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January 6 to 10, 2014
Brooke attempted to have an intimate evening with Ridge, but he walked out, still unable to accept what she'd done to Katie. Brooke set out to right her and Bill's wrong by pushing Bill to return to Katie. Succumbing to Brooke's pressure, Bill decided to appeal to Katie to take him back. Ridge sought out Katie to try to understand what had happened with Brooke and Bill, and Ridge admitted that he was having a hard time reuniting with Brooke because it meant condoning her past actions with Bill. When Hope returned from Hawaii, she told Liam that she and Wyatt were dating. Liam vowed to be there for Hope when she discovered Wyatt's true nature.
January 13 to 17, 2014
When Wyatt returned from Hawaii, his father gave him the beach house that Katie and Bill had lived in, and Wyatt immediately asked Hope to move in with him. Hope wasn't ready to take that step but hoped he'd ask again someday. Liam asked Charlie to prove Liam's theory that Wyatt had stolen the diamond. Charlie discovered Wyatt doing just that on boutique surveillance tapes, but after receiving veiled threats from Quinn, Charlie told Liam that Charlie hadn't found anything on the tapes. Bill tried to convince Katie that he really wanted to go back home to her, but Katie told him that she was no longer his home. Bill told Brooke that it was hopeless with Katie, but Brooke insisted that he keep trying.
January 20 to 24, 2014
Hope declined to move in with Wyatt, but when he surprised her with a silver bullet trailer, she agreed to live with him in it during their surfing safari adventure. Liam wanted to talk Hope out of the trip; however, Quinn trapped him in a freight elevator, and Hope left with Wyatt. Quinn sought to befriend Pam, and when Charlie tried to tell Pam about Wyatt's misdeed, Quinn intervened to tell her side of it. As Ridge and Katie bonded more over their situations, Brooke grew anxious to move forward with her life. Brooke urged Ridge to put her engagement ring back on her finger and marry her.
January 27 to 31, 2014
Brooke asked Ridge to marry her, but Ridge refused to make a decision about his future with her. Undaunted, Brooke proposed that Ridge move back into her house, but he wasn't ready for that, either. Justin discovered photos that could indicate that Ridge had been sexually experimental in Paris, and Bill took the pictures straight to Brooke. Quinn thought she'd convinced Pam and Charlie to keep her secret, but they betrayed Quinn and showed the boutique footage to Liam. Hope and Wyatt consummated their relationship, but Liam tracked Hope down to show her the video of Wyatt stealing the diamond. Hope became upset with Liam and Wyatt's bickering and left them on the roadside.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
While Brooke refused to believe Bill's theory that Ridge was gay, Ridge and Katie grew closer as they spent time bonding with each other and their sons. Ridge sensed that there was something between him and Katie, but she said she couldn't hurt her sister. Rick was ready to fire Wyatt and Quinn, but Hope decided that it was best for HFTF that the Fullers remain on. Wyatt also convinced Hope to give him another chance romantically, and Hope finally told Liam that she'd chosen Wyatt. Quinn gave Aly a makeover and convinced her to go after Liam. Liam noticed Aly's beauty but remained wrapped up in Hope.
February 10 to 14, 2014
Quinn visited Bill and kissed him for old time's sake; however, Bill made it clear to her and to Wyatt that it would never happen between Bill and Quinn. Katie promoted Liam to vice president, and he got her to open up to him about Ridge. When Liam spoke to Ridge about Katie, Ridge shrouded his feelings and insisted upon marrying Brooke. Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal and assured her sister that she didn't want Bill. As Liam pressured Katie to go after a relationship with Ridge, Bill tried to romance Brooke for Valentine's Day. Shocked that Brooke had agreed to marry Ridge, Bill said that if she'd give him the papers that Katie had signed, Brooke and Bill could have it all again.
