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Katie asked Brooke to promise to never return to Bill. When Hope combined Thanksgiving with Rick and Caroline's engagement party, Bill found himself wedged between his sons' mothers, and Caroline and Rick became inspired to create a surprise Thanksgiving wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 25, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, November 25, 2013

In the CEO's office, Eric concluded an executive meeting, and Caroline and Rick took off to spend time together. Hope, as the groom's sister, told Thorne, Aly, Eric, and Pam that she wanted to throw an engagement party on Thanksgiving Day. Pam asked what they'd do about Caroline's Uncle Bill.

Hope hadn't considered Bill, but everyone agreed that they couldn't exclude him. Hope said that the Forresters and the Spencers would be family despite their differences, and she wanted everyone to come together on the holiday. After asking Aly to send out an email about it, Hope decided to head out to convince her mother and Aunt Katie to be at the dinner despite Bill's presence.

At the sky lounge, Rick and Caroline were at a table, and Caroline received the email about the engagement party Hope was planning. Caroline got mushy and couldn't believe Hope was doing that for them. The grateful Caroline remarked that she and Rick hadn't made a big deal about the wedding.

Rick assured Caroline that their wedding was a big deal, and he said he was always imagining what it would be like when she was his wife. He wanted to spend each day celebrating the fascinating woman who'd whirlwinded her way into his life.

At Spencer, Katie reclaimed her office, and the confused Adele remarked that Alison had tossed her out of there. Katie replied that she was back in, and Bill and Alison were barred from the building.

Brooke and Donna arrived with a sisterly agenda, but Katie claimed she didn't have time. The sisters refused to take no for an answer, and Brooke asked if Katie missed how close the three of them had been. Katie admitted that she did, and Brooke asked Katie to not let Bill stand between them.

Brooke said she understood that she'd been at fault, and though apologizing wasn't good enough, it was all she had. Katie replied that she didn't want Brooke to keep apologizing. Katie had accepted her own role in the matter, but her husband being with her sister had been unimaginable. Brooke didn't expect forgiveness overnight, but she longed for the chance to win it.

Donna remarked that her sisters were on the right path of talking it through and remembering who they were. She said the men in their lives would be in and out, but they'd always be sisters. Donna felt that she owed Katie an apology, too, but Brooke took the blame for putting Donna in a bad position.

Donna said if she'd spoken up and warned Katie, then they might not be in that situation. Katie told Donna not to put it on herself because Brooke and Bill had wanted to be together and would have found a way. Katie apologized for saying that, but Brooke urged Katie to be completely honest.

Katie wished she could easily forgive and be the trusting person she'd once been. After being tricked by Bill, she'd realized that the trusting person wasn't working out for her, and she didn't know what she was left with. Katie said that Brooke needed forgiveness, but Katie needed time to learn how to give it. Brooke readily replied that she'd be there, and she'd give Katie as much time as she needed.

Just as Donna was observing that the sisters had made some progress, Hope entered and was overjoyed to see the sisters together. Hope decided to give them more reason to be together, and she announced that Thanksgiving dinner would also be an engagement party for Rick and Caroline.

Brooke was excited when an email invitation arrived on her phone, but suddenly thinking of Bill, she hoped that Hope didn't think that Brooke and Katie would celebrate the holiday with him. Hope explained that she wasn't thrilled about inviting Bill; however, he was the only family that Caroline had in Los Angeles, and Hope felt that they had to invite him.

Brooke said she couldn't be in the same room with Bill. Hope reasoned that each of them had to face Bill eventually, so they might as well get it over with. Hope noticed that Katie was silent, and Katie murmured that she needed to talk to Brooke alone.

Donna and Hope left, and Katie recalled that Brooke had said that their sisterhood was more important than Bill. Brooke affirmed it, and Katie said she was grateful that Brooke had stood up for her against Bill; however, Katie warned Brooke not to lose her resolve and let Bill back in after what he'd done. "Promise me, Brooke. Promise me that you will never be involved with Bill again," Katie said.

Brooke promised, and Katie decided leave to pick up Will. Brooke asked what they'd do about Thanksgiving, and Katie said she'd think about it. Katie left, and Brooke flashed back to holding Bill when he'd gotten down from the mountain.

In Rick's office, Wyatt entered as Bill was observing the gash Quinn had made on Bill's chest. Bill asked if Wyatt's mother had "all the tools in the toolbox." Wyatt looked confused, and Bill asked if Quinn were mentally stable. "Define 'stable,'" Wyatt responded.

Bill explained that Quinn had drawn blood from him with his own sword because he'd asked her to leave Wyatt to him. Wyatt thought Bill had gotten off lucky, but Bill figured that his son was lucky to have Spencer genes to counteract "the cuckoo."

