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Ridge and Katie grew closer, but Katie refused to hurt her sister. Hope decided to give Wyatt and Quinn another chance, and Liam was devastated to learn that Hope was committed to Wyatt. Quinn looked to Aly to keep Liam away from Hope.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 3, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, February 3, 2014

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke didn't see the significance of the photos of Ridge and some man. Bill asked what she thought Ridge was doing in the pictures. She replied that Ridge seemed to be meeting a friend. "Ridge never showed me any affection. No hugs, no kisses, no nothing," Bill replied.

"Ridge doesn't like you. European men are different," Brooke contended. Bill cited that Ridge wasn't European and hadn't seen any women in Paris because "he was seeing a man."

Brooke stated that Bill couldn't actually believe that Ridge had been in an affair with a man. Bill reasoned that people changed, and he pointed out that his sister, who'd once dated Thorne, had clearly stopped repressing her true feelings over the course of time.

Brooke said the pictures proved the narrow-minded way Bill saw the world. Bill displayed photos from the previous June's Gay Pride celebration and noted the Gay Pride flag Ridge was holding. Brooke recognized the man beside Ridge in the photo as Fabrice, a designer that Ridge had once mentored.

Brooke recalled that Fabrice had transferred to Forrester International after falling in love with Laurant, a Frenchman. According to her, the men had since broken up, and Ridge had taken Fabrice in because he hadn't wanted Fabrice to be alone. "Mm-hmm," Bill cynically replied.

Bill showed Brooke a picture of the men reading poetry, but Brooke insisted that she'd know if Ridge was interested in men that way. She reasoned that she and Ridge had gay friends, but Ridge wasn't gay. Bill asked why, then, Ridge wasn't with her.

Brooke wanted Bill to leave, but Bill asked how close Brooke had gotten to sleeping with Ridge. She refused to discuss it with Bill, who continued to wonder why Ridge hadn't closed the deal with her.

At Katie's house, R.J. and Ridge visited Katie and Will. Ridge had just picked R.J. up from the station. The four of them played in the living room, and R.J. explained that, at age nine, he was no longer ticklish. Ridge tested it by tickling R.J.

Katie admitted that she'd been concerned about R.J. moving abroad at a young age. Ridge thought it had been good for R.J. and revealed that a friend, Fabrice, had lived with Ridge and R.J. while going through a bad breakup. Fabrice had helped R.J. learn French and do homework, and Fabrice had showed Ridge and R.J. parts of Paris that Ridge hadn't known existed.

Katie took Will upstairs, and R.J. stated that he knew he was in trouble. Ridge guessed the statement had something to do with the text message he'd gotten. R.J. admitted that his classes hadn't been canceled for a teacher's conference; he just missed being at home. R.J. hadn't wanted to say anything about his feelings because attending school in Ojai had been his idea.

Ridge told his son that people could have ideas that didn't work out. R.J. asked if he could return home, and Ridge said they'd talk to his mother about it. Ridge figured that they needed to let the school know that R.J. hadn't been kidnapped, and the child guessed he'd be grounded. Ridge replied that it was worse than that -- his son would have to hear a lecture from him.

Ridge said there was just one secret to success, and it was being honest. All relationships depended upon it, and if a person pretended to be someone else, no one could know or love the real person inside. The father and son made a deal to be honest, and they hugged.

Katie returned with Will and asked Ridge to drop them off at the park. Ridge asked if he and R.J. could go to the park, too. Katie replied that it sounded great. Son of Levi's song "And the Wheels of Change" played as, later, Ridge, Katie, Will, and R.J. picnicked in the park.

At the cliff house, Liam moped inside and saw Caroline on his deck. She entered through the sliding glass door, and he asked what she was doing there. At first, she claimed he'd given her an open invitation. At Liam's expectant stare, she said that Bill thought Liam spent too much time alone. Liam still didn't believe her, and she admitted that she liked to go there to escape from work.

Liam filled Caroline in on what had happened at Emerald Bay. He'd taken his car home, but he didn't know how Wyatt would get home because Hope had taken Wyatt's truck. Caroline figured Hope had been sick of the men arguing, but Liam stated that Hope might be sick of Wyatt's manipulations.

Caroline claimed that people always lied, and usually, it was for someone else's benefit. Liam stared in disbelief; however, she insisted that her mother had never told the whole truth about their family. She cited that their neighbors had believed that Dani had been the nanny. Liam didn't want to judge, but for himself, he couldn't live like that. He didn't think Hope could, either.

