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Bill sprang a ring and a trip-of-a-lifetime on Brooke. Katie wondered if Ridge's feelings about Bill being around R.J. really had to do with Bill being around Brooke. Aly forgave Taylor, and Taylor and Thorne planned to resume their relationship in Paris. Quinn locked Liam in the steam room.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 12, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, May 12, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Oliver tried to convince Thorne that it wasn't the time to tell Aly about Thorne's involvement with Taylor. Thorne refused to keep the secret from Taylor, and Oliver asked if the relationship was really "that" serious. Thorne gave Oliver a look, and Oliver apologized for overstepping. Oliver said that if it wasn't that serious, then Thorne shouldn't tell Aly.

Thorne insisted that he and Taylor would tell Aly once Taylor had returned. Oliver noticed that Taylor had been gone for a while, and Oliver asked if Taylor could have run into Aly. The men exchanged knowing glances and rushed out of the office.

In the photo studio, Aly gripped the axe. She asked if Taylor was terrified and said it had been the same way Darla had felt when Taylor had run Darla down. Putting the axe down, Aly ordered Taylor to get out of there. Aly declared that Thorne wasn't dating Taylor and wanted nothing to do with her.

Taylor tried to plead with Aly to listen. Taylor said that she and Thorne had wanted to talk to Aly together, but when Aly had asked a question, Taylor hadn't been able to lie. Taylor felt that Aly's anger was understandable. Aly declared that Taylor had killed Aly's mother and destroyed the life that Aly had been meant to have.

Taylor said that Aly was better able to understand things as a grownup, and it was the perfect time to let go of the resentment. Aly declared that she didn't resent Taylor; she hated Taylor.

Just then, Thorne and Oliver arrived. Aly ran into Thorne's arms and told him that Taylor had been saying terrible things. Aly implored him to say that Taylor was wrong. Oliver tried to let Aly and Thorne talk alone, but Thorne insisted upon hearing what had happened.

Aly began to tell Thorne about the sick things that Taylor had been saying. Thorne stated that the relationship had been something that he and Taylor hadn't expected. Aly refused to believe it. She wrenched herself away from her father and began huffing. Aly refused to hear any more, but Oliver stated that her father was trying to explain things.

Thorne reviewed all the good things that had happened for Aly and said she should be happy with her life. Aly stated that it would make her happier if she could share it with her mother. He thought her mother would be proud of her, but Aly asked if Darla would be proud of him.

Taylor asked if Aly thought Darla would want Thorne to be happy. Thorne stated that he was happier than he'd been in a long time, and Aly guessed that meant happier than he'd been at home with her. Oliver stated that it wasn't what Thorne was saying. Aly sobbed that Thorne had known she couldn't accept it, but he'd done it anyway.

Thorne pleaded with Aly to understand that he loved her and would never hurt her. Aly said that if that were true, he'd stay there with her and forget about Taylor. Aly sobbed that she couldn't do it again, and Thorne couldn't see Taylor anymore. The tearful Thorne said, "Okay." Taylor was disheartened when he hugged Aly and said, "Anything for you, baby. Always."

In Katie's bedroom, Donna smiled through her shock about Katie and Ridge's engagement. Katie claimed that she was happy, and she hoped that everyone else could be happy for her. Katie picked up Will, and she hugged Donna. They thought they heard the front door, and Katie said she'd told Bill to "come on up." Donna asked if Bill knew, but Katie murmured that he didn't.

Donna took Will downstairs, and Katie said she had something to tell Bill. She held up her ribboned finger and announced that Ridge had proposed to her. Finding the ribbon "cute," Bill assumed that Ridge couldn't afford to pop for an engagement ring. She claimed that Bill wouldn't understand, but the ribbon meant more to her. She said that the wedding would happen soon.

Bill noted that Katie had sounded strange on the phone. He called it civil, and chuckling, Katie hoped that Bill could be civil, too, because Ridge would be Will's stepfather. She said that Ridge would be a part of Will's life, and Bill guessed that meant Ridge would be a part of Bill's life, too.

Katie remarked that it had been a crazy day, but it was looking a lot better than it had when Brooke had shoved the papers in Katie's face. Bill had heard enough about the papers and noted that Katie had conned him out of his job and taken his son from him. Katie dismissed it, saying that they need to keep having a nice conversation.

