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Aly was determined to see Wyatt fired and imprisoned for the stunt he'd pulled with the diamond, but Hope refused to let Aly turn Wyatt into a villain. Brooke refused to believe that Katie and Ridge had real feelings for each other, and Brooke set out to get Ridge back for her family's sake.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 10, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, March 10, 2014

In the Forrester steam room, Wyatt and Hope made out, but to Wyatt's dismay, Hope told him that they needed to get to a meeting. Wyatt flashed back to the trailer trip that he and Hope had taken.

Elsewhere in the building, Aly followed Pam into the CEO's office and closed the door behind them. Aly had sensed that Pam was leery of the Fullers, and Aly relayed that she didn't like the pair either. Aly didn't think the selfish money-grubbers should be around, contaminating Hope. Pam reasoned that Hope loved Quinn's jewelry and was also dating Wyatt.

Aly thought that the Fullers had infiltrated Hope's life, and something needed to be done about it. Aly promised that if Pam gave her the ammunition to take the Fullers down, Aly would run with it.

Just then, the giggling Hope entered with Wyatt, and the pair immediately noticed Pam and Aly's serious looks. Hope asked what was going on and if Aly wanted to talk about anything. Aly bit out that it wouldn't make a difference because Hope wouldn't listen and because Wyatt wouldn't let Hope hear. Wyatt quipped that Aly should say it once more with feeling.

Pam quelled the argument just as Quinn and Eric walked through the door. Quinn asked Pam to make her a cup of coffee. "Quinn, meet Pot," Pam said, gesturing to a decanter. When Quinn poured her own coffee, Pam said she'd like a cup, too. Quinn figured that Pam had to be kidding, but Pam asked if it would kill Quinn, who was standing right by the decanter. Quinn decided to do it -- since she was such a nice person.

Caroline and Rick arrived for the meeting, and Eric told everyone that Ridge and Brooke couldn't be there because they were taking care of something important and personal. Wyatt launched into his idea to display the Stephanie Forrester Collection of jewelry, which he was sure would make brooches hip again. Caroline offered to fast-track some designs to match the pieces that Hope would wear.

Aly immediately voiced her concerns about Wyatt's idea. Aly explained that Stephanie's collection was personal and private, but all Wyatt cared about was marketing and buzz. Aly doubted that he cared about the emotional value of the pieces, and she thought it was undignified and disrespectful to put them on display. Pam spoke up to agree with Aly.

Aly proffered that Wyatt just wanted to get his name out there and to impress Hope. Wyatt, however, said he couldn't care less about personal publicity. Aly told him that Forrester was a family-run company with established values to uphold, and she wondered if Stephanie would want people gawking at her jewelry. Wyatt insisted the pieces were artwork, and art needed to be shared.

Wyatt felt that showing the collection would only add to Forrester's reputation and allow people to see and admire the style, elegance, and grace that were synonymous with the Forrester name. Aly quipped that he didn't know her family well enough to speak to those things, and Pam added that she had real concerns about the idea, too.

Pam agreed with Aly that Stephanie would be mortified, and Pam added that Stephanie's jewelry was also irreplaceable. Because there had already been an attempted heist, Pam was worried that people would think they were an easy target to try again. Wyatt said that he couldn't predict what jewel thieves thought, but he'd do all within his power to keep the collection safe.

"Didn't you do that last time? And look what happened. And also -- safe from whom, Wyatt?" Pam questioned. Aly cited that it was an awful, but unsurprising, idea from a man who was bad for the company. Aly accused Wyatt of turning an inspirational line into the publicity stunt of the month. Aly said that if he really cared about Forrester, he'd take his mother back to their warehouse and leave Forrester alone.

Hope stood to defend Wyatt. Though Hope understood Aly's concerns, she didn't like Aly's attitude. Hope emphasized that Wyatt had gotten them more success than they'd ever had, and he was an integral part of the team. Hope wished that Aly would accept that Wyatt wasn't going anywhere. Aly noted that she was a member of the team and the family, and she had a right to her opinion.

