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Brooke used the papers Katie had signed to set things right for Bill. Wyatt begrudgingly agreed to allow Hope to date him and Liam, and Liam impressed Hope with a visit to the animal shelter. Taylor and Thorne decided to keep their rekindled relationship a secret from Aly.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 28, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, April 28, 2014

In Paris, Taylor and Thorne made out in bed, and she said people would soon start talking. He was sure everyone would want to know why he was smiling so much. Taylor hadn't realized what would unfold by having dinner with Thorne the other night. He guessed she thought they'd spend the time talking about Ridge. She replied that being with Thorne was starting to feel like old times.

Taylor put on her robe and remarked upon the renewed passion within Thorne. Thorne credited her as the reason for some of it, but she said his new job and Paris had something to do with it, too.

Taylor recalled that he'd never blamed her for Darla's death, even though Taylor had been responsible. Thorne recalled that he and Taylor had been in love and about to be married. Taylor had wanted the marriage, but Aly had been very angry. He replied that Aly was still angry about a lot of things. Taylor said it was why she and Thorne were being discreet and cautious.

Taylor and Thorne agreed that they didn't want to hurt Aly. Taylor felt that the counseling had helped Aly, who was working at Forrester and making friends. Thorne was concerned that his daughter was still acting out, and it wasn't the time to tell Aly about Taylor and him. Taylor was okay with that, and she said he was just being a good father, as he had been "back then."

Thorne stated that he'd wanted to marry Taylor, and he'd been ready. Taylor responded that Aly hadn't been ready, and Taylor didn't think they should push Aly.

In the studio, Oliver tried to assure Aly that Taylor couldn't hurt Aly anymore. Aly replied that it was because she'd scared Taylor away. Aly felt that Oliver probably thought she should just get over it, but her family, not Taylor, had suffered. Aly believed her parents would be together at that moment if it hadn't been for Taylor, who'd quickly swooped in and tried to take advantage of Aly's widower father.

Oliver was glad that she'd let him be there for her. Aly didn't know how he could be interested in her, and she said she didn't even compare to Hope, who he'd been in love with. He asserted that Aly did compare, and she was original and unique. He said that everything about her had drawn him in. Aly stated that she'd been drawn in by his honest eyes, and she could tell that he was a good person. She had a strong intuition about people, and she knew she could trust him.

Aly wanted to tell everyone how she felt about Oliver, but Oliver wanted to be cautious because she was the boss's daughter. He felt that what they had was special, and he didn't want anyone to judge it. He rationalized that she didn't need anyone's approval, and she knew what felt right to her. "You do," Aly uttered, and they kissed.

When Aly stopped to catch her breath, Oliver said that secrets could be fun. She asked if that was all she was to him. He said it wasn't, and she replied that it was good because she wouldn't be kissing him like that unless he was her boyfriend. He said that he certainly hoped that he was.

Aly and Oliver kissed again, but Aly decided that she should get home. Oliver asked if Aly would just leave him there all alone. Aly told him that her grandfather would wonder where she was. She said she'd see Oliver the next day, and after she left, Oliver said, "Wow."

At Liam's house, Hope sat on the sofa with Liam, who had his arm around her. Though things were a little different, Liam felt that having her in his arms was a step in the right direction. He said that he didn't want anything else, and Hope placed her head on his shoulder.

Hope seemed distracted. She apologized, but Liam advised her to just be in the moment with him whenever she was with him. Hope agreed, but she said that she needed to talk to Wyatt before it went any further. Liam agreed that she needed to do so, and she needed to do it right away.

Later, Hope arrived at Wyatt's house and found herself in another candlelit setting. He said it was the byproduct of her texting-messaging him that she'd visit him. Hope asked if Wyatt was interested in what had happened at Liam's, but Wyatt replied that he was only interested in what was happening at his house.

Wyatt kissed Hope, but Hope sighed and said she'd agreed to give Liam equal time. Wyatt guessed that meant she'd date both of them. She wanted Wyatt to be a part of it, but she claimed she could understand if he couldn't. Hope's relationship with Wyatt was very important to her; however, if the new arrangement would happen, some things needed to change.

Wyatt guessed what that meant and quipped that his brother was a genius. Hope said that she and Liam wouldn't have that kind of relationship, either, and she wanted Wyatt to understand that she needed the time to move forward. Hope claimed she hadn't wanted to send Wyatt mixed signals, so she hadn't agreed to move in with him. She'd wanted to take things slowly.

