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Brooke was disillusioned by Bill's part in the helicopter incident, and Deacon asked Brooke to rekindle their decades-old flame. Wyatt held a press conference to gift the diamond to Hope, and Liam walked out on Hope. Quinn returned to town, and with her arrived an investigation into a possible murder.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 28, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, July 28, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill confessed to ordering Justin to dump Ridge from the chopper. Bill was embarrassed to say he'd been afraid. Ridge quipped that Bill had feared getting caught. Bill corrected that he'd feared that Ridge had been hurt. Bill reasoned that he and Ridge had both acted impulsively. Bill was sorry and promised Brooke that something like it would never happen again.

The tearful Brooke quietly asked why Bill had had to do it. Katie raged that Bill could have killed Ridge. Bill emphasized that he'd never wanted to hurt Ridge, and Brooke bitterly concluded that he'd just wanted to punish Ridge. Bill readily admitted that he'd wanted Ridge to pay for taking Brooke from him; however, Bill hadn't realized how dangerous the act had been.

Brooke was upset that Bill hadn't considered R.J., but Bill claimed he'd never intentionally hurt the father of her son. "Or your fiancé. I'm sorry," he said to Katie. Katie scoffed, and Ridge said it was just words. Ridge asserted that Brooke couldn't believe Bill, forgive Bill, or marry Bill.

Katie was upset at Bill and said she hadn't wanted to believe the father of her child could be so reckless and criminal. "What do you think he just did? It was both reckless and criminal!" Bill yelled. Bill said Ridge had hijacked the helicopter, kidnapped Bill, and banked the copter so hard that Bill could have fallen out. Bill claimed that he'd be dead if he hadn't held on.

With a shrug, Ridge said he'd had to scare Bill into "coming clean." Bill told Brooke that he'd only feared losing Brooke, and that was the reason he'd confessed to her. Bill continued to plead that he'd thought Ridge would swim to shore. Brooke pointed out that Ridge hadn't done that. She recalled the fearful time during the search and rescue. She asked what would have happened if they hadn't found Ridge and if Bill had ever planned to tell her the truth.

Bill asked for time alone with Brooke. When Bill prompted Brooke, Brooke said she didn't want to believe he was dangerous, but his temper was out of control. In her view, he lashed out when someone crossed him, and it scared her that he didn't care about the consequences. Bill told her that he deeply regretted his actions, and he'd do whatever he could to prove to her that it would never happen again. Katie laughed, asking if they all knew how many times Bill had said the same thing to her.

Katie claimed that she'd spent years listening to Bill's lies and manipulations, and she didn't want that life for Brooke. Ridge told Brooke to take off her ring and kick Bill out. Bill said that Brooke could decide for herself, but Ridge raged that he didn't want Bill near his son. Bill thought it was ridiculous for anyone to say that he'd harm R.J., but Ridge said he didn't know where Bill drew the line.

Bill told Brooke that he'd give his life to protect Brooke and R.J. Katie quipped that he had no problem putting the life of R.J.'s father in danger. Bill asserted that he'd do things differently if he could. Brooke responded that he couldn't take it back. "You heard her. Pack up and go," Ridge said.

Bill decided that he'd go when Brooke told him to go. He told Brooke that he'd made the wrong move, but he'd also flown halfway around the world to avoid problems. Brooke asked if he was blaming it on Ridge. Bill said that he wasn't, but Ridge also wasn't devoid of blame.

Bill asserted that Ridge had known who he'd been dealing with and that there would be payback. "The difference is -- I reacted spontaneously. It was on impulse. You planned the whole thing out. You flew to Abu Dhabi, you hunted us down, broke up the wedding, dragged Brooke onto a helicopter against her will. Yeah. I screwed up, but you -- you ain't exactly squeaky clean, either, pal -- including what you did today!" Bill raged.

Ridge didn't want to listen anymore. He said no one wanted Bill there. "Go. Get out," Ridge ordered. Ridge didn't want Bill near R.J. and added that Brooke didn't want Bill around. "Tell him. Tell him it's over," Ridge prompted. Bill turned expectantly to Brooke.

In Rick's office, Ivy arrived as Aly and Liam were discussing Liam's confidence regarding Wyatt and Hope. Aly told Ivy that she'd been expressing her surprise that Liam had "let" Wyatt return to Forrester. Liam quipped that he'd always wondered what it was like to have a little sister. Aly reasoned that she wanted to look out for Liam because, to her, Wyatt was more like Bill than Liam believed.

