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Wyatt wanted Hope to model a lingerie line for HFTF, but Aly convinced Hope that it wasn't right for Hope or HFTF fans. When Brooke turned Bill away again, Quinn was waiting in his bedroom to console him. Quinn wound up in Bill's closet when Brooke arrived for an unexpected visit.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 24, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, March 24, 2014

At Eric's house in the morning, Rick busily entered while on the phone with Eric, who'd been in San Francisco overnight. After the call, Rick looked into the darkened living room and was shocked to see his mother sprawled out on the sofa with an empty bottle of alcohol beside her on the coffee table.

Rick awakened Brooke, and as she groggily sat up, Brooke guessed she'd fallen asleep at some point after arriving there by cab. She realized that she'd been drinking. Rick replied that Bill had told him about Ridge and Katie. Rick had wanted to talk to his mother the previous night, but when he'd seen her lights out at her house, he'd assumed that she'd been asleep.

Brooke was glad that Rick, and not Eric or Aly, had found her like that. Rick said they would have understood. "I don't," Brooke meekly responded. Rick was sure Ridge and Katie had done it to get payback. Though Brooke wanted to believe that, she couldn't fathom that the two consciously wanted to hurt her. Rick was fed up with Ridge, who Rick had watched lead his mother on for years.

Brooke asked Rick not to go after Ridge for what had happened, but Rick said that Ridge treated her like garbage. Brooke thought Ridge was right to do so in light of what she'd done to her sister. She said it was no surprise that, at her sister's lowest point, Brooke had slipped in and lived up to her reputation.

Rick asked Brooke not to beat herself up, but Brooke murmured that she hadn't lived up to Stephanie's expectations. "I'm sorry," she tearfully told Stephanie's portrait.

In Aly's room, Aly cut out paper hearts and pinned a photo of Liam and Hope to a wall encumbered with Hope memorabilia. Scattered on the bed and desk were hundreds of photographs from Hope's line. To Aly's surprise, Thorne entered. The two hugged, and Aly quickly figured out that Eric had gotten Thorne to visit. "You're worried about me, aren't you?" Aly cynically asked.

Thorne had heard that Aly had lost it, but Aly said her mother had told her that she needed to take a stand. He replied that Darla wasn't there anymore, but Aly insisted that her mother still talked to her. Aly told her father that Darla had told Aly to put an end to what was happening at Forrester. Thorne asked what Darla had told Aly to do. The determined Aly stated that she had to get rid of Wyatt, the filth, and protect Hope. Thorne said it wasn't Aly's job, but she insisted that it was.

Aly showed Thorne a locket he'd given her when she'd been a little girl. It had Darla's picture inside, and Aly said he'd told her that her mother would always be in her heart. Aly stated that she always listened to her mother. "She's in Heaven. She knows what she's talking about," Aly reasoned.

Thorne said he also liked to think of Darla as a saint, but he didn't think she'd be opposed to Hope and Wyatt. Aly concluded that Thorne hadn't known Darla very well.

Thorne tried to remind Aly of her doctor's advice, but Aly interrupted, recalling that, on the day he'd been about to marry "her," Darla had also steered Aly correctly. As he prefaced his next statement, Thorne said Taylor's name, and Aly told him not to say "her" name. Aly didn't want to talk about "her."

Aly insisted that her mother had been a selfless saint who'd had the values that Hope had once promoted. Aly felt that she and her mother "are" full of so much love for the Forresters, and her mother wanted her to keep Hope out of trouble. Aly asserted that it was exactly what she'd do.

At the boutique, Eric arrived straight from the airport to see how the installation was going. Quinn greeted him and said it was an honor to work with his wife's jewelry. Eric mentioned that they had a meeting to get to. He wondered what Wyatt had on the agenda. Quinn didn't know, but she assumed that it had to be something positive for Hope.

At Wyatt's house, Hope and Wyatt languished in bed even though Hope said there was a meeting that they had to attend. Wyatt stared at Hope and told her how hot she was. He wanted to get her out there, looking like that, in magazines and on billboards. "In my lingerie?" she asked, giggling. Wyatt stated that some things were just good business sense.

Over coffee, Wyatt talked about his research into Brooke's Bedroom, but Hope thought it would be weird to put her body on display. She said she wasn't her mother, and she didn't even know if they had time for a lingerie line. Wyatt was sure that if she took over the bedroom line, jaws would drop.