February 17 to 21, 2014
For their impending nuptials, Ridge chose Rick for his best man, and Brooke chose Katie as her matron of honor. Liam urged Katie to stop the wedding, but she refused to be the reason R.J. wouldn't have his father. On the wedding day, Bill got drunk and restrained himself from storming the ceremony. Quinn offered her spiteful comfort to Bill, and Liam gagged when he stumbled upon his father and Quinn tearing each other's clothes off in a cliff house bedroom. While officiating the wedding, Carter read "Love's Philosophy," and upon hearing her and Ridge's poem, Katie faked a fainting spell to stop the wedding.
February 24 to 28
Liam confided in Hope what he knew about Katie and Ridge, and Hope took Brooke to Paris to give Ridge and Katie time to sort out their feelings. Wyatt stowed away on the jet to be with Hope and to pitch his idea to debut Stephanie's jewels at a HFTF event. Aly went ballistic and accused Wyatt of pimping Stephanie's jewels and tainting Hope and her message. When Wyatt quipped that he and Hope were in the mile-high club, Aly slapped him and fired him on the spot. Bill tried to tell Quinn that he'd never sleep with her again, but Quinn figured he'd be back once he realized that he'd met his match in her.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Wyatt told Hope that Aly was disturbed, and Hope saw Aly's rage firsthand when Aly discovered Hope and Wyatt in bed together in Hope's hotel suite. Hope tried to get Aly to see that Hope's image wasn't tied to HFTF anymore and that Aly had to respect Hope's choices. Aly, however, held onto her smoldering fury and later discovered that Pam didn't trust the Fullers, either. As Brooke anxiously returned from Paris to marry Ridge, Katie and Ridge decided to tell Brooke that they loved each other. Katie revealed the news to Brooke, who laughed at Katie's cute little crush. Katie claimed that Ridge shared her feelings, but Brooke asked Ridge to set Katie straight.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Though Katie and Bill tried to convince Brooke that what they shared was real, Brooke insisted that Ridge always returned to her. Brooke became determined to win Ridge back for R.J.'s sake. Aly tricked Charlie into telling her what Wyatt had done with the diamond, and she went to Hope with the news. Devastated that Hope had already known about it, Aly decided to go to the police. Quinn dangled Aly over a railing and threatened Aly not to mess with Wyatt's life. Undaunted, Aly went to Eric with the information and demanded that the abhorred Wyatt be fired and imprisoned for what he'd done.
March 17 to 21, 2014
Rick decided to uphold his original decision that Forrester would keep silent about Wyatt's diamond antics. Aly quit her job as a result, but a ghostly Darla advised Aly that the Forresters needed her. After Ridge insisted upon forging a life with Katie, Bill told Brooke that Katie and Ridge's decision was a gift to Brooke and Bill. Ridge and Katie spent an intimate evening together, and a drunken Brooke berated herself in front of Stephanie's portrait until she passed out on the floor. Rick became filled with vengeance when Bill told him what Ridge had done, and Bill expressed deep concern about how morose Brooke had become.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Deeming himself and Hope the new Brooke and Ridge, Wyatt conceptualized a new bedroom line with Hope as the lead model. Hope was willing to give it a try until Aly asked if a billboard of Hope in lingerie was telling HFTF fans to hope for a good night in bed. Hope decided against the line, and proud of Hope for holding to her values, Liam kissed her. With determination, Bill set out to get through to Brooke, and Quinn was waiting for Bill in his bedroom when Brooke sent him away again. With a change of heart, Brooke arrived outside Bill's bedroom door, and Bill hastily stashed Quinn in his closet.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
Brooke asked Bill for time to sort her life out, and Bill made sure Quinn understood that their trysts hadn't meant anything. Ridge shook up things during a Forrester meeting when he fired Oliver and demanded that Eric give him Rick's job. Eric, who felt that Ridge had left and needed to work his way back up, reversed Oliver's firing and made Ridge and Brooke co-vice presidents. Outraged by Ridge's new relationship with Katie, Eric told Ridge that he'd better return to Brooke if he expected to run Forrester. Aly's heart skipped when Oliver invited her out for coffee, and Maya was disconcerted when she saw Oliver kissing Aly's hand at the Bikini Bar.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Despite Maya's warning to Oliver to tread carefully with Aly, he visited Aly in her bedroom and kissed her. Though Ridge rejected Eric's offer to become CEO if Ridge reunited with Brooke, Bill was happy to reunite with her and move back into her home. A nighttime call from Brooke to Katie to announce the reunion led Katie to believe that the reunion was a ploy to get back at Ridge. Quinn agreed to keep silent about her affair with Bill if Bill agreed to give Wyatt the Spencer family name. Hope was shocked when her period was late, and after finding a receipt for a pregnancy test at his front door, Liam raced to Forrester in time to wait with Wyatt for the results of Hope's pregnancy test.