Wyatt wondered what it would have been like if his parents had stayed together. Bill said not to romanticize it, because it hadn't been like that. Bill decided that while Wyatt was at it, he shouldn't romanticize Hope, either. "She's with Liam, and you need to back off," Bill insisted.

Wyatt said he'd thought his father had heard him before. Bill said he had, but it didn't change the fact that Wyatt had to respect his brother's relationship. Wyatt contended that Bill had fallen in love with his wife's sister and hadn't backed off, and Wyatt wouldn't back off in his situation, either. Even though Wyatt likened their romantic situations, Bill said he couldn't support Wyatt's choice.

Wyatt said he just wanted understanding. Bill yelled that he understood, and Wyatt was right about the comparison. Bill claimed that he and Brooke hadn't wanted to hurt Katie, who was a remarkable woman and had made Bill a better man. Though Bill knew he'd always care about and love Katie, it didn't change the way he felt about Brooke.

Bill said that he had to fix things with Brooke because he was no good without her. Wyatt thought that was a strong statement from a man like Bill. Bill replied that it was true, and there was no sense in denying it. He felt that he'd blown it by not considering Brooke's bond with Katie, but he'd do whatever he had to do to make it right with Brooke.

Bill said he'd had a vision of himself running the company and raising Will with Brooke. Wyatt asked how Bill planned to make it happen. Bill replied that he hadn't figured it out yet, but Wyatt could mark Bill's words. "She will be mine," Bill concluded.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

by Pam

At Eric's house, Hope directed the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Eve. Thorne, Aly, and Eric helped her. Eric eyed the portrait of Stephanie on the wall, and he smiled. Caroline and Rick entered, and Caroline thanked Eric and Hope for planning the Thanksgiving dinner/engagement party for Rick and Caroline.

Dayzee entered and offered to help with the party preparations. Hope and Dayzee discussed that Hope had planned to volunteer at Dayzee's to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the needy. Dayzee wondered how Hope could handle Thanksgiving, but Hope said everything had been prepared. Eric promised that the entire family would volunteer at Dayzee's, followed by dinner at Eric's house.

The family discussed that Marcus had remained in South Africa and appeared to be doing well. Dayzee said that Marcus missed everyone. Dayzee noticed that Eric had been staring at Stephanie's portrait. Dayzee remarked that Stephanie had been responsible for Dayzee joining the Forrester family. Eric said that Stephanie had loved family gatherings and would have been very proud of Hope's efforts to organize Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope introduced Aly, and Dayzee congratulated Aly on her new job at Forrester. Dayzee wondered if Caroline's moms would be able to attend the dinner party, but Caroline said both Danielle and Karen had gone out of the country. Caroline remarked that her Uncle Bill would be there.

Pam and Charlie entered carrying pots, pans. and lemon bars. The couple made jokes about baked goods and their exchanges of recipes. Pam offered to start cooking. Eric reminded Pam that the caterers had already taken care of everything for Thanksgiving dinner, but Pam maintained that she and Charlie were excellent cooks. Charlie complimented Eric on his home and offered security tips, but Eric insisted that he was happy with his security company.

Rick and Caroline talked privately. Rick wondered how Caroline's holidays in New York City had compared to the Forrester family gathering. Caroline said her family usually celebrated at a fancy restaurant, but she preferred the Forrester holiday with family. Rick noted that there was nothing like family, and Caroline said the recipe included a pinch of drama with Bill, Katie, Brooke, Liam, and Wyatt planning to attend.

Rick and Caroline giggled, and they wondered how Hope planned to handle the day's events with both Liam and Wyatt in attendance. Rick teased that it was a recipe for disaster with seating arrangements. He added that Bill should be seated alone in a corner with a TV tray. Caroline wondered who would be seated next to Hope.

Aly asked how Hope would handle having two hot guys at dinner, and Hope claimed that she would enjoy it. Caroline thanked Hope again for the party and promised to throw a similar engagement party for Hope once she had chosen between Wyatt and Liam.

At Forrester, Quinn rushed into Wyatt's office and rejoiced that they had been invited to Eric's for Thanksgiving dinner. Wyatt said that it would be his first holiday with Hope. Quinn asked if Liam would be there, and Wyatt assured her that Liam had been invited. Quinn advised Wyatt not to ever give up on Hope, and Wyatt agreed.

Wyatt promised that it would be a wonderful holiday. He recalled that they had often spent the holiday working and eating takeout from a restaurant, but Quinn reminded him that she had ordered dinner from a very nice restaurant the previous year. Wyatt said that he would have a true family get-together for the first time. His mother, brothers, and father would all be together.