Hope offered to consider it, but she said she'd started HFTF because it had been embarrassing to her that the kids at school had seen her mother half-naked. HFTF had given a different message, and she wasn't sure how it would reflect on her if she became a lingerie model. He thought it'd show her different sides, and women would love to wear HFTF during the day and Hope's Bedroom at night.

Wyatt imagined the profits would be like they'd been when Brooke's Bedroom had rolled out. Hope said it had been Forrester's heyday, with Brooke modeling and Ridge designing. Wyatt fancied himself as the young Ridge, and Hope as the young Brooke.

Wyatt didn't know how Hope could turn down the proposition. Wyatt theorized that Hope's clientele had grown right along with her. Hope said she'd become more comfortable with her sexuality, and a lot of it had to do with Wyatt. He'd opened her up to a new intimacy and life, and he'd helped her see her mother differently.

Hope no longer found Brooke's sensual side intimidating. Hope was surprised to admit that she understood why her mother had worn lingerie, and Hope kind of wanted to do it, too. Hope said that it was business, she had nothing to hide, and she wasn't ashamed of herself.

Wyatt was glad to hear Hope say that because he "sort of, kind of" had an agenda for the meeting that day. He claimed that he had a launch idea. Kissing him, Hope said he was the worst for not getting her permission, but it was a good thing that he knew her so well. He replied that it was a good thing that "the office puritan" had quit, which would make it easier to launch the campaign.

At the office later, Wyatt was on the phone with Oliver, who Wyatt thanked for setting something up so quickly. After the call, Aly entered, and the life drained from Wyatt's face. He said that he'd thought she'd quit. Surprised he believed that, Aly stated that she said things she didn't always mean, but she was a Forrester, which meant she belonged there.

Aly claimed that she could quit every day if she wanted to and still show up for work the next day. She noted that he couldn't do that because he was a Fuller. "Full of something, and it stinks," she quipped. Wyatt said he was setting up for a meeting, and she replied that she was there to attend it. He warned her against it, and she assumed he was up to something else.

Aly warned Wyatt that, though he'd conned Rick and Eric, she was still watching, and if Wyatt did one more thing to disgrace the family or Hope, he'd be gone. Wyatt claimed to understand her desire to protect Hope, but he said not everything Aly thought was a disgrace truly was. He added that Rick and Eric made the decisions, not Aly.

Wyatt warned Aly not to attend the meeting, but Aly insisted upon remaining. She stared him down and then walked over to the conference table. "I am Hope's shadow. And I will protect her," Aly said to herself.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Wyatt prepared for a meeting, and Aly entered. She informed him that she was watching him. Wyatt said that he understood he had made mistakes. He acknowledged that he was an outsider, and he was on probation and on his best behavior to get back into the good graces of the Forrester family. He contrasted his role with that of Aly, who was a Forrester and could do no wrong.

Aly did not soften. Wyatt begged her to understand that he had the best interests of the company at heart. Wyatt recognized that Aly didn't like him, but he reminded her that she was not a company leader nor a decision maker. Hope interrupted and told Wyatt and Ally that she was nervous about the presentation.

Hope greeted Aly, and Hope wondered why Aly had returned -- because Aly had quit previously. Aly insisted that she needed to be there because Hope needed her protection. Aly wondered why Hope was nervous. Hope said it had to do with a presentation.

In the reception area at Forester, Liam showed up looking for Hope. Pam worried that Liam was there to interrupt Wyatt's meeting. Liam told Pam that he had no intention of interrupting Wyatt's meeting. Pam explained that Wyatt had made a life-size cardboard cutout of Hope and taken in a rack of lingerie to the office where Wyatt had scheduled a meeting. Liam figured that Wyatt and Hope wanted to take control of the bedroom line with Hope in a starring role rather than Brooke or Steffy.

Inside the meeting room, Wyatt, Maya, Carter, Rick, Eric, Caroline, Aly, Quinn, and Hope met, and they noted that Ridge was noticeably absent. Wyatt displayed a cardboard cutout of Hope in lingerie.

Wyatt explained that Brooke's Bedroom had been very successful for Forrester. Wyatt insisted that even the seamstresses had liked and purchased the products -- in contrast to their inability to ever purchase a couture line gown. Wyatt maintained that being sexy shouldn't be associated with cheap or tawdry. Maya agreed. Maya said she had also bought Brooke's Bedroom products.

