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Maya was torn between her engagement to Carter and her feelings for Rick. Rick proposed to Caroline as Maya waited at his house to confess her feelings. Liam appealed to Hope to give their relationship another chance.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 14, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, October 14, 2013

At Spencer, Katie and Bill butted heads over how Katie had conducted the business meeting, and Katie stated that she wouldn't tolerate Bill's disrespect. He claimed he hadn't disrespect her, but she said his words belied his actions. She wondered how things had become that way.

Bill predicted that Katie would ruin the company. He said that he cared about her, but Katie replied that he didn't have faith in her. He stated that faith could only go so far. She reasoned that she could learn quickly what she didn't know in business; however, she guessed she hadn't learned quickly enough personally to hold on to him. Bill said that holding on to him was another matter.

Katie conveyed that she wanted and needed Bill at the company. Bill was aware of that, but he believed that it wouldn't work because their styles were too different. He said that, while he couldn't go along with her style, she fit perfectly into his. She replied that the company belonged to her, and she'd run it and prove him wrong. Bill wished her luck, and as he left, he added that she'd need it.

Later, Dani arrived with Will. Dani remarked that everyone loved Katie for the daycare center, and Katie quipped that it was too bad the fans hadn't been in the board meeting. Dani said even though Bill was mean, Katie had the respect of everyone at the business.

Katie lamented the way things had become in Will's life. She'd never imagined he'd have a broken home, shared visitation, and lonely nights. "I asked Bill how it had come to this -- but I know who's to blame," Katie bitterly stated. Dani said that Katie was surrounded with support, but Katie noted that Bill hadn't even asked about Will.

Dani reasoned that Bill had been dealing with a lot during the meeting, and Katie guessed she'd been tough on him. Dani felt that Katie had needed to do that because Bill had been out of control. Katie replied that he'd been fighting for his life and company. Dani advised Katie not to feel sorry for Bill. Katie claimed that she wasn't doing that, but each time she looked at Will, she realized what she'd lost.

At Brooke's house, Brooke suspected that the Steffy tribute held significance for Liam, but Liam replied that it really didn't. To him, it was a final farewell to Steffy. He insisted that Steffy was his past, and Hope was his future, but Brooke questioned what the video had meant to Steffy.

Liam assumed that it had represented what everyone should know -- that his marriage to Steffy had meant something. Brooke contended that Steffy hadn't needed a personal tribute to understand that the marriage had been meaningful. Liam asserted that Steffy had been through a lot with the loss of the baby. He felt that the video had let Steffy know that he'd cared, and it had freed her from guilt.

Liam felt that he and Hope could work things out because she was still wearing his ring. Brooke advised him to step back and let Hope figure out whom she'd spend her life with. "No, no, no! No. That decision has already been made. We're getting married. Nothing has changed," Liam responded.

At that moment, Bill arrived and asked if Liam had spoken to Hope. Liam replied that he was waiting for Brooke to reveal where Hope was. Bill and Brooke expressed their opinions about the situation, but Liam asserted that he knew what Hope needed. He said that she needed to know that he belonged only to her, and in his mind, that was true.

Liam again asked where Hope was. Brooke reluctantly revealed that Hope was at the cabin on the estate, but as Liam started to head out, Brooke said there was something more. She revealed that Wyatt was with Hope. Liam thought that it was no surprise, since Wyatt had sent the video to Hope.

Bill doubted Wyatt would have gotten access to it, but without a response, the heated Liam rushed out of the door in search of Hope. Brooke suggested that Bill regulate things between his sons, but Bill reasoned that the best way for Hope to make a decision was to have both men in her face.

Brooke asked how the board meeting had gone, and Bill explained that he'd been ejected from the meeting for voicing his opinions about Katie selling the yacht and retreat to spend money on frivolous nonsense for the employees. Brooke said she was sorry, but Bill claimed not to care if Katie ran the business into the ground.

Bill changed the subject to a surprise activity he had in store that evening. As Brooke tried to guess what they'd do, Bill seemed distracted. Brooke offered to do the activity later, but Bill said it was one of his passions, but he hadn't had the time to put his feet into it for a while. Bill told Brooke to close her eyes; to be sure they were closed, he made her put a pillow over her face until he returned.

When Bill returned, he carried mountain-climbing gear in his arms. "Wow! What is that?" Brooke exclaimed. Bill replied that it was their new hobby, and he asked what she thought of it.

