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Deacon moved into Quinn's warehouse and paid a visit to Wyatt. Maya hit on Rick and took revenge on Oliver by outing her recording of him. Quinn had stabbed Liam with his sword charm, and in the middle of the night, Liam found Quinn outside his house, staring at him through his patio door.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 23, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, June 23, 2014

At the mansion, Katie was relieved that Ridge was ready for marriage. She'd been worried that he'd forgotten about them before they'd started. "It's just the beginning for us. How could I have forgotten that?" Ridge replied, and they kissed.

The two entered the living room, and Donna warned them that they'd better not leave. Ridge stated that he wouldn't leave until the last lemon bar was gone. Brooke relayed that she'd known, even when the rescue had ended, that Ridge would return to them -- and to Katie.

Nearby, Aly wanted to know how long Thorne would be in town. Thorne had a lot of work to do in Paris, but Aly felt that he'd be needed in town until Ridge was ready to return to work. Thorne offered to stay if Aly needed him, but she said she was doing well. She asked about him and Taylor and thought it was cool that he and Taylor were still together.

By the fireplace Ridge and Katie joked with Rick and Caroline about Caroline almost taking over couture in Ridge's absence. Ridge said Caroline would be just about the only person he'd trust in his absence. Brooke watched from the sofa as Katie kissed Ridge.

On the terrace, Hope hugged Wyatt. Wyatt said seeing Hope's happiness about Ridge had lifted a huge burden from Wyatt, and he hoped that he could be in her life someday.

Just then, Liam, who'd been watching from behind the doorframe, appeared and quipped that it was a surprise to see Wyatt. Hope explained that Wyatt had arrived because of Ridge, and Wyatt said he'd wanted to congratulate Hope. Liam quipped that cell phones were "so hard to use."

Wyatt claimed not to want to be a problem, but he thought some things were better said in person. Liam replied that Wyatt shouldn't be there. Hope told Liam that she didn't think Wyatt was there to cause trouble. Wyatt said his arrival didn't have to be a big deal. Liam said there was calling, text-messaging, and email, but he could guess why Wyatt had "done this."

Wyatt didn't know why Liam was "doing this" and said, as brothers, they had to get along. Liam wanted that, but he felt that Wyatt's understanding of Wyatt's relationship with Hope was the key. Liam said Wyatt had arrived in secret and pulled Hope aside to capitalize on the day's emotions. Wyatt claimed not to be doing that, but Liam asked why Wyatt couldn't respect Hope's decision.

Later, Liam and Hope returned inside. Liam asked if he'd been out of line. Hope believed that Wyatt should have gone, but she did think he'd been happy to hear about Ridge. Liam said Wyatt was relieved that Quinn was off the hook. "No, she's not," Hope replied. Hope added that she'd been very clear with Wyatt in Big Bear -- her future was with Liam.

Brooke called everyone together for a toast to Ridge being safe and at home with the woman he loved. Brooke said she'd believed all along that he'd been alive and would return to her, R.J., Katie, and everyone else. Brooke hadn't wanted to acknowledge it before, but she could see the love that Katie and Ridge shared. Brooke knew that he'd return home to be there for the person he loved -- Katie.

Katie thanked Brooke and everyone for supporting the unlikely couple. Katie told Ridge that she'd hadn't believed he was gone. She'd been willing to search every inch of the Persian Gulf for him. Katie said they had a life to live, and she couldn't wait to start. Brooke hugged Ridge and Katie.

Ridge thanked everyone for the love in the room, even though it was somewhat overwhelming for him. He said he had things to figure out in his head, and it would take a while. He didn't think he could return to work right away. Everyone in the room offered to pitch in at work to help.

Ridge stated that he recalled falling and the deafening sound of the helicopter. It had been dark and quiet for a long time. When he'd awakened, he hadn't known who he was, but he'd known that he hadn't been home. He hadn't been able to move or talk, and he'd been scared.