Wyatt laughed and said that he had heard that Quinn had stabbed Bill. Quinn laughed that she had poked Bill with his own sword necklace. She wondered what made Bill think he had any right to tell Wyatt to stay away from Hope.

At Brooke's house, Brooke received a text message from Bill, and Bill begged to see her. Brooke refused. Her doorbell rang, and Bill was standing at the door. Brooke told him to leave, but Bill wanted to apologize. Bill admitted that he should not have tricked Katie.

Bill regretted his actions, but he defended himself. He said he'd wanted his company returned, and he wanted more time with his son. Bill said he had wanted it all, and he wanted it for himself and for Brooke. Brooke agreed that Bill had lost a lot, but she said what he had done was despicable. Bill agreed.

Bill admitted that he had always felt that the end justified the means -- no matter what. It was how he had lived his life and succeeded. He knew it was wrong, but he reasoned that he had been successful. He realized that he had hurt people, and Brooke warned that he had to stop.

Bill confessed that he had learned something, but Brooke claimed that he should have said that to Katie. Bill said that he had. Bill added that no matter what happened with Brooke, Bill's time with Katie had ended. Bill admitted that he would always love Katie, and she would make an incredible marriage partner for someone, but it would not be Bill.

"I want you," he said to Brooke. "I don't want to live without you."

Bill asked if Brooke planned to attend Thanksgiving dinner at Eric's home, and Brooke said she had planned to be there. Bill announced that he would also attend, and Brooke told him that it was disrespectful because Katie would be at dinner. Bill explained that Caroline's mothers could not attend her engagement party, and he wanted to be there for Caroline because it was unfair that she had no family there. Brooke walked away from Bill.

Bill said he regretted that he had hurt Brooke and Katie. Bill promised to become a better man for Brooke. Bill claimed that the passion that he and Brooke shared had not ended. Bill said he would hold her again, but he knew it would not be soon. He promised that their passion would never end. Bill left.

Brooke cried after she watched Bill leave. Brooke flashed back to when Bill had passionately kissed her in Monte Carlo. She cried and shook her head, but she smiled at the thought of Bill.

At Eric's, Wyatt and Quinn showed up and greeted the Forrester family. Quinn kissed Eric, and Eric quickly glanced at Stephanie's portrait -- known to fall off the wall every time Eric had kissed another woman. The portrait remained in place, but everyone looked. Eric said that the family was on the verge of a wonderful family holiday and engagement party.

Quinn thanked Eric for including Wyatt and Quinn in a family event. Eric told Quinn that she had to consider herself a part of the family. Wyatt asked Hope if she had planned a holiday event before, and Hope said it was her first. Wyatt noted that it was the first of many holidays they would share together. "There will be a lot more of these," he said.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

by Pam

At Eric's house, Hope entered the kitchen and encouraged Pam and Charlie to let the Logans help with the preparations for dinner. Pam balked because Brooke, Donna, and Katie had burned the turkey the previous year. Hope insisted that it would be therapeutic for everyone to help, and Charlie insisted that they needed help. Pam assigned duties to Donna, Brooke, and Katie. Hope checked on other details.

Bill cornered Hope and wondered why Hope had invited Quinn, Brooke, and Katie -- it made him uncomfortable. Hope responded that Quinn was Wyatt's mother. Hope would have never left Quinn out of the invitations when she had invited Bill and Quinn's son, Wyatt.

Outside on the Forrester patio, Caroline and Rick canoodled. Rick acknowledged that the party was to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner and their engagement, but he wanted to do more. "Marry me," Rick said. Caroline laughed and said she was planning their wedding, but Rick wanted to do it immediately after dinner. Rick said that Carter was able to officiate weddings. Caroline giggled as she said that they would surprise everyone with a Thanksgiving wedding. They agreed.

Guests gathered around the table, and Bill looked at names on the place cards. He winced after he noticed that Hope had seated Bill between Katie and Quinn. Bill picked up Brooke's place card and moved to make an exchange, but Hope glared at him from across the room. Bill returned the place cards.

Brooke entered the dining room and placed a dish of vegetables on the table. Bill rushed over to grab the same bowl and be close to Brooke. Katie glared at both of them, and Brooke walked away.

Eric thanked everyone for joining the celebration, and they were all seated. Eric complimented Hope for orchestrating everything, much like Stephanie had for many years before her death. Eric asked Hope to say a few words. Hope confided that she had strategically seated everyone in the room for the purpose of drawing the family together. She hoped that everyone could put aside any bitterness and share a meal. She explained that she wanted to play a quick game in which each guest had to say a few nice things about the person to his or her right.

