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Katie returned to town with Will, and Bill asked Brooke to marry him. Quinn engineered an out-of-town trip for Hope and Wyatt. Wyatt and Hope traveled to Mexico in search of a mysterious diamond, and Liam tied up loose ends with the annulment. Wyatt vowed to marry Hope someday.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 23, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, September 23, 2013

At Brooke's house, Quinn and Brooke discussed Liam and Hope's complicated situation, and Brooke insisted that Liam's divorce would be final in a few months. Quinn remarked that a lot could happen in a few months. Brooke thought that Wyatt was a fine young man, but it was a long shot that something would spark between him and Hope.

Quinn stated that Wyatt knew his heart, and she asked if Hope could say the same. Brooke said it was understandable that Wyatt was enamored after his and Hope's fairytale meeting; however, Hope loved Liam. Quinn asked whether Brooke thought a woman could love two men at the same time.

Brooke received a business call, and after it ended, Quinn turned the conversation to Hope and HFTF, which had been patterned after Hope's beliefs. Brooke said they were values that any mother would want her daughter to have, and Hope was making a big difference in the world. Quinn replied that it was no wonder that her son was taken with Hope. "As is Liam," Brooke added.

Brooke admitted that there had been detours along the way, but Liam loved Hope and wanted to make her happy. Quinn said Wyatt could do the same things. Brooke smiled mindfully at Quinn.

At Forrester, Hope couldn't believe Wyatt was asking her to wait to marry the man who she'd been trying to marry for what felt like forever to her. Wyatt replied that he only needed a few months. "If you can't live without me by then, well..." Wyatt said.

Wyatt reasoned that Hope was young and didn't have to rush down the aisle. He said that "Mr. Sensitive" wouldn't easily turn the page on his newly ended marriage, and Wyatt was willing to take care of Liam's fiancée while Liam sorted it out. Hope bashfully laughed Wyatt's words off, but Wyatt was sure there was something between them. He asked her to give it time to see where it could go.

Wyatt offered to back off if he was wrong about the feelings between them. Hope huffed and said he'd return stronger than ever. He noted that she wasn't denying the feelings. Hope insisted that she and Liam had been trying to get married for a while. Wyatt thought that should tell her something.

Hope claimed it said that she and Liam appreciated each other even more for it. She felt that she and Wyatt were different, and she dreamed of having children while working at Forrester. Wyatt claimed she could have that with him -- without the tofu burgers. Hope replied that she liked tofu.

Wyatt was determined not to stop until Hope put things on hold, but Hope said things had been put on hold too many times. She wouldn't let it happen again. Wyatt swore he could make her happy and do things that Liam couldn't. She replied that she liked Wyatt, and he was charming. "You're gonna marry Liam anyway," Wyatt realized. He wondered if Liam knew how lucky he was.

At Spencer, Liam said he'd always treasure what he and Steffy had shared. Bill guessed that it had always been Hope for Liam. Liam replied that any other woman would have given up by then. Bill asserted that Spencer men were worth the effort and the wait.

Liam hoped that Hope was growing on Bill. "Like a wart," Bill quipped. Bill wanted to be sure that Hope could make Liam happy for a lifetime. Liam asked if his father thought he'd want to marry Hope so quickly if he didn't think that. Bill advised Liam to take time to enjoy his engagement.

Liam felt that he and Hope had the engagement thing down pat. He just wanted everyone to let them get married. Bill assumed Liam feared that Steffy would cause a problem. Liam said he'd gotten a taste of what he'd put Hope through in the past, and Wyatt had deemed Hope fair game until Liam and Hope exchanged vows.

Liam claimed that he wasn't worried because he knew Hope wanted to spend her life with him. Bill reasoned that Wyatt was a Spencer, and his sons were probably experiencing harmless sibling rivalry. "Have you not heard of Cain and Abel?" Liam asked.

