The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 2, 2014 on B&B

Ridge absconded with Bill's bride but plummeted from a helicopter into the Persian Gulf when he tried to escape with her. Rocked by news of Ridge's disappearance, Eric and Katie flew to join the rescue mission. Quinn's behavior caused Hope to see what she really needed in her life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 2, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, June 2, 2014

In Rick's office, Wyatt conveyed that Quinn had told Ridge about an encounter she'd had with Bill when Brooke had been with Ridge. Hope grimaced when Wyatt added that Quinn had "accidentally" sent Ridge an incriminating photo of the encounter, causing Ridge to jet off to stop the wedding.

Wyatt was apologetic, but Hope said it wasn't his fault. She wanted Ridge to get there in time because Brooke deserved the truth. Hope just wished Quinn hadn't been so sneaky about things. Wyatt reasoned that it might not even matter because Brooke and Bill hadn't been together at the time, and two unattached people spending time together wasn't that big of a deal for Ridge to rush off for.

Hope said Ridge didn't want to see her mother make a mistake. "So my dad's a mistake?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt and Hope agreed not to let their parents' drama interfere with them, and Hope said she wanted Quinn to dial back "the crazy." Wyatt claimed it was part of Quinn's charm.

Wyatt had hated his mother's stunts while growing up, and even if he hadn't always agreed with them, he'd had to be the good son and look the other way. He reasoned that if Bill had been upfront with Brooke, things wouldn't have unfolded as they had. Despite Bill's mistake, Wyatt saw that Brooke and Bill's connection was undeniable, and Wyatt didn't want Ridge to take their chance away.

In the CEO's office, Katie and Quinn waited for Ridge to send word that he and Brooke were on the helicopter. Though Katie didn't like what Quinn had done, Katie said she wouldn't mind seeing the look on Bill's face once Ridge arrived. Katie was amazed that Bill could sleep with someone he didn't even like, and she hoped Ridge succeeded, because she wanted her sister far away from Bill.

Katie was confounded because she'd known Bill to be many things, but not a liar. She'd fallen in love with his honesty, and she'd defended it. Katie figured that the photo might not make a difference, but Brooke deserved to know the truth. Quinn said she was happy to help, and Katie was "welcome."

Katie thought Quinn was making light of things. Though Katie wasn't sure Bill would forgive Quinn, Katie thought that Bill and Quinn would make a lovely couple. Katie decided to leave so that Quinn could pack her things. Katie was sure that Quinn couldn't think she'd have a job after "this." Quinn quipped that she was still good at making jewelry, regardless of who she'd slept with.

"Ruthless and delusional," Katie said, chuckling. Katie didn't care how beautiful the jewelry was. To her, life was too short to surround oneself with evil people like Quinn. Quinn glared at Katie, who added that Brooke had a lot of say at Forrester. "I'd start polishing up my résumé," Katie suggested.

Katie guessed that Quinn hadn't thought things through but figured that Bill would employ Quinn. "Since you're going to live happily ever after," Katie added and left.

Later, Quinn went to Rick's office, where Wyatt was alone. She asked if she was still on his bad list. He said he depended upon Brooke's reaction to Quinn's calculated hookup. Quinn claimed she'd just been trying to help, but he asked if the help had been sleeping with Bill or sending Ridge on the attack.

Quinn wondered why Bill should settle for Brooke, and Quinn asked what always happened when Brooke dove into a non-Ridge relationship. Wyatt answered that Brooke always went back to Ridge. Quinn predicted that instead of firing them, Brooke would become engaged to Ridge and ask Quinn to be the maid of honor.

Wyatt stated that Ridge was engaged to Katie, but Quinn dismissively said Ridge was off saving Brooke and didn't care about Katie. Wyatt assumed Quinn thought Bill would return to sweep her off her feet. "I'm not a thirteen-year-old girl with a crush," Quinn replied. She acted as if it didn't matter if Bill did that or not, but she said she thought he would do it.

Wyatt asserted that people were getting hurt at that very moment, and Quinn was incredibly naïve to think that things would end well. Quinn said she'd been trying to do the right thing for Bill, but Wyatt corrected that it had been for herself. "One and the same," she insisted.

