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Ridge and Brooke prepared for their wedding day, and Liam was shocked to find Quinn having sex with Bill, who'd been brooding over losing Brooke to Ridge. Katie insisted she wouldn't break up any weddings but fainted when Carter read her and Ridge's poem during the ceremony.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 17, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, February 17, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Eric was prepared to be Ridge's best man, but Ridge announced that he'd asked Rick to do it. Surprised and pleased, Eric stated that he was proud of his sons and delighted that Ridge had the good sense to reclaim Brooke as his wife. Ridge claimed it was what he'd returned to town for -- to reunite his family and find his place in the company again.

Ridge acknowledged that he and Brooke had hit a temporary rough patch due to the Bill situation, and Rick asked if Ridge still harbored any resentment about it. Ridge wished that it had never happened and that Katie hadn't been hurt; however, he said that Brooke wasn't perfect, he loved her, and he couldn't wait to marry her.

Carter and Maya arrived, and Ridge asked if Carter would officiate the wedding. Carter readily agreed. Ridge suggested that Carter and Maya work on their own wedding, but Maya claimed she was enjoying being engaged.

Carter and Maya exited, and Ridge remarked that they were a lovely couple. Ridge became worried that he'd offended Rick, but Rick replied that he was happily married. Ridge stated that he was on his way to the same bliss, and the wedding couldn't happen fast enough for him.

Eric looked at a picture of Stephanie and said he missed her in times like those. Rick stated that she was always with them. Ridge quipped that he'd felt her disapproval all the way in Paris. Eric felt that Stephanie would approve of Brooke and Ridge, and Ridge was a lucky man. Ridge said he hadn't always appreciated Logan the right way. It had been a young man's mistake that he wouldn't make again.

Ridge exited, and Eric noted that something was on Rick's mind. Rick admitted that he was concerned about his mother and found it hard to believe that Ridge's deep feelings about Brooke's betrayal of Katie had just vanished. Eric reasoned that Ridge and Brooke had always been destined to be together, and Brooke would be much happier and more secure than ever with Ridge that time around.

At the sky lounge, Ridge flashed back to his reunion with Brooke that had happened shortly after he'd returned from Paris. He then thought of his time with Katie and the kids in the park.

At the mansion, Brooke, Pam, Donna, and Aly arrived to plan Brooke's wedding. Donna teased Pam about her relationship with Charlie, but Pam said she and Charlie were "just friends with bakefits."

All the women cheered and hugged, excited that Brooke and Ridge were getting married. Donna assumed that Brooke and Ridge had had "some Valentine's Day," but Brooke replied that they hadn't been together that day and were holding off until they got married. Brooke also explained that she and Ridge were also holding off on telling their son about the marriage until it was official.

Donna moved on to discussing the ceremony, and Brooke imagined having something small with friends and family. Looking at Stephanie's portrait, Brooke said Stephanie was the only thing missing. Pam suggested having the wedding beneath the portrait; however, Donna suggested having it by the balcony doors -- just in case the portrait fell off the wall.

Brooke liked the idea, but she was partial to the idea of the wedding beneath Stephanie's portrait. Pam asked who'd stand up for Brooke, and Brooke said she'd have to think about that one.

Though Brooke wasn't sure she deserved such happiness, she was grateful. Aly was excited about the Brooke and Ridge love affair, and Aly wanted to be in love to the point that it was torture not to be with her lover. Donna suggested that Aly dial that desire down just a bit.

Pam advised Aly to keep a little something for herself, no matter how in love she was. Pam regretted not doing that with Stephen, and it had taken a long time for her to pull herself back together after he'd left. Aly said she was a hopeless romantic, but making it in fashion was her top priority.

Brooke asked if Thorne would attend the wedding. Aly said Thorne couldn't get away, and because she missed him, she wanted to visit him in Paris right away. Aly reasoned that she could prep for Hope there before Hope got in for the event. Brooke agreed to it and said they'd miss Aly at the wedding.

At Spencer, Katie spaced out on her meeting with Liam. Liam figured Ridge and Brooke were on Katie's mind. Liam appreciated Katie being an honorable person, but he said that if Katie and Ridge had feelings for each other, then Ridge should not be marrying Brooke.

Katie asserted that she couldn't be stopping any weddings. "Besides, haven't you heard? Ridge and Brooke belong together," she bitterly murmured. Liam stated that hearing it didn't make it true, and he had felt the connection between Katie and Ridge.