April 14 to 18, 2014
Katie failed to convince Eric to stop playing matchmaker with Brooke and Ridge. Under Katie's leadership, Spencer's profits flat-lined, and Justin urged Bill to appeal to Karen about returning as CEO. Brooke arranged a meeting between Karen and Bill. When Karen remained aligned with Katie, Brooke checked her purse, which contained the papers that Bill had tricked Katie into signing. Terrified of losing Hope after the pregnancy scare, Liam took off with her in Wyatt's camper. Hope admitted that she didn't want to let Liam go, but she wasn't ready to leave Wyatt, either. Maya recorded Oliver saying that he'd put up with "the redhead" to keep his job at Forrester.
April 21 to 25, 2014
Hope's negative pregnancy test made Liam realize that he had to act before he lost Hope for good. Liam proposed that Hope show up for dinner at his place and give him dating time equal to Wyatt's or else Liam would move on permanently. Wyatt trusted Hope to make her own decision, and at the last minute, Hope arrived for dinner. Maya was leery of Oliver's intentions toward Aly, but Carter reasoned that Oliver had changed Aly for the better. Aly opened up to Oliver about her abhorrence of Taylor, who, unbeknownst to Aly, had begun sharing a bed again with Aly's father, Thorne.
April 28 to May 2, 2014
Brooke implored Katie to step down as CEO or at least let Bill have more time with Will. To force Katie's compliance, Brooke revealed that she hadn't destroyed the papers that would legally reinstate Bill as CEO and grant him equal custody of Will. Wyatt reluctantly agreed to let Hope date him and Liam, and Liam took Hope on a tour of the local animal shelter, where he surprised her by adopting a cat for them. Thorne and Taylor decided that Aly wasn't ready to hear about their rekindled relationship. Oliver agreed to be Aly's boyfriend but urged her to keep it a secret for the time being. Quinn pressed for Bill to support Wyatt and make Wyatt a Spencer.
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MAY 2014
May 5 to 9, 2014
Bill reclaimed his place as the CEO of Spencer Publications. He offered Katie a job, but she contemplated fighting for her position. Ridge suggested that Katie marry him and start a new life instead, and Katie gleefully broke the news of the engagement to Brooke. Quinn used a photo of her and Bill in bed to push Bill to make Wyatt a Spencer and legal heir. Bill complied because he'd wanted to do it, and he warned Quinn that using the photo would undoubtedly cause Hope to turn from Wyatt and fire Quinn from Forrester. Taylor and Thorne flew to town to talk to Aly about their new relationship. As Oliver warned Thorne against the move, Taylor broke the news to Aly. The incensed Aly brandished up a medieval axe Pam had left in the photo studio, and Taylor screamed.
May 12 to 16, 2014
Aly refused to accept her father being with her mother's murderer, and Thorne broke it off with Taylor. Oliver discussed the power of forgiveness with Aly, and after hearing Taylor describe her guilt over the accident, Aly forgave Taylor and approved of Thorne being with Taylor in Paris. Ridge was hellbent on curbing Bill's influence over R.J. Katie asked if Ridge still had feelings for Brooke, and Ridge reassured Katie that his feelings for Katie were different. Bill proposed to Brooke and announced that he was whisking her away to the Middle East. To stop Liam from spending time with Hope, Quinn locked him in the steam room and cranked up the heat.