Wyatt stated that Quinn didn't know what Ridge would do once he arrived. Quinn assumed Ridge would stop the wedding. "How? A polite conversation between two rational people?" Wyatt yelled. She said it had needed to be done. Wyatt reasoned that Bill should have made his own decision to be honest, and forcing it had been wrong.

Quinn said that Ridge wouldn't do anything stupid; he was just protecting the woman he loved. "That's when men are the stupidest!" Wyatt retorted. She claimed that her intention hadn't been for Bill to get hurt. Wyatt quipped that she shouldn't have sent a man there who hated Bill's guts, and if anything happened, it was on her.

In the corridor, Katie and Hope encountered each other. They went into Eric's office, where they agreed that they didn't know what to think about what Quinn had done. Katie thought that Quinn was awful, but Brooke would learn the truth. "Yeah, because of Ridge," Hope reluctantly added. Katie believed that Quinn had used Ridge to do her dirty work and keep her hands clean.

Hope asked if Katie was okay with it. Katie felt that it was something that Ridge needed to do. She'd spent too much time trying to control the uncontrollable, and what she knew for sure was that Ridge loved her. She didn't want to make herself crazy by second-guessing things, and she added that it wouldn't make her unhappy if Brooke didn't marry Bill.

Katie wanted to fix things with Brooke but didn't think she could do it if Brooke was with Bill. Katie called herself hypocritical, but she insisted that it was how she felt. She couldn't stand to look at the couple, knowing how they'd started.

Hope was sure that Bill would put up a fight. Katie said the men had already had a fight even before Ridge had seen the picture. Hope asked if they should be worried. Katie didn't want to be, but she said that with those men, they should expect the worst.

At the wedding site, Ridge ran under the wedding canopy and demanded that Brooke go with him back to Los Angeles. Bill couldn't believe Ridge had flown all the way out there to make a jerk of himself. Ridge guessed that she wanted to marry Bill because Bill was honest and faithful. "Well he isn't," Ridge said, flashing his cell phone, which displayed Quinn's picture.

Brooke gasped, and Bill explained that it had only happened one time. He said he'd been drunk at home, and Quinn had showed up the night that Brooke had been about to marry "this loser." Bill raged that it had been nothing, and it certainly hadn't been worth "this moron" flying halfway around the world. Bill ordered Ridge to get out of there.

Ridge wouldn't leave, and Brooke gasped, turning her back to the men. Ridge punched Bill, grabbed Brooke's hand, and dragged her with him as he ran down the beach. Brooke called out Bill's name as Ridge pulled her along. Bill hopped up from the ground and chased after Ridge and Brooke.

A helicopter landed on a helipad by the shore. Ridge hustled Brooke into it, and as she said it wasn't the best thing for them to do, Ridge buckled her into her seat. Bill stared at the pilot, who wore sunglasses. Bill nodded, the pilot nodded, and then Bill watched the helicopter take off.

Ridge hadn't put on his seatbelt yet as he and Brooke argued. He claimed he'd always do what was best for her, and she asked how she could know what he'd said was even true. She said they couldn't leave Bill there on the beach. Ridge insisted that Bill hadn't been loyal to anyone, including her.

On the beach, Bill pulled out his cell phone and called the pilot, who looked like Justin beneath the helmet and sunglasses. "Cool him off," Bill said.

Ridge patted the pilot's shoulder and instructed him to head for the jet. On the pilot's arm was an embroidered Spencer logo. As Ridge looked at it, the pilot made a hard turn, bolting Ridge out of his seat.

Ridge grabbed a seatbelt strap but couldn't hold on. Brooke screamed out Ridge's name, and on the shore, Bill grinned when Ridge plummeted into the sea.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

by Pam

Flying above the beach in Abu Dhabi, Ridge and Brooke argued on the helicopter. "He's never been loyal to anyone, and that includes you," Ridge said of Bill Spencer. Brooke argued that it was her wedding day. On the beach, Bill used his cell phone to speak to the pilot, who wore a Spencer jacket. "Cool him off," Bill ordered.

Ridge yelled at the pilot to fly to the Forrester jet. Ridge patted the pilot's shoulder to get his attention, and Ridge noticed the Spencer logo. The pilot banked the copter into a hard turn, and Ridge fell out of the helicopter and into the water below.

