The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 2014 on B&B

Deacon visited Hope and later told Quinn that he wasn't in town to interfere in Hope's love life. Brooke found a bewildered Ridge on the beach, and his family celebrated his return to Los Angeles. Ridge pledged to move forward with Katie, even though he struggled with a fuzzy memory.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, June 16, 2014

At the Bikini Bar, Quinn accused Deacon of lying because Hope's father was in jail. Quinn compared an online photo of Hope's father to Deacon to confirm his identity. He quipped that a higher power had spared him from taking her to his hotel room. She replied that, though she'd slept with a guy on the first date before, Deacon had gotten lucky in a whole different way.

Quinn asked if Deacon was in town for good and if he'd seen his daughter. Deacon asked if something was wrong with Hope, and Quinn complained that the sociopath Liam was leading Hope around by the nose. Quinn said she'd had every reason to believe she'd be Hope's mother-in-law.

Deacon asked if Quinn's son had been the one who'd caught the jewel thieves, and Quinn said that was her boy, whom Hope had dumped for Liam. Deacon asked for Wyatt's last name, and Quinn stammered between Fuller and Spencer. "Fuller hyphen Spencer?" Deacon asked, and he assumed that Quinn was married to Bill. Quinn called her time with Bill a youthful indiscretion.

"So Dollar Bill Spencer has another bastard son -- with you?" Deacon asked. Shrugging, Quinn replied, "Pretty much." Deacon was ready to go because he didn't share women with Bill. Chuckling, she replied that Deacon already had done that with Brooke Logan. Frowning, Deacon didn't believe Brooke would sleep with Bill Spencer.

Quinn assured Deacon that it was okay because she'd stopped Bill and Brooke's Middle East wedding with her selfie. She proudly showed it off and said the couple was as fond of her as they were of Deacon. Deacon said he'd heard that Ridge had returned from Europe, but Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married. Quinn surmised that Deacon had returned to town for Brooke.

Quinn asked what men apparently never stopped seeing in Brooke. Quinn explained that Ridge wasn't with Brooke and had become "shark bait" after falling from a helicopter while attempting to save Brooke from marrying Bill. Deacon asked if Ridge was dead. "He's no longer with us," Quinn replied.

Deacon uttered that Ridge had practically raised Hope. Quinn thought that was a good reason for Deacon to see his daughter, but he felt it was the last thing Hope wanted. Quinn gave him her phone number so he could text her about "what happens. You've got questions. I've got answers," she added.

At the cliff house, Wyatt arrived. Assuming Wyatt was looking for Quinn, Liam said she'd left and probably didn't want Wyatt to pursue her. Wyatt asked if Liam still envied him for having a mother.

Liam made Wyatt a bowl of ice cream the way that Wyatt had made it for himself when he'd lived there. Wyatt was surprised Liam had noticed Wyatt's habits. Upon tasting it, Wyatt noted that the ice cream was freezer burned. Liam replied that Wyatt had left it there when he'd moved out.

The men laughed, and Wyatt apologized for hitting Liam. Wyatt said that it was what had "ripped it" for Hope. Liam replied that it was whatever Wyatt wanted to think.

Wyatt asked if Liam would tell Hope about the apology. Liam slowly agreed but said Hope probably knew Wyatt would say anything at that point. Wyatt asked how that made Liam any different, and Liam asked if Wyatt would serve up stale ice cream if Liam had arrived at Wyatt's door.

Wyatt stated that Liam had never gone to Wyatt; Wyatt had always gone to Liam. Wyatt said Liam probably felt that he was the good brother while Wyatt was bad. However, Liam was the "I have it all so buzz off" brother, and Wyatt was the brotherly brother. Liam asked where being nice to Wyatt had gotten him. Wyatt retorted that it was hard to be nice when insanely jealous of someone.

