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Carter sprang a marriage proposal on Maya. Wyatt and Liam butted heads over Hope, and Liam appealed to Steffy for an annulment. Hope hired Quinn's company for the accessory line, and Wyatt made his intentions about Hope clear. Bill and Wyatt mended fences, and Katie decided to leave town with Will.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 9, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, September 9, 2013

At Quinn's warehouse, Quinn jumped at the chance to become the signature designer for the HFTF jewelry line. Hope conveyed that it had been a random thing when Quinn's jewelry had happened to stand out above the other ones that Hope had been contemplating. Wyatt jokingly accused Hope of stacking the deck in order to spend more time with him.

Wyatt asked if the new project meant that he should move back into the cliff house. Hope guessed it wasn't a good idea to move in with her and Liam, but Wyatt reasoned that Liam could move out. Wyatt offered to let Hope stay at the warehouse to keep an eye on her new designer, but Hope wasn't worried about keeping tabs on Quinn, whose jewelry was already perfect for HFTF.

Quinn served Hope and Wyatt some drinks, and Hope exclaimed that she had a great feeling about things. Wyatt claimed he did, too, and she called him incorrigible. He asked if it was a bad thing, and under her breath, Hope murmured that it was kind of cute.

Hope talked about the international exposure for the jewelry line, and Quinn didn't know how to thank Hope for the opportunity. Quinn promised not to let Hope down and said the collaboration could be a game-changer for them all.

Alone with Hope, Wyatt said that Hope had made him happy because he hadn't thought he'd ever see her again. Hope admitted to wondering about that, too. He supposed they'd be having plenty of late-night meetings together, but Hope shrieked at the mention of late nights. He said it would be quiet late in the night, and he could attend to her needs.

Wyatt figured that Liam would have a problem with the collaboration, but Hope said Liam would understand. "Okay. He'll adjust," she rephrased herself. She reached out her hand and asked if they had a deal. Wyatt said they did, and he kissed her hand.

Hope left, and Quinn returned and saw Wyatt already working on the new project. Quinn had discovered what he saw in Hope, who actually didn't seem spoiled or affected by her privileged life. Quinn liked most that Hope could light Wyatt up, and anyone who did that was okay in Quinn's book.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Liam arrived, looking for Hope. In Hope's absence, Rick seized the opportunity to catch up with his future brother-in-law. Liam asked where they should start. "Your divorce with Steffy. How's that going?" Rick pointedly asked.

Liam expressed confidence that the divorce would go through, but despite that, Rick wondered what would happen if Steffy wanted Liam back. Liam asserted that he loved Hope; he planned to marry her and start a future with her. Rick relayed that choosing between two incredible women wasn't easy.

"Whoa! That's new," the surprised Liam replied. Rick stated that, because of Maya and Caroline, he'd begun to have a whole new appreciation for Liam's former predicament with Steffy and Hope. Rick apologized for being rough on Liam in the past, but Liam replied that Rick had been right.

Liam conveyed that he was in a good place. Hope was his future, he was happy, and he'd gotten rid of his obnoxious half-brother and roommate, Wyatt. Liam boasted that "Mr. Hot Shot" had been out of there after blowing his cushy ride with Bill.

Thomas arrived to talk to Rick about the new jewelry line. Liam admired the display pieces until he heard that Quinn Artisan Jewelers had designed them. "As in Quinn Fuller?" Liam asked. Rick said Hope had wanted the pieces the moment she'd seen them. Liam rasped that it was unbelievable that, of all the companies in the city, Hope had had to choose that one. Liam conveyed that Wyatt was Quinn's son, and Liam roared, "What do I have to do to get rid of this guy?"

Rick and Thomas left Liam alone in the office. Hope arrived, and Liam's irritated gaze directed hers to the jewelry on the desk. Hope guessed that Liam knew. Liam couldn't believe that she'd commissioned Wyatt's company after what had happened. Hope claimed she hadn't known whose company it had been at the time, but she really loved the jewelry.

