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Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from Forrester. Wyatt proposed to Hope, but she stood firm in her decision to move forward with Liam. Wyatt disowned Quinn. While drowning her sorrows at a bar, Quinn encountered Hope's father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 9, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, June 9, 2014

In Rick's office, Quinn asked where Hope was, and Wyatt stated that Hope had gone with Liam, who Quinn had practically handed Hope over to. Quinn figured that Wyatt might as well blame her, just as everybody else was doing, and he asserted that people blamed her because things were her fault.

Quinn yelled that she wasn't responsible for Ridge's flight to Abu Dhabi or his helicopter fall. Wyatt didn't care how she saw it, but he refused to lose Hope over it. Quinn asked what "we'd" do about it. "We?" Wyatt asked. She reasoned that since he thought it was her fault, she'd help him fix things.

Shaking his head, Wyatt tried to explain to his mother that Ridge was floating facedown in the sea, Wyatt and Quinn were bound to lose their jobs, and Hope was "pissed" at him for punching Liam. "Yes, but that felt good, didn't it?" Quinn exclaimed.

Wyatt reminded his mother that Hope had warned them not to pull any more dirty tricks. Quinn was sure that Wyatt was overreacting, and Hope would never be satisfied with Liam. "I have a plan," Quinn announced, and Wyatt replied, "Oh, no."

Quinn went into the hall and searched Pam's desk until she found some keys. Quinn took the keys to Wyatt and announced they were keys to the Big Bear cabin. When Wyatt got upset, Quinn noted that Liam was getting alone time with Hope and asked if Wyatt wanted some, too.

Wyatt replied that he did, and Quinn said that the cabin was where it had all begun for Hope and Wyatt. Holding the keys out to him, she suggested that he call Hope before she did something with Liam that Wyatt and Hope would both regret. Wyatt took the keys and exited.

At the cliff house, Hope thanked Liam for waiting and giving her time. When she kissed him, he winced, and she noted that his face was still sore. Liam said he'd be ready for round two, but she asserted that there shouldn't have been a first round. He replied that their reunion had been worth it.

Talk turned to Ridge, and Hope expressed worry about him being missing for such a long time. Liam asked her to forget his earlier pessimism and keep the faith that Ridge had survived.

Hope felt like an idiot for not listening to Liam about Quinn. Hope asked if he realized that they'd be married had it not been for Quinn flying Steffy there on Hope's wedding day. Hope felt as if Quinn had dangled her like a puppet and was grateful that Liam had hung in there.

Liam was ready to move on with his life with Hope, but Hope said she had to talk to Wyatt first. Liam understood because Wyatt had meant a lot to her. Hope added that she'd felt something honest with Wyatt. She'd ignored the schemes, but Quinn sending the picture to Ridge had been the last straw.

Liam feared that Quinn had no sense of right and wrong and that something bad could happen due to the next prank. He noted that the photo scheme could result in Ridge's death, and Liam asserted that the more time someone spent around the Fullers, the more danger they were in.

Hope felt sorry for Wyatt, who had a mother like that. Liam did, too, but he felt that Wyatt had to cut ties with Quinn. Hope decided to go see Wyatt, and Liam replied that he'd be waiting.

Hope left, and later, Liam opened the front door for Quinn, who was glad that he was alone. "Why? So no one will find the body?" he asked. Brushing past him to get into the house, she asked where Hope was. He replied that Hope would be back, but Quinn told him not to count on that. He decided that he would count on it because he and Hope were together "now," for good.

Liam said that Hope was at the office, breaking things off with Wyatt. Liam had assumed that Quinn would be there, too, cheerleading for Wyatt. Quinn replied that her son had things well in hand "over at the office." Quinn was sure that, even if Hope were upset with Quinn, Hope wouldn't leave Wyatt. Quinn stated that there would be a broken heart that night, but it wouldn't be her son's.

On her phone in her car, Hope told Wyatt that she was headed to the office to talk to him. Wyatt requested that she meet him at Big Bear instead. She didn't think it was a good idea, but he said that he was already there. She hesitated, but he asked if she wanted to have their talk in a sterile office. She replied that she didn't and agreed to head to the cabin.