Liam asked which one of them he and Wyatt were talking about. Wyatt asked why Liam would be jealous of him. Liam replied that he wasn't as aggressive or charming, and he didn't make everyone fall in love with him like Wyatt did. Liam pensively said there were times he'd wished to be more like Wyatt, but he'd just gotten over it.

Wyatt wanted to know if Hope was moving in, and Liam said that he doubted it. Wyatt stated that she felt she had to be "a certain way" with Liam. Liam asked what that meant, but Wyatt stated that Liam wouldn't listen to Wyatt's advice anyway. Liam agreed but still asked Wyatt to speak.

Wyatt asked Liam not to marry Hope and said it would be a mistake. Wyatt said Hope would say she wanted it, but it was a matter of needs. He felt that Hope had discovered something about herself: passion couldn't be manufactured, and once people found it, they'd be drawn back to it.

Liam laughed and asked what Wyatt thought Hope and Liam had been like before. Liam asserted that they'd been happy and satisfied, and he wished that he and Wyatt could find a better way to communicate than Wyatt angling for Liam's sympathy and sucker-punching Liam with an insult.

Wyatt claimed to be pointing out that his relationship with Hope was different from Liam's. Liam was aware of that and stated that the biggest difference was that Wyatt's relationship was over. Wyatt stated that he was trying to convey that he didn't think it was.

Liam knew how that felt because he'd been there, and it felt like being in shock. Liam assumed that Wyatt was in shock but said the breakup was for the best because Hope and Wyatt had been living in a fantasy. Wyatt decided that Liam was so condescending that he had to remind Hope of Ridge, and that might be the reason for Hope's attraction.

Liam asked if Wyatt still had the key to the cliff house. Wyatt asked if Liam wanted it back. Liam said he didn't, and he'd give Wyatt another one if Wyatt lost it. Liam was at a loss about how to relate to Wyatt, but Liam wanted to bridge the gap because Wyatt would be in Liam's life and be an uncle to Hope and Liam's kids. Liam didn't think that could happen until Wyatt accepted that nothing would change about Hope and Liam being together.

At Brooke's house, Hope, Rick, Aly, Caroline, and Boo the cat awaited news from Abu Dhabi. Rick figured that it was morning over there. Caroline wondered if they should stop pretending Ridge would be found and start planning a memorial service.

Hope thought about calling Liam to see if Bill had reported anything. Aly figured that if Liam knew anything, he'd be there to tell Hope. Aly was glad that Liam and Hope had reunited and that something good had resulted from the awful incident.

In Abu Dhabi, Thorne, Eric, Bill, Katie, and Brooke tensely waited for their meeting with the Port Authority. Thorne said he wouldn't want to talk to Ridge's family if he were the search team. He felt that the team had been as tactful as they could be, but the family wasn't getting the message.

Upset, Katie asked if the family should get it that Ridge was dead and then just leave. Brooke dismissed all the negative talk because her feelings told her that the new day would be different.

Later, the family met with the search team's leader, and he announced that the search was over. Brooke wanted to know how that could be if no one had found Ridge. Bill offered to triple the team's salary. The leader replied that everything that could be done had been done.

Brooke called Hope to say that the teams had called off the search. Hope gasped, but Brooke asserted that they'd just get a new team. Hope didn't know how Donna could keep it from R.J., and Brooke replied that she'd try to discuss that with Donna once morning in Los Angeles arrived.

Brooke ended the call, and Katie expressed her discontent that someone hadn't questioned the pilot. Eric stated that the pilot was in for a lawsuit and criminal charges. Bill sucked in an uneasy breath. Thorne didn't know the point of remaining in the country, but Katie declared that she wouldn't leave without Ridge. Bill stated that there was always a "next thing" to do.

Eric arrogantly asked what that would be, and the restless Brooke went out for air. Katie murmured that Bill couldn't say that he hadn't been warned; no matter whom Brooke was in love with, Ridge would always be first. Bill scowled at Katie.