Liam admitted that his past with Wyatt would always make him a little wary of Wyatt, but when Quinn had gone too far, Wyatt had stood up for Liam like a brother. "Half-brother," Aly corrected. Ivy asked if Liam and Wyatt had become cool, and Liam said everything was great. Though Liam would always instinctually keep an eye out, he trusted Hope and the working relationship.

Liam said that Wyatt and Hope were excited to collaborate with Ivy. Aly was anxious to see the new collection and noted that Ivy hadn't said a thing about it -- even though they lived together. Liam and Aly wanted a small glimpse of it, but Ivy didn't know if it was a good idea to show them anything.

Later, Ivy and Aly were alone. Aly was ready to find Ivy a man, but Ivy claimed to have no time for dating. Aly confided that she and Oliver had just gone through something, but they'd worked it out. Aly said she had no experience dating, and he was her first boyfriend. Ivy advised Aly to be herself, and things would work out.

Aly was glad to have someone else near her age around and remarked that Hope was always busy. Ivy said she hadn't gotten a chance to know Hope well, but she saw that Hope was smart and pretty. "Every bit a Logan, I guess," Ivy flatly added. Aly asked why Ivy would say that. Ivy replied that Hope had learned from "the master. Her mother. The famous Brooke Logan."

Aly replied that Brooke and Hope were very different. Ivy wondered if that were really so and remarked that Hope and Wyatt would be spending a lot of time together. Ivy guessed it was nice for Hope to have two guys fight over her -- as long as she didn't torture them like her mother had with Thorne, Eric, and Ridge.

Aly was silent. Ivy added that there was appropriate behavior, and then there was Brooke's behavior. Aly insisted that Hope wasn't like that, and Hope was all about her message. Ivy felt that Aly was idolizing Hope too much, and Hope wasn't living up to the message. Ivy showed Aly the accidental recording she'd made of Wyatt and Hope hugging in the sky lounge.

At the sky lounge, Hope apologized to Wyatt for getting overly excited, but Wyatt told her that it had just been a hug. She couldn't believe that she was holding the diamond again and that it was Wyatt's jewel. He corrected that it was hers to keep forever.

Hope was sad that Ricardo had died. Wyatt was grateful that Ricardo had entrusted him with the stone, "but now," Wyatt was entrusting Hope with it. She was leery about accepting such a gift, but he said it belonged with her. She replied that it was too much. He insisted that it was supposed to be in their lives. He said it had worked wonders for them before, and it would do it again.

Hope didn't feel right accepting the diamond that Ricardo had given to Wyatt. Wyatt claimed Ricardo had known that Wyatt would know what to do with it. She said Ricardo had known what the stone meant to Wyatt. Wyatt reasoned that Wyatt knew how much it meant to her, to "us," to their past and their future.

Hope agreed that it had been a big part of their lives, but she was with Liam. Wyatt stated that he didn't expect it to change anything. She asked why he'd give it to her then. He insisted that it belonged to her, and it always would. Hope was still hesitant, and he asked her what he'd do with it. He figured he couldn't wear it, and it wasn't his style.

Wyatt believed that only Hope could give the diamond the justice that it deserved. He told her that the diamond seemed like a lot, but she'd given him love, a life, a job, and a purpose. He asked her to think of it as a reminder of what they'd had and could accomplish together. He insisted that it was the HFTF diamond, her diamond, and it would be wrong for anyone else to have it.

Wyatt felt that the two most precious things he'd ever known should be together. Hope stammered, but she said she couldn't. Wyatt told her to do it for the diamond and for the dearly departed Ricardo. Hope playfully accused Wyatt of guilting her, and he said he certainly was.

Just then, Liam arrived, and Wyatt tucked the diamond away. Liam told them about Ivy's video and asked if Ivy had gotten them on it yet. Wyatt and Hope said that Ivy hadn't, and Liam warned that it would happen. Liam also noted that Ivy's mother followed the three of them in the tabloids, and Wyatt wondered "who she's routing for," him or Liam.

Snuggling herself against Liam's side, Hope said Ivy's mother would be sad that the gossip would end because Hope was with Liam. Wyatt added that he was all alone, but Liam said that Wyatt would always have his jewelry.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge demanded that Brooke dump Bill -- for good. Bill insisted he'd only wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, not have him killed. Ridge disagreed. "Cut him loose. Spencer's not worth it -- never was," Ridge ordered.