Wyatt suggested that it was time for Hope for the Future to take the next step into a lingerie line and start having a little fun. Aly interrupted by voicing her disapproval. "No," Aly shouted.

Eric informed Aly that she would be courteous and allow Wyatt to finish his pitch for the line. Wyatt continued his pitch. Aly felt that she heard Darla's voice advising her that Wyatt had been treating Hope like a paper doll. Darla convinced Aly that she had to take responsibility to save the family from shame. Aly pointedly turned to Hope and asked if Hope approved of undressing for all the world to see her.

Hope admitted that she'd had reservations, but she felt Wyatt had a good idea to launch a new line. Aly was incredulous that Hope would even consider it. Aly insisted that her grandmother would have hated the idea. Rick chuckled that Stephanie hadn't always gotten her way. Aly begged Hope not to do something that would change the line's message.

Caroline asked if Hope really wanted to make the change. Hope agreed she did. Hope added that she thought it was a good progression for the line. Rick pointed out that Wyatt had pitched the idea, but Wyatt had no design input. Wyatt agreed, but he added that he had been the creative director in the process and wanted to be included. He added that he and Quinn would be outfitting Hope -- as the lead model -- in jewelry that would enhance the line.

Aly continued to protest, and Quinn questioned why Aly was involved. Wyatt agreed and respectfully demanded that Aly be dismissed from the meeting. Rick warned Aly to be quiet.

Outside the meeting room, Pam had been eavesdropping. Pam shared with Liam that she'd overheard Wyatt discussing Hope. Pam added that Eric had wanted to relaunch the Brooke's Bedroom line months earlier, but it had fizzled out.

Liam was certain that Hope would never want to be a lingerie model. Pam disagreed. She added that good girls grew into their sexuality. Pam shared that "sometimes people need a little push to become who they really wanted to be." Pam shared that Aly had become Wyatt's very vocal enemy at Forrester. But on a more serious note, Pam said that Aly had been her own worst enemy.

Pam and Liam discussed the death of Aly's mother, Darla. Liam said that he had thought the hit-and-run driver who had killed Darla had gone to jail. Pam confessed that it had been a friend of the family who had been drinking when Darla had been hit. Pam advised Liam to ask Steffy about the incident. Pam and Liam returned to their discussion of Hope and a lingerie line. Liam repeated that he didn't think Hope would go for it. Pam disagreed.

At Brooke's house, Donna asked Brooke about Ridge and Katie. R.J. interrupted when he returned from school. Donna and Brooke greeted him, and R.J. said that he'd had a bad day at school. He wanted to play a video game with his dad to relieve the stress of the day. R.J. called out for Ridge.

Brooke said that Ridge had not arrived and was probably still at work. R.J. figured he'd play with his dad when he arrived at home. Brooke gently told R.J. that things had not turned out the way that she and R.J had anticipated. Brooke said they all wanted the same thing, but it hadn't turned out.

R.J. asked if everything was all right -- he worried that Brooke and Ridge had been fighting, but Brooke said they had not argued. She somberly admitted that Ridge would not be moving back into the house.

R.J. went to play video games. Brooke lamented that she had given in to R.J. on the video games. She shared her regret with giving in to Bill, because if she hadn't, she would be with Ridge. Brooke poured herself a glass of vodka, and Donna warned her it wasn't water. Brooke told Donna not to be so disapproving. Brooke said that she knew it wasn't water.

Brooke admitted she was in crisis. Brooke worried that she had lost Ridge forever. Donna warned that Brooke sounded cynical -- something totally unlike Brooke. Brooke said that "Brooke's Bedroom or nothing at all" had been her slogan. She felt she had been left with nothing at all.

Brooke drank her vodka, and she told Donna that R.J. didn't seem too worried about his parents. Donna noted that R.J. had always been a happy kid. Brooke said that she had wanted to be a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife, but she felt she had failed. Brooke confessed that she had a terrible ache inside. She worried about her future.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Wyatt finished his pitch for a Hope for the Future lingerie line. He had presented it to Maya, Carter, Rick, Eric, Caroline, Aly, Quinn, and Hope. Eric pointed out that Aly had a point in her argument that the HFTF line should not have Hope parading around in lingerie. Eric encouraged Aly to share her vision. Aly asked Hope if modeling lingerie was worth dumping her previous values.