Later, Katie became upset and fed up with the wondering if Ridge was alive. She decided she had to get out of the hotel room. After she rushed out, Thorne took off to make sure she was okay.

On the beach, Brooke glanced out over the water. Her gaze turned to a man dressed in white. He seemed disoriented as he meandered through the waves along the shore. "Ridge?" she uttered.

Back at Brooke's house, Caroline and Rick took off, and Hope asked Aly if they could be friends again. Aly hadn't realized that they weren't friends. Hope stated that Aly had been worried about Hope, and upon looking back on it, Hope understood why. Hope felt that she'd been young when she'd made public statements about her values. She hadn't really known what her values were, and no one had stopped her from doing it.

Aly saw nothing wrong with Hope's past statements. Hope said she'd had no right to tell other people how to live their lives, and it was up to an individual how they wanted to feel safe and free.

Aly asked if Hope felt safer and free with Liam. Hope did feel that way. Hope said one had to find a balance, and being careless wasn't the same as being free. She admitted that she might have taken it too far in the wrong direction.

Later, Hope was alone when she heard a knock at the door. She asked who was there and heard a man on the other side say, "Probably the last person you want to see." Hope slowly opened the door and was startled to see Deacon on the doorstep.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

by Pam

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke walked the beach and spotted a man she thought was Ridge walking along the water's edge. Brooke approached him. "Ridge?" she asked. Ridge turned and looked at her. They embraced, but Ridge seemed distant. "Hi," he said. "Hi," Brooke said tearfully.

In the hotel coffee shop in Abu Dhabi, Thorne and Katie sat and discussed that they didn't know what to think or do to find Ridge. Katie said she wanted to believe that Ridge was alive. "I would know. I would feel it if he were dead," Katie said. Katie vowed to believe that Ridge was alive. "I can't imagine life without Ridge. I need more time with him. I want more time," she said.

Katie wondered when they would find Ridge. Thorne lamented that there had been too much loss in his life with the losses of his mother and Darla. "When I needed my big brother, he'd be there," Thorne said. Katie said that she and Ridge had been planning their wedding and raising their boys together. Thorne said that he expected Ridge to walk in the door at any minute, but Katie said it was never that simple. Katie returned to the suite because she had left her phone there to charge.

In the Abu Dhabi suite, Brooke raced in and told Eric that she had found Ridge. Brooke walked in with Ridge. "My God! Ridge!" Eric hugged Ridge, but Ridge looked confused. Eric embraced him and kissed him.

"I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I just want to come home," Ridge said. Brooke said that "so many" people would be happy. "Katie's going to be ecstatic. You do want to see her," Brooke said. "I think that'd be nice," Ridge said without emotion.

Eric hugged Ridge again. "Stephanie -- our boy is back. He's here," Eric shouted into the air. Brooke explained to Eric that she had been walking along the beach and had seen Ridge, but she hadn't been sure it was Ridge because his back had been to her. Ridge looked at her attentively as she described that she had found him. Brooke said it was a miracle.

At Brooke's house in Los Angeles, Hope opened the door to Deacon. She wondered why he had arrived, but he asked to sit down and talk. Hope explained that Deacon had shown up at an awkward time. She explained that Ridge had fallen out of a helicopter.

Deacon claimed that he had good instincts, and he knew that Ridge would be fine. Deacon acknowledged that Ridge had been like a father to Hope. Hope noted that her mother had done everything in her power to keep Deacon away from Hope. Deacon agreed, but he said it was the smartest thing Brooke had ever done.

Deacon apologized for ruining Hope's wedding in Italy. Hope said that she'd had a lot of time to think about that. "Bill Spencer had a lot to do with that," she said.

Hope said the only thing she could think about was Ridge. Hope explained that Ridge and Katie were engaged, and Deacon was surprised. Hope said they were really sweet together. Hope explained that she and Liam were back together. Deacon said that Hope deserved the best, and he wanted her to be happy. Hope noted that she had met another guy, but the entire situation with Ridge had made her realize that what she wanted and needed in her life was Liam.