Hope announced that Wyatt and his mother had accepted the deal. Liam sarcastically exclaimed that their acceptance was shocking to hear. Hope insisted that it was business. Liam didn't doubt that it was for her, but he was sure Wyatt thought it was a chance to move in on Liam's future wife. Hope said there was no reason to be jealous, but Liam claimed that he wasn't jealous.

"I am completely and justifiably jealous!" Liam raged moments later. Liam declared that Wyatt wasn't moving back in, and Hope replied that no one had invited him back in. Liam couldn't believe she'd hired that company without a word to him. Hope stated that she hadn't thought about how Liam would react, and pouting, Liam said she'd probably been too excited about telling Wyatt the great news.

Hope laughed, adoring Liam's jealous visage. For her, it was a refreshing change. Liam guessed he deserved it after what he'd put Hope through. Liam hoped that Wyatt would spend most of the time working with Quinn on the project and not Hope.

Liam said he'd met with his attorney, and the divorce was going well. He announced that he and Hope would get married, and he'd spend the rest of his life proving himself to her. "It's you and me, kid," he declared, and kissing him, Hope said that was all she'd ever wanted.

In the CEO's office, HFTF models displayed designs, and Thomas and Thorne seemed intrigued. Eric and Caroline asked the men to speak up, because, after all, they hadn't been shy before with their opinions. Thorne and Thomas reluctantly admitted that they'd been wrong about Caroline and Rick's rebranding campaign.

Eric said that being wrong wasn't wrong within itself, and he thanked the men for providing the debate that had helped improve the overall outcome. Thorne hoped all was forgiven, and Caroline decided not to hold a grudge against Thorne for trying to steal Rick's job. Eric put that issue aside and said he couldn't be more proud of the team around him.

As Thomas complimented Caroline on her work, Thorne apologized to Eric for landing on the wrong side of the debate. Eric refused to fault Thorne for having an opinion, and even if they'd disagreed, Eric had been glad to hear Thorne's voice in matters again.

Thorne and Thomas left, and Caroline asked Eric to be honest about whether he'd doubted Rick and Caroline. Eric hadn't doubted the team's vision or enthusiasm, just the line's ability to make a comeback. Eric called Caroline an asset to the company and to Rick. Caroline replied that she'd gotten herself a second chance, and she wasn't going to let it slip away.

Eric thought Rick was lucky to have Caroline. Though Eric thought she was a little irreverent at times, he had seen Rick do a lot worse. Caroline figured that Eric wasn't referring to Maya, and Eric expressed disappointment that Maya had left.

Caroline replied that Maya had loved it there and had tried to stick it out through Caroline's antics. Caroline had expected to feel victorious about Maya's departure but couldn't because Maya hadn't been an awful person. Caroline claimed she was changing from being a brat. Eric said she could change -- but not too much because he and Rick liked her as she was.

Eric left, and Caroline became compulsive about organizing clothes on a rack. As Jake left with the rack, she grabbed a dress that Maya was wearing on one of the posters displayed in the room. Rick entered, glancing at Maya's poster, and Caroline exclaimed that she couldn't believe that their wildest dreams were becoming true.

Rick said Caroline had helped him when it had mattered most, and she'd saved his job with her edgy line. Caroline blushed but asked him not to stop the compliments. He said her laughter was another thing he loved, and she was quite a package. Caroline thought it was about time he remembered, and she kissed him.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam met with Hope and teased that he couldn't get Wyatt out of their lives. Hope kissed him and explained that she wanted to collaborate with Quinn Jewelry for Hope for the Future. She added that Liam needed to repair his relationship with Wyatt because they were brothers, and she said that Quinn's jewelry was the best she had seen.