Hope noted that Wyatt hadn't said much. Wyatt asked if she wanted to talk or have his answer. He swept her into a kiss and asked if he'd get to live with Hope and throw a few weddings, too. She laughed. He felt that he was the right guy for her, and what they had was what she needed.

Hope had never thought she'd be between two men, but she had to admit that she was in love with two men. Wyatt kissed her again. He said that she loved him, and that it was all he needed to hear.

Hope promised not to drag the time out. Wyatt was glad for that, but he said that if it would be their last night together, then they should make it a night to remember. He suggested that they shut off the phones and open a bottle of wine. "Stay with me tonight," he asked.

Hope said that she couldn't spend the night. Wyatt wanted a list of what he could do. He began kissing her neck and shoulders, and she said those things were okay. He realized that, as long as there was no risk of pregnancy, there was a lot that they could do.

Wyatt kissed Hope again, but she pulled away to make sure he understood why they were doing it. She said it wasn't an ideal situation, but she was thinking about the rest of her life. She felt that she needed some time. Wyatt replied she'd have the time to decide what she needed for the rest of her life. "And it's me, so..." he mumbled, kissing her again.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's house, Hope entered. She said she had told Wyatt about how she intended to date both Liam and Wyatt. Hope said she was glad that Liam recognized how much Hope needed time to figure out what she needed.

Liam guessed that Wyatt had not been happy about the arrangement. Hope agreed. She didn't blame Wyatt because they had been exclusively dating for months. Hope said that she cared about Liam and didn't want to lose him. "You need to decide which one of us you can really marry and which one of us you can really start a family with," Liam said. Hope agreed.

Later, Liam suggested that he could purchase his own RV. "You know that I care about you a lot, but I care about Wyatt too," she said. Liam suggested they could go sailing. Hope promised to make a decision and quickly.

"I love you both," Hope said. She added that she didn't want to allow circumstances to make her choices for her. She wanted to do was right for her future. "You and me together and crazy in love," Liam suggested. Liam kissed Hope, and she smiled.

At his home, Wyatt flipped through photos of Hope on his phone. He happily recalled romantic moments with Hope. Then, he remembered how Hope had told him that she was in love with two men. Quinn entered. She worried that something had gone wrong. Wyatt admitted that Quinn had been right about Hope and Liam. "I was too sure of myself," Wyatt said.

Quinn noted that Liam had issued ultimatums that had resulted in Hope returning to Liam in spite of all the failed weddings. "Hope doesn't deserve you," Quinn said. Wyatt told her never to repeat that again. Wyatt said that the pregnancy scare had changed everything for Hope.

Quinn agreed that it would have changed everything just as her own pregnancy with Wyatt had changed her life. "Fate would have decided for her just like it did for me," Quinn said. "Where does this leave us and our company?" Quinn asked. Quinn worried that Hope was not the girl for Wyatt because it had been too easy for Liam to guilt Hope into taking him back.

Quinn wanted Wyatt to talk to Bill. Wyatt told her to stop. Wyatt tried to make Quinn understand that he did not want her help or his father's help. Quinn worried that Bill had sided with Liam, but Wyatt refused to ask his father to rescue him. Quinn praised Wyatt as the true Spencer son. She promised that Wyatt would have the life he deserved.

At Brooke's place, Brooke awakened to the sound of a horse. She opened her eyes and saw that Bill had played a horse recording on his phone. Brooke wondered if the sound was her new alarm clock. "Want to horse around, my little filly?" Bill teased.

Bill and Brooke laughed and joked about things they did best. Brooke offered to make French toast, and Bill offered to make her breakfast in bed. Bill left the room, and Brooke pulled the papers that Katie had signed from a nearby bag. The papers included Bill's reinstatement at his company and child custody changes. Brooke eyed Katie's signature on both papers. She returned them to her bag.

Later, Brooke and Bill discussed that Bill could not return to his company. Bill said that he planned to start his own business. "It's practically in my DNA," he said. Bill noted that Katie had been firmly entrenched as CEO at Spencer and Karen had not intention of changing her mind.

Brooke gushed that Bill had always made Brooke a priority while Ridge had always had another woman. She recalled Taylor and Caroline. Brooke said that she liked that she had always been the only one in Bill's life. Bill hugged Brooke, but he flashed back to his wild sexcapades with Quinn.

