The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 2014 on B&B

Bill reclaimed his throne at Spencer and decreed that Wyatt was a legal Spencer heir. Eager to begin a new chapter in their lives, Ridge proposed to Katie. Taylor and Thorne arrived from Paris to talk to Aly about their relationship, and Aly brandished an axe to cut off the threat to her family.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, May 5, 2014

At the sky lounge, Quinn stewed over Hope being with Liam. Wyatt said he'd get equal time by seeing Hope that night, but Quinn couldn't believe he was okay with that. Wyatt replied that Hope could date a dozen guys, but she'd always end up with him.

In Rick's office, Liam carried in Hope's new cat in a box crate, and Hope beamed that she'd probably visit the shelter every week. Liam joked that she'd go there until every animal was hers. Hope hugged and thanked Liam. She greeted the cat in a baby's voice and cuddled him.

Pam entered and met the cat. Quinn and Wyatt entered, and Hope introduced them to the newest member of her family that she'd gotten at the shelter with Liam. Hope asked if Quinn wanted to hold the cat, but Quinn claimed to be allergic. Unsurprised to hear that, Pam volunteered to take the cat on a walk. As she left, Pam murmured that they didn't want the cat catching any "weird diseases."

Wyatt said animal rights was a good cause, and Liam suggested that Quinn adopt a Yorkie to soften her image. Wyatt congratulated Hope on her cat, and Liam suggested that he and Hope train it that night. Wyatt claimed that since Liam had been with Hope all day, Wyatt would get the night shift.

Liam replied that it was technically up to Hope. His phone chimed, and he said he had to leave on a work emergency. Hope hugged him, thanked him for the day, and said she loved her kitten. After Liam had gone, Wyatt reminded the agitated Quinn that she had inventory to do.

Once alone with Hope, Wyatt guessed that Liam had blown her away that day. Hope admitted that she was impressed with the difficult cause Liam had taken on. Wyatt thought of a cause he could have, like forming a support group for guys who have to share their girlfriends. He expressed confidence that he knew the endgame. Hope replied that Liam believed that Liam did, too.

Hope reasoned that the half-brothers were more alike than they realized. Wyatt thought that was a blow to his ego, but Hope replied that it was high praise. He joked that it was a dilemma for Hope, but when she agreed, he stated that it really wasn't. Wyatt believed that Liam was a great guy; however, only one of them could truly make Hope happy, and only one had done so consistently.

Later, Hope was alone, cuddling her cat. She grinned as she flashed back on the day with Liam.

At Brooke's house, Bill was astounded that Brooke had kept the papers. He said she'd given him back his son and his company, and he knew it couldn't have been easy for her. She agreed that it hadn't been, but Katie hadn't listened. They kissed, and she urged him to go to his office, where he belonged.

At Spencer, Katie paced around anxiously as Ridge arrived to find out why she'd changed her mind about having him pick up her son. Katie announced that Bill had equal custody and the CEO position. "This isn't my office anymore," she told Ridge.

Katie explained to Ridge what had happened with the papers that she'd thought Brooke had destroyed. Ridge was sure the idea to cash in on the papers had been Bill's, but Katie asserted that Brooke was doing it all on her own. Katie noted that things changed quickly around there.

Ridge replied that he and Katie hadn't changed, and she couldn't let "them" destroy what he and Katie had. Katie claimed it wouldn't happen, but she was disconcerted that Brooke had done it after behaving as if she'd been equally disgusted by Bill's methods of getting Katie's signature. Katie was upset that she'd lost full custody and no longer had control over her son's life.

Bill and Brooke arrived with Will. Bill handed the child to Katie and strode behind the CEO's desk. He said he was sorry to Katie, and he knew it couldn't be easy for her. Katie claimed that she'd talked to her attorneys and to Karen, and Katie planned to give him a battle like he wouldn't believe.

Bill had seen enough legal battles to know that Katie's would be over before it even began. He declared that he was CEO again -- as it should be. Ridge didn't think it was fair play, but Bill reasoned that Ridge hadn't been around when Katie and Karen had conned Bill out of his own company.

