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While Caroline chastised Maya for coming on to Rick, Rick confronted Oliver about Maya's recording. Hope and Liam urged Wyatt to do something about Quinn's threats. Quinn broke into Liam's house and accosted him with a custom-made sword.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 30, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, July 30, 2014

At the castle, Pam, Oliver, Aly, and Charlie followed their hostess to their seats in the jousting arena. Oliver also noted there were no utensils, but the waitress pointed out that the utensils were at the end of his wrists. Aly explained to Oliver that utensils hadn't existed in the time period they were reenacting. She grinned when he picked up a huge drumstick and took a hearty bite of it.

The show began, and the king and queen honored some of their guests. Oliver was surprised when the queen welcomed him to his first night at the castle and the audience applauded him.

The jousting and sword fighting began, and Pam and Charlie rooted the actors on. Oliver's wide eyes took in the action, and Aly giggled as she watched him. Oliver and Aly's jouster won and threw carnations into the crowd. "Carnations, romantic...someday," Aly uttered as Oliver observed her.

Oliver told Pam and Charlie that he'd had a good time. Aly felt unsure that he'd actually like it, but Oliver kissed her hand and insisted that he'd enjoyed every moment of the night with her.

At Forrester, Caroline was willing to give Oliver the benefit of the doubt, but Rick declared that he wouldn't stand for Oliver trying to shore up his position with the most innocent Forrester available. Caroline demanded to know why Maya was sneaking around, recording Oliver.

Maya said she'd been concerned about how quickly Oliver had taken to Aly after the attempted firing. "Because you're so close to Aly," Caroline derided. Maya said she was close to all the Forresters, but Caroline retorted that Maya needed to understand that Caroline's husband was close to Caroline.

Rick believed that it wouldn't be hard for Oliver to put one over on Aly, who'd never had a boyfriend. Maya said she'd been worried that the inexperienced Aly couldn't spot a con. Caroline asked Rick what he wanted to do about it. Rick wanted to protect Aly, no matter how much he liked Oliver.

Maya thought that was a good idea, and Rick asked Maya to send him the recording. He tried to call Oliver, but the call went straight to voicemail. Maya guessed Oliver was with Aly. Maya made a big deal out of the many times she'd seen Aly and Oliver alone in the studio, heads together -- touching.

Caroline felt that Oliver needed to be dealt with if he was guilty; however, she refused to throw Oliver under the bus based only upon Maya's word. "Clearly, she can't be trusted, which I called from the beginning," Caroline snipped. Caroline stated that Oliver had been coached while Maya had secretly recorded him. Caroline didn't know why they should trust Maya, who'd just hit on Caroline's husband while engaged to Carter.

Maya claimed she'd been wrong and had made a mistake that wouldn't happen again. Caroline called it a miscalculation that wouldn't happen again if Maya weren't there. Maya got upset, and Caroline said Maya needed to go. "You are so off message, you are anti-message!" Caroline declared. She said that HFTF taught values, not for girls to hit on married men in public places.

Rick said that Maya's actions had been ill-advised, but it wasn't a terminal offense. He was more worried about Aly. Caroline stated that it was possible that Oliver was into Aly. Rick planned to find out the truth. He asked Maya not to play the recording for Aly until Rick knew what was going on.

Caroline asked why Rick thought Oliver would be truthful. Rick thought he was experienced enough to pick up on physical cues from Oliver. Caroline still didn't believe that Oliver was that calculating. Rick didn't want to believe it, but he felt it was better to know before Aly got in deeper.

At Liam's house, Liam picked up his flashlight and refocused on the patio door, which was somehow unlocked. When he saw no one there, he jerked opened the door and over the wind, he yelled, "Quinn? Is that you, you crazy bitch?" No one answered.

Liam returned inside, locked the door, and as he headed back into the living room, he tripped on something and fell face-first onto the floor.

Liam called Hope to tell her that he planned to go to urgent care for an ankle sprain. Hope offered to pick him up, but he thought driving himself was faster. She decided to meet him there and asked what had happened. "In a word, Quinn," he bitterly responded.