When Hope arrived at Big Bear, she saw that the living room was lit with dozens of candles. She found a frame with digital pictures of herself and Wyatt. Wyatt appeared, and she asked how he'd even gotten in there. Hope figured out that it had been his mother. Shrugging, Wyatt said that once in a while, Quinn had a good idea. "And most of the time, she doesn't," Hope bit out.

Hope asked if Quinn was in the other room, but Wyatt said it wasn't about Quinn. He claimed to only condone about two percent of the things his mother "does," but he couldn't let Liam trash-talk Quinn. Hope said that Quinn had crossed the line and hurt someone that Hope loved.

Wyatt responded that he and his mother were completely different people, and he hoped that Hope hadn't forgotten who he and Hope were. He stated that he'd walked around the grounds to remember how it had begun for them. He wanted to remind Hope of the beginning and to remember the footloose guy who'd found someone to prize above his freedom.

Wyatt insisted that his mother had done something stupid, but he hadn't. He refused to lose someone he loved over something he'd had nothing to do with. He asserted that he didn't want it to end that way, and he sensed that Hope didn't, either.

In the CEO's office, Rick, Caroline, Maya, and Carter told Aly, Oliver, Pam, and Charlie about Ridge's trip and his fall from a helicopter. The group pored over maps and theorized that Ridge could have swum ashore, or a boat could have picked him up. Rick asked why a boat hadn't contacted authorities. Rick said Thorne was headed there, and Katie, Eric, and Thorne wouldn't leave without Ridge.

Pam and Charlie didn't understand why Ridge, who was engaged to Katie, would go after Brooke, and Pam asked if Katie was okay with Ridge's actions. Oliver said that Ridge and Brooke would always be close, and Rick noted that Katie had her own issues with Brooke marrying Bill. Aly asked what had made Ridge suddenly fly halfway across the world. Pam pressed to know, too, and Rick admitted that Quinn had shown Ridge a picture of herself with Bill Spencer.

Aly didn't understand the significance of the picture, and at everyone's conspicuous glances, Aly figured out that it had been sexual. Pam got angry that the "hyena" had been involved, and she was sure Quinn had done it because she wanted Bill. Pam asserted that Quinn had known exactly how Ridge would react to that picture. "That woman is the devil!" Pam declared.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

by Pam

In the Forrester cabin at Big Bear, Hope and Wyatt discussed their relationship. "I am not losing you because of my mother, Wyatt said. Hope shook her head. Wyatt pointed out that Hope had made a decision to end their relationship based on a reaction to something his mother had done.

Wyatt begged Hope to forget about their parents and look him in the eye. "Tell me you don't love me," he dared. Hope was silent. Wyatt noted that Hope was not ready "to walk away from us."

Hope said Wyatt had meant a lot to her, but she couldn't take it any longer with him and his mother. Wyatt argued that his mother didn't matter. Hope disagreed. "She is such a huge influence on you, but it's not just about her," Hope explained. "It's the way that I've changed."

Hope went on to explain that she had dismissed the diamond heist, but it was a big deal. Wyatt blamed Aly for getting inside Hope's head, but Hope stopped him. Hope said, "I forgave you, and I meant it. We had a lot of fun together, and you came along at exactly the right time, but when it comes to settling down..." Wyatt interrupted, but Hope added that lying came easily to Wyatt and Quinn. Wyatt tried to make excuses, but Hope stood her ground.

"All I know is that I've had enough. So much has happened, and Ridge could be dead. Wyatt, I'm always gonna care about you, but I just can't do this anymore," Hope said, and she tearfully walked away from him.

Wyatt refused to lose the only woman he had ever loved because of something he'd had nothing to do with. He said his mother had made an insanely stupid mistake, and he understood that Hope wanted to lash out at Quinn, but he begged her not to sacrifice everything they had built together.

Hope said she had had told Liam that she would make a choice, and she had made it. She admitted that Liam had let her down many times, but he was honest. "I can trust Liam," she said.