Brooke interjected an apology to Katie, who Brooke hadn't really wanted to do it to. Katie started to snip back; however, Bill quelled the bickering by saying that a lot could be argued on both sides, but none of it mattered. Bill said that it had been done, he was CEO, and they needed to work out a schedule for Will. Katie claimed the boy had a schedule, but Bill said that, as of that day, it had changed.

Katie asked if Bill would take Will with him to work because Will had play dates with the kids in the nursery. Bill replied that he wouldn't do that -- Katie would. Katie had been an executive in the company before the divorce, and Bill offered to let her continue to be one.

"Let's get out of here," Ridge grumbled, but Katie stayed put to ask about the fate of her assistants. Bill replied that the company needed stability, and he'd make decisions based upon performance, not spite. Brooke told Katie that Bill wasn't a dictator, but Katie quipped that Brooke knew nothing. "You haven't worked with him. You've only slept with him," Katie added.

Katie started sobbing as she tried to explain Will's nightly schedule to Bill. Bill replied that Katie loved Will, and so did Bill. Katie told Will that he'd go to spend time with his father and Aunt Brooke, and Ridge and Katie silently left without the child.

Liam arrived and stammered upon seeing Bill in the CEO's chair, holding Will. Bill announced that Katie's reign was over, and "your daddy is CEO again, thanks to Brooke." Liam hugged Bill.

Liam exited, and Justin arrived with Alison, who beamed about Bill being back. "And you're a brunette. I didn't give you permission," Bill told Alison. She said that he had room for only one blonde in his life. Bill explained to Justin how the papers had resurfaced, and Justin was glad to have Bill back.

Brooke explained that Bill and Karen had equal ownership again, which made Bill CEO. Alison wanted to have champagne because the Wicked Witch of the East had returned to Oz. Bill quietly said he didn't want to hear things like that. Katie was in pain, and he didn't want to take pleasure in it.

Justin and Alison left, and Brooke asked Bill how he felt. Bill had never thought he'd be back in the place that he'd raised, nurtured, and protected. He said it had been like a child, and he'd been lost without it and Will. Bill felt that he had his life back, all because of an incredible woman. He thanked her.

In Liam's office, Quinn strode in to say that an animal shelter tour and a kitten weren't surprising from a pussycat like Liam. He tried to get her to leave, but she told the "tree hugger" not to dismiss her. Liam feigned surprise that Quinn had something against animals and trees, too.

Quinn accused Liam of bribing Hope with a kitten, but Liam responded that Hope had rescued an animal that hadn't had much time left. He called the action responsible and compassionate. Quinn poked him with her purse, saying that he was monopolizing Hope's time, which wasn't part of the deal.

Liam asserted that he had no deal with Quinn. He informed Quinn that Hope was a woman of principles, and he'd shared the principles long before Quinn and Wyatt had arrived. Liam said it was the type of thing he had to offer Hope, but Wyatt didn't.

At her house, Katie couldn't believe what had happened. She cared about the Spencer employees, and she felt she'd been making a difference. Ridge told her that she'd continue to do that, and she thanked him for being there for her. He asked what he could do to make it better.

Katie wondered if she could actually work at Spencer after having been in charge. Ridge said she didn't have to make the choice right away, and she joked about him getting her a job at Forrester. He asked if she wanted one, but chuckling, she replied, "Not really." Katie didn't know what she wanted.

Katie wondered if she should fight it and fight for her vision at Spencer. She asked if she could put her son through it. Katie began to get upset, but Ridge said Will would be fine, and Brooke knew how to handle a toddler. Katie felt like she was once again starting over.

Ridge said that Katie was, but there was an opportunity for a new beginning. He liked the idea of beginning again with Katie and being free of the baggage. Katie said she'd lived with anger and sadness for so long that she didn't know if she could function without it. Ridge said it would be easy, and she just needed to give him a yes-or-no answer.

Katie asked what the question was, and Ridge asked her to marry him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

by Pam

In Liam's office, Quinn ranted that Liam had tried to lure Hope away from Wyatt with a kitten. Quinn advised Liam to enjoy his stolen moments because he had been prolonging the inevitable. Quinn insisted that Wyatt and Hope would end up together. Liam suggested that Quinn get a life of her own and stop being so wrapped up in Wyatt's life...and Bill's life. Quinn bristled at the mention of Bill.

