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As Ridge spent an intimate night with Katie, Brooke drank herself into a stupor and passed out on the floor in front of Stephanie's portrait. Rick handed down the final word on Wyatt's misconduct, and Aly quit her job. Rick was livid when Bill told him about Ridge's betrayal of Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 17, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, March 17, 2014

At Katie's house, Donna and Katie were discussing Ridge .The upset Donna asked if Katie knew who Ridge was. "Ridge of the Brooke and Ridge show," Katie stated. Donna asked if Katie felt bad. Katie said she had, but Brooke's condescending attitude made Katie feel less bad every day.

Donna guessed that Katie was still mad at Brooke. Katie said she'd forgive Donna for saying that, and what Katie had with Ridge was the real thing. Donna asked if Katie was really ready to fight her big sister, Brooke, for the man Brooke had loved her entire life.

Donna wished that Katie would back off because there could be no happy ending to it. Katie guessed that Donna meant there'd be no happy ending for Katie because Brooke always got what she wanted. Donna continued to try to reason with Katie, but Katie insisted that she was in love with Ridge. Katie was sure Donna was wondering how Katie even thought she could compete against Brooke.

Donna had no doubt that Katie could compete but said competing wasn't the issue. Donna understood how Ridge and Katie could have bonded, but Donna told Katie that she had to answer one question truthfully. "Does he really no longer love Brooke?" Donna asked. Donna wondered if Ridge was really to let go of his history, family, and the Forrester successes that he'd shared with Brooke.

Katie felt that one meeting with Brooke wouldn't be a game-changer. Donna emphasized that Ridge had committed himself to Brooke about a hundred times. Katie wouldn't hear it, and she said that the guy who'd left there hadn't been thinking about Brooke. "I mean, we were so close..." Katie hinted.

Donna asked Katie to say that she hadn't made love to Ridge. Katie said they hadn't, but it was where things were headed. Katie believed she inspired Ridge, and they shared a vision of the future. Katie didn't know if she could give him what Brooke had; however, she could give him herself, and he seemed to want just that.

At Brooke's house, Brooke told Ridge that they'd been down that road before. Ridge felt that she was making it sound like he was going through a phase. Brooke didn't discount his feelings for Katie, but she was sure Katie would find a wonderful man one day -- it just wouldn't be Ridge.

Brooke believed that Katie wouldn't get what she wanted, and Ridge wouldn't even be happy with Katie. "Not when you're son is longing for you and not when you are longing for me," Brooke concluded. She conveyed that she missed him, the feel of his skin, and his touch.

Ridge said there wouldn't be another woman like Brooke, and Brooke added that there wouldn't be another couple like them. She couldn't wait for R.J. to get home to see Ridge there, but Ridge replied that it wouldn't happen. Ridge planned to be there for R.J., but he wouldn't live in the house.

Brooke stated that R.J. depended upon her and Ridge, and they wouldn't let him down. She told Ridge to speak to Katie if he needed to, and Brooke and R.J. would be there when Ridge returned. "I don't want to do this anymore," Ridge uttered. He said he'd raise the child with her, but "this" doesn't work for him anymore. Brooke insisted that they'd make it work for their son and for each other.

Ridge said he respected Brooke enough to tell her the truth, but she didn't want to hear it. Brooke reasoned that they hadn't even spent time together since he'd been back from Paris. Brooke felt that her sister was a good person, but Katie couldn't give him what he wanted.

Ridge said Katie gave him honesty and a life without complication, and he wanted those things. Brooke claimed that she could give him that and much more, and she insisted that he not give up on them. "I have given up. It's done," he uttered. "My heart is with Katie now."

Brooke asked how Ridge could say that, but Ridge replied that he was going home to Katie. Brooke grabbed Ridge's arm as he turned, and she said "this" was where he belonged. Ridge said that it wasn't anymore, and he was sorry. He hugged Brooke as she cried.

At Forrester, Eric let Pam explain what had happened during the attempted jewel heist. He was livid that no one had told him about it. Quinn said they'd been trying to protect him.

