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Quinn got close to Eric to save her company's new contract. Hope admitted that she didn't want Wyatt out of the contract, which gave Wyatt hope for their relationship. Steffy signed the annulment papers, and Wyatt implored Hope not to marry Liam. Maya and Carter consummated their engagement.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 16, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, September 16, 2013

At Forrester, Caroline and Rick discussed necklines on dresses that would complement the jewelry line. Pam strained her neck, trying to get them to notice that she'd exchanged her pearls for a daring piece of jewelry from the new line. Caroline said that it looked stunning.

Pam asked if she could wear the necklace to her crocheting meeting that night. She reasoned that she'd be a walking advertisement for them, and Rick said to advertise away. After Pam left, Caroline joked about conquering the crochet market niche. Rick eyed Maya's poster, and Caroline frowned. He pretended to be unmoved by the poster, but Caroline told him that it was okay.

Caroline reasoned that Maya's image would be in the campaign for a while yet, and Caroline understood that Rick's feelings wouldn't magically disappear. Rick thanked Caroline for understanding. He didn't get why Maya had needed to resign and wished she hadn't let it affect work. Rick didn't want Caroline to think that he was pining away, but he had to wonder how Maya was doing.

Rick thanked Caroline for being understanding, and he said he'd understand if she wanted to burn everything associated with Maya. Caroline didn't think that would do the company any good, but she would like to see Maya's image eventually fade in the campaigns. Caroline figured that was up to Rick, the boss, but Rick said he was only the boss because of Caroline and her talent.

Rick relayed that Eric kept saying Caroline was good for Rick, and Rick kept telling himself that Eric was right. Rick kissed her cheek, and when he turned away, she sullenly stared at Maya's poster.

Later, Pam returned to clean the office while Caroline was working alone. Pam was setting up for a meeting but guessed Rick would miss it. Pam had seen him headed out the door, and it had seemed as if he'd been leaving for the day.

Caroline glanced at Maya's poster, and Pam sensed that Caroline was worried that Rick might be going to see Maya. Caroline claimed that she wasn't. She said that everything had been going well between her and Rick, and she didn't want that to change.

At Maya's house, Carter took away the scripts. He said it wasn't acting, and there were no cameras around. He wanted to know if Maya would marry him and be his roommate for life. Maya was stunned. Carter said that if he wasn't confident in them, he wouldn't have proposed or gotten a ring; however, they could have a long engagement if she needed more time.

Carter had never understood why people wanted to get married, but it had been because he hadn't met Maya. He said he knew how to love her and how to take care of her, and he asked again if she'd be his wife. Maya nodded and quietly said, "Yes." He asked if she'd just agreed, and nodding, Maya repeated herself again and again, louder and louder. Carter gathered her into his arms.

Maya and Carter kissed, and Carter cursed himself for forgetting to get on bended knee. Maya reasoned that he'd done just fine -- except that he hadn't given her the ring yet. Kneeling before her with the ring, Carter stated that he got to be on bended knee after all.

Carter slipped the ring on Maya's finger and said he'd known the first time he'd seen Maya that no other woman would compare to her. Maya replied that he'd never given up, and they kissed. Carter explained that he didn't expect her feelings for Rick to disappear overnight, and Carter had meant what he'd said about them taking their time.

Maya stated that she'd wanted someone who shared her goals and dreams and who'd love only her. She'd thought it had been Rick, but she'd been wrong. "It's you. The man who's been here all did I not see it?" Maya said, and they hugged.

Carter declared that he and Maya were roommates for life, and she repeated, "For life." Maya and Carter kissed and began to peel each other's clothes off. There was a knock at the door, and they heard Rick outside, asking through the door if Maya was home.

Maya answered the door and told Rick that it wasn't the best time. Right away, Rick saw the ring on her finger. He looked as if he'd be sick when Carter appeared behind Maya.

At Brooke's house, Bill was livid that Katie had taken his son indefinitely. He raged that it had just confirmed it for him. Brooke asked what it had confirmed, and Bill passionately kissed her. Brooke tore herself away and lamented putting Will in the middle by not controlling her feelings. Bill insisted that she wasn't the reason things were happening, but she was the reason he'd get through it.

Bill had considered either following Katie or having her followed, but he was sure that would scare her off. He'd figured that she'd return quicker if he just let her go to New York and cool down. Brooke was still blaming herself for the fallout; however, Bill stated that they'd seen Katie's blame and run routine about a thousand times, and Katie had always returned.