Liam added that Wyatt was a grown man, and Quinn needed to stop meddling. Liam called Quinn weirdly interesting. Liam suggested that Quinn find a man of her own -- anyone but his dad. Quinn pretended she hated Bill, but Liam told her that he knew all about their romp. Liam reminded Quinn that his dad had been drunk and vulnerable. "It didn't mean anything, and he has no room for you in his life," Liam said. He added that Bill and Brooke were madly in love.

At Katie's, Ridge proposed to Katie. He promised to give them a fresh start. He told Katie how much he loved her and how he'd felt unable to breathe for years. "I can finally breathe again with you," he said.

Ridge admitted that he had not intended to ask Katie to marry him that day. He had wanted to prepare a speech and have a ring. He had neither. Instead, he tied a red ribbon around her finger as a reminder. "It's a reminder that I'm here for you," he said.

Ridge added that sometimes a person's biggest heartache could turn out to be the biggest blessing. "We're meant to be together, because I love you, Katie Logan, more than life itself. My greatest gift is that I know you love me too. Say that you'll marry me."

Katie tearfully smiled and wondered if Ridge had proposed just to make her feel better because she had lost her position at Spencer and had to share custody with Bill. It had been a really bad day. Ridge told her it wasn't meant only to make her feel better, but he was glad it had.

Ridge said she needed to take a leap of faith with him and jump in with both feet. He promised to be there to catch her if she fell. Katie tearfully smiled. Ridge apologized. He said he shouldn't have asked her to marry him after she'd had a bad day.

Katie stopped Ridge. She asked him ask her again. Katie smiled, and Ridge got down on one knee and proposed. "Nothing could keep me from it. I can't wait to be your wife," she said. She promised to jump in with both feet and catch Ridge if ever he fell. They kissed.

In Bill's office at Spencer, Bill rocked Will to sleep, and Bill told Brooke how grateful he was that Brooke had gone to great personal expense to return Bill's company to him and to restore his shared custody of Will. Bill noted that Brooke had permanently damaged her relationship with Katie. "Katie was being punitive," Brooke said to justify her actions. Brooke insisted that it had needed to be done.

Bill promised that he would prove himself worthy of Brooke for the rest of his life. Brooke said that Bill had already proven himself to her. Brooke claimed that she felt it was the first time in her life that she had no doubts about the man she was with. "I believe in us," Brooke said. Alison entered and took Will off for his nap.

Brooke said that she had known Katie would be unhappy, but Brooke blamed Katie for being stubborn. Bill agreed and added that his company needed him. "Katie was in way over her head," Bill said. Bill admitted that Katie was talented and did indeed belong in the corporate world -- but not in his office. Brooke agreed, and Brooke added that she had betrayed her sister again by choosing Bill over her sister.

Brooke insisted she had to try to repair her relationship with Katie. Brooke planned to visit Katie. Bill discouraged it, but Brooke was adamant. Bill said he would be working at his company and taking his son home to Brooke's. They kissed.

Bill thanked Brooke again. Brooke reminded Bill that he had never given up on a relationship with Brooke. She added that they had an unbreakable bond, and no one could ever change that. They kissed.

Brooke left, and Quinn entered. Quinn noted that Brooke was crazy about Bill. Quinn reminded Bill that Brooke might not want to hear about how he had cheated on Brooke with Quinn. Bill reminded Quinn that it had been nothing but sex that Bill and Quinn had had. Bill recalled that Brooke had been at her failed wedding to Ridge when they'd had their sexcapade, so it could hardly be considered cheating.

Bill said he'd had it with Quinn's threats of blackmail. Quinn insisted that Bill act quickly to give Wyatt the Spencer name and support Wyatt and Hope's relationship. In exchange, Quinn would keep her lips sealed.