Bill defended his actions as being out of anger because Ridge had interrupted his wedding. Bill claimed that he had been worried when Ridge had gone missing, and Bill added that he'd figured Ridge would show up, and everything would be okay. Bill tried to make excuses and said that he had been angry, but Katie interrupted.

"You made him doubt himself. That's the most despicable part of this," Katie said. She added that Bill had been cruel and made everyone doubt that Ridge had remembered anything. Brooke cried that she wanted the four of them to raise their children together. Bill argued that he needed to talk to Brooke alone.

Brooke sent Ridge and Katie home. Katie kissed Brooke goodbye. Bill thanked Brooke for spending some time alone with him. "Don't thank me, Bill. You have no idea what I'm going to say," Brooke said angrily.

Brooke shouted that Bill had betrayed her. She had believed his claims that he valued family over business. She didn't think it had been possible for him to be so hurtful and intentionally cruel. She accused him of being a murderer, but Bill balked that he was certainly not a murderer. "You're a damned liar," she cried.

Brooke reminded Bill that he had known all along what had happened to Ridge in Abu Dhabi while everyone had been worried sick and looking for Ridge. "You acted like you knew nothing. You said nothing," she said.

Brooke mocked Bill's claims of love, but Bill argued that he loved her. "I was wrong. I'll never keep anything from you again. Please don't let this derail our plan," he said. Bill begged Brooke to understand and forgive. Brooke scoffed.

"I am going to search my heart for forgiveness, but this reckless anger you have -- I can't take it," Brooke said. Bill said that he had meant every word he had said to her on the beach in Abu Dhabi. He recited his vows, recalling that they stood halfway around the world "where the desert meets the sea and sand." Bill vowed that they could not allow anything to tear them apart. Brooke stared at Bill, and she looked confused.

Outside at Forrester Creations, Liam had interrupted Hope and Wyatt. A secretary entered and advised Hope that a mutiny was underway with the sewing employees. Hope left, and Liam asked about Ivy. Wyatt said that office romances seldom worked.

Wyatt started speaking in riddles about how he was not in the market for a diamond -- perfect in every way. He added that that exquisite gems were like rare women. Liam noted that he needed to check on Hope. Wyatt encouraged him to catch up with his lady. Under his breath -- after Liam left -- Wyatt muttered, "While you still can."

In Hope's office, Hope had to rework a schedule because employees in the sewing room had been angry. Deacon entered and claimed he couldn't stay away from his beautiful daughter. Deacon quizzed Hope about what was going on in her life. Hope told her dad that Wyatt had given her the Hope for the Future Diamond.

Deacon marveled at the thought. Hope said that Wyatt had always claimed that he would give her the diamond, and Hope said that when she and Wyatt had picked up the diamond, it had been the beginning of incredible adventures. Deacon noted that it had a lot of magic for Hope and Wyatt. Hope agreed. "Wyatt told me about the power of the diamond," Deacon shared.

Hope said that Wyatt had always said crazy, romantic things, but she couldn't believe he had given her the diamond. "I can't really keep this," she said unconvinced. Deacon disagreed and told her "take that thing and go running through the streets." Deacon added that it had amazing promotional value for her line.

Hope lamented that she couldn't accept a diamond from another man. Ridge and Katie interrupted. Deacon asked if Bill had finally been honest about what he had done. Ridge and Katie told Deacon that Ridge had taken Bill for a scary ride in a helicopter, and Bill had finally admitted his role in dumping Ridge out of the helicopter. Hope was confused, and Ridge explained that he had taken pilot lessons while he lived in Paris. Deacon asked if Brooke had dumped Spencer, but Katie said she had not done it yet. Ridge was confident that she would.

In another office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy met. Ivy explained that she had captured Wyatt and Hope in a private embrace and that she was convinced that Wyatt had given Hope the Hope for the Future diamond. Aly defended Hope and claimed that Wyatt was using it to get Hope back in his life. Ivy said that Hope was not blameless. Aly refused to believe that Hope would put Liam through another round with Wyatt.

Later, Liam found Hope alone in her office. He asked if everything had been okay. Hope showed Liam the Hope for the Future diamond, and Liam asked if it was a replica. Hope explained that the diamond's owner had died and left the diamond to Wyatt, and Wyatt had given it to her "just like he said he would."

"Damn it," Liam said, "you know you can't keep that, right?" Hope nodded, but she looked confused.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

by Pam

In an office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed that no woman could resist a piece of jewelry like the Hope for the Future diamond. Ivy wondered if Hope wasn't enjoying two men fighting over her. Aly said she didn't trust Wyatt, and Wyatt entered and overheard her mistrust. He told Ivy that many people would disagree with Aly.