Brooke didn't know what she'd do if Katie didn't forgive them. Bill warned that it was a possibility that they should be prepared for. Brooke apologized, but he said she'd done nothing wrong. Brooke, however, felt responsible for Katie leaving with Will.

Bill stated that he and Brooke had fought their attraction, and they hadn't given in until Katie had taken off her ring. Brooke, however, replied that Katie hadn't really wanted the outcome she'd gotten. Bill asked if what he wanted mattered.

Brooke said that Katie had been right about how quickly things had happened. Brooke conveyed that Katie was still mourning her marriage, and her husband was living with Brooke. Bill asked if Brooke wished that he wasn't living there. Brooke said that she was happy about it, but his divorce wasn't final. "Are we waiting?" Brooke asked.

"Are we?" asked Bill. Music played, and they began having sex on the bedroom sofa.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

by Pam

At Maya's, Maya had closed the door and said goodbye to Rick. Carter remarked that it must have been difficult for both Maya and Rick. Carter told Maya to talk to Rick. Maya said Rick would have had to find out some time. Carter kissed Maya, and Maya left. She found Rick in the hallway and asked him to talk.

Rick couldn't believe Maya had gotten engaged. Maya explained that she had known they weren't right for each other when she had seen Caroline get out of Rick's shower. Rick admitted that he never should have slept with Caroline.

Maya said that Rick had turned to Caroline the minute Maya and Rick had had a problem in their relationship, and Maya figured it would always be like that. Maya said that she and Carter made sense. Maya wished Rick all the happiness he could stand with Caroline.

Rick argued, but Maya said they were too different to make it work. Rick didn't want to lose her. They professed their love for one another, but she reiterated that it would not work. Rick recalled all the good times he'd had with Maya. They kissed. "Be happy," Maya said. Rick left, and Maya returned to her apartment to Carter. Maya pulled Carter's shirt off, and they made out.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt waited in the hall for a meeting on HFTF, and Pam offered them lemon bars. Quinn noticed Pam's necklace, one of Quinn's originals. Pam gushed that she loved it. Wyatt joked that their good fortune had all happened because he had met a beautiful woman in the woods.

In her office, Hope kissed Liam, but stopped and explained that she had a meeting. Liam complained that the meeting was with Wyatt. Pam entered Hope's office with Quinn and Wyatt. Liam and Wyatt sniped at each other. Caroline and Eric arrived. Caroline met Wyatt, her cousin, for the first time. Wyatt said it was something new for him to have a Spencer cousin.

Hope ushered Liam out. Eric related how impressed they had been with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Eric told Quinn and Wyatt they'd be working with everyone at the table and Rick, but Hope had the last word on everything. Hope said that she and Caroline would match the jewelry to the clothing.

Quinn inquired if Hope wanted chunky pieces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Hope agreed, and Caroline suggested anklets. Quinn added that she had been experimenting with semi-precious stones. Hope liked the idea. Eric handed Wyatt and Quinn documentation for the first order. Wyatt and Quinn reviewed the order and realized it was huge. Eric wondered if there would be a problem, but Quinn and Wyatt said there would no problem, and they thanked Eric.

After the meeting, Hope walked Quinn and Wyatt out. Liam was eavesdropping in the hall. He overheard Wyatt, who joked with Hope about how there would no flirting during business hours. Liam followed Hope back to her office.

Liam complained that Wyatt disrespected their engagement. He accused Hope of letting Wyatt become a problem. Hope said she wasn't doing anything wrong. Liam insisted that Hope drop the deal with Wyatt and Quinn. Hope was offended.

On their way out of Forrester, Wyatt and Quinn happily discussed the size of the Forrester order. Quinn had forgotten her purse and returned to Hope's office to retrieve it. Quinn pushed on the door to Hope's office, and she paused because she overheard Liam and Hope argue about Wyatt. Liam warned that if Hope cared about Liam's feelings and the future of their relationship, she would stop seeing Wyatt and cancel the deal. Quinn looked worried.

In another office, Eric and Caroline talked. Eric noted that Rick had missed the meeting. Caroline told Eric she sensed that Rick was with Maya. Caroline wondered if Maya would always be on his mind. Eric sympathized, and he left.