Quinn argued that Wyatt would not have pitched the line if he'd thought it would be disrespectful. Caroline noted that HFTF had evolved. Wyatt and Rick agreed that it would sell. Aly countered that "sex sells," but Hope had fought hard to convince girls like Aly to wait and be sophisticated. "My God, Hope, what has happened to you?" Aly asked.

Aly asked to speak to Hope alone, and Hope agreed. Alone in Hope's office, Aly apologized to Hope for the way she had reacted previously. Aly begged Hope to remember what she had originally stood for when she had started Hope for the Future. "I was young, Aly," Hope said.

Aly agreed, but she reminded Hope that Hope had a vision for young women. "The thing is, people grow up," Hope countered. Hope tried to convince Aly that she had matured, and so had her values. Aly argued that seeing a billboard with a half-naked Hope on it sent a message, but what message, Aly asked. "A hot night in bed?" Aly asked.

Aly got through to Hope and reminded her that letting young women think that seduction was good was not a responsible message. "Like it or not, they are listening. Just ask what advice you are giving when you are modeling lingerie," Aly said.

Hope tried to justify her new attitude. She reminded Aly that she had slipped a few times. Aly agreed that Hope was human and that was what appealed to young women. Aly added that it was never easy to be true to oneself no matter who a person was.

Aly encouraged Hope to show young women that Hope respected herself and believed in her life lesson. Aly said there were plenty of celebrities who relied on sex to sell products. Aly wanted Hope to be a crusader for a responsible lifestyle, self-respect, and a responsible line of clothing. "That is what Hope for the Future is all about. You have to live it, Hope," Aly advised.

Aly worried that a lingerie line could hurt Hope and the HFTF line. Hope looked thoughtful. Hope told Aly that she had a lot to think about because Aly had a point, but Hope reminded Aly that it was Hope's decision -- and not Aly's -- which direction the line took.

Waiting outside the meeting room, Quinn mumbled that Aly was just a teenager and needed to be reined in. Wyatt said that Aly had an axe to grind. Carter reminded Quinn that Aly was a teenager who happened to be a Forrester. Carter added that a meeting with Aly would help Hope resolve any doubt she might have about the line.

In the reception area at Forester, Pam and Liam discussed what they felt Hope would do about the lingerie line. Liam was convinced that Hope would never give up her values. Wyatt interrupted and asked why Liam was there. Liam answered that he was there to witness Wyatt's demise.

Wyatt arrogantly told Liam that Hope was on board for his idea. Liam disagreed and said that Wyatt didn't know Hope very well if he thought that Hope would be happy with the campaign. Wyatt said that Liam was wrong. Hope loved the idea. Liam said that Hope might love the idea temporarily, but she would eventually hate it and hate herself for doing it.

Pam rejoined Wyatt and Liam. Liam said that Hope had fallen for Wyatt's charm. Wyatt argued that Hope was no longer the high school girl that Liam had remembered. She was all grown up. Liam said that Hope would be true to herself, and Aly would help realize what she needed. Wyatt countered that Aly was out of control. Pam reminded Wyatt that Aly was a Forrester.

Hope and Aly left Hope's office and returned to the meeting room, and the group reconvened. Eric and Rick encouraged Hope to wrap up the meeting because they all had work to do. Hope agreed with Wyatt that the popularity of the HFTF line was at its height, but she understood the customer base that had built the line was younger women.

Hope wondered if they could target adult women with a lingerie campaign but stay true to her message with younger women, Hope didn't know if they could do both. "It's my name, my face, and my reputation...I have to do what's right for me. This isn't right for me. It might change, but right now, we shouldn't do it," Hope said. Aly smiled broadly. Wyatt and Quinn were distraught. Liam listened from the doorway. The meeting concluded, and everyone left.

Alone in Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Quinn badmouthed Aly and all the Forresters for tiptoeing around her -- a teenager. Aly stood in the doorway and warned that Quinn and Wyatt would not get their way at Forrester. Quinn threatened that Aly didn't know who she was messing with. Aly countered that she could shove Aly and Wyatt right out the door if she wanted to. "You two make me crazy. I hate you," Aly said.