Liam called Hope but got her voicemail. Caroline said Hope was fed up with both men. Liam replied that all he'd done was be truthful, but Caroline said it wasn't the quickest way to a woman's heart. Caroline predicted that Hope would forgive Wyatt because he adored her and no one else.

Liam guessed that support wasn't in Caroline's arsenal. Caroline didn't see the point of saying things she didn't mean; however, she was sorry he was hurting. He replied that he was angry. Caroline pointed out that Hope had been overnight in a trailer with Liam's half-brother, but Liam stated that Hope wouldn't jump into anything without a commitment.

Caroline felt that getting in the trailer represented a form of commitment, and as a "practical person," she hoped that Hope would forgive Wyatt. Liam got upset; however, Caroline said that Quinn's design sense was spectacular, and Wyatt kept Quinn focused. Liam told "Miss Practical" to find another plan because he couldn't see Hope letting Wyatt remain at Forrester.

In Rick's office, Hope blazed in, and Rick noted that she was upset after her vacation. Hope couldn't help but think the "vacation" had been staged like the robbery, and she wondered what she was putting out there that made people feel like lying to her. Rick hugged his sister.

Hope relayed that the police had strong cases against the thieves for the three other heists they'd pulled. She was upset because she didn't want it made known in court that the heist from Forrester had been a hoax. Rick said it would sink their reputation and people's faith in HFTF.

Hope stated that it was clearly Wyatt pocketing the diamond on the video footage, and she meekly guessed that they could terminate the jewelry contract for criminal malfeasance. Rick wondered if Wyatt had given any consideration to what it could do to the company. Hope thought Wyatt probably had, but to Rick, it was obvious that Wyatt hadn't.

Rick said that Charlie's security firm could have been ruined by it, and Forrester would have been on the hook for a hundred-million-dollar diamond. She doubted Wyatt would have let it happen. "What was he going to do, Hope? Hide it under his pillow and suddenly, miraculously, make it appear out of his rear end?" Rick argued.

Hope was sure Wyatt would have devised something, but Rick demanded to know why she was defending Wyatt. "I don't know!" she yelled, and just then, Wyatt entered the room.

Rick lit into Wyatt, saying that Wyatt disgusted him, and he asked if Wyatt knew what his recklessness could have done to Forrester. Wyatt claimed he'd researched Forrester and knew the crazy things it had done for publicity in the past.

"No, no, no, no, no. You shut your mouth right now!" Rick raged. Rick stated that Wyatt didn't run the company, and decisions for it had been strategically made by family members, one of which Wyatt was not. Rick asserted that they'd never put themselves in legal jeopardy or perpetrate fraud.

Wyatt admitted that he'd been selfish but said he'd wanted to look good for Hope. Wyatt claimed that love made people do crazy things. He'd thought it would be like crime-solving on television, and he hadn't stopped to think he'd be hurting Hope as much as he had.

The three determined that not many people knew about what Wyatt had done, and Hope doubted Liam would ruin her reputation by outing it. Rick declared that he was terminating the Fullers' contract, but Wyatt murmured that Rick wasn't the one who'd hired them. "Excuse me?" Rick asked.

Rick asserted that he was the president, and he called the shots. Wyatt asked if it was what Hope wanted. He knew he deserved it; however, he said Hope had hand-picked them, and they'd been good for Forrester. He claimed he'd tried to be good for her in other ways -- unless that was over, too.

Rick told Hope that he'd never pulled rank on her line before. He asked what it would be and if they would cut Wyatt and Quinn loose or not.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick chastised Wyatt for Wyatt's ignorant prank -- stealing the Hope for the Future diamond. Rick suggested that Wyatt and his mother should be fired and jailed, but Rick left the final decision up to Hope.

Wyatt acknowledged that Hope should be furious, but Wyatt begged Hope not to punish the Quinn Artisan Jeweler employees for Wyatt's stupid mistake. Rick grilled Hope about what should happen next.

Hope admitted that she was disgusted by what Wyatt had done. She promised that she would never forget it. Hope, however, felt the jewelry had enhanced the Hope for the Future line, and Forrester staff and customers expected the collaboration to continue. Hope relented and allowed Wyatt and Quinn to remain, but she promised to terminate their contract if anything else happened.