Rick returned, and Caroline guessed that Rick had been with Maya. Rick admitted it, and he added that Maya and Carter were engaged. He noted that Maya had said that she and Rick were too different. Rick said they were probably all better off. Caroline said she was sorry he'd been disappointed. Rick acknowledged that Caroline was always around when he needed her. Rick hugged Caroline.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

by Pam

Outside Eric Forrester's mansion, Quinn recalled her shock at overhearing Liam commanding Hope to end the deal between Forrester and Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Quinn remembered that Hope had stood up for Quinn and said the deal was locked. Wyatt called Quinn, but Quinn hurriedly told him she was busy. Quinn rang the bell, and Eric answered. He invited Quinn inside.

Quinn and Eric talked. Eric stood in front of the portrait of Stephanie, and they made small talk about family-owned businesses. Quinn related that she loved working with her son. Quinn said that Eric appeared to easily run a family business. Quinn added that she had always admired Eric. Quinn admitted that she had expected Eric to be tough and mean like Bill Spencer, but she had discovered that Eric was very gracious.

Eric credited his family, and he added that Stephanie had been a strong and talented lady who had kept him on point and focused for many years. Quinn acknowledged that it was quite a compliment for his wife. Eric noted that the HFTF line was all due to Hope, and she deserved the credit because she had been driven to see it succeed. Eric and Quinn toasted to the future.

At Forrester, Wyatt and Liam argued about the deal that Quinn had with Forrester. Wyatt informed Liam that Wyatt had mended fences with their father. Wyatt noted that everyone but Liam liked Wyatt. Wyatt insisted on a brotherly hug. Liam refused. Wyatt noted that Liam was afraid of Wyatt's influence on Hope.

Liam argued, and Wyatt said that Liam's treatment of Hope had been terrible. Wyatt wondered what would happen if Steffy had returned because Liam was still in love with Steffy. Liam was angry. Wyatt made fun of Liam's indecision and waffling. Wyatt said that Hope deserved someone who loved only her. Liam angrily claimed that Hope would soon be his wife.

Liam threatened that the Forrester deal could be dropped. Wyatt realized that Liam was jealous. Wyatt added that Hope would make her own decisions. "Game on, brother," Wyatt said.

In Hope's office, Brooke entered and asked about the meeting with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope said contracts had been signed. Hope added that everyone but Liam was happy. Liam had insisted Hope had to sever all ties with Wyatt.

Hope admitted that Wyatt had been interested in Hope. Brooke thought that if Liam had to "sweat it," it was a good thing. Hope worried about her future. Hope decided to rescind the contract with Quinn.

At Eric's house, Eric and Quinn toasted new opportunities, and Quinn admired the house and Stephanie's portrait. Eric teased that he had been married almost 300 years to Stephanie. Eric said that the last time he had kissed someone in that room, the portrait had fallen.

Eric related that Stephanie had told her family that whenever they had seen bluebirds, they would know she was watching them. Eric said he had seen bluebirds all the time in the garden. Quinn wondered what had happened with Taylor, and Eric admitted that Taylor had been in Paris visiting her daughter, and he was unsure if she would return to Eric.

The doorbell rang, and Hope interrupted. Quinn exited out of sight, and Hope dished to Eric that she wanted to break the contract with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Eric refused. He said she could not back out. Hope left. Quinn entered and thanked Eric with a kiss. Stephanie's portrait crashed to the floor.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

At Forrester, Quinn was working on a design and thinking of Eric's kiss when Wyatt arrived and noted that she'd been working on the piece the previous day. Quinn explained that she hadn't finished it because she'd been working on something else the previous night. She added that she should have known Eric Forrester wouldn't back out of a deal just because Hope's fiancé was unhappy with it.

After Quinn admitted to eavesdropping on Hope and Liam's conversation at the office, Quinn asserted that Liam had put his foot down Spencer-style and had made it clear that there was no way his fiancée would work with Wyatt. Wyatt figured Hope hadn't gone for it, but Quinn conveyed that Hope had gone to Eric's house to ask him to cut their company loose.

Quinn said she'd gone to Eric because no one could change the contract without the CEO's permission. Wyatt suspected that his mother had turned on the Fuller charm. Quinn shrugged innocently, but she believed her methods had worked because Eric had turned Hope down flat.

