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Quinn emailed the Steffy tribute video to Hope. Hope questioned Liam's commitment to her, and Wyatt removed Hope's engagement ring. Bill and Katie clashed in a boardroom meeting.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 7, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Backstage at Forrester, Quinn watched the photo montage Liam had made for Steffy. Oliver approached to say that the press conference was about to start. After Oliver left, Quinn quickly sent the montage to herself via email and then deleted the "sent" email.

In the showroom, the fashion show culminated with the models standing behind Hope on the runway. Rick walked on, too. He introduced Caroline as the designer, and everyone applauded.

The press conferences began, and the reporters asked questions about the diamond. Hope remained mysterious about it but said they wouldn't have procured it without Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope singled out Wyatt from the crowd and said they couldn't have done it without him.

Wyatt and Quinn stood together, and the press asked who he was, aside from Liam's half-brother. Wyatt said that he and his mother had been making jewelry for years, and they were honored to be working with Hope. The reporters turned the topic to Caroline's designs, and Caroline explained that she'd pulled from a plethora of cultures. She felt that all cultures could learn from each other.

Thea asked when Hope and Liam would get married, and Hope invited Liam onto the stage to help answer the question. Liam said it would be very soon, and Thea would be the first to know. Thea asked for the couple to kiss, and everyone applauded as Liam and Hope obliged them.

Backstage, Jake, Oliver, and Pam cheered about the job they'd done. Quinn strode backstage, and Liam followed her. He told her that he knew what she and Wyatt had tried to do by moving up the fashion show date, but it wouldn't change the fact that he and Hope would get married. He walked over to retrieve his tablet, and Quinn murmured, "We'll see..." to herself. She checked the email message on her phone and then glared at Liam.

Back in the showroom, Liam spoke to a caretaker, and then he told Eric that everything was set. Liam thanked Eric for helping him and Hope get away. Hope approached and hugged Eric, who then left. Hope thanked Liam for being patient, and he suggested that they get out of there to plan a wedding. Wyatt listened from backstage as Liam told Hope that Big Bear was all ready for them.

Quinn approached Wyatt, and they discussed how well the show had gone. Wyatt seemed a little down, and Quinn said it wasn't over until Liam and Hope were married. Wyatt didn't want to talk about anymore, but Quinn kept insisting that Liam wasn't the guy for Hope. Wyatt remarked about the video Liam had made for Hope, and Wyatt didn't know how he could compete with their history.

Wyatt strode off, and Quinn stared at her phone, which had Liam's video for Steffy on it. The showroom emptied out, and as Quinn gathered her jewelry backstage, she heard Hope and Wyatt talking nearby. Hope said she'd meant it when she'd said that she couldn't have done the show without him. She said that if she weren't committed to Liam, she'd be excited about the possibilities with Wyatt.

Wyatt bashfully replied that Hope didn't have to say anything; however, Hope said she wanted to say it. She called him smart, handsome, and funny, which were things she'd want in a man, but she'd realized that it wasn't fair to send Wyatt mix signals because she was committed to Liam.

Wyatt removed the diamond from Hope's neck. Hope said she looked forward to working with him and having a friendship with him. He stated that she'd be his sister-in-law, and he hoped Liam deserved her. Wyatt kissed Hope's cheek.

Liam entered to retrieve Hope, and as they left, Quinn seethed to herself that Liam was a two-timer. Quinn was sure Hope would be done with Liam once she saw the video he'd made for Steffy.

Elsewhere in the building, Rick yanked open the door of his office and ordered Caroline to get her butt in there. The giggling Caroline entered, and Rick began kissing her. They reveled in the success of the evening, and Rick said that he was proud of her. He wondered if it was time for champagne, but she wondered who needed bubbly when she had him. They fell back into his chair and made out more.

At Brooke's house, Donna asked if the ring was what she thought it was, and Brooke announced that she and Bill were engaged. Brooke said that Donna was the only person who knew about it because Brooke and Bill were keeping it a secret. Bill entered and overheard the conversation. He said that Donna might not like it, but he and Brooke would spend the rest of their lives together.

Donna promised not to say anything, but she was worried about Katie. Donna wanted to be happy for Brooke, but Donna felt that things were complicated. Donna figured she'd learned a lot that day. She said that what Bill and Brooke shared seemed special. "Don't screw it up," she said. Bill replied that he wouldn't, and Donna left.