Rick entered, and Wyatt asked him for permission to call a press conference. Rick didn't like the idea, but Wyatt promised it would be worth the effort for a surprise announcement. Rick wanted to know more, but Wyatt asked for cooperation and promised it would be the next evolution of the Hope for the Future line. Rick agreed.

In another office at Forrester, Liam angrily advised Hope to return the Hope for the Future diamond to Wyatt. Hope explained that Wyatt wanted her to have it because of its connection to the line. Liam shook his head and demanded that she return it because it was an inappropriate gift. Liam knew what Wyatt was up to.

Hope tried to defend Wyatt. "Please don't do this," she said. She reminded Liam that he and Wyatt had just started to act like brothers, and Liam noted that Wyatt was trying to get Hope back. Liam wondered how Wyatt had gotten the diamond. Hope explained that Ricardo had died, and he had left the diamond to Wyatt.

Liam couldn't believe it, and Hope launched into her impassioned explanation of her belief that the diamond carried magic. "Don't you remember what it did for the line? People were completely under its spell," she said. She added that the diamond had repeated its journey from Ricardo through Wyatt to Hope.

Liam was skeptical. Hope argued that it was special. Liam reminded her that the last time the diamond had entered their lives, their relationship had fallen apart. "This is not how I want you to see this," Hope insisted. However, Liam argued that Wyatt had seen the diamond as another opportunity to get back together with Hope.

Hope maintained that Wyatt had had no idea that he would get the diamond back, but Liam reiterated that Hope had to return it to Wyatt immediately. Hope looked defiant. She maintained that keeping it was a good business decision for the line -- the most success that Hope for the Future had ever seen. Liam said every time he saw the diamond, it reminded him of seeing Hope and Wyatt splashed all over everything.

Hope's phone rang, and Wyatt told her that he needed her in the showroom immediately. Hope said she had to go to the showroom. Liam told her it was the perfect opportunity to return the diamond. Hope looked despondent. Liam argued that if she kept it, Wyatt would see it as a sign of encouragement. Liam insisted that it was important "for us," he said. Hope agreed. "I'll give the diamond back," Hope said. She kissed Liam, and Liam thanked her.

In the showroom, Carter, Rick, Maya, Oliver, Aly, and Ivy watched while Wyatt discussed preparations. Carter lamented to Rick that he had almost married a woman he didn't even know. Rick encouraged Carter to cut Maya some slack because she'd had a tough life, lost her daughter, been in jail, and finally had seen a chance at getting a little control and power in her life. Carter watched Maya while Rick talked.

Nearby, Oliver told Aly that he needed some alone time with her, and she promised they would get together. Liam and Hope entered, and they were surprised that the news media had gathered. Liam was not optimistic when Wyatt took the stage.

Wyatt welcomed everyone. He announced that he had the Hope for the Future diamond. Wyatt shared that Ricardo, the owner, had died and left the diamond to him. Wyatt asked Hope to join him on stage. Wyatt held up the diamond, and everyone gasped. Wyatt officially offered it to Hope and asked her to accept it.

"Here it is. It's yours. All you got to do is take it," Wyatt said. Liam looked disgusted, and Hope smiled at Wyatt but looked nervously at Liam. She did not respond.

At Brooke's, Deacon showed up and asked to talk to her. He said that he wanted to make sure Brooke was okay after her breakup. Brooke admitted that she didn't know what to think about what Bill had done. Deacon said that Bill hadn't cared that he'd hurt many people. Brooke didn't want to talk to Deacon about Bill.

Deacon admitted that he and Brooke had a complicated history, but they shared an amazing daughter. Deacon explained that he had become a better man and wanted Hope to be proud of him. Brooke agreed that Deacon appeared to be trying.

Deacon shared that Wyatt had inherited the Hope for the Future diamond and had given it to Hope. Brooke was shocked. She recalled that the gem had a lot to do with how Hope and Wyatt had started their relationship. Brooke said Hope had to return it. Deacon argued that Hope should keep it and flaunt it.

Brooke insisted that she would advise Hope on the situation. Deacon agreed and flattered Brooke. She smiled.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

At Spencer, Alison tried to go over a schedule of meetings with Bill, but he kept interjecting "Cancel it" for each event. Alison told him that losing his girlfriend was a minor problem in his "lexicon." Bill grumbled that he wanted Brooke back, and Alison replied that Brooke would return to him when she was ready.