Later, a hospital doctor diagnosed Liam with a bad sprain and said Liam had to wear a boot. Hope arrived, and the doctor left to get the boot. "My poor baby," Hope responded and asked what it had to do with Quinn. Liam replied that he'd thought it had been Quinn, but he wasn't really sure.

Liam said he was trying really hard not to be paranoid. Liam explained that the Santa Ana winds had been blowing, the house had been creaking, and he'd secured all of his doors and windows. Once he'd gotten into bed, he'd heard a noise from inside the house. Hope said he was freaking her out.

Liam continued to explain that he'd gotten a flashlight, and when he'd rechecked the doors, the patio door had been unlocked that time. He'd turned on the light to the patio door, and it had flashed right into Quinn's face. Hope gasped, guessing that Quinn had been there.

Liam said he'd dropped the flashlight, but when he'd looked again, no one had been there. He wondered if he'd just imagined Quinn, or if Quinn had been just that fast.

At Quinn's warehouse, Deacon entered, but no one was there. Quinn strode in moments later, and he asked, "Now where are you coming from?" She didn't answer, but he insisted upon knowing, because it was dangerous for an attractive woman to walk around alone at night.

With a scoff, Quinn asked if he was worried about her virtue. She told him not to worry about her because she'd navigated her own life for quite a while, and cohabitating didn't mean she'd share her secrets with him. He guessed she didn't want to know where he'd been either. She asked why she should care, and he revealed that he'd been to see Wyatt.

Quinn asked what had caused that, and Deacon said he'd wanted to catch her son off guard for observation. She asked if Wyatt had passed Deacon's little test. "And then some," Deacon replied, and she smiled. Deacon said Wyatt was clearly in love with Hope, and Quinn added that Hope was in love with Wyatt. Deacon stated that Quinn thought that, but Hope didn't.

Quinn insisted that Liam had Hope brainwashed, and he emotionally manipulated her. Deacon said Quinn made his daughter sound like a puppet. Quinn replied that Liam knew how to exploit Hope's caring nature, but the whiney Liam didn't deserve Hope. Quinn called Liam a puppy who was afraid of his own shadow.

Later, Quinn returned to her welding. Deacon crept back into the warehouse and studied her. He yelled at her to get her attention, and she jumped with a start. He wanted to know what she was making, but before Quinn could berate him for bothering her, they heard Hope knocking at the door.

Deacon hid out of sight, and after Hope had entered, Quinn said that Wyatt wasn't there. Hope said she was there to ask Quinn a question. Deacon listened from the shadows as Hope asked if Quinn had returned to Liam's house that night.

Quinn claimed that she hadn't, but Hope replied that Liam had seen Quinn lurking outside the house for a reason that Hope couldn't even imagine. Hope asked Quinn to say if she'd been at Liam's house or not.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

by Pam

At Quinn's, Hope accused Quinn of stalking Liam. Quinn found it both amusing and insulting. Quinn made fun of Liam and called him a scaredy-cat. Hope noted that he had sprained his ankle because he'd thought that he had seen Quinn.

Quinn maintained that she had been working on her new line all night. "It's very cutting edge," she said. Hope didn't care, and Deacon watched secretly from a hiding place. Hope said she didn't want to see Quinn's latest work. Quinn maintained that Hope had shown up because Liam didn't have the guts.

Hope said that she was sick of all the trouble that Quinn had caused for Liam. Quinn tried to shift the blame, but Hope called her out on stabbing Liam and Bill in the neck with their sword necklaces. Hope wondered why Quinn had told Liam, "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Quinn said it meant nothing, but Hope saw it as a threat.

Quinn scoffed and said that Liam had overreacted to everything. Hope disagreed. Hope added that Quinn had threatened Liam in the hopes of keeping him away from Hope. "It's not gonna happen," Hope shouted.

Quinn argued that she knew Hope loved Wyatt, and she added that Hope had punished Wyatt because of Quinn, "He shouldn't have to pay the price," Quinn said. Hope said that she and Liam were in love. Quinn continued to argue, "You have to separate the mother from the son, and I will tell you how."