Ridge had tried to remember the faces of friends and family, and the people who'd made him who he was; however, the memories had washed away. As the memories had gotten more and more blurry, he'd stopped trying to remember. He joked that he didn't know half the people in the room. They laughed. He said he did know them, and he knew he was home because of the way he felt.

Ridge felt that Katie was the incredible woman who'd waited for him, and he couldn't wait to tell R.J. that no matter how cold, dark, and quiet the world was, it would be okay with someone on the other side pulling him through. Ridge told Katie that he loved her and couldn't wait to marry her.

At the beach house, Bill arrived and grimaced upon being greeted by Quinn instead of Wyatt. As Bill turned to leave, she said a lot had happened while he'd been gone, and she'd be happy fill him in.

Quinn was sure that Wyatt was reuniting with Hope at that moment. Guessing that Hope had chosen Liam, Bill remarked that it was about time Hope had stopped stringing both the men along. Quinn felt that Hope had made a rushed choice out of fear and judgment, but Wyatt's chances had been revived with Ridge's reappearance.

Bill snarled that it was unbelievable how clueless Quinn was. Quinn declared that the selfie hadn't killed Ridge, and she was exonerated. Bill raged that she'd still emailed the photo, which had sent "that lunatic" to ruin the wedding. He said her claws had stretched halfway around the world, but his and Brooke's connection was stronger than ever. "And now, you have got nothing on me," Bill concluded.

Though she wouldn't mind having an eternal blackmail piece on Bill, Quinn admitted that sending the picture had been a mistake, and it wasn't right that Wyatt had paid the price. Bill insisted that Hope would have chosen Liam regardless, and Quinn had just helped nudge it along. "Why? Because Liam is all that is good in this world?" Quinn raged.

Quinn deemed Liam and his flea-ridden kitten boring, and she refused to believe Hope would have chosen Liam over Wyatt. Quinn was sure her son was charming Hope at that moment, but if it didn't work, then Quinn or Bill needed to smack sense into Hope. Bill said Quinn was out of her "freaking mind." "You think I would have anything to do with you or your plans? We are not a team," he seethed.

Quinn reasoned that she and Bill were parents, and their son needed them. She told Bill to do what he needed to do, but they couldn't let their son pay for her mistake. "Try to wrap that twisted little head around not asking me to do anything -- ever," Bill stated. He said that his two sons wanted the same woman, and he was staying out of it. He advised Quinn to do the same thing.

Bill warned Quinn to stay out of his life, too. He suggested that she leave town, but she refused to leave Wyatt. Bill doubted that Wyatt wanted Quinn, who'd screwed up Wyatt's life. Bill told her to leave Wyatt with him and "just go...somewhere...anywhere, as long as it is far, far, far away."

Quinn refused to leave her life over one romp with Bill and advised him to get over it. Bill maintained that he'd been over it while it had been happening, but she'd wanted to keep it going. Quinn claimed to be over it and saw no reason they couldn't work together as parents.

Quinn was sure that Brooke would prefer Wyatt. "Brooke would prefer it if you had fallen out of the helicopter over the Persian Gulf," Bill retorted. He declared that he and Brooke wanted nothing to do with Quinn, and he advised her to leave before an angry mob with torches and pitchforks drove her out. "And Wyatt will be leading the pack," Bill added and strode out the door.

Later, Wyatt arrived as Quinn was leaving him a note. She asked how things had gone with Hope. He said that Hope had been very happy, and he believed she still cared about him. He could tell that Hope had been glad to see him. Quinn wasn't surprised and was sure that Hope would forgive him. Quinn asked if Hope had said anything about their jobs.

Wyatt's expression soured. He said Hope had been glad to see him, but Liam hadn't. Wyatt claimed that he'd slipped around back at the mansion, so he wouldn't cause a scene, and Hope had seen him. Quinn guessed that Liam had ruined the moment, and Wyatt replied that Liam had practically kicked him out. Quinn raged that Liam had to be stopped. "Not by you," Wyatt declared.