Bill figured that dumping Ridge into the gulf had been a miscalculation -- not that Ridge hadn't deserved every moment that he'd been in the water. Alison advised Bill to let Brooke spend some time figuring out what it was like to be without the powerful Bill Spencer.

Bill murmured that he wouldn't play that game. Alison claimed that Brooke without a man was like a ship without a rudder, and Bill was Brooke's rudder. Bill stated that no one knew Brooke as he did. Alison believed that no one else was even close, and Brooke would be back.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was still disillusioned about Bill ordering Justin to dump Ridge out of the helicopter. Deacon said he had to wonder how Dollar Bill would handle a bad report card from his child. Brooke stated that she didn't think Bill had meant to kill Ridge. Deacon had heard that plenty of times from inmates in the slammer -- which was exactly where he thought Bill should be headed.

Deacon recalled that he'd once behaved like Bill, but Deacon had given it up to become a model citizen. Brooke cynically nodded, but he insisted that he'd had to pay for his misdeeds, while Bill always escaped his, smelling like cheap cologne.

Brooke insisted that Bill hadn't tried to kill Ridge. Shrugging, Deacon said he'd promised to get her what she'd wanted -- the truth. She thanked Deacon for helping, because Bill had needed to be exposed, but she was sad because she'd been about to marry Bill. Deacon uttered that feelings like that didn't magically go away. "Not for anyone," he added.

Deacon tried to convince Brooke that she didn't need a man like Bill. "He's a bad guy. I know. I used to be one!" Deacon declared. She told him not to bad-mouth Bill, whose bad side was probably equivalent to Deacon's good side. Deacon demanded that she say how he could prove that he'd changed, but she said that, if he had to prove it, then it was suspect.

The front door opened, and Deacon scoffed as Bill entered. Sure that Deacon had a meeting with his parole officer to get to, Bill told Deacon to beat it. "At least I knocked, Billy-boy! I mean, after all, we're both visitors now," Deacon retorted.

Bill asked to talk to Brooke alone about the mistake he'd made; however, she said all the secrets were out, and if it hadn't been for Deacon, she'd still be thinking that Ridge was delusional. To her, the biggest betrayal was Bill having her believe a lie about a loved one.

Bill decided to apologize in front of the "stooge." Brooke said what Bill had done had been criminal, and Bill had tried to make Ridge think that he was crazy when Ridge had been right. Bill admitted that he'd been wrong, but he insisted that no one forget the part that Ridge had played in things. Bill asked what he should have done while Ridge was punching him in the face and dragging Brooke away. Deacon recalled that Ridge had had a photo of Bill and Quinn with him.

"Will you shut the hell -- " Bill started to bellow, but he sucked in a hot breath and politely continued, "Would you please just butt out, Deacon?" Deacon wouldn't, and Bill offered to take him outside to remind him what it had been like on the cellblock. Brooke screamed at the two men to stop it. She asserted that Deacon was a guest in the house, just as Bill was.

Bill replied that he'd like to think he was more than a guest. He said he and Brooke had to get beyond it, but Deacon interjected that she was doing fine without Bill. "Shut up," Bill replied. Bill asked Brooke to think about their sacrifices. Not wanting to wait any longer, Bill asked Brooke to say that she'd marry him.

At Forrester, Liam grimaced and curtly shook his head at Hope, who was awkwardly smiling on stage as Wyatt announced that the diamond was hers to keep. Reporters asked Hope what her decision was, and one reporter wondered how Hope could not take a jewel that embodied her and the line.

Wyatt said that he'd given it to Hope once, and he was asking her in front of the world if she accepted the HFTF diamond. Hope gulped and said, "Yes, I do." The room erupted in applause, but Aly and Liam appeared to be hurt and disappointed.

A reporter asked Hope to comment on the symbolism of the jewel. She said that it was one-of-a-kind, just like her line and message. Jarrett added that the diamond represented romance. Hope tried to dodge the comment, but reporters persisted in knowing if she'd just dismiss what she and Wyatt had shared. Hope stuttered, and Wyatt asked the reporters to keep the interview professional.

The reporters insisted that the diamond had put Wyatt and Hope on the map professionally and personally, beginning with the Mexico adventure. Wyatt stated that there was no adventure; there was only Wyatt entrusting Hope with the stone after Ricardo Montemayor had given it to him.

Hope spotted Liam exiting. Handing Wyatt the diamond, she asked him to handle it from there. As Hope scampered off after Liam, Wyatt asked for a moment of silence for Ricardo.