"Oh, my God! Ridge!" Brooke screamed. "Man down," the pilot said. "Bring her back," Bill ordered the pilot. The pilot returned Brooke to Bill on the beach, and Brooke was hysterical. Brooke screamed that they had to find Ridge. Bill begged her to calm down.

Bill made a show of speaking to the pilot. "Find Ridge. Bring him back," Bill said. "Yes, sir," the pilot said as he removed his sunglasses. It was Justin.

In an office at Forrester, Hope and Liam discussed what Quinn had done. Liam shared that he had known that Bill and Quinn had had a fling. He added that Bill and Quinn had been together on the day that Brooke and Ridge had been scheduled to be married, and Bill had been hammered. Liam added that there had been no relationship, just a fling.

Liam suggested that Quinn had sent the selfie to Ridge as part of her plan -- just like she had manipulated so many other things. Hope argued that her mother had a right to know that Bill had slept with Quinn, but Brooke didn't deserve to hear it on her wedding day. Liam encouraged Hope to throw Quinn and Wyatt out of Forrester.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Wyatt chastised Quinn for what she had done. He couldn't believe that she thought anyone would want anything to do with her after she had sent the selfie of Bill and Quinn in bed to Ridge. Quinn insisted it had caused no harm. Quinn refused to allow Wyatt to lay blame on her because Katie had already done it.

Quinn accused Wyatt of being gloomy. Wyatt insisted they could expect the worst possible outcome. Bill would be angry. Quinn had ruined Brooke's wedding. Brooke would be furious, and Ridge would be angry. Quinn disagreed. She believed Katie was glad that Quinn had saved Brooke from a marriage to Bill.

Wyatt scoffed that Brooke would hate Quinn for ruining her wedding. Wyatt added that Hope would not be happy because Quinn had made her mother so unhappy. "Everyone is going to resent you, and I'm the one who's going to get the worst of it. You caused chaos," Wyatt shouted. "Would you just relax," Quinn said.

Liam and Hope entered. Liam admitted that he agreed with Wyatt. Quinn had caused chaos. Liam warned that someone would get hurt. Quinn scoffed that it had been an accident, and Liam reminded Hope that Quinn never did anything by accident. Liam accused Quinn of not caring about anyone. "Did you plan this outcome the whole time," Hope asked.

Quinn tried to explain away her selfie. She said that she had hated Bill for so long that she had taken a selfie of them together to capture the moment for her own amusement. Liam shook his head and accused Quinn of masterminding the entire scenario. "My conscience is clear," Quinn said.

Liam called Hope's attention to how convincing Quinn could be -- and how deceptive. Liam accused Wyatt of being involved, but Wyatt reminded his brother that he never would want to see their father unhappy. "I had nothing to do with this," Wyatt said.

Quinn maintained that it was her fault only. But Quinn said that no matter what happened, Brooke would know everything and could make an informed decision. Liam's phone rang, and Bill told him everything that had happened. Bill added that search teams were looking for Ridge, but they had found nothing.

Liam was shocked, and he asked his dad to provide updates. Liam shared the sad news with Quinn, Wyatt, and Hope. Everyone was speechless.

In the suite in Abu Dhabi, Brooke and Bill awaited word of the search for Ridge. A hotel employee joined them in their suite, and Bill barked orders to find Ridge no matter what. Bill reminded Brooke that boats, divers, and the helicopter were searching. Brooke lamented that it had all taken too long. "Did you see how hard he hit and how far he fell?" she asked tearfully.

The hotel employee responded that everyone would make every effort to "locate the body." "Do not call him the body. His name is Ridge," Brooke replied angrily. Bill assured Brooke that Ridge was resourceful, and someone would find him. Brooke planned to call Katie. Bill looked conflicted.

In Ridge's office, Katie called Ridge and left a message for him when his phone went into voicemail. Eric entered. He shared her worries about what had happened with the wedding.

Katie encouraged Eric to fire Quinn after what she had done. Eric said he would wait to hear what Brooke thought about it. "She's crazy and she's evil," Katie said of Quinn. Eric offered a distraction. He delivered a wedding dress to Katie. He gushed that it was a clean, elegant design -- just like the bride.