At Katie's, Brooke showed up, and Katie asked what Brooke could possibly want. Brooke wanted Katie to realize that Bill deserved to be back at his company, and he deserved equal time with Will. Katie reminded Brooke that Bill had tricked Katie and slept with her in order to get her to sign over the company -- with the papers that Brooke had kept while Katie had thought the papers had been destroyed. "Now you're doing his dirty work for him," Katie said to Brooke.

Katie added that she no longer wanted to fight with Brooke or Bill. Katie had decided to let go of her anger. Katie said she had packed a bag for Will, and Katie agreed that Bill deserved shared custody. Katie did ask that Bill and Brooke adhere to schedules she had worked out because it was important for Will.

Brooke agreed and said she was happy that Katie had let go of her anger. Katie said that she was starting a new chapter of her life and embarking on a new adventure. Brooke said she was happy for her. Katie gushed that Ridge had proposed. "I'll be Mrs. Ridge Forrester," Katie said with a smile. Brooke squinted and looked shocked.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Brooke expressed her shock that Katie and Ridge had become engaged. Katie noted how things had worked out for her because one of her worst days had turned into one of her best. Katie recalled that Ridge had proposed to her right after Brooke had used the legal papers against Katie.

Brooke suggested that Ridge had proposed to Katie in order to get back at Brooke for giving Spencer back to Bill. Katie smiled at Brooke's arrogance. Katie laughed at Brooke thinking everything Ridge had done was about her. Brooke warned that Ridge would hurt Katie, but Katie informed Brooke that Ridge was the man of her dreams. Katie couldn't believe that Brooke thought that everything Ridge did had to do with Brooke.

Katie explained that the red ribbon around her finger was all she needed to be assured of Ridge's commitment to her. Katie added that Bill had given her countless diamonds and even a tiara, but they meant nothing. "How many rings do you have, Brooke?" Katie asked. Katie noted that Brooke should be happy because she was with Bill. Brooke said that she was happy. Brooke looked teary-eyed and left.

At Forrester, Ridge had called a meeting. He told everyone that Brooke had managed to get Bill back in charge at Spencer. Ridge also announced that he planned to marry Katie. Everyone was shocked. Ridge explained that it was perfect timing and a happy coincidence.

Rick wondered what Ridge was up to. Rick said that he was glad Ridge was out of his mother's life, but he worried about Katie. Ridge and Rick started to argue, but Eric told them to stop. Rick and Eric left.

Brooke entered the office, and Ridge asked how Brooke could hurt her sister again. Brooke said that it had been the right thing to do. Ridge wondered if Brooke had given Bill his company back in order to punish Ridge for his relationship with Katie. Brooke countered that Ridge had punished Brooke by proposing to Katie.

Ridge wondered what Brooke saw in Bill other than a physical relationship. "How do you take him seriously?" Ridge asked. Brooke said Bill had been good enough for Katie, but Ridge reminded her that Bill had not been good enough for Katie or Brooke.

Brooke worried that Ridge would get bored with Katie, and it would be another failed marriage that hurt Will and R.J. Ridge disagreed, and he told her that he had changed, and he loved Katie. Brooke admitted that Ridge had gotten her attention with the proposal. "Don't marry Katie for all of our sakes," Brooke said.

"I will marry Katie," Ridge answered. He added that he was committed to Katie. He softened and told Brooke that a part of him would always love Brooke. "You have captivated me most of my adult life, but we're not the same people anymore. You know that," he said. Ridge hugged Brooke, and she cried.

In Bill's office at Spencer Publications, Quinn repeated her demand that Bill give Wyatt the Spencer name and Bill's support of Wyatt's relationship with Hope. In exchange, Quinn promised to keep her sex romp with Bill a secret. Quinn said Bill needed to do it immediately. Bill was unhappy, but Quinn advised him to be prepared to do what she asked. She showed Bill a photo of them on her phone -- they were in bed, evidence of their affair.

Quinn reminded Bill that Wyatt needed his support and that Bill had coddled Liam for too long. Quinn recalled that Liam had squandered every chance he had ever had with Hope. It was Wyatt's turn.