"I'm allowing you and Quinn to stay on at Forrester," Hope said. Rick advised Wyatt not to screw it up. "Lucky man -- you are a lucky man," Rick told Wyatt. Rick warned Wyatt to remain silent about his theft of the necklace because of the embarrassment it would bring to the company. Hope advised Wyatt that she no long wanted a relationship with him. Wyatt lamented that he had made the mistake of his life. Rick left.

Hope told Wyatt that their relationship was over. Wyatt wanted to take it all back -- everything he had done, but he couldn't take it back, Hope noted. Wyatt encouraged Hope to be mad and yell, but he begged her not to end their relationship. He promised never to lie to Hope again, and he pleaded for another chance. Wyatt said he couldn't lose Hope, and he kissed her.

Hope agreed to another chance, and she and Wyatt kissed. He put her necklace back on her, and he kissed her. Hope responded to his kisses. "One more chance," Hope promised, and she hugged and kissed Wyatt. They both smiled.

At Forrester, Quinn sat in the CEO office, and Liam entered. He noted that Quinn had been getting comfortable there. Liam joked that he wanted Quinn to make a necklace for Hope with the initials HS for Hope Spencer. Liam added that he wanted custom wedding rings, as well. Quinn told Liam that he was dreaming because Hope and Wyatt were together on a road trip.

Liam informed Quinn that something had happened -- Hope and Wyatt had returned. Quinn advised Liam to stop interfering, but Liam showed Quinn his phone with the footage of Wyatt stealing the diamond. Liam said that Hope had learned all about what Wyatt had done. Liam guessed that it was all over for Quinn and her son at Forrester. Quinn defended Wyatt, but Liam said no one was going to believe her. "He has no integrity. It's all a lie," Liam said.

Quinn maintained that Hope would see past Wyatt's mistake. Liam and Quinn argued, and Liam added that Wyatt would have trouble charming his way out of the situation. Liam was certain that Hope would fire Quinn and Wyatt, and terminate the contract. Quinn told Liam to fly off to Paris to make babies with Steffy. Liam said that he loved Hope, and none of Quinn's schemes had worked to keep Liam and Hope apart. Quinn looked worried.

At the park, R.J. shared the secret handshake that he and Ridge had developed. R.J. promised to teach it to Katie, and he added that even Brooke did not know it. Katie and Ridge smiled, and Katie promised to keep the secret. R.J. promised to show Will the secret handshake, as well. R.J. showed Katie how to perform the handshake.

R.J. and Ridge discussed how nice it was to be together, and they agreed that R.J. should attend school locally rather than miles away at boarding school. R.J. and Ridge noted that they could show Will how to skateboard and more. Katie laughed and said that Will needed to master walking first.

Ridge played soccer with R.J. while Katie watched. After, Ridge told Katie that he had enjoyed spending time alone with R.J. while they had been overseas. Ridge had enjoyed parenting R.J. by himself. Katie noted that R.J. was fortunate to have Ridge as a dad, because Bill was a good dad but not always a great role model.

Ridge asked Katie to stop encouraging Ridge to return to Brooke. "I have to figure that out," he said. Ridge added that Katie was a good person and deserved to be happy. "I just want you to be happy," Katie said. Ridge agreed he wanted the same thing for Katie.

Will carried the soccer ball, and Ridge, Katie, and R.J. followed. Then Ridge said that Will might become a soccer player. Katie noted that she had played soccer in high school. Ridge challenged Katie to a match. R.J. watched Will and cheered for Katie. Ridge teased that Katie seemed to have played the bench.

Later, Ridge read poetry aloud from a book that Katie had taken along, and Katie recited poetry from memory. They looked fondly at one another.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Katie recalled Ridge reading poetry to her during their picnic at the park with R.J. and Will. Katie smiled. Donna interrupted and asked what had made Katie so happy. Katie said the day had been like a break in the weather. Katie said she had spent the day away from the office. Donna worried that Katie had gone back to Bill.

Katie assured Donna that Bill was not in her life. Donna wondered if Katie had met a new guy. Katie smiled. Donna and Katie discussed that it had been a long time since Katie had been happy and enjoyed time away from the office. Donna happily offered her babysitting services -- overnight if necessary. Later, Katie flashed back to her day with Ridge, and she smiled.