Liam remarked that Brooke hadn't respected Katie's marriage, but Katie said she wasn't Brooke. Liam quipped that she was the "un-Brooke," which was what Ridge probably needed. Katie didn't know why Liam was so adamant about it, but she insisted that Ridge and Brooke were meant to be.

Liam contended that people had said the same about him and Hope. Katie, however, told Liam that she wouldn't be surprised if he and Hope reunited. A part of Katie wished she could be like Brooke and say "the hell" with everyone, but Katie refused to be the reason that R.J. wouldn't have his parents together.

The topic turned to Liam and Hope, and Liam said Wyatt monopolized all of Hope's time. Katie and Liam talked about being alone on Valentine's Day, and she revealed that her day had been lame because she'd just walked and read in the park. She recalled how much she'd enjoyed seeing Ridge with the kids the last time the four had been at the park, and they'd felt like a happy family.

Liam replied that it could be Katie's family. Katie looked away, and Liam asked what had sparked her interest in poetry. Katie explained that the hobby had resurfaced from her younger years. She remarked that her and Ridge's favorite poem, "Love's Philosophy," was in the book on her desk, and Liam said it was a beautiful poem. "Yeah, it is," Katie sadly replied.

Later, Katie was working alone when Brooke arrived with an important question for Katie. Brooke asked if Katie was getting closer to forgiving Brooke about Bill. Katie said she was, and Brooke became apologetic about what she'd done with Bill. Katie cut her sister off, saying she believed Brooke was sorry and wouldn't hurt Katie that way again.

Brooke insisted that she was indeed sorry, and nothing like it would happen again. She was happy that the distance between her and Katie was dwindling and hoped that the wedding would draw their family closer. Brooke felt that love healed things, and she said it would mean everything to her if Katie would agree to stand beside her at the wedding.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

by Pam

At Spencer, Brooke asked Katie to be her matron of honor. Katie wondered if Ridge knew about Brooke's request, and Brooke said that Ridge would be thrilled with the idea. Brooke insisted that Katie had to accept, but Katie refused. "I'm sorry, Brooke, but I can't." Katie said.

Brooke apologized for her affair with Bill and what it had done to Katie. Brooke praised Katie because Brooke knew that Katie would never do anything like what Brooke and Bill had done. While Brooke had been talking, Katie flashed back to good times with Ridge at the park.

Brooke insisted that Ridge was the only man that she had ever wanted. Brooke worried about why Katie would not forgive Brooke. Brooke tearfully said that they needed to recreate their bond as sisters. Brooke wanted to reunite her family with Katie at her side.

Katie wondered why it was so important for Katie to attend the wedding. "Do this for me; do this for all of us," Brooke begged. Katie relinquished, and a satisfied Brooke hugged Katie.

At Forrester, Wyatt, Hope, Ridge, and Pam were in a meeting. Ridge suggested that Quinn and Wyatt's work had been trend-setting. Wyatt gave most of the credit to his mother. Pam snarked that Wyatt and Quinn were ahead of the curve on many things.

Discussion turned to Brooke and Ridge's wedding. Wyatt remarked that Bill might reconcile with Katie after all. Ridge told Wyatt that Katie wanted nothing to do with Bill. Pam added that there was a man out there for Katie -- a great guy like Ridge.

Wyatt, Hope, and Pam left the office, and Ridge met with Maya and Carter. Ridge shared how he had first met Brooke and that he knew he had found "the one" when he looked into her eyes the very first time. Ridge left, and Carter noted that Ridge and Brooke were "one" in the same way that Carter and Maya were one. They kissed. Carter and Maya shared how much they loved one another.

At Forrester's rooftop lounge, Pam grilled Hope about why Hope had reunited with Wyatt despite what they all knew about his involvement with the jewelry heist. Hope said that Wyatt wasn't dangerous, but Hope noted that Quinn could not be trusted. Pam assured Hope that Liam would never have done anything like what Wyatt had done. Hope agreed.

Wyatt, who was nearby, overheard the conversation. Wyatt added that he hoped Liam could find a good woman. Pam responded that Wyatt was exactly like his father. Pam left, and Hope and Wyatt discussed Pam and Quinn.