Sitting on the sofa with Brooke, Bill said they needed to find Donna a man. Brooke assumed Bill thought the man should be like him. Bill replied that there was just one of him, and she asserted that he was all hers. Brooke didn't blame Donna for being concerned about Katie. Bill claimed that he wanted to be respectful of Katie, but he longed for the day Brooke could wear the ring in public.

Brooke received some messages on her phone from Hope. They indicated that the fashion show had gone well, and Hope and Liam were headed to Big Bear to make wedding plans. Bill unenthusiastically replied that it was good. Brooke told him not to be too excited. Bill replied that he liked Hope because she was part of Brooke. Brooke told him it was a good answer, and they kissed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

by Pam

At Big Bear, Hope and Liam discussed plans for their wedding. "No one is going to stop this wedding," Hope said confidently. Liam recommended that Hope could plan the wedding, and he had plans for a surprise honeymoon. They kissed, and Hope brought up Wyatt.

Liam teased that Hope had encouraged Wyatt, but Hope admitted that she liked the attention. Hope felt bad that Wyatt had been so interested in her. Liam advised that it had been a crush, and Wyatt would get over it.

Liam and Hope dredged up the past, and Hope said that their romance and Liam's romance with Steffy had been very public. Hope said that many people believed that Liam had bounced back and forth between Hope and Steffy, but Liam argued. Hope said it didn't matter. She knew that he was totally devoted to her.

Hope loved the video Liam had made for her. Hope thanked Liam because the video had been so special. Liam was glad they had finally put all the past misunderstandings behind them.

Hope returned to her to-do list for the wedding plans, and she noted that she had to call Pam about ordering the cake because there would be no escaping that one. Liam checked his phone and said he had some calls of his own to make regarding the honeymoon. He planned to make calls in the bedroom so that Hope wouldn't hear him.

Hope suggested that after Liam had made his calls, he could turn on some music and let her know when it was safe to join him. Liam said it would be a quick call, and he left the room. Hope giggled and happily sat on the couch. She ogled her engagement ring.

At Forrester, Quinn prepared to send the video of Steffy and Liam, which she had downloaded from Liam's tablet, to Hope. For a moment, she reconsidered, and she deleted the draft of the email. Then she decided that Hope would want to know what Liam had done. Quinn created another email account so that she could send the email anonymously to Hope. Quinn hit send, and she expected the email and attached video would be delivered to Hope.

Pam interrupted Quinn. Pam noticed that Quinn had emailed Hope. Pam warned that Hope was at Big Bear with Liam, and Internet service was spotty at Big Bear. Pam advised Quinn to call Hope if she really wanted to talk to her because emails might take a long time. Pam engaged in conversation with someone else, and Quinn checked her email. Quinn noted that the video had been delivered to Hope. Quinn breathed a sigh of relief.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Eric, Caroline, and Rick toasted with glasses of champagne. Eric said that he was proud of both Caroline and Rick. Eric warned that Rick still had to meet the established sales goals, but Eric was confident that Rick would hit the goals. Rick thanked his father for taking a gamble on him. Eric said that it was no gamble because Rick had Caroline by his side.

Eric and Rick embraced. Thorne entered and commented on the celebration. Thorne seemed jealous at first, but he agreed that Rick had turned the company around, and the entire company should celebrate. Thorne congratulated Rick and Caroline because they had done a terrific job.

Eric agreed that Forrester should celebrate on a global level. Eric mentioned that Thomas, Steffy, and Ridge had all been creating a successful presence at Forrester International in Paris. Later, when Rick was alone with Caroline, Rick said that Caroline had become important to the company and to him. Rick thanked her, and they kissed.

At the Bikini Bar, Wyatt sat at the bar and ordered shots, and Oliver joined him. Oliver asked if the diamond at the HFTF fashion show really had magical powers. Wyatt said it had been magical that he had gone to Mexico with Hope to get it.

Oliver noted that Wyatt clearly had feelings for Hope. Oliver said he knew the feeling well. Oliver showed Wyatt the tattoo he had on his ankle -- a Chinese symbol for Hope. Oliver warned that he'd had too many shots when he did it. Wyatt and Oliver laughed.