Hope accepted that, and Eric asked what else Wyatt had to say. Wyatt said he and Aly had stated their cases, but it was Eric's decision because the company and collection belonged to him.

At Katie's house, Brooke demanded that Ridge set Katie straight, but Ridge revealed that Katie was telling the truth. Brooke suspected that it was a bad joke, and Katie was having a little fun at her sister's expense. Katie uttered that it wasn't a joke.

Brooke asked if Ridge and Katie were sleeping together. Ridge said they weren't, and Katie added that they hadn't wanted to hurt Brooke. Brooke called it crazy and asked if it was because of Bill. Katie claimed that she wasn't vindictive like that, but Brooke cited that Katie was doing the same thing that she'd berated Brooke for.

Ridge stated that his relationship with Katie was nothing like Brooke and Bill's. Brooke yelled that Ridge was breaking up their family and running off with her sister; however, there was no way she'd allow it. Brooke reminded Ridge that they had a son, and R.J. wanted his parents together, not his father and his aunt. Brooke figured it had to be some kind of ultimate revenge of Katie's.

Frustrated, Katie shouted that it had nothing to do with revenge, and she'd fought her feelings for as long as possible because she hadn't wanted to steal Brooke's husband or become like Brooke. Brooke asserted that Katie had gone after Ridge, but Ridge said the relationship had just happened. Brooke snipped that it sounded absurd. "That I would have feelings for your sister?" he asked.

"Yes!" Brooke exclaimed. Ridge, however, said that it wasn't, and he felt lucky to have Katie in his life. Brooke asked what had happened to the life that she and Ridge had been putting back together. To Brooke, something was seriously wrong with Ridge imagining a romance with Katie.

Katie bit out that Brooke felt that way because she thought no man would want Katie after being with Brooke. Ridge said it was hard, but Brooke had to accept it. "I'm never going to accept this. Never!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke asked how Ridge could be in love with her sister. Ridge didn't know, but he said it had just happened after he and Katie had started opening up to each other. "So I'm losing my sister..." Brooke quietly replied, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Brooke said that her baby sister was the one with morals and principles. "Everything I'm not, right?" she asked. Ridge relayed that he and Brooke had once been everything to each other, but people changed. Brooke refused to believe that he didn't love her. He replied that he did and always would, but he wasn't that man anymore.

Ridge didn't want to be wildly addicted to someone and always afraid of what would happen next. Brooke asked if Ridge thought the answer was Katie, with whom the only common ground he had was disappointment in Brooke. Brooke implored him not to give up the family and all they'd built. She felt that he was just paying her back for the pain she'd caused him, and he'd chosen a good way of doing it.

Brooke asked to talk to Katie alone, but Ridge said it wouldn't change anything. Ridge left, and Katie told Brooke to say what she needed to say. "I am not letting you get away with this," Brooke seethed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's, Brooke and Katie sparred about Katie's relationship with Ridge. Brooke insisted that Katie had an infatuation with Ridge. Katie disagreed. Katie said that she and Ridge agreed they were in love. Brooke tearfully refused to believe that Ridge and Katie had a genuine relationship.

Brooke said that Ridge and Katie had clearly bonded over their pain and disdain for Brooke's relationship with Bill. Katie argued that it wasn't about Brooke "this time." Brooke dismissed Katie's reaction and insisted that Katie and Ridge were out for revenge, but Brooke said they would soon discover their mistake.

Brooke said that Katie would never satisfy Ridge. Brooke added that she and Ridge had a love story that would never end. Brooke reasoned that Ridge had been hurt, and so had Katie. Brooke insisted that their pain had drawn them together.

Katie refused to believe Brooke. Katie said that Brooke clearly refused to believe that Ridge could ever have feelings for Katie.