Wyatt said that the last thing he wanted was for his mother to get involved. He warned Quinn to stay away because her help was toxic, and he never wanted anything to do with her again.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke confessed to Liam and Brooke that she'd thought she had been hallucinating when she found Ridge walking along the beach in Abu Dhabi. Brooke, Liam, and Hope shared how happy they all were to get the news.

Hope added that she had news in addition to reuniting with Liam. Hope admitted that she had seen her father. Hope said that Deacon had returned because he had missed her. Brooke reminded Hope to be careful with Deacon because Deacon always had an angle. Hope said that Deacon knew he had to earn her trust.

Liam pointed out that he and Hope would have been married if Deacon hadn't been in Italy. Hope wanted to put it behind them. She wanted a relationship with her father. "He supports us and wants me to be happy," Hope said to Liam. Liam and Hope hugged, and Brooke looked on.

At Quinn's place, Deacon showed up, and Quinn lamented that it had been her fault that she had screwed up, and her son was paying the price. Quinn wistfully noted that Wyatt and Hope belonged together, and Deacon said that Hope had clearly made her choice -- it was Liam. Quinn insisted they had to help Hope remember that it was Wyatt she loved.

Quinn reminded Deacon that Hope had admitted to Deacon that she had fallen in love with Wyatt. Deacon countered that Hope had decided to move on. Quinn ignored Deacon and insisted that Deacon needed to help Hope and Wyatt. "Let's work something out," Quinn said.

Quinn said that the media loved Hope and Wyatt, but Deacon laughed that Quinn had destroyed that. "Carnage follows you wherever you go," he said. Quinn asked what she had to do to get him to help her. He said that he needed a place to stay, and he suggested there was plenty of room in the warehouse and apartment. Quinn agreed.

"If Hope has a thing for him, I'll see what I can do," Deacon said of Wyatt. Quinn felt that Deacon's help would be worth the price. "I always am," Deacon said. "Deal," Quinn said, and she shook Deacon's hand.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt sulked and found Hope's scarf in the couch cushions. He looked at photos of Hope, and he seemed wistful and sad.

On the Forrester rooftop, Aly hugged Oliver and told him that he had helped her hold it together during the crisis when no one had known what had happened to Ridge. Aly put her arms around Oliver's neck and hugged him. Thorne interrupted and told Aly she was needed in a meeting. Aly left.

Thorne wanted to know Oliver's intentions with Aly. Thorne remarked that Oliver had been a major part of Aly's breakthrough, "but you're older and more experienced," Thorne said.

Thorne added that Aly was at a critical stage in her life and trusted Oliver. Thorne pointedly asked Oliver about his feelings for Aly. Oliver said that he cared about Aly. Aly returned and interrupted. She realized that Thorne had sent her downstairs so that he could have some time alone with Oliver.

Thorne admitted that he knew Oliver was a good guy. Thorne said he trusted Oliver, and that wasn't easy to say. Thorne gave Aly and Oliver his blessing to see each other "as long as you make time for your old man," Thorne said to Aly. Aly agreed, but she noted that he had spent most of his time in Paris. Thorne promised to stay in Los Angeles for a while.

After Thorne left, Aly and Oliver discussed their relationship. Oliver admitted that he had been a little nervous when he had spoken to Thorne. Aly asked about the conversation, and Oliver noted that Thorne knew that Aly had fallen for Oliver. Aly agreed, and they kissed.

In Hope's office at Forrester, Deacon entered. Hope wondered how Deacon had gained entrance into the building. Deacon noted that they knew him. "You look so grown up and so beautiful," Deacon said. He asked about Ridge. Hope said Ridge had been improving. "He'll be fine," Deacon said.

Deacon apologized for the wedding interference again, but Hope wanted to leave it in the past. "Things worked out anyway. Liam and I are back together," Hope said happily. "Are you sure it is what you want?" Deacon asked.

Hope responded that it was. Wyatt called and interrupted the conversation. Wyatt asked Hope to visit him, and Hope refused. Wyatt told her that he knew she had missed him, but Hope said she no longer wanted to talk to him. She hung up. Deacon said that Wyatt was clearly not over Hope. Hope said that Wyatt would always be in her life because he was Liam's brother.