Quinn was enamored by the grandeur of the Forrester lifestyle and Eric's estate. She was excited to be a part of what the Forresters had built. Wyatt, however, wondered where he and his mother would be if Hope had been able to convince Eric as Liam had convinced her. Upset, Wyatt charged out of the office, and Quinn wondered where he was headed.

At the cliff house, Hope served Liam a homemade energy drink in bed, and Liam guessed that meant they were okay with each other. He'd tried to wait up for her to talk the previous night, but he'd fallen asleep. Hope said they could talk after he finished the shake. Deciding to taste the drink, Hope pulled him in for a kiss. Liam claimed to feel more energetic already, and the couple made love.

In bed, Hope expressed her anxiousness to get to the office to talk to Eric. Liam figured she would ask Eric to get out of the contract. She said she'd already asked, but Eric had refused to do it. As the couple got dressed, Hope conveyed her respect for Eric's reasons to keep the contract. Liam thanked her for trying. He knew it had been a lot to ask, and she said she understood why he'd asked.

Hope said that Eric needed to honor the deal he'd made. He'd liked what he'd seen, and the jewelry business had started out local and small, just like Forrester. Hope figured that attaching its name to Forrester could be huge for Quinn Artisan Jewelers.

Hope conveyed that she'd broached Eric with the request because she hadn't wanted it to cause problems for her and Liam. Liam replied that causing problems was all Wyatt wanted to do. "I know that's what you think," Hope said, but Liam revealed that Wyatt had said it very plainly to Liam's face the previous night. Liam declared that Wyatt would do all he could to steal Hope from Liam.

Liam explained that he'd seen Wyatt at Forrester the previous night and was sure Wyatt had been waiting for Hope as Wyatt would do every single day. Liam warned that Wyatt would do all he could to undermine Liam and Hope's relationship until Liam finally got a ring on Hope's finger. Liam promised that it definitely would happen, but until then, they just had to refuse to let Wyatt interfere.

Hope claimed that she'd told that same thing to her mother, and strangely, Brooke hadn't told Hope what to do. Liam guessed it was because Brooke had trusted her daughter to do the right thing.

Liam offered to give Hope a ride to Forrester because he had to pick up proofs from there. Hope said she needed her car that day, and before Liam left, he assured her that they'd work it out.

Hope thought about what Liam had said about Wyatt. To her surprise, she turned, and on the bedroom threshold, she saw Wyatt, who'd entered the house after Liam had left. The perturbed Hope stated that Wyatt had said things to Liam the other night.

Wyatt replied that he'd told the truth because he was a straightforward guy, but he didn't want to be where he wasn't wanted. Wyatt said that if Hope wanted him gone, then they'd get out of the deal. "And if you don't want me around, then I'm gone," he added.

In Hope's silence, Wyatt expressed his confusion. He'd known that Liam hadn't wanted Wyatt and Hope working together, but Wyatt hadn't thought Hope wouldn't either. Hope replied that she hadn't realized how complicated things would get. Wyatt guessed that the flirting had been too intense, and he'd made her uncomfortable. He reiterated that if she wanted him gone, he'd be gone.

Hope reasoned that they still had a contract. Wyatt, however, offered to rip up the papers and walk away as if it hadn't happened. Hope flashed back to memories of Wyatt, and she said she'd been wrong to try to break the contract. She felt that his company was a match for her line, and Liam would have to deal with it.

Hope said she wanted to keep her word and for Wyatt to stay where he was. Wyatt figured his mother and their employees would be grateful, but no one was as grateful as he was. He moved closer and hugged Hope. When he tried to kiss her, she backed away and told him not to. Smiling, he claimed that he'd meant to say "thank you."

At the mansion, Eric hung Stephanie's portrait back up. "She fell off the wall last night. I had to hang her back up," Eric explained to Rick when he'd arrived. Rick asked what Eric had done to make her mad, and Eric said Quinn had been at the house to express her gratitude about the business deal. Eric added that she'd kissed him, and at Rick's disturbed look, Eric asked what was surprising about that.

Rick was concerned because the partnership was complicated enough due to Wyatt and Hope. Eric responded that the two would have to work it out themselves, and he wouldn't cancel the contract. Rick asked who'd wanted Eric to do that. "She did!" Eric explained, adding that he'd turned Hope down when she'd requested it the previous night.

Rick grabbed his phone to send a message, and Eric guessed that Rick was calling his sister into the "principal's office." Rick was upset that Hope would try to cancel a contract with a company that she'd picked, and he suspected that Liam, who Pam had seen sulking outside the meeting the other day, could have something to do with it.