Wyatt said that he and his mother had done some dishonest things to make ends meet, but it hadn't been such a bad thing. Wyatt dissed Liam and said that Liam was nothing more than a fashion writer who saved kittens and puppies in between yoga classes. Hope angrily stopped him. "Those are things that are important to me. With Liam, I know exactly what I'm gonna get. That's what I want -- that's my future," Hope shouted.

Wyatt begged Hope to focus on them. He reminded her that they were back where they had started, and he wanted to start all over again. Hope refused. "I wouldn't trade anything that we had," Hope said.

Wyatt continued to remind Hope of his good points, especially his complete devotion to her. He said she never had to doubt that he loved her and only her. Wyatt got down on one knee, and he begged her to start over. "Be my wife," he said, and he presented Hope with an engagement ring. Hope looked confused.

At Forrester, Caroline, Rick, Maya, Carter, Pam, Charlie, Oliver, and Aly had gathered to discuss what they could do to help look for Ridge. Rick lamented that he had to stay at Forrester because everyone else was gone. Everyone agreed. Pam encouraged Rick to fire Quinn immediately, but Rick wanted to talk to Brooke first. Pam reminded him that after what Quinn had done, no one would want to work with her.

Later in the hallway, Carter and Maya discussed that Carter had been close to Ridge. Maya worried that Oliver had been taking advantage of Aly because she had been so vulnerable. Carter looked skeptical, but Maya reminded him that Oliver had all but admitted to using Aly to keep his job, but Maya was worried about more than that. "I remember being her age, and I was taken advantage of more than once," Maya said.

In Oliver's office, Aly hung up the phone with her dad, and she told Oliver that Thorne was joining the search for Ridge. Oliver maintained that the Forresters were tough, and Ridge would be fine. Oliver suggested that Aly would always be safe with him. Oliver kissed Aly, and Maya peeked in from the doorway.

At Liam's, Quinn had barged in and told Liam that he would have a broken heart by the end of the evening because Hope would never return to a boy like him when she had a man in Wyatt. Liam countered that everyone at Forrester knew about Quinn's dishonesty. "You will be out of Forrester and out of Hope's life," Liam said.

Quinn defended the quality of her jewelry, and she refused to believe that anyone would fire her because she had accidentally emailed a photo. She added that nothing would change Hope's feelings for Wyatt. "He treats her with respect and doesn't waffle," Quinn said.

Quinn mocked Liam and said that she was sure Liam had many fascinating sides, but she knew that Liam had seen the connection and passion that Hope and Wyatt had. Liam opened a beer and advised Quinn that she had caused a lot of trouble, and instead of apologizing, she was harassing Liam. He accused her of having messed-up priorities and no concern or guilt for what she had done. "Your lies are catching up with you," Liam said.

Quinn bristled. "It's all your fault. You stayed here pining away for Hope. She was happy with Wyatt. Stop getting in the way," Quinn shouted. Liam realized how crazy Quinn was. "Hope may have been seduced by Wyatt and manipulated by you, but now she is freeing herself," Liam said

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

by Pam

In the Forrester cabin at Big Bear, Wyatt waited for an answer to his marriage proposal. "Be my wife," he said, and he held Hope's hand and the engagement ring. She was speechless. Wyatt said he had always known the proposal would happen, and he reminded her it had all started outside the cabin. Hope laughed.

Wyatt promised that they could have it all -- marriage and a family. He wondered if she didn't like the ring. He joked that he could get her a new one. Hope giggled, and they joked about his good taste in jewelry.

"At least I have that going for me," Wyatt said. Hope said he had way more than that going for him. "Is that a yes?" Wyatt asked. Hope hesitated, and her phone rang. It was Brooke.

Hope and Brooke discussed that there was still no news on Ridge. Brooke said that it had all been Quinn's fault. Brooke would never forgive Quinn. Brooke promised to call Hope again after she and Bill met with the search team leader. She hung up.

Wyatt asked about Ridge, and Hope answered that Brooke hated Quinn and blamed Quinn for everything. "But once Ridge is found," Wyatt said hopefully. Hope advised that Brooke would never forgive Quinn. Wyatt maintained that he was nothing like his mother.