Deacon said that Wyatt had been loyal to her, but Hope said that Wyatt's life had a lot of drama she couldn't handle. Hope said that she hoped Deacon never had to meet Quinn. "I don't want Quinn as an in-law," Hope said.

Quinn entered Liam's uninvited, and Liam told her to get out. Quinn refused and promised to be at Liam's office, in his home, and in his face until Hope and Wyatt were back together. Liam called it textbook stalker behavior "or something more serious," he said.

"It is," Quinn promised. She had a new mission in life, and it was to get Wyatt and Hope back together. Liam told her she was psychotic. Quinn told Liam that he had turned everyone against her because he'd made everyone believe it was her fault that Ridge had been hurt.

"We would be married," Liam reminded Quinn -- if she had not interfered. Quinn replied that she had saved Hope from a life of monotony and mind-numbing boredom. Quinn promised to haunt Liam. "You just made me stronger and so much more dangerous," she said.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam warned Quinn to get out. He was sick of her empty threats. "It's over, Quinn." Liam reminded Quinn that she and Wyatt were no longer employed at Forrester. Quinn blamed Liam for poisoning Hope and everyone.

"Let Hope think for herself," Quinn demanded. Quinn insisted that Hope wanted to forgive Wyatt because Wyatt had done nothing wrong. Liam refused. "There is no way left for you and your son to get into Hope's life," Liam said.

Quinn argued that Liam had turned everyone against her. She reminded Liam that Ridge was alive and well, and Liam had tried to blame her for everything that had happened. Liam told her she was psychotic.

Quinn said that Liam had never had to work for anything, but Wyatt had been by Hope's side at the office. Wyatt had worked toward Hope's success. Quinn made fun of Liam, who had given Hope a kitten. "You still don't get it. She has different values than you, Quinn," Liam said.

Quinn changed her tune. She begged Liam to remember that Wyatt was his brother. "I don't believe you want to ruin his life, take away his business, and his family. Let Wyatt come back to Forrester," Quinn begged. She maintained that it wasn't fair that he had been punished.

Quinn said that if Liam and Hope were happy, it shouldn't matter if Wyatt returned to work. Liam refused. He didn't trust Quinn or Wyatt.

Liam said he only cared about his own future with Hope. Quinn looked furious. She advised Liam that the sword around his neck had been a symbol of family, and it bonded him to his father and brother. She wondered why Liam had no problem ruining Wyatt's life. "Live by the sword, die by the sword," she said and she viciously stabbed Liam in the throat.

At Forrester, Rick met with Caroline, Aly, Oliver, Carter, Hope, and Maya. He pointed out that the couture line had slowed down because of Ridge's accident. He added that Hope for the Future had become the sole priority.

Rick knew Caroline's new collection was light and youthful. They all discussed the photo shoot with Oliver. Hope and Maya stepped away to get something to drink, and Hope commented that things had been tense lately, but she was looking forward to seeing Maya's beautiful smile in the new pictures.

Maya wondered if something had been wrong with her work. Hope noted that Maya had been distracted. Hope asked if something had been bothering her. Maya assured Hope that the shoot would be fine.

The meeting resumed, and plans were made for the photo shoot. Rick said he had planned some time in the steam room. He kissed Caroline and wanted her to join him, but Caroline had a meeting. Maya watched. Maya and Oliver left for a photo shoot.

Aly, Caroline, and Hope discussed that they needed to add essential summer accessories to the line. Hope worried that it was too much after all the jewelry they had promoted. Aly asked about Wyatt, and Hope confirmed that Quinn and Wyatt were no longer with the company.

Aly worried that Wyatt and Quinn would go out of business. Hope noted that Aly had shown a different side recently. Aly agreed that she had let go of a lot of anger because she had met a guy -- Oliver -- and Caroline and Hope were surprised. "He's such a sweet guy -- you're perfect for each other," Hope said. Hope praised Aly for the good energy she had shared.