"I'm really sorry for all the time that I missed with you," Deacon said. He promised to stick around for good. "Not a day goes by that I don't think of you," he said. Deacon maintained that he wanted to build a relationship with her. "I want the chance to be your dad," he said.

Brooke called Hope. "Ridge is alive, and I found him. He's okay," Brooke said excitedly. "Yay, please give Ridge a really big hug," Hope said. She and Brooke hung up, and Hope hugged Deacon. Hope said it was the best news. She said she had to tell everyone, and she called the day an epic day.

In the Abu Dhabi suite, Brooke had a heart-to-heart talk with Ridge. "I knew you were out there in my gut and my heart," Brooke said. She added that she and Ridge had been connected for many years physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They had a bond that would never go away,

"I will always love you no matter what," Brooke said. She remarked that Ridge had flown to Abu Dhabi to save her -- like he had done so many times before. "It didn't exactly turn out the way I had planned," Ridge said. Brooke gushed that it had all turned out pretty well because she had worried that she had lost him. She wanted Ridge to tell her what had happened, but she hugged him first. "I want to hold onto you and never let go," she said.

Ridge looked thoughtful. Katie walked in, and Brooke let go of Ridge. He looked at Katie, and she embraced him and kissed him. Tears streamed down her face, and Ridge looked confused.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

by Pam

In the Abu Dhabi suite, Katie cried and embraced Ridge. You're alive. "I'm alive," Ridge said, and he smiled, hugged Katie, and patted her hair. Eric asked Ridge what had happened, and Ridge explained that someone had found him and taken him in. "And now I'm here," Ridge said. Katie explained that they had all been very worried. "I'm sorry," Ridge said. Katie told him not to apologize.

Katie explained to Ridge that they would investigate the accident. Ridge wanted to return home. Katie asked for a few minutes alone with Ridge. Brooke and Eric walked away. Brooke and Eric agreed that Ridge didn't seem to fully understand what had happened. Eric said a doctor had been called.

The doctor arrived. After he'd examined Ridge, he announced that Ridge had a concussion and suffered from memory loss and confusion. Eric demanded to know what had happened. Eric questioned why no one had notified the search team or the Forresters that Ridge had been found and had been alive. The doctor explained that he only knew that a family had taken Ridge in, and it had been a doctor's family. He promised to get answers for Eric.

Eric angrily said that all the hospitals had been notified that Ridge had been missing. Eric didn't understand why no one had contacted the search team. The doctor promised to investigate. The doctor added that it was important for Ridge to avoid stress, and he added that Ridge would need care in the United States for his memory loss and confusion.

Brooke asked if Ridge's condition could be permanent, and the doctor answered that time would tell because the brain was mysterious. Ridge said he was good. The doctor warned again against stress. "Let's go home," Ridge said. The doctor left, and Brooke noted that R.J. was excited to see Ridge, who looked confused at the mention of R.J.

"R.J., yeah sure," Ridge said with no emotion. Katie, Brooke, and Eric looked worried. Katie asked to speak to Ridge alone again. Katie talked to Ridge about hitting his head. She worried that he would not remember many things, and she reiterated what the doctor had said.

"Is that what he said, I don't remember," Ridge said with a smile. "That's not funny," Katie said with a smile. Katie explained that she was happy just to see him and touch him. She didn't want to stress him, but she wanted to pick up where they'd left off. Ridge was quiet. He said that he didn't want to make her sad. He wanted to return home to his son. His little boy needed his dad.

Katie agreed with Ridge. She explained how happy they had been, and she reminded him that he had tied the red ribbon on her on her finger as a symbol of his love. She told him that it had been romantic, unexpected, and beautiful. She added that they had promised to take a leap of faith together. She wanted him to remember every moment they had shared together, how they had fallen in love, and how they'd planned to raise their children together. "Tell me you remember, Ridge. Tell me you remember us," she said.