Katie wondered if Eric was all right with Ridge's choice of Katie for a wife, since Eric had wanted Ridge to marry Brooke. Eric admitted that his children seldom did what he wanted. Eric added that he knew Ridge loved Katie, and that was good enough for him. "What more could I wish for my son?" Eric asked.

Katie cried happy tears, and she hugged Eric. She gushed that the dress was gorgeous. Eric left, and Katie poured some tea.

Hope entered the office to tell Katie that she had some news from Abu Dhabi, but Katie's phone rang. It was Brooke. Brooke told Katie that Ridge had indeed interrupted the wedding with the photo of Bill and Quinn together. Brooke explained that Ridge had dragged her off into the helicopter, and Ridge had fallen out.

Katie was in shock. "Brooke, is Ridge okay?" Katie screamed. Katie repeated her request, but Brooke tearfully did not respond.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

by Pam

On the phone, Katie screamed at Brooke that she wanted to know what had happened to Ridge. Brooke tried to explain that Ridge had fallen out of the helicopter into the water and had not yet been found. Bill was nearby Brooke, and he looked guilty.

Katie was devastated, and Hope hugged her. Katie struggled to speak, and she stammered that she knew Ridge shouldn't have gone to Abu Dhabi. "I had a feeling," Katie said.

Caroline, Rick, and Eric walked into the office, and Caroline asked about the beautiful bride-to-be but stopped short when she realized that Katie had been crying. Hope tried to explain that Ridge had fallen out of a helicopter, and no one could find him. Carter and Maya joined the group, and expressed their support and concern. "Ridge is a survivor. He's going to be fine," Eric said. Eric hugged a tearful Katie.

In Quinn's office, Liam and Wyatt worried about what they could do to help Brooke and Katie. Quinn dared to say that Ridge was probably fine and hiding out somewhere. Liam was furious. He noted that in the worst-case scenario, Ridge was dead because of Quinn. She had pretty much sent Ridge to Abu Dhabi. Liam accused her of being responsible for the death of Ridge Forrester.

Quinn tried to defend herself, but Liam said that Quinn had knowingly provoked Ridge. Quinn accused Liam of being insensitive and wasting precious energy on blaming her for consequences that had resulted because she'd "accidentally sent an email."

"Who are you trying to fool?" Liam asked. Liam accused Quinn of manipulating Bill and Ridge. Quinn maintained her innocence, and Wyatt defended his mother. "How long before you try getting us fired again?" Wyatt asked. Liam reminded Wyatt and Quinn that no one would be happy with Quinn -- not Brooke, Bill, Ridge, Katie, Hope, or anyone at Forrester. Wyatt started in on how he and Hope would be just fine. "I will always be the one she comes back to," Wyatt said.

Hope interrupted. Everyone asked about Katie, and Hope said Katie was in shock. "This doesn't seem real," Hope said. Quinn tried to offer help, but Liam argued that she had done enough. Quinn warned him not to blame her for an accident that had occurred halfway around the world. "Ridge is an adult, and he makes his own decisions," Quinn quipped. Hope looked angry.

Liam noted that Quinn didn't care who she'd hurt. Wyatt warned Liam to stop, but Liam told his brother to wake up. "She's dangerous, Wyatt," Liam said. Liam added that R.J. might have lost his dad. Hope agreed with Liam. "Ridge would be safe at home if it weren't for you," Hope said to Quinn. Hope started to cry.

Liam insisted that Quinn should apologize to Hope, but Quinn maintained she had accidentally sent the email. Liam noted that she had blackmailed Bill -- she had promised the picture of Quinn and Bill in bed would never see the light of day if Bill made Wyatt a Spencer. Wyatt looked surprised. Quinn tried to turn the tables on Liam, but he said there was no way anyone would ever forgive her.

In Abu Dhabi, Bill and Brooke discussed what could have happened to Ridge. In another room, the search team met. Bill promised Brooke that they would find Ridge. Brooke hugged Bill, and Bill looked guilty. Brooke stepped out on the balcony alone. She flashed back to when Ridge had returned from Paris and deposited rose petals into the fountain at their home. She started to cry.