Caroline and Aly teased Hope about dating two guys, but Hope said it was over. She would always care about Wyatt, but she was committed to Liam. Aly suggested they all go on a date together, and Caroline added that she felt Hope should invite them all to the beach.

In the photo studio, Oliver set up while Maya modeled a dress. Maya looked unhappy, and Oliver asked what was wrong. Maya resented that Caroline had ended up with Rick. Oliver was shocked. Maya went off on how she hated that Caroline Spencer was living the life that Maya should have had.

Maya advised Oliver to be careful with Aly. Oliver told Maya that he had already talked to Thorne, who had given them his blessing. Maya lamented that she didn't have Rick, and Oliver sternly reminded Maya that she was a Forrester spokesmodel.

Maya flashed back to running through stores on Rodeo Drive with Rick. Oliver knew that Maya was lost in thought. Oliver advised her to take a break. Maya argued, but Oliver reminded her how lucky she was to have Carter. Maya countered that Oliver would be on the inside at Forrester because he had hooked up with Aly.

Maya shared that she was envious of the Forrester family's wealth. She arrogantly claimed that she and Rick would never be living at the guesthouse. Oliver interrupted and asked if Maya was angry or jealous. "I am tired of watching people like Caroline get whatever they want. I play by the rules," she said.

Oliver was in disbelief. Maya left. Aly entered and asked what had happened to Maya. Oliver said that Maya had been distracted.

In the steam room, Rick relaxed. He heard the door open, and he assumed Caroline had joined him. "I was hoping that you'd show up," Rick said. It was Maya who had entered. She rubbed his neck, and he turned to discover that it was Maya. She smiled. Rick was surprised.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In the steam room, Maya wondered if Rick was surprised, but she said it wasn't the first time they'd been together like that. Rick replied that it had been a long time since then. She claimed it hadn't been that long, and she wondered if the feelings were still there.

Rick said he was married to Caroline, and Maya was engaged to Carter. Maya felt that Carter was a wonderful man, but she asked why Rick thought she kept postponing the wedding. She reasoned that Rick and Caroline didn't have children, and it wasn't too late for Maya and Rick.

Rick said he'd enjoyed his time with Maya, and Maya recalled that they'd been two people completely in love. His world had scared her at first, but she'd grown to love everything about him and the Forrester family. Seeing his family rally around Ridge had made her realize how much she missed Rick and wanted to be in the family again.

Maya felt as if she'd let things slip away, and Caroline had fought hard without playing fair all the time. Maya stated that she regretted giving up too easily, and she wanted another chance. Rick hopped up from his seat uncomfortably, and she guessed she'd shocked Rick with her honesty.

Maya doubted that Caroline could make Rick happy the way Maya could. Rick insisted that he was committed to Caroline, whom he couldn't see his life without. Maya asked if Rick had any feelings for her. Rick replied that he cared about Maya as a friend and a coworker.

Maya claimed that they could be good together and take the company to levels that he'd only dreamed about. Rick figured that everyone was emotional over almost losing Ridge, and it had probably messed with Maya's head. She insisted that she meant what she was saying. Rick said Carter was a great man who loved Maya. "And I love Caroline," Rick uttered and left Maya alone in the steam room.

In the photo studio, Oliver urged Aly to take some photos, but Aly said Maya was the model there. As the couple kissed, Hope entered, looking for Maya. Hope had heard that the last shoot hadn't gone well, and Oliver responded that Maya had taken off.

Hope growled and asked if the two had noticed that Maya had been acting strange. Aly said Maya might return and do a better job. Hope relayed that they were in a time crunch because HFTF billboards had to go up in a month, and they wouldn't make it if Maya kept storming out of photo shoots. Hope felt that Maya was off her game. Aly said that nothing was more important to Maya than working at Forrester, and Oliver seemed to hold back on speaking.

After Hope had gone, Oliver thought it was cool of Aly to stick up for Maya. Aly claimed to like Maya and hoped she wouldn't get in trouble. Oliver murmured that he thought Maya already was.

