

Liam objected, but Bill said he had his own problems in trying to save his marriage to Katie. Bill sent Liam home.

At Liam's house in Malibu, Hope warned Wyatt that there would be no more stolen kisses. Wyatt teased her but promised there would be no more kisses, and he called her Hopie. Wyatt and Hope chatted about how Wyatt had surprised Liam in many ways. Wyatt admitted that the kisses were one thing, but Liam had been caught off-guard when he discovered that Hope had seen Wyatt naked.

Hope reminded Wyatt that she loved Liam and planned to marry him. Hope wanted Liam and Wyatt to get along. Wyatt promised to no longer be a problem. Hope said they needed to establish ground rules, and Wyatt agreed.

Liam arrived, and they discussed that Wyatt had to understand that Hope was off-limits. Wyatt agreed, and he again called her Hopie. Wyatt apologized and said that he had been out of line. Hope suggested that Wyatt and Liam could find common ground in their business successes. In fact, they could help each other. Wyatt and Liam agreed.

The conversation turned to Wyatt's mom. Liam warned Wyatt not to be too hard on Quinn, but Wyatt objected. Liam said that his own mom had died. Liam reminded Wyatt that Quinn had made a mistake, but Wyatt should not punish her for it. Liam offered Wyatt a beer, and they toasted to a peaceful relationship.

At Spencer, Katie and Donna watched Brooke on the surveillance camera in Katie's office. Bill entered, and Katie asked him to watch Will again for the evening. Bill agreed, but he offered to take Katie to dinner first. Katie refused, but Bill tried to persuade Katie that she needed to eat to stay sharp.

Katie said that Bill would use the time to pressure her to take him back. Bill teased that he might, but he promised to make most of their meeting purely business. Katie said she wasn't ready. Katie asked Bill to babysit Will until she returned home. Bill agreed, and he left.

Later, Donna joined Katie, and they watched Bill and Brooke, who were confused that they had both been asked to babysit Will. Brooke tried to call Katie, but Katie refused to answer. Bill and Brooke discussed that Katie seemed too busy for anything but work.

Bill worried that Katie no longer cared to work on their marriage. Bill noticed scotch sitting out, and he poured himself a drink. He asked Brooke to join him, but she declined. Bill said that he wanted to show Katie that he had changed, but she wouldn't give him the opportunity to show her. Bill toasted Brooke and thanked her for understanding him and supporting him.

In Katie's office, Donna warned Katie that Katie had pushed Bill away. Katie watched closely and told Donna she felt Bill would make a move.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

In the Forrester basement, Thorne had called Thomas to Thorne's oven-like office. Thomas asked how he could help Thorne, and Thorne replied that the question was, "How can we help each other, starting with getting me out of this basement?"

Thorne asserted that Rick wasn't cutting it, and everyone knew it -- even if Eric wouldn't admit it. Thorne felt that, together, he and Thomas could be ten times the president Rick was. Thomas liked the sound of it but figured Eric would give the presidency to Thorne, not Thomas. Thorne stated that Thomas, the designer, would be right by Thorne's side, making an unbeatable team.

Thomas reasoned that once Thorne pulled the company out of its freefall, he could hand it over to his vice president, Thomas. The men agreed not to use trickery. Instead, they'd be straightforward with Eric about their concerns. Thomas said the company was the future for Thorne's daughter, too, and it didn't feel right to leave it in Rick's hands. Thorne replied that it wouldn't be in Rick's hands for long.

In the CEO's office, Caroline pitched using vegan leather in Hope's line. It was eco-friendly, and Caroline was sure the customers would want to wear it, especially after seeing her in it. Maya listened at the door as Caroline showed Rick some photos, and he called Caroline a posting maniac. Caroline touted that her influence was through the roof, and Rick said he liked having her on his side.

Maya entered and asked if Rick were too busy for her. Caroline replied that Rick always had time for Maya. "I'm taking the nice thing too far, aren't I?" Caroline asked.

Caroline had the perfect outfit for Maya, and Maya guessed the outfit had bunny ears. Caroline said Maya had a great look, and the outfit matched Maya's clashing personality -- sweet and pretty but tenacious as a pit bull. Maya guessed Caroline had polled the office to find out who was more pit-bull-like. Ignoring the quip, Caroline left to get a prototype of her designs made.

Rick told Maya that Caroline was trying, and Maya said that was an understatement. Maya wondered if all the late nights Rick would be working to save his job would be spent with Caroline, and Rick explained that he had the business savvy but not the design talent. Maya was worried that the stakes were really high for Rick, and Caroline was vying to win him.

Rick claimed to have an understanding with Caroline, but Maya doubted that he really believed he did. Rick wondered how many times he could slap Caroline down but ask her to help him at the same time. He asked Maya to trust him to handle Caroline and to trust where his loyalties lay.

Rick gave Maya the keys to his car. He wanted her to take his car instead of the bus because he'd picked out some clothes and accessories for her to wear to the premiere. Hugging him, she said she'd been agonizing over what to wear.