At Forrester, Pam walked in on Quinn, and Quinn accused Pam of causing trouble for Wyatt. Pam insisted that Hope deserved to know the truth about what Wyatt had done. Wyatt entered, and Pam left.

Quinn quizzed Wyatt about Hope. Quinn insisted that Wyatt had to tell Hope that it had all been a publicity stunt, and she kept telling Wyatt how to salvage his relationship with Hope. Quinn insisted that she and Wyatt had to find Hope and prevent her from spending time with Liam.

Wyatt warned his mother to stop interfering. Wyatt related that Hope had given him one more chance. Quinn worried about Liam's hold on Hope. Wyatt told Quinn to back off. Wyatt said that he needed to worry about his relationship with Hope -- not Liam. Wyatt advised Quinn to stop trying to fix things.

Wyatt said that his trip with Hope had been a big step forward in their relationship until Liam had shown up and told Hope the truth about the diamond heist. Wyatt refused to take anything for granted. Quinn worried about Liam's interference. Wyatt gave Quinn a final warning to stay out of his affairs. Wyatt left, and Quinn made a call. "I have a job for you," she said on the phone, "his name is Liam Spencer."

At Liam's house, Hope entered, and Liam asked if Hope was okay. Liam said that Wyatt and Quinn had fooled everyone. Hope said that she had talked to Rick about Wyatt. Hope looked distant, and Liam asked why Hope still had Wyatt's necklace on.

Liam worried that Wyatt didn't respect Hope. Hope said that Wyatt had made a mistake, and she had forgiven him. Liam was stunned. Liam noted that Wyatt and Quinn had performed criminal acts -- specifically fraud. Hope begged Liam not to tell anyone because it would ruin Forrester's image. Liam promised to keep it a secret.

Liam couldn't believe that Hope was going to forgive Wyatt. Liam was hurt, and he realized that Hope had no plans to fire Wyatt and Quinn. Hope apologized to Liam. She added that she and Wyatt were not living together, but she did plan to stay in a relationship with Wyatt.

Liam was shocked, and he warned Hope not to trust Wyatt. Hope said that she wanted to try to work things out with Wyatt. Hope insisted that Wyatt had changed since he had been with her. Liam was visibly hurt, and Hope said that she hadn't meant to hurt Liam. She felt staying with Wyatt was the right thing to do. "Okay," Liam said, "tell me why you're doing this."

Hope tearfully said that she felt she could trust Wyatt. She said she had to leave, and Liam grabbed her hands. He begged her to stay, but Hope gently pulled her hands away. She said that she and Wyatt were in a relationship, and they were going to try to work things out.

Liam insisted that Wyatt would drag Hope into another scandal. Liam wondered if Hope was still worried about Steffy. Hope was quiet. She said she felt committed to Wyatt. Liam emotionally turned away. Hope hugged Liam, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

In the evening at Wyatt's house, Wyatt set up a romantic candlelit dinner in the living room. When Hope arrived, she was impressed. He said he could be adaptable after they'd done so many things his way, and that night, they'd have a romantic evening at home.

Wyatt considered the evening to be his chance to apologize for what he'd done, and he assured Hope that he'd never keep anything from her again. As they had wine, Hope told Wyatt that she'd seen Liam to let him know that she was in a relationship with Wyatt and wanted to work things out with him. She said she was with Wyatt because it felt good, and he made her happy.

Hope relayed that because she knew Wyatt, his diamond theft had made bizarre sense to her, and though it hadn't been a deal breaker, she cautioned him not to do anything like it ever again. She insisted that she couldn't be with a man who did those types of things, no matter how sexy he was. "You think I'm sexy?" Wyatt asked, and he and Hope kissed.

Wyatt admitted that he'd been scared when he'd thought he'd lost Hope, but he promised to be on his best behavior from then on. Hope replied that his mother was a factor, too, but Wyatt insisted that he'd talked to his mother, and she wouldn't be a problem. Hope was uncertain that Quinn would listen; however, he said that Quinn was done, and there would be no more tricks or manipulations.

Wyatt remarked that he liked "this clean slate stuff" because it gave him a chance to curb his impulses. Hope stated that she liked his impulsiveness, but he had been born from a questionable gene pool that pulled him toward the dark side.

Wyatt felt that it gave him reason to try to be better. He conveyed that he had a lot at stake and someone to live up to. He'd gone through life with no ties and nothing to lose, but he'd since realized how empty he'd been until Hope. He never wanted to be that person again, and he also never wanted to hurt Hope on a whim. Hope replied that it was all behind them.