Bill said he and Liam knew that Wyatt didn't have a chance with Hope. Liam responded that he did know it, and after the wedding, he and Wyatt might be able to work on the brother thing. Liam knew that would make Hope happy, and Liam was all about making his bride-to-be as happy as possible.

Later, Hope was at Brooke's house as Brooke chatted about her pleasant meeting with Quinn Fuller. Brooke explained that Quinn had probably been lobbying for Wyatt, who'd been enamored enough with Hope to mention marriage for the first time in his life. Brooke said she'd explained that Liam and Hope were getting married after the waiting period.

Hope announced that the waiting period had ended, and Steffy had given Liam the annulment. Hope beamed that she and Liam could get married right away. The women giggled and hugged each other. Brooke asked who knew about it. Hope replied that Bill probably knew by then. Hope also relayed that Wyatt had overheard her and Liam talking about it, and Wyatt had asked her to give him a chance.

Just then, Liam entered the house. He and Hope kissed, and he said his father was already planning the bachelor party. Liam didn't think they'd have time for that -- especially since Brooke was a wiz at planning lightning-fast weddings. Brooke said she had the wedding planner on speed dial, and the wedding would be Father Fontana's chance to restore his record of everlasting marriages.

Liam admitted that it had been a long road for them. Hope tried to stop him from speaking, but he said it had been because of him. He figured they were past it, and he promised to love and cherish Hope until he was old and until his teeth were falling out. Hope silenced him with a kiss, and they hugged.

Later, Wyatt was working alone and thinking of Hope. His giddy mother arrived and bragged about the new security passes they'd gotten. Forrester had amped up security in preparation for the next HFTF fashion show, and she and Wyatt had gotten new badges because, in her view, they were integral parts of the team.

Quinn began chattering about her meeting with Brooke. Wyatt was surprised that Quinn had gone to see Brooke. Quinn continued to chat away, saying that she hadn't been a fan of Hope's until she'd heard Brooke rave about Hope. Quinn had decided that Hope was an extraordinary young woman. Wyatt asked Quinn to listen, but she kept talking over him.

Quinn began speculating about what would happen once their company got its big break, thanks to the Forresters. Wyatt cut her off to say that Liam's wife had given him the annulment, and Hope planned to get married as soon as possible. He stated that they couldn't get too attached to HFTF, and he couldn't get attached to Hope. Wyatt was sure that once Liam and Hope got married, it would take just a push from Liam to get her to cut ties Wyatt and their company.

Quinn doubted that Eric would let Liam dictate what happened at the company. Wyatt said he'd asked Hope to wait, but she still planned to marry Liam immediately. Quinn replied that they couldn't let it happen. Wyatt didn't think that they couldn't stop it, but Quinn believed that they could.

"The Hope Diamond," Quinn said. She relayed that she'd been thinking of Hope and the rebranding of the line. Wyatt correlated Hope's name to the diamond's name and said there was a second Hope Diamond in Mexico with Ricardo. Quinn thought it would be perfect if they could get it on loan and present it to the world.

Quinn suggested that Wyatt take Hope to Mexico to meet with Ricardo. Wyatt shook his head, but Quinn stated that the diamond had magical powers. She was sure it would be an adventure for Wyatt and Hope, and it would change their lives forever.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Liam and Hope were elated that Steffy had decided to agree to the annulment. Hope wondered what had persuaded Steffy to agree, and Liam said he felt that Steffy had realized it was pointless to keep Liam and Hope waiting.

Liam said that he wanted to hurry the wedding planning along because he needed to call Hope his wife. Liam suggested Vegas as a destination wedding, and he encouraged Hope to plan the wedding fast. He and Hope kissed, and recalled meaningful moments from their engagement, weddings, and other emotional times.

Brooke overheard the wedding plans and became emotional. She dished that she couldn't wait until Liam and Hope gave Brooke and Bill grandchildren. Hope left for work, and Liam begged Brooke to quickly plan a wedding and get it done.