Hope understood, but she said that she felt responsible for letting Quinn into the company. Hope blamed Quinn for sending Ridge to Abu Dhabi. "Ridge is gone, and this is the man who stepped up to be my father when my own dad wanted nothing to do with me," Hope said.

Wyatt grabbed Hope's hands, but she pulled them away. "It might be best if you and Quinn were both gone by the time my mom gets back," Hope advised. Wyatt begged Hope to reconsider. He refused to be the "bad boy affair" she'd had.

Hope admitted that they'd had fun and that he drew out a sexy side of her, "but that's not who I am," she said. Wyatt argued that Hope had a powerful and sexy side, but she wanted to hide behind her sweet and innocent image. Hope said she wanted to be true to herself.

Wyatt wanted to go back and start over. Wyatt kissed Hope, and she pulled away. She advised Wyatt that she had made her decision. She left. Wyatt called her name, but Hope did not return. Wyatt blew out the candles he'd lit, and he remembered happier times with Hope in Hawaii and on road trips they had taken in the recreational vehicle. He looked lost.

In Oliver's office, Aly said she was stronger than ever before because of Oliver. His support had made all the difference. "It's all you, Miss F. You've grown up," Oliver said. Oliver kissed Aly, and Maya peeked in from the doorway. Aly said that Liam needed to know about Quinn. Aly wanted Liam to make a move so that Hope would dump Wyatt.

Oliver called Aly a cute little matchmaker, and he kissed her before she left. Maya stormed in and warned Oliver to leave Aly alone. Oliver claimed that he really liked Aly. "No, you're taking advantage, and we both know it," Maya said. She advised Oliver to back off. Oliver said he cared about Aly, and he refused to back off.

At Liam's, Quinn advised Liam that he was being cocky, and things would change by the end of the night because Wyatt had prepared a romantic evening for Hope. Liam reminded Quinn that everyone at Forrester hated her. Quinn insisted that Ridge wasn't dead, and even if he was, it wasn't her fault. She proclaimed her innocence because she had not forced Ridge to go to Abu Dhabi, and she had not piloted the helicopter or knocked him out of the helicopter.

Quinn claimed the Forresters were all idiots because they had blamed her. She refused to allow everyone to make Wyatt suffer the consequences. Liam told her it was too late. "This is the one that is gonna finally get you," Liam said. Quinn left, and Aly arrived at Liam's.

Liam and Aly discussed that Hope had finally seen the light and planned to dump Wyatt. Liam asked how Aly was coping with the search for Ridge. Liam asked about Thorne, and Aly replied that Thorne was on his way to Abu Dhabi to help in the search for Ridge. Liam and Aly agreed that Ridge had to be alive. Aly left.

Later, Hope entered, and she hugged Liam. "I told him. It was painful," Hope said. Liam sympathized, and Hope explained that Wyatt had proposed at Big Bear. "I turned him down, obviously," Hope said. She explained that she had a sense of relief to know that she was home where she belonged. She thanked Liam for his patience, and she looked relieved.

At Forrester, Caroline, Rick, Pam, and Charlie were in Rick's office, and Carter returned. They discussed that no one would want to work with Quinn. Rick told Carter to draw up documents to fire Quinn and Wyatt. Suddenly, Quinn entered and asked who they were talking about.

Rick advised that Quinn would not be at Forrester for long. Quinn fired back that he would have trouble with a legal case based on a selfie. Quinn arrogantly said that she'd handled juries well in the past, and Rick didn't stand a chance. Carter promised to draw up the papers immediately.

Quinn's phone rang, and it was Brooke. Quinn feigned that she was sorry and had meant to call Brooke. Quinn said that it was unbelievable that Ridge had become so upset about a private moment between Bill and Quinn.

Brooke was in disbelief that Quinn blamed Ridge for what had happened. Brooke was furious and blamed Quinn for everything. Brooke warned that she would never lose Ridge because of what Quinn had done. Brooke hung up.