At an outdoor cafe, Bill and Justin discussed the helicopter accident. Justin warned Bill that Ridge might have recognized Justin before Ridge went into the water. Bill wondered how it could have happened. Justin explained that Ridge might have noticed the Spencer logo on the shoulder of his jacket. Justin flashed back to when he had landed the copter and expected that Bill and Brooke would get on board.

Justin was surprised that Ridge and Brooke boarded and not Bill and Brooke. Justin surmised that Ridge had ordered his own helicopter to whisk Brooke away, and Ridge hadn't noticed it was Spencer helicopter when he and Brooke boarded. Bill insisted that no one could find out that Justin had dumped Ridge into the water.

Brooke interrupted. "Ridge is alive," she shouted. Brooke said Ridge had a concussion and memory loss. Bill and Justin exchanged a nervous glance. "This is wonderful news, Brooke," Bill said. "Best in a long time," Justin agreed.

At Forrester Creations, Rick, Maya, Carter, Donna, Pam, Aly, and Oliver had gathered for a meeting that Hope had called. Maya speculated that there had to have been news about Ridge. Hope arrived with Liam and announced "Ridge is alive! Mom found him!" Everyone was relieved. "Ridge is back, baby," Liam said.

Carter noticed Maya glaring at Oliver, and he warned her to stop. She agreed. Hope and Liam talked about how nearly losing someone had changed all of their lives. They all chatted about how fortunate they had been to get good news.

Aly thanked Oliver for his support. Oliver promised to always be there whenever Aly needed him. Oliver admitted that he and Ridge had their differences, but they would get past them.

Rick told Pam that Ridge often had made him furious, but he didn't want to learn to live without Ridge. Pam told Rick to tell Ridge that when he returned. They hugged.

Pam later told Donna that she believed Stephanie had helped find Ridge. Donna agreed that if anyone could "boss around the universe -- it would be Stephanie." Hope called everyone together again. She reminded everyone that they were family, and they would all make promises to be more aware and forgiving no matter what happened.

Hope wanted everyone to remember to appreciate family. She was glad she had another opportunity to tell Ridge how much she loved him. Hope told Liam that it had taken a tragedy for her to realize what she had with him. She reminded Liam that he had never really lost her, but Liam said he felt he had. Hope promised to never stop appreciating Liam, and she vowed to never stop telling him that she appreciated him.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

At the outdoor café in Abu Dhabi, Bill questioned Brooke about Ridge. Brooke said that they didn't know how much Ridge remembered or how long it would take him to recover; however, upon looking at him, no one would notice any difference in him for what he'd been through.

"Except that blank look in his eyes," Bill remarked. Brooke believed that Ridge knew who everyone was, but they needed to give him a little time and patience. Bill asked how Katie was. Brooke replied that her sister was anxious for the fog to clear and to have Ridge back to himself again. Brooke was hopeful that those things were happening right at that moment.

In the hotel suite, Ridge seemed a little startled when Katie kissed him on the lips. She asked him to say that he remembered her and that he remembered them. Brooke and Bill arrived, and Brooke asked if everything was okay. Katie said everything was fine; she just needed to know that Ridge remembered. She asked him again if he remembered.

Bill advised Katie not to press. Staring widely, Ridge asserted that he didn't have amnesia; he just had some fuzziness on things. Thorne strode in, saying that a concussion could do that, but Ridge had a hard head. Thorne hugged Ridge tightly. Ridge pushed Thorne back quickly but then recognized his "pesky little brother who's always been jealous" of him.

Thorne and Ridge bantered a bit, which was music to Eric's ears. Eric asked what Ridge remembered about the helicopter. "Helicopter?" Ridge asked, and Bill clenched his jaw. Katie and Brooke explained to Ridge what had happened on the beach, leading up to the fall. Bill figured that everything after the fall was sketchy for Ridge, but Ridge replied that not everything was.