After the conference, people lingered around to talk. Rick was shocked that Ricardo had willed Wyatt the diamond. Maya asked to meet some of Wyatt's friends. Ivy thought it was generous to allow Hope to use it for the line, but Wyatt stated that the diamond was Hope's to keep. Rick was surprised that Wyatt had been sincere about the gift.

Across the room with Oliver, Aly glared at Wyatt. When Ivy approached, Aly murmured that it had been more like a performance than a press conference. Aly and Ivy were in agreement that Wyatt was playing Hope by presenting the diamond in front of Liam and the press. Ivy and Aly felt bad for Liam, and they agreed that Wyatt had put Hope on the spot. Ivy believed it was wrong and that neither Hope nor Liam should accept it.

In the CEO's office, Hope caught up to Liam. "What was that?" Liam demanded to know. Hope swore that she'd been about to give the diamond back, but she'd walked into a room full of reporters. Liam asked how it was that Hope couldn't see what Wyatt was doing.

Hope responded that Wyatt was working the media, which he was good at. Liam snipped that Wyatt was working Hope. She asked Liam not to be that way and expressed excitement about the response the diamond had gotten. She claimed that her line needed it because it hadn't been the same since the diamond had returned to Mexico.

Hope asserted that it was only business. "Not to my brother!" Liam argued. She alleged that Wyatt knew she and Liam were together and "talking marriage." The frustrated Liam asked when it had ever stopped Wyatt. She asked Liam not to make an issue out of something that wasn't an issue.

"You think that he gave you this diamond, arranged a press conference, presented it to you for the whole world to see -- for business? For business? No, he did it because he believes that diamond has a hold on you. Now, you tell me, Hope, does it? Does it?" Hope claimed that it didn't, and Liam urged her to tell Wyatt that by returning the diamond that instant.

Hope explained that it wasn't about her and Wyatt; it was business and publicity. Liam told her not to act naïve with him, but she insisted that Wyatt knew Liam and Hope were together and on their way to marriage. Liam snipped that her point made Wyatt's actions all the more inappropriate.

Hope said she was sorry that they were seeing it differently. Liam insisted that a man didn't give an engaged woman a diamond as a business move, and he couldn't understand why she couldn't see it.

Outside the door, the approaching Wyatt overheard Hope insisting that her line needed it. Liam contended that it wasn't about sales; it was about Hope being played. Disbelieving that anyone was getting played, she said the diamond would be for publicity -- period. She planned to wear it at events and display it in the boutique. "Other than that, it means nothing. I am committed to you," she stated.

"Do you not see how disrespectful this is to me? How insulting to me?" Liam asked. Hope looked down as he added that everyone at the press conference had seen it, and they'd sopped it up with all their questions about romance. He was sure she thought she'd handled it, but he told her to make no mistake -- the romance would be the story and the center of the publicity.

Wyatt popped into the room and expressed excitement about Hope being back in the spotlight. Wyatt asked what Liam thought. Liam quipped that Wyatt was doing what he did best -- manipulating. Wyatt joked that reporters lived to be manipulated.

The angry Liam said he wasn't talking about the press; he was talking about Hope. "What? You feel manipulated?" Wyatt asked in a surprised voice. He asked what was wrong with Liam and stated that they'd just been getting along. Liam agreed that they'd been on that path until he'd realized that his "bro" was still working it and hadn't changed at all.

Wyatt excitedly asked if Liam had seen the response in the showroom. Wyatt was sure people would talk about the diamond for months, and it would translate into sales. Liam differed, exclaiming that they'd be talking about "Hope and Wyatt -- oh, how romantic!" Hope claimed it would happen only if they let it, but they wouldn't let it.

Wyatt reasoned that Liam had seen how Wyatt had handled the personal questions, but Liam asserted that there should be no personal questions because Hope was involved with another man. Wyatt dismissively said reporters would think what they'd think, but Liam corrected that reporters would think what one led them to think. Wyatt claimed that it had just been buzz and publicity.

Liam rasped that Wyatt hadn't needed to give Hope the diamond to use it for publicity. Liam said she didn't need to own it for Wyatt's marketing stunts, but Wyatt had just had to have Hope accept it in front of God and everyone because of the "power of the diamond." Liam declared that his fiancée didn't accept jewelry from another man -- period.