Wyatt understood that Pam was protective of Hope, and Hope said that Pam was family. Hope teased that Wyatt had acted like James Bond or Danny Ocean in "palming" a diamond. Hope suggested that Quinn was trouble. Hope intended to talk to Quinn. Wyatt defended his mother. He added that Quinn had a love/hate relationship with Bill.

At Wyatt's house, Quinn walked in on a shirtless Bill, and Bill wondered why Quinn continued to show up unannounced at Wyatt's house. Quinn noticed that Bill had something bothering him. Quinn insisted it was Brooke Logan. Bill suggested that Quinn go to work to find Wyatt and leave Bill alone. Quinn noted how moody Bill had become. Quinn blamed Brooke for Bill's mood. Bill blamed Ridge.

Quinn wondered if Bill missed having control of his company or Brooke's love. Bill confessed he missed Brooke more. Quinn responded that there was someone else special for Bill, but Bill maintained that he didn't want anyone else. He wanted Brooke. Quinn said that Brooke was about to marry Ridge. Bill looked pained.

At Spencer, Katie looked out her office window, and Ridge entered. Katie thanked Ridge for meeting with her. She told Ridge that she'd be at the wedding. Katie confessed that Brooke had made her feel terrible because Brooke had gone on and on about Katie's reputation as a good and honest person. Ridge agreed that Katie had been one of the most honest members of the entire family.

Katie laughed, and she noted that she had attended a lot of Ridge and Brooke's weddings. "You and Brooke are meant for each other," Katie said. "This is the start of something new and exciting -- a brand new beginning." They hugged. Ridge looked pensive, and Katie cried.

At Forrester, Brooke told Hope that Katie had refused to be her matron of honor, at first. Brooke felt something had bothered Katie. Hope said that Katie was probably jealous that Brooke had a fairy tale ending to her romance with Ridge. Hope added that Katie had no romance in her life. Brooke was convinced that it would help Katie to see that Brooke was over Bill. Brooke felt it would be good for Katie to see Brooke marry Ridge.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

by Pam

Brooke prepared for her wedding upstairs at Eric's home. She smiled when she discovered some lovely white roses. Rick entered and told Brooke that he was happy for her. Rick said that he and Caroline hoped that everything would be perfect with all the plans they had made.

"Everything is perfect," Brooke said. Brooke gushed that she'd always had faith Ridge would return to her. She thanked Rick for all the efforts he and Caroline had made to pull the wedding together in such a hurry. Rick noted that he had never seen his mother happier.

Downstairs, wedding preparations continued, and Eric told Ridge that he was proud of him. Eric fixed Ridge's tie, and Ridge looked up at Stephanie's portrait. Ridge teased that his mother was watching while his dad dressed him. Ridge wondered how Stephanie would have reacted to the wedding. Eric left, and Ridge flashed back to poetry reading with Katie.

Carter and Maya chatted, and Carter shared that he'd had a few ideas for the ceremony. Rick joined them, and Maya teased that Rick probably didn't want Ridge and Brooke's vows and ceremony to be better than Rick and Caroline's. Rick agreed, and he, Carter, and Maya all laughed.

Hope and Wyatt entered, and Rick coolly greeted Wyatt. Rick suggested that Hope would want to join Caroline, Donna, and Brooke upstairs. Hope asked about Katie. Rick said that he was sure Katie was on her way.

Rick went outside to meet with Ridge. Rick welcomed Ridge back into the family. Rick noted that Brooke was extremely happy to get together with Ridge again. Rick worried that Ridge and Brooke always managed to break up, and badly. Ridge promised that it wouldn't happen again.

At Katie's home, Katie flashed back to reciting poetry with Ridge. Liam interrupted and told her that Katie still had time to stop the wedding. Katie argued that she would not destroy Brooke's family. She refused to do what Brooke had done to her.

Liam lamented that he had lost Hope and didn't want to see the same thing happen to Katie and Ridge. "Ridge wants you -- stop overthinking it," Liam said. Katie disagreed, but Liam said there was no guarantee the marriage would last. Katie insisted that she would be a good sister and stand up for Brooke.

Liam returned to his house, and Bill surprised him. Bill complained about Brooke's wedding. Liam agreed that he couldn't believe Ridge and Brooke were getting married. Bill considered driving to Eric's to stop the wedding, but Liam stopped him. "If something or someone is going to stop this wedding, it can't be because of you or me," Liam said.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Caroline professed that she had a hot mother-in-law. Brooke teased that she was very happy that Caroline had married Rick. Hope entered and told her mother how beautiful she looked. Donna announced that she had received a text message from Katie, who was on her way. Brooke told Donna, Hope, and Caroline how much it meant that Katie would attend the wedding.

