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Brooke was stunned by Ridge's return. Quinn convinced Steffy to tell Liam that she could have children again. On her wedding day, Hope saw Liam with Steffy and hopped on the jet to Hawaii with Wyatt.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

At Eric's house, Ridge was emotional as Eric remarked upon his son's return to town. Ridge stared at Stephanie's portrait and noted that her pose seemed cold and guarded. Eric replied that it had been one side of Stephanie that Ridge might not have seen very much.

The men discussed how quickly the death had happened after Stephanie had refused treatment. Ridge wondered why he hadn't been there. Eric doubted it would have made a difference because Stephanie had gone off on her own. Ridge was sure that wouldn't have happened if he'd been there.

Ridge wished he'd been there, but Eric replied that Stephanie had insisted that Ridge not be. Eric relayed that she'd changed and hadn't held any anger or resentment at the end. Eric said he'd forgotten any grudges between himself and Ridge. Eric loved Ridge and was happy to see him home.

The men conversed about Steffy's visit and Rick and Caroline's wedding. Ridge wondered how Rick would feel about Ridge being back. Eric asked if Ridge were really back, or if he would cut and run again. Eric had missed his son and was puzzled by why Ridge had been away for 15 months.

Ridge admitted that he'd snapped under the pressure of heading two families. He'd just wanted to whisk Brooke away and start anew. However, her past had found her on the honeymoon, and Ridge hadn't been able to deal with it. "I wanted a new start, a new life," Ridge stated.

Ridge said that the present seemed to just go away, and the future disappeared one moment at a time. All that remained was the past, and his past was right there in Los Angeles.

Eric asked where Ridge would be staying. Ridge didn't know, so Eric offered his home. Ridge joked that Eric wanted someone to clean the pool, but Eric said he didn't -- unless Ridge had gotten better at it. Ridge agreed to stay at the mansion, and Eric asked if Ridge would be there awhile. Ridge indicated that he might, and Eric asked what had made Ridge return. "Brooke," Ridge replied.

At Spencer, Brooke arrived to let Katie know that Liam and Hope's wedding was happening. Katie didn't think she was ready to watch Brooke and Bill being proud parents of the happy couple. Brooke said she was there to let her sister know that she didn't want to be around Bill, but she didn't see a way around it because of the wedding. Katie replied that Brooke wasn't on probation.

Katie believed that Brooke had good intentions, but Brooke wouldn't know what she'd do until she did it. Katie remarked that none of them did, and everyone was a work in progress. Brooke sighed, recalling that she'd always thought she'd be with Ridge, and losing Stephanie had made Brooke feel as if she'd had nothing to hold onto.

As Brooke prepared to leave, Katie said Brooke's efforts in their relationship weren't unnoticed; it would just take time. Brooke stated that they'd be sisters for life, so they had the time.

In Rick's office, Wyatt was packing up samples. Hope arrived, and Wyatt told her that he didn't regret a thing. He wondered if the Paris office would want him and his mother. The saddened Hope let him know that Forrester had processed a check to buy out the contract. Wyatt claimed that several of the best things in his life had been because of Hope, and walking away with more seemed greedy.

Hope remarked that she wasn't the same girl that Wyatt had met in the woods. She claimed that she'd gained a new confidence, level of success, and faith in herself due to him. She said that she hadn't been able to feel Liam's love because she'd felt second best, but Wyatt had helped her see her self-worth. Wyatt replied that jewelers noticed things that shined.

Wyatt looked around, wondering what he was missing. Hope wished that he weren't going. He wondered what would have happened if he'd met her first. He said he'd never been in love before, and he wished that he'd been better at it.

Someone arrived with a jeweled headband for Hope's wedding. Wyatt asked to see it, and Hope was uncomfortable as he noted that the other jeweler had done good work. He asked to see it on Hope because he wouldn't be there for the wedding. Hope resisted but put it on. Pulling a velvet box out, Wyatt asked if the headband would go well with "this."

Wyatt revealed a necklace and said he'd owed her a piece of jewelry. Hope refused the gift, and Wyatt guessed it wouldn't be good for her to marry his brother wearing his jewelry. He said that he kept forgetting that he wouldn't be the groom. "I was so sure..." he added.

In Paris, Quinn set her things down and asked if Steffy had received good news. The tearful Steffy stated that "she'd" forgiven her. Quinn asked who Steffy meant. Steffy said that "her" name would have been Aspen.