Over a few drinks, Wyatt and Oliver joked that Hope and Liam had gone to Big Bear to plan their seventeenth wedding. Wyatt and Oliver shared stories of how they had each loved Hope. Wyatt admitted that Hope had seen him naked -- that had been their first meeting. Wyatt explained that he had been camping and had taken a solar shower, and Hope had passed by while he was using it. Wyatt said that they had kissed a few times, but nothing more because Hope had a history with Liam.

Oliver confessed that he had lost Hope to Liam after a foolish mistake at her graduation party. Oliver shared the story of how a costume party with masks had gotten him into trouble. He said that he and Ridge had been wearing the same jackets and masks, and Hope and her mother had been wearing the same dresses and masks. He added that Brooke had been wearing Hope's necklace.

Oliver said that he and Brooke had had sex and had never known until later what had happened. Wyatt was incredulous that Oliver had done it with Brooke. Oliver lamented it had ended of his relationship with Hope.

Wyatt and Oliver shared that they had both blown their chances with Hope. Wyatt admitted that he truly cared about Hope, and she cared about him, but not enough for Hope to leave Liam. Wyatt and Oliver agreed Hope was a difficult girl to let go. After a few more shots, Oliver asked if Wyatt was all right to drive. Wyatt said he lived nearby. Oliver advised him to be safe and not to get a tattoo. Oliver left. Wyatt sat quietly by himself.

At Big Bear, Hope was viewing news clips about the fashion show on her tablet, and she muttered that the Internet was too slow. She closed up her tablet but heard a signal that she had received an email. She opened the video attachment and watched the romantic video of Steffy and Liam. Hope took a deep breath.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

by Pam

At the Bikini Bar, Wyatt wanted another drink, but the bartender refused and offered a cab and coffee. Wyatt agreed and blubbered that he had held a diamond worth $100 million in his hand earlier that night, but he hadn't even looked at it because he had been looking at Hope. Wyatt flashed back to the time he had asked Hope to postpone her wedding. He recalled that he had told her he'd give her a huge diamond one day.

At Big Bear, Hope was very discouraged after she had viewed the beginning of a video of Steffy and Liam. Someone had sent it to Hope in an email. Liam entered and recognized the music in the video. He noticed Hope's shock as she watched the video. He asked what had happened.

Hope asked Liam about the video. Hope handed him her tablet, and Liam tried to track the sender, but the sender did not exist. Liam admitted that he had made the video for Steffy. Liam explained that when he had made the video for Hope, he had sent a copy to himself and had to have hit Steffy's name rather than Spencer. Liam said that Steffy had said that the tribute Liam had created for Hope was beautiful, and she had wanted him to make one for her -- a tribute to their marriage.

Hope was surprised that Liam hadn't refused to do it for Steffy. Liam said that he had seen it as a favor to Steffy and had never thought much of it. Hope noted that Steffy could have made her own video if she had really wanted one. Liam explained that Steffy had given him the annulment he had asked for, and he didn't see it as a big deal that he had made a video for her. He was grateful for the quick annulment, and he though a tribute to their marriage wasn't too much to ask because the annulment meant that it had never existed.

Liam apologized to Hope. He said that he wished Hope hadn't seen the video because it had upset her. Hope reminded Liam that Steffy was the woman he had married. Steffy was the woman who still shared his name, but Liam said that was only temporary. Hope said they had arrived in the same place they had been before. Liam didn't understand. "Have you ever said no to her ever, even once? Hope asked about Steffy.

Hope recalled that she had always been the loser whenever Steffy wanted something. Liam argued that it was all different. He promised that he loved Hope and they would be married. Hope said Liam was smart in many ways but not about other people or himself.

Hope accused Steffy of sending the video, but Liam said that Steffy would not be that calculating. Hope disagreed and said that Steffy had just wanted a keepsake. Hope told Liam that when he had made a beautiful pre-wedding video present for her, she had been touched, and she was annoyed that he had done something similar for Steffy, but that wasn't the big problem. The issue was the machinery behind the decision that was a "four-alarm fire."

Hope said that every time Steffy had said, "Jump," Liam had asked how high. Hope said the message was loud and clear that even though Steffy had been gone, she was still present in Liam's head. Hope said Steffy didn't want Liam immediately, but when she did, she would return and say, "He's mine."