Eric dismissively replied that Liam had been merely waiting for Hope. Rick said Liam had been keeping an eye on the situation, and Rick would do the same thing in Liam's shoes; however, canceling the contract wasn't an option. Eric asserted that a problem between Liam and Hope would not be a problem for the businesses collaboration.

Eric looked forward to working with Quinn, whose passion for business and family had reminded him of himself in earlier years. Rick hinted that there might be more to it, but Eric replied that he wouldn't make a big deal of a kiss that might not mean anything at all. "But if it does, I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself," Eric told Stephanie's portrait.

Later, Eric arrived in his office, and Quinn entered to pick up a jewelry pallet. Eric said that he liked a piece on it, but she said it wasn't finished. Smiling, he replied that he liked where it was going, and she bashfully stated that she did, too. Quinn stammered that she was grateful for the opportunity, but she was a businesswoman. She didn't want Eric to think otherwise.

Eric raised his brow, and Quinn stated that her behavior the other night had been inappropriate. Eric asked if she was sorry about the kiss. She wasn't sorry -- just embarrassed. He asked if she wanted to take it back, and she said she did. "Let me give it to you," he uttered and swept her in for a kiss.

As Quinn left Eric's office later, she saw Liam retrieving an envelope off Pam's desk. Liam took off, and Quinn said that Liam had made a big mistake by messing with her son.

Friday, September 20, 2013

At the Forrester sky lounge, Wyatt told Quinn that he'd offered to rip up the contracts, and Quinn asked why they were still working. He said Hope had asked him to stay, and she cared about him. Quinn stated that Hope had tried to have them fired, but Wyatt replied that it had only been to keep the peace.

Wyatt insisted that Hope wasn't a bully, and Liam wasn't right for her. Wyatt said Hope didn't have to wait for him to make up his mind, and she was "the one." He claimed that Hope always had been the one, and he suspected that Hope knew it, too.

Quinn was about to take some changes to Hope for approval but decided to let Wyatt do it. Quinn wondered if Brooke knew that Liam was behaving badly. Wyatt told Quinn not to open that up because it was fixed. Wyatt figured Liam wasn't bad; he just took too long to decide what he wanted.

Quinn remembered that Wyatt had promised Hope a piece of jewelry for the wedding, and Wyatt replied that he'd also promised to be Hope's groom. Quinn wasn't sure if she should be happy for or worried about her son. He suggested that she pick being happy.

In Rick's office, Liam arrived early for a lunch date with Hope. He'd sensed that she'd wanted to talk about something over lunch, and Hope said she should have told him the previous night. She explained that Wyatt had offered to walk away from the deal, and Liam wondered what the catch was. "I guess I am," Hope responded.

Hope said that she didn't want Wyatt to walk away, and ending the deal wouldn't make things right. She admitted that she'd gone along with Liam's suggestion because she'd been trying to prove something that she shouldn't have to prove. Liam responded that Wyatt had vowed to stop Hope from marrying Liam. "And I had to put up with that for how many years?" Hope asked.

With a wry laugh, Liam figured it was payback. Hope insisted that it wasn't. She said she'd waited for him and been loyal to him through his two marriages. Hope wondered if Liam had started doubting her because some other guy was paying attention to her. Liam awkwardly responded that it was because she was paying attention to the other guy. Shrugging, Hope said it was nice to be fussed over and to have someone think that she was amazing. "Only me," Hope added.

Liam apologized for not making Hope feel that way. He hoped that sending off the annulment papers with his signature meant something, and he asked what more he could do. Hope told him to trust her and not to ask her to go back on her word, just as she'd never asked him to do.

On his phone, Liam received an email from Steffy. He decided to ignore it, but Hope advised him to find out what bombshell Steffy might be dropping on them. Hope was overwhelmed with excitement when Liam relayed that Steffy had signed the papers and had express mailed them back. In the email, Steffy also said that she'd wanted Liam to be free to marry Hope, and "now" he was.

Liam seemed to have mixed emotions about the news. Hope offered to give him time alone, but he claimed not to need it. He said Steffy had meant what she'd said, and she'd just needed a reminder.