Katie said that Brooke would never see Katie as anyone but a little girl. Katie reminded Brooke that she was a woman who had a relationship with Ridge. Brooke refused to believe her. Brooke maintained that she and Ridge would be happy.

Katie countered that she had Storm's heart ... and Ridge's heart. Katie warned Brooke not to worry about Katie. She would be fine. Katie suggested that Brooke should return to Bill because that had been her true love until Ridge had returned.

Brooke tearfully said that Katie would regret getting together with Ridge, but Katie refused to back down.

At Forrester, Quinn, Caroline, Hope, Wyatt, Rick, Aly, and Pam met with Eric about the usage of Stephanie Forrester's jewels. Aly insisted they were all sacred family treasures and should not be put on public display. Wyatt and Hope disagreed and said that it would be good for the HFTF line.

Eric agreed that every piece of jewelry was special. He recalled that Stephanie had been very proud of every piece and proud of the man who had given her all the jewels. "Me," Eric added.

Eric noted that the collection had never been publicly displayed, and people would flock to see it. He insisted that if Stephanie had been alive, she would have wanted to do something to help the company, and a public display would do that.

Pam and Aly were not happy. Eric explained that the gems were all about family. He congratulated Wyatt on the idea, but Pam and Aly were dismayed.

Aly expressed her disdain for Wyatt and his idea. In private, Aly and Pam were worried. Aly insisted that the Fullers were dangerous. Aly learned about the tricks Quinn had pulled in previous jobs.

Eric warned that Aly needed to stop causing trouble for her team. Eric warned Aly to stop harrassing Wyatt and his mother. After the meeting, Wyatt and Hope worried about Aly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Aly spied on Hope and Wyatt kissing in an office. Hope looked toward the door, and Aly stepped away from the door.

After Wyatt left, Hope sat alone, and Liam arrived. Hope smiled when Liam entered. Liam and Hope discussed that Brooke had gone straight to Katie's after the plane had landed when Hope, Wyatt, and Brooke had returned from Paris. Liam asked if Hope had heard anything, but Hope hadn't heard if Ridge and Katie had told Brooke about their relationship. Hope and Liam agreed they were happy to be able to talk about things -- especially something so awkward.

Liam asked if Hope had moved in with Wyatt. Hope said they were taking it slowly and not living together. Liam teased that Hope and Wyatt had been to Hawaii, Paris, and off making headlines.

Liam advised that Wyatt had been very fortunate in all the risky things he had done. Liam noted that Hope had enjoyed all the attention, but Liam warned that Wyatt would run out of luck and eventually get caught. Liam insisted that Hope deserved someone better than Wyatt. Hope noted that Liam had started to sound like Aly. Hope was proud of everything that she and Wyatt had accomplished.

Liam professed that Wyatt would never understand Hope the way that Liam had. Liam showed Hope a tribute he had published to her in his magazine Eye on Fashion. Aly had been eavesdropping. Liam advised that Hope had saved her line -- not Wyatt.

In the main hall at Forrester, Quinn talked to Charlie and Pam. Quinn noted that Charlie had been watching her. Quinn crowed that since Wyatt had been serious about Hope, their careers at Forrester were very secure. Quinn left.

Charlie and Pam agreed that Quinn had made a mistake in messing with Charlie and Quinn. Aly overheard Pam and Charlie. Later, Aly cornered Charlie and shared that Pam had told her what Wyatt had done.

Charlie fell for the bait, and he shared the story of how Wyatt had stolen the diamond. Aly shouted that Wyatt was a criminal and should be punished. Charlie agreed that Wyatt had been trouble. Aly left to confront Hope.

Later, Pam returned, and Charlie chastised Pam for telling Aly about Wyatt, but Pam was confused. In Wyatt's office, Quinn said that Charlie had irritated her and treated her like a criminal. Quinn became obsessed with Wyatt's happiness, and she claimed that no one would interfere with Wyatt and Hope's relationship.