Later, Bill was alone in Brooke's bedroom after Brooke had gone to work. Quinn entered, and Bill was incredulous that she had gotten into Brooke's home. Quinn laid into Bill about Hope's decision to date both Liam and Wyatt. Quinn complained that Wyatt's heart had been broken, and she wanted Bill to step up and offer Wyatt all the same perks that Bill had given Liam.

Bill tried to calm Quinn, but Quinn was on a rant that Bill needed to convince Liam to let go of Hope. Bill told Quinn that she was crazy. Bill reminded her that Wyatt was a tough kid who didn't need his mommy and daddy interfering in his love life. Quinn disagreed.

"He cannot lose her. He cannot lose the only girl he's ever loved," Quinn insisted. Quinn added that she was fighting for their son's happiness. Quinn threatened that if Brooke forgot something, she might return home and discover Bill and Quinn in the bedroom. Bill reminded Quinn that she had promised not to tell Brooke anything. "Make Wyatt a Spencer," Quinn ordered.

At Forrester, Hope worked in her office, and she noted that Liam had sent her a text message and asked if she had decided yet. Hope recalled their romantic times and wedding in Italy. At the same time, Liam was at home, and he looked at pictures on his phone of when he and Hope had been in Italy.

Later in Hope's office, Wyatt sent a text message to Hope with a picture of Wyatt and Hope in it, and Hope recalled time she'd spent with Wyatt in the RV and by a campfire. Hope looked confused.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's, Bill and Quinn argued about Wyatt. Quinn insisted that Bill legally make Wyatt a Spencer. Bill refused to be blackmailed, and Quinn ordered Bill to support Wyatt in Wyatt's quest for Hope. "I'm remaining neutral," Bill said.

Quinn resurrected the past and said that she had been a lot younger than Hope when she had been pregnant with Wyatt. Bill refused to discuss ancient history. Quinn threatened that Bill would "have some 'splainin to do" if Quinn told Brooke about the mind-blowing sex that Bill and Quinn had experienced.

Quinn warned that she'd lost her patience and wanted Bill to support Wyatt, who had "won Hope fair and square." Bill let Quinn rant, and he realized she was irrational. Quinn insisted that Hope was a beautiful little package that Wyatt wanted, and Quinn wanted to make sure that Wyatt got everything he needed and wanted.

At Forrester, Hope worked in her office, and Brooke entered. Brooke asked about Liam, and Hope said that she didn't want to lose Liam or Wyatt. Hope admitted that she'd made the choice to bounce back and forth between two men, but she promised not to do it for long. "It's not fair to any of us," Hope said.

Hope admitted that when she'd thought she was pregnant, she realized she had to get control of her life. "I don't want it to be some random event that happened when I wasn't paying attention," she said. Liam called and asked Hope to meet him. She agreed.

At Spencer, Liam was on the phone. He discussed his idea for the pet rescue story he had in mind. Bob Barker from The Price is Right walked in. Liam was thrilled that Bob had agreed to be interviewed regarding his animal rights views.

Liam asked about how Bob had become personally involved, and Bob answered that he didn't remember a time when he hadn't love animals. Bob shared that animal lovers had to be responsible and guard against overpopulation. Bob also encouraged people to adopt pets from shelters. He added that if someone was looking for a specific breed, they could often find one at a shelter.

Liam was thrilled to share Bob's story with readers. Liam thanked Bob, and Liam said he was headed to a shelter for more interviews. Bob left.

Wyatt entered. Wyatt accused Liam of pressuring Hope to date him. Liam reminded Wyatt that Hope could have walked away, but she had chosen to start dating him again instead. Wyatt disagreed. "Hope and I will be together," Wyatt insisted. Liam shook his head.

At the Forrester residence, Aly sent Oliver a view of the water from her terrace. She called Oliver and said she was looking forward to seeing him again. She confessed that she was tired of sneaking around. Oliver said he had a plan. "I need my Aly fix," Oliver said. Othello entered and overheard the conversation.

Othello wondered if Oliver had cleaned up his scruffy appearance because of Aly. Oliver said that he liked Aly. "She's really gotten to you," Othello said. Othello noted that Aly was a Forrester and was well connected.

Oliver reminded Othello that the Forresters basked in luxury every day. Oliver said that he always worried about Ridge, who had wanted to eliminate the studio and move everything to Paris. Othello noted that it helped to be involved with a Forrester.

At Forrester, on the rooftop, Aly sat down with Caroline, and Aly shared that she and Oliver still wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Aly got a message from Oliver that he planned to meet her on the rooftop. Caroline encouraged Aly to be careful. "There's nothing wrong with taking this slow," Caroline said.