Rick asked what Brooke had said. Quinn looked slightly shaken, but she said that Brooke had lashed out at the wrong person because she was emotionally distraught. Quinn was sure Brooke would get over it. Rick disagreed. "We're taking out the trash. I want you and Wyatt gone -- as far away from Forrester as is humanly possible," Rick said. Quinn defiantly smiled at Rick.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

At Liam's house, Hope and Liam cuddled on the sofa. Having Hope there was surreal for Liam. Hope wondered if he still wanted her after all she'd put him through. He said he would have waited forever for her, and the waiting had made him appreciate the moment.

The topic turned to Ridge, and Hope said Brooke blamed Quinn for what had happened. Liam believed that they'd find Ridge, who had too much to live for. Hope had regrets about how things had gone with her and Ridge, who'd been like a father to her.

Liam doubted Wyatt was pleased with Quinn. Hope said she hadn't expected Wyatt to propose, and Wyatt didn't think it was over. Liam replied that Hope had that effect on men, but it was indeed over. He didn't doubt that Wyatt had something to offer her, but it wasn't enough and never would be.

Hope and Liam hugged, and Liam conveyed that "mama grizzly" had kept him company while Hope had been at Big Bear. Hope grimaced. She said she'd told Wyatt that he and his mother needed to be gone by the time Brooke returned. Hope sadly added that it had been a one-two punch for Wyatt.

Liam said that when the time was right, he wanted her "Boo" and her to move in with him. Recalling the article he'd written about the shelter, Hope said that she really admired Liam's honesty and decency. The qualities made him a good person, and she loved him even more.

Liam relayed that Hope and Boo shouldn't move in until after Liam and Hope were married. Hope felt that Liam knew her well. She wanted the next wedding to be the one that took, and she imagined telling their children that they'd overcome every obstacle ever. Liam said that, at long last, they'd reached the happily ever after they'd always wanted. Hope agreed, and they kissed.

In the studio, Aly entered and saw that Oliver was making a tribute to Ridge for her. Oliver recalled that he and Ridge had butted heads many times, and Oliver couldn't wait for it to continue. She wished Ridge was there to give it to the Fullers, too, but she said it didn't matter because there was no way the Fullers could worm their way back into the business.

Aly and Oliver discussed that Liam had told her that the Fullers were out at Forrester. Aly said that Wyatt had been good at making people think he was something that he wasn't. Oliver thought that people could say the same thing about him. Aly replied that people didn't know Oliver like she did.

Aly wished she'd been wrong about the Fullers. That way, Ridge wouldn't have chased Brooke. Oliver countered that Hope wouldn't be with Liam if Aly had been wrong. Oliver was sure Ridge would be found, and the bright side of it was that Wyatt and Quinn were gone from Forrester, not Oliver.

Aly asserted that Oliver would never go because he was too important to Forrester and to her. Oliver thought it was uncanny how his relationship with Aly had evolved. He said that she'd blown him away, and she truly amazed him.

In Rick's office, Quinn was working late. Wyatt entered and said she was wasting her time. Quinn asked why he wasn't at Big Bear with Hope and why he didn't like her designs. He replied that the point was that the Forresters didn't like her, the Fullers were done there, and Hope was done with him.

Wyatt regretted listening to Quinn's rationalizations and defending her. He declared that Quinn was on her own, and so was he -- for the first time in his life. Quinn didn't think that things were as grim as he thought. Quinn was willing to be the target of blame, but Wyatt asked why she hadn't just stayed out of it. He said that Bill would never have dumped Brooke for Quinn, but Hope had dumped Wyatt.

Quinn reasoned that it would be different once Ridge returned. Wyatt asked what Quinn didn't understand about Ridge's plight. Wyatt felt that rescuers would have found Ridge already if he were alive. Wyatt said Eric had lost his son, and after what she'd done, Quinn deserved to lose her son, too.

Quinn hoped that Wyatt didn't mean what he was saying. Wyatt said he'd proposed to Hope, and he'd done everything he'd known to do to keep her from returning to Liam. Wyatt knew that Hope loved him, but she couldn't be with him anymore because of what had happened. He accused Quinn of setting off a chain of events and believing she'd get the last laugh -- but no one was laughing.