The director of the search team met with Bill and expressed sorrow for his loss. Bill refused to accept that Ridge was lost. "Ridge is alive, you hear me? I want updates on the minute from everyone -- in the air and on the ground. No one leaves until we find Mr. Forrester," Bill ordered.

Brooke returned from the balcony, and Bill told her there was a lot of manpower on the case. Bill promised that they would find Ridge, and he and Ridge would shake hands, and they would all return to Los Angeles together. "I pray you're right. He's the father of my child," Brooke said.

The director of the search team interrupted. "Mr. Spencer, I must warn you. My team is transitioning from a rescue to a recovery mission," he said. Brooke freaked. "Ridge is alive. I know it. I can feel it," she said. The search director looked skeptical.

Brooke's phone rang -- it was Katie. Brooke said they had no news, but both sisters agreed they could feel that Ridge was alive. Katie said that she was on her way to Abu Dhabi. Eric entered and said that he had just booked a jet for both of them to fly to Abu Dhabi. Brooke and Katie hung up.

Brooke told Bill that Katie was on her way. Bill hoped that they would have good news by the time Katie landed. Brooke left to join the search. Justin entered and met with Bill. They discussed how they had to hide their guilt in the matter. Bill said he couldn't be associated with the accident, and no one could find out that Justin had been flying the helicopter.

Justin and Bill discussed that Ridge could not possibly have disappeared. "Brooke can never know -- no one can ever know," Bill said. Justin told Bill to stop panicking. "We are the only ones who know, and I was just following orders," Justin said.

Bill maintained that he'd wanted to scare Ridge -- not hurt him. Bill had wanted to teach Ridge a lesson for trying to steal his bride. "Nobody is going to do that to me and get away with it," Bill said. Bill looked nervous, and Justin advised him to get it together and stop looking so guilty.

On the private plane that Eric had chartered, Eric and Katie took their seats. Eric asked about the book that Katie had. She responded that it was a book of poems that she and Ridge enjoyed. "We just found each other," she cried. Eric promised that Ridge and Katie would have years together. "We are going to bring him home," Eric said. Eric grabbed her hand.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the jet, Katie wanted to believe that Ridge had been strong enough to make it to shore and would be there when she and Eric arrived. "God, I could kill Quinn," Katie muttered, still angry that Quinn had sent the photo while knowing all along how Ridge would react. Eric noted that Quinn always seemed to be in the middle of things, but Ridge had been looking for a smoking gun.

Katie couldn't condone Ridge's actions, but she said that Quinn had manipulated the situation and used Ridge to stop Bill from marrying Brooke. Eric agreed with Katie's point of view. Katie said that Quinn was a horrible person, and Ridge had better be okay.

Eric was optimistic that a boat had picked up his son. Katie stated that Bill had probably seen everything from the shore. She asked if there were miracles, and Eric said her whole life had been a miracle, from her heart, to Will's birth, to Ridge being in her life. Eric said they wouldn't give up.

Katie flashed back on her time with Ridge, and Eric guessed she had a lot of memories from her short time with his son. She said she didn't remember who she'd been before Ridge, and Eric uttered that he couldn't lose Ridge. Katie said she couldn't lose him, either; she'd been building a life with him, and he was all she'd ever wanted. Eric affirmed that she'd have that life because Ridge would be back.

At the Abu Dhabi hotel, Bill and Justin debated in hushed tones about Ridge's fate. Justin said he'd done as he'd been told, and because he'd been piloting, he hadn't witnessed Ridge's fall. Bill recalled that, because the helicopter hadn't been that high, he'd believed that Ridge would swim to shore. Bill guessed that a current had pulled Ridge farther out.

Bill had wanted to teach the "little dressmaker" a lesson, not kill him. He reasoned that a yacht could have picked Ridge up, and Ridge was probably somewhere having a party.

Brooke entered and asked if there had been any word. Bill said there hadn't been, and she raged that she wanted to know who the pilot was, because it was all the pilot's fault. Bill sent Justin to meet the search team in the lobby, and Brooke thanked Bill for doing everything he could.

Brooke was ready for Quinn to pay, and Bill was sure that would happen. Brooke asked how Quinn had gotten the picture in the first place. Bill explained that he'd been drunk out of his head on Ridge and Brooke's wedding day, and Quinn had been there with an agenda. He felt that he'd been a fool not to see it. The angry Bill whipped out his phone and called Quinn.