In Brooke's cabin on the estate, Wyatt kissed Hope and said that there would be no Steffy or any other woman for him. Hope took out her ring and stared at it. Wyatt said he'd get her another ring without baggage attached to it, and she'd begin a new life with someone who loved only her.

Wyatt asked Hope to say that she understood that he'd always be there for her. Hope responded with a kiss. He uttered that she'd be okay, but she replied, "I am okay." They kissed again.

Hope pulled away and said she needed to talk to Liam. Wyatt replied that she'd heard Liam's excuses far too many times. The kissing continued, and Liam opened the front door. Shocked, he stared at Wyatt and Hope. When they saw Liam, Wyatt grinned, and Hope gasped.

Liam told Wyatt to leave, but Wyatt refused. Liam was prepared to force Wyatt to leave, but Hope intervened to say it wouldn't go down that way. Liam noticed that she wasn't wearing the engagement ring, and she said she'd taken it off. "You're not doing this again," Liam said with a groan. Wyatt retorted that she'd already done it, but Liam ordered Wyatt to stay out of it.

Hope stated that Liam had done something unforgivable by reaching out to Steffy, and he'd made a video to express how much Steffy had meant to him. Liam replied that Steffy had meant a lot to him, and Hope already knew that. He insisted that it was over, and the video had been a farewell.

Wyatt said that, if he were Steffy, he wouldn't have seen the video as a farewell. Liam assumed that meant that Wyatt had seen it, but Wyatt claimed that Hope had filled him in about it. Liam said Steffy hadn't sent the video, and feeling accused, Wyatt declared that he hadn't sent it, either. Hope said it didn't matter who'd sent it because she'd needed to see it.

Hope had felt that she and Liam could get through anything, but she couldn't deal with him reconnecting with Steffy. Liam asserted that he wasn't doing that, and there was no Steffy in his life. He declared that the ring belonged on Hope's finger, and he and Hope deserved to be married. "No exceptions. No more waiting. I'm not gonna let him or anyone get between us!" he vowed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

by Pam

In the cabin on Brooke's property, Liam begged Hope to put her engagement ring back on. She refused and insisted that Liam had no idea what he had done. Liam calmly claimed that he understood that he had had hurt her. Hope shouted at Liam that it was not okay to send videos to his ex-wife. Hope cried that Liam could never let Steffy go. Liam insisted that he had made the video to give Steffy closure -- they had been married, and he couldn't change that.

Hope snarked that a part of Liam wanted Steffy to return. Liam angrily reminded Hope that Steffy was gone, and if she walked back in the door, Liam only wanted Hope. Liam maintained that he was committed to Hope, but she had to allow him to have memories.

Liam went on a tirade and warned Hope to stop treating him like he had to be perfect all the time. It was impossible to measure up to her standards at times. He insisted that Steffy had been his past, and Hope was his future, but he had memories. He couldn't apologize for those.

Liam advised Hope to stop running to his brother to complain. Liam said they needed to work things out together. Liam suggested that if Hope hated Liam, she needed to tell him but not run to Wyatt.

Liam snarked that Wyatt was always waiting eagerly for Liam to screw up. Liam said that Wyatt had been kissing his fiancée again, but Wyatt replied that Hope had technically not had a ring on her finger. Wyatt told Liam to stop behaving like a caveman.

Hope said the video that Liam had made for her was special, but then he had done the same thing for his ex-wife. He had done it all right before Hope and Liam's wedding, and it had been another painful reminder of how Liam continued to string both Steffy and Hope along. Liam looked confused.

Hope said she was convinced that Liam wanted Steffy to return to Los Angeles, interrupt the wedding, and steal Liam away from Hope again. Hope accused Liam of enjoying having the two of them fighting over him for so long. "Whether it's Steffy or just memories of her, you are incapable of letting go," Hope said.

"Can we go home and talk about this alone?" Liam asked Hope. "I don't feel like there's anything more to say," Hope sputtered through tears. Liam gently asked Hope to reconsider. He took the ring from her hand, and he tried to slip it on her finger, but she refused. Hope left.

After Hope left, Liam turned on Wyatt and blamed him for everything. Liam accused Watt of being the mystery sender of the video that Liam had made for Steffy. Liam accused Wyatt of stealing Liam's iPad during the fashion show to find the video and send it to Hope.