Outside at Forrester, Wyatt gave Hope a bejeweled collar for her kitten. Quinn called and interrupted to tell Wyatt to meet her at Spencer because Bill was back in charge at Spencer. Hope thanked Wyatt for the gift, and they kissed. Wyatt left.

Caroline entered Katie's house and excitedly demanded to see Katie's engagement ring, but Caroline wondered what the red ribbon on her finger signified. Caroline noted that Katie looked happy. Katie guessed that Brooke had already headed over to Forrester to convince Ridge not to marry Katie.

Wyatt arrived at Spencer Publications and congratulated Bill. Quinn exclaimed that Bill had called Wyatt for a reason. Bill told Wyatt that he had been blessed to discover that Wyatt was his son. Quinn blurted out that Bill wanted to give Wyatt the Spencer name.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Bill's office, Quinn urged Bill to give Wyatt the announcement. Bill wanted to talk to Wyatt alone, but bursting at the seams, Quinn announced that Bill wanted to give Bill's name to Wyatt.

Bill claimed that he'd thought about it before, and Wyatt responded that Bill hadn't been as sure about it as he'd been with Liam. Bill asked Wyatt not to compare himself to Liam, who'd arrived under a different set of circumstances. Bill had never been a father before, and Liam had lost his mother.

Bill said that Wyatt had made a name for himself that hadn't been Bill's. Bill felt that he'd done the same thing in life -- except his father had tried to take the credit for it. Bill had wished he'd had any name but his father's, and because of that, Bill had assumed that Wyatt would feel the same way.

Just then, Liam entered, and tensing upon seeing Quinn and Wyatt, Liam asked if he was interrupting. Quinn ordered Liam to get out, but Bill told her not to talk to his son that way. She continued, saying Bill was making Wyatt a Spencer, and Liam couldn't stop it. Bill told her to shut up.

Liam contemplated the name "Wyatt Spencer." Quinn shouted that no one cared what Liam thought. Liam asked if Bill had really thought he couldn't tell Liam about it. Wyatt stated that Bill hadn't known how Wyatt would feel about it. Wyatt thanked Bill for considering Wyatt's feelings and added that he'd be honored to be a Spencer.

Bill and Wyatt hugged as Justin entered. Bill instructed Justin to petition the court to make Wyatt a legal Spencer and heir. Bill suggested that Wyatt go with Justin to provide all the identification information the court would need.

Justin and Wyatt left, and Quinn stated that Bill hadn't told Wyatt that Bill would support Wyatt's relationship with Hope. In sudden realization, Liam guessed that Quinn was blackmailing Bill. "Oww..." Quinn tonelessly responded and declared that Liam couldn't stop Wyatt from being a Spencer.

Liam stated that that didn't bother him. Instead, he was concerned that Bill was letting Quinn walk all over him. Bill claimed that he'd planned to have the talk with Wyatt. Liam said it was happening quickly because Quinn planned to tell Brooke about Bill and Quinn's crazy "sexacapades." Quinn asked what was crazy about them. "The you part!" Liam exclaimed.

Liam was fine with Wyatt being a Spencer, but Liam implored Bill not to let Quinn lead Bill around by the nose. Bill claimed that he didn't need Liam to tell Bill how to live his life, but Liam asked if Bill would rather Quinn do it. Quinn flashed the picture she had on her phone, and disgusted, the men ordered her to put it away. Bill asked Liam to leave so Bill could handle it.

Liam insisted that Quinn only had a photo like that because she intended upon using it. Liam wondered how much Quinn would make Bill give up until she eventually did use it. Bill said Quinn had sworn not to tell Brooke, but Quinn stated that she didn't recall putting her hand on a Bible.

Liam said Brooke had been through too many improprieties to stand in judgment of Bill. Bill said nothing. Frustrated, Liam decided to go do his job before Quinn forced Bill to give it to Wyatt.

Liam left, and Quinn asked how badly Bill wanted to kiss her. Pouring himself a drink, Bill called her crazy. Quinn said she looked at situations and kicked butt until they were how she wanted them. Her next question was how Bill would support Hope and Wyatt.

