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Hope refused to return to Los Angeles with Liam, and as Wyatt wooed Hope in Hawaii, Liam faced off against Quinn in L.A. Ridge didn't know how to take the news that Brooke and Bill had been involved with each other, but Bill urged Brooke not allow the guilt from it to engulf her again.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 30, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, December 30, 2013

At Brooke's house, the disappointed Ridge asked Brooke what was wrong with her. He noted that Bridget had been first and then Katie. He said that whether it was from family or not, Brooke just took what she wanted. Ridge was disillusioned because he'd thought he and Brooke could pick up where they'd left off. He didn't blame her for wanting to move on, just not with her sister's husband.

Ridge asked how Brooke could justify it, and Brooke replied that he wouldn't understand. "Then make me understand!" Ridge roared. "Please..." he added more quietly.

Brooke said it was over with Bill, but Katie, during her postpartum depression, had pushed Bill and Brooke together with the hope that they'd parent Will. Brooke explained that Katie had thought she'd been dying, and Bill had comforted Brooke when Stephanie had died. Katie had taken off her ring and told Brooke that she could have Bill.

Ridge asked at what point Bill and Brooke had decided that any of it was okay to do to their families. Ridge said that Katie had finally found her own man, but Brooke had just taken him away. He asked if Brooke was in love with Bill. Brooke gave Ridge a long look, and he grimaced.

Brooke asserted that she wanted Bill to return to Katie and rebuild their marriage. Ridge decided that he'd heard enough. Unable to process the situation, Ridge left the house.

Later, Ridge called Brooke, but Brooke tossed the phone aside without answering.

At Spencer, Donna fed Will and wondered why Katie seemed glum. Katie revealed that Bill had been there. Donna was sure it had been unpleasant, but Katie disagreed, saying it had been nice. Katie was sad that Will's holidays were split between two parents. She couldn't believe it had gotten to that.

Katie figured that she had to adjust her expectations of the holidays. She remarked that Brooke had visited her, and Donna asked if there had been some progress. Katie wished she could be like everyone else who could forgive and forget Brooke's transgressions, but Katie wasn't there yet.

Donna left to drop Will off at daycare, and when she returned, she said he was settling in well. Katie was sarcastic about Will doing well despite his parents' best efforts. To cheer her sister up, Donna invited Katie out for New Year's Eve. Katie declined, and Donna suggested that Katie spend time with Bill. Katie scoffed, and so Donna suggested Brooke, whose resolution most likely involved Katie.

Katie didn't know if she should forgive Brooke. Katie was angry and confused, and she hated feeling that way. Brooke had always been the one to make it okay, so Katie didn't know where to turn. Katie said she had a son with a man who probably no longer cared about her. She'd thought that Bill would always be true to her and her son, but she wondered if a man like that even existed.

Later, Ridge arrived in Katie's office. Katie was surprised to see him, and he noted that she'd made some improvements at Spencer while he'd been gone. Katie wondered if he was there on business, and he replied that he'd wanted to see how she'd been holding up. She claimed to be good, running the company and caring for her son.

"Your sister took your husband away -- the father of your son. So let me ask you again: how are you holding up?" Ridge asked.

In Hawaii, Wyatt said that Hope wasn't going with Liam. Liam urged Hope to leave with him and forget about everything else, because they knew how they felt about each other. Wyatt tried to interject something else, but Liam yelled, "Will you just shut up for once?"

Hope asked if Liam knew how hard it had been for her to see him with Steffy. "On her wedding day of all days," Wyatt interjected. Frustrated with Wyatt, Liam explained that Steffy had shared some important news with him, and she would have also shared it with Hope if Hope had entered the cabin. Liam stated that Steffy would have then hugged Hope and wished them well.

Liam asked when he and Hope were going to stop letting things get in the way so they could be with each other, where they belonged. Wyatt said Steffy could have used the phone, but Liam contended that Quinn had talked Steffy into giving the news in person. Wyatt claimed not to know anything about what Quinn had done, but to him, it didn't change what Hope had walked in on.