Steffy's assistant, Sophie, entered, and Steffy asked Sophie to locate Ridge. Sophie said Ridge had gone to Los Angeles. Quinn guessed that Ridge and Steffy could have flown together if they'd known of each other's trips. Steffy disagreed, saying her trip had been personal -- and Ridge's could be, too.

Steffy wrote out a check and asked Quinn to take it to a fertility clinic in Los Angeles. Quinn thought it was an enormous gift, but Steffy replied that it didn't compare to what the clinic had given her. Steffy began to worry about her father's trip, and Quinn offered to take Steffy back to L.A. with her. Steffy quipped that if Ridge had wanted company, he would have asked for it.

Steffy had wanted to tell Ridge her news, but Quinn asked if there was anyone else whom Steffy wanted to tell it to. Quinn reasoned that Liam needed to heal, too. Steffy snapped that Quinn was in her personal business as if Quinn belonged there, and she warned Quinn not to say anything to Liam.

Quinn claimed that she wouldn't do such a thing. Steffy said she was sorry about Wyatt, but Hope's blonde goddess thing was like a drug to some men. Quinn replied that she didn't think Liam was one of them, and Liam hadn't gotten over Steffy.

Steffy doubted that Liam was telling Quinn his innermost feelings. Quinn claimed that she'd observed things, and she'd seen how cold, dismissive, and high-handed Liam was with Hope. Steffy said that Quinn had to be misinformed, and they weren't talking about the same man.

Quinn stated that Liam had made Hope fire the Fullers, and Quinn thought Liam and Hope both felt trapped in their relationship. Steffy said it was sad, but it wasn't her business -- or Quinn's. Quinn stated that what she found sad was that there would be no wedding if Liam heard Steffy's news.

Brooke can't believe her eyes when she sees Ridge at the top of the water staircase

Brooke can't believe her eyes when she sees Ridge at the top of the water staircase

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

by Pam

At Eric's house, Eric wondered what had made Ridge return. Ridge told Eric that he'd missed Brooke. Eric stared at Ridge and caught himself staring. "Seeing you in this living room again ..." Eric paused with emotion. Eric said that he understood that Stephanie had demanded that Ridge stay away, but Ridge said it didn't seem like a good enough reason anymore. He wanted to go back and start over.

Eric and Ridge hugged in an emotional embrace. Eric wondered what had caused the breakup with Brooke. "I wasn't thinking straight," Ridge said. Ridge babbled about Deacon and lies, and then he shook his head. Ridge admitted that he had snapped, and he shouldn't have.

"She lied to me, Dad," Ridge said about the text messages to Deacon. "She lied to you because she loved you," Eric replied. Ridge said that he had snapped and grown tired of all the betrayals and family problems. Ridge said he had needed to find himself and be alone for a while. Ridge realized it didn't sound good, but he had needed to figure out who he was.

Ridge said that he'd discovered that he was a man who did not want to live the rest of his life without Brooke. Ridge added that, before he tracked her down, he needed Eric to tell him what Brooke had been up to and what she had been doing.

Eric became thoughtful. He said that Brooke had been devastated by Ridge's rejection of her. Eric added that family and friends had helped her get through it.

Eric said that Brooke had tried to stay busy. She had relaunched Brooke's Bedroom. Ridge asked if Brooke had been angry or if she had missed Ridge or mentioned him. Eric said that Brooke had not talked about Ridge to Eric. Eric reminded Ridge that Ridge had been gone a very long time, and he needed to go to Brooke to fix things -- if he could.

Ridge promised that if he could repair his relationship with Brooke, he would never let her go. He kissed his dad on the cheek and left to find Brooke.

At Brooke's home, Brooke called Katie and left a message that begged Katie to attend Hope's wedding. Hope entered, and Brooke gushed that Hope was positively glowing. "Could it be because Liam and I are finally getting married, and nothing is going to stop us?" Hope asked with a laugh.

Brooke pointedly asked about Hope's attraction to Wyatt. Hope admitted it had been nice that Wyatt wanted only Hope. It had been exciting, but Hope insisted that for her, Liam was "it."

Hope added that if she had met Wyatt first, she might have ended up with him. Hope reasoned that Steffy had been the only thing that had kept Hope and Liam apart. "She's out of the picture," Hope said.