Ridge became disconcerted when the group continued to question him, but Eric told Ridge to take his time, and everything would return to focus eventually. Eric and Thorne left to make preparations for the flight home, and Katie said that R.J., Ridge's son with Brooke, would be happy to see Ridge. Ridge replied that he remembered his son. "Do you remember me?" Katie asked again.

"Of course I remember you, Katie. You're Brooke's sister," Ridge answered. Brooke reminded Katie that the doctor had said that Ridge needed to take it easy, but Bill insisted that "Forrester" had to remember Katie. Katie stammered that she needed to talk to Ridge alone -- again.

Brooke led Bill into another part of the suite. She sighed, and he stroked her shoulders from behind. He asked her to tell him what she was thinking. "Like I don't already know," he murmured. Brooke said that Katie needed Ridge to say he remembered their relationship, but he didn't seem to. "And you can't help wondering what it means," Bill concluded.

Back in the parlor, Katie sat down with Ridge. She stroked his hair and asked him close his eyes and relax. She was sure it would all return to him. He put his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes.

After a few moments, Ridge hopped up from his seat. Agitated, he said he was sorry, but he didn't remember. Katie claimed that it was okay, and they had plenty of time. She was sure he'd remember walking and dancing in the park, their children together, and their poem. She said that they'd been a wondrous and unexpected thing, because neither of them had seen it coming.

Laughing and joking, Katie stated that Ridge was fuzzy on how things had happened, but she wanted him to know that he'd pursued her. Ridge chuckled. She said that the moment he'd tied the string on her finger, she knew they'd be together forever, and she wouldn't believe otherwise.

Hugging Ridge, Katie quoted from their poem, ending with, "What is this sweet work worth..." "If thou kiss not me..." Ridge said and deeply kissed Katie.

At the Bikini Bar, the bartender was surprised that Deacon had returned "so soon." Deacon responded that he was meeting someone, and the bartender guessed it was the beautiful brunette from earlier. Quinn rushed in, ordered a drink, and asked if Deacon had gotten her text message. Deacon replied that he'd understood to meet her there, "but an update?"

Quinn asked if Deacon had seen Hope. Deacon said he'd seen his daughter, and he also had news. He started discussing who'd pay for drinks, and Quinn ordered him to stop stringing her along about the news. He asked if she'd spank him like the bad boy he'd been before. Deacon announced the Ridge had been found, and it was apparently hard to keep a good dressmaker down.

Quinn tried to contain her inner sense of triumph and asked if Deacon was putting her on because he needed friends in town. Deacon quipped that the only person he needed was his daughter, and that was whom he'd been with when Brooke had called to say that Ridge was okay. Smiling, Quinn said that everyone might stop persecuting her and her son.

Deacon assumed that "everyone" included Hope. Quinn agreed but blamed it on the tofu-eating boyfriend who was filling Hope's head with lies. "That is all going to change with the help of a certain someone," Quinn declared, grinning at Deacon.

Deacon asserted that he wasn't in town to interfere with Hope's love life. Quinn asked if Deacon wanted Hope to be happy -- because Wyatt could do that, but Liam had only caused Hope grief. "And yet she dumped your son for him," Deacon quipped. Quinn claimed that she'd messed up, not Wyatt, and Deacon would help her fix it. "Like hell," he retorted and tossed back his drink.

Quinn called Wyatt but got no answer. Deacon said she could have left a message, but she refused to miss the chance reach out to Wyatt with the news. Deacon wasn't sure the news would change things between her and Wyatt, but she said she had to try because Wyatt was her life. "Yeah, you know, about that..." Deacon started.

Deacon asked if Quinn understood that no man Wyatt's age wanted a clingy mother. Quinn claimed that she hovered, not clung, and Liam had been the problem, not her. Deacon sarcastically agreed, adding that Liam had been responsible for Quinn's selfie creation and delivery to Ridge. She said the point was that Ridge's being alive would change things with Hope.