"Protect me?" Eric roared. He conveyed that Forrester had been around for a long time before any of them had set foot in that room with him, and he'd headed it for nearly fifty years. "And now you decided you're going to isolate me from it? I should have been told!" he yelled.

Eric ordered his staff to never do something like that again, and he asked why he hadn't been told. Aly stated that Quinn and Wyatt had kept it a secret. Hope added that they'd wanted to protect the company from any damage, but Aly said that damage had been done the moment Hope had compromised her principles to protect Wyatt.

Eric asked Wyatt to speak up about what had happened. Admitting that Aly was correct about him taking the diamond, Wyatt stated that he'd thought doing so would help the line. Hope said he'd wanted to pocket it for just a little while to create buzz. Wyatt confessed that it had been dumb and wrong, but Pam murmured that it was a little late for that sentiment.

Wyatt swore he wasn't that guy any longer. He started to say that he was ashamed, but then he decided that he wasn't ashamed. He claimed he'd done it for the line, Hope, and the company. In his heart, he'd known it would get publicity, and it had gotten more than he'd imagined. He accepted responsibility for it, and he was ready to take whatever Eric would throw at him.

The fuming Eric demanded to know what Wyatt had been thinking. Wyatt explained that as he and his mother had grown their business, they'd had to scratch, claw, and "maybe con a little," but they'd never hurt anyone. He said it was his explanation for his "own stupidity," and he insisted upon taking full responsibility if Eric wanted to go to the police.

Eric was angry that Wyatt had jeopardized the business, but Quinn claimed that it had been "no harm, no foul." Carter reckoned that the robbers had committed attempted armed robbery, and Hope claimed that had been way worse than Wyatt's actions. Aly didn't know how Hope could defend Wyatt, who'd destroyed Hope's message and values. Aly asked how Hope could not care about it.

Hope claimed that she did care, but she knew how to be tolerant and make exceptions. Aly believed there was no tolerance for the criminal who'd stolen Hope from Liam. Aly felt that the solution was to have Quinn and Wyatt arrested, but Wyatt said his mother hadn't done anything. Eric yelled that if Wyatt had pulled something like that at Bill's company, Bill would have thrown Wyatt beneath the bus and walked away.

Rick asked if he could handle it, and Eric rasped that it was a good idea. Rick called Wyatt's actions an embarrassment, and he said the publicity they'd gotten hadn't even been legitimate. Rick added that he had to question whether Wyatt was even right for Hope.

Hope asserted that her relationship with Wyatt wasn't the issue, but Pam disagreed. Quinn stated that Wyatt had done it to help the business, but Aly insisted that Forrester wasn't a money machine. Aly called it a family business and said the Fullers were not family.

Rick told to Aly to stop, and he asked Wyatt to see the conflict he'd caused. Wyatt claimed to see it, and he admitted that part of him had wanted to impress Hope with the act. He also claimed that a greater part of him had wanted to spotlight HFTF. Wyatt was ready to face the police, but Rick decided that they wouldn't call the police. Aly was outraged that Rick would let Wyatt off the hook.

Rick asserted that he was letting "us" off the hook. Rick didn't want Wyatt's actions to get out because everything that they'd worked for would be lost. Aly yelled that they couldn't let Wyatt get away with it, but Rick stated that he'd made his decision. Eric decided to adjourn the meeting; however, the outraged Aly shrieked that Wyatt was evil, and she implored Pam to say something.

Aly declared that Hope was letting Wyatt control her. The exasperated Hope offered to talk about it in Rick's office, but Aly didn't want to talk to Hope anymore. "I don't want to shadow you, either!" Aly decided. Aly quit her job and told Wyatt that she abhorred "Mr. Popular."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke drank a large glass of red wine. Bill entered, and he said he had been surprised that Brooke had called him. Brooke said that she had to give him an update. She warned that Katie had "run amok." Brooke complained that Katie had turned into someone Brooke no longer knew. Brooke poured Bill a drink and advised him that he was in for a shock.