Liam stated that the problem was that Hope hadn't walked in -- she'd walked away without question. He claimed to understand why she'd had to walk away, but he said they could still get married there or at home. "I just don't want to do this anymore. Do you?" he asked Hope.

Wyatt asked what marriage would solve. He said it wouldn't make Liam's connection to Steffy go away. Wyatt figured that if Quinn had set it up, then Hope should thank Quinn for the reminder that with Liam, there was always Steffy. Wyatt said Hope deserved to be free of the ugly feeling she got every time Liam said Steffy's name.

Hope asked for time alone with Liam, and Wyatt exited. Liam told Hope that the jet was waiting, or they could stay and get married in paradise. "No, Liam," Hope grimly replied. She was sorry that she'd left the wedding abruptly, but her instinct was to run whenever Steffy was involved. Hope said it wasn't okay for Steffy to be around ever, and Hope was putting too much pressure on Liam, which wasn't fair.

Liam replied that it was a problem they could work on together. Hope said Liam had allowed Steffy to make her announcement on their wedding day. Liam didn't know what he could have done about it, but Hope thought he shouldn't have let Steffy in. Hope suggested that he could have gotten her, so they could hear the news together, or he could have told Steffy to wait until after the wedding.

Liam asked Hope if she loved him. Hope said that she did, and he figured that meant they hadn't failed. He felt that they could still make it work, but he was about to leave, either way. "You should come with me," he told her.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Ridge apologized to Katie for Brooke's behavior, but Ridge wanted to know how Katie was really doing. Katie said she'd been handling it the only way she knew how. Ridge said he'd felt partly responsible. Katie advised that it was not his responsibility, but Ridge felt that Brooke and Bill had found each other because he had rejected Brooke.

Katie claimed that she had thrown Brooke and Bill together when she had been sick. Ridge disagreed. He pointed out that Brooke and Bill should have known that Katie was sick. "Brooke betrayed you," Ridge said. Katie tearfully agreed, and they embraced.

Katie said that she wanted to forgive Brooke, but she couldn't. Ridge pointed out that Brooke had often chosen inappropriate men when Ridge hadn't been around. Katie said it might not have mattered because Katie had pushed Brooke and Bill together.

Ridge doubted that Katie had really pushed Bill and Brooke together. Ridge said that Bill and Brooke had found their way to each other without Katie or Ridge. Ridge wondered if Brooke would have fallen for Bill without Katie or Ridge's interference.

Katie said that she was determined to be happy. Katie and Ridge discussed that Brooke had betrayed Katie, but Katie felt she had to forgive Brooke. Ridge agreed but added that it was not okay -- what Brooke had done. Katie agreed. "I hate it," she said. Ridge promised that a new year held new promise.

Ridge noted that Brooke and Bill seemed to be enamored with one another. Ridge added that no one would have waited for him to return. He added that it was time for Katie to rebuild her life. Katie agreed.

At Brooke's, Brooke told Bill that Ridge had expected Brooke to wait for him. Bill reminded Brooke that Ridge had walked out on her because of a text message. Brooke admitted that Ridge had been disappointed in Brooke.

Bill surmised that Brooke had chosen to get back together with Ridge. Bill moved closer to Brooke and reminded her that he cared for her. Brooke advised that Bill needed to return to Katie. Bill refused to hurt Katie again, and he wondered if he would lose Brooke to Ridge. Brooke said that Bill would lose Brooke to Katie and his son because Brooke could not hurt her sister.

In Hawaii, Liam begged Hope to leave with him, but Hope wasn't ready. Liam insisted that if Hope loved him, she would return to Los Angeles to get married. Liam and Hope argued about Steffy and the cabin. Liam begged Hope to return home, and he grabbed her hand. Hope pulled her hand away.

Wyatt entered and encouraged Liam to go to Paris to Steffy because Liam clearly still had a connection to Steffy. Liam disagreed with Wyatt, but he left. Wyatt encouraged Hope to put Liam behind her.