Hope was speechless. Quinn defended her actions out of love for her son. Hope argued that Quinn had been reckless and always interfered. Quinn begged Hope to understand that Wyatt was a decent, caring young man with a mother who was "a little nuts." Quinn apologized for everything and desperately begged Hope to give Wyatt another chance. Quinn promised, "I'll move as far away as possible. Please take Wyatt back," she said.

At Liam's, Liam used crutches to enter his home, and he heard the wind gusting. He saw a knocked-over table, and he heard more crashing as the wind continued. He walked outside with a flashlight and discovered a downed tree branch against the house. Back inside, Liam heard noises and fearfully flashed back to seeing Quinn in the dark.

At Rick and Caroline's, Rick got out of the shower and worried about Aly. Caroline said that she trusted Oliver. Rick worried that Oliver was using Aly, an impressionable young girl. Caroline blamed Maya and warned that Maya would not get a free pass for putting moves on Caroline's "hot hubby." They kissed passionately.

At the Medieval games, Oliver, Aly, Pam, and Charlie watched a jousting match between knights. "I love everything about this night," Oliver said. Charlie and Pam discussed a medieval dance group lesson. Charlie told Pam that she had ignited a spark in him that he hadn't known existed. They exchanged loving glances.

After the event, Oliver took a selfie with Aly in their costumes. Later, Oliver took Aly home, and they discussed that it had been a good idea to call the auto club to change his flat tire on the way home. Aly giggled that they would have looked ridiculous changing the tire in their costumes. Oliver reiterated that he'd had a great time at the Medieval fest. He wanted to do it again.

Oliver presented Aly with a gift for her goldfish, Wally. Aly was touched that he'd remembered. They kissed and recited a few lines from Romeo and Juliet. "I once played Romeo in high school," Oliver said. He admitted it had not been good. "Maybe you didn't have the right Juliet," Aly said, and they kissed goodnight. Aly smiled, and Oliver left.

When Oliver left the mansion, Rick intercepted him before he could get to his car. Rick asked Oliver to join him in the guest cottage for a conversation. Rick wondered what the relationship was between Aly and Oliver. Oliver said he was fond of Aly, but Rick was mistrustful.

Caroline added that Aly really liked Oliver. Rick pointed out that Aly was much younger than the girls Oliver normally dated. Rick noted that Oliver had started working with Aly when Ridge had fired Oliver, but Eric had reinstated him. Rick wondered if Aly had become job security.

Oliver was insulted, but Rick played the recording that Maya had given him. In it, Oliver had stated that he would put up with the redheaded Forrester if it helped him hold onto his job. Rick demanded to know if Oliver had been using Aly. Oliver looked disappointed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

by Pam

At Quinn's, Hope had left, and Deacon noted that Hope didn't trust Quinn. Deacon advised that Wyatt had to know what a freak his mother was. Deacon accused Quinn of trying to hurt Liam. Quinn denied it. She maintained that she would have her revenge when Hope dumped Liam.

Quinn called Deacon a sneaky little girl. Deacon warned Quinn not to speak to him so disrespectfully. Quinn told him to go pick up another worried mother in a bar.

Quinn locked up some stuff in a case and packed it away. Deacon watched from a distance. He entered and told her she was out of out of beer. Quinn advised him to get a job, but Deacon reminded her that he was her lifeline to Hope. Quinn prepared to leave, but Deacon grabbed he arm and advised her to pick up some beer when she returned.

At Rick and Caroline's, Rick played the recording that Maya had in which Oliver had stated that he would put up with Aly if it helped him hold on to his job. Rick demanded to know if Oliver had been using Aly. Oliver said the private conversation had taken place months earlier.

Oliver added that he had fallen in love with Aly since then. Caroline was convinced, but Rick looked at Oliver sternly. Oliver admitted that the recorded conversation had taken place after Ridge had fired him, and he had been angry at the time. He'd wanted to sound like he was in control when he had been talking to Maya.