Oliver turned the topic back to Aly becoming the face of HFTF, but Aly insisted that she wasn't a model. He was confident that she had it in her. She let him photograph her, and in reviewing the pictures, he noted that she sure looked like a model.

Aly replied that it was because Oliver was an amazing photographer. It had been just for fun for Aly, but she was sure she'd freak out if the pictures went public. He urged her to see that she was the HFTF message and could represent it. Unbeknownst to them, Maya listened at the door as Oliver stated that Maya wasn't working out, and Aly should take Maya's place.

At the jewelry warehouse, Deacon startled Quinn, who was wearing a protective suit and helmet as she welded metal. He reminded her that he lived there, and she quipped that it was only temporarily.

Quinn said she'd gone to see Liam to convince him to back off Wyatt, but Liam was being a bad boy. She believed it took extra prodding and poking to get through to Liam, but she'd tried to be gentle.

Deacon said he'd gone to see Hope, and Wyatt had called during the visit. Deacon thought Hope still cared for Wyatt, and Quinn said Hope was in love with Wyatt. Deacon replied that he didn't know about all that, because Hope was committed Liam. Quinn ordered Deacon to do something about that, but Deacon retorted that Hope was a grown woman.

With a huff, Quinn demanded that Deacon convince Hope that she was angry with Quinn, not Wyatt. Deacon responded that there was only so much that even he could do. Quinn declared that Hope and Wyatt belonged together. "It's what Wyatt wants, and deep down, it's what Hope wants. And more importantly, it's what I want more than life itself," Quinn asserted.

Deacon and Quinn said they'd wanted to be good parents. Quinn wondered what was wrong with them. Deacon felt that his list was too long, but he could tell her what was wrong with her -- she needed to loosen the leash with "sonny boy." She retorted that she'd at least been around for Wyatt.

Quinn declared that one thing was standing in her way and impeding her son's joy, and it was "the gnat," Liam. She griped about the do-gooder Liam, who drove her nuts. "Short drive," Deacon murmured. Quinn announced that she was going to kill Liam.

Deacon laughed, but Quinn asked why he thought she was joking. Deacon kept joking around about plotting Liam's murder, and she asked if Deacon had ever killed anyone. He asked if she had. "Never underestimate a mother's love, the sacrifices that she's willing to make for her children, no matter the cost," Quinn responded.

Later, Quinn was alone, welding and seething over her past confrontations with Liam.

At the cliff house, Wyatt arrived after receiving a message from Liam, who wanted to talk about Quinn. Wyatt was irritated by Liam's summons to discuss Quinn, but Liam said that the unhinged woman had taken her craziness up a notch earlier that day.

Wyatt claimed that Quinn wasn't crazy, but Liam showed Wyatt the small puncture wound on his neck. Wyatt thought it was an oversized freckle, but Liam asserted that Quinn had stabbed him with his sword, the same way she'd done to Bill. "Oh, yeah, she does that. That's her thing," Wyatt replied.

Liam deemed Wyatt to be just as crazy as Quinn. Liam exclaimed that she'd warned that Liam lived by the sword, and he'd die by the sword. Liam called it a death threat, but Wyatt said Liam was overreacting. Wyatt asked what Liam wanted from him. Liam said he just wanted Wyatt to answer one question honestly. "How dangerous is your mom, really?" Liam asked.

Wyatt called the question ridiculous, but Liam noted that Quinn had almost gotten Ridge killed. Wyatt believed that his mother walked a thin line but wasn't a danger to anyone. Liam exclaimed that Quinn was a liability to Wyatt and everyone who Wyatt knew.

Just then, the front door slammed shut. Hope entered and precariously asked if everything was okay. Liam showed Quinn's latest stabbing wound to Hope. Wyatt called it a poke, and Hope flashed him an incredulous look. Exasperated, Wyatt apologized for his mother once again, but Hope said he shouldn't apologize because he hadn't done anything wrong.

Wyatt agreed, adding that he was paying the price for it. He complained that he'd lost his job and Hope, and there was no greater punishment than losing Hope. Wyatt stormed out of the house.