Liam said that Hope had overreacted. Hope calmly dared him to call her delusional or childish because he often did that. Liam was quiet. Hope said she wouldn't go through the same thing they had done before. She left, but Liam insisted that he wanted to go with her. She refused.

At Forrester, Pam and Eric were elated that the phones were ringing constantly with orders for HFTF. They ran into Quinn, who had been trying to find Wyatt. Brooke arrived with flowers for everyone. Brooke presented a bouquet to Quinn and Wyatt for being such an asset to the company.

Quinn and Brooke talked privately about Wyatt and Hope. Quinn noted that Liam had always tried to please everyone, but at some point that behavior would catch up with him. Brooke realized that Quinn had hoped that Wyatt and Hope would end up together, but Brooke explained that Liam and Hope had a history.

Brooke suggested that Brooke and Quinn could be friends. Quinn teased that they had Bill in common, but Quinn added that Brooke seemed like she would be a good friend. Quinn told Brooke that when Wyatt had been little, he had loved to count the money at her studio. She knew that he was like Bill. Brooke and Quinn laughed.

Brooke's phone rang, and Hope was calling. Hope was upset and told Brooke she would return to Los Angeles alone and wanted to stay at Brooke's. Hope hung up. Brooke was shocked, and she shared with Quinn that something had happened at Big Bear because Hope planned to return alone. Brooke left, and Quinn smiled discreetly.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Wyatt strode in, and Quinn shut off the video Liam had made for Steffy. Quinn yelled at Wyatt for not meeting her straight away. He nonchalantly explained that he'd been at a bar, but she exclaimed that Hope was returning from Big Bear alone. Quinn was sure that Liam had messed up again.

Quinn explained that Hope had called Brooke and asked to meet Brooke at her house. Wyatt said Quinn didn't know what had really gone on, and Liam wouldn't mess up that close to the wedding. Quinn insisted that Brooke had been alarmed, and Hope had sounded distraught. Quinn theorized that it might have something to do with Steffy, and Wyatt claimed that Steffy was a big issue for Hope.

Wyatt figured that Hope would be upset if she discovered that her fiancé was still involved with Steffy. He said he'd advised Hope not to rush into another wedding, but her mind had been made up. He raged that it had been unacceptable of Liam to do that to Hope and to ruin the magnificent day she'd had. Wyatt asserted that Hope needed to know that she didn't have to put up with it.

Wyatt stared at the diamond, and Quinn recalled that Hope and Wyatt had experienced a great triumph that day. Wyatt replied that Liam had then taken Hope away. Quinn stated that something had pulled Hope back. "Is this you? Is your magic working?" Wyatt asked the diamond.

The angry Wyatt decided that Liam had been given enough chances. Wyatt declared that he was done respecting a relationship that he actually had no respect for. Wyatt declared that Liam had blown it, and Wyatt's chance would begin the next day.

At Spencer, Liam arrived in his office and was surprised to see his father there. Bill said he was going over business because he still owned a large portion of the company. Bill recalled that Liam was supposed to be in Big Bear. "I've seen that look before. What happened?" Bill asked Liam.

Liam told his father about the video issue, and Bill asked if Hope had seen freaky pictures. Liam stated that it wasn't like that, but an unknown person had sent the video that Liam had made for Steffy to Hope. Bill said that Hope was getting bent out of shape over a video, but she might be onto something about Liam's feelings. Liam said it had been a misunderstanding, but Bill figured that some accidents weren't accidents.

Bill thought it was "gut check time," and Liam needed to get on Bill's plane to find out if he still had feelings for Steffy. Liam replied that everyone had moved on from the marriage but Bill, and everyone knew that Liam was committed to Hope. Bill figured that Hope was probably questioning it, and he advised his son to have the right answer.

Liam asserted that he wasn't going to Paris, and something like that would push Hope right over the edge. Liam declared that he wouldn't let the issue derail his wedding to Hope. Bill asked if Liam wanted a ride to Brooke's house, but Liam wanted to give Hope some time with her mother that night. He was sure that he and Hope would sort it out the next day.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived upset. She told her mother that it was happening all over again with Steffy. Hope explained why Liam had wound up making a video for Steffy, and Brooke assumed that Liam had felt obligated or had wanted to make it up to Steffy after Steffy had accidentally seeing Hope's video. Hope stated that Liam's problem was that he couldn't help himself around Steffy.