Behind them, Wyatt opened the office door but quickly pulled it back close to him. He listened in as Liam asked if Hope still wanted to marry him. She affirmed that she did, and he remarked that he'd disappointed her in the past. Hope said she'd asked for too much, but Liam replied that she'd wanted to do it back when they'd both been free. "Now we are," he said. Liam and Hope expressed love for each other, and as they kissed, Wyatt walked away from the door.

After Liam had gone, Wyatt returned to give Hope the changes to approve. He stated that he had another change for her, too. "Don't do it. Don't marry him," he said. Wyatt revealed that he'd overheard about the annulment, and Hope said that Wyatt had known about the wedding all along.

Wyatt asked if Hope was sure it was what she wanted, and Hope replied that she'd waited for it for "so long." He stated that it wasn't what he'd asked. Wyatt said that he and Hope were right for each other, and she felt it. Hope told him that they hardly knew each other, and he urged her to give it time. "Don't marry my brother," he said.

At Brooke's house, Brooke overheard Bill arguing on his phone with a private investigator. After the call, Brooke was surprised to hear that he'd decided to have Katie followed. Bill bellowed that Katie had his son, and she and Dani were playing bait and switch with the investigator. He threatened to have Katie arrested, but Brooke stated that he knew Katie wouldn't hurt Will.

Noting that he'd weathered scandals before, Bill asked if Brooke was sure she wanted to keep living that way. Brooke stated that sex scandals were different, and people felt that they could say anything behind one's back. She said men seemed to redeem themselves faster than women, and she'd understand if he wanted to go back to Katie.

Bill declared that he wasn't going anywhere, and he loved Brooke. Brooke replied that she loved him, too; however, no one knew the future. Bill explained that he and Brooke had embarked upon their future together with some injuries. In his view, Brooke was heartbroken over being banned from her sister's life, and Bill was heartbroken that he hadn't lived up his to marriage commitment.

Bill said it was a time in their lives that required patience and gentleness, not the toughness he was accustomed to. He asked Brooke to tell him when he expected too much. Brooke replied that she didn't want him to be any different. He said it was too bad, because he already was different with her.

Later, Brooke was surprised when Quinn arrived at the house. When Brooke stated that Bill wasn't there, Quinn was happy that she didn't have to encounter him. Brooke assumed Quinn had arrived to discuss the contract issues, but Quinn said it had been resolved amicably. Quinn said that since Quinn rarely saw Brooke at the office, Quinn had decided to make a purely social call. Brooke stated that she'd been working from home, which afforded her personal life some privacy.

Quinn began discussing the entanglement between their children. Brooke said it was just a flirtation and wouldn't be more because Hope was engaged. Quinn remarked that it had been a tortured path for Liam and Hope. Quinn then decided that she'd probably said too much. Brooke asked to know what was on Quinn's mind concerning Hope.

Quinn stated that engaged people, just like married people, didn't always stay that way. Brooke was silent, and Quinn figured she should mind her own business. Brooke replied that their children were their business, and though they might disagree, Brooke wanted to hear Quinn's view.

Quinn said Wyatt hadn't spoken of marriage before that very day, and Hope made him happy. Brooke said Wyatt had to be misinterpreting something. Quinn replied that she'd wanted Brooke to know that Wyatt wasn't into Hope for career advancement. Quinn wasn't sure if he'd find happiness with Hope, but Quinn said that until Hope was married, no one should count Wyatt out.

In Liam's office, Bill had a stunned but calculating expression on his face. Liam asked his father not say anything, not to intercept the paperwork, and not to bribe a judge to reject the annulment. Bill reasoned that there had to be some legal questions about a couple with two annulments. Liam replied that the first one hadn't even been filed.

Liam threatened to blackball his father from the wedding if his father couldn't get on board. Bill claimed that he needed a moment because Liam had still been married when Bill had walked in the door earlier. Liam replied that he'd loved Steffy, he'd tried, but she'd left. "Sound familiar?" Liam asked.

Liam also noted that he'd been supportive of Bill and Brooke. Liam said he was on his father's side and wanted his father's happiness. Bill wondered if marrying Hope would make Liam miserable. Liam asserted that it wouldn't happen, but if it did, he'd want Bill to stand by him until it got fixed.

"Gee, isn't it too bad that I didn't have you around to tell me how to act when I was your age?" Bill quipped but claimed to be only partly sarcastic. Liam said he wouldn't trade his time with Steffy for anything, but his heart felt as if it had returned to where it had started. "It's like being home," Liam said.

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