Bill insisted that Brooke had righted a wrong. He felt that Brooke had tried to reason with Katie before using the papers. Katie stated that Brooke tried to make everyone think that Katie had had a choice, but it had actually all been up to Brooke. Bill refused to apologize for getting back what was rightfully his, and Katie replied that she wouldn't apologize, either.

Bill wondered how long Katie's satisfaction would last with a man like Ridge. "And there it is," Katie quipped, rolling her eyes. Katie said she'd learned to enjoy the present, not dwell on the future. Bill thought that sounded like Forrester. Katie grinned, citing that Ridge had had a positive effect on her. "Yeah, all that poetry," Bill replied, sighing.

Bill guessed that the proposal had been flowery. "And well-timed," he added. Katie asked what he had to say about her engagement, but Bill didn't think speaking would do any good. Ridge wasn't the man that Bill would choose to raise his son with, and Bill wasn't sure Ridge would live up to his promise; however, Bill drew the line at Will calling Ridge "Dad." Katie claimed that it was fine and added that she didn't want Will calling Brooke "mommy," either.

Katie guessed that being CEO made things easier for Bill to swallow. Bill replied that the papers had given him equal custody of their son, which meant he could build a real relationship with the child. Bill was willing to put up with Ridge in order for that to happen. Bill said that they would all be family after the wedding, so it was important to try to act like a family.

In Brooke's bedroom, Ridge arrived after leaving R.J.'s room. Brooke said that it was good that she and Ridge had told the boy together. Agreeing, Ridge replied that they were R.J.'s parents, and it wouldn't change just because Ridge was engaged to Katie.

Brooke wanted all the parents to make it work for the children and remarked that being a father meant a lot to Bill. Ridge said that it was something he had to deal with. Ridge and Brooke agreed that R.J. had reacted well to the news. Ridge said that their son had taken his cue from Brooke, and if R.J. had sensed that Brooke would be upset, R.J. would have reacted differently.

Brooke stated that she wasn't hurt; she was worried -- and not for herself. Ridge assumed that she meant the timing of the proposal. He said that there was just one reason that he'd proposed and just one reason that Katie had agreed. It was because they wanted to spend their lives together. Brooke stated that she and Bill felt the same, but he hadn't proposed.

Ridge called Bill a clown and wondered how Brooke could put her faith in a man that was only loyal to himself. Ridge said that Bill wasn't the right man for Brooke, and Bill had left the mothers of his children to fend for themselves. Brooke disagreed that it had been that way. In her view, Bill was making up for lost time, and he had wonderful relationships with his sons.

Ridge felt that Bill only cared about winning, and if Bill had cared for Brooke, he would have ripped up the papers. Ridge felt that Bill hadn't done that because he wanted Brooke to sacrifice her relationship with Katie. Brooke declared that what Katie had done had been wrong. Ridge said that Bill had gotten what he had wanted, and Brooke had paid the price. Ridge didn't want his son around someone like that or to see someone unworthy using Brooke.

Brooke insisted that R.J. would see her happy with a man that was completely committed to her. Ridge declared that he didn't want Bill around R.J. Shocked, Brooke replied that she was sorry, but it wasn't possible. Brooke asserted that Bill was an important part of her life, and he'd be an important part of R.J.'s life, whether Ridge liked it or not.

Later, Brooke was alone when Bill arrived. He said he'd heard about the proposal from Katie. Brooke relayed that she and Ridge had told R.J., who'd taken it better than she had. She stated that she'd learned first from Katie, who'd thrown it in Brooke's face and blamed Brooke about the papers. Brooke said Katie thought Brooke had betrayed her, and Brooke didn't think Katie would forgive it.

Bill believed Katie would. He said that Katie was too happy "now." Brooke and Bill hugged.

Back at Katie's house, Ridge arrived. Katie began to talk about Brooke and Bill, but Ridge didn't want to discuss them. She said Ridge would be surprised by Bill's reaction. Ridge replied that nothing surprised him about Bill. Katie said that Ridge had turned her miserable day into the happiest day of her life, and the two kissed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Ridge and Katie made out. Katie admitted that she missed being at Spencer, but she liked being at home and taking some needed time off. Katie said she was at peace with losing her job at Spencer and sharing custody of Will with Bill.