Liam insisted that nothing and no one would stop Hope and Liam from getting married. Liam joked that going to Vegas might be the best plan. Brooke teased Liam about a Vegas wedding and Liam's past miscues that resulted in unfinished marriages.

Brooke insisted that Liam had to agree to never again hurt Hope. Liam said that Hope had always been the woman that he had wanted to marry. Liam and Brooke discussed Wyatt. They debated whether Wyatt was a threat to Liam and Hope.

Brooke warned that if Liam screwed up again, Liam would lose Hope forever. "Don't mistake her love for weakness," Brooke warned. Liam advised Brooke that he was more committed than ever before.

At Forrester, Quinn told Wyatt that he needed to sell the idea of Hope going to Mexico with him to get the second Hope diamond. Quinn said it would draw Hope and Liam together. Wyatt noted that Quinn had not liked Hope previously. Wyatt and Quinn discussed that Ricardo, their diamond friend, might loan them the diamond.

"Mexico or bust," Wyatt said. Quinn and Wyatt met with Eric and said they had a great proposal. Hope interrupted and excitedly shared her wedding plans with Eric, who noted that Liam and Hope had waited a very long time to get married.

Hope wondered why Quinn and Wyatt were in Eric's office. Wyatt teased that Hope should brace herself because he was going to give her a diamond. Wyatt related that the blue diamond in Mexico could be an epic reveal -- and newsworthy -- especially if it were associated with HFTF.

Quinn and Wyatt said they had known the owner and might be able to borrow the diamond for the fashion show. Wyatt said that Hope was his secret weapon -- Hope had to make a personal visit and persuade the owner to loan it out. Quinn, Hope, Eric, and Wyatt looked up the diamond online and were impressed. Hope worried about security concerns, but Wyatt said it would be worth it for the media buzz.

Wyatt insisted on an answer from Hope. Hope complained that the timing was all wrong, and she feared Liam's reaction. Quinn reminded everyone that it was all a business venture. Eric promised to get the company jet ready, and Hope hesitated but agreed to rearrange her schedule and head to Mexico.

Quinn whispered to Wyatt that his life with Hope was about to begin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke wore a red negligee to greet Bill. They made love. Afterward, Brooke and Bill discussed that they had to get through to Katie somehow that they were happy and wanted her to be happy as well. Brooke professed that she felt guilty, but Bill tried to persuade her that they couldn't feel guilty about their love.

On the Spencer jet, Katie and Donna were in flight to return to Los Angeles after a trip to New York City. Donna maintained that Bill and Brooke were not the carefree lovers that Katie thought they were. Katie scoffed. Donna wanted Katie to call Bill and Brooke to warn them that she would be visiting, but Katie disagreed. Katie said that she needed a dose of reality by seeing Brooke and Bill together.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that the concept of the diamond that was almost identical to the Hope Diamond had appealed to Eric Forrester. Quinn advised that Wyatt and Hope had to make the deal and deliver the goods from Mexico. Wyatt told his mother that he and Hope would deliver. Quinn added that Wyatt should not underestimate Liam.

Eric entered and congratulated Wyatt and Quinn for their enthusiasm about returning to Los Angeles with the diamond that would make the HFTF campaign a huge success. Eric asked if Wyatt was ready for the trip. Wyatt agreed and left. Eric and Quinn chatted about how much they enjoyed each other's company.

In another office, Liam and Hope made out. They discussed how anxious they were to get married and were thankful that Steffy had signed the annulment papers. Hope said that she was heading to Mexico with Wyatt. Liam was unhappy. Hope assured Liam that it was a day trip and nothing more.

Hope said that she needed to visit Mexico to prove to the owner of a huge diamond that the marketing plan for HFTF was legitimate. Liam objected and said that Eric should visit. He added that Quinn and Wyatt should be able to seal the deal on their own. Hope said she wanted to leave nothing to chance. Hope promised to return quickly. Liam made out with Hope and asked her to be careful. He warned that Wyatt was surely going to make moves on Hope.