Aly reminded Wyatt and Quinn that she and her family stood for respect. Aly said that her mother had advised her to stand up for what was right. Aly shared that Stephanie had called Darla Forrester "the most respected woman." Quinn scoffed, and Aly went on a rant.

"You are a witch, a wicked, conniving witch. I can smell the evil. You reek of it. I will not let you poison Hope," Aly warned. Wyatt and Quinn were shocked by Aly's angry threats.

In Hope's office, Liam waited for Hope. "What are you doing here?" Hope asked. Liam said that he'd overheard the final minutes of the meeting. He was proud that she had stood up for her values. Liam wondered why Hope had wavered and thought about a lingerie line when it was so unlike her. Hope admitted that she had been excited and caught up in the idea.

Liam said that he had been lucky to be part of her life. He worried that she would take off to Paris again, and Hope mentioned that it was where Steffy was. Hope asked Liam if he and Steffy had been in touch. Liam said he did not remain in contact with Steffy.

Liam reminded Hope that Hope had always been the one he loved -- always. He said she was still the woman he loved, and he kissed her passionately. Quinn watched and listened from the doorway.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

At Liam's house, Bill was filling Liam in about Ridge and Katie, and Liam guessed the new relationship was the reason that Katie hadn't been at the office. Bill was frustrated because Brooke hadn't seen that no one stood between them any longer. Liam asked about Quinn, and Bill quipped, "What about her?" Bill declared that he'd made a mistake with Quinn, but it wouldn't happen again. Liam told his father to pray that Quinn felt the same way. Bill didn't give "a damn" about Quinn's feelings. To Bill, Quinn had been just a distraction. All Bill wanted was his company, his son, and a life with Brooke.

Bill believed that he and Brooke had had potential, and they'd been just getting started. Liam said it had been that way until Brooke had decided to marry Ridge. Bill felt that Brooke had just wanted the kids to grow up with their families, but he and Brooke could take care of the kids together. Bill called Brooke a smart, sexy, and fearless woman in need of a man who could appreciate her. He vowed that, after the evening was over, Brooke would know that he was that man. Liam guessed he shouldn't wait up, and Bill advised his son to look for a new roommate.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Rick arrived, and Rick expressed his worry about Brooke, who Ridge had left for Katie. Rick explained that he'd found Brooke at Eric's house that morning, where she'd been drunk and talking to Stephanie.

Brooke entered, and Hope said she was sorry about what had happened. Hope was concerned that Rick had seen Brooke talking to the portrait. Pretending to be fine, Brooke said talking to Stephanie always reminded Brooke to be strong and to not let issues derail her. Hope reminded Brooke that she could lean on her children, but Brooke said it was supposed to be the other way around.

Brooke was sorry that Bill had gone to Rick with the issue, but Rick replied that he wasn't. Rick said that Bill had been concerned and had wanted someone to be there for Brooke. Surprised and impressed by Bill's behavior, Rick concluded that Bill really cared about Brooke.

Brooke said that no one needed to worry about her because, unlike in the past, she wouldn't do anything regrettable just because Ridge had left her. Brooke relayed that Bill thought the development should free her to be with him; however, the experience had taught her that acting upon desires came at her children's expense, and she couldn't let that happen.

Brooke planned to be different and put her kids first. She recalled that Stephanie had always been able to do that with Eric. Brooke had wanted to do it with Ridge, but his priorities had changed. "Mine haven't," Brooke concluded, and her children hugged her.

Hope and Rick left, and Brooke recalled Rick saying that Bill cared for her. She flashed back to her times with Bill, but a slamming door pulled her out of her muse. Bill had entered the house. He told her not to ask him to leave because he wouldn't do it.

Brooke told Bill that they'd already talked about it, but Bill said she didn't have to spend a night alone. Bill explained that Ridge and Katie were starting a life together, just like Bill and Brooke had tried to do for months. However, the difference was that Katie and Ridge didn't feel guilty about it.

Brooke didn't want to talk about it, but Bill insisted upon doing so. He said she'd sent him away because of Katie, but Katie wasn't hurt anymore. Brooke had become the one hurt, and Ridge had hurt her. Brooke asserted that Bill was acting like something had changed just because she wasn't the one. "Not for him," Bill added.