Wyatt noted that they needed to make sure the showing of Stephanie's jewelry had integrity and class -- it could not be a publicity stunt. Quinn agreed. Wyatt felt they could win over the entire family with the event.

Wyatt worried about Aly's opinion. Wyatt said that he needed to promote the event as Hope carrying on Stephanie's example of grace and class. Quinn worried more about Aly.

Later, Wyatt was alone, and Liam entered. They argued about who belonged with Hope. Liam noted that Wyatt and Quinn hadn't achieved their success honestly. Liam told Wyatt how lucky Wyatt had been to have a second chance after the stunt he had pulled with the diamond.

Liam said that Wyatt would eventually get caught. Wyatt argued that he had Hope and a job at Forrester, and he was never going to lose either one.

In Hope's office, Aly entered and angrily chastised Hope for letting Wyatt get away with stealing the diamond. Aly prepared to call the police, but Hope refused. Hope warned Aly not to say a word to anyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

At Brooke's house, Donna arrived, and Brooke told her sister that Katie and Ridge had become a couple. "Who told you this?" Donna incredulously asked. Brooke replied that Katie and Ridge had. Donna was perplexed as Brooke explained that Katie had faked fainting to stop the wedding.

Brooke declared that there was no way that Brooke would hand Ridge over to Katie. Donna figured that Katie wasn't being herself, and there had to be an explanation. "Maybe she needs to go back on her meds," Donna suggested. Brooke agreed and said it was mind-boggling.

Donna hoped that Ridge and Katie wouldn't move in together. Brooke replied that it would be a disaster, and Donna added that everyone knew that Ridge and Brooke were supposed to end up together. Brooke said that Katie should know it, too, and if Katie didn't, she'd find out very soon.

Donna guessed Brooke was relieved that her son didn't know about the wedding. Brooke couldn't believe that Ridge and Katie hadn't considered R.J. Just then, R.J. rushed in with a soccer trophy he'd won. He showed Brooke a picture of himself in his uniform and said he couldn't wait to show his father.

R.J. went upstairs, and Brooke and Donna speculated about whether Katie was trying to pay Brooke back for what Brooke had done with Bill. Though Donna felt that the situations were similar, she said that Ridge bore some responsibility, too. Brooke believed that Ridge had been different and doing a lot of soul-searching since his return, and Katie was taking advantage of that.

Brooke said Katie had painted her as superficial because she didn't read poetry with him like Katie did. Donna was astounded when Brooke revealed that Katie and Ridge had been connecting with the same poem Carter had read at the wedding, but Donna then recalled that Brooke had read poetry to Katie when they'd been kids.

Brooke hated to call Katie a hypocrite and to be at odds with her sister. Though Brooke wanted Katie to be happy, Brooke declared that there was no way that she'd let Katie take the love of her life.

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie said that they had agreed to keep the diamond secret between them, but Pam had told Aly. Pam stated that she hadn't told Aly anything. Pam explained that Aly hated Wyatt and had used Charlie to get information. Feeling bad about the situation, Charlie said that he and Pam might not like Wyatt, but Charlie wasn't sure that they wanted Wyatt to go to jail.

In the CEO's office with Liam, Wyatt bragged that he was bulletproof, and there was nothing anyone -- including Liam -- could do to damage his relationships with Forrester and Hope. Liam advised Wyatt to keep being himself, and Liam was sure it would all catch up to Wyatt eventually.

Wyatt advised Liam to give it up, and Liam said no one was as two-faced as Wyatt -- except Quinn, who was entering the room at that moment. Quinn asked what Liam was doing there, and he said he was there about a feature on Hope. Quinn asked if he planned to do another Steffy tribute, too, and he quipped that he'd love to write about a mother-son duo gone bad.

Wyatt told Liam to stop clinging to what was no longer his and accept the fact that Wyatt and Quinn were there to stay. Liam declined to do that. He figured there were a lot of intelligent people working at Forrester, and Wyatt had already caused more problems than he was worth.