Katie added that dealing with the change would be easier and a lot more fun with Ridge by her side. Ridge noted that he, Brooke, and R.J. had had a discussion about Ridge and Katie's engagement. Ridge said that R.J. thought it was a little weird, but R.J. liked Katie and was happy that the family would be together.

Katie said she liked R.J., and he was just like his father: smart, handsome, dashing, and debonair. Ridge fished for more compliments, but Katie teased that was all she had. Katie told Ridge that she had talked to Donna about their engagement. She said that Donna was shocked but happy.

Katie added that she had talked to Bill. "I don't trust him one bit," Ridge said. Katie said that they all had to focus on the children. Ridge was adamant that he did not want Bill near R.J.

Katie tried to get Ridge to be reasonable and realistic, but Ridge didn't want R.J. and Bill in the same room together. Ridge said he had told Brooke the same thing. "I told her to kick him to the curb," Ridge said. Katie questioned how he could be so demanding when Ridge planned to marry Katie. "I'm getting married to stay married," he said. He insisted they stop talking about "Whathisname."

In the studio at Forrester, Oliver gave Aly a bottle of water, and Aly apologized for her behavior. Oliver told her she had every right to be hurt. "How could my father be with her after what she did?" Aly asked.

Aly told Oliver that she hated Taylor. Oliver understood Aly's feelings because Taylor had taken her mother away. Aly felt that Oliver was the only one she could talk to. Oliver agreed that he could listen, but he explained that Thorne clearly loved Aly and was willing to give up Taylor to make Aly feel better.

Aly said that she felt her dad had betrayed her and disappointed her. She added that she was confused, and she felt horrible for her dad because he had feelings for Taylor, and he'd been alone for a long time. Aly said she knew none of it made sense. Oliver said she needed to let her feelings out, and he was happy to listen.

Oliver told Aly he had to leave, but he'd return. Before he left, Oliver advised Aly to stop living her life around her hatred for her mother's killer. He suggested that Aly could let it all go through forgiveness. Aly refused.

In an office at Forrester, Taylor and Thorne met, and Thorne chastised himself about how he'd underestimated how upset Aly would have been about their relationship. "How nave could I be?" Thorne asked.

Taylor agreed that Aly's wounds had remained fresh even though it had been years since her mother had died. Taylor advised Thorne to give all his support to Aly. "I can't see my little girl in that much pain," Thorne said.

"I wish I could help her, but I'm not the right person, and I still haven't forgiven myself," Taylor said. Thorne reminded Taylor that he had forgiven her years before. Thorne acknowledged that he couldn't put Aly through any more trauma.

Taylor tearfully agreed. "This has to be the end for us, Taylor," Thorne said. He explained that perhaps they could get back together if things ever calmed down, but he advised Taylor to return to Paris and live her life without him. "I never should have left or let her out of my sight," Thorne said of Aly.

Thorne said he planned to give up his position as head of Forrester International and return to his old job at Forrester. Taylor told him he was a good father, and she planned to return to Paris. Oliver interrupted, and he suggested to Thorne and Taylor that Aly needed to forgive Taylor and move on with her life. Thorne disagreed. Oliver said that Aly needed closure. Thorne said he would not agree to force Aly to forgive Taylor.

Oliver returned to speak to Aly, and he encouraged her again to let go of her anger and find something better. He suggested that her mother would not want her to live her life like that. Aly agreed that she wanted to honor the memory of her mother, and Oliver told her that her mother would not want her to harbor such hatred.

Aly said she could not forgive Taylor. Oliver reminded Aly that Taylor had to live with what she'd done for the rest of her life. "Don't let the past keep you from being the best you can be. Rise above it for yourself. You're strong enough, Aly. It will make everything better," Oliver advised. Aly agreed it had been really hard living with all the negativity.

In the other office, Thorne and Taylor said goodbye to one another. "I would never want to come between you and your daughter," Taylor said. Taylor tearfully agreed to leave, and Thorne kissed her hand. He left, and Taylor quietly cried. She turned to leave, and Aly and Oliver entered.