Brooke recapped that she had thought that she and Katie had repaired their relationship when Katie had finally agreed to be her matron of honor at Brooke's wedding to Ridge. When Katie had agreed, Brooke had been relieved, but Katie had orchestrated the whole thing -- including the fainting spell to stop the wedding. Bill said he didn't understand what Brooke was telling him.

Brooke said that Katie had faked her fainting spell in order to stop Brooke's wedding. Katie had fallen in love with Ridge. Bill was skeptical. Brooke agreed that she had also been skeptical -- she had even laughed off Katie's comments as a crush on Ridge.

Brooke shared that Katie and Ridge had bonded over poetry readings about their deceptive mates. Brooke shouted that Ridge and Katie both professed that they were in love.

Bill claimed Katie would never do something like that. Brooke disagreed. "Ridge said, 'Katie and I are together now' to my face," Brooke shouted. Bill responded quickly, "Exactly the loser I said he was."

Brooke warned Bill not to insult Ridge or her relationship with him. Bill reminded Brooke that Ridge had told her that he no longer wanted her. Brooke tearfully paced the room. Bill added that Ridge had left her on her honeymoon and had not returned for a year. Bill warned that Ridge wasn't worth her tears.

Brooke admitted that she felt it was all karma. Katie had done to Brooke exactly what Brooke had done to Katie and other women and their families. Brooke poured another large glass of wine. "It hurts. It hurts," she said tearfully.

Bill tenderly hugged Brooke. "Let them have each other, and come back to me. Let me take the pain away," Bill said. Brooke told him not to touch her. She said she wanted to be alone. Bill argued, but Brooke shouted at him to get out.

"I'll be fine," Brooke said. Bill advised that Katie and Ridge had given them a gift, and they should take it. He left. Brooke sat down, finished her glass of wine, and cried.

At Katie's house, Ridge entered. Katie knew that he had seen Brooke and that Brooke was determined to get him back. Katie asked if Ridge was all right. Ridge admitted that Brooke had pressured him and reminded him how important being together as a family was to R.J.

Katie understood. Ridge shared that Brooke had said that she was going to change. He added that Brooke had ordered Ridge to visit Katie and tell her it was over. Katie was surprised, but Ridge smiled and kissed Katie passionately. Katie smiled. "So now what," Katie asked.

Katie offered wine and Shakespeare to Ridge, but Ridge said he'd had that. Katie worried that they were moving too fast. Ridge asked her what her heart was telling her. "To stop talking," Katie answered. Ridge took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

At Forrester, everyone but Aly and Eric had left Eric's office after Aly's blowup at Wyatt and Hope. Eric softly teased that he was getting the message that she didn't care for Wyatt. Aly looked surprised, and Eric noted that he was kidding. He realized that she hated Wyatt.

Aly complained that Wyatt should have been fired, but Eric warned that not all decisions in business could be black and white. Aly turned away, but Eric said he wanted to talk to her because he loved her. "I'm your grandpa," he said.

Eric insisted that Aly had to get her emotions under control and behave professionally. He reminded her that she had no authority to fire people. "It has to stop, and I mean it," Eric said. He hugged her.

In Hope's office, Hope and Wyatt made out. Wyatt worried that he had permanently damaged his relationship with Eric, but Hope said that Wyatt had handled the problem as well as he could have. Hope acknowledged that it would be uncomfortable for a while between Wyatt and Eric, but she was hopeful it would not be permanent.

Hope added that she had become a better woman because of Wyatt. She added that he had seen the future Hope because he had seen the potential for her. Wyatt said that he had wanted Hope to realize that she should never be anything less than first to any man. "I am having so much fun with you," Hope said. Wyatt promised to never do anything that would force him to lose her.

In her room at home, Aly had Hope T-shirts, photos, magazine covers, and posters hung everywhere. Suddenly, Aly had a vision of her mom, Darla. Aly complained to her mom that everyone had been blindsided by Wyatt, who was a thief and a liar. Darla listened intently, but she advised her daughter that Aly knew right from wrong, and the Forresters needed Aly.