Liam advised Wyatt not to delude himself into thinking he could fool everyone for much longer. Wyatt pretended to be terrified and asked his "mommy" for a hug. Quinn made a show of hugging and consoling Wyatt. Liam told Wyatt that he should be scared because the number of people onto Wyatt's games was growing and growing.

In Rick's office, Hope told Aly that she couldn't let Aly call the police. Aly realized that Hope had known about Wyatt's misdeeds all along, and she couldn't believe that Hope was okay with it. Hope asserted that she wasn't okay with it; however, it was in the past, and they couldn't tell the police.

Hope said that Wyatt had done it for her, and it had been just a stupid publicity stunt. Hope stated that it was bigger than Wyatt, and they couldn't tell anyone because the stakes were too high. Aly figured that Wyatt had some kind of hold over Hope and that Hope had lost her way.

Aly insisted that she could help Hope, but Hope said she understood why Wyatt had done it. Aly felt that Wyatt had brainwashed Hope; however, Hope said that people made mistakes, and she'd forgiven Wyatt, who would never do anything like it again. Aly didn't buy it. She felt that Wyatt would do and say anything to get what he wanted. "He's a criminal, Hope! A criminal!" Aly asserted.

Aly felt that Wyatt needed to go to jail, but Hope pleaded with Aly to keep it a secret because it would be the end of Forrester and the HFTF line. Aly claimed that line had ended the moment Hope had taken up with Wyatt, the bully. Hope said it wasn't true, but Aly insisted that Wyatt needed to be stopped.

Hope asked Aly not to raise her voice to Hope, but Aly yelled that she couldn't believe Hope let that man put his hands on her. Aly said he only cared about money and sex. Aly didn't believe that Wyatt respected Hope like Liam did, but Hope said that Wyatt was wonderful to her. Hope claimed she'd never be with someone who mistreated her.

Aly replied that Wyatt was beneath Hope; however, Hope stated that it was her life, and Aly needed to stop worrying about it. Aly asserted that Hope should have married the honorable and decent man, but instead, she'd allowed Wyatt to desecrate her image. Aly insisted that Wyatt needed to go to prison. In a disquieted voice, Hope asked what was really going on with Aly.

Aly insisted that someone had to do something, but Hope conveyed that it wasn't Aly's place to get involved. Aly declared that if Hope wouldn't stop Wyatt, Aly would. Aly rushed out of the office, and Hope frantically called Wyatt to tell him that they had a huge problem.

Quinn was listening as Hope informed Wyatt that Aly knew everything, and Wyatt asked Hope how "the hell" Aly had found out about the diamond. "Little brat!" Quinn exclaimed, marching out of the office.

Wyatt hurried across the hall to find out from Hope where Aly had gone. Hope didn't know, but she said Aly intended to talk to the police. Wyatt wondered how Aly had found out about it, and he mentioned that Liam had just been in his face, talking all kinds of "crap" to him. Hope was certain Liam hadn't told Aly, but she wondered what they were going to do.

Hope exclaimed that Aly wanted Wyatt in jail, but Wyatt was sure it wouldn't happen. He thanked Hope for trying to defend him to Aly, but he said that Aly wasn't "right in the head." Hope wished that Aly would deal with Hope about the issues Aly had with Hope instead of taking them out on Wyatt. Wyatt felt that he was an easy target, and Hope said Aly didn't know the real him.

Hope thought that she and Wyatt should be prepared for the worst. Wyatt stated that if it got out, he'd take full responsibility. Hope didn't want to abandon him, but he assured her that he'd be fine. She said Aly could be with the police at that moment, and Hope wondered what could stop Aly.

Outside, Aly was hurrying out of the building, and Quinn was hot on her heels. Quinn yelled for Aly to wait, but Aly shouted over her shoulder that she knew what Quinn's son had done. As Quinn told Aly to keep her voice down, Aly continued down the walkway bridge that extended over the street below. Aly yelled that Wyatt had stolen the diamond and pulled a fake heist.