At Brooke's, Bill and Brooke cuddled, and the doorbell rang. Katie showed up unannounced with Will, and Bill answered the door. Katie looked disappointed, but Bill was elated to see Will. Bill noted that Will's mommy had been spoiling Will in New York. Bill said that he had been glad to see Katie and Will. Bill added that he had tried to reach Katie with multiple text messages.

Katie wondered why Bill had never left Brooke's house and if he had been doing anything while she had been gone. Bill answered that he had been working on his golf game and riding his motorcycles. Katie acknowledged that he had been bored to tears, and Bill admitted that it was true. Bill grabbed Will and wanted to show him the grounds outside Brooke's house.

At Forrester, Liam found Quinn in an office after Hope had left. Liam wondered if Quinn had been responsible for the trip that had been planned to Mexico. Quinn acknowledged that she could only take half the credit. Quinn said that the Hope for the Future Diamond was a huge "can't-miss" idea. Quinn was confident that Wyatt and Hope would be successful in delivering the diamond.

Liam agreed, but Quinn quickly pointed out that she knew Liam had wanted Hope to dump Quinn's jewelry line and void the contract. Liam tried to backpedal, but Quinn said she had a lot of faith in what Wyatt and Hope could do together.

On the Forrester jet, Wyatt made himself comfortable, and he waited for Hope. Hope entered and noted how comfortable Wyatt appeared. Wyatt agreed, and he held an unlit cigar, but Hope took it away from him. Hope gave Wyatt some reading material for the flight and said it was to keep him out of trouble. Wyatt suggested that Hope would have trouble staying away from him because he was irresistible.

Wyatt said that they had an adventure like the movie Romancing the Stone. Wyatt insisted they were a potent team when they worked together, and the trip would change their lives forever.

At Brooke's, Brooke made the bed in her bedroom, and Katie entered. Brooke said she was glad to see Katie. Katie snarked that Brooke would probably not have been so glad to see Katie while Brooke and Bill had been rolling around in the bed an hour earlier.

Brooke tried to ignore Katie's inference and said she needed a shower. Katie acknowledged that Brooke would need a shower after what had obviously been going on between Katie's husband and Brooke.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the plane ride to Mexico, Hope was frustrated that she couldn't get on the Internet. Wyatt guessed she was looking for an email from Liam, but Hope replied that Liam knew she'd only be gone a few hours on business. Wyatt quipped that it was business -- for her.

Hope decided that Wyatt had no respect for her, but Wyatt said he did. Hope felt that respecting her meant also respecting Liam. Wyatt said Hope had earned respect, but Liam hadn't. Hope asked Wyatt to respect her choices, but he asked if her happiness outweighed the sadness with Liam.

Later, Hope and Wyatt arrived at a restaurant in Mexico. Hope was worried because they didn't have a strategy for the meeting, but Wyatt said he didn't want them to sound rehearsed. When Ricardo arrived with his bodyguard, he was glad to meet Hope and said "hope" had always been good to him.

Wyatt explained the reason for the meeting, and Ricardo was surprised because he'd assumed that Forrester had wanted to buy the diamond. Hope doubted that Ricardo would part with it. Ricardo explained that he was not just the diamond's owner; he was the steward of the jewel, which had a centuries-long life and longed to be understood and loved.

Hope suddenly felt ashamed of her commercial motives but went on to explain Forrester's reasons for wanting to use the diamond in the rebranding campaign. She promised that she'd insure it, secure it, and pay a fee for each day she had it in her possession.

Hope was sure Ricardo wanted to know what was in it for him. Wyatt said that, as Ricardo had conveyed, the diamond wanted to be loved and understood. Wyatt assured Ricardo that those things would happen once HFTF revealed the diamond and made it the subject of media attention. Wyatt sensed that Ricardo wanted a way to share the diamond with the world.