Quinn answered the phone with concern in her voice for what was happening in Bill's location. Bill asked "what the hell" she'd been doing by giving Ridge that photo. She claimed that she'd done it for Bill, but Bill told her that she could do one more thing for him -- stay "the hell" out of his life. He declared that he wanted nothing more to do with her, even if she was Wyatt's mother.

Bill clicked off the line, and in Los Angeles, Quinn quietly put her phone down.

Later, Brooke watched the rescue effort from her window. She said she should blame herself for what had happened. She felt she could have struggled more against Ridge and prevented the takeoff. Bill insisted that it had been Quinn, not Brooke or anyone else, who was to blame.

In Rick's office, Quinn and Wyatt watched Liam and Hope, who were huddled together in conversation. Wyatt didn't think it looked good, and Quinn suggested he get Hope away from Liam by taking her for coffee. Scoffing, Wyatt said he'd been referring to the whole mess. Quinn was sure that Ridge would survive, and Wyatt sarcastically asked if she'd ever fallen from a helicopter.

On the other side of the room, Liam told Hope that she didn't need people like the Fullers in her life. Liam said Quinn had lit a match to a powder keg by giving Ridge the photo, and Liam didn't want Hope to be anywhere the next explosion.

Hope called to get word about Ridge, but there wasn't any. After the call, Quinn asked Hope how Brooke and Bill were holding up. "How do you think, Quinn?" Liam seethed. Quinn assumed that the couple was concerned, like she was, and Liam asked what Quinn was actually concerned about. He guessed she cared about getting Bill back at lightning speed to continue the affair.

Wyatt started to get upset with Liam's attitude, and Quinn corrected that she'd only been with Bill one time. She claimed she'd happened to be there when Bill had been vulnerable. Liam snipped that he'd happened to be there, too, and Bill had been very drunk.

Quinn replied that all she'd done was alert Ridge to the fact that she and Bill had been together, but she hadn't been the one to throw Ridge out of a helicopter. Liam said that he and Hope disagreed about his next point, but in his view, Quinn was fully responsible.

Later, Hope and Wyatt sat alone on the settee, and Wyatt assured Hope that he'd fought his mother on using the selfie. He wished he'd deleted it himself. Hope stated that Liam was right, and Quinn was partly responsible for the mess. Wyatt expressed confidence that nothing would happen to Ridge, but she said that something had already happened.

Hope stated that it was just a question of whether Ridge had survived. Hope called Brooke to see if there was news. Brooke was scared and wondered why it had happened. Hope urged her mother to keep praying, and Wyatt frowned sadly as the call ended.

Hope thought of how important Ridge was to many people. She hadn't been on the best terms with him, but he'd been like a father to her all her life. Her eyes tearing up, Hope began to think of Ridge's siblings and children, and she said the family would be torn apart by something "so unnecessary."

Wyatt was deeply sorry for the events, but Hope said he hadn't sent the picture. He felt responsible for his mother doing it. While he was sure his mother would pay a price, he suspected that Liam was probably beating up on Quinn at that moment. Wyatt implored Hope not to let Liam use the situation to pull Wyatt and Hope apart.

In the CEO's office, Quinn told Liam that she wouldn't allow him to milk the situation or paint her as a villain. Liam guessed she was feeling guilty, but she denied feeling it in the slightest. He said that she should feel it because she'd created the situation -- just like all the others -- but that time, she might have gotten someone killed.

Quinn accused Liam of slandering her, but Liam raged that she'd possibly sent Ridge, the pride and joy of the Forresters, to his death. Liam insisted that he wouldn't stop until everyone knew it, and he asserted that he was holding her feet to the fire.

Quinn was confident she wouldn't be blamed. Liam asked who else there was to blame, and she pointed the finger at Bill, who'd been more than a willing participant with her. Liam suspected that once the photo bomb had exploded, Quinn had expected Bill give up on his bride and return to Quinn.

"It may be a bit of a project," Quinn murmured. Liam called Quinn a joke and said that Bill despised her as much as Liam did and as much as the entire Forrester family would. Quinn shot up from her seat to warn him, but he said she had zero power over him. Liam declared that she was done because Ridge might be dead due to her manipulation.