Hope offered to kiss Liam's wound, and he readily leaned his neck forward for her. Hope decided that Quinn was out of control. Liam thought the woman needed to be locked up. Hope added that they at least knew what Quinn was capable of, and Hope was sorry she hadn't seen it sooner. They hoped that Quinn's show was over and the stabbing had been the grand finale.

Later, Wyatt was at home when he heard a knock at the door. With an attitude, he answered it and said he didn't want whatever the trespassing person was selling. Deacon told Wyatt to think twice before slamming the door in his face. Wyatt asked who he was, and Deacon said his own name. "Yeah, that Deacon. Hope's dad. Nice to meet you, too," Deacon responded.

Friday, June 27, 2014

In the photo studio, Aly doubted that anyone wanted to replace Maya as the lead model. Oliver stated that Aly was younger, and she was a Forrester who embodied the line's message. Maya, who'd been listening at the door, scowled. Getting a thought, Maya smiled deviously and strode away.

Aly was flattered by Oliver's confidence in her, but she liked to be behind the scenes. She added that she liked Maya, who looked out for her. Aly thought Maya was a good friend and didn't want to put Maya out of a job. He murmured that they wouldn't want to do that.

Charlie and Pam arrived in medieval costumes. Pam was upset because she'd finally convinced Donna to go to "the castle," but after picking out an outfit, Donna had suddenly contracted the twenty-four-hour plague. Pam offered Donna's ticket to Aly, but Aly declined.

Pam was sad, but Oliver decided that he and Aly would both go to the event. He ordered everyone to the storage room for costumes, and Aly asked if he knew what he was getting himself into. Oliver had no idea, but whatever Aly was into, he wanted to be into as well.

Later, Aly, Oliver, Pam, and Charlie arrived at the jousting event in full costume. Others in the crowd wore paper crowns and regular clothes, and Oliver wondered why no one else was dressed up. Pam claimed that the tourists didn't do it, but "regulars like us" did. Pam, Charlie, and Aly hyped up the pageantry of the upcoming event, and Oliver took Aly's hand and led her inside the theater.

In the CEO's office, Rick was distracted as Caroline chatted about a meeting she'd had. She guessed that the steam room had overly relaxed him. Rick murmured that he hadn't been alone in the steam room. She asked if that had been a problem, and Rick replied that it had been indeed because the person had put her hands all over him. "Who?" Caroline said, fuming. "Let me guess -- Myrna."

Caroline readily guessed that Maya hadn't set a wedding date because she still had feelings for Rick. Rick asserted that he'd set Maya straight because, in his mind, he'd married the right woman. "Obviously!" Caroline quipped. Just then, Maya strode in and said that they needed to talk.

Caroline declared that Maya needed to be talking to Carter, not Rick and Caroline. Maya replied that Carter knew about it and had thought she was overreacting; however, she insisted that she wasn't. Maya started talking about Oliver, and Caroline asked what Oliver had to do with Maya hitting on Rick in the steam room.

Maya was surprised that Rick had told Caroline. Hopping from his seat, he said Caroline was his wife, and he didn't keep things from her. Caroline wanted to know if Maya had been leading Carter on and pining for Rick for all that time. Maya explained that Rick and Maya's breakup had been sudden; they hadn't processed it, and they'd each been rebounding.

"Hardly a rebound since he was with me first, but whatever!" Caroline retorted. Maya said Carter was a wonderful man, but she couldn't keep wondering what if. Maya guessed that she probably shouldn't have done it, but she'd had to tell Rick about it, just in case he'd been feeling that way, too.

Rick appeared to be extremely uncomfortable as Maya told Caroline that, "I could have been calling myself Forrester, not you." Maya didn't think anyone could blame her for talking to Rick before committing to Carter. Amused, Caroline decided that Maya just wanted a bigger paycheck.