Taylor apologized and said she was leaving. She promised that Aly would never have to see her again. Oliver stopped her. He said that Aly had something to say. "I need your help. Can you teach me how to forgive you?"Aly asked.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Taylor, Aly, and Oliver met in an office, and Aly asked Taylor for help to forgive her. "How can I do it? Tell me how it's done," Aly said. Oliver explained that Aly wanted to forgive Taylor, but she didn't know how. Aly pointed out that Taylor had made at terrible decision to drive while drunk. Taylor admitted that it had been a horrible mistake.

Taylor tearfully apologized and reminded Aly how she would regret it for the rest of my life. Aly asked why Taylor had driven. Taylor recalled that Phoebe had had a flat tire, and Phoebe had been scared. Taylor admitted that nothing could ever lessen her guilt. Aly cried. Taylor continued that there wasn't a day in her life that that she hadn't thought about the night she'd hit Darla.

Taylor flashed back to the night she had hit Darla, and she recalled seeing Thorne looking at a dying Darla at the hospital. "Tell me about what happened. Tell me about that night," Aly suggested.

Taylor explained that it had been Phoebe's birthday, and they had all gathered at Thorne and Darla's, but they had driven different cars. Taylor had been at home, and Phoebe had called because she'd had a flat tire, and she had been stuck along the highway in Malibu. Phoebe had been scared, and it had been foggy and rainy that night.

Taylor recalled that she had told Phoebe to wait for the service truck, but Taylor had known that Phoebe had been uncomfortable so Taylor had gone to get her. Aly remembered the birthday party at the beach house with her grandparents and Grandma Sally.

Phoebe had also called Darla and reported that her tire had been flat. Darla had headed out to the highway also. Aly interjected that Darla would never have allowed Phoebe to wait for the service truck, so Darla had decided to change the tire. "My mom wasn't about to wait for someone to change the tire," Aly said.

Taylor added that she had barely been able to see in the fog, and she had known she shouldn't have been driving. Taylor painfully recalled that she had watched Darla slip into the road. "She fell, and it happened so fast," Taylor said.

Taylor admitted that she couldn't forgive herself. Taylor added that Aly's mother had been very special. Aly said her mother had been a saint. Taylor sat down and cried. Oliver pointed out that it had all been a tragic accident. Oliver reminded Aly that Thorne had recovered in order to help Aly. "Dad was my rock," Aly admitted.

Aly realized that her father had been grieving, and it had been Taylor who had finally helped him recover. Oliver added that no one would have wanted her father to be so depressed. "You helped him. You gave my father back his life," Aly said to Taylor. Taylor and Aly hugged, and they both wept and embraced.

In another office at Forrester, Brooke welcomed Thorne back to Los Angeles. Brooke admitted that things had changed. She was with Bill, and Ridge had moved on with Katie. Brooke added that Ridge didn't want Bill to spend any time with R.J., and Thorne agreed with Ridge.

Thorne admitted that he had his own problems because he and Taylor had been seeing each other again. Brooke realized that Aly had not reacted well to Thorne and Taylor's relationship. "Were you able to reason with her," Brooke asked.

Thorne explained that Aly had felt betrayed. He added that Aly felt her mother would never have approved of Taylor and neither would Aly. Thorne said he had to back away from Taylor because he could not hurt his daughter.

Brooke sympathized with Thorne, and Thorne said he planned to give up his role at Forrester International to remain at Forrester in Los Angeles in order to stay close to Aly. Brooke suggested that he take Aly to Paris, but Thorne lamented that Taylor was in Paris, and they were in love, but Thorne needed to take care of his daughter. Brooke hugged Thorne and sympathized.

At Spencer, Bill finished planning his schedule with Jeannette, and he asked her for three hours uninterrupted. "Done," she said, but Ridge entered. Bill teased that Ridge had been selling evening gowns door to door again. Bill congratulated Ridge on his engagement to Katie. Bill said that he wanted Katie to be happy.

Ridge said that he wished he could say the same to Bill, but Ridge admitted that he wanted nothing to do with Bill. Ridge didn't want Bill near R.J. or Brooke. Bill called it separation anxiety, but Ridge disagreed. Ridge added that Katie could pursue legal action to oust Bill at Spencer, but Bill said that they both knew Katie didn't want to do that.