Liam asked Hope to see it for what it was. He stated that Wyatt was hitting on her because Wyatt believed he still had a chance. "What?" Wyatt incredulously murmured. Liam asked if Wyatt did have a chance. Hope said he didn't. Liam decided that, if Hope really meant it, the only solution was for her to give the diamond back and fire Wyatt. "And this time, I am not accepting anything less," Liam declared.

Friday, August 1, 2014

At Brooke's house, Deacon was amused by Bill's groveling. Bill and Deacon sniped at each other until Brooke asked Deacon to refrain. Bill focused on Brooke, saying that they were worth fighting for, and he regretted hurting Ridge. Deacon clapped for what he called Bill's show and said that, in truth, Bill would dump Ridge from a chopper that very day if Bill knew Brooke wouldn't find out about it.

Brooke said that Bill had seen her pain, but he'd said nothing. Bill claimed that it was because he hadn't wanted to see the look she had on her face right then. "I do love you," the torn Brooke uttered. He said that he loved her, too, and he asked if it was enough.

Brooke looked away, and Deacon told Bill to give her some time. Lifting her chin to look into her eyes, Bill asked her to say it was enough. Brooke said that it wasn't something that she could get over, and she just needed some time. Bill cupped her face and said he'd never give up on them. Brooke shed tears as Bill exited her house.

Deacon complained about the arrogant Bill Spencer, who Deacon also thought was conceited and stubborn, and Brooke asked if Deacon was talking about himself instead of Bill. Deacon asked if Brooke was considering going back to Bill. She revealed that she was. "Well, then, you ought to consider me," Deacon responded.

Brooke looked confused. Deacon said that he knew it seemed to be from right field, but if Bill could almost kill Ridge but get a second chance, then Deacon should deserve one, too. Brooke reminded him that what they'd shared had happened a while back. Deacon asserted that he wanted her back. "Um, Deacon, if you haven't noticed, I'm in the middle of -- " Brooke started to say.

Deacon said she was in the middle of breaking up with Bill, which was why Deacon was putting himself out there. Brooke corrected that she hadn't said she was breaking up with Bill. Deacon was sure she would do so after what Bill had done. She asked if Deacon wanted a list of his past misdeeds. Deacon acknowledged his bad deeds but said he was ready to move beyond them and be a father.

Brooke thought that was great, and she wouldn't interfere if Hope wanted him in her life. Deacon said he also wanted himself and Brooke to be parents. She noted that Hope was an adult, and the time for that had passed. He told Brooke that it was never too late to fix what should have been.

Deacon revealed that he'd never thought Ridge would be out of the picture, but Ridge was. "Don't go back to Bill. Come to me," Deacon beckoned and lassoed Brooke into his arms for a kiss.

At Forrester, Ivy told Aly that, where Ivy was from, a woman engaged to one man didn't accept jewelry from another man. Ivy and Aly wondered how things were unfolding between Wyatt, Liam, and Hope, and they decided to eavesdrop outside the CEO's office to find out.

Inside the CEO's office, Wyatt said the diamond gift had nothing to do with Liam's feelings, and it had been about a promise that Wyatt had wanted to keep. Unable to believe that he'd trusted Wyatt, Liam insisted that, if Hope had any respect for him, she'd give back the diamond and tell Wyatt to never walk through the Forrester doors again.

Liam had thought that he and his half-brother had reached an understanding and had formed appropriate boundaries, but he'd realized that he was wrong about it. Liam felt that Wyatt needed to hear it from Hope. Hope said the gift wasn't grounds for dismissal, but Liam called it an effrontery to their relationship. Wyatt told Liam to dial back the possessive boyfriend thing.

Liam noted that Wyatt and Hope had bonded over the diamond, and the whole world knew it. Liam couldn't believe that Hope didn't understand the problem with that. Hope said that she wouldn't fire Wyatt, and she was keeping the diamond. "Okay," Liam bit out and strode out of the office. Hope looked distraught and called after him, but he kept going.

In the corridor, Aly and Ivy hid out of sight until Liam had gone, and then Ivy decided that she couldn't keep listening outside the door. Ivy went to the sky lounge, where she discovered Liam in deep thought. She told him that she couldn't believe what had happened. Liam murmured that it was the "damned diamond," and he felt like he was cursed.

Liam couldn't believe that it had "come to this." He stated that if Ivy only knew. Ivy responded that she knew about the weddings and the engagements. He told her that something had always gotten in the way. Ivy referred to Steffy, but Liam added Bill, Wyatt, and the diamond to the list of obstacles.