Caroline left, and Oliver showed up. Oliver looked over the parking lot and showed Wyatt's trailer to Aly. Oliver suggested that he wanted to borrow it, and they could drive up the coast for a night or two. Aly said she hadn't expected that offer so soon, but she wanted to go. "I'll make it special for you, Aly," Oliver promised.

Brooke returned home, and she told Bill that he looked good there. "You look so yummy in my bedroom," Brooke said. She said she loved him. "Show me," Bill said. They kissed and talked about being committed to each other. Brooke loved that she was the only woman in his life. Bill hugged her and closed his eyes.

At Forrester, Quinn looked at her phone -- she had a selfie of herself ... and Bill in bed. Wyatt entered and complained about Liam and his latest effort to become "the champion of dogs and cats everywhere," he said sarcastically. Quinn added that Liam should wear a butter knife around his neck rather than a sword. They both worried that Liam had power over Hope. "He isn't the man for Hope. You are," Quinn said.

Hope met Liam at the animal shelter, and he said she would be impressed with the shelter. Hope was impressed that Liam was following his passion for animal rights and writing an article about it. Liam promised a tour to meet four- and two-legged friends. Hope was thrilled.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

At the animal shelter, Hope and Liam excitedly discussed the importance of the animal rescue cause. Inside the shelter, they met Brandon, who gave them a tour of the overcrowded and under-funded housing facilities for the cats and dogs.

Liam expressed his desire to use his article to make people more aware of the spaying and neutering problem. Brandon asked if Hope and Liam had a pet, and Hope replied that she and Liam didn't live together. "We just started dating," Liam added, smiling at Hope.

At Brandon's prompting, Liam conveyed that his mother had fostered dogs for a rescue organization when he'd been younger. It had been a positive experience for Liam, and Hope noted that Liam had the biggest heart of anyone she knew. Bashfully, Liam replied that he wanted to make an impact with his story. Hope said he'd do so because he was very good at opening people's eyes.

The three visited the medical unit that cared for over six hundred animals. Brandon left Hope and Liam with Leslie, the kennel supervisor. Leslie talked to them about the surgeries, spaying, and neutering. Liam and Hope were sad upon seeing the injured and crated animals.

Hope and Liam met Bacon, a three-legged dog on wheels whose hind leg had rotted off. They also met Daredevil, who'd been born without eyes. In the past, Daredevil had whelped whenever he had been touched, and his new owner suspected he'd been abused. The owner said it took a lot of work to rehabilitate animals in that condition.

Next, Hope and Liam interviewed the veterinarian who discussed the daily admissions due to fracture injuries. Hope was curious to know if the animals had been struck by cars. The doctor said that a lot of people rescued the injured animals on the roadside, and Hope wished that people who'd hit the animals would take responsibility for their accidents.

Liam prompted the doctor to discuss the importance of spaying and neutering. The doctor discussed how spaying and neutering prevented the rise in euthanasia, and it helped prevent some diseases like mammary cancer and prostate problems. The doctor felt that people weren't getting educated on how to care for their animals, and they wound up turning their animals in when a little bit of prevention could have kept an animal out of the shelter.

Hope and Liam petted some of the animals, and Hope thanked him for inviting her there. Liam grinned when she gave him a long hug.

At Brooke's house, Bill played with Will on the floor. Realizing how much his son was growing, Bill became wistful about missing time with his son. As Brooke agreed that it wasn't fair to Bill or Will, she looked into her purse to gaze at the secret papers. Bill felt it was wrong that Katie got to spend all the time with Will and run the company into the ground. Bill said there was nothing he could do.

Brooke replied that it wasn't true, but Bill insisted that it was. He said that, even after he'd tried everything from reasoning to fighting back, Katie would not give him equal time with Will, nor would Karen give his job back. For the first time in his life, he felt completely powerless.

Bill tried to get Will to say "Da-Da" as they played. Bill noted that he had an hour or so left until someone arrived to take his son from him. He wondered if it would be that way for the rest of their lives. Brooke said Katie was just being stubborn but that Katie knew that he was a good father. He wished someone would tell Katie that because a couple of hours here and there weren't enough.

Bill noted that his son couldn't spend the night, and he asked when the last time was that he'd kissed the child at bedtime. Bill wanted Will to know, trust, and count on his father. Bill wanted Will to light up at the sight of Bill, not want to punch a wall like Bill had wanted to do at the sight of his father.