Wyatt felt that Hope's belief in him gave him reason to live. Hope smiled, and they kissed.

In Rick's office, Quinn met with Aly. Quinn complimented Aly's shoes, and Aly asked why Quinn had wanted to see her. Quinn replied that Liam needed Aly.

Quinn wanted to catch up before talking about Liam and asked how Aly was doing at Forrester. Quinn noted that Aly wanted her own shoe line and asked if Aly had pitched it to Eric. Aly said that she was nowhere near ready, but Eric seemed to be on board with the idea. Quinn offered to put a good word in for Aly with Eric, and Quinn also offered to be there whenever Aly needed her.

Aly appreciated the offer but said Quinn hadn't called her there for motivational advice. Quinn stated that Liam was having a hard time because Hope was with Wyatt, and Liam needed a friend to support him. Aly stated that Liam already knew she was a friend and would be there for him. Quinn said that she didn't think Liam knew that Aly was interested in him.

Aly became bashful, but Quinn said that Aly and Liam would make a good match. Quinn was sure Liam would get over Hope, and something might develop for Aly. Aly thought that Quinn was clearly looking out for Wyatt. Quinn, however, said that she wasn't suggesting anything inappropriate, but she wouldn't be surprised if things went somewhere with Liam and Aly.

Aly shook her head shyly, but Quinn urged Aly to see how beautiful she was. Quinn just thought Aly should enhance what she had. Aly wondered if Quinn thought there could be a chance for Aly and Liam, and Quinn affirmed that she did think it.

Getting an idea, Quinn called Spencer Publications and pretended to Adele that Aly was supposed to meet Liam for dinner. "At Bikini?" Adele replied. Quinn thanked Adele, and after the call, Quinn excitedly told Aly that she'd go to Bikini after Quinn helped Aly get ready. Aly asked if Quinn was a good or bad witch. "I'm versatile," Quinn replied as she led Aly down to hair and makeup.

At the Bikini Bar, Oliver sat with Donovan when Liam arrived. Oliver guessed that Liam was gloomy because of Hope. Liam stated that just when he thought he knew what Hope would do, she did the opposite. Liam explained that Wyatt had done something bad, but Hope had bought Wyatt's "I did it for you; I did it for love" sob story.

Donovan took off for a date, and Liam pitied himself for being alone with Oliver. Oliver stated that he'd been told that he was good company. Liam asked who'd said that. Oliver decided not to reveal who'd said it because he didn't want to jinx the new relationship.

Oliver asked if Liam was ready to move on from Hope, but Liam said that Hope was the only woman alive for him. Though Liam admitted he was a little jealous, he was insistent that nothing good could come of Hope being around the Fullers. Oliver asked if the Fullers were really that bad.

Liam asserted that the Fullers had already proven it, and he prattled off all the things that Wyatt and Quinn had done to Liam and his relationship with Hope. Oliver understood why Liam was concerned but doubted that the Fullers would let Liam mess up the good thing they had going. Oliver said Liam would look as if he was picking on Wyatt if Liam wasn't careful about how he approached it.

Liam felt that Hope was too sensible to fall for Wyatt's ploys, but because Wyatt had made himself a student of all things Hope, she couldn't see Wyatt for who he really was. Oliver was sure Wyatt was presenting a front to Hope.

Liam wished he could stop the Fullers, but Oliver said that Hope was a woman who made her own choices. Oliver advised Liam to let things run their course. Liam insisted that Wyatt and Quinn were dangerous, and he had to get Hope away from them.

Oliver cautioned Liam to think before he acted and try to catch Wyatt off guard. Liam agreed that doing so would be the only way to show Hope the truth about Wyatt.

Oliver left Liam to pay the bar tab, and as Liam paid, he noticed a woman with long, slender legs enter the bar. He was amazed to see that it was Aly, and she smiled at him.

Liam asked if Aly was having dinner there that night. Aly replied that she was there for a quick bite. He offered to sit with her -- unless she was meeting someone. She informed him that she wasn't, but he didn't have to hang out with her. Liam grabbed a table and asked if she was trying to get rid of him. She replied that she'd never do that. "Good, because you are already making me feel better," Liam replied, and Aly blushed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

At Wyatt's house, Hope and Wyatt made out, and Hope said that he was making the most of his second chance. Wyatt replied that the rest of his life was about making sure she didn't regret giving it.