Hope admitted that it had been very difficult for her to see Wyatt pack up his things at the office. Brooke noted that she hoped the break of the contract between Quinn Artisan Jewelers and Forrester didn't hurt Quinn's business.

Hope anticipated that Quinn would have the pick of many projects, but Brooke pointed out that the abrupt break in the contract might leave a bad perception in the business world. Hope panicked when she realized that people might think Quinn's work was unacceptable. Brooke added that it could appear that they didn't get along and had a personality conflict. Hope felt terrible.

Brooke said it was unfortunate the way it had played out. Hope confided that she had to respect Liam's position. Brooke wondered if Hope was sure. Hope said that she was, and Brooke said that Hope had made the right decision if she felt it was the best thing for her relationship with Liam.

Brooke and Hope decided to choose a spot outside for the wedding. Hope wanted to have the ceremony near the staircase because she felt it was romantic. Brooke agreed, and she explained to Hope how it had been the very spot where Ridge had returned to Brooke when Brooke had thought that Ridge was going to marry Taylor.

Brooke remembered that she had been seated at the bottom of the waterfall and staircase, convinced that she had lost Ridge for good. Suddenly rose petals had appeared in the waterfall. Brooke had looked up. "And there he was, like he always had been ... until now," Brooke said. Hope reminded her mom that she had been through tough times. "But you're okay now," Hope added. Hope left.

Brooke descended the stairs and sat at the bottom of the waterfall. Suddenly, rose petals appeared in the water. She looked up in shock, and Ridge stood at the top of the fountain and staircase. They met at a landing on the staircase. Ridge handed her a rose. "Logan," he said. He kissed her passionately.

In Paris, Quinn tried to convince Steffy to tell Liam that she was able to have a baby. Quinn pressured Steffy to tell Liam that things had changed before Liam married Hope. Quinn insisted that Liam had a right to know. Quinn warned Steffy that Hope had been very attracted to Wyatt, and Steffy needed to intervene to prevent Liam from marrying a woman whose heart partially belonged to another man.

Steffy snarked that she knew Quinn had been working Steffy for one reason only -- to help Wyatt. Quinn admitted it. Two women entered the office, and Quinn displayed her designs. Steffy noted that the jewelry was exquisite. Steffy wondered how Eric could have allowed Hope to break the contract with Quinn and Wyatt.

Quinn said that Eric allowed Hope to choose what went with line. Quinn noted that Hope and Wyatt had worked well together and were meant for each other in business and in their personal lives -- just as Liam and Steffy were meant to be together.

Steffy admitted that Liam had been the only man she'd ever loved. Quinn begged Steffy to return to Los Angeles before she lost Liam forever. Steffy looked thoughtful.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke and Ridge reunited. "Did you miss me?" Ridge asked, adding, "I'm back." Brooke reminded Ridge that every time she had talked to him, he had been cold and distant. She wondered why he had never said anything about reuniting.

"I wanted to, but what I really wanted was to be here and hold you like this. It's been too long," Ridge said. Ridge understood that Brooke had many questions, and he promised to answer them. "I'm sorry I hurt you," he said.

Brooke walked away and paced. Then she hauled off and slapped Ridge. She screamed at him that he had left her on their honeymoon. "I'm sorry for all of it," Ridge said. Ridge promised to make it all up to Brooke and promised it would never happen again. He wanted their family back together.

Brooke turned away in disbelief because she had never thought that Ridge would return. "I missed you," Ridge said. Brooke cried and threw her arms around him and tearfully admitted that she had missed him. Brooke explained that Hope was getting married at her house, and Brooke wanted to know if R.J. had returned with Ridge.

Ridge explained that R.J. had to finish the school term in Europe. Ridge had wanted to return to Los Angeles with R.J. to live. Brooke uncomfortably wondered where Ridge planned to stay. She reminded him of Hope's wedding at her home. Ridge planned to stay with Eric until they could sort things out.

Ridge said that he had enjoyed his time in Paris with Steffy and Thomas. Ridge added that he had rediscovered his passion as an artist and a designer, and he had realized that he could not live without Brooke. Ridge hugged Brooke, and he left. Brooke cried.

At Liam's house, Hope and Liam joked about preparations for their wedding. Hope teased that Liam needed to show up properly dressed -- a reference to one of the many failed weddings that Hope and Liam had attempted when Liam had shown up with a tattoo on his face and wild-colored hair.