Rick wondered why Oliver had been attracted to Aly. Oliver said that Aly was intelligent and from a great family. "This is real," Oliver said. Oliver said that if Rick fired him, Oliver didn't want Rick to tell Aly about the recording because it would hurt her. Rick looked at Caroline, and Caroline sympathized with Oliver.

Oliver assumed that Rick had recorded the conversation, but Caroline confided that Maya had recorded it. Caroline said that Oliver had a right to know what Maya had done. Rick vowed to keep his eye on Oliver and not play the recording for Aly. Oliver understood. Oliver left.

Later, Rick defended Maya to Caroline for telling Rick about Oliver, but Caroline defended Oliver. Caroline said they had no right to break Aly's heart. Rick agreed.

At home, Aly looked up words to describe her date with Oliver before she sent a text to Oliver. She looked up delightful in a thesaurus to describe her evening. She settled on lovely because it had the word love in it.

Aly talked to Darla's ghost about how she had felt she might be in love. Darla said Oliver seemed like a nice guy. Darla suggested that Aly would know she was in love when she truly knew herself.

Aly flashed back to going swimming with Oliver and kissing him. She recalled the evening at the Medieval fest. Aly went to bed, but her cell phone rang. Oliver called, and Aly said she had been wishing that Oliver would call. Oliver told her how much she meant to him. "Don't forget that," he said.

At the Bikini Bar, Hope entered and ordered a veggie burger to go. She called Liam, who had applied ice to his ankle. Liam admitted that his nerves were shot. Hope said she had confronted Quinn. Hope said that Quinn claimed she had not been at Liam's house. Liam said she was lying. Hope offered to stay with Liam, but he said the painkillers had kicked in. They exchanged "I love you's" and said goodnight.

Wyatt joined Hope at the bar. He suggested that she run away so that he could chase her. She could fall down, and he could pick her up -- just the way it had all started for them. He wanted to start all over. Hope smiled.

Wyatt said he wasn't stalking Hope. He said he had been looking for her, though. Wyatt shared that Deacon had shown up at Wyatt's house. He wanted to tell her so she wouldn't hear about it later. Hope admitted that she had been at Quinn's. Wyatt wanted to cut his apron strings with his mother.

Hope explained what had happened at Liam's and that the door had been open and Liam had seen Quinn. "Do you want me to talk to her? You can ask me anything," Wyatt said. Hope agreed. Wyatt said he would never stop wishing that Hope had stayed with him. He promised to focus on his career. He said he hoped to appear on magazines "that Liam doesn't publish."

"No matter what I accomplish, it's never going to make up for losing you," Wyatt said. He added that he had to figure out how to make his life about something other than Hope.

At Liam's, Liam went to bed, but he was terrified. He heard creaking and what sounded like a door opening. He walked out into the living room with a flashlight, and Quinn appeared and called him "a whiny little bitch."

Quinn promised to kill him. "What do you want from me?" Liam asked. Quinn insisted that Liam had to get Wyatt's job back for him, but Liam said that Quinn had burned that bridge with Hope. He said he had no control over Wyatt's job.

Quinn seethed that Liam needed to leave Wyatt and Hope alone. She ordered him to go to Paris and stay with Steffy. Liam wondered if Quinn was going to stab him with his sword. She pushed him back on the couch and grabbed his shirt. "I'll kill you and Hope, too, before I see Hope with you. Live by the sword, die by the sword," Quinn sneered. Liam looked terrified.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

At the warehouse, Deacon hid out of sight as Wyatt worked. Quinn was surprised to see her son there when she arrived. Wyatt was trying to do inventory and get sales together because they needed as much revenue as they could get because the Forrester contract was gone. Quinn told him not to worry about it, and she was certain that Hope would soon take him back.

Wyatt asked why Quinn would think that. He said that Liam thought Quinn had been at his house the other night. "You weren't there, were you?" Wyatt pointedly asked. He relayed that Hope had said Quinn had denied it, and Quinn became excited that he'd talked to Hope. Wyatt ordered Quinn back onto the subject, and Quinn replied that it had been what she'd "told" Hope.