Wyatt begged Hope to use New Year's Eve to start a new relationship with him. Hope looked conflicted.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Due to the New Year's holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This programming change was accounted for in scheduling, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 2, 2014, and pick up where the Tuesday, December 31, 2013, episode concluded.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam and Bill discussed Ridge being back. Liam remarked that Ridge had been the love of Brooke's life, but unconcerned about Ridge, Bill changed the subject to Hope. Bill was surprised that Liam had gotten nothing from his trip to Hawaii. Liam asserted that the email-snooping, tiny-sword-wielding Quinn was insane and needed to be stopped.

Bill was glad his taste in women had improved. "Well, one of your baby mamas is certifiable, and Hope and I are paying the price," Liam quipped. Bill figured it could be his fault for ever becoming involved with Quinn, but Liam replied that Bill wasn't responsible for the woman who'd had it out for Liam from the moment she'd met him.

Bill said Wyatt and Quinn didn't seem to have the healthiest relationship. Liam felt that Wyatt got his ways from Quinn. Liam remarked that one moment, Wyatt was promising to respect Liam's relationship, and the next moment, he was in Hawaii with Hope.

Bill asked what they'd do about it. Liam declared that he hadn't given up on Hope, and Quinn hadn't won. Bill suggested that Liam convey that to Quinn. Liam decided to give Quinn a piece of his mind, and Bill warned Liam not to let her get a hold of his necklace.

At Forrester, Quinn gave Maya jewelry for her swimsuit photo session with Carter, the volunteer, shirtless model. Donna asked if they should be doing shooting without Hope, but Quinn snapped that Hope was enjoying herself in Hawaii with Wyatt. Aly handed Wyatt's notes about the photo shoot to Oliver, and Oliver noted that there wasn't a lot of detail to it. Quinn claimed that her son could be mysterious, and even she didn't know his plans.

The photo shoot started with Maya and Carter in front of a blue screen. Donna suggested that they at least wait for Rick and Caroline, but Quinn insisted that the people in the room knew what they were doing. Aside, Quinn instructed Donna to make herself useful instead of questioning Quinn.

Aly prepared for the next setup, and Donna remarked that it was hard to know if things were going as planned when there was very little direction from Wyatt. Quinn told Donna to embrace the unknown, but Donna retorted that no one liked being blindsided or manipulated.

After the photo shoot, Donna and Quinn were alone in the office, and Quinn asked if there was still some coffee. Donna checked the decanter and replied that it was empty. "There's a way to fix that," Quinn knowingly responded. Donna quipped that she was sure there was.

Donna advised Quinn to rethink her "M.O." before all her scheming backfired on her. Quinn replied that it hadn't yet. Donna was sure that Quinn would ruin her relationship at Forrester, and once Wyatt started resenting her meddling, she'd have nothing. Quinn maintained that things couldn't be better for her and Wyatt, and Wyatt was having the time of his life in Hawaii.

Later, Quinn smugly read an article about Hope and Liam's failed marriage. Liam entered, and she asked how Hawaii had been. He claimed to be onto her and her misdeeds regarding Steffy. "This again?" Quinn asked. She figured he wanted an explanation; however, he retorted that the explanation for it was that she was crazy. All he wanted her to do was admit what she'd done.

Quinn readily admitted that she'd taken a business trip with Steffy and encouraged Steffy to share her news. Quinn further admitted that she'd even written the note, but she wasn't sorry for it. She asserted that it didn't matter because the reality was that Liam had never gotten over Steffy.

Liam ordered Quinn not to presume to know his feelings. He said that he'd gotten closure with Steffy, and he'd been preparing for a life with Hope. Quinn wondered what it was like to be Liam, a waffling, weak little boy who always made excuses and never took responsibility. She asserted that Liam had blown his many chances, and Hope was with Wyatt. Liam leaned close to Quinn and asserted, "I'm never going to give up on Hope."

In Hawaii, Hope and Wyatt discussed what Quinn had done in forging the note and getting Steffy to Los Angeles. Once Hope had made sure that Wyatt hadn't known about the manipulation, she remarked that people had manipulated her and Liam too many times.

Wyatt didn't think it mattered how Steffy had wound up at the wedding, and because she could have children, she'd probably keep popping up in Hope's life if Hope were married to Liam. Wyatt said it was a new year, and Hope could hit the reset button. Hope, however, replied that it was hard not to wonder what might have been.