Hope and Liam cuddled, and Hope said that she was nervous about everything, except Steffy showing up on their wedding day. "Or any other day," Liam said. Liam added that they no longer had to worry about Steffy, Wyatt, Wyatt's crazy mom, or Liam's dad. "No surprises," said Liam.

Liam teased that saying Steffy's name didn't make her magically appear. They stopped and looked around the room and under pillows as if Steffy could be there. Hope admitted that she considered Steffy to be the boogeyman. Liam understood how sensitive Hope was about Steffy. Hope said she knew that Steffy was ancient history.

At Eric's house, Donna delivered papers for Eric to sign. Eric grabbed her hand and said that it was thoughtful of her to check on him. Donna admitted that she had been worried about him. Eric confessed that he had received a surprise earlier. Ridge had arrived and planned to stay.

Eric added that Ridge had planned to reconnect with Brooke. Donna wondered if Eric had told Ridge about Bill and Brooke, but Eric said that it was not his place. Donna said that Ridge had to have heard about Brooke and Bill, but Eric said that Ridge seemed completely unaware of the relationship. Ridge had headed over to Brooke's house.

Donna wondered what Brooke would do because Bill wanted Brooke back, and Donna knew that Brooke was passionate about Bill. Donna added that Ridge had been the love of Brooke's life, but when Ridge found out about Brooke and Bill, it might be a deal breaker.

In Paris, Quinn continued to pressure Steffy to return to Los Angeles and stop Hope and Liam's wedding. Steffy refused because she had told Liam to be with Hope. Quinn argued that Steffy had to do it for Liam because Hope had been interested in Wyatt, and it was unfair to Liam. "If a marriage starts out like that, what are the odds it's going to last?" Quinn asked.

Quinn insisted that Steffy had to wonder if Steffy's ability to have a baby would make a difference to Liam. Quinn maintained that if Steffy told Liam, it would give Liam a chance to make his mind up about whether to marry Hope or return to Steffy. Steffy agreed to return to Los Angeles with Quinn.

On the plane, Steffy nervously rethought her decision. Steffy recalled romantic times with Liam and their weddings. Steffy lamented that Hope had always maintained that Liam and Hope would have been happy together if Steffy hadn't been in the picture. Steffy reiterated that she had given up on Liam and given Hope and Liam her blessing because she had thought it was the right thing to do.

Quinn noted that Steffy had made an incredibly unselfish decision. Quinn added that Liam needed to know that Steffy's secret treatments had worked. Steffy nervously tapped her fingers and hoped that they made it to the wedding before it started.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Brooke's cabin, Caroline and Bill helped Liam get ready. Bill asked if Liam would use Bill's jet for the honeymoon. "You mean Katie's jet?" Liam quipped. Liam conveyed that he and Hope weren't taking a honeymoon. Bill stated that the past was gone, and though he'd thought his son would end up with Steffy, it was possible for him to be wrong at times.

Caroline left, and Liam guessed that his father would give him some advice. Bill doubted he should dole out marriage advice. "Happy wife, happy life?" Bill told his son, and the men hugged. Bill said it had taken him a while to get there, but Liam and Hope had Bill's support. Liam thanked Bill, who added that Wyatt wouldn't be an issue.

Inside the main house, Pam and Charlie set out food, and guests began to arrive. Carter asked Rick and Caroline how the honeymoon had been and ribbed Rick for renting an entire island. "It was two, but who's counting," Rick responded, chuckling.

Aside, Donna asked Eric if anyone else knew of Ridge's presence. Eric said no one knew but Brooke, and Ridge was laying low at the mansion until after the wedding. Donna wondered how Bill would feel to learn that Ridge was back in town.

As the guests chatted later, they learned that Charlie would officiate the wedding. Aside with Brooke, Bill remarked that it was an important day for their children. He stated that the next big day would be his wedding to Brooke. As she told him to stop, he insisted that he wasn't giving up.

Bill walked off, and Eric approached Brooke to ask if Bill and Ridge knew anything about her dealings with them. Brooke responded that she hadn't told either man anything yet.

On the jet, Quinn and Steffy prepared for landing. Quinn said that Steffy's news would be a game-changer for Liam. Quinn and Wyatt spoke by phone, and he told his mother to keep the engines going because Eric had agreed to let Quinn and Wyatt take the jet to Hawaii.