May 19 to 23, 2014
Upon learning about Brooke's engagement, Ridge took Brooke's ring off her finger and tossed it back at Bill, and Brooke broke up a fight that ensued between the men over Brooke and R.J. becoming a part of Bill's family. Katie told Ridge that they couldn't stop Brooke and Bill, but Ridge continued to try to talk Brooke out of it marrying Bill. Despite Ridge, Brooke and Bill left on their trip to Dubai. Ridge hid his anger in front of R.J. when he saw R.J. wearing one of Bill's sword necklaces. Quinn shared Ridge's discontent and contemplated sharing the sexy photo of her and Bill with Ridge.
May 26 to 30, 2014
Ridge brooded about being unable to stop Brooke's wedding until, despite Wyatt's warnings, Quinn "accidentally" emailed Ridge the scandalous selfie. Ridge took off for the Middle East, determined to get Brooke away from the unfaithful Bill, and Wyatt chastised his mother for not thinking things through. He feared that her actions would cost them their jobs and cost him Hope. Brooke and Bill drove to Abu Dhabi for their wedding, and Bill enlisted Justin's help to ensure nothing would go wrong. As the couple exchanged nuptials on the beach, Ridge raced onto the scene, yelling, "Logan!"
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JUNE 2014
June 2 to 6, 2014
Ridge crashed Brooke and Bill's wedding and exposed Bill's fling with Quinn. Ridge dragged Brooke down the beach and unwittingly boarded a helicopter piloted by Justin. At Bill's command, Justin banked the helicopter, and Ridge plunged into the Persian Gulf. The Forrester clan was rocked by the news of Ridge's disappearance, and Katie and Eric flew to Abu Dhabi to join the rescue mission. Arguments between Quinn and Liam over her hand in Ridge's plight turned violent when Wyatt punched Liam. With Ridge's life or death uncertain, Hope saw clearly what she needed in her life, and she chose to be with Liam over Wyatt.
June 9 to 13, 2014
When Quinn learned that Hope had chosen Liam, Quinn stole the Big Bear cabin keys to give Wyatt time alone with Hope. Wyatt convinced Hope to meet him at the cabin, where he'd set up a romantic proposal scene. While Hope was declining the proposal and asking Wyatt to leave Forrester, Rick fired Quinn from the design house. The frustrated Wyatt disowned his mother. Against her son's wishes, Quinn pleaded with Hope not to leave her son. Hope declared that she would someday marry Liam and have children with him. Quinn went for a stiff drink at the Bikini Bar and was surprised to learn that the man sitting beside her was Hope's natural father.
June 16 to 20, 2014
Just as the search for Ridge was canceled, Brooke discovered him meandering on the beach. Ridge was confused due to the concussion he'd suffered. Katie feared that Ridge didn't remember their relationship, but he pledged to move forward with her despite the fuzziness in his mind. Justin and Bill worried about what Ridge might remember about the fall. Deacon let Hope know he was in town and wanted to be in her life. Quinn tried to enlist Deacon's help in reuniting Wyatt and Hope, but he had no intention of interfering in Hope's love life. Wyatt sneaked onto the Forrester property to congratulate Hope about Ridge's return, and Liam spotted the two hugging.
June 23 to June 27, 2014
Quinn had another argument with Liam that ended in her jabbing him in the neck with his sword charm. On a windy night, Liam heard noises in his house and was startled to find Quinn outside, glaring at him through his patio door. Deacon, who'd moved temporarily into Quinn's warehouse, paid Wyatt a visit and learned that Wyatt hoped that separating from his overbearing mother would prove something to Hope. Maya slipped into the steam room to test the reunion waters with Rick, but he remained committed to his wife. After overhearing Oliver encouraging Aly to take Maya's modeling position, Maya went to Rick and Caroline with the recording of Oliver saying he'd date Aly to keep his job.
June 30 to July 4, 2014
After Quinn spooked Liam at his house, he tripped and went to urgent care for crutches and a boot for his sprained ankle. Quinn paid him another nighttime visit and threatened to kill him and Hope if he didn't leave town. Liam and Hope convinced Wyatt to talk to Quinn, but when Wyatt arrived at the warehouse, he learned from Deacon that Quinn had left with a custom-made sword. Quinn barged into Liam's house again and held Liam at sword-point. Caroline was livid with Maya for going after Rick. After hearing Oliver claim that he genuinely cared for Aly, Rick decided to hold off on playing the recording for Aly.