Wyatt yelled that he'd told Quinn to stay away, but she'd gone there anyway. He demanded to know what she'd done to Liam. She claimed that she hadn't done anything, but Wyatt stated that Liam had a sprained ankle. Giggling, she remarked that Liam hobbling on crutches was a pathetic sight. She rejected the idea that it was her fault that the spineless wimp had tripped and fallen.

"Was it?" Wyatt knowingly asked. Quinn stated that if she wanted to hurt Liam, he'd have more than a sprained ankle. She claimed that she'd gone to the cliff house merely to talk some sense into Liam. Wyatt argued that she'd done what she always did -- interfere -- and it was the reason Hope had chosen Liam. Wyatt ordered her to stay off Liam's property and out of Hope and Liam's lives.

Quinn readily agreed to the demand, but Wyatt seemed skeptical. She claimed she'd only gone there for Wyatt, who was the man for Hope. Wyatt gave her an aggravated look and stormed out.

Deacon entered. He said it was no wonder that Liam had fallen all over himself while trying to get away from her; her own son didn't want to be in the same room with her. She told Deacon not to make her regret letting him stay there.

In Quinn's view, she was doing what was best for her child, who'd lost his confidence and didn't think he could compete with Liam. Deacon quipped that she hadn't been giving Wyatt a pep talk, and Wyatt didn't want her involved. Quinn yelled that someone had to fix it, and if Wyatt wouldn't, she would. "Or make it worse!" Deacon yelled back.

Quinn retorted that Deacon was the last one who should give her parental advice. Deacon said he'd learned from his mistakes, and if Quinn would get off her high horse, she could learn, too. Quinn contended that he'd abandoned his children and sold out his daughter, and he only cared about himself.

Quinn didn't care what happened to herself. Wyatt's future and happiness were all that mattered. Deacon said if she meant it, she'd to do what Wyatt wanted and get out of Wyatt's love life.

At Brooke's house, Hope was headed out early. Bill mentioned that HFTF was the main attraction while Ridge was recovering. Brooke said Katie was taking good care of Ridge. Bill shifted uncomfortably as Brooke added that Quinn went nuts when she couldn't get what she wanted.

Hope left, and Bill and Brooke discussed that he'd given Liam the day off to heal his ankle. The topic turned to Quinn. Brooke told Bill that he hadn't cheated on her; however, he'd kept secrets, and Quinn had used that to her advantage. He replied that it hadn't worked. Brooke remarked that because Quinn was Wyatt's mother, there was no getting Quinn out of their lives.

Bill thought he'd had the whole wedding day planned perfectly, but he hadn't planned upon Ridge. Brooke said one had to expect a few surprises during an adventurous wedding. The couple flashed back on their wedding day. Bill said that they'd been moments from being married. Brooke replied that they'd get there. Bill wondered what they were waiting for.

Bill suggested going to the courthouse the next day, but Brooke wanted to plan a new wedding in town with their families in attendance. She wanted the wedding to be a glimpse of how the family could put their differences aside for a new beginning. Bill was agreeable but said it would be a tall order.

Brooke noted that Hope was still cool to Bill, but Brooke said betrayal was a hot button for Hope. Bill noted that he hadn't betrayed Brooke. She agreed and hoped the wedding would be a chance to put blame aside. Bill asked if it would be a wedding or a group therapy session.

Bill received a call, and as he went upstairs to take it, Brooke heard a knock at the door. Surprised, she pulled it open and grimaced upon seeing a smiling Deacon on her doorstep. Her first question was what he was doing there. He said he'd wanted to let her know he was back in town.

Brooke asked how long he'd be there and if "Little D" was with him. Deacon said Little D was in school and doing great. Deacon relayed that he was between jobs and staying with a friend. Brooke concluded that he didn't have a job or a place to live. He replied that he was open to new opportunities. "I can't offer you anything, Deacon," Brooke quipped.

Deacon had kind of figured that. Brooke added that she didn't want him bothering Hope, who was in a good place in her life and was happy. Deacon replied that Hope was happy with Liam. Deacon was determined to show Hope and Brooke that he wasn't the same guy. He wanted to live his life with gratitude and be in the present, which meant admitting that he'd been a real jerk in the past.