Ivy asserted that it was totally inappropriate for Hope to accept the diamond. Ivy called it disrespectful, and Liam was relieved that someone else saw it his way. She assumed it was for the best because if Liam had already married Hope, then his wife would have been accepting another man's diamond. Ivy figured that, as painful as it was, Liam had gotten to see what Wyatt really meant to Hope.

Ivy believed that Liam would look back one day and see the good that had resulted from the fallout. Liam stated that he'd walked out on his future, the life he'd planned for himself, and also his brother. "Trust me. Nothing good is gonna come from this," he concluded.

Back in the CEO's office, Aly charged in and immediately began accusing Wyatt of luring Hope away from Liam with the diamond. Aly asked if Wyatt had any integrity and reminded him that it was his brother that he was messing with.

Wyatt's phone rang, and as he answered it, Aly asked Hope to not let Wyatt manipulate her again. Wyatt told the caller that he didn't think he could leave, but Aly told him to go so that she could talk to Hope alone. He left, and the tearful Hope shook her head.

Hope told Aly that Liam had wanted Hope to fire Wyatt and return the diamond. "Well, couldn't you have for Liam?" Aly asked. Hope felt that Liam was overreacting and asking for too much. She said it wasn't fair, and Wyatt wasn't doing what Liam thought. On the verge of sobs, Hope exclaimed that Liam had just walked out. She said they'd worked so hard to be together, but she was losing him.

Aly didn't think Liam's departure from the office meant what Hope was thinking, but Hope sadly replied that she hadn't done what he'd wanted. Aly reasoned that Liam was just upset, and Hope and Liam weren't breaking up over it. Aly asked Hope to change her mind and to not push Liam away.

Hope said there was a difference between a private life and a professional life, and she'd learned to separate the two. Hope felt that if Liam couldn't see that it was all marketing and that the diamond was the key to her line's success, then maybe she and Liam didn't work for a reason.

Aly asserted that Liam did understand, but Wyatt had interfered before. Aly believed that Hope was putting her professional life ahead of her personal life, which was crazy. Aly decided that the diamond was jinxed. Hope murmured that it was supposed to provide luck. "Yeah, bad luck -- like Wyatt and his mother. If you are really making this choice, it will only bring trouble," Aly concluded.

At Quinn's loft, Wyatt arrived. "Hello? I'm here," he said as he entered. Quinn strode toward him and said she hadn't been sure he'd meet her. Wyatt asserted that there was no way she'd been released that soon, but smiling, Quinn said she'd voluntarily checked herself in for treatment. "It hasn't even been that long. If you're trying to tell me that everything is fine -- " Wyatt started to say.

Quinn told Wyatt to relax because she was still in treatment. She asked if he was glad to see her. Wyatt was, but he was also dubious about her state of mind. She replied that she was working on her issues, and she regretted losing control. She was ashamed of the danger she'd put Liam in, but she insisted that treatment was helping. She promised not to go down that dark path again.

"Well, you can't," Wyatt warned. Quinn asked if he believed her, and he said that he did. She wanted him to fill her in on what she'd missed. He sadly told her that Ricardo had died, and she asked if Ricardo had been sick. Wyatt replied that he didn't know, but he'd been in Ricardo's will. She was surprised to hear that but grew excited when she realized what it meant for the diamond.

Wyatt explained that he'd already given the diamond to Hope, and Liam had gone into full-on jealousy mode because she'd accepted it. Wyatt wondered if the diamond really had super powers, because it had driven Liam away.

Quinn was overjoyed to hear that Hope hadn't given it back when Liam had told her to do so. She decided that Liam didn't understand women at all. She figured that she'd almost ruined things for Wyatt by going after Liam, and "we" should have known that all "we" had to do was wait for Liam to mess up. Wyatt told Quinn to let it be a lesson to her that things always worked out in the end.

Wyatt received a phone call. He looked at his phone and remarked that it was odd to get a call from a Mexican area code. When Wyatt answered, the caller told him that he was a lieutenant from the Mexico City police department. The lieutenant asked if Wyatt had been an acquaintance of Ricardo Montemayor, and Wyatt asked if the call was about Ricardo.

The lieutenant asked if Wyatt would be in Los Angeles because he was making arrangements to meet Wyatt. Wyatt asked what it was about. The lieutenant said they'd thought that Mr. Montemayor's death had been an accident, but a new possibility had arisen. "Such as?" Wyatt asked. The lieutenant responded, "Murder. I'll contact you when I'm in town."

After the call, Wyatt looked grim. "Who was that, honey?" Quinn unassumingly asked.

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