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JULY 2014
July 7 to 11, 2014
Wyatt arrived just in time to stop Quinn from killing Liam, and as she checked herself into a mental facility, Liam and Wyatt drew closer as brothers. Liam asked Wyatt to be the best man in Liam's wedding to Hope, and Wyatt wistfully accepted. Ricardo, the blue diamond's owner, died and left the jewel to Wyatt, the one man he knew loved it as much as he did. Ridge returned to work but was frustrated at his inability to remember how to design. Bill assured Justin that they were probably in the clear about Ridge's accident, but when Ridge saw Justin's face, details about the accident resurfaced in Ridge's mind. Rick and Eric considered Eric's niece Ivy Forrester to replace Quinn at Forrester.
July 14 to 18, 2014
Ivy accepted the Forrester jewelry contract but needed a Los Angeles liaison, and Hope hired Wyatt for the job. As Liam continued to make inroads with Wyatt, Wyatt found it hard to fully give up on Hope. Ridge's memory flashes led him to confront Bill with the suspicion that Bill and Justin had orchestrated Ridge's plunge into the gulf. As Bill denied it, Justin and Alison worked hard to cover the Spencer helicopter's tracks in Abu Dhabi. Aly broke up with Oliver due to his confession about the recording. At a jousting event, Oliver disguised himself as a knight to reclaim her affections. Rick advised Carter that Maya had made moves on him, and Carter broke off his engagement to Maya.
July 21 to 25, 2014
Katie and Ridge searched Spencer's records for proof that Bill had been responsible for Ridge's fall, to no avail. By charming Alison, Deacon learned that the Spencer helicopter had been in the Middle East. He also learned that Bill was boarding a helicopter to prepare for an impromptu wedding to Brooke. When Deacon relayed the tips to Ridge, Ridge commandeered Bill's helicopter, sliced out the seatbelt, and tossed Bill around in the craft until Bill admitted to what he'd done to Ridge in the Emirates. Bill confessed the deed to a disillusioned Brooke. Wyatt offered Hope the blue diamond, and with her video phone, Ivy caught the pair hugging.
July 28 to August 1, 2014
Brooke sent Bill away after he'd confessed to ordering Justin to dump Ridge into the gulf. Deacon figured that if Brooke could consider forgiving Bill, then she could give Deacon a second chance, too. Wyatt held a press conference to publicly gift the blue diamond to Hope. Hope accepted the diamond; however, Liam told her to give it back and fire Wyatt, or it was over. Hope refused to do either thing, and Liam walked out on her. At their loft, Wyatt met up with Quinn, who'd left therapy too quickly for his taste, and he received a call that a Mexico City police lieutenant wanted to meet to discuss Ricardo Montemayor's possible murder.
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August 4 to 8, 2014
Seeking to take advantage of the new hype around the diamond, Forrester decided to send Hope and Wyatt to Paris for a diamond photo shoot. Liam was despondent about the diamond and the trip, so Hope issued him an ultimatum to meet her in Paris if he wanted a future with her. Liam decided to surprise Hope in Paris by marrying her there. Quinn followed Liam and Ivy to Paris and pursued them as they ran through the Parisian streets to get to Hope on time. A cloaked Quinn shoved Ivy off a bridge, causing Liam to choose between meeting Hope or saving Ivy.
August 11 to 15, 2014
Liam dove into the Seine to save Ivy from its currents. By the time he finally arrived at the Eiffel Tower, Hope had already left. Hope flew with Wyatt to Monte Carlo, and Wyatt convinced her to marry him on Bill's yacht. Liam lamented the loss of his future and headed home with Ivy. Deacon learned from Mexico City authorities that Ricardo could have been poisoned. Upon decoding a hidden message in the video containing Ricardo's parting words to Wyatt, Deacon suspected that Ricardo had named Quinn as his murderer. Deacon confronted Quinn with his suspicion, and she pulled a gun on him.