Deacon confessed that he'd been bad news for every person he cared about. He was determined to fix his relationship with Hope, but he didn't want to do it if it upset Brooke. He knew he didn't deserve another chance, but if Brooke would let him, he'd like to try to earn it.

At the cliff house, Liam stared at his patio door and shuddered as he flashed back on Quinn's previous night's visit. Hope arrived, and in a sexy voice, she offered to play nurse for a few hours before work. She asked if he was taking his medication, but he said he'd stopped to keep a clear head. Liam looked uneasy and distracted, and she asked what was wrong. He revealed that Quinn had been there the night before, and she'd threatened to kill them both.

Hope was flabbergasted by the announcement, and she didn't think the threats made any sense. She said that Wyatt believed that Quinn wasn't dangerous. Liam replied that Wyatt wasn't even talking to his mother, so he had no idea what was in Quinn's head.

Hope whipped out her phone and called Wyatt, who was at his beach house. She asked to see him immediately at Liam's house. After the call, Liam said he agreed that Wyatt should know, but Liam doubted there was anything Wyatt could do about Quinn. Hope insisted that Wyatt had to be able to do something because Quinn had to be stopped.

Later, the unhappy Wyatt arrived. He said he'd heard that Quinn had been at the cliff house the previous night. Liam asked what his half-brother would do about it, and Wyatt responded that he'd told her to stop. Liam quipped that it wouldn't be good enough. Wyatt told Liam to dial it back because Quinn hadn't touched Liam's ankle, and Liam retorted that Quinn had done worse than that.

Hope asked if Wyatt had gotten through to Quinn, and Wyatt replied that Quinn knew what he wanted. Liam felt that Wyatt's desires weren't even Quinn's objective anymore. Liam insisted that Quinn had gone dark, and it had become about getting rid of anyone who made Wyatt unhappy.

Wyatt asked if Hope had asked him there to subject him to Liam complaining about Quinn. Liam asserted that Quinn had threatened Liam and Hope's lives, and Quinn had said that if he didn't go to Paris and back to Steffy, Quinn would kill Hope and Liam. Wyatt replied that it was insane. Liam agreed wholeheartedly, and Hope noted that Wyatt had told her that Quinn wasn't dangerous.

Wyatt declared that his mother was overbearing, not violent. After some thought, he said Quinn had never been violent before. Hope figured that Wyatt could get through to Quinn. Liam didn't want to go to the cops, but he said he would if he had to. Hope asked if Quinn was capable of murder.

Back at Quinn's warehouse, she unlocked her wooden box and retrieved an eighteen-inch, serrated sword. She ran a cloth along the blade, nicked her finger, and sucked a blood drop off it. Her eyes glittered as she marveled at the blade.

Friday, July 4, 2014

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to get rid of Deacon, but Deacon insisted that Hope needed her father in life. Returning to the opened front door, Brooke said she didn't want Deacon anywhere near her, but Deacon replied that it wasn't about her. It was about Hope.

Noting that Brooke was with Bill, Deacon stated that he wouldn't get in the way. "But come on. Spencer? I'm not judging you -- well, maybe just a little bit," he quipped.

Bill appeared on the overlook, and with a cobra-like stare, Bill asked Deacon what he was doing there. Bill descended the stairs, and chuckling, Deacon relayed that he wasn't trying to cause problems. Instead, he was there about his daughter, who was involved with Bill's sons.

Bill ordered Deacon to stay out of it. "Like you have?" Deacon snipped. Deacon insisted that he was there for his daughter and asked if Bill had a problem with that. Bill retorted that he had a problem with Deacon being anywhere near Bill, Brooke, or Hope -- or anyone else Bill cared for. Deacon declared that Hope was his daughter and that Bill should understand that parents had to protect their kids.

"My daughter -- " Brooke started to say, but Deacon corrected that it was their daughter. "Our daughter..." Brooke restated, "is with Liam now. She doesn't need you." She instructed Deacon to stay away from her and from Hope. Bill told Deacon to beat it, and Deacon quietly left.