Bill tried to tell Ridge about his relationship with Brooke, but Ridge said Bill knew nothing about Ridge or Brooke or their history. Bill said he had enjoyed the learning process. Ridge was adamant that he didn't want Bill near Brooke or R.J., but Bill said that was impossible, and Ridge needed to lighten up.

Ridge said that Katie and Brooke knew how he felt. Bill reminded Ridge that they would soon all be family. Bill added that he didn't want Ridge around Will, but Bill trusted Katie's judgment. Bill said it was just a matter of time before he and Brooke were married. Ridge glared at Bill.

Ridge said he had no trust in Brooke's judgment since she had hooked up with Bill. Bill tried to reason with Ridge, but Ridge would have none of it. Bill accused Ridge of obsessing. Bill reminded Ridge that Bill and Brooke were going to get married. "Brooke will never again be your Logan," Bill said.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Thorne was astounded to see Taylor and Aly hugging. He assumed that something significant had happened. Taylor conveyed that there had been a breakthrough. Aly explained that Oliver had helped her to see that forgiveness was the only way to move on, and her mother would have wanted her to move on.

Thorne was surprised that Aly had forgiven Taylor. Aly replied that it had been an accident, and Taylor had suffered, too. Thorne had never thought he'd see such a thing happen. He hugged his daughter and said he owed Oliver a debt of thanks.

Taylor stated that Aly's forgiveness meant everything to her. Aly said she wasn't against Taylor and Thorne's relationship anymore, and it was obvious how much Taylor and he cared for each other. Aly told them that it was okay for Thorne to go back to Paris to be with Taylor. Aly didn't want Thorne giving up anything or stopping his life for her again. Thorne and Aly hugged.

Aly and Oliver left, and Taylor told Thorne that a weight had lifted off Aly's spirit when Aly had forgiven Taylor. Thorne was grateful that Aly and Taylor had put the past behind them. He was glad that he didn't have to lose Taylor, and Aly could really start to live after finding her peace. Taylor thanked God for Oliver and said Aly wouldn't have made the breakthrough without him.

Thorne thought it had been a big breakthrough for Aly and Taylor, and Taylor remarked that the power of forgiveness was amazing. She thought she might be able to forgive herself. Thorne asked if Taylor was ready to start their journey. "Ready," she said, and they hugged.

In the studio, Oliver and Aly cuddled on the chaise. Aly was invigorated because the time had arrived to move on, forgive, and find joy in life. Thanks to Oliver, she'd finally heard Taylor. It had led to forgiveness, and she thanked Oliver for helping her get there. Oliver kissed Aly.

Oliver was amazed by Aly, who constantly made him rethink his view of her. Watching Aly's amazing transformation with Taylor had been powerful, and he'd never seen Aly more beautiful. Aly felt that Oliver had led her to the forgiveness that her mother had practiced, and it had made her feel closer to Darla than ever. Oliver said Aly could thank him by being whoever the new Aly would be, and if there was room, he wanted to be along for the ride.

In Brooke's bedroom, Bill arrived and said his day had gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. He told Brooke that it had started off by him giving Wyatt the Spencer name. Brooke hadn't known Bill had been considering it, but she felt that he was a great man. She was glad to have him to herself.

Brooke asked if Liam was on board with making Wyatt a Spencer. Bill replied that Liam had an adverse reaction to Quinn. "Like father, like son," Brooke replied. Bill admitted that Quinn rubbed him the wrong way; however, he was stuck with her as Wyatt's mother.

Brooke found it hard to imagine that Bill had been with Quinn, who wasn't his type. Bill agreed, but he said that back then, anything had been his type. Brooke found it hard to picture, and he asked her not to try. He kissed Brooke and thought of Quinn's cell phone picture.

Next, Bill discussed Ridge's visit. Bill said Ridge wanted control over everything, including Brooke. Bill noted that Ridge was supposed to be happy with Katie, but Ridge still wanted to dictate where Brooke could go, who she could see, and who she'd marry. Brooke found it to be ridiculous because she and Ridge had moved on. Bill informed her that she wasn't allowed to move on without Ridge's permission, and Ridge didn't approve of Bill as Brooke's spouse or a male influence over R.J.