Hope said that hiring Quinn Jewelry meant that Liam and Wyatt had to work together. Hope repeatedly kissed Liam and teased that she could find his weakness and wear him down to get him to support a relationship with Wyatt. Liam wanted Wyatt to stay away from Hope, but Hope wanted to stop talking about the Spencer family and start talking about Hope and Liam's wedding and honeymoon. Liam agreed.

At Quinn Jewelry, Brooke visited with Wyatt, and Wyatt advised Brooke that he had been kicked out of the family. Brooke said that she wanted to explain her relationship with Bill, but Brooke knew that Wyatt had already heard Katie's side of the story.

Wyatt confessed that he couldn't understand how Brooke could hurt her sister by fooling around with Katie's husband. Wyatt added that Brooke had known that Katie was battling postpartum depression. Brook defended her actions and said that Wyatt had not heard the entire story. Brooke claimed that Katie had been manipulative and mistrustful.

Brooke added that Katie had walked out on Bill multiple times -- abandoning Bill and Will. Brooke claimed that she loved Katie, but Katie had been insecure and had turned Bill away multiple times. Brooke also defended Bill and professed that Bill would never abandon Will.

Wyatt tried to be understanding, but he admitted that he and Bill didn't like each other very much. Wyatt believed he'd blown his chances with the Spencer family. Brooke disagreed and said that Bill and Wyatt had spent too much time apart. She encouraged Wyatt to reach out to Bill.

At Spencer, Quinn had asked to see Katie. They talked, and Quinn and Katie agreed that Bill had mistreated both of them. Quinn explained that she had never wanted Wyatt to know Bill because of the way that Bill had treated Quinn when Quinn was pregnant with Wyatt. Katie understood.

Quinn said she had heard all of the stories about Brooke. Katie explained that Brooke had a history with men, and Bill was just another conquest. Katie had to leave due to a phone call, but she said that she admired Quinn. Katie said that she understood that Quinn did not approve of Hope, but Quinn disagreed. Quinn said they were working together on the HFTF line.

At Quinn's jewelry facility, Liam entered and quizzed Wyatt about his working relationship with Hope. Wyatt countered that Liam was not yet divorced from Steffy. Wyatt maintained that Hope was engaged to a married man. Wyatt wondered what Liam would do if Steffy returned.

Liam warned that Wyatt needed to stay away from Hope and to understand that the HFTF deal was a business deal only. Wyatt was unimpressed.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

by Pam

At Quinn's, Liam and Wyatt argued about respect, and Liam insisted that Wyatt needed to learn about boundaries when it came to Hope. Wyatt scoffed that Liam had thrown Wyatt out of his house. Liam defended himself. Wyatt received the Forrester contracts, and Wyatt noted that Liam looked perturbed. Liam said he didn't interfere with Hope's business, but he warned that Wyatt needed to get over the idea that he had a chance with Hope.

Wyatt and Liam argued about how they could learn to behave like brothers, and then they discussed Bill. Liam said he had no idea what was up with Bill's marriage to Katie. Liam had defended Bill and said that Wyatt had no idea how hard Bill had worked to save his marriage under nearly impossible conditions. Wyatt apologized for his quick reaction to what he had decided was Bill's abandonment of another little boy -- the way he had abandoned Liam and Wyatt.

Wyatt admitted he had been wrong, and Brooke had visited and pointed out that there was more to the story. "Do you think I should say these things to Dad?" Wyatt asked. Liam said he didn't know, and he left.

At Forrester, Brooke suggested to Hope that Liam and Wyatt's feud could be due to Wyatt's feelings for Hope. Brooke maintained that Bill didn't want to cut Wyatt out of his life. Hope interrupted and insisted that Bill wanted to be a puppeteer and control everyone, but Hope refused to be a part of his scheme. Thomas entered and said that Eric had been looking for Hope.

Thomas presented an envelope. Hope opened it and found sketches of her wedding dress. Hope said she was happy and didn't want to argue with anyone -- not Brooke, not Thomas, and not Steffy.