As Rick instructed Maya to head to the wardrobe department to see what he'd picked, Caroline returned. Maya left, and Rick asked when Caroline's prototypes would be ready. Caroline said it would be Monday, but Rick was worried that he wouldn't be there on Monday.

Caroline assured Rick that he'd be there for many days ahead -- unless she got carted off to the nut house. She told him to think of her as Lassie. Her mother had told her that Lassie had been a good role model for her. Caroline decided that Rick was Timmy, and it was her job to save him from the well. Rick called it a great speech but noted that Lassie had been a male dog.

Maya stuck her head back into the office to tell Rick that everything was perfect. "And so are you," she added, and Caroline rolled her eyes.

As Katie and Donna watched from the hidden nanny cams, Bill was at home, complimenting Katie's ability to restock a bar with excellent scotch. He offered Brooke a glass, but she figured it would be wasted on her. Brooke heard a noise and guessed it was the baby monitor. Bill hadn't heard anything, but he offered to check on Will. Before going, he asked Brooke to pour out his drink.

Katie and Donna were astonished, and Katie guessed Bill was trying to impress Brooke. Bill returned from checking on Will. Brooke hadn't poured the drink out yet because Bill had been happy to see the scotch. Bill said he had been; however, he'd decided that he didn't want Will associating the smell of alcohol with his father.

Bill poured the liquor out himself and said he drank when he was happy, sad, celebrating, or bored; however, he didn't drink in excess, and he didn't try to drink his problems away. He admitted that Katie had been right, and the drink put distance between him and his life experiences. Brooke asked why he couldn't say that to Katie, and he said that he was stubborn.

Katie wiped away tears as she watched Bill and Brooke. Bill added that Katie was stubborn, too. He figured that was why she'd shipped off his fine spirits, only to haul them back once he'd gone. To him, there was nothing wrong with an occasional drink, but once it turned into a habit, it had to stop.

Brooke felt that Katie had known Bill better in the beginning than she did at that moment, and Brooke recalled that everyone but Katie had feared him in the beginning. Bill replied that Brooke hadn't been afraid of him, and he'd do anything he could to get his wife back.

Bill planned to be as annoying as possible, and he claimed that Katie liked it when he was annoying. Katie smiled through her tears as Bill vowed to get her back. He declared that Katie loved him; he just had to remind her of that. Brooke asked him to put in a good word for her, too.

The conversation turned to Brooke traveling to Monte Carlo. Bill granted her access to his yacht, but Brooke wondered if Forrester needed to be at a media festival. She figured she'd have to take someone with her in case the media got out of hand. Brooke picked up her phone to call someone, and Donna looked startled when her phone rang.

Katie muted her laptop, and Donna answered the call. Brooke invited Donna to go on the trip if Katie could spare Donna. Katie nodded, and Donna agreed to leave with Brooke the next day for the festival. Brooke asked if Katie thought it was okay for Brooke to leave Will with Bill. Katie nodded, and Donna told Brooke that it was okay to leave the house at that time.

After the call, Katie shut off the laptop and admitted that she'd been wrong. Donna advised Katie to get rid of all the spy cameras, and Katie wondrously stated that Bill hadn't wanted Will to smell liquor on him. Donna replied that Katie had forgotten what she'd already known about Bill -- that he'd eventually do the right thing, but nagging made him fight to the last breath.

Katie stated that Bill loved her, and Donna responded that he always had. "He chooses me," Katie gleefully said. Donna reminded Katie to get rid of the cameras, and she left.

Back at Bill's house, Bill heard static. He leaned close to the baby monitor but realized the noise was emitting from a book. Upon opening the book, he discovered a camera inside its hollowed-out pages. Bill checked more items on the mantel, but by the bar, he found another device in the ice bucket. He located another one in a trinket box near the front door.

"What the hell?" Bill snarled and slammed the device down.

Friday, August 9, 2013

In the Forrester basement, Thorne and Thomas invited Eric into Thorne's office to talk about ousting Rick. Eric reminded the men that he'd given Rick a sales goal, but Thomas replied that they couldn't afford to wait for Rick to fail. Thorne and Thomas pitched their idea of combining their talents to succeed with Eric as CEO, Thorne as president, and Thomas as vice president.

In the CEO's office, Rick asked Maya to save him a seat at her web series premiere. After Maya left, Caroline entered and noted that Maya had been in a hurry. Rick apprised Caroline of the web series premiere, and she said Rafael hadn't invited her to it. Rick was on his way there -- after he put down some potential mutinies. Caroline replied that it was a good thing Rick had her on his side.

Later, Thorne, Thomas, and Eric arrived in the office to discuss the sales projections with Rick. Thorne and Thomas asserted that it was impossible for Hope's line to reach its goals, but Rick replied that it was debatable. Rick tried to leave, and Thorne guessed Rick wanted to play hooky again.