August 18 to 22, 2014
Bill expected Liam to accept Hope's marriage without revealing to Hope that Liam had been in Paris, but Ivy and Aly urged Liam to tell Hope that he'd made it to Paris. Quinn distracted Deacon from his suspicions about her involvement in Ricardo's death by luring him into a partnership with her to break up Brooke and Bill. After discovering Ridge's secret about his lost designing abilities, Quinn sent Deacon to tell Brooke that Bill was responsible for Ridge's impairment. At Bill and Brooke's party for the newlyweds, Aly and Ivy helped Liam get Hope alone, and Liam told Hope that he'd gone to Paris with the intention of marrying her.
August 25 to 29, 2014
The news that a rescue had delayed Liam in Paris disconcerted Hope, but her parents advised her that what had been done couldn't be undone. Hope moved into the beach house and exchanged rings with Wyatt, and the allergic Wyatt tried to give Hope's cat to Liam. At a party, Liam told Ivy that he needed to move on, and with a kiss, Ivy offered to help him do it. As Brooke contemplated what Ridge's impairment meant for Forrester, Ridge, and her future with Bill, Quinn urged Bill to consider being a family with her and Wyatt. Deacon put his heart on the line and asked Brooke to marry him. With Caroline out of town, Maya flirted with an unreceptive Rick.
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September 1 to 5, 2014
As Ridge stalled Rick about the couture line, Caroline summoned the courage to ask Ridge for guidance on her amateur couture designs. Covering her hand with his, Ridge guided her pencil, and their synergy transformed her sketch into the first gown in a new couture collection. Upon learning about Ivy's newfound closeness to Liam, Hope warned Ivy to give Liam time to heal. At Ivy's "barbie," Liam's lukewarm response to Ivy almost made her concede that Hope might be right -- until Liam kissed her at night's end. Bill deduced that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Quinn asked if Bill wanted to know why he wouldn't tell Liam about it.
September 8 to 12, 2014
Hope insisted that Ivy understand that Liam needed time to heal, and Ivy advised Hope to let Liam move on. Quinn believed her Paris secret was safe when Bill agreed not to tell his sons that she'd pushed Ivy off the Parisian bridge, but with a little detective work, Charlie compiled conclusive proof that Quinn had knocked Ivy into the water. Wyatt asked Bill to give him the cliff house that Liam lived in, but Liam refused to let Wyatt take anything else from him. Ridge confided in Caroline about his designing disability, and she pledged to help him complete the couture collection in secret. Rick continued to fend off advances from the emboldened Maya.
September 15 to 19, 2014
Brooke sensed that Hope wasn't a happy newlywed, and Hope opened up about Wyatt's desire to start a family and her fears about Quinn being a grandmother to her children. Liam and Bill had a heart-to-heart about Bill's feelings toward his sons. Bill loved both sons but expressed that Wyatt needed him more because Quinn had raised him. Liam exposed Quinn for pushing Ivy over the bridge. Quinn admitted it but insisted that Hope had married Wyatt of her own volition and wouldn't hold Quinn's actions against him. After Wyatt implored Hope to remain in their marriage, Hope told Liam that he was the love of her life.
September 22 to 26, 2014
Hope had intended to start a life with Liam, but upon learning that she was pregnant, she decided to continue the marriage to Wyatt. Liam became curious when he figured out that Hope hadn't told Wyatt about the pregnancy yet. Deacon reminded Brooke about his marriage proposal and asked her to say that she wanted to be his wife. Bill interrupted the moment with his own marriage proposal after he'd learned that Ridge was drawing again. Maya aroused suspicion within Katie about Caroline and Ridge's close partnership. Katie disliked Caroline's burgeoning enthusiasm for her synergy with Ridge, but Ridge asked Katie to understand that he was in a bind and needed Caroline to help him produce the line.
September 29 to October 3, 2014
Brooke declined Deacon's marriage proposal. Under the assumption that Brooke and Bill had gotten engaged, Deacon and Quinn turned to each other for comfort. Bill saved Will from choking on a coin, and Brooke realized that Will deserved for his parents to have a chance to reunite. Katie and Bill declined the chance, but Brooke decided to remove herself from the equation by relocating to Milan. Hope revealed her pregnancy to Wyatt, and he informed Quinn, who immediately slipped into the doting grandmother role. Hope ordered Quinn to stay away from Hope's family, but Quinn warned that Hope was making a big mistake. John Forrester arrived in town.