Brooke assured Bill that he'd be a better father, and she decided that she needed to go somewhere. She glanced again at the custodial agreement in her purse, and then she took off. Bill played with Will on the floor and promised Will that he would always fight for him.

At Spencer, Ridge and Katie kissed in her office on Katie's lunch break. They contemplated letting things get out of control in the office. Though Katie had many important things to do, she said that nothing was more important than Ridge.

As they kissed more, Ridge noted that Katie wasn't staring at the clock as she usually did when Will was with Bill. Katie didn't like being away from Will for even a few hours, but she felt that it was good for Will to spend time with Bill. Ridge said that Bill was lucky to have any time with the boy at all, and she replied that Bill wanted more time Will and to have his job back, too.

Ridge doubted that would happen because a capable, sexy woman was running Spencer. He admired the gentle way that Katie ran the business. Katie admitted to losing her cool at times, and he guessed she meant with Bill. She knew that Bill wanted more time with Will and to be back at the company. She didn't want Bill to think that she was punishing him.

Ridge thought Katie should always feel good, and he asked what he could do to make Katie feel good. He kissed her neck, and she said he could keep doing what he was doing.

Katie and Ridge broke apart when Brooke entered. Brooke apologized for interrupting, but she said the receptionist was out to lunch. Ridge asked if Brooke had gotten the message from R.J. Smiling, Brooke stated that it had contained the top ten reasons that his parents should let him go to school in Los Angeles. Ridge had found it persuasive, and Brooke said they'd talk about it.

Ridge left to pick up Will, and after Ridge had gone, Brooke asserted to Katie that Ridge going to get Will was insensitive to Bill. Katie replied that Ridge was doing her a favor, so she could stay there and work. Brooke asserted that Bill should get more time with his son while Katie worked.

Brooke asked Katie to allow Will to spend one night with his father, but Katie said it was out of the question because Will needed structure and consistency. Brooke asserted that Katie was keeping Bill from his son and the company. Katie scoffed, saying it wasn't her intention.

Katie said Bill had created the situation, and Brooke asked if Katie even enjoyed what she was doing at Spencer. Brooke felt that everyone knew that there was just one CEO for Spencer, but Karen was adamant about keeping Katie in the position. Brooke said that she was appealing to Katie because everyone was happy but Bill, who sat at home alone all day, doing nothing.

Katie knew that Bill lived for the company and figured that it was hard for him to be at home; however, she said that things had changed, and they all needed to make adjustments. Brooke felt it was time for Katie to make an adjustment. Katie asked what that would be.

Brooke said that Bill had wronged Katie, but he'd made his penitence. Brooke thought she was just asking Katie to do what was fair by giving Bill equal custody and his place in the company. Brooke said that Katie knew it was the right thing to do.

Friday, May 2, 2014

In Rick's office, Wyatt seemed preoccupied, so Quinn told him to find out who Hope was with. Wyatt asked why he should care if Hope was spending time with Liam when Wyatt already knew that Wyatt was the one that Hope would end up with.

Wyatt pretended not to be listening as Quinn buzzed Pam to find out where Hope was. After the call, Quinn concluded that Hope was off with Liam. Wyatt murmured that equal time sucked.

At the shelter, Hope and Liam held hands as they toured the facility. They met councilman Parks and discussed the cultural shift in people's awareness of adoptions and animal treatment. Parks said that the euthanasia rate had been cut in half, and there were more and more adoptions; however, he expressed concern that uneducated pet owners might fail to understand how to care for their pets, and their pets would wind back up at the shelter.

The group talked about people getting exotic pets like rabbits for Easter or purchasing a snake without knowing how big it would get. Once the people realized they couldn't handle the pet, it wound up becoming a stray. The shelter was helping that problem by educating people through "Forever Home," so that people would learn about their animals before buying or adopting them.

Next, Liam and Hope met Brenda Barnette, the general manager of animal services. Brenda said that the dog pound had once been the place to avoid when looking for pets, but they'd garnered a reputation for rehabilitating pets for adoption. She felt that if they promoted the shelter well, people would turn there for pets, and the United States would become a no-kill nation very quickly.

Liam and Hope went to the training area, where Brandon was training a fearful pit bull. As Brandon soothed the dog to get it to bond with him, he reminded them of the importance of spaying, neutering, and saving a life by picking a pet from the shelter.

Later, Liam happened upon Hope cuddling a white cat. Hope cooed that she loved it, and she asked if she had to put it back in his cage. Liam replied that they didn't because the male cat had been adopted. "He's ours," Liam replied, smiling, and Hope's eyes lit up with awe and joy.