Maya declared that she wasn't the gold digger in the business, but she knew who was. Rick recalled that she'd mentioned Oliver, and Maya asserted that Oliver was using Aly. Maya claimed that Oliver had used Aly's crush on him to get job security, and Rick needed to stop it before Aly got hurt.

Caroline figured Maya was just panicking after hitting on her boss. Maya whipped out her phone and said she had proof. She played the part of the recording on which Oliver said he was willing to date the redheaded Forrester to keep his job.

At the beach house, Deacon said he loved what Wyatt had done with the place in which Deacon had once lived. Wyatt asked the reason for the visit and if Hope knew Deacon was in town or at the beach house. Deacon wondered why Wyatt, who was involved with daughter, had to ask.

Wyatt mumbled that Deacon wasn't up-to-date. Deacon stated that Hope was with Liam " -- for now." Deacon said he'd seen Hope and Wyatt in the papers and had thought they might have been meant to be. Wyatt asserted that Hope was a different, more relaxed person with him. He wanted her back. He believed that Hope wouldn't admit it yet, but she wanted him, too.

Wyatt thought he, not Liam, was the right guy for Hope. Though Deacon had nothing against Liam, who was likable enough, Deacon thought something had to be wrong and keeping Hope and Liam apart for so long. Wyatt felt that something had stopped working a while back, but the couple had been accustomed to trying to get married for so long that they hadn't noticed.

Wyatt said that he'd given Hope a better option, and he was glad that Deacon had visited to get to know him. Deacon replied that he didn't want to give Wyatt the wrong idea because Deacon had merely been interested in meeting the odd man out. Wyatt asked Deacon to keep an open mind, and Deacon asked Wyatt to crack open a bottle of scotch.

Over drinks with Deacon, Wyatt explained that he wasn't with Hope because of his mother, who'd been overly involved in his life. He wanted nothing to do with his mother anymore. Deacon thought that was harsh, but Wyatt said Deacon didn't know Wyatt's mother.

Wyatt wanted to show Hope that he could separate from his mother, who wasn't the kind of person Hope respected. He said his mother had no boundaries or fears and didn't care what she had to do or who she had to cross to get what she wanted. When he'd been younger, Wyatt had appreciated having a cool mother who'd bend the rules, but he said that she went a little too far at times.

At the warehouse, sparks lit up the darkness as Quinn diligently worked on her newest creation. She hammered out the metal and flashed back to the things Liam had said to her face about her.

At the cliff house, Liam and Hope had a candlelit dinner and wine. Hope noticed that he was cheerful for a man who'd been stabbed. Liam dismissed it as a flesh wound, but she reminded him that he had to always be mindful where Quinn was involved. He replied that he was so happy about his future with Hope that he didn't care. He felt that nothing more was standing in their way.

Liam was glad that Quinn had stabbed him. To him, she was digging herself in deeper and showing everyone how crazy she was. Quinn's scare tactics were making him more protective of Hope and clarifying to Hope that she'd made the right decision by ridding herself of the Fullers.

Hope prepared to go home for the evening, and Liam asked her to help him with something. He grabbed a jar and said it would be for honeymoon fundraising. Liam called it a swear jar, and Hope said she wasn't aware that they were having a swearing problem. He explained that it was for the "Q" word and the "W" word. "In that case, I'll watch myself," she replied and kissed him.

Hope jokingly realized that if it was for their honeymoon, then she should say the words. The two kissed again, and as the wind picked up outside, they heard a loud thump. Hope told Liam that she was glad she wasn't spending the night because the house scared her. He asked if she thought he protected her. She giggled, saying that he always did, and they kissed once more.

Later, Liam checked the doors to his darkened home as the wind howled outside. He seemed uneasy as he headed to his room to relax in bed with his tablet. Eventually, he shut off the lights and settled beneath the covers. As soon as he closed his eyes, he heard a louder clatter. Startled, he shot straight up in the bed.

Liam grabbed a flashlight to check around the house. In the living room, he heard another clanging sound, and he investigated the terrace door in the kitchen. Suddenly, Quinn's menacing face appeared from behind the locked glass door, startling Liam.

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