Liam spoke to Aly. He said that he admired Aly because she had been brave enough to join the family business, and she had the intelligence and elegance to do it -- proving that she was every bit a Forrester.

Aly turned to her dad, and she acknowledged that he'd had to assume the role of two parents, and she would never be able to thank him enough for all he had done. They embraced.

Thorne looked at Maya and said that he was glad that Maya had returned to Forrester. Thorne teased that since Maya was going to marry Carter, the company lawyer, they were confident that Carter had gotten Maya to sign an ironclad contract so that they would never have to worry about Maya leaving Forrester again.

Maya turned to Carter and said that she loved him and admired his determination because he had never quit when he had known that she and Carter were right for each other. She kissed him.

Carter turned to Charlie and called him a rock star for saving the diamond from jewel thieves. Charlie looked at Pam and said that her lemon bars had attracted him. He added that when he had looked into her pretty face and eyes, he had known that he'd met someone special. He hoped they would continue baking together for a very long time.

Pam looked at Donna. "You are the most annoying person that I have ever met," Pam said. Donna asked, "But?" Pam added that Donna was her best friend. Pam and Donna hugged.

Donna looked at Eric and thanked him for being the man she had loved more than any man in her life. She thanked him because he had always made her feel safe throughout their marriage and all the years that had followed.

Eric looked at Dayzee, and he became emotional. He said that they had all become better people with Dayzee in the family, and he noted that Stephanie had pulled Dayzee into the family. Eric asked everyone to join hands. He wanted everyone to be thankful for their blessings. He said that Stephanie would be watching -- he was sure of it. He and the entire dinner party glanced at the portrait of Stephanie on the wall.

Dayzee complimented Rick, on her right, for running a successful family-oriented company. Rick looked at Caroline, and he said that one day they would be sitting at the table with their kids and grandkids. Rick wanted Caroline to remember how special that Thanksgiving had been. They kissed.

Caroline told Brooke that Caroline would not have been there if Brooke hadn't hired Caroline and known that Caroline would be a perfect fit for Rick and Forrester. Caroline said that after she had moved across the country, away from her mothers, Caroline had always felt that Brooke filled that maternal void. Caroline was grateful that Brooke would soon be her mother-in-law.

Brooke teased that the wedding "better be soon." Brooke looked at Katie, who refused to make eye contact with Brooke. Brooke reminded Katie that when they had shared what they were grateful for at their mother's Thanksgiving dinner table, Katie had always had the same response. "You know what you said every single time?" Brooke asked. "Family," Katie responded. Brooke noted that their mother and brother had died, but Brooke promised to be available to Katie whenever she was ready. Katie cried and looked at Bill.

Katie wanted to pass on her turn, but Hope softly said it was not allowed. Katie tearfully said she was embarrassed. Katie grew quiet, and Bill looked at her intently.

Katie thanked Bill for being the father of her child. "That's the best thing that's ever happened to me," she said. She thanked him for all the good years they'd had together.

Bill said that he was sitting in the hot seat, and he knew how the turkey felt. He first addressed Katie, even though she was on his left. Bill said that he had never seen a more incredible mother and that Will would appreciate her. Bill complimented Katie for her intelligence and her strength. He said that he knew Katie would one day become Will's role model for a wife. "You have made me a better man," he said, and added, "Regardless of what we've been through, I will always be grateful for that." Katie wiped away tears.

Bill looked at Quinn and said that he had respected her for raising Wyatt on her own and starting her own business. Bill admitted that he would not have been a good father when Wyatt had been born. "I hope that today inspires you to know the father that I am now," he said.

Quinn thanked Bill. She looked at Wyatt, and she recalled all the holidays that it had just been the two of them. She praised the Forrester family because Wyatt and Quinn had become a part of Forrester Creations, and they had been included in a family celebration. "I couldn't be happier," Quinn said.

Wyatt turned to Hope. He said that he didn't know where he would be if he hadn't gone camping at Big Bear where he had encountered a beautiful blonde who had snapped his picture and changed his life. He thanked Hope for introducing him to his father and creating a celebration for all of them.

"You bring out the best in others," Wyatt said to Hope. He added, "Thank you for taking a walk in the woods."

Hope reminded everyone that she had created the seating arrangements, so she had known that she would be the last to speak, and she had planned it so that she could talk about Liam.

She complimented Liam as an amazing and genuinely good person that everyone loved. "Happy Thanksgiving, everyone," she said.

Pam and Charlie carried in the turkey, and Hope looked satisfied as she glanced around the table at all the guests, who appeared to enjoy one another's company.

After dinner, Liam thanked Hope and told her that no one could have pulled off the reunion she had created -- reuniting a family with many fractured relationships. He said that it was truly a day of gratitude. "I love you," he said, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

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