Quinn said it wasn't a good time, but Wyatt insisted that he needed to get away, refocus, and move on. Quinn asked Wyatt not to give up on Hope and to text-message Quinn with Liam's whereabouts. Wyatt agreed to do it but insisted he'd leave town afterward.

Later, Wyatt arrived at Brooke's house, looking for Hope. Oliver was surprised to see Wyatt but relayed that Hope was upstairs, and Liam was in the cabin. Wyatt sent his mother a message with Liam's location then went to Brooke's room, where Brooke and Hope were getting ready.

Wyatt promised not to cause a scene, and Brooke left the room. He admired how beautiful the surprised Hope looked, and he hoped her wedding was more magical than she'd ever imagined. He said he'd wanted to wish her well and let her know he was going out of town to clear his head.

Wyatt conveyed that, because of Hope, he was more humble and grateful. He'd been cocky and arrogant before because he hadn't ever felt that way about a woman. He felt that he'd grown up too late. Wyatt stated that Hope had changed him and his life, and he wished her nothing but the best.

Hope told Wyatt that it didn't have to be goodbye. However, Wyatt felt that he couldn't be just friends with her after he'd fallen in love with her. He looked into her eyes, sighed, and walked out. Hope fought back tears and uttered, "Goodbye, Wyatt."

Hope went to the bathroom, and Quinn sneaked in to place a note on the vanity. As Quinn tiptoed out, Hope called her name, and Quinn returned to the room, pretending to be there to wish Hope luck before Quinn and Wyatt left town.

Downstairs, Caroline offered to go upstairs to help Hope, but Brooke said Hope was doing fine. When Caroline walked off, Brooke whispered to Eric that she hadn't wanted to reveal that Wyatt was with Hope. Eric asked if Wyatt would be a problem. Brooke said Hope was committed to marrying Liam, and there wouldn't be any surprises that day.

Brooke went upstairs, where Hope was laying her garment bag on the bed, and asked what Wyatt had wanted. Hope explained that he'd wished her well, but he still wasn't over her. Hope said she wasn't having second thoughts, and she and Liam had waited a long time for the wedding.

Brooke discovered the note on the vanity and read it aloud. It said that Liam needed to see Hope, and it asked her to break tradition to meet him at the cabin. Brooke was against doing it, but unafraid of breaking tradition, Hope decided to slip out the back door to meet Liam.

Outside, Steffy made her way across Brooke's estate. Upon seeing the wedding setup, she grimaced as if she were wondering what she was doing there. Steffy flashed back to having the sprinkler fight with Liam in that spot, and she smiled. When she made it to the cabin, she flashed back to being intimate with Liam inside of it.

Liam looked out of the window and thought he saw Steffy. He went outside and called her name. Steffy turned, and Liam gasped. The two went into the cabin, and Steffy said that she'd traveled there at the spur of the moment. She stated that she knew what the day was for Liam. She didn't want to cause problems, but she'd wanted to see him.

Liam asked how Paris was, and Steffy replied that things were good. She became emotional as she told him that she'd found out that she could have children again. She felt as if a dark cloud had been lifted from her. She said she'd left him because she hadn't been able to have children, but that problem was no longer an issue. "Do you know what this means?" she asked.

Outside, Hope hurried down the flagstone steps and glanced at the cabin. She was shocked to see Steffy standing inside with Liam.

Friday, December 20, 2013

At Brooke's house, Charlie went over the ceremony with Bill and Brooke before heading off with Pam to work on the cake.

Bill tried to talk to Brooke, but Donna pulled Brooke away to take photos. Afterward, Donna asked if Bill knew about Ridge. Brooke looked shocked, and Donna said Eric had told her about Ridge. Donna asked if Ridge knew about Brooke and Bill. Brooke insisted that there was no Brooke and Bill.

Later, Eric approached Brooke to toast the couple and to say that he hadn't told Ridge about her and Bill. Brooke asserted that there was no her and Bill, and Eric said that if it were true, then Ridge probably wouldn't be upset about it. Brooke decided to see if Hope had gotten back from seeing Liam.

In the cabin, Liam asked Steffy why she'd taken more tests. Steffy replied that she hadn't been able to put it behind her, and she had been unable to accept that she'd never be a mother. He said it was all behind her, and Steffy asserted that he needed to know that it had been the only reason she'd left him. She'd refused to prohibit him from having a child of his own.