Deacon guessed Quinn expected Hope to let Quinn and the wonderful Wyatt off the hook. Quinn declared that Wyatt was wonderful -- the kind of man any father would want for his daughter. Quinn predicted that, once things settled down, Hope would let the Fullers back into the company, and even if Quinn couldn't get back in, Hope would return to Wyatt. Deacon called it wishful thinking.

At the mansion, Hope, Rick, Caroline, Aly, Oliver, Pam, Carter, and Maya gathered together. Hope noted that Donna was with R.J. Liam told everyone that Eric had called Hope to say that he'd be home with Ridge the following day, and Pam exclaimed that they had a party to plan. Concerned if Ridge was in good shape, Carter asked Hope if there was anything she needed to tell them.

Hope relayed that Ridge had suffered a concussion and some memory loss. He knew his loved ones but was having difficulty remembering details. Hope believed that being around loved ones and familiar surroundings would help him heal. Aly asked if he'd still be the Ridge they knew and loved.

Hope was sure Ridge would be the same, and Liam added that the fuzziness might clear up before Ridge arrived home. Caroline and Rick added that they'd be supportive of Ridge either way.

The group shifted into party mode, and Hope grabbed a pen and pad to make a list of things to do. She was hopeful that Ridge being among family and friends would jog his memory.

Caroline offered to bake cookies for her half-brother-in-law, and Maya became amazed that Caroline baked. Caroline said she was more than a pretty face. Caroline claimed to have a domestic side. Becoming tearful, Caroline said that, even if she didn't, she'd give it the old diva try for Ridge.

Aly wanted to hug Ridge and never let go. Oliver advised everyone to take Ridge's lead in case too much of a good thing wasn't good for Ridge. "Including Caroline's cookies," Carter quipped.

Aside, Liam noticed that Hope hadn't stopped smiling ever since they'd learned about Ridge. She asked if Liam believed in miracles, and he said that Ridge's survival had been pretty miraculous. "I think we're miraculous, too," she uttered in a cutesy voice and hugged him.

Friday, June 20, 2014

At his beach house, Wyatt recalled the road trip with Hope. Quinn arrived, and he tried to close the door in her face. Pushing the door back open, Quinn urged him to talk to her because the problem she'd caused had become a lot less serious. "Ridge is alive," Quinn proclaimed.

Wyatt let his mother in, and she said the Forresters were having a party for Ridge at that moment. She recalled that the Fullers had once been invited to those types of shindigs. Wyatt assumed that Hope was relieved. Quinn was sure Hope was relieved to be rid of boring Liam. Wyatt grimaced, but Quinn insisted that Ridge's return home signified Hope's return to Wyatt.

Wyatt doubted Hope would let him near her to congratulate her, but Quinn said not to listen to the words of a person in a crisis, especially Hope, who was easily emotionally swayed. To Quinn, Ridge's reappearance meant that Hope would forgive Wyatt. "And maybe you'll forgive me, too," Quinn added.

Wyatt picked up his phone, and Quinn urged him to call Hope. He didn't want to, and Quinn asked if he wouldn't reach out at all. Wyatt said she didn't know him; he was going to reach out, but not on the phone. He imagined that Hope had a big smile on her face, and he wanted to see it in person.

At the Forrester mansion, family and friends put the finishing touches on the dessert bar for Ridge's party, and Hope reminded everyone to take their cues from Ridge. To her, his being alive was all that mattered. Eric messaged Aly that he'd arrived, and the guests braced themselves.

Brooke, Thorne, and Eric entered, and the family cheered. The trio told the family and friends that Ridge wasn't himself, but he was doing well after what he'd suffered. Eric relayed that Ridge would get a full workup from a local doctor soon.