In Katie's bedroom, Katie and Ridge slowly undressed each other and made out. They fell back onto the bed and made love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

by Pam

Brooke entered the Forrester mansion in a drunken state. She stumbled to the staircase and whispered for Eric, but no one answered. Brooke caught a glimpse of the portrait of Stephanie in the living room.

Brooke spoke to the portrait. Brooke noted that she needed Stephanie, and she needed Stephanie to slap some sense into her. Brooke added that Stephanie had always been good at that.

Brooke admitted that Stephanie would be disappointed in her. Brooke said that if Stephanie had been alive, Stephanie would have glared at Brooke with her beady eyes and clenched jaw. Brooke teetered around the living room and drank vodka straight from the bottle. Brooke wished Stephanie had been around to prevent Brooke from getting involved with Bill.

Brooke told Stephanie's portrait that Ridge had dumped her for Katie. Brooke lamented that she had let Stephanie down. "I couldn't do it. I couldn't be the Forrester matriach that you wanted me to be. I failed. I let you down," Brooke said. She took another gulp from the vodka bottle.

Brooke poured herself a glass of vodka and carried the glass and bottle to the couch, where she tearfully collapsed. Brooke told Stephanie's portrait that Stephanie had seen the good in Brooke at the end. "You cared about me," Brooke said.

Brooke flashed back to emotional times with Stephanie on the roller coaster, during volunteer work at homeless shelters, and when Stephanie had died in Brooke's arms.

Brooke cried that Ridge and Katie were together. "You're not here to help me fight. I miss you," Brooke cried. She poured another glass of vodka. She thanked Stephanie for accepting Brooke into the Forrester family.

Brooke stood up with a glass of vodka and the bottle. She stumbled across the living room and dropped them both. Brooke flashed back to some of Stephanie's advice: "Take this family forward. Get on with life with Ridge or not. You and I made a decision to do good for other people. Be a better woman than I was," Stephanie had said.

Brooke recalled that she had promised Stephanie she would be a better woman. Brooke confessed that she couldn't do it. "You were right from the beginning. I was the slut from the valley," Brooke said. She reached for the portrait of Stephanie. Brooke's vision blurred and then she passed out on the rug.

At Forrester, Bill barged into Rick's office and informed Rick that Ridge had dumped Rick's mother. Bill shared the news that Ridge had decided he was in love with Katie, and Katie had faked fainting in order to stop the wedding. Rick was angry at Katie and Ridge.

Bill informed Rick that he had visited Brooke, and Brooke had been very drunk. Rick said that was unlike Brooke.

Rick said that he had known Ridge would let his mother down again. Rick said he had tried for years to persuade Brooke to let Ridge go. "He always wants what he just gave up," Bill said about Ridge.

Bill said that Brooke was broken-hearted because Ridge and Katie had betrayed her. Bill promised to work with Rick to make Brooke see that Ridge was no good for her. Bill said that he had tried to stay with Brooke, but she had kicked him out. Rick tried to call his mother, but there was no answer.

Rick begged Bill to give Brooke some time. Bill claimed he had never seen Brooke so low, and he was worried about her.

At Katie's house in Katie's bedroom, Katie and Ridge basked in the afterglow of lovemaking. Katie could hardly believe they were together. She wondered what would happen next. Ridge said they couldn't control the future, and they couldn't relive the past. He anticipated a lot of fun in their future and no expectations.

Katie wondered if they could proceed with no worries, no fears, and no regrets. "I think we can try," Ridge said. They kissed and made love again. Later, Katie said that it had been an amazing night, and it felt so good that she didn't want it to end. Ridge promised to help her with that. "It isn't over," he said. He kissed her passionately and caressed her as they rolled amid the sheets.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

This preemption was planned for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming will resume on March 24, 2014, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 19 concluded.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

This preemption was planned for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming will resume on March 24, 2014, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 19 concluded.

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