Once Deacon had gone, Brooke said she wanted Deacon to care about Hope, and Brooke had seen a change in him. Bill scoffed that Deacon's change was part of the con. She asked Bill not to say that to Hope, who really wanted to believe in her father.

"What about what happened in Italy -- or has she just shifted all that blame to me?" Bill asked. Brooke recalled that he'd had a part in that, and Bill responded that he regretted it and regretted becoming involved with Sharpe. Bill insisted that Deacon was a cancer and that Brooke had better cut him out for Hope's sake. Brooke stated that the man wasn't in her life, but he might be in Hope's life.

Bill insisted that Hope couldn't be objective. Brooke declared that she'd be there for Hope, but Deacon had better not hurt Hope. "He's not going to do anything to either one of you because I'm here. I'll protect you," Bill asserted and hugged Brooke. Bill stated that he had to wonder where Deacon was staying and whom he'd hooked up with.

At Liam's house, Wyatt declared that Quinn would never hurt Hope, whom Quinn adored. Liam stated that Quinn loved Hope as long as Hope was with Wyatt. Wyatt denied that his mother was that far gone, but Liam insisted that she'd become murderous. Hope believed that Wyatt was the only one who could get through to Quinn, but Wyatt refused to believe that his mother had gone so far.

Liam suggested that Wyatt at least confront Quinn, but Wyatt didn't know how to confront her about wanting to kill his brother and the woman Wyatt loved. Wyatt asked how Liam was sure that Quinn wasn't just blowing off steam, but Hope insisted that Quinn be accountable for her threats.

Wyatt whipped out his phone and text-messaged his mother, who was polishing her sword at the warehouse. Wyatt wanted to see Quinn. She texted to ask where he was. He responded that he was with Hope and Liam. "That pathetic little worm told Hope and my son," Quinn seethed to herself.

Later, Hope and Liam were still having a hard time convincing Wyatt of the seriousness of Quinn's threats. "I will kill Hope, too, before I see her with you,'" Liam quoted. Wyatt stubbornly said Quinn wasn't going to do anything because she wasn't -- "Insane? Crazy?" Liam interjected. Liam insisted that someone in her right mind wouldn't threaten murder.

Wyatt asserted that he'd be the judge of it, and his mother would listen to him. He offered to be the one to call the police if Quinn did something else. Hope worried that it could backfire, but Wyatt huffed that Hope and Liam were making too big of a deal out of it.

Liam asked what he and Hope were supposed to do while Wyatt was handling Quinn. Wyatt suggested that the couple dial it back and not flaunt their relationship. Liam raged that he'd already thought of that; however, Quinn wanted him out of town and her job back. Hope asserted that it was not going to happen. Liam suggested that Wyatt relay that Liam had filed a restraining order, but Wyatt asked Liam not to do that.

Liam urged Wyatt to see that threatening Liam was one thing, but neither brother could stand for Quinn threatening Hope. Wyatt apologized for his mother, but Hope said it wasn't his fault. Frustrated, Wyatt conveyed that he'd told Quinn again and again to stay away. He promised that he'd lay down the law and that his mother wouldn't be a danger for them.

After Wyatt had gone, Hope and Liam hoped that Wyatt could get through to Quinn. Outside, fireworks shot off. Liam wanted to see them or sit by the fire pit outside, but Hope insisted that he needed some rest. Liam walked her to the door and bade her goodnight.

Later, Hope arrived at Brooke's house, and Brooke and Bill informed her that Deacon had been there to get Brooke's support for his relationship with Hope. Brooke and Bill urged Hope to at least have a healthy skepticism about Deacon. Hope responded that she'd given Deacon the forgiveness he'd asked for, just as Liam had forgiven Bill for his part in the Italy incident.

Hope wanted to believe that Deacon loved her and wanted to be in her life. She was willing to give him a chance, and she wanted Brooke to do the same thing. Hope went up to bed, and Brooke told Bill that, even though she didn't like Hope's decision, she had to trust her daughter.