Snatching Aly's arm, Quinn whipped Aly around to face her. Quinn tried to explain that outing Wyatt would hurt the Forresters and their business. Aly insisted that she was doing the world a favor, and Wyatt Fuller would pay for his crimes. "The hell he will," Quinn bit out in a determined voice.

Aly asserted that it was over; Quinn would go back to her warehouse and Wyatt to prison. Unafraid of Quinn, Aly said there was nothing Quinn could do to stop her. Quinn grabbed Aly and said to think carefully about it, but Aly dubbed Quinn a bully, just like Wyatt. Quinn told Aly not to do it because it would only end one way. Aly scoffed. "Come on, little girl. Bring it on!" Quinn raged.

Aly tried to push by Quinn, but Quinn grabbed her and shoved her backside over the railing of the walkway. With icy eyes, Quinn kept pushing Aly backward, and the top of Aly's torso hung over the railing as cars drove below her.

Friday, March 14, 2014

At Brooke's house, Brooke was determined not to let Katie destroy Brooke's family. Donna reasoned that Katie wouldn't get between R.J. and Ridge, and Donna also figured that Katie knew how important it was for a son to have a father. Brooke stated that Ridge would probably be the father to Will that Bill never could be. Gasping, Brooke concluded that Katie wanted Brooke's life.

"She wants to be me. Same way she always did when we were young," Brooke bitterly stated. Donna didn't think that was it -- though Donna did recall that Katie had been that way in the past. Brooke said she, Ridge, and R.J. had been through too much to watch it all fall apart at that point, and Donna asked what Brooke intended to do.

At Katie's house, Katie opened the front door for Ridge. Ridge swept her up and pressed her against the door for a kiss. He asked how it had gone with Brooke. Katie said Brooke would never accept her and Ridge together. Ridge replied that Brooke had to because his future was there with Katie.

Katie went to get some wine, and when she returned, Ridge showed her a dress he'd sketched while she'd been gone. He said that he'd become inspired to create "Katie by Forrester." Katie guessed that he hadn't run the collection by Brooke yet.

Ridge didn't want to talk about Brooke, so he started making out with Katie on the sofa. Ridge's phone rang. It was Brooke on the line. When Ridge answered, he sighed, asking what she wanted. Brooke asked him to meet her at her house to make some decisions about their son. Sighing again, Ridge decided that he'd be over there right away.

Katie groaned about Brooke's timing and warned him that her sister wouldn't give up without a fight. The two kissed, and Ridge said Brooke would eventually accept that, though he'd be a good father for his son, he'd go home to Katie. They kissed more at the door, and Katie grimaced after he'd gone.

Back at Brooke's house, Donna asked if Ridge had agreed to meet Brooke. Brooke wondered if there had been any doubt that he would. She said Ridge was drawn to her in a way that he'd never be drawn to Katie. Brooke declared that she'd fight for her family, and she wouldn't lose.

Brooke went upstairs to change into a sexy but demure blue dress that she'd gotten in Paris, and Donna said Ridge wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off her. Brooke stated that nothing Ridge had ever felt for anyone else could compare to his feelings for her. She believed that Katie was deluding herself if she thought she'd keep that charade of a relationship up for one more day.

Donna wondered if Ridge had been with Katie when Brooke had called. Brooke didn't know, and though she wasn't sure how enthralled Ridge actually was with Katie, Brooke intended to do her best to make Ridge remember the things about her that Katie wanted him to forget. Brooke refused to give up because her family depended upon it, and she wouldn't let R.J. down.

Donna left Brooke's house and made a beeline to Katie's front door. She left herself in, and when Katie turned around, Donna revealed that she'd heard about Katie and Ridge.