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October 6 to 10, 2014
Quinn warned Hope to change her tune about keeping Quinn away from her son and unborn grandchild. Wyatt agreed to talk to Quinn later, and Quinn went home and appealed to Deacon to talk to his daughter. Caroline confided in Rick about Ridge's drawing dilemma and asked Rick to keep it quiet. Rick promptly told Eric, who then decided that he'd step down and choose his successor. As Eric deliberated his choice, Ridge and Caroline acknowledged something brewing between them. Caroline expressed her devotion to Rick, and Ridge kissed her.
October 13 to 17, 2014
Eric made it apparent that he preferred a couple to lead Forrester in his stead. Ridge admitted to Caroline that he had feelings for her, and Caroline thought she deserved a scarlet letter for kissing him. Ridge told Katie that Caroline had a crush on him, and Katie advised him to stop using Caroline before someone got hurt. Ridge was startled when he thought of Caroline while kissing Katie. Deacon introduced Quinn to Hope as the new woman in his life, and Hope told him that if he was with Quinn, then he had to stay out of Hope's life, too. Liam and Ivy grew closer during a romantic evening at his house.
October 20 to 24, 2014
Hope told Deacon to choose between his daughter and new girlfriend. Deacon was ready to walk out on Quinn, but she seduced him back into her bed. Ridge admitted to Katie that he was allowing Caroline to have a crush on him so Caroline would side with him in his bid for power. Ridge and Caroline spent one last intimate session together. Ridge showed her that his talents were returning, and the designers said goodbye to their partnership and each other. Eric decided that Ridge would be the next CEO, and angry that it wasn't Rick, Maya publicly accused Ridge and Caroline of having an affair. Caroline admitted to kissing Ridge and begged Rick to forgive her.
October 27 to 31, 2014
Rick was devastated to learn that Caroline and Ridge had shared intimate moments together and that Eric had chosen Ridge over Rick. Maya and Rick spent a night together, and Rick turned his back on Forrester and Caroline. The disillusioned Caroline was still determined to repair her marriage despite Rick's affair. Disappointed with Ridge's actions with Caroline, Eric rescinded his offer to Ridge and offered the CEO position to Rick. Rick renounced the job and Forrester, but Maya urged him to reconsider so they could run Forrester together. Ivy and Liam teamed up to win prizes at a Halloween Party.
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November 3 to 7, 2014
Maya convinced Rick to accept the CEO position. To Eric, Rick promised to work with Caroline and Ridge but left the designers out of an important meeting regarding HFTF's Amsterdam photo shoot. Maya pressured Rick to end his marriage. Caroline pleaded with Rick to return to the marriage, and though Rick remained obstinate, he was affected by her words. Hope was livid when she and Wyatt caught Quinn lurking in disguise at their sonogram appointment. Hope was also displeased that Liam accompanied Ivy to Amsterdam. Quinn convinced Wyatt that cinching Ivy and Liam's relationship would sever Hope and Liam's ties to each other.
November 10 to 14, 2014
The publicist suggested that Ivy model in the Amsterdam photo shoot, and the event turned into a model smackdown competition between Hope and Ivy. Ivy and Liam accepted a mysterious boat ride offer from Lars, and during the romantic cruise, the couple expressed love for each other. Hope went off on Wyatt when she learned that he'd orchestrated the boat ride. Wyatt told Hope that she couldn't have both men, and she needed to let Liam move on. Hope reeled when she witnessed Liam and Ivy kissing on their boat. Quinn fantasized about tickle-torturing Hope into accepting her. When Rick blasted Caroline for her indiscretion with Ridge, Ridge stood up for her and comforted her with a hug.