Attracted by the idea, Ricardo asked if they could meet again in the morning. He was disappointed to hear that Hope and Wyatt had to leave that evening. Hope and Wyatt agreed to stay overnight, and Wyatt asked to see the diamond. Ricardo said he'd show it to them that evening. He warned them to be prepared because the diamond had power, and once they saw it, their lives would never be the same.

At Brooke's house, Bill was downstairs when Liam entered without knocking. Bill joked about the number of times Liam had berated Bill for barging into the cliff house. Bill left to put Will to sleep, and when he returned, he and Liam discussed the situation with Katie.

Bill expressed that it was wrong that Will had two rooms and one parent at a time when Will should have one room and two parents together. Bill, however, didn't see the point of being with Katie, who couldn't keep a commitment. Liam paused, realizing that one could say the same about him.

Bill responded that Liam shouldn't let anyone guilt-trip him for staying with a woman pregnant with his child. Liam said that making one commitment sometimes meant breaking another, and no one was blameless -- not himself, not Katie, and not Bill.

Bill asked if Hope was shaming Liam about the past. Liam replied that Hope wasn't doing that; it was just weighing on him while she was in Mexico with Wyatt. Bill advised Liam not to let Hope make him jealous. Liam replied that Hope was living her life, which was causing him to reflect on his actions.

Liam decided it was time to go because his father was acting weird. Bill didn't see what the problem was. Liam noted that Bill was less obnoxious and less full of himself. Bill admitted that he was trying to be a better person. "I thought it would be a good retirement project," Bill added.

Liam said Bill didn't have to be better, but Liam had noticed that Bill was happier. Bill replied that having someone love him for who he was had done it. He claimed that Hope only loved Liam when he was good. Bill thought that could be a good thing because it made one want to be good all the time. "But sooner or later..." Bill said in a warning tone.

Later, Liam went to his office to finalize the annulment. He was surprised that there was another signature to obtain from Steffy. The lawyer said the court wanted to make sure the annulment wasn't a shortcut to get by something else, like a bankruptcy. Liam didn't want his wedding to get held up by it. The lawyer said it wouldn't be -- as long as Liam quickly got Steffy's digital signature for the document.

The lawyer left, and Liam called Steffy to leave her a message about the signature he needed. He also prattled on about Katie's return and how he wished Steffy was there to kick Wyatt's "ass" before Liam had to do it himself. He ran out of things to say and awkwardly ended the message.

In Brooke's bedroom, Katie guessed Brooke knew all about the New York trip because of Bill's investigators. Brooke claimed that Bill had acted out of concern. Katie quipped that Bill investigated people out of concern, but Katie's video monitoring had been considered criminal.

Katie ordered Brooke to put some clothes on, but the robe-wearing Brooke responded that Katie had arrived in Brooke's bedroom to see Brooke. Brooke guessed that Katie had something to say, and Brooke hoped Katie would stop turning her back on her sister. Katie admitted that she did have one question, and she asked how long Brooke expected "this" to continue.

Brooke asked what Katie meant by that, and Katie replied, "This situation." Brooke was still confused, and the exasperated Katie asked if Bill was living with Brooke or just staying there until he found his own place. Brooke asked why Katie cared where Bill lived if she were done with him.

Katie replied that she cared because she didn't know how Brooke expected to repair their sibling relationship while offering her sister's husband a permanent place in her home and bed. Brooke told Katie to understand what she'd done to Bill, who'd given in to all of Katie's demands in an uncontested divorce. Brooke asked when it would stop.

Katie replied that it would stop when she didn't have to envision Bill and Brooke together with their hands all over each other. Brooke argued that Katie had envisioned it before Brooke and Bill had ever gotten together. Brooke claimed that she'd never had designs on Katie's husband, and Katie snapped that Brooke's excuse was always that she'd never meant for something to happen. Katie said that actions mattered, not the intentions.