Hope said she was living with the only man she had ever wanted. Brooke reiterated that Wyatt had more than a brotherly interest in Hope. Hope called Wyatt a great guy, but her interest in Wyatt was to bring Wyatt and Liam together.

At Brooke's house, Bill had just exited the shower, and he was in Brooke's bedroom. Caroline entered and announced that she was there to help Bill deal with his public disgrace. Bill argued that there was no disgrace, but Caroline accused Bill of hiding out at Brooke's place.

Bill admitted he had taken a few hits, but he was exactly where he wanted to be. He warned Caroline not to sneer at Brooke and insisted he was not at her place by accident or out of convenience.

Bill wondered if Caroline was a spy for her mother, who had made no secret of her support for Katie. Caroline said women stuck together, and it was no surprise that Karen had sided with Katie, but Caroline didn't approve. Caroline planned to support Bill, who had almost put a person in jail for Caroline. She professed her love for Bill and wondered why he wasn't out eating porterhouse steaks at restaurants instead of being holed up at Brooke's.

Caroline added that Bill had helped her when she needed it. Caroline said she was Bill's biggest fan, but she worried that Bill had jumped from the frying pan into a towering inferno with Brooke, who never kept anything going with any man. Bill professed that his and Brooke's luck was going to change. Caroline asked about the new offspring, meaning Wyatt.

Caroline joked that she was the only person in Los Angeles who hadn't met Wyatt. Bill advised that, after an argument, he had warned Wyatt to never think of himself as a Spencer. Caroline warned that Bill had gone overboard. Caroline remembered when her mother had talked about Grampa Spencer. Caroline claimed Bill was a lot like his father.

"He threw away his son too," Caroline said. Bill claimed he had already disowned Wyatt. Caroline accused Wyatt and Bill of going overboard. Caroline left.

Later, Brooke returned to her home and greeted Bill in the bedroom. She related that she had spoken with Wyatt. Bill was unhappy that she had gone behind his back. Brooke said she had done if for Bill and Wyatt. They kissed.

At Spencer, Liam called Steffy and left a lengthy message. He said that he missed her but had given up hope that she would one day walk through his door. "I feel like my life is on hold, Steffy," he said. He asked her to reconsider a legal annulment because he needed her to do it and right away.

At Forrester, Wyatt entered Hope's office with signed contracts. He saw the bridal gown sketches, and Hope asked if he approved. He did, and he said he couldn't wait to see how beautiful she would look in the gown. Hope wondered how he knew he would be invited. "I better be invited. I'll be the groom," he said.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

by Chanel S. Garner

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill held each other, and he thanked her for talking to Wyatt. Brooke conveyed that Wyatt knew that he'd been wrong, and Bill asked why Wyatt had yet to reach out. Brooke thought that the situation wasn't about who reached out first but about healing Bill's family.

Brooke and Bill discussed Wyatt's feelings about Will and abandonment, and she said she'd convinced Wyatt that Bill wouldn't abandon Will, no matter what. Brooke figured that they'd pull their family together and get Hope and Wyatt to join Liam in understanding their new family dynamics.

Bill said that Brooke thought he'd been too hard on his new son, but Wyatt had needed to learn a lesson. Brooke replied that Wyatt had learned his lesson, and it was time for forgiveness. Bill remarked that Wyatt hadn't asked for forgiveness, but Brooke hinted that Bill should take the first step. Bill huffed that Wyatt had been the one to swing at his father.

Brooke figured that Bill would have defended his brother if he'd had one, and he ultimately wanted the siblings to protect each other. He decided that Brooke was right, and he had to talk to Wyatt. Bill decided that he needed to get Wyatt a job, too -- a real job. She replied that he already had one, and Hope had contracted Quinn and Wyatt as the signature jewelry designers for HFTF.