Brooke asked what Ridge had said. Mocking Ridge's tone, Bill said that Ridge had asserted that Katie could overturn Bill's power play or sue Bill. Bill stated that Ridge also wouldn't allow Bill's "evil presence" to taint R.J., and Ridge planned to undermine Bill and Brooke's relationship.

Brooke assured Bill that it wouldn't happen, and Bill couldn't believe Ridge's nerve to return to town, dump Brooke twice, get engaged to Bill's ex-wife, and then try to tell Brooke what to do. Bill claimed that Brooke's son could do a lot worse than Bill, who'd teach the boy to man up a bit.

Brooke said R.J. was just fine. Bill said all mothers felt that way, but fathers usually saw room for improvement. Shaking her head and smiling, Brooke noted that it was parenthood, according to Bill.

After Bill had taken a shower, he returned to the bedroom to ask what Brooke thought of Ridge's ordering Bill away from R.J. Brooke thought they shouldn't antagonize Ridge, who'd let it go once he saw that Bill and Brooke were serious.

Brooke was confident no one could change what she and Bill had. Bill wanted to change it and make each day even better. Brooke replied that they had it covered. Bill thought Brooke was incredible and said that he got a little woozy when he was around her. He joked that he was feeling dizzy enough to fall into her face, and they kissed.

In Katie's bedroom, Ridge arrived, and Katie noticed that he was tense. Ridge said that Bill had that effect on him. Ridge didn't want to upset Katie, but he didn't want Brooke to marry Bill. Though Katie understood why Ridge didn't like Bill, she said Bill was a good father. "Not to my son, he's not," Ridge retorted. She said she wasn't thrilled with the situation, but Bill would probably be in R.J.'s life.

Ridge stated that they'd see about that one, and he wondered what Brooke was thinking. Katie claimed that her sister never thought about the consequences, and no one could do anything about Brooke following her heart. Ridge still grumbled about Bill being around R.J.

Katie knew that it might sound strange for her to say, but to her, Bill wasn't a monster when it involved his influence on a child. She felt that Bill was a good dad, had a unique parenting style, and loved his sons. Ridge thought that was fine, but he didn't want Bill around R.J. Katie thought that would be difficult to stop because Bill was with Brooke and was Will's father.

Ridge wasn't concerned about Bill's limited exposure to R.J., but Ridge was sure that a marriage to Brooke would give Bill full access. Katie asked if Ridge didn't want Brooke to marry Bill because of R.J. or because of Ridge's feelings for Brooke. Ridge claimed that he'd always have feelings for Brooke, but they weren't the same feelings he had for Katie. He was certain that his future was with Katie.

Katie said she believed Ridge, but she didn't want to make the same mistakes again. Honesty was what she needed -- even if it hurt. Ridge said that if honesty was what she wanted then she didn't have to worry about anything. They kissed, and Katie uttered that she couldn't believe they were getting married. Ridge stated that he wanted to get married as soon as possible, and he asked what was stopping her. Katie said nothing was, but she looked concerned when Ridge hugged her.

Ridge left to get some wine. When he returned, Katie was looking at a bridal magazine. They clicked their glasses and kissed.

Friday, May 16, 2014

At Spencer, the welcome-back gifts poured into Bill's office. He gripped a gifted bottle of scotch and advised Liam that Liam needed to have his animals' rights article ready in time for Bill to read it before Bill went out of town. Bill said he was headed about as far away from "L.A." as he could get.

Liam was surprised that Bill would leave town so soon after getting back to work and reuniting with Brooke. Bill hoped that he could trust his vice president, even though Katie had appointed Liam, to hold the place down, and Bill added that Brooke was the motivation for the whole trip.

Bill didn't plan to go without Brooke. Liam asked where the couple was headed, and Bill showed Liam a website photo of scenic Dubai. Liam shouted the name of the city, but Bill shushed Liam because it was a secret. Liam said it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and wondered what Bill was up to.

"Making memories," Bill replied. He said that Brooke had given him his life back. The trip was his way of showing Brooke what it meant to him and what she meant to him. Bill stated that he'd promised Brooke the world, and he was giving it to her.

In the Forrester's CEO office, Brooke and Hope discussed Hope dating Wyatt and Liam. Hope felt that she could see herself with either one of the men, each of whom was frustrated because each wanted to start a life with her. Brooke thought it was wonderful to have two great guys fight over Hope.