At the warehouse, Deacon arrived as Quinn was wrapping the sword in a black cloth. He was curious about how her work was going, and she announced that she'd finished. Deacon wanted to see it, but Quinn switched the subject to his evening. He grimly remarked that he'd seen Brooke and Bill.

Deacon began to rant about wanting to be in his daughter's life, but he quickly decided that he didn't want to talk about that. He switched the topic back to seeing what was under the black cloth. Carrying the object to its box, Quinn accused Deacon of bailing on their arrangement. He claimed to still be on the job, but Quinn decided to handle it herself.

Deacon prodded Quinn to let him see the creation, and he quipped that it had to be a diamond-studded leash for Wyatt. Flipping back the cloth, Quinn revealed the sword. She held it parallel to her face and asked what Deacon thought. Deacon was amazed by the artistry and craftsmanship. He assumed that someone was paying her a bundle because "this thing is killer."

With a wicked laugh, Quinn responded, "That's the point." Deacon assumed that she'd made one before. "Not this size," she uttered, marveling at the sword. He expressed that it was more than art, and one could do damage with it. He was curious to know whom she'd made it for, but she replied that it was confidential. He remarked that "he" was a lucky guy, but she asked why it had to be for a man.

Quinn locked the sword in its box, and pulling the box off the table, she announced that she was headed out. Deacon assumed she was delivering the project somewhere, but she replied that she was keeping a promise to someone. He offered to accompany her to protect the piece. "You don't think I can protect myself?" she quipped. He told her to stay out of trouble, but he looked troubled as she exited.

Later, Wyatt arrived at the warehouse. He was surprised when Deacon greeted him. Deacon relayed that he'd met Quinn before he'd met Wyatt, and Wyatt asked why Deacon hadn't revealed that. Deacon responded that he'd been to Wyatt's house to talk about Wyatt, not Quinn.

Wyatt grew uneasy when Deacon relayed that he'd met Quinn at a bar. Deacon readily stated that it wasn't what Wyatt was thinking, and she'd been nice enough to give Deacon a place to stay. Wyatt asked what Deacon thought of her, and Deacon cautiously said she was a nice lady. "No, Deacon, really," Wyatt replied. Deacon stated that Quinn was a real piece of work.

Unsurprised, Wyatt offered to have a drink with Deacon while he asked Deacon some questions. Deacon declined and expressed worry that something was going on with Quinn, who hadn't gone out alone. Wyatt asked who Quinn had been with, but Deacon clarified that it had been a "what." Glancing at Wyatt's neck, Deacon realized that Quinn had replicated Wyatt's sword charm.

Deacon explained that Quinn had made something just like Wyatt's charm; however, it hadn't been a piece of jewelry. Deacon insisted that it had been the real deal, "sharp as hell," and deadly. "And she took it with her?" Wyatt exclaimed. Deacon relayed that she'd said something about having to keep a promise to someone. Upon hearing that, Wyatt rushed out of the warehouse.

Back at Liam's house, Quinn appeared at Liam's sliding door and watched him go into his bedroom. Liam returned to lock the sliding door, but Quinn shoved it open and stormed inside. Upset, Liam stamped his crutches on the ground, demanding to know what she wanted.

Quinn raged that Liam wasn't listening to her, and he'd gone to Hope and Wyatt. Liam threatened to go to the police, too; however, Quinn declared that, after that night, Hope and Wyatt would finally be free of Liam. Liam called her insane, and she asserted that he'd driven her to it. Quinn called Liam a coward who'd lied when unable to compete with Wyatt.

Quinn asked if Liam's ankle hurt, and she kicked him in his boot. Liam fell onto the floor and writhed in pain. She told him not to worry because it would all be over with soon. Quinn produced the sword, and Liam scrambled to sit up. She proclaimed that it was the Spencer sword, the very one that Liam wasn't man enough or worthy enough to wear.

Liam stuttered as Quinn wagged the tip in his face, screaming that she'd warned him, but he hadn't listened. Poising the blade against his neck, she said, "Live by the sword; die by the sword!"

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