Back at Brooke's house, Ridge arrived, and Brooke offered him some wine. She asked if he wanted white or red -- or if he'd prefer to compliment her little dress. Ridge said she looked nice, and not a lot of women could pull it off. "Including Katie. Although, she does excel at reciting poetry," Brooke quipped. Ridge asked why he was there.

Brooke showed him R.J.'s trophy, and Ridge got excited about it. Brooke said their son had run home to tell his father, but Ridge hadn't been there. Brooke relayed that she and R.J. needed Ridge. Brooke's fingers trailed over his chest, and Ridge asked her not to do that.

Brooke claimed to understand that Ridge had gotten caught up in Katie; however, Brooke added that if he thought for a moment that she'd let him leave her for Katie, he was wrong. Stroking his face, she said she wanted Ridge there, with her and R.J.

In Rick's office, Hope contacted security and learned that Aly had left the building. Wyatt figured that they had to do something. He grimly suggested that they go to Eric and tell him everything.

Outside on the elevated walkway, Aly told Quinn to let her go. Quinn refused to do so until Aly agreed not to ruin Wyatt's life. Aly told Quinn to try to stop her. "Watch me!" Quinn yelled, pressing Aly harder against the rail. Aly shoved Quinn back and yelled that she wasn't afraid of Quinn or Wyatt. Aly declared that she'd go to her grandfather and get rid of Quinn and Wyatt once and for all.

In the CEO's office, Eric was meeting with Rick and Carter when Wyatt and Hope hurried in to speak to Eric about a problem. Aly burst into the room with Quinn and Pam right behind her. Aly was eager to tell Eric what she'd learned about Wyatt. Rick was surprised that Aly knew, and Pam blamed herself for indirectly letting the information about Wyatt get out.

Aly revealed that Wyatt had faked the diamond heist, and Rick told Aly to "dial it back a little bit." Rick explained to his niece that he'd done everything within his power to keep the information from getting out because it would be detrimental to the company. Aly was shocked that Rick would let Wyatt get off scot-free.

Hope asked Aly to listen to her, but Aly retorted that all she and Hope's fans had done was listen to Hope and her message. The message had meant something, and fans had wanted to be like Hope -- until Wyatt had twisted Hope's principles. Eric told Aly that he didn't know what was going on, but the histrionics had to stop if she wanted him to take anything she said seriously.

More calmly, Aly told Eric that she'd tried to handle it on her own by going to the police. Quinn stated that she'd tried to prevent Aly because of the damage it would cause. Aly exclaimed that Quinn had attacked her to keep her from going to the police about Wyatt. Quinn dismissively said that Aly was exaggerating, but Aly yelled that she wasn't.

Eric asked Aly to begin at the beginning, and he said that he also wanted to hear from everyone else. Eric told Wyatt and Hope that he didn't like being kept in the dark when the well-being of his company was at stake. Pam stated that Aly hadn't said anything that wasn't true, but Quinn claimed that Wyatt had done it to help the company. Aly stated that it didn't make his actions right.

Hope claimed that people could have lapses in judgment. Aly insisted that it didn't make what Wyatt had done any less wrong, nor did it change how he'd ruined HFTF. The outraged Hope refused to let Aly make Wyatt into a villain. Hope said she'd put what had happened at the boutique in the past, and she told Aly to do the same thing.

Aly asked Eric to tell Hope that people who did what Wyatt had done got prison time, not a free pass. Eric asked to hear from Wyatt, and Aly instructed Wyatt to tell everyone why it was okay that he kept his job while two people rotted in prison for what he'd done. Wyatt claimed that it wasn't true, but Aly asked the liar Wyatt what he knew about the truth.

Aly grabbed the phone to call the police, but Eric instructed her to put the phone down. He stated that no one would call the police -- not yet, at least. Aly continued to hurl accusations at Wyatt, and he asked if he could speak. She told him that he didn't deserve to be heard.

Aly seethed that Wyatt and his mother were evil, and Forrester and Hope didn't need them. Aly hated Wyatt, and she wanted him fired and behind bars.

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