Offended, Rick replied that he was always there, working hard. Not wanting to stoop to pointing out flaws as Thorne and Thomas had, Rick said he had somewhere to be. Thomas insisted that Rick needed to be there, saving the line, but Thorne asserted that it was time to pull the plug on it.

Caroline entered, wheeling in a rack of clothes. She asked if the meeting was about Hope for the Future. Eric replied that it was, and Caroline said she and Rick were about to knock their socks off.

Thomas wore a pained expression as Caroline exhibited her new designs, but Eric liked them. Displaying a new logo for Hope for the Future, Caroline envisioned that every young woman would want to wear the quality that the logo represented. She made a case for sales rising for the line due to Rick's leadership, but Thorne countered that they needed a profit.

Caroline reasoned that profit was what all the rebranding with new faces, designs, and logo had been about. She figured that, with the changes Rick had already made, they'd hit their sales goal by the year's end. Eric agreed with Caroline, and he wanted her and Rick to continue with their vision.

Eric decided that Rick would retain his position subject to the same sales goal. Thomas and Thorne were disappointed, but Eric said they'd know more after the upcoming fashion show.

Later, Rick was alone with Caroline, and he thanked her. Caroline replied that she was only carrying out his vision, and she'd do whatever she could to help him keep his job. She felt it was the least she could do after what she'd put him through. She kissed his cheek, and Rick suddenly remembered he had to be at the web series premiere.

At the web series premiere, Dayzee, Marcus, and Maya arrived. Pam had her popcorn and lemon bars in her purse for later. Pam hugged Maya, who locked eyes with Carter across the room.

Everyone took their seats, and on stage, Rafael introduced the series. He asked everyone to clap for his stars, Maya and Carter, and Maya noticed that Rick wasn't there.

Carter and Maya stood on stage to say a few words about the show and thank the people in their lives for supporting them. Maya dedicated her work to Rick Forrester, because without his encouragement, she wouldn't be there. When she returned to her seat, she wondered where Rick was.

On the jet to Monte Carlo, Donna read travel magazine articles about the city to Brooke. They discussed Grace Kelly becoming a princess, and Donna could see why the media festival was alluring. Brooke hoped her being there would help both Forrester and Katie's marriage.

Though Brooke still loved Bill, she wanted Katie and Bill's marriage to work. Donna asked what would have happened if Brooke had met Bill first. Donna recalled that Brooke had been riding horses while Katie had read books when they'd been kids. To Donna, that made Brooke more apt to handle a stallion like Bill.

Brooke burst out laughing and asked if Donna had really said stallion. With a shrug, Donna remarked that it seemed to fit Bill's personality. She guessed there had to be something behind it. Blushing, Brooke explained the significance of the nickname to Bill, and she revealed the details of the time she'd inadvertently seen him naked, fresh out of the shower.

At Bill's house, Bill arrived to talk as Katie had requested. Katie told Bill that she didn't want a divorce, and he could move back home. Katie hugged him and noted that he was speechless. Bill replied that he'd figured out that he needed to choose his words carefully.

Katie suggested that, after Will awakened, the three of them could go to the cliff house to pack Bill's things, and Katie and Will could meet Wyatt. Bill ascertained that Katie wanted him to move back in at that very moment, but he had just one question. Removing the lid from the trinket box near the door, he asked if she knew anything about the device inside it.

Katie worriedly bit her lip, and Bill revealed that there were cameras everywhere. He figured the cameras had to do with him and Brooke spending a lot of time at the house at Katie's request. Bill was livid that Katie would set up spy cameras to figure out if she could trust him. Katie admitted that she'd done it. She'd lost faith in Bill, and she'd had to be sure.

Bill roared that she'd gone out of her way to set him and Brooke up once again. Bill said he'd given Katie his word, but she replied that his word hadn't been enough. He was livid about her manipulations, starting all the way back with the first time she'd set Brooke and him up. "What are you -- a child? What kind of freak show were you hoping to see, Katie?" he demanded to know.

Katie stated that she'd had to be sure that it had ended with Brooke, and Katie revealed that Bill had passed the test. "Gee! I passed the test? What a lucky guy!" Bill seethed. He said the only problem was that he'd never trust her again, and her treachery made divorce a lot easier for him to swallow.

Katie didn't want a divorce. Bill said it was too bad, and he wouldn't put up with her antics any longer. He didn't want a wife who burst at the seams with insecurity. He said Katie had fallen off her moral pillar and into the gutter, beginning with partnering with Karen to con him out of his company.

Bill said he hadn't been able to stop Katie in his business life, but she didn't get to be a twisted voyeur, setting up cameras in his private life and waiting to decide if he were good enough for her. He hoped her cameras were rolling, so she could watch that very moment over and over again as she sat in the big house that he'd gotten for her.

"Goodbye. Enjoy the show," Bill said. He tossed the trinket box at her and walked out the door.

Later, Brooke smiled as she viewed the sights from her balcony in Monte Carlo. In Los Angeles, Bill sat down in his jet. He ordered his pilot to get "this bird" in the air and on the way to Monte Carlo.

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