Katie stated that she was telling Brooke how she could even start to make amends, but Katie sensed that Brooke wasn't interested in it. Katie likened Brooke to a thief who was sorry to be caught but who had no intention of returning the goods. "Oh, my God. You want him back! That's what this is about," Brooke suddenly realized.

Brooke didn't know why she hadn't seen it coming. She thought it was typical of Katie to grandstand and then regret things later. Katie claimed not to regret divorcing Bill and said she could have him back any time she wanted him. Brooke wondered what was stopping Katie, but Katie said the ruined relationship she'd chosen to talk about was hers with her sister.

Katie stated that Brooke was her blood and had been there when they'd lost loved ones, and Katie had trusted Brooke. Katie wondered if anything was left for them. "And if there is, what are you willing to do about it?" Katie asked.

Brooke claimed she'd do anything to feel like sisters again, but Katie said it wouldn't happen while her husband was living with Brooke. Katie asserted that Bill was still her husband, and she didn't understand why things were still happening between him and her sister. Brooke asked if Katie wanted Bill to be alone and miserable. Katie replied that she just didn't want him with Brooke.

Brooke claimed the damage was done, and they could only make sure there wouldn't be more of it. Katie raged that Brooke had turned the whole sordid thing into some kind of romance in which Bill and Brooke overcame everything -- including the pesky wife, who happened to be Brooke's baby sister.

Brooke figured that Katie wanted to punish her. Katie corrected that she wanted to love Brooke, but Brooke was too selfish to let it happen. Brooke said that Bill was his own person, and she couldn't predict what he'd do. Brooke added that they didn't know the future, and they had to accept that.

Katie replied that it was about Brooke, not Bill, and the future was as plain as day. Katie asked if Brooke thought Katie should accept Bill and Brooke having a happily ever after. "Never!" Katie declared.

Friday, September 27, 2013

In Rick's office, Liam took a call from Hope, who let him know that she had to stay in Mexico overnight. Liam thought it was starting to sound like a setup, but Hope assured him that Ricardo was legitimate. Liam was sure Wyatt didn't mind, and she responded that he'd had nothing to do with the delay. Hope expressed excitement about seeing the diamond later, and Liam told her to have fun.

After the call, Caroline and Rick arrived with some photos Liam had requested to use to create a surprise for Hope. Caroline asked where her wedding invitation was, but Liam explained that there was more paperwork to file for the annulment. Rick looked concerned, but Liam assured Rick that it would be fine, and Liam and Hope would get married soon.

Caroline announced that Maya and Carter were engaged, too, and Liam said they needed to coordinate to avoid overlapping dates. Rick thought Liam should coordinate with Hope's hectic schedule, but Liam was sure they could squeeze in a wedding.

As Rick and Caroline left, Liam asked to use Rick's scanner. Rick agreed, and Liam sat down at the desk. He smiled when he pulled up pictures of himself and Hope. A song played as a montage of Hope and Liam's memories displayed on the screen, and at the end of it, Liam smiled.

In a hotel in Mexico, Wyatt guessed that Liam was pouting about the overnight stay; however, Wyatt felt that it was about time after all Liam had put Hope through. Hope agreed but said she wasn't trying to get back at Liam. She insisted that she'd never use Wyatt for that.

As Wyatt and Hope excitedly discussed the diamond, Ricardo arrived. Hope thanked him for arranging the hotel, and he suggested that she and Wyatt take in the sights. Wyatt said there was only one sight they wanted to see. Ricardo set a miniature black suitcase on the table and unlocked it.

Ricardo built up anticipation and reminded everyone that the diamond's power was beyond understanding and would change Wyatt and Hope's lives as it had his. Ricardo pulled out a smaller box. As he cracked it open, blue light emitted from it, and the blue stone seemed to glow against its white cushion inside the box.

Hope and Wyatt were amazed when they saw the diamond, and after they examined it under a scope, Wyatt insisted that they needed to have it. Studying the diamond, Ricardo wondered if he could part with it. Hope and Wyatt reminded Ricardo of the line, the exposure at the fashion show, and the press attention, and Ricardo stipulated that his bodyguard would accompany the stone.