Bill said that Quinn was wrong to think she'd backed him into a corner on legitimizing Wyatt. Bill would have gotten there faster and more genuinely without the badgering. He asserted that Quinn wouldn't go to Brooke because if Quinn did, Brooke would have Hope cut Quinn out at Forrester. Bill suspected that Brooke would then tell Hope to get away from Wyatt.

Quinn remarked that reward was more effective than punishment, and she wondered how to reward Bill. She knew his heart was taken, but she asked if his body needed a girl on the side. "I will never be that hard up," Bill retorted. Quinn was sure that Brooke would lock him out one day, and "think about it. I don't need affection. And you know I know what you like."

Later, Liam was in his office when Wyatt arrived. Liam guessed that Wyatt had been "Spencer-ized," and Wyatt said that they just needed a judge's signature. Wyatt asked if Liam had meant what he'd said earlier. Liam replied that he'd always seen Wyatt as his brother and joked that it was why Wyatt "pissed" him off so much. Wyatt noted that he hadn't treated Liam well and jokingly added that he wasn't about to start. Liam stated that he wouldn't expect anything different.

At the Forrester studio, Aly slipped up to hug Oliver from behind. Oliver warned her that they had to be careful, but she asked if he'd cut himself shaving. He wondered where the cut was, and as she pointed it out, she kissed his cheek. Oliver asked what he'd do with her.

Aly wished she could tell her mother about how happy she was. Aly said that if wishing were all it took, then Darla would be in the world, and someone else wouldn't be. Oliver understood that Aly wanted to share her happiness with her mother and father, and he wanted that for her -- as long as her father didn't have a gun.

Aly claimed that her father was the sweetest man in the world. Oliver agreed that Thorne was great, but Oliver didn't think Thorne would like the camper trip idea. Aly recalled that Thorne hadn't wanted her to be anywhere near cars, and she hadn't crossed the street alone until she was twelve. Aly stated that a person needed more than to be safe all the time.

Aly began to worry that she was holding Oliver back. She felt that she'd lived a sheltered life, and Oliver asked if her father had been overprotective. Aly didn't know, but she felt that she didn't know anything and that Oliver would have to teach her everything. Oliver replied that she was good at being herself, and that was the only skill that mattered to him.

On the Forrester jet, Taylor remarked that she and Thorne were almost home, but she didn't really know where home was any longer. Thorne replied that Los Angeles, the place where they'd had their careers and raised their children, would always be home. Taylor felt it would be different because they were returning as a couple. She wondered how Aly would feel about that.

Thorne claimed that Aly wasn't the same girl she'd been, and Taylor remarked that Aly had avoided any family function that Taylor had attended. Thorne reasoned that Aly had become a young woman, and he wasn't a young man anymore. He'd done his mourning, and he didn't have to be alone or walk away from love. He felt that Aly would have to understand it.

Later, Taylor fell asleep and dreamed of when she'd first fallen in love with Thorne. She awakened in time to put her seatbelt on. She remarked that in the past, Thorne had taught her that love meant absolute forgiveness, but she'd known she couldn't expect that from Aly.

Thorne recalled being heartbroken when he and Taylor had had to end things; however, his daughter had needed his full attention, and he'd most likely needed hers. It had caused him to lose his ambition, and to him, life was simpler when the goal was happiness.

Later, Taylor and Thorne arrived in the Forrester CEO's office. Pam was delighted to see Thorne but was snippy with Taylor, who Pam doubted Aly would want to see. Pam left, and Thorne admitted to Taylor that he was getting cold feet. As Taylor encouraged Thorne to be honest with Aly, the two hugged, and Oliver witnessed it from the doorway.

Oliver waited for Taylor to leave before he entered the room to talk to Thorne. Oliver said that it looked as if Thorne and Taylor were together, and if they were, Aly could not know about it.

Back in the studio, Pam entered to find Aly. Pam said she had a surprise, but she wasn't supposed to tell Aly. Aly asked what was behind Pam's back, and Pam revealed a medieval axe that Charlie had picked up from an antique store after he'd gone with Pam to the medieval dinner in Aly's stead. Aly noted how heavy and sharp it was.