Wyatt scoffed. Wyatt said that he had done nothing with Liam's iPad. However, Wyatt suggested that it had all happened at the right time. Wyatt said that when he became engaged to Hope in the future, he would never treat her the way that Liam had.

Wyatt agreed with Hope that Liam had strung two women along for years. Wyatt joked that Liam got up in the morning and had to choose between the blonde and the brunette on a daily basis. Liam angrily said that Wyatt had been looking for trouble ever since he had arrived. Liam said that he had tried to be the bigger man and a gentleman, but Wyatt always had tricks up his sleeve.

Liam added that he had welcomed Wyatt into his home, but Wyatt had continually lacked respect for Liam's relationship with Hope. Liam angrily advised Wyatt that Liam and Hope would be married, and Wyatt had been wasting his time chasing Hope. Wyatt smirked.

At an outdoor cafe, Caroline and Rick discussed Liam's blunder of making a video for Steffy. Rick wondered what was wrong with Liam. Caroline was glad that Rick had let go of his past -- something that Liam had not done. Caroline and Rick talked about their rocky relationship, and Rick complimented her on her distinctive personality and how he wouldn't change a thing about her. They kissed.

Carter and Maya arrived, and Maya had seen Caroline and Rick kiss. Carter asked if Maya had looked over the menu, and Carter asked Maya to set a wedding date, but Maya peeked over at Rick's table frequently.

Carter discovered that Maya had been watching Rick. Carter insisted they leave the restaurant. Rick caught a glimpse of Maya on her way out of the restaurant, and he stopped her. Maya and Carter talked briefly with Caroline and Rick. Carter shared that they had been busy making wedding plans.

At Brooke's house, Bill told Brooke that he had purchased mountain-climbing gear for both of them. He wanted it to be their new hobby in Aspen. Bill said it had been his passion, but the board at Spencer had refused to allow him to do something that dangerous.

Bill wanted Brooke to share his passion with him. Brooke noted it was something Katie would have wanted to do with him, but Bill disagreed. They kissed. Bill placed some of the gear on Brooke, and they giggled. The door opened, and Hope interrupted.

Brooke could tell that something had happened. Hope said that she had returned her engagement ring to Liam. She said she needed to know that the man she married was committed to her and only her. Brooke sympathized, and Bill said nothing.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

by Pam

At the Forrester Rodeo Drive boutique, Eric, Hope, and Rick discussed that customers were lined up around the corner to see the Hope for the Future Diamond.

Eric told Hope that Thea Andrews, a reporter, wanted an exclusive interview. Eric noted that Hope was despondent and wondered what had happened. Rick and Hope explained that Liam had made a tribute video for Steffy that commemorated their marriage. Hope said she had broken off their engagement. Eric was incredulous that Liam would do something like that days before Liam married Hope.

Hope hugged Eric. Eric noted that Hope and Rick had both moved on from relationships. Eric wondered if Rick was over Maya. Rick worried about Hope, and Hope said she didn't know if her break with Liam was temporary or permanent, but she was fine. Caroline interrupted because she needed Hope and Eric for a meeting with a reporter.

Wyatt and Quinn entered the boutique with Charlie, the security guard, who carried the diamond. They prepared to display the diamond for the public. Quinn asked Wyatt about Hope, and Wyatt explained that Hope's engagement was off. Liam had made a tribute video for Steffy, and someone had emailed it to Hope.

Quinn suddenly looked guilty, and Wyatt figured out that Quinn had sent the anonymous email. Quinn asked if Wyatt was angry that she had done it. Wyatt said he wasn't angry with her, but he didn't want her to interfere. "Don't ever do anything like that again," he said.

Hope, Eric, and Rick thanked the staff in the back room at the boutique. Rick predicted that the HFTF line would be one of the most successful lines ever at Forrester with Caroline's inspired designs, Hope's modeling, and the addition that Wyatt and Quinn had made with accessories.

Hope, Rick, and Eric joined the public in the boutique. They welcomed customers and reporters. One reporter asked if the diamond was for sale, but Hope noted that it was on loan from a diamond collector. Wyatt added that it was 40 carats, and Quinn said that it was cool to the touch, but no one was allowed to touch it.

Thea Andrews teased that it might give Rick ideas to give a diamond to Caroline because they were perfect for each other. Thea asked Hope about the possibility of two weddings, but she noted that Hope was not wearing her ring. Hope dismissed the comment and said she wanted to keep her private life separate from HFTF.