November 17 to 21, 2014
Hope and Wyatt took a commercial flight out of Amsterdam after she witnessed Liam and Ivy kissing, and the spouses reached an understanding about concentrating on their marriage. Eric backed Caroline and Ridge's line, but Rick sabotaged it by pricing the gowns out of their market. Katie riled Bill up about Ridge and Caroline, and Bill's fists delayed Ridge from the fashion show. Caroline confessed to the bruised Ridge that she'd fallen for him. The couture line sold despite Rick's scheme, and Eric demanded that Rick stop the foolishness with Maya and reconcile with Caroline or lose his job. As Caroline contemplated giving up on Rick, Rick approached her to ask for forgiveness.
November 24 to 28, 2014
Katie began to untie her engagement string, but Ridge stopped her. Katie thanked Bill for sticking up for her, and Bill reminded her that they'd once been family. Rick gave in to Eric's ultimatum and implored Caroline to work on the marriage. Upon learning that Ridge planned to stay with Katie, Caroline reluctantly took Rick back. Maya was livid about the reconciliation, but Rick promised to return to her once he secured control of Forrester. At the Forrester and Spencer Thanksgiving, each guest continued Hope's tradition by saying kind words to the guest seated at his right.
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December 1 to 5, 2014
Hope revealed to Liam that Wyatt had set up the Amsterdam boat ride. Liam told Hope that he and Ivy had expressed love for each other. Hope and Liam agreed that they'd always be connected despite their new lives. Quinn sneaked into Hope's baby shower and stole a piece of cake. Liam figured out that Quinn had been at the shower and told Hope about it. Bill convinced Wyatt to take out a restraining order against Quinn, but before Wyatt could serve it, Quinn showed up at Brooke's house to talk to Hope. Hope got rid of Quinn but wound up falling down the fountain staircase in the garden.
December 8 to 12, 2014
Hope's family gathered at the hospital upon hearing about her fall down the stairs. Hope and Wyatt cried together over the loss of the baby before facing some hard truths about their marriage. Hope acknowledged that it wasn't fair for Wyatt to be unsure of her feelings for him, and she walked out on him. Hope expressed to Liam that she'd always wanted to be with him, but her baby had been her priority. She left for Milan to visit Brooke, heal, and find herself again. Katie comforted the grieving Bill, and he kissed her. Quinn was devastated by the death of her grandson. When Wyatt disowned Quinn, she found herself on the ledge of her building. Bill advised her to jump.
December 15 to 19, 2014
Deacon talked Quinn off the ledge that Bill had urged her to leap from, and Deacon vowed to stand by Quinn despite the death of their unborn grandchild. To move Eric closer to signing over total control of Forrester, Rick pretended to fire Maya and convinced the staff that he wanted Caroline and Ridge to design together. Caroline was desperate to prove herself to Rick through intimacy, but he pretended to work late when he was really meeting Maya in their new love nest. Ivy caught Rick kissing Maya, and he warned Ivy to keep her mouth shut. When Katie broke things off with Ridge, Bill told Katie that he always got what he wanted, and what he wanted was to reunite their family.
December 22 to 26, 2014
Rick insisted that, if Ivy liked her job, she'd keep his and Maya's secret. While Maya daydreamed of being the Forrester matriarch, Caroline finally penetrated Rick's icy armor with a kiss. Ivy asked Liam if he wanted to be with Hope. Liam declared that Hope was married, and he was with Ivy. Wyatt struggled to grieve for his child while his marriage hung in the balance. Quinn and Deacon urged Wyatt to go to Italy so he and Hope could heal together. Forrester volunteered on Skid Row for Christmas.
December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015
Quinn and Deacon insisted that Hope and Wyatt needed each other to heal, and Liam gave his blessing to Wyatt to do whatever possible to heal. Rick escalated pressure on Eric to sign the absolute power of Forrester over to Rick. Against Carter's legal advice and personal urging, Eric signed it over to Rick for one year. At a meeting, Ridge protested the power transfer, and Caroline thanked Rick for trusting her to be the woman by his side. To Caroline and Eric's shock, Rick revealed that Maya would be by his side, not Caroline.
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Winsor Harmon on reprising his role as B&B's Thorne Forrester
Matthew Atkinson marries actress Brytnee Ratledge
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