Brooke gushed that she couldn't wait for Ridge to see her in her dress. Caroline asked if Brooke had something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and Brooke said she did. Brooke added that she had a piece of R.J.'s baby blanket sewn into her dress so he could be part of the wedding, because she and Ridge were going to surprise him after the wedding.

Katie greeted Ridge when she arrived, and she told him that she was glad he was marrying Brooke. They discussed making sacrifices. Ridge suggested that some people made more sacrifices than others did. Katie was happy that Ridge, Brooke, and R.J. would be a family again. Katie noted that Brooke was devoted to Ridge and R.J. "And what will you be?" Ridge asked. Katie insisted she'd be fine. "I always am," she said.

Eric suggested that Wyatt needed to join him upstairs. Eric knocked on the door where Brooke was preparing for the wedding. Inside, Eric opened the safe that held Stephanie's extensive jewelry collection. Hope, Wyatt, Donna, and Caroline ogled the gems, and Wyatt noted that many of the pieces were one of a kind by some of the world's most famous designers. Eric removed a small brooch and handed it to Brooke. Brooke thanked him and hugged him. Eric and Wyatt left.

Katie entered. Hope hugged Katie, and Katie complimented Brooke. "You always made a beautiful bride -- don't cry," Katie said. They all giggled. Hope, Donna, and Caroline left. Katie said that she knew Brooke and Ridge would be happy.

Brooke smiled, and Katie had tears running down her cheeks. Brooke thanked Katie. Brooke said that she had wanted Ridge to return for a long time. "I know how much you adore him," Katie said. "Cherish him," Katie added.

Brooke professed that she knew how lucky she was, and she promised never to lose Ridge again. Donna interrupted to say that it was time to start. Brooke and Katie tearfully shared how much they loved each other.

Downstairs, the wedding music started, and Ridge awaited his bride. Katie entered through the front door as the matron of honor. Katie walked to where Ridge and Brooke would take their vows. She locked eyes with Ridge. The wedding march started, and everyone turned to look at the front door. Brooke entered the front door -- a vision in white -- and everyone stood to greet her.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the cliff house, the antsy Bill was ready to do something besides standing around the house. He said that with one call, he and Liam would be skydiving within the hour. Liam berated Bill for trying to run from his problems, but Bill argued that putting distance between him and Brooke was a good thing.

Bill stated that he'd stop Brooke, if he could, from committing herself to Ridge for better or worse. Having a drink, Bill reasoned that Brooke and Ridge being destined was nonsense, and there was no such thing as fate. Bill said that there was only timing and bad choices.

Liam stated that Ridge had shown up at the exact time that Brooke would take him back. "What does that sound like?" Liam asked. Bill asserted that people made their own destinies, and Brooke should have made hers with him.

The topic turned to Liam being promoted to vice president, and Bill called his son a traitor. Liam reasoned that Bill should want it because it meant that Katie trusted Liam. Bill asked if Katie was at the wedding, and when Liam said Katie was the matron of honor, Bill bitterly remarked that he was glad that somebody was patching up their relationship.

Bill asked if Liam wanted a drink, and Liam wondered if it would help him forget that Hope was with Wyatt at the wedding. "If you have enough," Bill quipped, pouring Liam a drink. Bill murmured that it wasn't supposed to be that way, but Brooke had begun to question their relationship. He said that Monte Carlo should have been the beginning, and he wondered what he'd missed.

Bill felt that Brooke should know that Ridge was a bad bet, and Liam stated that Hope should know that Wyatt was a liar. Bill agreed but said that, for some reason, he and Liam got held to a higher standard. Bill stated that there had always been someone else for Ridge, and Brooke's love had never been enough. Liam thought that Bill had to accept that it was over. Liam sadly added that there was a lot of that kind of accepting going around.

At the mansion, Carter commenced the wedding ceremony by talking about Brooke and Ridge's extraordinary love affair and strong connection that had pulled Ridge back from across the ocean and into the arms of the woman who'd captured his soul years earlier. Ridge and Brooke had written their own vows, and Carter prompted the couple to exchange them.