Pam had thought Oliver might want to use it in a photo shoot. Aly thought that the creative Oliver might, and she suggested that Pam leave it there.

After Pam had gone, Aly saw a vision of her mother. She wished that Darla was there to tell her what to do. The vision disappeared, and Aly returned to working. Taylor entered the room quietly, and when Aly looked up, she became terrified at the sight of Taylor. "Aly," Taylor said, smiling.

Friday, May 9, 2014

In Bill's office, Justin explained some of the formalities that Wyatt had to go through before his name became legal. Caroline entered and heard Justin congratulate her cousin. She did it, too, and then asked why she was doing it. "I have a new name," Wyatt proudly replied. Caroline was impressed that her uncle had stepped up, and Justin decided to take off to finish the paperwork. Caroline checked Wyatt's social media page, which had him still listed under Fuller. She complained that the name change hadn't happened until it was on his page. She also complained that he hadn't accepted the family request to his friend's list that she'd sent "ages ago."

Caroline suddenly realized that Wyatt had done Hope a huge favor. Wyatt asked how, and Caroline groaned, saying, "Hope Fuller like 'hopeful.' I mean, could you imagine?" Looking at the bright side, Caroline decided that Hope would be a Spencer no matter what man she chose.

In Rick's office, Hope accessorized some models, and as they left, Quinn took credit for knowing the pieces would work. Quinn said that she was right about more things than jewelry. Hope stated that she'd trust Quinn's jewelry advice, but picking a man was up to Hope alone. Quinn stated that Hope would want to get to picking quickly once she'd heard Quinn's news.

Quinn gave Hope the news about Wyatt's new last name. Hope asked how Quinn felt about it, and Quinn explained that, though she'd hated the name for years, the world hadn't ended upon Wyatt finding his father. Quinn was happy that Wyatt would have the prestigious name.

Hope didn't see what bearing it had upon her choosing between Liam and Wyatt. Quinn noted that the name change would make it obvious to Hope's fans that Hope was dating brothers, and Quinn figured Hope could avoid the "which brother will she choose" scandal. Hope was willing to put up with the gossip because she had to make the right decision. Quinn was confident that Hope would do that.

Sometime after Quinn had gone, Wyatt arrived, and Hope congratulated him on his new name. Wyatt imagined pillowcases embroidered with Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and their wedding date. Hope asked if the name would take getting used to for Wyatt or if he'd miss the Fuller name. Wyatt reasoned that he'd found where he belonged, and things were just getting better and better. He believed it had all started with meeting Hope, and he kissed her.

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie arrived in knight's garb. Pam exclaimed that he was her knight in shining armor. They had plans to attend a medieval event, and Pam said it got her "bustle in a bunch" to see how much Charlie liked the jousting. She was disappointed that Aly wouldn't be joining them. It had once been her and Aly's thing. Charlie replied that it had become "our" thing.

Charlie asked if Pam had remembered to take the axe he'd gotten to the photo studio, and Pam replied that she'd done it. She was sure that Oliver would fall in love with the idea of shooting Pam and Charlie with their medieval weapons, and it would be the best photo shoot ever.

In the CEO's office, Oliver felt that Thorne was lucky that Aly hadn't seen Thorne embracing Taylor. Thorne asked what business it was of Oliver's, and Oliver said he cared about Aly and didn't want to see her hurt. Thorne felt that his daughter was an adult, and he explained that he and Taylor had a dating history that had started even before he'd married Darla.

Thorne, who'd been willing to put his life on hold to be the best father he could be, said Aly was old enough, they lived in different cities, and he was allowed to be happy. Thorne was confident that he and Taylor, the therapist, could handle talking to Aly. Oliver stated that Thorne hadn't been around, and Aly still talked to her mother. Surprised that Oliver knew about that, Thorne reasoned that it comforted Aly, but he believed that she knew it was just her imagination.

Thorne asked what was going on with Oliver and Aly. Oliver said they hung out together, and Aly confided in him sometimes. Thorne wasn't comfortable with an older guy hanging out with Aly. Oliver dismissed the minimal age difference and said Aly had opened up a lot to him about her past.