Brooke thought it was a wonderful opportunity for Wyatt, but Bill relayed that it was also one for Hope, who seemed to be Wyatt's biggest supporter. Brooke suggested that Bill talk to Katie before hiring Wyatt, but Bill, who still owned forty-nine percent of his business, didn't feel the need to.

Bill also figured that Katie liked Wyatt. Bill had begun to see things differently regarding Katie and his sons. Thanks to Brooke, he believed that things could work out. Bill wanted to be as close to Wyatt as Bill was to Liam, and Bill wanted to be involved with Will. Bill said that when he'd gone after Brooke in Monte Carlo, he'd know that "this" was how it would be.

At Forrester, Hope told Wyatt to stop joking, but Wyatt assured her that he was very serious about being the one in the tuxedo and putting the ring on her finger on her wedding day. Wyatt relayed that he had heard that Liam had showed up for one of his and Hope's many wedding in his underwear, and the appalled Hope replied that Liam would be in a tuxedo the next time.

Wyatt remarked that their meeting in the woods had been romantic. He said he'd kissed Hope, and she'd awakened. He thought there was still time for the bride-to-be to wake up.

Liam arrived, and upon seeing Wyatt's signed contract, Liam asked if Wyatt was sure he could deliver. Wyatt suggested that he have an office near Hope's, but Liam asserted that Hope had decided to work from home, due to all the wedding planning. Wyatt figured that wedding would hold up production, and Hope and Liam shouldn't make promises they couldn't keep.

Liam stated that they were done there, but Hope said she had something the men needed to hear. Hope found the brothers' competitiveness flattering but said it was time to put it aside and get real. "I think what you're saying is that we're engaged, and Wyatt needs to respect that," Liam responded. Wyatt, however, claimed that hadn't been what he'd heard.

Hope said Liam was right, but there was more because Liam and Wyatt were brothers. The men felt that it was nothing but an inconvenient biological fact. Hope stated that she hadn't gone through putting them together as brothers for nothing, and she was aggravated that they couldn't see in each other the things that she saw in each of them.

Liam reasoned that he and Wyatt were very different. Hope declared that if they didn't work things out, they'd have problems with her. "I will turn this car around!" she threatened, and the men pouted like chastised boys.

Alone with Liam later, Hope said she'd meant it about the men mending fences. Liam murmured that it'd be easier if she weren't working with his half-brother, but she cited that he wouldn't even see Wyatt. That was fine with Liam, but she claimed that wasn't how brothers got along.

Liam mumbled that it was just Hope's opinion. Hope asserted that the woman's opinion was the only one that mattered, and Liam became aroused by her feistiness. In a softer tone, she asked Liam to patch thing up with Wyatt for her sake.

At the warehouse loft, Wyatt was thinking of his battle with Bill when Bill arrived. "At ease," Bill told the tense Wyatt. Bill had been expecting a visit or a call, and Wyatt supposed Bill had deserved such. Wyatt asked Bill to let him have it, but Bill didn't plan on treating his son as harshly as his son had treated him -- even though Wyatt deserved it.

Bill said a son didn't talk to his father as Wyatt had, and Wyatt agreed. Bill admitted that he'd said things he wouldn't have if he'd given the moment deeper thought. Bill added that, though Wyatt had felt passionate about his cause, he'd gotten caught up in his anger, something Bill was familiar with. "Don't ever lay a hand on me again," Bill told Wyatt, who promised it wouldn't happen again.

Bill respected that Wyatt had stood up for an innocent child. It had been a manly thing to do, and it was what Bill would expect of a Spencer. Bill decided that it had been done, and it was forgotten. Holding out his hand, he asked how Wyatt felt about giving it another shot.

At Spencer, Katie's assistant said that the jet's pilot needed a flight plan, and Katie replied that she'd handle it directly. Caroline arrived, and Katie guessed that her niece had talked to Bill. Caroline replied that she'd just seen Bill, and Katie figured that he'd been with Brooke. "No, he'd been alone -- in Brooke's bedroom," Caroline replied, and Katie grimaced.