Brooke advised Hope to take her time, and when Hope did make the decision, the men would be happy that she had taken the time to choose the right man. Hope didn't want to drag it out, and she feared that people would talk. Brooke reasoned that people did that, anyway, and Liam and Wyatt could handle courting Hope for a few more weeks.

Courting sounded old-fashioned to Hope, but she decided that she deserved to be courted. Brooke replied that every woman did. Hope felt that Liam understood that she loved both men, but Wyatt was still working through it. Hope sensed that both men thought it was a challenge. Brooke reasoned that the pregnancy scare had turned out to be a good thing, and Hope's future would be wonderful no matter whom she chose.

Bill called Brooke to ask her to get to his office right away to see something. After the call, Hope guessed her lunch with Brooke was canceled. Brooke stated that Hope wasn't fond of Bill, and in reply, Hope struggled to say that if Bill made Brooke happy, then Brooke deserved it.

In Rick's office, Quinn disdainfully brushed cat hair off Wyatt. She was at least glad it meant that Wyatt was spending time with Hope. Quinn was confident that Hope would pick Wyatt, but she told her son to make sure that Liam got custody of the cat. Wyatt poised his pen to sign some order forms, but he wasn't sure how to sign them. Quinn urged him to use his new name and be proud.

Quinn cooed over the Spencer signature and said that Liam didn't have an edge over Wyatt in that area any longer. Wyatt remarked that he and Liam were Spencers and loved cats; it seemed like a level playing field to Wyatt, except he felt he had more charm and a more winning personality than Liam.

Quinn and Wyatt entered Eric's office as Brooke was leaving. After Brooke had gone, Quinn guessed Brooke was rushing to see Bill. Hope called it young love, and Quinn claimed she didn't want to get in the middle of it. Quinn suggested that Hope and Wyatt go downstairs to view the new pieces, and as she shoved them out the door, Wyatt noted that she wasn't subtle with her matchmaking.

After the two had gone, Quinn heard Hope's phone chime. She was almost about to call Hope's attention to the discarded phone, but instead, Quinn decided to check the messages. Liam had texted Hope to ask her to meet him in the Forrester steam room. Quinn deleted the message.

Later, Hope and Wyatt returned for her phone, and she noted that she hadn't missed any messages. Hope decided to text-message Quinn about the pieces Hope had seen, and as Wyatt said that Quinn had an eye for matching jewelry and couples, Hope saw Liam's contact information on her phone.

Wyatt offered to take Hope to the beach, and Hope asked if they could do it after her meeting. He asked if she was slated for some Liam time, but Hope said she wasn't. It was strange to her that Liam hadn't contacted her that day. Wyatt assumed that Liam was sweating over a fashion article, and Hope was stuck with Wyatt.

In the steam room, the toweled Liam entered and waited for Hope. Quinn slinked up to the door and placed a barbell across it. She turned the temperature up to one hundred twenty-five degrees. Quinn upped the temperature five more degrees and walked away.

Inside, Liam became too hot. He banged on the door and shouted that someone had locked him in there. As he yelled for attention, Quinn was around the corner, snickering.

Back at Bill's office, Bill could hardly finish his call when his eyes caught the sight of Brooke in his doorway. Brooke loved seeing him back in his element and wondered how he'd thank her for it. He asked where in the Middle East she'd ever been, and she replied nowhere. She asked what he was planning, and he replied that it would be the most romantic trip of her life.

Brooke didn't know how they'd top Monte Carlo. Bill stated that they'd had beautiful memories, but it was time to make bigger, grander, life-changing memories. He showed her photos of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Brooke was amazed and asked what had inspired him. "What do you think?" he asked and pulled a ring box from his pocket.

Bill popped open the box, and Brooke uttered, "You saved the ring!" He replied that he'd known that she'd want it back on her finger one day. He told her that she was the only woman to accept him completely, and he hoped he was doing the same for her. She said he knew that he was. He'd planned the trip because it was time to make everything about them official.

Bill wanted to move forward with Brooke, who'd given him back his life, his son, and his company. "All that's missing is you," he stated. He said it was time for them to commit to each other for the rest of their lives, and he asked her to marry him. Brooke excitedly agreed. Bill placed the ring on her ringer, kissed her hand, and then kissed her.

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