Quinn claimed she'd shown Ridge something he'd needed to see, but Liam replied that Quinn had needed Ridge to see it for her benefit. Quinn claimed to have done it for herself and for Bill and asked if Liam knew Brooke's history with men.

"Are you freaking kidding me right now? I would take Brooke over you any day of the week, Quinn! I would take any woman over you! You are a vile, manipulative, evil bitch!" Liam shouted.

From behind Liam, Wyatt yanked Liam around to punch Liam in the face. Liam fell on the floor, and Hope rushed into the room to see what had happened. She was shocked to see Liam laid out on the floor.

Friday, June 6, 2014

In the CEO's office, Hope stooped down to check on Liam, whom Wyatt had punched to the ground. She was appalled by what Wyatt had done, but Quinn said Hope should have heard what Liam had said. Hope was concerned, not by anything that Liam had said, but by Wyatt's response to it.

Wyatt claimed not to be a violent person. Easing back on his feet, Liam wiped blood from his nose and brow. Liam said Quinn made her actions sound so innocent, but they weren't -- not when Ridge could be dead as a result of them.

With his whole left side of his face bruised, Liam remarked that "this" was what Quinn and Wyatt brought to everyone's lives. Wyatt said he might have overreacted, but Liam had been verbally attacking Quinn. Wyatt insisted that it wasn't Liam's place to cast blame. "Yeah, this is a place of business," Quinn added. Liam said it was Eric's business, and Quinn might be responsible for the death of Eric's son.

Liam felt that punching him wouldn't stop what was about to happen to "you people," and while Liam couldn't tell Hope what to do personally, he asserted that the Fullers would be gone from there professionally. Liam was willing to talk to whomever it took to make it happen.

Quinn was enraged that Liam would use the tragedy to his advantage. She asked if Hope saw what Liam was doing. "No," Hope replied. Quinn noted that a man who Hope had thought of as a father was missing, and Liam turned it around on Quinn. "And you call me manipulative?" she said to Liam.

Quinn asserted that Brooke and Bill shouldn't have been getting married, and Quinn had done what she could to stop them from making a big mistake by giving Ridge a clear picture of who Bill really was. "Yeah, Quinn. And now Ridge may be dead," Liam responded.

"Oh -- says who?" Quinn shouted. Liam asked her how long Ridge had been in the water and if she thought Ridge had survived something like that. "Oh, God," Hope uttered at the thought of it. Liam apologized for upsetting Hope, but he said Quinn was an accomplice and might as well have pulled a gun out and shot Ridge. "Let's face it. You killed Ridge Forrester!" Liam accused, pointing a finger at Quinn.

Quinn stated that Liam was losing it, and she'd merely given Ridge a photo. Hope asked why Quinn had even needed to do that. Quinn asked if Hope had wanted her mother to marry the wrong person, and Hope yelled that it wasn't her business -- and certainly not any of Quinn's.

Quinn said the contents of the photo made it her business. "So you have a thing for Bill! Well, guess what? He proposed to my mom. He wants to marry her," Hope retorted. Quinn reasoned that some people shouldn't get married, though Brooke liked to have one or two ceremonies a year.

Liam growled in anger, but Quinn continued saying that people like her and Bill didn't need to be tied down by a ceremony. Hope's patience began to unravel, but Quinn continued saying that Brooke should have known what she'd been getting into. Quinn was angry that everyone had thought Bill had been faithful to Brooke when he'd really enjoyed every second of being with Quinn.

Wyatt tried to stop his mother from getting into further details, but Quinn declared that she wasn't ashamed. "But you are jealous," Liam countered. Quinn scoffed at the idea of being jealous of Brooke and asserted that Brooke had deserved to know before the wedding. Hope was appalled when Quinn added that they all should thank her for doing Brooke a favor.

Liam asked if Ridge should also be thanking Quinn. Wyatt stated that things could have been handled differently, but his mother had a point about the truth surfacing before the marriage. Hope agreed with Wyatt, but she asked why it had to be "so shady" with Quinn. Hope recalled all the things Quinn had done -- sending the Steffy video, flying Steffy to town on Hope's wedding day, and trapping Liam in an elevator. "Don't forget the steam room," Liam interjected.