Wyatt said that three kids might have lost their father, and he had lost Hope. Quinn believed Hope was just flying to safety, but Wyatt replied that Liam was whom Hope saw her future with. Quinn blamed herself for scaring Hope away. Quinn offered to talk to Hope, but Wyatt ordered Quinn to stay away from Hope and from him. He didn't want Quinn's help or to have her anywhere near him.

Quinn asked Wyatt not to be cruel. She tried to hug him, but he told her not to do that as if he were a child with a scraped knee. Quinn said that he was her life, but he retorted that the problem was that he shouldn't be her life. Wyatt called her attitude toward him an obsession.

Quinn said she wanted Wyatt to have the best, but Wyatt conveyed that he was upset that she'd do anything to make it happen. He began to argue with her more, but then he decided to just tell her to go back to her factory. From that point on, Wyatt wanted nothing to do with her. Quinn quietly left, and Wyatt flashed back to the times he'd had with Hope.

In the corridor, Quinn fought off tears. Aly approached and asked why Quinn was still in the building. Quinn said she'd just been leaving. Aly demanded Quinn's security pass, but Quinn said that Aly wasn't the CEO. Quinn decided that if Eric asked for the pass, she'd give it to him.

Aly noted that she'd been right about Quinn and Wyatt, but Aly was sorry Ridge had had to pay the price. Aly thanked God that Hope wouldn't have to because Hope was with Liam, where she belonged. Aly said that Wyatt had wound up a loser, just like his mommy.

Quinn grimaced, almost shedding a tear. She held it in and strode away.

In the CEO's office, Carter was fielding calls and covering for Ridge's absence. Maya knew that it was weighing on Carter because he was Ridge's friend. She wished she could be as confident about Oliver's loyalty to Aly. Carter saw nothing wrong with Oliver being there for Aly, but Maya feared that Ridge's incident had made Aly even more vulnerable to Oliver.

Carter reasoned that Oliver could genuinely care about Aly, but Maya quipped that it was the same guy who'd flirted with Aly to save his job. Carter seemed annoyed that Maya was still skeptical. She said that Aly would be, too, if Aly heard the recording.

Carter asserted that Maya would not expose Aly, who had enough to worry about, to the recording. Maya claimed not to want to add to Aly's worries, but Maya wouldn't take Oliver's word about not using Aly when that had been how it had started.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Still nighttime at the cliff house, Liam was consoling Hope about Ridge's disappearance when a persistent knocking at the door jolted them out of their seats. Liam answered the door and grimaced when Quinn stormed in, exclaiming that Hope couldn't punish Wyatt for his mother's actions.

Hope responded that she'd made her decision, but Quinn insisted that she was there because Hope didn't have to worry about Quinn interfering in Wyatt's life anymore. Quinn relayed that Rick had fired her and Wyatt, and even though the contract had meant a lot to the Fullers, it didn't mean more to Wyatt than what he "has" with Hope. "Had," Liam corrected.

Quinn conveyed that Wyatt was hurting and had said things that no mother wanted to hear. She was willing to back off, but she implored Hope not to turn away from Wyatt. Hope reiterated that she'd made her choice. Quinn asked if Hope would be with Liam if Ridge had returned home with Brooke.

Hope asserted that Ridge hadn't returned and might not ever return. She said that her family was dreading having to tell R.J. that his father might be gone, but Quinn had the audacity to walk in and ask Hope to fix Quinn's relationship with Wyatt.

Quinn claimed she wasn't doing that and asked that Hope listen not to Quinn but to the voice in Hope's head that was telling her that Liam was just a security blanket in a family crisis. Hope said she'd get through it with Liam's support, but Quinn named the ways Wyatt had supported Hope at work. Hope said she'd always be grateful for that. She wished only good for Wyatt, but her future was with Liam.

Hope figured that security and stability sounded boring to Quinn, but they were essential to Hope. Hope said that Wyatt would someday be an uncle to her kids. Though he'd always have a place in the family, their relationship was over. Hope declared that she was back to being the woman she'd once been. She was focused on her family, in charge of her life, and in love with Liam.