Bill reminded Brooke that they'd wanted a life together and to make sure that Katie and the kids would be okay. "Well, they are okay, and we can be, too," he stated. Bill implored Brooke to let go of her idealized version of Ridge, because she and Ridge had both changed.

Bill didn't think Brooke needed her "familiar choice" anymore. He said it was familiar only because Brooke knew Ridge always chose someone else over her. "It's time to move on," Bill told her.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Wyatt entered while Quinn was remembering her liaison with Bill. She said she and Wyatt didn't have to discuss the situation if he couldn't handle it. Wyatt relayed that Bill was enthralled with Brooke. "Oh, your father and his hobbies," Quinn replied. Quinn knew that Bill had said Brooke was the only woman for him, but Quinn also knew that Bill wasn't the only man for Brooke.

Wyatt warned Quinn not to get her hopes up, but Quinn said she wasn't a schoolgirl with a crush. Wyatt assumed that she was still attracted to Bill. Quinn, however, saw "attraction" as tame. She felt that what she and Bill had was visceral and raw. Wyatt said someone could get hurt, but Quinn thought people got hurt due to being unrealistic.

Quinn said she knew Bill, what motivated him, and what he needed. She didn't believe in daydreaming; she simply acted upon her desires. Wyatt stated that he was only trying to figure out what his mother wanted. Quinn claimed to only want three things in life. She wanted her son's happiness, a successful business, and a companion for herself.

Thus far in her life, Quinn hadn't met a man that excited her as much as Bill. Quinn called Brooke whiny and needy, but Wyatt stated that Quinn was talking about his future mother-in-law. Quinn felt that she could appreciate Bill in a way that Brooke couldn't. Quinn figured that Brooke felt ashamed and expected Bill to feel just as bad, but Bill's mind didn't work that way.

Quinn was sure that Bill would get fed up and move on once Brooke rejected him again. When it happened, Quinn planned to be there to show him that one woman in his life truly understood him.

Later, the office was vacant when Hope entered. Wyatt slipped in and kissed her. She guessed that meant they were okay. Wyatt claimed he wasn't upset that he'd be the only guy to see her in lingerie. Hope stated that Aly had been overbearing, but Aly had made valid points. Hope was hoping that Aly, who'd succeeded in being heard, would back off a bit.

Wyatt highly doubted that. He said that shadows were hard to shake. Hope naughtily said that Aly wasn't there at the moment. He contemplated locking the door to be safe, and the two kissed.

Back at Liam's house, Liam opened the door to leave, and Quinn whizzed by him as she entered. He stopped her in mid-stride to find out what she was doing there. She said she was looking for Bill. Liam noted that Bill wasn't there, and Liam was on his way out. Quinn was willing to wait, but Liam said Bill wouldn't be back that night.

Quinn asked if Bill was with Brooke, and Liam suggested that Quinn return the next day. Quinn wanted to know if Brooke and Bill had gotten back together. From Liam's expression, she guessed that it hadn't happened, but Bill wanted it to. Liam insisted that Quinn leave a message or return the next day.

Quinn gave in and left. Liam locked the front door and left, too. Moments later, Quinn slipped back in through the back patio door. She said to herself that Bill would back that night, and she'd be there when he arrived.

Friday, March 28, 2014

At Brooke's house, Brooke stated that Bill didn't understand her history with Ridge. Bill believed that he understood it perfectly. To Bill, Ridge treated her like garbage, just as her father, who'd floated in and out of her life, had. Bill reasoned that it was why Brooke was so messed up and thought Ridge was her destiny. The upset Brooke insisted that her history with her father had nothing to do with it.

Bill asserted that it had everything to do with it, but Brooke didn't need Ridge anymore because Bill was there for her. Bill didn't intend on going anywhere; he was holding out for her. Brooke told him not to do that, but he asked her to let him spend the night, so they could work things out.

Bill was sure that he and Brooke were close to having what they wanted, and Katie being with Ridge left nothing to hold Brooke and Bill back. Bill had been biding his time until he found the chance to strike and take back his life. He believed that everything was within his grasp, but it started with Brooke.

The first thing Bill wanted to do after getting his company back was to go to Monte Carlo and relive the kiss on the Stella Maris II. Brooke declared that she wasn't flying anywhere with him. Bill said he wasn't accustomed to begging, but he was willing to do it for her. She claimed that she wasn't ready. Bill said that she always asked him to leave, but he implored her to ask him to stay that time.