Later, Eric told Rick how proud he had been of Rick and Caroline. Eric thanked Rick because Rick and Caroline had made it possible for Forrester to be young and hot again. Rick and his dad embraced. Rick met with Wyatt privately, and Rick asked for the package that Wyatt had for him. Wyatt presented a jewelry pouch to Rick.

A reporter asked to take a picture of Hope wearing the diamond. Reporters and photographers asked for photos, and Wyatt put the diamond on Hope's neck. Wyatt encouraged her to smile, and she did. Later, Hope asked Wyatt if he believed she was overreacting about Liam's video.

Wyatt said that Hope had nothing to feel guilty about because she had every right to want a man who was committed to her and only her. Hope teased that he was talking a man like him. Wyatt advised that he would eventually win her over.

Rick swept Caroline away from the crowd and said he had a surprise for her. They got into a limo, and Caroline noticed champagne. She asked where they were going. Rick told her not to worry because the driver knew where they were headed. "This will be a ride you'll never forget," Rick said.

At home, Maya recalled her trip with Rick to the Forrester boutique, where she had tried on a variety of gowns. Dayzee knocked on the door and announced herself as Maya's soon-to-be sister-in-law. Dayzee asked about a wedding date. Maya said that Carter wanted it to be soon, but Maya said she wanted to not feel the way she felt.

"I can't stop thinking about Rick," Maya said. Maya admitted that she missed Rick, and she missed Forrester. She should have been part of Hope for the Future. "And a part of Rick's future?" Dayzee asked.

Maya recalled her whirlwind life since she had arrived in Los Angeles. She had gotten out of jail, discovered her daughter had died, and met Rick. Dayzee teased that Maya had thought Rick was a waiter when he had been volunteering at Dayzee's. They laughed.

Maya said she missed the way Rick had looked at her. Dayzee suggested that Maya talk to Rick, but Dayzee noted that Rick seemed happy with Caroline. Maya wondered if she had the right to talk to Rick, but Dayzee said it would give Maya some answers.

Maya took Dayzee's advice and showed up at the boutique during the HFTF diamond event. Maya looked for Rick, and Eric saw her. He said that everyone at Forrester missed Maya, and Maya said she missed everyone. Hope welcomed Maya. Eric and Hope said that Rick had left but would return shortly. Maya said she would wait.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

At the boutique, Hope expressed how much they missed Maya at Forrester. Maya relayed that she missed it too, more than she'd realized she would. Hope walked away, and Maya reflected on her time at Forrester. A couple of her fans approached and asked for her autograph. They wondered if Maya would return to Forrester, and she replied that she missed it a lot.

The boutique was flooded with shoppers, and Hope told Wyatt that they were running out of inventory. She called him a genius for developing the diamond campaign. He congratulated her on her success, but Hope replied that it was his success, too.

Hope was grateful because HFTF had been in trouble before she'd met Wyatt. She said she'd taken a chance, and "look where we are!" Wyatt replied that it was good to take chances in life, and one never knew unless they gave things a shot.

Dayzee and Maya approached Hope and Wyatt, and Dayzee said she'd barely been able to find a parking spot outside. Hope remarked upon Marcus being in South Africa. Wyatt reminded Hope that she had to take pictures for the Shanghai group, and the two strode away.

Dayzee anxiously asked Maya where Rick was. Maya wondered if she was pathetic to wait for Rick, who was with Caroline, to return. Dayzee didn't think so because Rick should be at his own event. Maya couldn't imagine what could be keeping him away from it.

While Maya looked around for Rick, Dayzee took a video call from Marcus, who showed her some South African sights through his phone. After the call, Maya returned, still anxious about what could be keeping Rick from the boutique for so long. Dayzee wondered if Maya had thought about what she'd say to Rick or if Maya wanted to risk losing Carter.

Maya recalled when she'd first met Rick. Suspecting that Maya might be idealizing her past with Rick, Dayzee noted that Maya and Rick had dealt with a lot of issues. Maya asserted that they'd had one issue -- Caroline. Maya was convinced that Caroline was only a quick and easy fling for Rick.

Dayzee replied that Maya might have to put the wedding on hold. Maya had once thought Carter was enough, but she'd realized that she might not ever get over Rick. She admitted that she might not be able to marry Carter while she was feeling that way.

Maya didn't want to hurt Carter, but Dayzee thought that it was inevitable. Figuring that it was better that Carter found out before the wedding, Dayzee advised Maya to put it all out there. Maya decided that she'd do it before Rick got closer to Caroline.