Wyatt reasoned that one could change the future, not the past. He asked Hope to trust him because he had something wonderful planned for the day. Wyatt wanted to show Hope that a man could be completely devoted to her, and he vowed to make enough money someday to buy her the Hope Diamond. He promised she'd have it by their seventieth wedding anniversary.

Wyatt claimed to have a bunch of surprises in store for Hope, and he hinted that there might be a diamond or two involved. From his pocket, he pulled out a black box. Hope shrank back, saying she wasn't ready. Wyatt said it wasn't a proposal, and he also wasn't ready for such a thing.

Wyatt claimed that he was a different kind of guy who didn't need to pressure Hope into marriage. He said he'd love to marry her, but they had their whole lives to get there.

Wyatt handed Hope the box, and she gasped when she saw a diamond necklace inside. He said that it wasn't their Hope Diamond, but it was a part of it. Wyatt explained that he'd requested one of the fragments that Ricardo had procured as a result of mining the bigger diamond.

Wyatt said that he'd never met anyone like Hope. He felt that he had a real chance to show her what she meant to him. He wanted to take her on an adventure, but since she didn't want to go out, he'd decided to bring Hawaii to her. Hope gasped as hula dancers entered the room.

Hope changed into the bikini and sarong Wyatt had given her, and when the hula dancing began, she remarked that it was amazing. Wyatt said they were at the base of a spectacular place called Diamond Head, and she presumed that was the other diamond that he'd alluded to earlier.

Wyatt escorted Hope to the center of the room to learn how to hula dance. After the lesson had ended, Hope thanked him for what he'd done, and he thanked her for letting him do it. He said he'd been practicing something since he'd arrived in Hawaii. "Nau ko'u love is yours," he said and kissed her.

Friday, January 3, 2014

In Hawaii, Wyatt continued his fun-day plan with a pulled-pork lunch that he said represented a Hawaiian pig roast. Over lunch, Hope thanked Wyatt for all he'd done for her. He said it had been effortless, and it was natural for him when he loved someone like he loved her.

Wyatt told Hope the story of an island flower that a princess had torn in half when she and her lover had parted. The flower had felt the sadness of the couple, and it only grew in the mountain where the princess had exiled herself and by the shore where her lover had lived. The flower grew in halves, and Wyatt said that putting two flowers together was like reuniting the couple.

Hope found the story to be romantic and tragic. Wyatt gave her another flower and explained that it was Plumeria, which meant "long love in absence." He said people gave it to sailors who'd go off to war. Hope said she wasn't going to war, but he replied that she might be if she didn't stay with him.

Wyatt placed the flower behind Hope's left ear and said that a flower placed there meant that the lady was taken. He added that kisses accompanied gifts of flowers, and they kissed.

Wyatt stated that the flower also had healing properties. He decided to keep one of the flowers that hadn't bloomed. Hope stated that the bud just needed time and light, and he replied that it worked that way for all things. He recalled that he'd been closed up when they'd met, but her light had opened him. Wyatt said he wanted to be the light in Hope's life, too, and he kissed her again.

At Forrester, Quinn stated the Liam's Spencer swagger was too late because Wyatt already had Hope in Hawaii. Liam reasoned that the trip had required Quinn's engineering. He said that Quinn didn't understand that none of the many attempts to break up him and Hope had ever worked, and he assured her that hers wouldn't, either.

Quinn claimed that she'd merely been the whistle-blower, and Hope had seen Liam's feelings for herself. Liam claimed that it was foolish of Quinn to play upon Hope's fears. Quinn countered that Liam had returned from Hawaii empty-handed, and it had been his weakness and indecision, not Quinn's actions, that had caused him to lose Hope.

Liam asserted that Hope knew that he'd fly to the ends of the earth for her, and he'd do it again, and again, and again if he had to. He suggested that Quinn apprise her son of that fact. Quinn told Liam to show his brother some respect because Wyatt deserved his chance with Hope. Liam replied that he'd show Wyatt the same respect that Wyatt had shown him.