Later, Quinn had left, and Hope told Liam that she had never seen Quinn like that. Liam remarked that they'd never seen Quinn in so much trouble before. Quinn had lost the contract, the Forresters' respect, and possibly her son. Hope was amazed that Wyatt would cut his mother out of his life, but Liam theorized that it might be as good for Wyatt as it would be for Liam and Hope.

Hope stated that she wasn't second-guessing her choice, but she felt bad about hurting Wyatt. Liam knew that it hadn't been easy for her. Liam loved Hope for dealing with Wyatt compassionately, but to Liam, Quinn mistook people's sympathy and concerns for weaknesses. He said that Hope wasn't weak; she was the strongest person he knew.

Hope thought things would be strange at work due to all that had gone on. Liam said he agreed with one thing that Quinn had said -- that the crisis would end. He hoped that it would end with Ridge at home, giving Rick a hard time, and playing soccer with R.J. Liam felt that he and Hope had been through their share of hard times and reminded her that she could lean on him.

Hope expressed worry that Quinn could make the times tougher on everyone. Liam replied that they wouldn't let it affect them. Liam believed that Quinn and Wyatt had done their best to separate Liam and Hope, but he and Hope were together and stronger due to the lessons they'd learned. Liam promised that nothing would interfere with their happiness.

In Rick's office, Caroline arrived while Wyatt was packing. Wyatt said he wanted to pack before security arrived. Caroline noted that Quinn and Wyatt's departure was due to Ridge's predicament, but she said no one had given up hope that he'd be found alive. Wyatt wanted that for Ridge's family but said it wouldn't help Wyatt's own family, thanks to his mother.

Wyatt explained that he'd spent his life, protecting his mother from her impulses, but he had to look out for himself. To him, Quinn was unable to foresee the consequences of her actions. Caroline sarcastically asked what a woman like that would see in Bill, and she noted that Wyatt wasn't like his parents. Wyatt claimed that Hope had changed him; however, his mother was his mother, and Hope had had enough of the both of them.

Wyatt explained that he'd told Quinn that someone could get hurt. He'd told her about the consequences, but enough was never enough for her. He added that when he'd told Quinn about Hope leaving him, Quinn's response had been, "Oh, don't worry, baby. I'll fix it." Caroline hoped that he'd told his mother not to do that, and he replied that Quinn probably hadn't listened.

Caroline noted that Wyatt didn't seem concerned, but he replied that he didn't possibly know how things could get worse. He believed that Hope still loved him, but she couldn't see herself making a life with him. He believed that his mother was just too much for anyone, and there was no getting Hope back while his mother was in his life.

Caroline guessed Wyatt hadn't given up on Hope. Wyatt said it was a long shot, but he couldn't walk away defeated and return to his old life. He said there was no going back; there was just Hope.

Caroline left, and Wyatt flashed back on his times with Hope.

Later, Quinn sat down for a glass of whisky at the Bikini Bar and griped at the bartender when he wouldn't leave the bottle with her. A man approached, and in greeting her, he called her a lady. Quinn snipped that she was no lady, and he didn't want to sit there. The man decided to take his chances, and Quinn scowled, tossing back her drink as he sat down beside her.

Quinn advised the man to try his pick-up lines at the other end of the bar. She'd had a trying day, and she was sure he didn't want to know about it. "Try me," he replied. Quinn relayed that her life was falling apart, and she was about to lose her son, who'd been her whole life. The man asked if the son was sick, but she replied that her son had fallen in love.

The man snickered. Quinn dully added that her son had never been so happy, but Quinn had screwed it up. The man quipped that there were many women out there. Quinn relayed that the woman was different and had made her son want to be better. She admitted that she'd grown to love the girl.

The man, whose face remained out of view, said nothing, and Quinn insisted that he'd agree that the woman was special if he knew her name, a name she was sure he'd recognize. Quinn said Hope's name and noticed a reaction in the man. She guessed he did know who Hope was.

"Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy," the man responded, and Deacon's face appeared on-screen.

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