Across the room, Wyatt handed Hope a glass of champagne and toasted to the diamond. Hope wondered how they'd top the diamond adventure. They marveled at how the mysterious diamond had caused them to have such a great, and possibly sold-out, season. He said it was even better because he was getting to experience it all with her.

Wyatt admitted that if people weren't around, he would kiss Hope. He decided that he'd wait because Hope was going through a breakup; however, he vowed to be there for her once she got over it.

Hope went back to working and signed some autographs. Wyatt approached and noted that Maya was still there. Hope explained that Maya was waiting for Rick, and Wyatt mysteriously stated that he didn't think Rick would be back that day. Hope asked if Wyatt knew something she didn't.

After talking together more, Wyatt and Hope approached Maya, and Hope relayed that she didn't think Rick would be back at the boutique that day.

In the limousine, Caroline tried to guess where Rick was taking her. He only hinted that it was to a place that was very familiar to them. During the drive, Caroline guessed that they were headed to cities like Paris or Milan, but she noticed that they weren't driving toward the airport. Rick instructed the chauffer to take them to Forrester Creations, and Caroline asked Rick what he was up to.

Caroline figured that Rick had a new project for them to work on. Rick agreed that it there was a new project. She bubbled with ideas for the spring. Rick replied that spring was good, but so was summer. Caroline stated that she hadn't heard of a summer line before, and he decided that he had to say something before her brain went into overdrive.

Rick told Caroline that she was the most complex, confusing woman that he'd ever known, and he adored her, even though she frustrated him. Caroline remarked that he'd been a very patient man, and Rick replied that he'd be a fool not to love her. The surprised Caroline asked if he knew how long it had been since he'd said that he loved her. "I feel it and mean it now more than ever," Rick answered and kissed her.

Caroline noticed that the car had stopped by the very spot where she and Rick had first met. Rick said that first instincts were always right, and he flashed back to the first time he'd seen her. He asked her to count to ten before she got out of the car, and Caroline asked if she could do it in Italian. Before exiting the car, he said she could do it in any language that she liked.

Caroline began counting in Italian, and Rick walked to the spot that he'd been standing in when he'd first seen her. He yelled for Caroline to exit the car and walk the same way she'd walked when they'd first met. Caroline emerged from the vehicle and pranced toward Rick. She halted her sassy stride when she saw Rick kneel and pull a ring box from his pocket. Caroline became tearful, and Rick smiled.

Rick took the ring from the box, and Caroline gasped in astonishment. He said that, from the moment they'd met, he'd known he'd be in trouble. He relayed that she'd taken him on wild rides, and though he'd jumped off a few times, he'd always returned because with her was where he wanted to be. He said she'd been right not to give up on him, and Spencer-Forrester was an unbeatable team.

"Marry me, Caroline. Say that you'll be my wife," Rick said. The sobbing Caroline exclaimed that she'd be honored to be his wife. Rick placed the ring on her finger, kissed her, and spun her around.

Friday, October 18, 2013

At the boutique, the crowd was gone, but Maya remained. Hope asked Wyatt if they should say something. Maya approached to say that she knew the place was closing, and she didn't want to be in the way. Hope stammered about Rick's whereabouts, and Wyatt reluctantly told Maya that Rick had commissioned an engagement ring from Wyatt.

Maya reasoned that Wyatt didn't really know what the ring was for, and she asked if Rick could be at home. Hope said she didn't know, and she let Maya out of the locked boutique.

Wyatt and Hope reviewed the sales figures for the day, and Liam entered. Hope assumed he wanted to see the diamond, but Liam said she knew why he was there. He congratulated her on the successful day. She replied that she'd heard him be more sincere, but Liam stated that it hadn't been easy for him to be there.

Wyatt was working and listening until Liam asked Hope if "we could do this without..." Hope readily asked Wyatt to give her and Liam a minute to talk, and once Wyatt left, Liam asked how many chances he and Hope had left. She didn't know, but he hoped that there had to be at least one more.

Liam said that people in love took each other's actions as signs, but just as it was possible for a word to have different meanings, he and Hope could possibly be misreading each other. Liam wondered if they were so tired and defeated that they were giving up on each other. Hope admitted to feeling those things, but she indicated that she was also hurt.