Hope understood that Liam was a caring person, and she admired that about him; however, Hope didn't know how to feel about him making a tribute for his ex-wife right before he was supposed to marry Hope. Brooke asked if Hope thought Steffy's request could have been innocent. Hope wasn't sure, but she refused to share Liam with Steffy again.

Brooke watched the tribute and hoped that Liam had seen why it would upset Hope. Hope stated that the pictures and the song lyrics, which were "stay with me, stay with me, stay with me," were disturbing, and he'd made the exact same video for her to let her know he was thinking of her. Hope asked how she could know he wasn't thinking of Steffy, too. Brooke said that it was a question for Liam.

Hope stated that Liam had said it had been a favor, and Steffy had had a right. Hope asked if that meant Steffy thought she had a right to him. Brooke noted that Hope was still wearing her ring. Hope replied that she didn't know what to do. Though Liam claimed he wasn't thinking of Steffy, he'd forced Hope to think of Steffy, and Hope had vowed to never be in a position like that again.

Brooke was sorry because she never wanted Hope to be with a man who had divided feelings. Hope said she shouldn't have to always wonder where they stood, and she'd told Liam that she wouldn't go through that again. Hope hated to question Liam's feelings and brace herself for the answers.

Brooke said that Hope had to know. Hope was concerned about making Liam feel mistrusted. Brooke insisted that Hope had to ask the questions, but Hope admitted that she feared the answers. Brooke figured that a person could only take so much, and Hope had put up with a lot. Brooke said Hope deserved to be with a man who wanted only her -- a man like Wyatt.

Hope didn't want to draw Wyatt into it, and she said that it wasn't about Wyatt. Brooke figured that the situation wasn't the same because Hope was no longer the same, and Wyatt had shown her that she had options. Brooke stated that Hope was intrigued with Wyatt. Hope, however, said she was confused enough, and pulling Wyatt into it wouldn't help.

Later, Hope sat alone in her mother's living room. A song began to play, and a montage of Hope and Liam thinking of each other appeared on the screen. Wyatt's thoughts of Hope also slipped into the montage, and then Hope received an email on a tablet.

In the email was a video of a glimmering diamond. Wyatt's voiceover said that the diamond had led them from Los Angeles to the hills of Mexico, and it would lead them to their destiny. "Never underestimate the power of the rock," Wyatt concluded. Hope fought back a smile.

Friday, October 11, 2013

At Brooke's, Hope told her mother that she'd been up all night repeatedly watching the Steffy tribute video. Brooke didn't think it was wise to ruminate over it like that, but Hope said it had made her wonder if Steffy would always be a factor for Liam. Hope didn't want to live with the constant concern that Steffy would intervene in Hope's relationship with Liam.

Brooke mentioned Wyatt, but Hope said she didn't feel the same way about him as she did about Liam. Brooke stated that it could be the same if Hope gave it time, and Brooke thought that Hope should explore her options. Hope decided to go to the estate's cabin to sort things out.

After Hope left, Wyatt arrived. He told Brooke that his mother had let him know about the situation with Liam and Hope. He wanted to see Hope, but Brooke said that Hope wanted to be alone. Wyatt insisted that he wouldn't use the situation to his advantage. He just wanted to be there for Hope.

Brooke told Wyatt about the video Liam had made for Steffy. Brooke assumed that Steffy had been the unknown person who'd emailed it to Hope. Wyatt was enraged by Liam's actions and asked if Brooke was okay with Liam's treatment of Hope.

Brooke admitted that she was tired of Liam hurting Hope and aware that Wyatt was fond of Hope. Wyatt explained that he was way past fond, and he needed to remind Hope of that. He started to go upstairs to look for Hope, but Brooke revealed that Hope was at the cabin on the estate.

At Spencer, Katie was excited about her first board meeting as CEO, but Liam was preoccupied with his personal issues. Katie, who had somehow heard about the video incident, said that Steffy was a hot button for Hope. Liam decided that he'd forgo the meeting so he could talk to Hope.

Katie left, and Caroline arrived to visit her cousin. Liam filled Caroline in on what had happened with the video, and she suspected that Steffy had sent the video. Liam stated that Steffy had denied it, and Steffy didn't lie to him. Liam guessed that the culprit had been Wyatt.

Liam went to Brooke's house to find Hope. Brooke let him in, and he assured her that he understood Hope's feelings. He wished he could take back what had happened, and he wanted to find Hope because was ready to make it right.