On the subject of Wyatt deserving a chance, Liam reminded Quinn that she and Wyatt had bulldozed their way in with manipulations. Quinn seethed that her son was in love with Hope, and Liam had Steffy. Liam replied that he'd always care for Steffy, but Hope would be his wife. Liam also felt that it was debatable whether Wyatt could love anyone above himself.

Quinn hopped to her son's defense and berated Liam for his subpar treatment of Hope. Liam contended that Quinn had only heard stories from Wyatt, and Liam and Hope had never had a life without intrusions and manipulations. Quinn retorted that Liam had failed. Liam, however, replied that Bill had failed, Steffy had failed, Deacon had failed, and so would Wyatt and Quinn.

Quinn claimed that she hadn't failed yet, and Liam called her out on making it into her own twisted game. He called her neurotic and assumed that Wyatt was embarrassed of her. Quinn swooped into Liam's space, hissing, "My son loves me, and don't you dare imply otherwise!"

"Then why don't you do what a loving parent should do and back the hell off!" Liam roared back. He decided that Quinn had no faith in her son, and she clearly didn't believe Wyatt could win Hope on his own merit. Liam suggested that Quinn allow Hope to make her own decisions.

Quinn stated that Hope had already made the decision, but Liam disagreed. He believed that when Hope did choose, it wouldn't be Wyatt. Quinn warned Liam to stay away from Hope and Wyatt -- if Liam knew what was good for him. Unfazed, Liam told Quinn to keep threatening him. "Because it only fuels my fire, baby!" Liam haughtily added.

Quinn warned Liam not to mess with her, but Liam said he was driven by a desire protect Hope. Quinn felt that Liam was insane if he thought she'd ever hurt Hope. Liam contended that no one knew anything about Quinn, who'd dropped in from the sky after lying to her son his entire life. Quinn retorted that she was capable of more than he could imagine, and she warned him to stay away from her and Wyatt.

Liam declared that he didn't want any part of Wyatt and Quinn, and he didn't want Hope to suffer a mother-in-law like Quinn. Liam vowed to make sure nothing became of Hope and Wyatt, but Quinn asserted that something already had. "Hope will see through both of you soon enough," Liam replied and walked out.

At Brooke's house, Bill learned that Brooke hadn't seen Ridge again yet. He assumed that Ridge was off licking his wounds, but Brooke said that Ridge had a right to be disturbed by her actions with Bill. Bill stated that, if it were him, he wouldn't care about whom she'd spent her time with in his absence. All he'd be concerned about was being in her bed with his arms around her.

Bill didn't feel that Brooke owed Ridge any apologies for what had gone on. Brooke stated that she owed more than an apology, and she felt that she should have to atone for it. Bill deduced that she wanted to punish herself for loving him, but he figured that doing so wouldn't make the feelings go away. "Unless you've found something better with someone else. Did you, Brooke?" he asked.

Bill instructed Brooke not to let Ridge make her feel guilty all over again. Because of the progress she'd made after they'd been exposed, Bill advised her to just let the guilt go. He asked how he could help, and she said that, for the kids' sakes, he could go back to Katie.

Just then, R.J. arrived home. He took off his coat and immediately noticed that something was wrong with his mother. Brooke played down her feelings and sent the child upstairs to do his homework. To Bill, she said R.J.'s reaction was exactly what she had been trying to avoid. She didn't want R.J. to know about her relationship with Bill.

Bill told Brooke to calm down and not let Ridge whip up all the feelings again. Brooke stated that things had become that way because Ridge had just found out. Bill argued that Ridge had been gone a year, and the best he'd given Brooke upon his return had been a lecture. Bill called Ridge a loser who only focused on Brooke's faults, and he asked if Ridge was made of cardboard or something.

Bill asked if Brooke was thinking about returning to Ridge. Brooke denied that she was, but she said that she had to do what was best for Katie. Bill insisted that the damage had been done, Katie was finding her way, and Brooke and he had to do the same thing. He urged her not to let their precious bond slip away, and he asked if she'd been any happier than when they'd been together.

Bill declared that he wanted their relationship back. He swept Brooke into his arms and kissed her. Brooke tearfully asked him to leave, and Bill silently exited the house.

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