Liam said that when a man bought flowers or something for his fiancée, it was a sign of love and commitment; however, if the man did something for his ex-wife who lived an ocean away, all it meant was that he'd honored what they had and that he wished her well.

Liam asked if there was a message within Hope's act of kissing Wyatt. Hope said some of it was real feeling, and Wyatt was doing what he thought a man should do to be taken seriously. Liam assumed that she thought he was doing the same thing. Hope said that Liam wasn't the most reliable authority on what he'd be doing the next day or the next week. Hope asserted that Steffy had a power over him that Hope didn't have, and Steffy could access it at any time. Liam claimed it wasn't true.

Hope declared that "God help me," she loved Liam, but he was asking her to lay on railroad tracks and promising her that she'd be fine. "But I see the train coming, and you don't," she said.

Wyatt quietly returned to the register as Liam asked if Hope was giving up. "Maybe. Giving up on something," she answered. He said it wasn't like her. She agreed, adding that it was like her to lose herself in wondering what he was thinking and if she'd lose him. She decided that she could really only know and trust herself.

Hope wanted to give up thinking that the relationship was a disaster that always needed to be averted. Though Liam agreed, he said she was creating the disaster. He understood that she was scared, but he also thought she was letting the past hold them hostage. He said they were in a day they'd never lived before, and while Steffy would always be something to him, she'd never be his wife again.

Hope stated that the past wasn't the past if it kept repeating itself. "If the past is repeating itself, why am I here?" Liam asked. She claimed not to know, but he said she did. He cited that people had lied to them, misled them, and made up futures for them that they hadn't wanted for themselves. Liam said they'd always gotten through it, but the only thing in the way at that point was their own lack of faith.

Liam figured that because things had always gone so wrong, Hope was terrified that it would again. He exclaimed that everything they wanted was there "now," and they just had to choose it. "We have to take it. This is yours," he told her, pulling out her ring. "This is yours," he added, pointing to his heart. "You only have to claim it."

Outside at Forrester, Caroline was amazed that she and Rick were engaged. She said her dress would be to die for, and Rick told her that they could get married anywhere -- even on a mountain. She asked how the press would get there, and he proposed that they take "selfies" to give to the press later.

Caroline said she knew she could be outrageous, but Rick claimed to love that about her. He recalled assuming upon their first meeting that Caroline would be dazzling but also like porcelain. Caroline replied that she was porcelain -- like a sturdy, old sink. "A beautiful, antique pedestal sink in George Cinq in Paris with a few hairline cracks in it," she added.

Rick asked if Caroline knew how happy he was. She said that she believed she did, and they kissed. Once in the car, Caroline stared at the green squared halo jewel on her finger and recalled her former suitors. She said no one who'd ever been interested in her had really ever known her. She was sure that if they had, the relationships would have ended right then. She remarked that she'd never imagined that her breakup with Rick would be just the beginning for them.

Caroline attempted to photograph her ring to post to her fans, but Rick wouldn't let her. She asked if she could at least update her relationship status because her fans had been out of touch with her for hours. Rick joked that her obituary was probably all over the Internet. They playfully discussed her brattiness, and he said he loved it about her. He just wasn't keen on the sneakiness. Rick stated that he'd forgiven her for it, but he wasn't sure about her sidekick, Rafael.

Caroline implored Rick not to blame Rafael, who could never refuse her. She said she'd never been that desperate before, and it had been hard to lose Rick. She stated that as horrible as it had been, it had made her less selfish. She wanted Rick to remind her about it from time to time because she never wanted to forget. "Now that I know I never have to be desperate again," she added.

Rick offered to take Caroline to his friend's ranch in Big Sur, but she said ranches and champagne didn't really mix. She also didn't excel at roughing it. Rick sensed that she didn't really want to go. Caroline said things had been hectic for them for a long time, and for her, it would be really nice to just go home. Rick asked the driver to take them to his place.

At Rick's house, Maya had let herself in with a spare key. She told herself that a ring could mean anything, and then she touched her engagement ring. Maya flashed back on intimate times with Rick and uttered to herself that he had to know.

Outside the door, Rick carried Caroline to the threshold, and she warned that he'd throw his back out. He pretended to almost drop her, and she helped him unlock the front door. As they stumbled into the guesthouse, Rick spotted Maya and halted in shock.

Maya said she hadn't meant to startle him, but she needed to talk to him. He asked if it could wait until the next day, and Maya spotted the ring on Caroline's finger.

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