At the estate's cabin, Hope opened the door for Wyatt, who said he knew about the dueling videos. Hope expressed that she was exhausted with the situation with Liam and Steffy. Wyatt called it disrespectful, and Hope asserted that Liam didn't get that point. Wyatt advised her to stop the madness and walk away. "Walk this way," he suggested.

Wyatt felt that Liam would keep letting Hope down and keep drowning her in his indecision. Wyatt said he had no fallback, but he couldn't prove his feelings until Hope removed her ring. He implored her to let him value her. Hope touched her ring. Wyatt slid it off her finger and placed it in her hand. Hope sighed deeply. She placed the ring in her pocket, and Wyatt kissed her.

Back at Spencer, Katie strode into her office to convene the board meeting, and Justin suggested that they wait for Bill. "Why?" she dismissively wondered, and as she sat down, she asked if someone would close the door. Bill entered, closed it, and asked if Katie had planned to begin without him.

Katie said she was glad that Bill was there because he had contributed a lot to the company. "I am this company," Bill responded. Katie stated that he certainly had been. Gesturing to the board members, she added that everyone appreciated his past efforts. Katie instructed Bill to take a seat, but he quipped that she was in his seat. "Find another one," she retorted.

Opting to stand, Bill saw Dani in the room. He guessed that Karen had sent her proxy with Dani because Karen was once again too busy to attend in person. "Moving on," Katie asserted. She assured the board that she could lead the business into the future, and Bill sardonically quipped that they'd been in the dark ages under his leadership.

Continuing the meeting, Katie conveyed that Spencer Publications had spent too much money on luxury items that really had no benefit for the company. She mentioned the yacht, and Bill said it had more than paid for itself with all the deals he'd closed on it. "Not anymore," Katie replied. She also was considering selling the Aspen retreat, and she already had lined up a buyer.

Bill balked because it was his house, but Dani stated that Karen had put his stuff in storage until he could retrieve it all. Jerry, a board member, spoke up because, to him, it felt like he was in divorce court, not a board meeting. He suggested that Katie let Bill have the house and the yacht if Spencer didn't want them. Kate responded that the company owned them, not Bill.

Bill said the company could afford the properties because of his stewardship. Bill asked Jim, another board member, for his opinion, but Jim agreed with Katie about having a leaner business. Jim also thought that a woman's compassion was good so that things like releasing employees before they could collect pensions didn't happen.

Katie didn't understand why Spencer would treat employees like that, and Bill called it running a business. She said that letting people go in that manner made no sense because it bred mistrust and disloyalty. To her, the mentality of the past had taken a short-term view of business. Katie had a long-term view, and she told Bill to do what was best for the company by accepting her leadership.

Katie moved on to explain her ideas to extend maternity leave, build an in-house daycare, and modify the company's ecological footprint. Bill griped about being labeled a profligate when Katie's changes would cost a ton of money. Dani felt it would be money well spent; however, Justin inserted that Bill was right, and Katie's additions would cancel out her cost-cutting measures.

Katie said it was a reallocation of resources. She wanted the business to stop wasting money on frivolous things and start investing in the workforce instead. Bill bet on his own business sense, which he felt had gotten them that far. He raged that Katie's feel-good ideas would drive the company off a cliff, and he wouldn't let her destroy what had taken him years to build.

Katie doubted that extended maternity leave and a daycare would drive the company off a cliff, but she said Bill's objections had been noted. Bill told Katie to stick his objections where she could refer to them later, and he had no doubt that she would have to eventually refer to them.

Katie decided that it was time for a break and for her to talk to Bill alone. The board members exited, and Bill declared that he wouldn't listen to a rookie tell him what to do. Katie, however, said she'd hoped they could work together because they'd made a good team before.

Katie wanted Bill to get onboard with her vision, but he said she had the vision of a deer caught in the headlights. Bill figured that Katie's inexperience was the reason she needed him to prop her up, but he refused to do it. He said that if she wanted the company, she could have it and run it into the ground. He didn't care any longer.

"But you do care," Katie responded. She admitted that she was saddened by what had become of the glorious way she and Bill had begun. She'd never predicted the decimation of their family or imagined that she'd have his company while he had her sister, and it wasn't what she'd wanted for them.

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