The workers took the cat to prepare it for adoption, and Hope gleefully thanked Liam. She said that it was truly a day that she'd never forget. She grinned and hugged him. A song played as Hope flashed back on the remarkable and touching day she'd had with Liam.

The worker returned with Hope's "Honey Butt," and as she held the cat, she said she couldn't believe that he was hers. She thanked Liam again and gratefully kissed him. Liam smiled.

At Spencer, Katie was sure Brooke wouldn't believe it, but Katie worked hard at Spencer and did a good job. Brooke responded that Katie wasn't Bill, and Katie quipped that some employees were glad for that. Brooke said that Katie, Ridge, and Brooke were all in better places, so Katie could stop punishing Bill and let him have his job back.

Brooke wondered if Katie felt guilty that a mere one percent made Katie CEO. Katie asserted that Karen's fifty percent had made it happen, but Brooke noted that Karen obviously had issues with Bill. Brooke said Katie was a betrayed wife, and it was understandable that she'd want to torture Bill a little bit. Brooke stated that Katie had done that, and enough was enough.

Katie refused to give up the job she loved, so Brooke asked that Katie at least give Bill more custody rights because Katie was at work most of the time. Katie refused to do it. She felt that Bill had left the marriage, which meant he couldn't have an all-access pass to Will.

Katie decided that there was nothing Brooke could do about it, but Brooke replied that she couldn't accept that answer. Brooke didn't want to make their sibling relationship any worse; however, Brooke felt that Katie was wrong, and Brooke had to fix it if Katie wouldn't.

Katie asserted that Karen wanted Katie in charge, but Brooke replied that Karen could only dictate that due to Katie's one percent ownership. Brooke had confirmed with Justin that as long as the ownership was equal between Bill and Karen, Bill would be CEO. Katie noted that she had her one percent, which meant that nothing would change.

Katie decided that she had to go to meet Ridge and Will, but Brooke declared that Will would stay for the night with Brooke and Bill. Katie refused to let that happen, and Brooke said Katie had to stop punishing Bill. Katie still refused to let it happen, and Brooke stated that Katie had signed papers.

Katie reminded Brooke that she'd destroyed the papers. "Did I say that?" Brooke asked, reaching into her purse. Brooke retrieved the papers and said that they were still valid. Brooke stated that the papers would return Bill as CEO and give him equal custody of Will.

Katie grumbled that Brooke had switched the papers to make things right. "Yes, for you. And now I need to make things right for Bill," Brooke concluded. Katie asked Brooke not to use the papers and said that Brooke knew what Bill had done to get Katie's signature. "But you signed them, didn't you?" Brooke responded. Brooke said the papers were legal, effective immediately.

Katie decided that Bill was using Brooke, but Brooke replied that he didn't know anything about it. Brooke lectured that she'd tried to talk to Katie, and she'd tried to talk to Karen, but they hadn't listened. Brooke had to take matters into her own hands. Katie said she wouldn't let Brooke; however, Brooke responded, "As you said: 'there's nothing you can do about it.'"

At Brooke's house, Bill was shocked when Ridge arrived to pick up Will. Bill was frustrated and guessed Katie was too busy to pick up the child herself. Ridge asked for the diaper bag, but Bill said Will wouldn't go anywhere with Ridge. Ridge thought that Katie and Bill needed to work out their problems themselves, but for the time being, Ridge was taking Katie's son out of there.

Bill muttered that he was sick of the situation and sick of waiting for his life to fall into place. Ridge replied that Bill at least had Brooke. Bill agreed, but he wanted it all. Bill raged that Katie had denied him time with his child out of spite, and she'd stolen his company. Bill asked if, man-to-man and father-to-father, Ridge felt right taking Bill's son.

Shrugging, Ridge said it was a complicated situation. Bill decided he'd take Will to Katie once she was off work; however, Ridge insisted upon picking up the child as Katie had asked him to do. "No, you're not," Brooke said, entering the house.

Ridge asked "Logan" not to make the situation ugly, but Brooke insisted that Will would stay there. Bill asked what Brooke had done. Ridge's phone rang, and a distraught Katie was on the other line. Ridge listened, ended the call, and walked out of the house.

Bill seemed confused. Brooke pulled the papers from her purse, and Bill gaped as he took possession of them. He appeared emotional as he looked at the papers, his son, and Brooke. He tenderly kissed Brooke and pulled her into his arms.

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