Bill wanted to recommit to and restart his life with Brooke. He was prepared to move back in with her or get a new house for R.J.'s sake. Brooke said that Bill was moving too fast and jumping to conclusions. Bill didn't know why they were denying themselves affection. He wasn't good with doing it, and being without it made him do things. "What kind of things?" Brooke asked.

Bill stated that he was a man with needs and desires, but they hadn't been met. His life had been on hold, but one word from Brooke would make it right again. Bill kissed her, and she kissed him back. Suddenly, Brooke pulled away and told him to go. He wordlessly left the house.

Later, Rick arrived to see Brooke, and she told him that Bill had been there. Rick was glad that Brooke was done with drinking, but he asked why she was so determined not to take Bill back. Rick stated that Ridge and Brooke had tried things over and over, but they hadn't ever made it work.

Rick felt that Bill had proven his feelings, and in Rick's view, it would be wise for Brooke to stop pushing Bill away. Brooke said Rick and Bill might be right, and she took off to visit Bill.

At Liam's house, Quinn heard the front door open. She went downstairs, where Liam stood with his back to her. Silently, she crept back up the stairs. Liam grabbed a drink, and upon noticing that the sliding door to the deck was slightly ajar, he pulled it closed and frowned.

After a while, Bill arrived home in the mood for scotch. Liam guessed that his father hadn't gotten through to Brooke. Bill said that Brooke was just being stubborn, but he had no intention of giving up. Gesturing to his drink, Bill decided to go upstairs to cuddle up with his "girlfriend here."

In his bedroom, Bill placed his ring on the dresser. Quinn appeared with a tasseled whip in her hand. She guessed that he'd had a rough night, but she promised that it was about to get rougher.

Bill said he appreciated Quinn's interest in him, but she had no idea of the night he'd had. Quinn ripped Bill's shirt open, and Bill called her insane. "Just the way you like it," she quipped. Bill shoved Quinn away and ordered her to get out. Quinn eyes flickered with lust and determination. She slapped the whip against her thigh and charged back at him.

Bill pushed Quinn against the wall and said he wasn't in the mood for her games. Quinn wasn't interested in how he felt about it. "This is what I want!" she declared. Bill called her twisted, and she pulled him in for a kiss. Bill kissed her back, but then he tore himself away and told her that he wasn't drunk like he had been the last time they'd been together.

Quinn was fine with taking Bill sober, but Bill insisted that it wouldn't happen. She replied that he didn't have a choice. Bill called her crazy, and she thanked him for saying so. He bit out that it hadn't been a compliment, but as she pulled off his shirt, she said that crazy in the bedroom was always a compliment. Bill slammed her down onto the bed and climbed on top of her.

Downstairs, Liam saw items in the living room rattling as if he were in an earthquake. "Oh, no! Quinn!" Liam realized. Moments later, Brooke arrived to see Bill, but Liam stated that it wasn't a good time. Brooke figured that Bill might be upset with her, and she asked if Bill was upstairs. Liam doubted that it was a good idea to go up there at the moment.

Back upstairs, Bill was in the middle of taming Quinn when Liam knocked on the door and announced that Brooke was there. Bill shoved Quinn into a closet and implored her to keep quiet. Brooke decided that she was going into the room, and when she entered, she saw what a wreck it was.

"What is this?" Brooke asked, and the conspicuous Bill replied that it was his bedroom. Liam decided that he was going downstairs, and Brooke asked Bill what was going on.

In Rick's office, Wyatt and Hope kissed. They made dinner plans for the evening, and Hope became anxious to call her mother. She was worried about Brooke, and Wyatt revealed that he was also worried about his mother, who had feelings for his father.

Surprised, Hope said Quinn might get her feelings hurt, because Bill was intent on being with Brooke. Wyatt was worried about how Quinn behaved whenever she got too emotionally involved.

Wyatt decided to change the subject. He figured that Hope owed him a private lingerie showing, and he was ready to have it right there at the office. Wyatt had Hope check behind a dressing screen for her outfit, and with a giggle, she instructed him to lock the door.

Hope modeled a purple teddy, and the impressed Wyatt said she would have made a great lingerie model. Hope thought some things were best kept between them, and Wyatt swept her up, placed her on the sofa, and began to make out with her.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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