Ridge started by thanking everyone. Katie became startled because he'd looked directly at her when he'd said it. He then thanked the guests and said that the wedding was also a celebration of the power of forgiveness. His eyes softened as he watched Brooke turn and touch Katie's hand.

Hope read the Bible verse from Corinthians about love. Though Hope said that the passage had great advice, she felt that Brooke and Ridge didn't need it and could write their own marriage book.

Hope said people had always known that Brooke and Ridge's many separations had been temporary; however, that last time, the couple had been as far from each other as they could be. The family hadn't expected to be there celebrating Brooke and Ridge's love and faith in each other that day, but there they were. "And it's so beautiful to see," Hope concluded.

Eric stood up to speak about how he and Stephanie felt about the wedding. Though he doubted that Stephanie would tolerate others putting words in her mouth, he was sure she would have been thrilled by the day's event. Eric felt her presence strongly that day.

Eric remarked that Ridge and Brooke's connection reminded him of the connection he'd shared with Stephanie. It was a connection that had been tempered by time and circumstance but had never diminished. He said perennial flowers became dormant but sprang back into bloom, and it reminded people that once love took root, it could always reappear "now and forever."

Carter asked the matron of honor and best man to speak. Rick said he'd written one speech, but he was saving it for after the reception, when everyone had been loaded with drinks. Carter prompted Katie to speak, but Ridge said Katie's presence spoke for itself. Brooke looked at Katie and agreed.

Brooke began her vows by saying that she and Ridge had made a lot of promises over the years. They'd kept the ones to their son, but that day, she was there to recommit to the other promises. She said that their history wasn't something to overcome; it was their foundation. She vowed to love the man that Ridge had been, the man he was, and the man he'd be in the future.

Brooke didn't regret anything she'd been through with Ridge to get to that point. She loved him, and she'd never let anything undo them ever again. Brooke became tearful, and Katie looked away.

Ridge called Brooke his beautiful Logan, who'd captivated him from the moment he'd seen her. He said they'd been there before, but he wasn't the same man. He'd had time to think about who he was, and he'd returned with more appreciation for everything. His promise was to appreciate Brooke for herself and to appreciate their family and their crazy journey. He promised to live up to her faith in him and to be the father and husband that she and R.J. deserved.

Carter said that it had taken him some time to find a final reading for the ceremony, but he'd chosen Shelley's "Love's Philosophy." Katie looked surprised as Carter began to read. She and Ridge stole looks at each other as Carter recited the poem. Flashbacks of Katie and Ridge at the park played, and Katie's heart raced. As Carter began to pronounce Ridge and Brooke husband and wife, Katie fainted.

Friday, February 21, 2014

At the cliff house, Bill sulked and drank on the sofa. Liam, who'd been thinking, decided that Ridge really wasn't the guy for Brooke. Surprised, Bill asked if that meant his son wouldn't hound him to return to Katie, who wasn't right for him. Liam responded, "You're not right for Katie."

As Liam left through the side door to take a run, he advised Bill so slow down on the alcohol consumption. Bill refreshed his drink, and Quinn entered through the front door, noting that he was alone with his best friend. Bill muttered that he wasn't so drunk that he didn't know that she wasn't his son -- or his best friend. "No, but that bottle is. Especially today," she quipped.

Bill asked Quinn to shake her tail and show him her victory dance, but Quinn claimed that she wasn't there to gloat. She followed up with an "I told you so," and Bill wondered why he even bothered to talk to her and why she was there. She claimed to be there to save him from his self-imposed agony.

Quinn guessed that Bill would move on to Katie again, but Bill denied the desire to do so. Quinn retorted that it was because the mothers of his children were disposable to him. She thought that Brooke and Bill were perfect for each other because Brooke had a plethora of fathers for her kids.

Bill asked if Quinn was finished. Quinn said she'd been finished with him for a long time, and Katie and Brooke had also become finished, leaving him all alone. "Like me," she added.

Quinn asked to have a glass of whiskey and toasted to Bill finally feeling the sting of being dumped by his one and only; it was a sting she'd known well. She asked what he'd learned from the disaster that had befallen his love life. Bill claimed that it wasn't a disaster, and the mistake he'd made had been trusting Katie not to take him to the cleaners, steal his company, or restrict him from his son.