Caroline apologized for saying that, and Katie replied that it was good to be reminded that she was doing the right thing. Caroline claimed that she was a neutral party in the matter, but she doubted she'd want to be anywhere near Bill or his girlfriend after what had happened.

Katie changed the subject to Wyatt. Caroline hadn't met him yet, but Katie noted that he was interesting. Caroline guessed that Will missed his father, and Katie replied that Bill had chosen it for Will. Caroline added that Brooke had, too, and there was probably enough blame to go around. Katie stated that when a sister slept with her brother-in-law, the onus of the blame was pretty clear.

Katie stated that she was moving on, and Caroline thought that was good. Katie doubted that Bill would think so. Caroline asked if Katie were slamming Bill in the divorce. Katie said it wasn't about the divorce; it was about herself. Katie had a company to run and a son to raise, and she'd do each on her own terms.

Later, Katie was alone when Brooke arrived. Katie frowned at first but decided that it was good that Brooke was there for Katie's announcement. Katie stated that she was going out of town on business, which would free Bill and Brooke up to do "whatever it is that you do."

Brooke assumed Bill would care for Will in the interim, but Katie said she'd take the baby with her. Katie intended to be gone indefinitely as she carved out a new life for herself. She'd still run the company, just not from Los Angeles. Brooke asked where Katie would go, and Katie said it would be anywhere but there.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

by Chanel S. Garner

At Maya's, Maya was startled to discover Carter in her house, setting a romantic scene. Carter said that Dayzee had let him in after he'd told her that he and Maya would be celebrating. Maya was intrigued. Pouring some champagne, Carter said that their web series might go for another season. That news set well with the jobless Maya. "To looking forward," Carter said and clinked his glass against hers.

Maya wondered why Rafael wasn't there for the celebration, but Carter indicated that it was a cast-only party. He said they'd have a rehearsal, too, and the ambiance was part of the script. Carter had taken a stab at writing an episode, and he asked if Maya wanted to read it.

Carter's script picked up six months into the future. Maya liked that there weren't any fantasy scenes, and Carter replied that it was real, containing only the characters' true feelings about each other. He said they'd gone through a lot the first season, and the relationship had changed. Maya asked where it went from there, and he replied that they should read it and find out.

Reviewing the script, Maya wondered how Carter would memorize the soliloquy that he'd given himself. Carter thought it would be easy because he'd be speaking from the heart. Quoting the script, he said she might think things were happening fast, but she had to sense how right it was. He'd fallen for her upon meeting her. Maya disagreed with that and recalled the tension of the show's first scene.

Carter stammered to repeat the romantic lines he'd written. She asked if he was nervous and said she was the only one there. Carter continued quoting and cited that he'd just been in Los Angeles to check out job opportunities. Maya became confused because Lance was supposed to be from L.A.

Carter continued without answering. He said that after meeting "her," he could never leave the apartment or the city, and he thought she felt the same way. Carter said that he didn't want to be her roommate; he wanted to be her husband. "Will you marry me...Maya?" he asked.

Quickly, Maya noted that Carter had meant to say "Scarlett," not "Maya." Carter stated that Lance and Scarlett were characters, and Carter had fallen for Maya, not Scarlett. He presented her with a velvet box containing an engagement ring, and Maya tensed. Again, he asked if she'd marry him.

At the warehouse loft, Wyatt agreed to begin again, and he and Bill hugged. Bill and Wyatt discussed how Brooke had helped each of them gain perspective on their issues and the divorce. Wyatt could see why Bill had fallen in love with Brooke.

The topic turned to Bill hiring Wyatt at Spencer. Wyatt said that though he would love to work with Bill, he felt he needed to stay on longer at his mother's company. Bill figured that it was because of the new Forrester contract for HFTF. Wyatt said he'd made a commitment to Hope, and Bill indicated that he respected Wyatt's desire to honor it.