Liam said that Steffy had given up a lot. Steffy agreed, saying she'd given up the only thing that had ever mattered to her. "You," Steffy stated, and they hugged. Steffy said she felt like herself again, and Liam was sure she'd have beautiful children. Steffy said she talked to their child every day. Liam revealed that he'd done it, too, and losing the child had been one of the darkest days of his life.

As the two continued to talk, Hope stood outside, watching. She nodded to herself, and resolved, she headed back toward the main house.

Back in the cabin, Steffy remarked that it was the best news she'd ever had. Liam said it was good news for him, too, and she replied that he could consider it to be a wedding present. Steffy wondered why Hope and Liam weren't already married.

Liam explained that Hope had made him wait that time, and he asked if Steffy had heard about his half-brother. Steffy said that Hope and Wyatt had been trending for weeks. Liam stated that he'd put an end to that. "Well, actually, Hope did," he corrected.

Steffy and Liam discussed how Hope had enjoyed the flirting with Wyatt, but Liam stated that it had been punishment that he'd deserved. "Because of me..." Steffy sardonically concluded. Liam was just glad that it was over and that Wyatt and his creepy mother were gone.

Steffy asked why Liam would call Wyatt's mother that. "Psychotic, maybe?" Liam considered, adding that Quinn always had an agenda. Steffy wondered if it had been more than flirting with Wyatt and Hope, and Liam jokingly asked who'd choose Wyatt over him. Steffy and Liam joked back and forth about it and laughed.

Liam said he loved seeing Steffy happy because she'd been depressed in their last days together. He said that the motorcycle accident had wrecked them, but he assured her that she could have other children someday. Steffy replied that there was only one man she wanted to have them with. "I have never stopped loving you," Steffy uttered.

Liam's eyes softened, but he said he was committed to Hope. Turning away, he stated that Steffy had been given a whole new life. He promised that she'd have her baby. It wouldn't be with him, but she'd have it. Liam hugged her, and she fought back tears.

Steffy recomposed herself. She and Liam said, "Okay," and Steffy left. Liam sighed and smiled.

Later, Brooke entered her bedroom and saw Hope dressed in street clothes. Brooke said they had to get Hope into her dress but then noticed that Hope was in an odd mood. Brooke asked what had happened with Liam, and Hope matter-of-factly stated that she wasn't doing it that day.

"I'm not going to marry Liam," Hope decided. Brooke asked what Liam had said, and Hope relayed that she and Liam hadn't spoken a word. "And we aren't going to," she added. Hope decided that she needed to get out of there, but Brooke insisted upon knowing what had happened. Hope started to explain, but then she just insisted that she needed to get out of there.

Later, Brooke arrived in the cabin, and Liam assumed that Brooke would say that Hope was still getting ready. "Hope is gone," Brooke replied. Brooke explained that Hope had left after seeing Liam. He replied that he hadn't seen Hope. "Well, she left after seeing you. Something must have happened," Brooke concluded.

A flash of realization hit Liam. He explained that Steffy had been there, and he guessed that Hope had seen him and Steffy through the window.

On the jet, the pilot informed Wyatt that they could take off as soon as his mother arrived. As he waited, Wyatt flashed back to kissing Hope. Quinn arrived, and Wyatt expressed his readiness to leave. Quinn tried to talk him out of it because Hope loved him, but he said he never wanted to hear that.

Quinn begged Wyatt not to go to Hawaii until he at least had confirmation that Hope had gone through with the wedding. The pilot entered and confirmed that they'd soon be ready for takeoff. Wyatt said he was ready whenever the jet was.

Suddenly, Hope appeared on the jet. Wyatt was shocked and asked what had happened with the wedding. "Steffy happened. She's back in town," Hope breathlessly responded. Quinn decided to leave, and Hope said Quinn had work to do at the office. Quinn looked surprised, and Hope said Quinn wasn't fired anymore.

Quinn left, and Wyatt asked about himself. "We are going to go to Hawaii," Hope decided. She said she couldn't believe it, and she needed to get out of there. Wyatt was "more than okay" with her decision, but he said he was sorry. He decided that he wasn't sorry, and he hugged her. "Rock," he stated. "And roll," Hope finished for him.

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