Hope said she'd explained the separate incidences away, but at that point, Ridge could be dead. Quinn said it was the last thing she'd want, and Hope seemed enraged by Quinn's toneless response. Hope asked if Quinn understood what it could mean for Katie, Brooke, and the business.

Quinn claimed to understand and even offered to take the blame if Hope had to give it to her; however, Quinn asked Hope to remember that Wyatt hadn't had anything to do with it. Hope groaned and thanked Quinn for giving her a lot to think about.

Liam and Hope exited, and Quinn said she and Wyatt had a major problem because Liam was taking advantage of the crisis. Quinn owned the situation but refused to let it cost Wyatt his relationship with Hope.

At the cliff house later, Hope nursed Liam's bruised face. She was sorry that Wyatt had hit Liam and added that Aly had been saying wonderful things about Liam. Hope admitted that she'd already known the things, but she might have been ignoring what she needed in her life.

Hope felt responsible for the bad outcomes because she'd been adamant about having Wyatt and Quinn at the business. Hope reasoned that there had been many lies from Quinn -- and Wyatt, too. The diamond heist would always be in the back of Hope's mind, and Ridge could be dead.

Hope didn't know how she could be with Wyatt after all his mother had done. Imagining what Katie and Brooke were going through had opened Hope's eyes, and Hope could see clearly what she needed for her life. She said that many things were beyond their control, but the decision to be with Liam after all that had happened...

"I know what I want. I want to be with you," Hope stated. Liam asked if Hope were saying what he thought she was saying, and Hope kissed him.

At the hotel in Abu Dhabi, Brooke and Bill's suite became the central headquarters for Ridge's rescue search. An official told Bill that they had yet to recover a body. Bill bellowed that there would be no "body" because Ridge was alive. Bill asked if it was money or manpower holding up the rescue. The official said he had plenty of resources, but the search had to inevitably end.

Brooke insisted that Ridge was out there somewhere, and she asked if he could be at a hospital. The official claimed to be checking every avenue. Another official asked how to handle the press. Brooke asked that the press remain at bay because she didn't want R.J. to know about the incident yet.

The officials intended to try to hold off the press but suggested that Brooke prepare the child in case they couldn't find a body. Brooke and Bill insisted that they'd find Ridge, who hadn't just disappeared. Bill requested that the search continue, and he hugged the distraught Brooke.

Later, Bill got on a call to insist that the rescue team hire more divers at his expense. Katie and Eric arrived, and Brooke and Katie embraced. Eric and Katie were desperate for news, and Brooke assured her sister that they wouldn't give up. Brooke said that Bill was making sure that the teams searched on land and sea. Brooke declared that Ridge was out there, and they'd find him.

Eric didn't understand how it could have happened. Brooke didn't, either, but said that, out of nowhere, the helicopter had tipped. Katie asked about safety precautions before takeoff, and Eric said the pilot should be fired. Brooke recalled that everything had happened very quickly, and Bill added that Ridge had been determined to take Brooke away.

"Well, we all know why, don't we?" Katie retorted, and Bill silently turned away from the group. Katie declared that it had all been Bill's fault, and he didn't even like Quinn. Brooke corrected that it hadn't been Bill's fault because Ridge had punched Bill and practically kidnapped her.

Katie tried to calm down, but when Eric and Brooke began discussing waiting for a final word before telling R.J., Katie shouted that Ridge was alive. Katie said she needed Ridge. Brooke replied that she knew Katie did, and Brooke hugged Katie. Eric said they all needed Ridge and would get him back.

Eric contemplated calling Ridge's siblings, but Katie thought it should wait until they had good news. Brooke decided to get some air and left alone. Eric took a phone call, and Bill assured Katie that Ridge would be okay. Katie muttered that Bill had better hope so. Katie admitted that Bill wasn't entirely at fault. "Quinn sent that photo. She knew what he would do," Katie bitterly added.

Out on the beach, Brooke stared at the water. She recalled Ridge's fall and shuddered. "You're out there, Ridge. If you were gone, I'd feel it," Brooke thought to herself.

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