Next, Ridge entered with Katie, and he seemed bewildered as the guests cheered for him. All the attention focused on Ridge, and Katie uttered that he didn't have to stay if he didn't want to. Ridge said that with family and friends was where he wanted to be.

Ridge was sorry he'd worried everyone, but Caroline replied that it hadn't been his fault. He murmured that he could have handled things better, but Katie and Brooke felt that Quinn could have, too. Aly and Hope preferred not to discuss Quinn or the whys of what had happened.

Hope was glad to have the chance to say things to Ridge that she hadn't said before. She couldn't remember the last thing she'd said to him before the incident, whether it had been about work or about an argument. She was happy to have the chance to say that he'd treated her as one of his own, and she'd always see him as a father and a role model at a time that her real father hadn't been.

After Hope expressed her love for Ridge, Rick said he didn't know what he'd last said to Ridge, either, but he was glad that Ridge was back. The men hugged, and the party continued.

Thorne announced that his sisters were on their way to be sure that Ridge was okay. Eric added that Thomas and Steffy were flying in, too. Eric glanced at Stephanie's picture and kissed Pam's cheek.

Ridge asked to see his son. Brooke and Donna explained that, to spare the child the grief, they hadn't told R.J. about Ridge's disappearance.

Brooke spotted Liam and Hope canoodling together and strode over to find out what was going on. Eric approached to hear Hope and Liam's news, too. Hope said that she and Liam had reconciled, and she'd ended things with Wyatt personally and professionally.

Hope couldn't see herself working with the Fullers, and though Rick had fired them, Hope said that it was Eric's call if he wanted to undo the decision. Eric stated that Quinn was no longer welcome at Forrester, and it had been the right call.

Brooke and Eric left the couple to their canoodling, but Liam noticed that Pam was giving him the evil eye for not eating dessert yet. He took off to get some for himself and Hope. Hope glanced outside and saw Wyatt hiding in the flora on the terrace.

At the dessert bar, Rick and Liam discussed the moistness of the brownies. Rick began to talk about Liam and Hope's reunion, but Liam suddenly noticed that Hope wasn't where he'd left her.

On the terrace, Hope asked what Wyatt was doing there. He guessed that he should have knocked, but he hadn't felt welcomed inside. He thought even Stephanie's portrait hated him, but Hope replied that no one did. He quipped that they just didn't want to see him again, and neither did Hope. Hope replied that he knew it wasn't true, and her decision had been tough but firm.

Hope guessed Wyatt was there to change her mind, but Wyatt said he was there about Ridge's return. Wyatt was thrilled for the Forresters, and knowing that Ridge was alive meant the world to Wyatt. Wyatt hadn't been able to handle that his mother could have caused someone's death and that the Forresters had associated him with that.

Wyatt wished he could have changed some things. He was glad the family had the ending they deserved. As she thanked and hugged Wyatt, Liam leaned on the terrace door and scowled at them.

Back inside, Katie flashed back to seeing Ridge in Abu Dhabi for the first time. She walked over to him as he leaned on a table in the foyer. She said they could leave anytime he wanted because he was tired and not himself. Though he agreed with that, he said he wanted to stay, and he'd pretend because the party was important for everyone.

Katie said she'd been scared when Ridge had been missing. She still had a knot in her stomach because she feared she might have dreamed his return, and she'd awaken to find him gone. Ridge said he wasn't going anywhere without her, and she hugged him. She wanted to move forward and put it all behind him. He said that was the plan, but he didn't want her to be disappointed.

Katie asked what Ridge meant. Ridge replied that it was hard, there were missing pieces, and he didn't know how long it would take to put it together. Katie assured him that it would be okay, she'd be there to help, and they'd get through it together. He hoped she wouldn't regret saying that.

Katie said she did regret one thing, and it was waiting to get married. She couldn't wait to be his wife. Ridge asked if she thought he'd return from the dead just to string her along. "No, never," she replied and kissed him. When they hugged, he stared blankly over her shoulder.

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