Hope liked sharing adventures with Wyatt and asked if he were ready for another trip. A flashback of Hope and Wyatt having sex in the beach tent played on the screen. Hope said that they had a lot to live up to, but he assured her that the trips would get better and better.

A song played as a montage of the road trip moved across the screen. Wyatt expressed his happiness to Hope. He said they'd faced the worst, and they were still there. Hope believed it was because she trusted that he'd never do anything like the heist stunt again. He claimed that the new him would never make that kind of mistake. Wyatt promised fun and adventure, and the two began to make out.

"Please Keep Melting Me," a song by Emily Jayes, played as Hope and Wyatt kissed their way to the bedroom and began to have sex. Wyatt didn't know what he'd done right to have wound up at Big Bear to kiss her awake, but he claimed he'd known that they'd wind up "here."

At the Bikini Bar, the famished Liam ate his food and wondered what Aly thought of him for drowning his sorrows in a bar. Aly stated that there would be no drowning on her watch, and he could consider her a life raft.

Liam noted that he'd never seen Aly's going-out look before, and he asked whom she had a crush on. Aly looked surprised, and Liam assumed she had a crush on a waiter. He offered to kick the guy under the table to help him notice her, but she doubted that the guy in question would notice. Liam insisted that the guy would notice her beauty.

Liam switched to drinking water, and Aly told him that he didn't have to do that on her account. He said it was the best thing because, with one more beer, he'd be going on and on about Hope. The conversation shifted to Aly's life. She explained that Eric was filling in as a father figure. Aly offered to pass a message to Steffy through Thorne, who saw Steffy every day.

Liam said that his marriage to Steffy had been precious, but that chapter in his life had closed. He wanted to be with Hope, and he still believed it was possible.

Aly revealed that she hadn't liked seeing Hope date two men; however, Aly had never expected Hope to choose Wyatt. Liam sensed that Hope felt she had to choose Wyatt because of how far she'd let that relationship go, and Hope probably felt that she was supposed to make it work with Wyatt. Liam said he wouldn't let it stop him because he loved Hope.

Liam was sure Hope would see that Wyatt was a "self-centered jerk," and Liam was willing to wait for Hope. Aly warned him not to confuse dislike with a genuinely bad person. Liam asserted that he'd proven that Wyatt was bad, and Liam added that Quinn was even worse.

Aly agreed that Quinn was intense, and Liam said that Quinn was always working it for her baby boy. Liam claimed that he'd be married had it not been for Quinn, but he and Hope hadn't failed yet. Aly wondered if Hope knew how lucky she was.

A text message to Liam interrupted the meal. Katie had scheduled an executive meeting to discuss him. He found that odd and decided that he had to find out what was happening. He thanked Aly for listening and took off.

At Katie's house, Katie and Will were excited when Ridge and R.J. returned for a visit. R.J. joked that Katie had worn Ridge out earlier that afternoon, and Ridge claimed that that there had been a lot of fun and poetry reading. Katie flashed back on the day, and Ridge added that it had been well spent.

The foursome built a fort in the living room, and Ridge suggested that they take their boys to a soccer game. Katie thanked Ridge for spending time with her and Will. She said it was the simple things that reminded her that life wasn't about money and control.

R.J. read to Will in the fort, and Katie took care of some quick business. Afterward, Ridge noted that it was cool that she'd wound up running Spencer. Ridge had always thought she'd been driven. The surprised Katie stated that she was used to her family and others thinking otherwise. She figured that her older sisters still believed she was watching and wishing for the lives they'd been leading.

Ridge stated that Katie had become a woman and a mother, running a company. It was strange to him that he'd known her for so long but felt as if he'd just met her.

As Ridge helped Katie clean up, he received a message that Brooke was home. He decided to drop R.J. off at home. After R.J. went to the car, Ridge asked if Katie wanted to talk about it. She thought he meant soccer game tickets, but he said he knew that she was feeling something. He admitted that he was feeling it, too. To him, she deserved to be admired, appreciated, and desired.

Ridge pulled Katie in and tempted her to kiss him. Just then, Liam stepped in through the cracked-open front door and caught of glimpse of what was happening. Liam rushed off unseen, and Katie asked Ridge what they were doing. Suddenly, she grew upset and said she couldn't do it to her sister.

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