Hope promised Ricardo that she'd also keep the jewel safe, and Ricardo said he had been looking for the perfect venue to show it off. He stated that the beauty of the diamond matched the beauty of the woman, and he couldn't refuse. Wyatt and Hope graciously thanked Ricardo.

Ricardo reminded them that the diamond had great power and could lead people to their destinies. Hope replied that her mother spoke of destiny all the time, but Hope wasn't sure she believed in it. Before leaving, Ricardo replied that the diamond would make Hope believe.

Holding the diamond in its case, Hope thanked Wyatt, and in return, Wyatt thanked her for leaving Liam for a night. Hope replied that it was just business. Wyatt said that it was more than that -- or it could be. Wyatt tried to tell Hope what she'd become to him since they'd met. Hope attempted to stop him from speaking, but he managed to add that she'd changed his life.

Wyatt asked Hope not to marry his brother, and Hope sighed. Other than disappointment, Wyatt didn't know what Hope had with Liam. Wyatt asked her to look at what they'd accomplished, and he said they could do anything. With their fingers, they each touched the diamond, and Wyatt said that someday, he'd give Hope that diamond. "Someday, I will make you my wife," he uttered.

At Spencer, Katie was in deep thought when Donna arrived to find out how things had gone with Bill. Katie grimaced, and Donna hoped Katie hadn't walked in on Bill and Brooke again. Katie conveyed that when she'd arrived and handed Will to Bill, it had felt like a wife returning home to her husband. However, she hadn't let Bill sense her emotions.

Katie explained that she'd then gone upstairs and seen a messed-up bed and Brooke in her robe. Each had been clues about what Bill and Brooke had been doing. Katie was aggravated at Brooke's nerve to ask Katie to accept Bill and Brooke's future together, but Katie declared that she never would.

Donna guessed that Katie wished she'd remained in New York. Katie, however, asserted that she'd remain in Los Angeles and run the company as the strong woman she knew she could be. Katie didn't intend to let anything Bill and Brooke did affect her. Katie knew that it would be hard, but she planned to forget how much she'd loved them.

Donna figured that Brooke was just confused, but Katie raged that Brooke had no self-control. Donna refused to believe that Brooke would commit herself to Bill. Donna asserted that Brooke wouldn't do that to Katie, but Katie just scoffed in reply.

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke discussed with Bill how things had gone with Katie. Brooke was frustrated that Katie wouldn't acknowledge Brooke and Bill's relationship, but Brooke believed that Bill belonged with her. Brooke didn't want to end what they'd started, but she didn't know how to deal with Katie's hurt and anger over it. Bill indicated that he'd help Brooke through it.

Bill reasoned that Katie couldn't avoid them, and once she saw that the world wouldn't end over what had happened, she'd realize that she was no longer holding a grudge. Brooke asked who would help Katie through it, and Bill replied that Katie had Donna, Hope, and Karen until Katie was ready to let Brooke in again. Brooke said she didn't want to see Katie in pain, but Brooke also couldn't let Bill go.

Brooke and Bill hugged, and he said there would be no more talk of losing him. Brooke responded that if she didn't lose him, she'd lose Katie. Bill said that, though Brooke knew how to fix Katie's hurt, Brooke didn't have to do it. "Time will," Bill decided, and they kissed.

Brooke asserted that she didn't want to feel guilty, but Bill declared that he'd never go back to Katie. Bill insisted that he was in love with Brooke, and leaving Katie had been his decision. He claimed that there were pivotal moments in life, and their Monte Carlo meeting had been the point of no return.

Bill said that one day soon, the world would know how he felt about Brooke. He pulled a ring box from his pocket, and Brooke gasped. Bill said that one day, she'd be his wife. He figured that she wouldn't wear the ring until his divorce was final, but he'd wanted her to know the depth of his commitment to her. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

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