Bill thanked Wyatt for his misguided attempt at standing up for Will. Wyatt thanked Bill for reaching out instead of washing his hands of his son. Wyatt said that it meant a lot, and he was finally getting to know his dad. The men hugged again.

At Spencer, Brooke didn't want Katie to leave town. Brooke missed Katie and wanted to work through it. Katie was sure Brooke expected that because everyone had taught her that she'd be forgiven, and everyone would always say that it wasn't Brooke's fault. "But it is your fault. You and Bill made a choice to betray me, and no amount of tears can change that," Katie concluded.

Katie said that Brooke could tell herself whatever she needed to in order to get by, but Katie hadn't forced Brooke into Bill's arms. Katie didn't have to validate Brooke's self-serving excuses or have anything else to do with Brooke. Brooke supposed that Katie wouldn't see things the way that Bill and Brooke did, and Katie replied that she would also never see Brooke as a sister or someone trustworthy.

Katie couldn't believe that she was mourning her marriage, but Brooke was the one crying. "Stop crying. Embrace who you are," Katie quipped.

Just then, Bill entered. He saw Brooke crying and told the apathetic Katie that they needed to get past it as adults and parents. Bill wanted to talk about things at home, but Katie wondered which home he meant -- her home with him or his home with Brooke.

Bill conveyed that he wanted to visit Will that evening, but Katie stated that it wouldn't be possible because she and Will would be on a plane out of Los Angeles. Bill sent Brooke out of the room so he could have a moment with Katie. Brooke exited, and Bill asked where Katie was going. Katie claimed she didn't know, but Bill asked what she'd do about work.

Katie responded that it was for work, and she'd tour the New York office with Karen. Bill asked how long Katie would be gone, but when she gave no definitive answer, he asked what he could say to get through to her. Katie felt that there was nothing to say to her as she forged ahead to be the most successful, powerful, and independent woman that she could be and to have a life without him.

Bill theorized that Katie was trying to hurt him. Katie reviewed how they'd arrived in the situation, and he insisted that she'd pushed him to Brooke. Katie asserted that she'd been sick. She said he could run off with her sister. Katie permitted to him to be with Brooke until Brooke didn't want him any longer, and then he'd have what he deserved -- nothing.

Bill claimed that he and Brooke weren't in a fling. Katie figured that it was exciting for him to be with someone who supposedly understood him and never refused him, but when Brooke inevitably moved to the next man, Bill would appreciate what he'd had with Katie. She suspected that he'd realize that she'd been the only one in his life who'd ever been truly honest with him and had pushed him to be better than he had been.

Katie said that, in the meantime, Bill could enjoy the lingerie and Brooke's carnival ride until Brooke started batting her eyes at a new boyfriend of Donna's. "Or then there's Liam and Wyatt. Or Ridge will come back, and you'll be just another name on her list," Katie asserted. She said he didn't have to believe her, but he would remember that conversation when the time arrived.

Bill suspected that Katie was trying to hurt him with the talk and the trip to New York with Will. Bill didn't care if she lashed out at him and took his job and his money; however, "You will not leave with my son," he declared. Bill asked when she'd return, and Katie said she'd call once she was back.

Katie relayed that Bill had thought he could swap one sister out for the other without complications, but she wondered if he'd ever thought about Will. Katie stated that there were consequences, and "this" was the price he'd pay for his mindless sex with her sister.

Katie said Bill could take it to a judge. She choked back tears as she imagined that once a judge heard that Bill had left a woman who'd had a heart transplant, battled depression, and had almost died in childbirth, there would be no question what the ruling would be. She figured Bill would be lucky to ever see his son again.

Just then, Brooke entered the office with Will, whom she'd gotten from Katie's assistant. Poignant music played as Katie took the baby and let Bill hold him. Katie wiped away tears and took the baby back. Katie walked out of the office with the child, and Brooke hugged Bill.

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