Quinn countered that Katie's mistake had been trusting Bill not to sleep with her sister. Slurring his words, Bill declared that Katie had wanted him to sleep with her sister and had set him up to do so. Quinn noted that he didn't like to take responsibility for his actions, but Bill replied that he took plenty of responsibility.

Quinn cited that Bill hadn't taken responsibility for her being pregnant. "Could have been avoided," he quietly murmured. She doubted that he wanted to go there with her, and annoyed, Bill asked if she wanted yet another apology. She replied that his apologies sucked.

Bill retorted that Quinn had a way with words, and Quinn asked if she'd made in him laugh in their past. "A little bit," he murmured and tripped on some furniture. He stopped himself from falling, and she asked if he was okay. Bill rasped that he wasn't, not that day. Quinn assured him that he'd be okay because, though he'd lost Brooke, he hadn't lost everything.

Quinn measured success not in money, but in her son and the few friends she had. Bill was with her on that one, saying he could count his friends on one hand. Quinn revealed that "some of us" cared about him, but only God knew why. Bill stumbled again, and she told the "cowboy" to be careful.

Neighing, Bill said it had been a rough day on the range. Quinn suggested that he lie down, and he wobbled as she helped him up the spiral staircase to the bedroom, where she tried to undress him.

Quinn murmured that Bill would probably enjoy undressing her. "Not as much as you would," Bill quipped. She called him a sexiest pig and locked her lips to his.

Bill and Quinn began ripping each other's clothes off and vases from a dresser crashed on the floor. She whipped his belt off and called him a naughty boy. "Crazy bitch," he retorted and threw her against a wall to ravish her with kisses. Huffing, they fell onto the bed together.

Downstairs, Liam returned from his run and heard a thudding noise from upstairs. Glass also broke, and he dashed upstairs to the bedroom and whipped open the door. His eyes grew large, he pulled the door shut, and stunned, he braced himself against a nearby wall, trying not to throw up.

At the mansion, the panicked guests checked on the fainted Katie. The paramedics arrived, but Katie didn't want to be fussed over. Ridge told a medic about Katie's heart, and the medic wanted to take Katie to the hospital. Katie insisted that it wasn't necessary. Deciding the wedding could happen later, Brooke went upstairs to change, and she and Ridge took Katie to the hospital.

After Katie had gone, Donna grew worried, but Eric said he was there for her. They kissed, and Stephanie's portrait popped off the wall and fell in front of the fireplace. As Stephanie's bird-like eyes stared at them, Eric told the portrait, "All right, I get it!"

At the hospital, Katie arrived on a gurney, which she thought wasn't necessary. Dr. Patrick met Katie, Ridge, and Brooke, and insisted upon running tests, much to Katie's dismay.

Later, Ridge and Brooke entered a hospital room, where Katie, still in her formal dress, anxiously sat on the edge of the bed. Katie wanted to go home, but Dr. Patrick insisted upon running a battery of tests to see if she'd had a mild heart attack or was experiencing heart rejection. Huffing, Katie said it could take all night. Brooke reasoned that they had to find out why Katie had fainted.

Katie murmured that she knew why. "No, you don't. But we are going to find out," Brooke replied in a motherly tone. Brooke took the doctor into the hallway to talk, and sitting on the bed, Ridge told Katie that she'd given everyone a scare.

Katie apologized for believing that she could get through the wedding and stand up for Brooke. Ridge said that Katie had at least tried. He told her that she was beautiful and "as gritty as hell. The perfect package;" however, she needed to rest and listen to the doctor. Katie assured him that there was nothing wrong with her. "I didn't pass out at the wedding. I had to do something," she revealed.

Katie admitted that she'd been suppressing her feelings because experiencing the pain of Bill and Brooke's betrayal had hurt too much. Though she'd given Ridge mixed signals, she hadn't been able to stand it when Carter had read the poem. "Our poem," she added.

Katie reasoned that people had to listen to fate, and she wondered what had made Carter choose that poem. Ridge admitted that he'd thought the same thing and guessed that she'd faked the fainting spell. Kate had felt that her only choices had been to allow Brooke to marry the wrong man or to stop the wedding.

Kate stated that it hadn't felt like her to do what she'd done, but she hadn't felt like herself in a long time. "You make me feel like me," Katie uttered. "Without you, I feel..."

"Lost?" Ridge concluded. He leaned into Katie, and pressing his cheek against hers, he assured her that she wasn't lost.

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