Thorne was glad Aly had someone to talk to, and Oliver offered to be there when Thorne spoke to her about Taylor. Thorne declined, but Oliver insisted that Aly needed all the support she could get. Thorne said that he and Taylor had been very careful for Aly's sake, but they were ready to be honest about it. He felt that Aly wanted him to be happy, but Oliver replied, "Not with Taylor."

Oliver felt that it was Thorne's right to finally move on, but for Aly, the pain was still raw. He suspected that Aly wouldn't react the way Thorne hoped, and telling her would be a huge mistake.

In the Forrester studio, Aly trembled and shrank back when Taylor greeted her and said she was there for her. Aly stated that Taylor didn't understand what the sight of her did to Aly, and Aly ordered Taylor to go back to Paris or whatever she'd arrived from. Aly didn't want Taylor near her.

Taylor offered to call Thorne, but Aly stated that he'd tell Taylor to get away from Aly. Taylor claimed not to want to upset Aly; Taylor just wanted to talk. Aly stated that she wouldn't forget what Taylor had done, and Taylor replied that she wouldn't, either. It haunted Taylor every day. Aly declared that it didn't make it okay. Aly felt that she couldn't escape, and it was Taylor's fault.

"Escape?" Taylor asked, and Aly replied that it was the memory. Aly's birthday was forever the day that someone had drunk too much and gotten behind the wheel. Aly said that her mother had been a person going out of her way to do the right thing by helping Taylor's daughter. Taylor replied that it was who Darla had been. "But you're the one that's still alive!" Aly exclaimed.

Aly seethed that Taylor pretended to be moral but was the first person to stand in judgment of people like Brooke and Hope. Aly said Taylor pretended to be a saint, but Taylor was a murderer. Aly stated that Darla was the saint who'd earned her place in heaven, a place Taylor would never see.

Taylor tearfully murmured that Darla had been a wonderful person. Aly raged that Darla had been her mother, and Taylor had taken Darla from Aly. Taylor relayed that Thorne had told her that Aly's childhood had been difficult, and Aly asked why her father would talk to Taylor about anything.

Taylor said that she and Thorne were friends. Aly quipped that Thorne had wanted Taylor's "expert" opinion. "Well, I'm not crazy, and don't you dare call my father your friend!" Aly raged. Taylor revealed that she and Thorne had remained fond of each other. She started to talk about Paris, but Aly began telling Taylor that after Darla's death, Taylor had tried to make Thorne betray Darla's memory.

Taylor explained that she'd wanted to marry Thorne because she'd loved him. Aly retorted that Thorne hadn't felt that way about Taylor, and Aly thanked God that she'd stopped it. Aly felt that, even though she'd been young, she'd seen right through Taylor. Taylor explained that she and Thorne had agreed not to be married because it would have been too much for Aly.

Aly declared that Thorne had never remarried because Darla had been his one and only. Taylor stated than another explanation was that Thorne had wanted to see Aly grow into the wonderful woman that she'd become, and it was time for him to have his own life and someone special. Aly claimed that she'd support that if the right woman happened along.

"Well, Aly, as I was saying, we've been getting closer lately," Taylor carefully stated. Aly ordered Taylor to stay away from Thorne, who wanted nothing to do with Taylor. Taylor urged Aly to see that it wouldn't change anything for Aly, who'd always be first in Thorne's life. Taylor asked Aly to see the sacrifices that he'd made for Aly and to see that it might be time for him to make his own choices about his life and who he'd spend it with.

"I have stopped you before, and I will stop you again! You may have taken my mother, but you will not take my father! You won't!" a red-eyed Aly declared. Taylor turned her back to search her purse for her phone to call Thorne. Aly spotted the axe Pam had left in the studio.

Studying the axe that had been in plain sight throughout the whole conversation, Aly said Taylor wanted to take Aly's father, but Aly wouldn't let her. Picking up the axe, Aly declared that Taylor kept taking from Aly's family, but it was time to cut Taylor off.

Taylor turned around in time to see Aly deliberately inching toward her with the axe in hand. "Aly, No!" Taylor yelled and let out a piercing scream.

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